Hi everyone!

On this blog i will explain why am i against pages of characters that already exist. Now,please don't start a war in comments.

There was some discussion on my and FS's wall some time ago. It was that i was against making pages of characters that already exist,while others were for. Of course,i understand why they want me to remove the rule of not-making those pages. We are right now adding some new pages and categories cause we are trying to get a spotlight. And,here is the reason why i am against the mentioned pages:

When new users come,they will make new movies,of course. Now,i will use MCU movies as example. Me,FS and SS have already almost made our version of MCU movies. But,it will be finished,and when new users come,they will want to make their own versions of MCU Movies. With that,they will also start to make pages of old characters,for example Iron Man,but they will see that Iron Man already exists. Iron Man page is already made by SS,and SS added his own version of his future,his new history. New user will have different plans for him,so,maybe there will be a problem in that,and users start to edit that page,adding their story. So,there will be problems,and big mess. So,i have get idea how to clear that,but we will need to work on that quite a lot. I want every user who has already made a page of old character to rename it. For example,SS will rename Iron Man into Iron Man (SwitzerlandSoccer),FS will rename James Bond into James Bond (FranceSwitzerland). Of course,that will add some work,cause then we must fix all links too. 

So,i would also like to say,until we don't rename all pages,i will ask you not to make characters of old characters,UNTIL we don't clean this all up. After we clean this,we can continue on adding pages of old characters,with that new change i mentioned.

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