Wanting Some Company is the second musical number in The Barnyard Hero Brigade. It is a sad song sung by Brilliant Bull when he was a calf who was so sad that he wanted to have some company.


Brilliant Bull:
I’m very lonely
And I’m very, very sad
I’d be comforted if I would really need a hug
It would be pleasant
And it wouldn’t be so bad
I would be happy if I would kindly cut a rug

So I’m not in a happy mood to do anything fun
I wish that there’s something good here that’s gotta be done
Well, I’d tell you why I’m sad
I’m just wanting some company
I want someone friendly and even cute instead of mean

I would like that dream to come true
That’s why I’m wanting some company
I’d love to see how they would look so nice and clean

I’m so heartbroken
I don’t want to be alone
I’d be satisfied if I would truly meet some girls
They would be pretty
And they’d call me on a phone
I wish to see a girl with hair that’s full of curls
And wearing pearls

Now, you know that’s the reason why
Because I’m wanting some company
It would be great if I could be a good relief
Oh, what a good wish that should be made
Which is why I’m wanting some company

I’m hoping my dream would soon be coming true
But there would be a way

Forest animal chorus:
There would be a way

Brilliant Bull:
I’m just guessing so
But I’ll find out someday

Forest animal chorus:
You’ll find out someday

Brilliant Bull:
That’s also why
I’m wanting some company

Forest animal chorus:
You’re wanting some company
Some company

Brilliant Bull:
I’m wanting some company

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