Wulf is an animated fantasy adventure thriller film by Columbia Pictures, ThunderKathryn Productions, Point Grey, and A24 films. It references the popular YouTube video film, Wolfsong.


"A demon strikes a wolf housed village and kingdom, which a disgraced wolf soldier must protect an animal that isn't his breed."


  • Seth Rogen - Ronald the Ex Soldier Wolf
  • Jonah Hill - Cristain the Dalmation
  • Kevin Hart - Markus the EMT wolf
  • Aziz Ansari - Migel the doctor wolf
  • Keegan Micheal Key - Spell the wizard wolf
  • ThunderKathryn - Squeak the internet wolf
  • Micheal Pena - Carlos the Mexican wolf
  • Dave Franco - John the rich wolf
  • Selena Gomez - Zara the teen wolf
  • Kristen Schall - Amy the art wolf
  • Jeff Goldblum - Captain the sales director wolf
  • Jack Black - Slice the butcher wolf
  • Chris Brown - Gold the rapping wolf
  • Bill Hader - Mike the servent wolf
  • Taron Eagerton - Phil the jester wolf
  • Emma Watson - Nicole the farmer female wolf
  • Craig Robinson - Bookworm the smart wolf
  • James Franco - Billy the bishop wolf
  • Chris Pratt - Chief the leader if the soldier of wolves
  • Josh Gad - Tom the farmer male wolf
  • Snoop Dogg - Smokey the gambling wolf
  • Nicki Minaj - Smokey the gambling wolf's assistant wolf
  • Eddie Lizard - King Richard wolf
  • Julie Andrews - Queen Bell wolf
  • Lucas Edwards - Edward the prince wolf
  • Frank Welker - the demon
  • Nathan O'Brien - the Computer


Rated R for Graphic violence, sexuality, Language throughout, and drug usage.

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