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Chuck E Cheese's game character from the MLP Game, Princess Twilight Sparkle is too tired of always being the "bad alicorn mare" who wrecks the castle,and loosing to be the "good pony" opponent Sandbar. Finally, after decades of seeing all glory going to Sandbar, Princess Twilight Sparkle takes the matters into her own hooves,she sets off on a epic journey and meets Princess Cadence, they must prove to the ponies and let Princess Twilight Sparkle be the hero,and it's up to Rainbow Dash and Sandbar to find Princess Twilight Sparkle. However,on her quest,she meets a new villain that take over the "Magic Ponies" game. Join Rainbow Dash,Princess Twilight Sparkle,Princess Cadence and Sandbar as they work together on their big journey to defeat the villain and save the "Magic Ponies" game!This is a template for movie ideas. Please describe clearly to prevent misunderstandings. The italic text is default so overwrite it with your ideas. You may choose to format it however you want - feel free to use a synopsis, a plot, a cast, a transcript, reception, and/or more! All steps are optional, so feel free to use a combination of sections. Delete everything before the description before publishing the page.

      Describe in what franchise your movie is. If it is a Original Movie, say the genre of your movie. Also, you could tell when your movie comes out, if it is a sequel or has sequels and which actors/actress returns or plays in the movie. You could also add who the director, writer, and producer of this movie idea.


Tell shortly what your movie is about. Or give a description where the movie starts and what happened before the movie. This step is optional, but is reccommended.


Describe clearly everything that happens in your movie. Also don't forget to describe it as a story. This step is optional, but is reccommended.


Add a script for your movie. Clearly distinguish who says what, and make sure the dialogue is clear. This step is usually used as a substitute for the plot, but you can also include this with the plot. This step is optional.

Deleted Scenes

Here you could add scenes that you had in your mind, but didn't add it into the movie (your spare ideas). If you don't have a deleted scene in your mind, delete this heading. This step is optional.


Here you could add some important quotes in your movie. If you don't have Quotes, deleted this topic. This step is optional.


Add every actor and actress that plays in your movie. Don't forget to add who this actor and actress play in your movie. This step is optional, but is reccommended.


Add a brief summary of the average rating of your movie, and what some reviews state. This step is optional.


This is a section where you can add some details on some of the production work for this movie. This step is optional.

Get creative! You may add your own section ideas, use some of these, or use comibations. Feel free to format your movie in which ever way you want!