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    Note:This is not a proposal

    So, yesterday, me and 2 other admins FranceSwitzerland and SwitzerlandDormammu were in chat. We were discussiong about some badges change, and we made a decision. There will be 3 changes in badges, and here they are:

    1.One new type of badges

    2.New characters to be on badges

    3.Change in some characters

    We had a type of badges that an user gets when he makes edit on articles with Movie category, but we don't have that category anymore. Now, instead Movie, we have category named Movies. Of course, that is only one VERY minor change, but enough to make those badges out of use. So, FS will delete those badges and add badges for editing articles with Movies category, and those badges will have new characters on it. 

    The pre…

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  • TheCrimson King208

    Hi everyone!

    On this blog i will explain why am i against pages of characters that already exist. Now,please don't start a war in comments.

    There was some discussion on my and FS's wall some time ago. It was that i was against making pages of characters that already exist,while others were for. Of course,i understand why they want me to remove the rule of not-making those pages. We are right now adding some new pages and categories cause we are trying to get a spotlight. And,here is the reason why i am against the mentioned pages:

    When new users come,they will make new movies,of course. Now,i will use MCU movies as example. Me,FS and SS have already almost made our version of MCU movies. But,it will be finished,and when new users come,they wi…

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  • TheCrimson King208

    Hi everyone! So,i am sure that you have all noticed that there are no Forums on this wiki,and instead that we have something new,called the Discussions. Well,i don't really like Discussions cause it is separated from wiki,and we can't see it in wiki activity. I had something to highlight,so i decided to make a blog about it,so here it is :D Now,first i have made some changes in the ranks,and second is something new that can be added in your movie page format. So,here we go:

    NOTE:Main reason why i have made changes in ranks is cause all users except for me and FS have Content Mod ranks. I have changed it now,so he have all kinds of ranks here (except for Chat Mod,for now he is useless). Of course,this is just temporarily,cause if some users …

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