WALL-E 2: Revenge of the Auto is an upcoming 2022 American 3D computer-animated buddy comedy-drama adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Brian Fee and Screenplay by Josh Cooley and Stephany Folsom. The film is a sequel to WALL-E, and featuring cast Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Noah Jupe, Levi Alexander, and McKenna Grace.

This film release dates on June 17, 2022.


100 Years Ago, Auto was dead. Auto is back, We're Going Back to Axiom.


Voice Cast

  • Ben Burtt as WALL-E
  • Elissa Knight as EVE
  • MacInTalk as AUTO

Live-Action Cast

  • Noah Jupe as Joshua Oberlin, a 17 year old teenager.
  • Levi Alexander as Edward Oberlin, a 12 year old boy and Joshua Oberlin's younger brother.
  • McKenna Grace as Ellen Van Diaz, a 17 year old teenager and Joshua Oberlin's girlfriend.


In August 12, 2020, Brian Fee joined in for directing duties a sequel, saying that he would never exclude it because of the introduction of new characters.


Principal photography on the film began on May 20, 2021 in Pinewood Studios.

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