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Objectionable content includes: Contains action violence, some sexuality, and brief language.

Young Avengers is an MCU Movie by Valeyard6282. There is mention of political parties- a sensitive subject for some people, but no offense is intended.

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Many years after the Avengers crumbled during the Infinity War and the New Avengers disbanded, a team of teenagers are banded together after Nathaniel Richards sees a terrifying vision of a man named Kang.




*Nathaniel Richards/Iron Lad- Charlie Heaton

*Billy Kaplan/Wiccan- Callan McAuliffe

*Tommy Shepard/Speed- Micheal J. Willett

*Teddy Altman/Hulkling- Ansel Elgort

*America Chavez- Demi Lavato

*Kate Bishop- Chloe Grace Moretz

*Kang- Micheal C. Hall

*Vision- Paul Bettany

*Wanda Maximoff- Elizabeth Olson

*Kat Farrel- Sally Field

*Mr. Henderson- Luke Ford

*Mr. Beullar- Ben Stein

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