Note:This is not a proposal

So, yesterday, me and 2 other admins FranceSwitzerland and SwitzerlandDormammu were in chat. We were discussiong about some badges change, and we made a decision. There will be 3 changes in badges, and here they are:

1.One new type of badges

2.New characters to be on badges

3.Change in some characters

One new type of badges

We had a type of badges that an user gets when he makes edit on articles with Movie category, but we don't have that category anymore. Now, instead Movie, we have category named Movies. Of course, that is only one VERY minor change, but enough to make those badges out of use. So, FS will delete those badges and add badges for editing articles with Movies category, and those badges will have new characters on it. 

New characters on those badges

The previous Movie badges had Transformers on it. Those new badges will have characters from my movie Operation: Unthinkable, since my ideas were also a minority on badges (only 1 badge was based off my ideas, so now i want more). My movie is based on World War 2, so we will have some of major leaders for those badges, and i am not yet sure which of those characters should be on badges. Here are candidates (form best to worst), and i need help in picking 7 characters that will appear on badges:

1.Winston Churchill (best one, so he will have his badge)

2.Harry Truman (same like Churchill, so we already have 2 choosen, 5 more)

3.Charles De Gaulle (most likely to have his badge, from now on all other characters are candidates for badges)

4.William Lyon Mackenzie King (has a role in movie)

5.Ben Chifley (same like William King)

6.Hirohito (not so sure, can be a bit offensive for someone)

7.Molotov (minor role, but still can be used)

8.Josip Broz Tito (maybe not popular enough)

9.Muhammad Ali Jinnah (from now on, candidates are less likely to appear on badges)

10.Francisco Franco (a fascist leader, so maybe he would be offensive)

11.Stalin (offensive, yeah)

12.Hideki Tojo (leader of Japanese army in China, offensive too)

13.Adolf Hitler (just added him so there would be more candidates, even through i know he will not be on badge)

Change of characters on badges

Me, SS and FS agreed to remove and replace some characters from badges that you get when you make edits on character articles. So, here are changes:

Bill Clinton will be removed and replaced with George Washington

Mike Pence will be removed and replaced with Abraham Lincoln

Bernie Sanders will be removed and replaced with Theodore Roosevelt

Hillary Clinton will be removed and replaced with John Kennedy

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