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Willy's Wonderland 2 The Revenge of Willy and the next American horror film It is set to be released on October 27, 2022

Willy's Wonderland 2 The Revenge of Willy.jpg


After the animatronics were destroyed by The Janitor, they're back, their souls are back to the animatronics. now Willy wants revenge


Nicolas Cage (The Janitor)

Emily Tosta (Liv Hawthorne)

Jiri Stanek (Willy Weasel)

Billy Bussey (Gus Gorilla)

Chris Schmidt Jr. (Tito Turtle)

Christopher Bradley (Arty Alligator)

BJ Guyer (Ozzie)

Taylor Towery (Cammy Chameleon)

Jessica Graves (Siren Sara)