Wayne Williams is the sister of John Williams. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. She studies at an unknown high school, and works at a cafe as a part-time job. She have the ability to control and generate ice.


Wayne have long, curly, brown hair, with dark blue eyes. Unlike, John, who have brown eyes. She is quite tall. She have a fine, metamorphic body. She have dark pink lips.


Wayne is first seen pranking John by rigging the shower cap to fall on John's head. She laughs at her prank, while John became frustrated.

After John's school day, she saw John being hit by a car and she called the ambulance, she apologised to John and deleted the video of the prank that she filmed.

At the ending, she is caught by John freezing several objects.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cryokinesis - Wayne have the ability to control ice at will. She is seen freezing several objects at their home in the end of the movie. When she freezes objects, her hand and the half of her arm turns turquoise as well as the object she's freezing. When the object start to crack, it means that the whole object is now frozen.
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