I know we all were anticipating the return of Blu and Jewel as well as the rest of the gang. The first two movies were great, getting us extremely familiar with the characters and even associating ourselves with the various situations they got into. But is Rio 3 even still possible?

There were a total of three years between the makings of Rio and its sequel. That is understandable; Movie production, especially animated movies, take a lot of time. Ferdinand came out whortly after Rio 2, and they are currently working on Spies in Disguise. They then have other projects to work on. But, if they wait too long, The characters voices that were used in the first two movies will have changed too much to be recognizable; that is unless they have a considerable time jump in the next film. We have already seen the consequences of a sequel that took too long to be produced: The Incredibles 2. The actor that voiced the first Dash had to be replaced because, well, 15 years passed and his voice changed. The same can happen if Rio 3 takes too long to come out.

So, do you think Rio 3 will still be possible? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, check out my YouTube channel, Tribute Central, where I have a supposed Rio 3 trailer, where I present an idea of what the story could be for the next film.

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