Zeus is the protagonist in Titanomachy, although he has less screen time then the antagonist, Chronos. He is the god of thunder and the king of the Olympian gods. He is known for defeating Chronos in the Titanomachy and ruling from Mount Olympus.


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When Zeus was young, he had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and light stubble. As he aged, he grew his hair out and it became darker. He also gained a beard later in life. Zeus often wore white togas and robes and wielded a massive lightning bolt.




  • Chronos- Father
  • Rhea- Mother
  • Hera- Wife and Sister
  • Themis- Ex-Wife
  • Metis- Ex-Wife, Victim
  • Demeter- Sister, Mother of his Child
  • Hestia- Sister
  • Ares- Son
  • Athena- Daughter
  • Heracles- Son
  • Hebe- Daughter
  • Hermes- Son
  • Dionysus- Son
  • Maia- Mother of his child
  • Eris- Daughter
  • Eileithyia- Daughter
  • Hephaestus- Adopted Son
  • Twelve Titans- Uncles and Aunts
  • Elder Cyclopes- Step Uncles
  • Hundred Handed Ones- Step Uncles
  • Many Demigod Children
  • Many Godly Grandchildren
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