Wong is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appears in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet, Doctor Strange 2 and Doctor Strange 3. Wong is portrayed by Benedict Wong.


Avengers: Infinity WarEdit

Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer and he is trying out some magic till Thor comes inside. He needs Doctor Strange for something. Strange leaves and goes to New York. Some time later, Thanos attacks Wong and steals the eye of Agamotto and gets the Time Stone.

Avengers: Infinity GauntletEdit

Doctor Strange comes to him and wants to learn some magic. Later, he flies back to New York.

Doctor Strange 2Edit

Wong is still working in Kamar-Taj. He and Strange are working there. After wenting to the Dark Dimension, Strange brought someone with him. Her name is Clea and he trains her. On that same time, Christine Palmer asks Wong if he wants to learn her magic. She doesn't want to train under Strange. Wong accepts this. Later, Wong shows Strange that he trains Palmer. Clea and Christine fight against each other and Christine wins. Wong is proud, but Christine leaves. Wong wanted her to do it if they don't come out the Dream Dimension she can save them. And this was successful. Wong, Doctor Strange, and Clea were put in a cage by Nightmare and Baron Mordo. And Christine opens their cage. They defeat Nightmare, but Baron Mordo escapes. The Dream Dimension explodes. Team Strange fights against Mordo and his men. They kill them all and Strange kills Baron Mordo. Dormammu opened a portal to kill them with his Mindless Ones. They destroy the Mindless Ones and go into the Dark Dimension. Dormammu is too strong and defeats them. They have to escape, but Clea stays there. Stephen, Christine, and Wong go back to Earth. Wong laughs about that his student takes a name for herself. He walks away, leaving Strange and Palmer alone.

Doctor Strange 3 Edit

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