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mortal kombat warriors is a film of action,adventures and fightings


scorpion is ready for the soon mortal kombat and fight vs liu kang,jonny cage and smoke but in this creppy moment baraka killed kung lao scorpion is free of the curse and is known why hanzo hasanshi allias scorpion and scorpion remember i sub zero is the killer but soon the weird is transformated in scary for quan chi scorpion fightings contra quan chi and scorpion arrancade the head of quan chi and the mortal kombat 2020 endings


cris casamada as scorpion

kethin cook as sub zero

steven ho as quan chi

robin shou as liu kang


five oscars eight emmies


pg+14 razón:violence brutal:scorpion arrancade the head of quan chi scenes scary:baraka eat the head of reptile scene deleted


scorpion,sub-zero and liu kang


quan chi and baraka

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