What If Captain America Kissed Iron Man? (Hangul:마블동 복수자들, lit. MARVEL's The Avengers) is a Korean-American potential movie by user Our Green Tornado, which explores the huge twist the director made to the MCU and her undying love for the Avengers. Also, it features a certain amount of Korean songs.

MARVEL Stud10s
United We Stand


Sh*t happens, find a toilet,

Life’s a bitch, put it on a leash.

If hate breeds more hate, then wear a rubber and hate all you want.

Who says beggars can’t be choosers, I could have just robbed you.

When life beats you down, think of Apollo Creed in Rocky 4, and keep your ass there,

When life throws you lemons, cut’ em open and squirt the juice in its eye.

When life throws you lemons, throw a brick back.

When life throws you lemons, throw them at somebody else.

If at first you don't succeed, blame it on bad parenting.

Whoever came up with ‘Sticks and stones...’ obviously didn’t take into account the viciousness of today’s youth.

The narrator's behavior has never been willfully destructive, but in this case, she might be accused of being too overprotective on the Avengers, or at least simply continuing to use detection as a means to impose her will on an often confounding world. Just know this:there’s a Merry, a Larry, a missing piece of dialogue, and a strike that is crippling the narrator’s academic future. It starts with a simple topic, starting with "What if Captain America kissed Iron Man, or, to be more accurate, gave him CPR?", which keeps on evolving to a cosmic scale that threatens the very existence of our world. Meanwhile, the narrator(played by the director herself) is left homestuck, unaware of the disaster she has brought upon this crappy real world.

Concept:Iron Man and Captain America belong next to each other and they’re better and stronger together. (Feat. A brief picture of Star-Lord and Ronan in the 5th segment)


  1. Act I-Mistakes Were Made
  2. Act II-Now Look What You've Done
  3. Act III-We Meet Again
  4. Act IV-Sanitized For Your Protection
  5. Act V-The Segment You're Not Supposed To Watch
  6. Act VI-The Cat Stole My Iron Man T-Shirt
  7. Act V-It's The End When I Say It's The End
  8. Finale-A Day Unlike Any Other

Featured Avengers Stuff

Featured Movies

  • Avengers:The Complete Saga(movies 1~4)
  • Captain America:Civil War
  • Spider-Man:Homecoming(briefly)
  • Captain Marvel(a li'l spoof)
  • Iron Man & Captain America:Heroes United

Featured Comics

  • Civil War
  • Civil War II
  • Secret Empire
  • What If? Civil War #2 AKA Civil Union
  • Fear Itself(grand finale)

Featured Cartoons

  • Avengers Assemble

Featured Fanvids


  1. The Avengers-Alan Silvestri(main theme)
  2. How Does A Moment Last Forever-Celine Dion(end credit song)
  3. Get Loki-Various Artists
  4. Fight As One-Bad City
  5. Crimson Arrow-Linked Horizon
  6. Ultron Funk-Various Artists
  7. What Doesn't Kill You-Kelly Clarkson(picked out for Ultron)
  8. Hello-Conor Maynard
  9. Savin' Me-Nickelback
  10. Deep End-Birdy
  11. I'll Be Good-Jaymes Young
  12. Never Ending Story-Rebirth
  13. Saturn-Sleeping At Last
  14. Let's Sing The Song All Together-Blue Sky
  15. Angel With A Shotgun-The Cab
  16. Carry That Weight-Jennifer Hudson
  17. If We Hold On Together-Diana Ross
  18. Arirang-Steve Jablonsky
  19. Light-Mate
  20. Somewhere Out There-Linda Ronstadt, James Ingram
  21. We Didn't Start The Fire-MCU Cast
  22. The More We Sing Together-Various Artists
  23. Departure-Lim Hyung Joo
  24. Only A Minute-Family Crest
  25. Go The Distance-The Director Leyenar Oh
  26. Hero-X Factor Finalists
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