Hi there, at a new proposal of SwitzerlandDormammu. In this Proposal, I want to vote for a new Favicon. I really want a new one, since we have the Wikia one. 

What is a Favicon?

Favicon Help

The Favicon is the icon that is showen on the upper of the site. It is showen in the menu where you can click on another tab page. Currently this is the Wikia icon. 

New Favicon

I am suggesting to add this one ---------->

Since this one is transparent and it just basically a Movie clapperboard, I think it will be a good favicon. But feel free to propose a better one

Vote in the Comments what you want. Vote Support if you want a new Favicon, Add another one if you are agree with adding one, but are not agreed with this one. Vote Neutral if you don't really mind. Vote oppose if you don't want a new Favicon. (I doubt somebody will vote oppose)

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