(Ponies chatting)

(Coin goes in, button beeps)

Twilight Sparkle: "I'm gonna wreck it!"

Ponies: "Fix it, Sandbar!"

Sandbar: "I can fix it!"

(Button clicking)

(Twilight screaming, water splashes)

Chuck E: "Closing time, last game, everypony out!"

(Elephant Graveyard music plays)

Game Over, For over years, she's been doing the same job over and over again.

Twilight Sparkle: "My name's Wreck It Twilight Sparkle, I'm gonna wreck it! Many years, I've been doing the same job."

(Sandbar eats the pie, and his cutie mark glows)

Twilight Sparkle: "It starts to feel hard to love your job."

Sandbar: "I can fix it!"

Twilight Sparkle: "There's no-pony else to like this job.

(Ponies growling)

(Twilight screaming, water splashes 3 times, with "I'm gonna wreck it!" )

(Music stops)

Twilight Sparkle: "Sure does being nice of being a good mare..."

(Canterlot Ponies applauding)

Canterlot Pony 2: "Nice share Twilight, in this game called "Fix it, Sandbar, we all know what your feeling like."

Canterlot Pony 1: "With all those good ones?"

Cayenne: "I don't want to be mean to Rarity again!"

(Moonlight Raven shoot a magic blast at Juniper but misses and hits Grogar!)

(This Spring, We got the beat by Rachel Platten from MLP The Movie plays)

Sandbar: "Twilight abandoned her game, Rainbow Dash."

(Coin goes in, words appear, "I'm gonna wreck it!" but Twilight is not there)

Sunset Shimmer: "Hmm, where the wrecking Crown Ruler Of Equestira? WHERE IS THE WRECKING CROWN RULER OF EQUESTRIA!?!?"

(Music stops)

Flakestar Starkle: "Welcome back to ruling Twilight Sparkle, this is a day to have fun and visit ponyville and then ruling with me, even though Spike is at Dragon lands."

(Music continues, Rachel Platten sings)

(New dreams, new movie, new season to MLP:FIM)

Twilight Sparkle: "It's time to make changes, now!"

(New ponies, new friends, new names)

Silverstream: "Where's Twilight?"

Sandbar: "Heroes duty is hard, no pony can beat that!"

Spike: Twilight has gone Turbo."

Sandbar: Twilight has gone Turbo to Rainbow Falls?"

Sassaflash: "The new ruler!"

(Paramount Presents, a Universal animation, A Hasbro Allspark company)

Eris: "Twilight, this game is Magic People and Magic Ponies."

(The story of a magic princess who wrecks the school of friendship)

(Who is looking for Wreck-cognition)

Cadence: "Why is your mane flowing?"

(Music stops)

Twilight Sparkle: "It has been many years."

(Music continues)


Tara Strong

Ashleigh Ball

Andrea Libman

Britt McKillip

Nicole Oliver

Tabitha St. Germain

Cathy Weseluck

Rebecca Shoichet

Kelly Sheridan

Kathleen Barr

Emily Blunt

Michael Peña

Kristen Chenoweth

Elton John

Neil Patrick Harris

Hayden Christensen

Ryan Reynolds


Shawn CW Johnson




Tom cruise


Chris part

featuring Aysia Denise Bookout

and more!


Friday,March 20, 2020, 3D, IMAX, Real 3D, www.Movie Ideas It Twilight Sparkle

(Music ends,glitchy screen turns off)

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