To Be Continued
"To be continued..."

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YouTube: The Movie is a movie idea by ur mum.

Characters Edit

  • PewDiePie
  • WillNE
  • Memeulous
  • Logan Paul
  • Jake Paul
  • KSI
  • Annoying Orange
  • RiceGum
  • SuperMarioLogan
  • True Geordie
  • Ninja
  • Faze TFue
  • Callums Corner
  • Stampy
  • Ryan Franklin
  • Morgz & His Mum
  • FouseyTube
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Bob Steffan Carlton


YouTubers save the world! YAY


It starts with Memeulous wanking at Big Chungus because he is gay. WillNE starts shagging Alissa Violet in his bed, and Memeulous is like "OHHHH DADDY OHHHHHH YEAH BABY SHAG ME BIG CHUNGUS". Then Pewdiepie comes in like "Bro, what the fuck is hapening, this is like Hentai but better". Then TrueGeordie sends a direct message to PewDiePie's discord and it says "Yo lads wassup, just asked out Iskra Lawrence, she a nice ting wanna smash her so fuking bad, right this rich lad named Bob Steffan Carlton is introducing a new internet law to the United Nations in Vienna, we need to see what it is". PewDiePie says "Right, hopefully he blocks Article 13 and saves the internet". Then afterwards, RiceGum is arrested for unknown stuff and Memeulous calls him a "BIG NONCE" as it is on the TV. 2 days later and 5 days before the reveal of the new internet law, Ninja dies of ligma balls, he is found in his house in Los Angeles and his computer has Roblox on the monitor because Ninja loves to play Roblox. It is stated he was given Ligma by Bob Steffan Carlton. Then James Charles gets murdered by Bob Steffan Carlton. In Vienna, Bob Steffan Carlton says that Article 13 will be passed and Internet will DIE. The World Leaders seem to agree with it. Memeulous and WillNE try and locate where Bob's mansion is. Logan Paul reveals he is neighbours with Bob in Los Angeles. But Bob and his guards intercept the information. At London Heathrow Airport, Memeulous and WillNE fly but as the land in Los Angeles, Bob's guards grabs Memeulous's balls and starts punching them, Memeulous gets arrested as WillNE escapes. Memeulous is held at a prision at Orange County Prision in Anaheim. WillNE tries to find Bob but fails as he runs into Barack Obama, who disagrees with these internet laws, Barack Obama says he will help William by getting Memeulous released and raiding his mansion. They do not raid his mansion but they get Memelous released, as they are watching Fox News, they say the Internet Law will be introduced next Friday. Memeulous says "BOB STEFFAN CARLTON IS A NONCE" and WillNE says "You are gonna get fucking arrested again, you stupid bastard" and Memeulous replies "WHAT A LOAD OF BLOODY BOLLOCKS". WillNE and Memeulous are chased by Bob and his guards. Memeulous gets a erection from looking at True Geordie when William Lenney (WillNE) is FaceTiming him. Then Bob's Guards reveals they will put a bomb in every computer in the world.

Deleted SceneEdit

There was a deleted scene where PewDiePie falls off a cliff and shags a girl from T-SERIES! OMG CLIFFHANGER OMG!


  1. JME - "Man Don't Care"
  2. ILoveFriday - "Mia Khalifa Diss"
  3. Jake Paul - "Its Everyday Bro"
  4. Drake - "Hotline Bling"
  5. Stephen Tries - "Its Christmas Grime"
  6. Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang"