mk the movie is a movie of 2019 of action and suspense


an new challenging enter to the mortal kombat and pass things weird but scorpion is an ninja free of his corsed but he went back serious and violent the tournament start but kuai liang is the friend of scorpion and this day he went back scary

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daniel pezina as scorpion,sub zero,reptil

richar divicio as kano

ho sugh par as liu kang and shang tsung

carlos pezina as raiden

parental guidance

this movie is rated PG-13 by

violence and blood

  • scorpion stab with his kunai to kano
  • raiden he start to bleed his hand

scary scenes

  • scorpion short the head of quan chi
  • liu kang go dead to hands of raiden

characters importants

  • scorpion
  • sub zero
  • liu kang
  • (insert the name here)

running time

1h 33m

realesade dates

15 Agust 2019

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