Hi, everyone! In 2020, the 25th official James Bond movie will be released. As you probably knew already, I'm a big fan of this movie franchise and that's why I decided to make my own top of it. This top will include all 24 official James Bond and the unofficial James Bond movie Never Say Never Again. I know there are more unofficial James Bond movies like the Casino Royale movies from 1954 and 1967 but I have never seen these movies and I know they are very bad. I can give you the advice to never watch these movies.

All James Bond movies

There are very much James Bond movies, that's why I think it would be handy for the most of you to put a list with all Bond movies here. So, here are all Bond movies listed:

  • Dr. No (1962)
  • From Russia With Love (1963)
  • Goldfinger (1964)
  • Thunderball (1965)
  • You Only Live Twice (1967)
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
  • Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
  • Live and Let Die (1973)
  • The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
  • The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
  • Moonraker (1979)
  • For Your Eyes Only (1981)
  • Octopussy (1983)
  • Never Say Never Again (1983)
  • A View to a Kill (1985)
  • The Living Daylights (1987)
  • Licence to Kill (1989)
  • Goldeneye (1995)
  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
  • The World is Not Enough (1999)
  • Die Another Day (2002)
  • Casino Royale (2006)
  • Quantum of Solace (2008)
  • Skyfall (2012)
  • Spectre (2015)
  • Bond 25 (will be released in 2020)

Now, lets start!

25. The Living Daylights (1985) 1/10

The Living Daylights

Timothy Dalthon's first movie and my worst James Bond movie. You are probably wondering why. Most people don't think the Living Daylights is one of the best James Bond movies, but also don't see it as one of the best. Well, where should I start. To be honest, this is the only James Bond movie which I haven't fully seen. That's just because I hate this one that much and I don't feel like I miss something if I don't fully see this one. Lets start about James Bond himself. Personally, I think Timothy Dalton is the weakest James Bond actor. He acts with very less emotions and in this movie it is much worse than in Licence to Kill. A lot of people see him as one of the best Bond actors and wanted him to make even more Bond movies, but I completely disagree with that. But I don't blame Dalton for this being my least favorite James Bond movie. That's the woman who is in the whole movie next to him. I really don't understand why you would cast such a bad actress as a bondgirl. Also, she is for sure my most ugly bondgirl in the whole franchise. She is the biggest reason why I couldn't manage to watch this movie until the end. But she isn't the only thing. I also really think that the story lacks very much and it is a very forgettable movie. It looks like we have everything already seen. For example, Necros is just a much weaker version of one of the henchmen we have already seen at Roger Moore's movies. I almost forget to say that Georgi Koskov is played by a Dutch actor. When I looked at the cast for the first time, I was already very surprised that he managed to get a role in a James Bond movie, but now it is not a surprise that he ended in such a weak movie. I don't think he is the worst James Bond villain, but his actions never seemed to care to me. At the end, Brad Whitaker was killed and Koskov not? This is something which I don't understand and was very weak to me. The movie is also trying to make some kind of love relationship with James Bond and Kara Millovy. We have already seen that lots of times and this is the weakest one in the whole James Bond franchise. Last but not least, I can't forget to mention that it is very disappointed to see a new Moneypenny and M. I can't remember much more of this movie, because it's so forgettable. The only advice I can give you with this movie is that you shouldn't watch it, it's just a big waste of time.

+ and -

  • - Timothy Dalton as James Bond
  • -Maryam D'Abo being the most ugly Bondgirl
  • -Georgi Koskov
  • -Necros being a very forgettable henchman
  • -Very forgettable movie
  • -Terrible love relationship between James Bond and Kara Millovy
  • -New M and Moneypenny

24. Quantum of Solace (2008) 1/10

Quantum of Solace

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? I guess we all have this feeling: Casino Royale was so great movie! And we are all very curious for the next movie. But the only thing that happens in the end is everyone being very disappointed of this movie that really seems to be a sequel to Casino Royale. I really think that was one of the worst things they could ever do. This movie starts out of nowhere and we see James Bond driving somewhere in Italy. The creators of this movie expect that everyone has seen Casino Royale and knows why James Bond is driving there and is being followed by lost of cars. That's already a big no for me. Not much later, we see that James Bond has Mr. White in the trunk of this car in Siena. Everybody who has not seen Casino Royale doesn't even know who this Mr. White is. The James Bond franchise should not have movies that are sequels to others, so I really hate this. Also, not forgetting to mention the fact that James Bond got very fast from the Como Lake to Siena, which is very unrealistic. Similarly to this scene in the beginning, we have some really great action scenes in this movie. In Siena and Bregenz for example. But sometimes I really think these scenes are too aggressive and this is not how James Bond is. That leads to the next point which also makes the movie very bad. Is there any other reason in this movie for James Bond's actions instead of getting revenge for Vesper Lynd's death in Casino Royale? The answer on this question is very easily. It's a big no, because Marc Foster (director of this movie) and his team didn't had any idea for another reason. These actions make James Bond ending up in Haiti where we meets Dominic Greene and Camille Montes. Wait a minute, was their meeting on purpose or just something else which happened because of Bond wanting revenge? A very important question which doesn't gets answered. Lets talk about these characters who get introduced. I really think that Dominic Greene is one of the worst and most forgettable villains. Pretty much the only thing he wants is to make a coup by seizing the water supply in Bolivia, making General Medrano become the president of Bolivia. Wait? Wasn't the purpose of this movie Bond getting revenge for the death of Vesper Lynd? This really has nothing to do with that and I really know that nobody cares about this! Also, everything happens very fast and this isn't very good explained. James Bond follows this guy all over the world and at the end it seems like he knows something about Vesper Lynd? I really don't understand this. Lets now talk about Camille Montes. She is played by Olga Kurylenko, in my opinion a very overrated and bad actress. She walks around in the movie like she is the most beautiful girl in the world, but for me she is a very annoying and useless character. Without any reason, James Bond starts saving her and giving her much attention. There is really no reason for this. That's why I really think Montes' is also one of the worst bondgirls. Remember that scene when Bond and her end up in some kind of cave? There is totally nothing happening between these two. I don't know what Foster tried to make her, but there is completely no vibe between these characters. If you compare Camille Montes with Vesper Lynd from the last movie, the only thing you can conclude is that she is one of the weakest Bondgirls ever with also one of the worst actresses. Luckily, there is another bondgirl in this movie called Strawberry Fields (weird name if you ask me) played by Gemma Arterton. The first time I saw this movie, I was really hoping Montes would be pushed out of the movie and Strawberry Fields would become the end bongirl, but on the end I got very disappointed. Although Bond has sex with Strawberry Fields, out of nowhere she is suddenly killed. I have to say that I really feel sad for Gemma Arterton. She looked a very promising bondgirl to me, but she had so small role and got killed way too easily. Of course, this stupid Camille Montes becomes the end bondgirl and the last scene in the movie with her says enough. She gives Bond one small kiss and they don't even have sex or whatever I should call it with each other. Now, lets go further to the end scene. Bond and Montes are in Bolivia and destroy the base where Medrano and Greene are. And at the end there is some kind of plot change. Montes wants to kill Medrano and that's why she was the whole time with Bond. Why the hell she didn't said that earlier to him? Of course, she manages to easily kill Medrano while you would think he is much stronger than her. Very unrealistic if you ask me. When the whole base is destroyed, Bond starts asking Greene questions about Quantum. And of course once again, everyone knows that this Quantum is SPECTRE! In this movie it is not yet revealed, but everyone knows it. They should have called it SPECTRE already (I know they didn't have the right for SPECTRE yet, but this really seemed to be forced for later movies which was very bad), because the name Quatum was never used anymore and seemed very useless to me. When Bond is done with Greene, he gives him motoroil and drives away in a car. On the end of the movie, M tells Bond that is Greene is death. So wait, what??? You are going to tell me that Greene is death now and his death happened of-screen? So,Foster was even lazy enough to don't even show Greene's death on screen. Worst idea ever. Now lets go back to the important question of this movie: Does Bond get revenge for Vesper's death? On the end, Bond visits Vesper's old lover in Moscow and he starts Bond telling Bond some bullshit we all don't care about. No, Bond doesn't gets revenge for Vesper Lynd's death. They decided to make a complete movie about this, but on the end we get disappointed for the 999999th time. There are only a few things I still have to mention. This movie is together with Goldfinger the shortest James Bond movie (both 106 minutes) and I really think that's pretty short for a James Bond movie. Of course there isn't much the makers of this movie could show you more, but on the other hand it really shows that this is just a useless James Bond movie we all shouldn't care about. Furthermore, I really miss Q and Moneypenny in this movie. In Casino Royale, you didn't miss them, but in this movie I really miss them and it doesn't even looks like a James Bond movie for me. What advice can I give you for this movie? The first and most important advice, watch Casino Royale before you watch this movie! You won't get anything of this movie if you haven't seen Casino Royale. But actually, the best advice I can give is just to not watch this movie. It's a terrible movie and doesn't gives any answers on what happened in Casino Royale. The only thing you do by watching this piece of shit is wasting 106 minutes of your life.

+ and -

  • - This movie being a sequel to Casino Royale
  • - Very unrealistic travel from the Como Lake to Siena
  • - Action scenes being too aggressive
  • - Only reason for James Bond's actions is revenge for Vesper Lynd's death
  • - Dominic Greene being one of the worst and most forgettable villains
  • - Dominic Greene's plans to seize the water supply of Bolivia to make General Medrano the president of Bolivia.
  • - Camille Montes being one of the worst and uglies bondgirls.
  • - Camille Montes walking around in the movie like a princess
  • - Strawberry Fields having a very small role and not being the end bondgirl
  • - Terrible end scene in Bolivia
  • - Terrible vibe between Bond and Montes
  • - Quantum just being SPECTRE
  • - Dominic Greene's off-screen death
  • - James Bond not getting revenge for Vesper's death
  • - The movie being very short
  • - No Moneypenny and Q in this movie.

23. Goldeneye (1995) 2/10


Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond movie. This probably comes as a surprise to you. Most people have the opinion that this is Brosnan's best Bond movie. Well, I completely disagree with that. Although the movie looks very promising with a great cast and a very promising storyline, I really dislike this movie. Lets start with the beginning. James Bond jumps off a dam filmed in Switzerland (Fun fact, I have visited this place in real life, it is located northern of Locarno). He goes inside some base, together with a colleague of him, called Alec Trevelayn (006) played by Sean Bean. This looks very promising as you haven't seen Bond before with a colleague of him. Bond and Trevelayn go inside some kind of base. Inside this base, they meet General Ourumov and before you really know what's happening, this general holds 006 under fire. This really comes out of nowhere and eventually, general Ourumov kills 006. At first you think, what a surprise! This is already the thousand time that another 00 agent gets killed in a movie (We have already seen that in Octopussy, the Living Daylights and more JB movies). After some brutal scenes, Bond manages to escape. Nine years later (really no change in age of Bond if you ask me), you see Bond in Monaco where he meets Xenia Onatopp (played by the Dutch actress Famke Janssen). First you see a terrible scene with Bond in a car chasing Onatopp and after that, they meet. Weird beginning if you ask me, but as I said, at least it looks promising. Not much later, you see that Onatopp works together with General Ourumov, which is very coincidience! But it is a movie and James Bond movies are always very coincidience, so I won't care that much about it. Onatopp and Ourumov destroy some kind of base where some woman called Natalya Simonova works. Of course, she manages to survive it. Onatopp and Ourumov work for Janus, a new criminal organisation. James Bond meets Valentin Zukovsky, who is a funny character in my opinion. Zukovsky makes it possible for Bond to get in contact with Janus. And now the movies only gets worse and worse. First, you see a scene where Onatopp tries to kill Bond with her legs. That's really not possible and way to overtop. I understand that they wanted to make Onatopp a cool henchman, but this goes way too far. But really the worst of all for me is that out of nowhere Trevelayn is back and he is the leader of Janus. Let me explain why this is very bad. Trevalyan was killed nine years ago and now this guy is suddenly the leader of Janus? That's really not realistic. Alec Trevalyan was a 00 agent, so that means he got a very high rank at MI6. It's really not possible that he is the leader of Janus. I don't understand which idiot got the idiotid idea to make a character both a 00 agent and the leader of Janus, because for me it is one of the worst choices they ever made in a James Bond movie. After it, Bond is made unconscious and suddenly he is together with this Natalya Simonova. Really? What a surprise that these two get together, of course she has to be the bondgirl. At the beginning, Natalya hates Bond very much. Hold that in mind, I will come back later with this. Trevelayn, Onatopp and Ourumov take Simonova as hostage and go in some kind of train. James Bond is out of nowhere falled in love with her (That's really bad acted in the movie if you ask me) and now another very bad scene happens. James Bond becomes very aggressive and starts killing lots of people. If that's already not over the top enough, James Bond steals a tank and starts chasing through Saint Petersburg. Martin Campbell (director of this movie) though that he could make the coolest James Bond scene ever, but this is way too over the top and a terrible scene. Something I will obviously come back on, is that Brosnan as Bond is way too aggressive and kills way too much people. And this terrible scene in this tank is probably the best example of that. When this terrible scene is finally over, Bond manages to stop the train with the Janus members in it. He comes to Trevelyan, Onatopp and Ourumov, who have Simonova under fire. After some talking, Bond kills Ourumov and of course, Alec and Xenia manage to escape. And this makes me coming on the next point, what need had the character General Ourumov in this movie? He was just an ordinary henchmen with nothing interesting and he gets so easily killed. The movie really wouldn't have been different if he wasn't in it. And remember me saying that Simonova hates Bond very much? After he saved her, out of nowhere she falls in love with him and they start kissing with each other and probably also have sex with each other. I'm sorry, but I really think that Izabelle Scorupco (actress of Natalya Simonova) is a terrible actress and she is in my opinion also one of the worst bondgirls. Not forgetting to mention the unbelievable amount of coincidience in which Bond and Simonova meet each other. All in all, I hope we can all be agreed that this is just very terrible. After this, we go to the ending of the movie and Bond and Simonova go together to Cuba where the base of Janus is located. They end up in the jungle of Cuba, where they are attacked by Xenia Onatopp. Of course, Bond and Simonova are very lucky in this scene and also of course, this scene is way too over the top again. After some fighting, Bond manages to kill Onatopp by let her hang at a tree. Reallly? Couldn't they just have given her a normal death? I really don't understand why Campbell tried to make everything so over the top, that's really something he shouldn't have done. That already would have made the movie better. Not much later, Bond and Simonova come in the base of Trevelyan where Bond and Trevelyan start fighting on the top of the base. After some fighting, Bond lets Trevelyan fall from high from the sky down. Can you guess what happens here? We see Trevelyan back on the ground and he is not death. Oh my god Campbell, couldn't you just have let Trevelyan die on this way? You really can't survive it when you fall from so high from the sky! It's all because of the movie has to be so over the top and I am really getting frustrated of this! To explain how the scene ends, the whole base destroys and eventually the whole sattelite falls on Trevelyan, giving him a very over the top death. To be honest, I think this is the worst death of a main villain in the whole James Bond franchise! I can't even describe how over the top this is. Inside the base, over the top things are also happening. Another henchman of Trevelyan, Boris Grishenko managed to survive this whole sattelite/base explosion. Really? It's not possible that he survived that. A few seconds later, he is still kiled by canisters behind of him which contain liquid nitrogen. They explode and all this nitrogen comes on Grishenko, freezing him down and also killing him. Another good example of a way too over the top death. After it, Bond and Simonova get out of the base and escape. And now, one of the worst endings of all James Bond movies takes place. When you think the movie ends with a romantic scene between James and Natalya, you get very disappointed. Completely out of nowhere, some people come out of the ground. I don't know whoever thought he could make such a shit ending to this over the top movie, but it definetely frustrates me. To conclude this James Bond movie, I really think that this movie is way too over the top and the story lacks too much at creativitity. While watching this movie, I get the feeling that Campbell and his team are just doing something. And sometimes it just looks like this movie is a chain of coincidience. No, this is for sure one of the worst James Bond movies for me and the only advice I can give you is just to not watch this bad movie. Maybe you should only watch this if you want to see an overrated over the top action movie. But otherwise, be smart and ignore this movie.

+ and -

  • - All action scenes way too over the top
  • - Alec Trevelyan being both 00 agent and leader of Janus.
  • - Izabelle Scorupco being a terrible actress and playing the role of Natalya Simonova terrible.
  • - James Bond's and Natalya Simonova's terrible lovestory.
  • - Natalya Simonova killing people with her legs.
  • - Terrible over the top tank chase in Saint Petersburg
  • - Useless character general Ourumov
  • - Over the top deaths of Xenia Onatopp, Alec Trevelyan and Boris Grishenko.
  • - Terrible end scene.

22. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) 4/10

Tomorrow Never Dies

The second movie of Pierce Brosnan and the one who came after Goldeneye. And to be honest, I really didn't expected that I would place this movie so low. Tomorrow Never Dies never really has been one of my favorite Bond movies, but now I really have come to the conclusion that this is one of my least favorite Bond movies. One reason why I dislike this movie is probably already obvious. Just like Goldeneye, in this movie James Bond is way too agressive. It already starts in the beginning scene in which Bond kills a lot of people, steals a plane and flies away. Most of us probably like this scene because it looks like a good action scene. Well, I don't. This is just not how I want to see James Bond. He is way too agressive and kills people without doubting a second about it. This makes James Bond not look like a human, because a normal human can think clear and doesn't kills every human that comes on his way. In Goldeneye, I already knew that Bond went way too far in his aggresiveness, but here it is even worse. I shouldn't forget to mention that this is the James Bond film in which 007 kills the most people! That does say a lot to me. Now lets go to the second reason why I dislike this movie. It's just so forgettable. The plan of the villain, the bondgirl and the action scenes, am I the only one who gets the feeling that I have seen everything already? This movie came out in 1997, so it might have been different in this year, but the first time that I watched this (I forget which year, but it was somewhere between 2010 and 2015) I had already seen a lot of other action movie with almost exactly the same action scenes. For example the scene where James Bond and bondgirl Wai Lin drive on a motor somewhere in Asia and a lot of bad guys come after them. Come on, there are a lot of other movies who contain almost exact the same scenes. No, I don't have the feeling that this movie is very original. And I also think this movie contains one of the weakest James Bond villains who is called Elliot Carver. His plan did never make much sense on me. For me he just looks like an old freak who is just doing something which should lead to him ruling the world. His death on the end of the movie says it all for me. He gets crushed in some kind of device and then probably one of the most unrealistic scenes in the whole James Bond franchise takes place. In the next shot, no blood or any part of Carver is seen. Everything is gone! Am I the only who noticed this very big movie mistake??? No, I have seen much better Bond villains and while watching this movie, I think back on them and have to come to the conclusion that Carver is one of the weakest Bond villains. I can say pretty much the same about bondgirl Wai Lin. We already had a Chinese bondgirl in You Only Live Twice and I'm sorry, but I am just not a big fan of them. It also seems to me that there is nothing new in this bondgirl. Maybe they wanted to make a statement with it? I don't know and we for sure have had much better bondgirls. Also, out of nowhere she is suddenly in the movie and Bond and her love relationship comes bad over to me. This also looks similar to GoldenEye. Isn't there anything good in this movie? Fortunately not. Okay not everybody will agree with me about this, but I think that henchman Stamper is the most interesting character of this movie. Don't ask me why, because he also looks like an ordinary henchmen who we have seen already, but he is powerful and strong. I am really not going to compare him with Oddjob and Jaws, but still I like him maybe also because he standsout in this weak movie. So to conclude, you can easily skip this movie because nothing new or interesting happens here. We have a weak villain and bondgirl and James Bond is way too aggressive. Even Stamper can't save this movie for me. No, this will never be one of my favorite Bond movies.

+ and -

  • - James Bond beind way too aggressive and killing way too much people.
  • - Very forgettable movie in which happens nothing new.
  • - All action scenes looking like action scenes from other movies.
  • - Elliot Carver being a very weak villain.
  • - Elliot Carver's death being one of the most unrealistic in the whole James Bond franchise.
  • - Wai Lin being an uninteresting and ordinary bondgirl we have already seen lots of times.
  • + Stamper being an interesting henchman.

21. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) 4/10

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Well, what can I say about this one? It is the first older movie on the rankings and the only James Bond movie of George Lazenby. Lazenby thought that he would become one of the best actors in the world and playing James Bond would only give him disadvantage with reaching that. And we can all guess what happened: James Bond became very popular and Lazenby never reached what he guessed he would reach. I really don't say it is because of Lazenby, but I really think this is the most different James Bond movie of all. I still don't understand what they were trying with this movie. Did they want to take the James Bond movies on another direction or was it just because of the book? All I can say now is that I don't like the direction they took with this movie. While watching this movie, I don't get the idea that I am watching to a James Bond movie. It is so much different and it looks more like a romantic movie than an action movie. Before they had Bondgirls in the Sean Connery movies where Bond worked together with just because it was needed to reach the goal are just to protect them. In this movie they go way too far with that. James Bond meets a woman called Tracy di Vicenzo. The two fall in love with each other and on the end of the movie they marry with each other. Some of you will probably now think: What? James Bond married in a movie? Yes, not James Bond fans probably won't get it. Guess what? I am a James Bond fan, but still I don't understand it. Not everybody will agree with me on this point, but I really don't think that it was necesarry to spend a whole movie about James Bond who is going to marry. It's not because of the relationship between Bond and di Vicenzo is bad, it's just that I am not interested in it and this is not how you want to see James Bond. You want to see him as a spy in a movie with gadgets and lots of actions. If I want to see a romantic movie, I would watch some movie that womens like very much. No, that's already a big no for me. I shouldn't forget to mention that Ernst Stavro Blofeld also appears in this movie. It is the second movie where he makes an on-screen appearance, but now he has another actor than in the last James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. I know that Donald Pleasance didn't wanted to return, but still I really don't like this. Donald Pleasance gave you the appearance in which you want to see Blofeld, but this new actor looks much different and is a worse actor to me. It also seems like Blofeld is not very important in this movie. He is just there and makes Bond's life a hell. It doesn't seems like he has a lot to do in this movie and that's why I think Blofeld's role in this movie comes very useless over to me. Blofeld has a new henchman in this movie, who is called Irma Bunt. First of all, I have to say that I feel sad for the actress because short after the premiere of this movie she already died after having a heart attack. She looks like a tough henchman and only her in the movie would have been enough for me. Blofeld didn't need to be there. But, there is something I don't understand with her. Why she didn't die on the end of the movie? She drove away and Bond never got revenge on her. Maybe they wanted to let her appear again in the next movie but it didn't happen because the actress died? Another question I probably never will get an answer on. Now you probably ask what that revenge is. For that, I have to explain the last scene of the movie. James Bond and Tracy di Vicenzo marry and after their marriage, they drive away in 007's Aston Martin. Somewhere in the mountains, they stop and Bond grabs some flowers. On the moment he wants to step in the car again, Blofeld and Irma Bunt drive along them. Irma bunt is starts shooting on the Aston Martin. She hits Tracy, killing her. So, James Bond was finallly married, but it wasn't even for one day. Irma Bunt killed the love of his life, but Bond never got revenge for that? In the next movies, Blofeld is only seen as the one responsible for it but they completely forget the real killer. That's something which is very bad to me. Now the most important question follows: What was the point of James Bond getting married if his love would already be killed again? I know Ian Fleming wrote this in his book, but it is very useless to me that they marry but Vicenzo doesn't even reaches the end of the movie. It is probably only because they wanted Bond to be very angry and it could create a cool atmosphere for the next movie. Maybe originally they planned to let Lazenby also appear in this, but also because Connery plays Bond again in the next movie it comes very useless over to me. No, this whole movie doesn't looks logical at all and in fact you really wouldn't miss anything if you don't watch this. On the end of You Only Live Twice, Blofeld gets away and in Diamonds Are Forever you immediatly see James Bond going after Blofeld again so you really don't miss anything if you skip this film. The only thing you would miss is a useless romantic movie, but I guess nobody watches James Bond movies for that. The only thing nice I can say about this movie are the great scenes in Switzerland. I like that Bern appears in this movie and you see some nice shots when Bond goes to Piz Gloria. Nice fun fact is that Piz Gloria is now very famous only because it appeared in this movie. I can still end with something nice, but you can better watch a documentary if you want to see nice shots from Switzerland, because the romantic bullshit of this movie is all that matters in the end.

+ and -

  • - This movie being a romantic movie instead of an action movie.
  • - George Lazenby only playing one James Bond movie.
  • - James Bond getting married.
  • - Ernst Stavro Blofeld having a very useless role in this movie
  • - Ernst Stavro Blofeld played by Telly Savalas, instead of Donald Pleasance.
  • - James Bond not getting revenge on Irma Bunt.
  • - Very useless marriage of Tracy and James.
  • - Lots of events in this movie being very unlogical.
  • - Very forgettable movie that doesn't adds anything to the James Bond franchise.
  • + The scenes in Switzerland.

20. Thunderball (1965) 5/10


Sean Connery's first movie on my top. Well, I guess lots of people will disagree with me on this low place of Thunderball. This movie is for the most people a James Bond classic. I understand this opinion, but I just think this is the weakest movie of Sean Connery. While I really think this movie has some great scenes, the story isn't interesting enough to me and I don't like it enough to place it higher. The beginning looks promising to me. James Bond is at Jacques Bouvar's (a member of SPECTRE) funeral but Bouvar is still alive. When Bond finds out about that, he attacks Bouvar and kills him in his own castle. After it, a great scene takes place. James Bond grabs a jetpack and uses it to get out of the castle. This is one of the most iconic scenes of the whole James Bond franchise. In the next scene, a SPECTRE meeting is seen with Emilio Largo as Number Two as most important member. Blofeld's face is hidden and still won't be seen in the whole movie. Meanwhile, James Bond is in a health resort where he gets massage from Patricia Fearing. Later, the two of them go in a sauna where they have sex with each other. I don't know why, but this one of my favorite scenes of the movie XD Later, a man called Francois Derval gets killed and Bond find his body in the health resort. Bond eventually meets Domino Derval, the sister of this Francois Derval. They are both against this Emilio Largo, where Derval is working for. I don't have much to say to all these scenes, they are all OK to me. I like that Largo's house contains a swimming pool with sharks, probably also one of the best parts of the movie. Largo also has a woman who is working for him. Her name is Fiona Volpe. Bond kills her in Nassau Bahamas when dancing with her. She is a very average character to me and also not very interesting to me. Emilio Largo's plans also aren't very interesting to mre. While watching this movie, you are waiting for Blofeld to show his face but you will get disappointed because it will take place in the next movie. On the end of this movie, a big underwater fight takes place. This scene is also average for me. I like to see it, but it is nothing more for me. There is also a huge movie mistake in this scene. James Bond is suddenly wearing another diving glasses while he didn't changed it. I don't understand why the makers of this movie didn't saw this mistake? Eventually, Domino Derval is trapped on the boat of Emilio Largo. Bond goes on the boat and starts fighting with Largo. After some fighting, Domino shows up and kills Largo. That is something which is unpredictable to me. Very fastle after it, the movie ends. James Bond and Domino go off the boat and are saved. Well, even though I don't have a lot of bad things to say about this movie, I don't like it more than the place it reached on my list. Bondgirl Domino Derval is a very average bondgirl to me. Largo on the other hand, is a very uninteresting villain to me. The whole movie I don't really care about him and I know that he is going to die in the end. So in conclusion, most people will still like this movie very much, so I won't give a full advice. You can still decide your own to watch this movie, but all I can say is that it is not very necessary. There are for sure better James Bond movies, so you better watch them instead.

+ and -

  • - Very average movie without standing out from others.
  • - Emilio Largo being a very uninteresting villain
  • - Big movie mistake with Bond's diving glasses.
  • - The movie ending too fast.
  • + Jetpack scene in the begin of the movie.
  • + Scene where James Bond has sex with Patricia Fearing in the sauna.
  • + Swimming pool with sharks.

19. Diamonds Are Forever (1971) 5/10

Diamonds Are Forever

The second movie of Sean Connery on my list. Diamonds Are Forever is Sean Connery's last official movie (He also appeared as James Bond in the unofficial movie Never Say Never Again) and personally one of my least favorite movies of him. I guess I am not the only one who has that opinion. Lets start with the beginning which is already really bad in my opinion. James Bond is searching for Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He want revenge for him killing Tracy di Vicenzo in the last James Bond movie, being On Her Majesty's Secret Service. That's already bad, because that movie had another Bond actor and not everybody knows that. But the real reason why this beginning is bad, because you think Bond manages to finally kill Blofeld, but instead of killing him, he kills a doppelganger. And the way he does this is also laughable. He throws him in melting gold. After it, the title sequence start, but probably some people think Blofeld is finally killed. Luckily you will fastly find out that this isn't the case. After the title sequence, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd get introduced. They are probably my most favorite feature of the movie. They are two funny henchmen and still very inconic to me. More about them later. James Bond travels to Amsterdam (only Bond movie that takes place in my country!) where he meets Tiffany Case. I really think that she is a better bondgirl than the ones of the three movies we have already had, but I also don't think she is a very memorable bondgirl. She just is there like every bondgirl and doesn't stands out from the rest. In Amsterdam, there is a great scene with Bond fighting Peter Franks in an elevator. James Bond makes Tiffany Case believe that he is Peter Franks and that the man he killed is James Bond. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd show up again not much later and try to burn Bond when he is a coffin. These are good scenes and I have nothing bad to say about it. James Bond manages to survive and goes to Las Vegas. Here he meets Plenty O'Toole. Unfortunately, she has a very small role and gets very fastly killed because she is throwed in a swimming pool. I probably like her more than Tiffany Case and wished she could be end Bondgirl, but sadly her characters isn't used as I would have liked to see. Bond and Case decide to work together and lots of agents go after them, but due to a moonbuggy (yes, really a moonbuggy) they manage to escape. Eventually, Bond meet Blofeld once again and finds out that he is still alive. Probably not everybody knew that. In this scene, Blofeld has again a doppelganger, which 007 kills. I think these doppelgangers weren't that needed. They only make the movie look laughable, so actually I wished they weren't in this movie. Of course, Bond manages to escape Blofeld also goes away. While I think there haven't been much bad in this movie, the ending does it all for me. It's very unfortunate that this movie has such a bad end scene. Blofeld is on some kind of offshore platform where he holds Tiffany prisoned. Bond saves her and Felix Leiter helps him with destroying the offshore platform. Blofeld tries to escape, but Bond grabs the submarine in which he tries to escape and throws it against the control room, making the offshore platform explode. And guess what? Blofeld manages to survite it once again! I don't understand why they just didn't kill him, because this was the last movie in which Blofeld could appear before the makers of the James Bond movies got a conflict with him. In For Your Eyes Only, they have decided to finally kill Blofeld, but I actually think that he should already have been killed in this movie. Here, they got the right time for it as Blofeld wouldn't appear in Roger Moore's James Bond movies. Another thing which I don't like, is that Blofeld has another actor. The actor he had in You Only Live Twice is by far the best for me. I know that in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Blofeld also had another actor, but I just wanted to mention it once again that I didn't like this. To finish the plot: James and Tiffany decide to take a cruise at the end where they meet Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd once again. James Bond kills them both on a very original way. I like this scene, but I really can't say the same about the scene with Blofeld. So, this movie isn't a bad movie and as Bond fan, I can enjoy this, but still I think that Blofeld is kind of ruined in this movie. They made a lot of bad choices with him. The best examples are obviously the doppelgangers of him and not killing him at the end. And that makes me leads to my advice: There are for sure better James Bond movies so you can skip this one if you don't have time to watch all of them. It's still good if you want to know how the Blofeld storyline goes further to watch this movie. Unfortunately, I have to come to the conclusion that this is after Thunderball my least favorite James Bond movie of Sean Connery.

+ and -

  • - Blofeld having doppelgangers
  • - Blofeld not getting killed at the end of the movie.
  • - Plenty O'Toole having a very small role
  • + Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd
  • + The scenes in Amsterdam
  • + Final scene of the movie where Bond kills Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd.

18. From Russia With Love (1963) 5/10 

From Russia With Love

The second James Bond movie and also the first older James Bond movie I had seen. Yes, you probably don't understand why I watched the second Bond movie earlier than the first. We had that feeling that Dr. No would be a better movie than From Russia With Love and now I can only agree with that. I have to notify that Skyfall is the first James Bond movie I have seen and Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace after it. From Russia With Love was the fourth Bond movie I had seen. To conclude this what I am trying to say here: This movie didn't made me become a fan of James Bond yet. Also, it is the last Bond movie I am going to give an insufficient mark so this will be the last movie that it is with the worst movies for me. Now, lets explain why. Probably most of you who have seen this movie will disagree with me, because From Russia With Love is seen as one of the best James Bond movies. Well, it already starts with the beginning. We see some kind of person who is disguised as James Bond. When I first saw this scene, I thought that this was James Bond and had no idea about this. We see some kind of agent killing this James Bond impostor. For me, this was really a weird beginning and I didn't understood it. Later, it is seen that this agent is Donald 'Red' Gant an agent who is trained to kill James Bond. After knowing this, I really think that this is a bad beginning for a Bond movie. I understand that it gives an introduction to Red Grant, but the way they want to fool you is something I don't really like. After the title song, Kronsteen is introduced and some of SPECTRE's plans are told. We see an older woman who is called Rosa Klebb. She, Kronsteen and an unknown man come together and talk about the death of Dr. No. Obviously, when I first saw this movie I didn't knew who this Dr. No is. The unknown man is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who's face is hidden until You Only Live Twice. Red Grant is send to kill Bond. Also, a woman called Tatiana Romanova is introduced. James Bond goes to Turkey where he meets a man called Kerim Bey. He becomes an ally during the movie. He is never really been one of my favorite characters in the movie. Later, Bond and Bey come into a fight a man called Krilencu. This scene was pretty good for a movie from 1963. Krilencu gets killed and Bond returns to his hotel. Here he meets Tatiana Romanova and the two of them end up in bed with each other. I really think this happens way too fast, making it pretty unrealistic. After it, you see that Grant and Klebb are watching behind a mirror. This was pretty weird for me. Romanova decides to join Bond and Bey and they go on a train to Venezia. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie. Red Grant and another henchmen called Benz also go on the train. Inside the train, Benz attacks Kerim Bey. When Bond comes to them, he finds them both death in the room. Here a a great plot change happens. In fact, Red Grant killed them both but he wanted it to look like that Bey and Benz killed each other. James Bond is angry and thinks that Romanova is responsible for it. Later, she suddenly gets something in her drink, making her become unconscious. Later, Bond and Grant meet each other and Grant tells his plans to Bond. He wants to make it look like that Bond killed Romanova and after it he caused suicide. It is followed by Bond and Grant who start fighting against each other in the train. At first you think this is a pretty good scene, but I think it is a pretty disappointing scene. You really think that Grant is a very strong villain, but after some fighting he gets easily killed by Bond. James Bond grabs his knife and stabs him with it, killing him. I really think they could have made this scene better, that's why I am disappointed about it. After it, Bond gets Romanova with him and they go off the train. Later, they are attacked by a helicopter. This scene is pretty good. They couldn't make this scene better in 1963. 007 uses some kind of gun with a grenade in it. He hits the helicopter with it and after it, the helicopter completely explodes. SPECTRE is very angry for the failure of Red Grant. First it looks like Rosa Klebb gets eliminated for the failure, but it is Kronsteen who gets eliminated. Lets now say something about his character. I really think he is one of the most useless villains in the whole James Bond franchise. His character completely didn't added anything to the movie. Maybe only in the beginning he helped to make you understand the plan, but furthermore in the movie there really wasn't any need for having him in it. To continue the plot, Bond and Romanova are in a boat and are attacked by members of SPECTRE. They use oil to kill all of them. This scene is really good in my opinion, just like most of the action scenes in the movie. When James and Tatiana have finally reached their hotel in Venezia, Klebb disguised as a room maid comes in their room. She tries to kill Bond with the knife in her shoe, but during the fight between her and James Bond, Tatiana Romanova shoots her with her gun. After this, another bad point for me happens. Very fastly after it, you see Bond and Romanova sitting a boat and driving through Venezia. They kiss with each other and after it the movie has already ended. I understand that the movie has ended, but before you know it is already over and this last scene really should have been longer in my opinion. That's why I think this is one of the James Bond movies with the weakest ending. Looking at the playtime of 110 minutes, it really shows to me that some parts in the movie should have been longer, especially the ending. Something else I would like to mention is that this is the first James Bond movie where Desmond Llewelyn appears as Q. He is one of the my favorite characters in the James Bond franchise and since I won't mention him every movie, I just want to say here that he is great in every movie. Now lets talk about the villain and bondgirl. I am not counting Blofeld yet as villain as his face isn't even shown in this movie. Rosa Klebb is the villain for me and she is pretty interesting. The knife in her shoe is a powerful weapon and she is almost perfect perfect played by the actress. On the other hand, I can't say that Red Grant is an interesting henchman to me. Some people say that he is one of the best henchmens in the whole James Bond franchise, but I really disagree with this. He gets very easily killed and he doesn't has an interesting weapon like Oddjob, Jaws and Tee Hee. Something else I really want to mention is that Daniela Bianchi plays one of the best bondgirls. She is for me for sure the best bondgirl of all Sean Connery's movies as James Bond. The actress is also very hot, making her a very good bondgirl. To come to the conclusion, I really think that this James Bond movie has a few great action scenes and has one of the best bondgirls. But the reason why I placed this one so low is because it is eventually one of my least favorite Bond movies and some parts are really weak for me, such as the ending and the beginning. Not forgetting to mention the disappointing fight between Grant and Bond. Red Grant is also an uninteresting henchman while Klebb is much more interesting. Most people will still enjoy this movie very much maybe also because it is a James Bond classic. The choice is yours, but hold on for better Bond movies.

+ and -

  • - Weird beginning
  • - Red Grant being an uninteresting henchman without an interesting weapon.
  • - The train fight between Grant and Bond being very disappointing.
  • - Kronsteen being a very useless villain.
  • - One of the worst endings of all James Bond movies, because of too short playtime.
  • + Lots of great action scenes
  • + Rosa Klebb being an interesting villain.
  • + Tatiana Romanova being one of the best bondgirls.

17. Never Say Never Again (1983) 6/10

Never Say Never Again

The only not official James Bond movie in my top. Maybe you don't understand why I put this one on my top. Well, it's mostly because I just see this as a Bond movie. Not everybody will be agreed with this, but for me it has everything that a normal James Bond movie also has. Unlike the other unofficial movies, Sean Connery plays here James Bond and he obviously has also played him in official Bond movies. In the other unofficial Bond movies we have another actor and they look very less like normal Bond movies. To start with the plot, first of all I have to say that the plot of this movie is very similar to Thunderball. So actually, this is just a remake of Thunderball. A lot of you will probably not understand why this movie is higher on my rankings than Thunderball, but let me explain it to you. Like Thunderball, James Bond goes in the beginning to a health clinic. Here he is almost killed by a thieve. After this, we see SPECTRE once again with Fatima Blush as one of their members. She is in this remake the same character as Fiona Volpe from Thunderball. SPECTRE steals two nuclear warheads and 007 has to get them back. The plot sounds very familair, that's why the movie is sometimes a bit boring. James Bond goes to the Bahamas where he meets Fatima Blush. She tries to kill him, but obviously Bond manages to survive. After it, a very surprising character shows up. He is meant to play a British contact person, but Rowan Atkinson plays this character! I know that he played earlier in this movie before he started playing Mr. Bean, but it is ridiculous and laughable that he plays in this movie. His characters is also very useless to me. He doesn't adds anything to the movie. He is only to make fun, which I understand but for me the movie wouldn't have been different if he wasn't in it. Anyway, Rowan Atkinson's characters tells Bond to go to Nice, France. He goes to this, where he meets Domino Petachi. Her brother was killed in the beginning of the movie and that's how they meet each other. In Thunderball, her father was killed but in this movie they choosed to let it be her brother who dies. James Bond finds out that Domino Petachi (I almost forget to say that she is meant to be the same characters as Domino Derval in Thunderball) is held prison by Maximillain Largo (I think you can guess that he is the same character as Emilio Largo) and he gives some kind of party. On this party, Bond and Largo play a game against each other which Bond wins. After it, Bond find out that his assistent who is called Nicole is killed by Fatima Blush and he goes on his motor after her. I think this is the best scene in the movie. It is a great action scene through France and Bond uses gadgets which make it really great. In the end, Bond manages to kil Blush. After this, Bond goes to the boat of Largo where he gets held prison together with Domino and obviously they manage to escape. They find the locations of both the nuclear warheads and Bond attacks Largo. Bond makes the nuclear warhead innocuous and Largo tries to kill Bond with this harpoon. Like Thunderball, Domino is the one who kills Largo. In the last scene, Bond and Domino are back in the Bahamas where they kiss and go in a swimming pool together. Rowan Atkinson's characters shows up once again and he creates some fun. After it, the movie ends. To start with the conclusion, I really think that you shouldn't take this James Bond movie too serious. It is a low budget film which is mostly created for fun. The same year, Octopussy with Roger Moore as Bond was released, so this was the only year that two Bond movies were released. Of course, this bond movie doesn't looks as good as Moore's movies, but that is because of the lower budget. The most important here is entertaining the watchers. So, you can skip this one because it's unofficial and not important at all. But still, if you want to see a laughable Bond movie with Mr. Bean in it, I can recommend you to watch it.

+ and -

  • - Sometimes bad humour.
  • - Too useless and laughable character of Rowan Atkinson.
  • - Plot being similar to Thunderball.
  • + Great motorcycle action scene
  • + Really good for a low budget.
  • + Funny jokes

16. Die Another Day (2002) 6/10

Die Another Day

Well well well, for the most people seen as the worst James Bond movie. To be honest, I can definetely understand that. This movie has it's big ups and downs. It is the last James Bond movie of Pierce Brosnan and probably the most over the top Bond movie. First of all, I would really like to say that this could have been one of the best James Bond movies. It has great actors and great action scenes, but Lee Tamahori (director) and his team screwed up almost everything. Don't expect me to be mild about some aspects of this movie. Lets start with the beginning. James Bond is in North Korea where North Koreans are trading diamonds. I already don't understand why North Korea? North Korea and diamonds doesn't seems to be a logical combination. General Moon is the leader of these North Koreans. He has a son who is called General Moon. Moon's assistant is called Zao and he is trading in diamonds. He finds out that James Bond is a secret agent and not much later there is a bomb in the diamonds making all the diamonds come in his face. This was already pretty over the top for me. Colonel Moon comes after Bond and a hovercraft chase starts. This scene is very unrealistic to me and I don't really like it. This scene ends when Bond jumps on a clock. Brosnan gives us a one-liner (Saved by the bell) and Colonel Moon falls off the cliff and is presumely deceased. Yes, you can already guess it. After it, General Moon and his agents come and think that Colonel Moon has been killed by Bond. And what do North Koreans to get revenge? Yes, it's very terrible for a Bond movie, but Bond really gets tortured for 14 months! These 14 months go pretty fast and during the title sequence you can see Bond getting tortured. And I really think this is one of the worst things ever! James Bond gets tortured for 14 months (that's longer than a year!) and he still looks the same only with a beard and mustache? And it really doesn't seems that it hurted him at all. I really think this is one of the most unrealistic things ever. Finally after 14 months, Bond can get out. He gets traded for Zao. Wait a minute, Zao? So that means he was captured? I understand that a lot coud have happened in this 14 months but how were they able to capture him? That's also very unrealistic to me. When he sees M again, M is of course very angry on him. Eventuallly, Bond manages to escape from MI6 custody and when he gets out he is suddenly Hong Kong. How the hell is that possible? You saw him walking over some bridge from Norther Korea to South Korea. I understand that this MI6 place is in South Korea, but how the hell is it possible that Bond is suddenly in Hong Kong? Probably also one of the biggest movie mistakes ever. Some kind of Chinese agent helps him by telling that Zao is on Cuba and obviously Bond wants to get him back. Wait a minute one again, we saw Zao less than a hour ago being back in North Korea and now you are going to tell me that he is suddenly in Cuba? Another very unrealistic thing noting that Cuba is completely on the other side of the world and no way that he came there so fast! But never mind, we already know that this movie is very unrealistic and it only gets worse if we come further. When Bond is in Cuba, we see him at some kind of cafe and he is watching at the ocean. Now for sure one of the worst James Bond scenes of all takes place. We see a woman coming out of the water. At first I thought: "What the fuck? This scene is very similar to Dr. No where we see Honey Ryder coming out of the water!" And guess what. This scene is a remake of this scene because this movie is created 40 years later. Shut up! This is very bad. But the worst of all is still to come. Probably the most ugliest woman of all comes out of the water! The actress is called Halle Berry (Yes, very laughable name if you ask me) and her name is Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson (What is that for name? I will just call her Jinx Johnson). Lee Tamahori thought that she was the most beautiful Bondgirl ever and they made it really that everybody falls in love with her. Guess what happens at me? I already hated this girl when I saw this scene, but it only gets worse and worse. I can already give away that she is for me the most ugly and worst bondgirl of all! Yes, even Kara Millovy from the Living Daylights is better. Another very bad thing is that, you see Bond and her talking for a few minutes and in the next shot they suddenly jump in bed with each other? What the fuck! That's the most unrealistic of all! Now it goes way too far! James Bond jumps after a few minutes of talking already in bed with one of the ugliest womans of all? I fall off my seat when I see that! Lets go further. The next day, Jinx is already gone and Bond is later awaken. James Bond decided to go to some kind of clinic. And when you think it can't get worse, this clinic lets the appearance of a humans change. Yes, I am really not joking to you. Zao is here and he wants to change his appearance! Now really the line has crossed. This is just the most unrealistic movie ever! James Bond stops the appearance change of Zao and he is still a very ugly human with diamonds in his face. Bond and Zao start fighting and still with the useless help of Jinx, Zao can easily get away. He goes in some kind of helicopter and flies away. Of course, Bond and Johnson can kill almost all the other man. After this, another bad and big movie mistake happens. Jinx takes off her dress and ends up being in bikini (You really shouldn't think that I became hot of this. It's disgusting!) and jumps of a cliff in the water. It's already very doubtful if you can even survive this. She fell backwards and could have falled with her head on the water, so she shouldn't even have been able to survive that. But, that's not what I am talking about. When you see James Bond again in the next shot, the dress of Jinx is completely disappeared and gone forever! Just a very big movie mistake! Eventually, Bond finds out that the diamonds of Zao are owned by a man called Gustav Graves. He takes the plane and goes back to London, where Graves has his own Blades Club. First, we see Bond talking to some kind of woman. Some of you don't understand who this woman is during the movie. This is a camoe of singer Madonna. Yes, this was really unneeded for the movie, but as Madonna really would have liked to appear, I am fine with that. She also made the title song, making it more understandable why she makes a cameo. When they are done talking, Bond goes to Gustav Graves and his assistant Miranda Frost. I will first say something about this Miranda Frost, that is important for later in the movie. She works for Graves, but in fact she is an undercover MI6 agent, so she is on Bond's side. Keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Bond and Graves start fencing and later even with real swords. Well, finally. The first action scene in the movie which isn't realistic or over the top! It's also my favorite action scene of the whole movie. Afer some fighting through the blades club, Frost stops the fighting. Graves invites Bond to come to Iceland. He has a ice palace there. Yes, a whole palace made of ice. Completely doesn’t makes sense at all……. When Bond comes there, you can already see that this is pretty fake. I almost forgot to say that before Bond goes to Iceland, the new Q who is played by John Cleese gives him lots of gadgets. The most important is the Aston Martin which can become invisible. Yes, I am not joking again. This is also really over the top for me. My favorite part of this scene is that you can see old gadgets from older Bond movies, such as the crocodile from Octopussy and the jetpack from Thunderball. But now lets go back to Iceland. First of all, I really would like to say that Iceland is one of my most favorite countries in the world, so it was for me really great to see that a James Bond movie takes place here. But still, almost all the scenes here are terrible. Lets start with the beginning, which is the best. It starts with Gustav Graves telling about his Icarus (a weapon that will be used later in the movie) and James Bond get introduced to the ice palace by Miranda Frodst and Graves himself. Not much later, Bond stars searching and wants to know more about Gustav Graves. On the moment he thinks he sees something, Miranda Frost comes to him and they start kissing with each other. Before Bond knows it, he ends up in bed with her. This was really good for me and I hoped Frost would become the end bondgirl. The actress is really good and she is much hotter than this fucking ugly Jinx Johnson. And now if we begin again about this bitch, somehow she also came in Iceland. Am I the only one who has no fucking idea how she came in Iceland? Nobody told her to go to Iceland and this is way too coincidience! Of course this fucking Jinx wants to be the hero and also starts looking for Graves. Later she is captured by Graves and Zao. Yes Zao, they are working together. Actually quite predictable, but okay. James Bond has to rescue her and of course he succeeds in doing that. Very annoying character if you ask me, she has to be saved all the time! Bond and Johnson are later attacked by Mr. Kil, a henchman of Gustav Graves. Another very unrealistic scene happens. They end up in some kind of laser room. When you get hitted by a single, laser you die. For me it is very unrealistic that Bond and Johnson don't get hit. There are so much lasers. This really crosses the line of realism in a movie. Obviously Jinx finds a way to kil Mr. Kil by clicking on a button, making another laser appear and going right through Mr. Kil. How the hell did she know that she could activate this button and kill Mr. Kil with it? That's not possible! One of the worst scenes of all if you ask me. After this, Bond knows it and wants to confront Graves. You remember Colonel Moon in the beginning of the movie? He and Gustav Graves are exact the same person and Graves used this clinic where he could change his appearance. What the fuck! Is this supposed to be a joke? I really can't take it serious. Changing your appearance in some kind of clinic? That's really not possible and goes way too far for me. And if you think this was the worst thing of all in the movie, now then you are wrong. After this, an even worse thing happens. On the moment Bond confronts Graves, Miranda Frost shows up. First Bond thinks she is going to help her (Very logical because she works for MI6 too), but I couldn't believe it when I saw what happens next. Frost starts holding her gun on Bond and out of nowhere she says that she works for Graves. Actually, while writing this I can only laugh about this. This is probably the worst and most laughable thing they ever did in a James Bond movie! I forgot to say that earlier in the movie you saw a scene where Miranda Frost was together with M and M told her that she should keep an eye on Bond. And this scene was in MI6 base and you can't come inside of her when you aren't a member of MI6. And you could see it with your own eyes. We all know M, she is the boss of James Bond and she knows it when she is dealing with an enemy. And no, Miranda Frost was a member of MI6 and out of nowhere they just easily say that she is on Graves' side. That's completely bullcrap for me and the worst choice ever. We finally had a great bondgirl who was different than the others and the actress is really great as I said before and Lee Tamahori and his team completely destroyed her character by just simply saying that she is on the side of Gustav Graves, while this is very impossible and the worst thing of the whole movie! No, I can't forgive this and I never will. Because of this, I also knew that this very ugly and one of the worst actresses of all would become the end bondgirl, which made the movie a lot worse. I almost forget to mention that they say that Miranda Frost is the one who betrayed James Bond in North Korea? Where the hell are they talking about??? James Bond wasn't even betrayed in North Korea. He was though to have killed Colonel Moon and General Moon wanted revenge for that and that's why he tortured Bond for 14 months. There is really no one who betrays him! This also shows that Lee Tamahori just did something to get rid of the character Miranda Frost. He created bullshit to make her an evil character. The scribers of the script really didn't had any idea what to do with her character and they created something very bad. No, I really hate it and I will always hate it. I really feel sad for Rosamund Pike. She could have become one of the best bondgirls of all, but because of this fucking idiot Lee Tamahori she is completely wasted and her character doesn't becomes the end bondgirl. Now, lets continue the plot. James Bond manages to escape and gets in his Aston Martin which can become invisible. Gustav Graves and Mirand Frost fly away. Graves starts his Icarus weapon, which completely starts destroying the ice palace. A few over the top scenes happen. We see Bond surfing on water. Really? This scene is also very laughable for me. After this, one of the best action scenes of all could have happen. James Bond in his Aston Martin versus Zao in his car. This scene is also way too over the top for me! At least I could still have enjoyed this scene if it wouldn't have ended so terrible as it does. Lets go that, because the other stuff is just very over the top and nothing more than that. James Bond and Zao drive to the ice palace which is almost completely melted. James Bond stops somewhere before a place full of water. Zao thinks he can grab his chance and push Bond in the water. But on that moment, he becomes invisible and Zao drives in the water. Wait a minute! Bond's car could only become invisible, that doesn't means that other cars can't hit it! Very bad if you ask me. And they explain this, they show that Bond's car is on another place, but that's really impossible because you would have seen the car moving which isn't seen in the movie. This is very unrealistic. And when Zao is in the water, he goes out of his car and you can see him swimming through the water. James Bond uses his car to hit a ice chandelier, which hangs on the ceiling. This ice chandelier end in the water, and when it does that, blood can be seen going through the water. But Zao wasn't even simming there? The ice chandelier fell in the water a few meters away from him. It's very impossible that Zao dies here. I am completely sure that this ice chandelier really couldn't have hitten him. This is also for sure one of the most unrealistic things in the whole James Bond franchise! But still, Zao is death and guess what happens next? James Bond has to save Jinx once again! Are you kidding to me????? How much times has this girl to be saved! This is really not fun anymore. They are treating her like a princess and it's very annoying that her character is so weak. I really hoped that she would die, but of course she manages to survive somehow. And she was almost drowned, but after it she doesn't even has to go to a hospital, she can do everything like normal again. I'm sorry to say it for the thousand time, but this is very unrealistic! After this very unrealistic and bad scenes in Iceland, Bond and Johnson go to North Korea where they go on board of the plane of Gustav Graves. Meanwhile, Graves reunites with his father who can't believe that he has changed his appearance. And the real meaning of the Icarus is told. Graves wants to use it on the border with South Korea to make North Korea much more powerful. And I really have to say, this is the most laughable plan ever! Logically, General Moon disagrees with this and wants to stop it. After this, Gustav Graves uses some kind of weapon and with that he suddenly kills his own father. What the hell! I know that Graves is a big idiot and doesn't thinks clear anymore, but killing your own father? Even the biggest villains don't do that! That makes this also very unrealistic. After this, James and Jinx manage to get on board of the plane and Bond wants to shoot Graves, but he hits a window making everyone fly out of the plane. Yes, I really say everyone, but obviously because this movie is already unrealistic enough, Bond and Graves manage to stay inside of it. You really can't take that serious. Meanwhile, Jinx goes to the cockpit of the plane to make the plane fly steady again. Really? The plane actually should crash and there is no way she can get the plane steady again, so this is also very bad again. While trying to do this, Jinx gets attacked by Miranda Frost. A sword fight between the two of them. And yes, normally Miranda Frost would be much better because as we have seen somewhere in the middle of the movie, she is very good in fencing and should be able to easily beat Jinx. But I think we can all guess what happens. Obviously this movie is very predictable and Jinx manages to kill Miranda. I can't deny that this is very unrealistic again! Come on man, this Jinx is very weak and can't even save herself. How the hell is it possible that she wins this sword fight against Miranda????? This also really does it for me. Not forgetting to mention the way how Jinx kills Miranda. Suddenly she grabs a sword that is in a small book and she puts in the belly of Miranda. Really? This is very unlogical, because that knife came out of nowhere. No, this scene is also very bad! On that same time, Bond and Graves are also fighting with each other next to the broken window. With lots of luck, Bond manages to get Graves out of the plane and he lands exactly in the impeller of the plane, killing him. Although this scene is already less unrealistic than earlier in the movie, I still can't take this serious. And after this, the plane starts crashing (really? so late?) and Bond and Johnson get in to a helicopter and manage to get out of the plane before it completely crashes. In the last scene, James and Jinx are seen in some kind Buddhist temple where they have a lot of diamons. You can probably guess that I don't this ending, but actually I don't care about it. Well, lets now finally go to the conclusion. Remember me saying that this could be one of the best bondgirls? I still think that, even after setting together all bad things in this movie. This movie has a great storyline, but almost all the action scenes are over the top and unrealistic. Over the top actually isn't that surprising to me, because all the movies of Pierce Brosnan (except The World is not Enough) are this. But the thousand examples of unrealistic scenes goes way too far and that's how I can't fully enjoy this movie. You keep looking at it and that's not fun to watch. Probably the only thing I would change to the most important things of the movie is the face changing thing, because that's very bad. But now the most important question: How could this have been one of the best James Bond movies? I will sum up everything: making all the action scenes less over the top, making the movie a lot more realistic and making Miranda Frost the end bondgirl. I think we can all be agreed that Jinx Johnson is a terrible Bondgirl. You probably already know that I hate the actress Halle Berry. I am not going to say immediatly that she is a bad actress because I have seen very less movies of her, but in this movie she acts terrible, doesn't adds anything to the movie and is very annoying. I really don't know who choosed to cast her in a James Bond movie, but for me it is one of the biggest miscasts of all movies. If this movie really would have been perfect for me, everything I have said here should been fixed and then, this movie would have ended in my top 10. I am very sure of it. I know that I am very critical to this movie, but still I gave it a 6 and it ended on this place, because I can still enjoy this movie somehow and it has great villains. Gustav Graves, Zao and Miranda Frost are all played by (a) great actors/actress and they should honoured for lifting this movie up to this place. A very big dishonorable mention is for the director and his team. They did almost everything wrong you could do in a movie and that's not something I would say fast. This makes me leading to the conclusion that this movie is just a typical example of something very great with a very (and I really mean VERY!!!!!) bad directors team and that makes the result ridiculous bad. And yes, I am pretty sure that nobody (even the directors) are glad with this result. If you are a person who can handle a very unrealistic and over the top movie, I can definetely recommend this movie, but I would advice the most for the reason that I want to know others' opinions about this movie. Am I the only who can write almost a whole book with unrealistic things in this movie? I guess not, but still I hope we can all be agreed with everything I said here.

+ and -

  • - Almost all action scenes being unrealistic.
  • - Almost all action scenes begin over the top.
  • - Unrealistic hoverfract scene in the beginning of the movie.
  • - 14 months of torturing having completely no impact on James Bond.
  • - Zao out of nowhere being prisoned by MI6.
  • - Zao suddenly being in Cuba after being a few hours in Hong Kong.
  • - Jinx's introduction being very similar to Honey Ryder's one from Dr. No.
  • - Jinx Johnson being a princess who has to be saved thousand times.
  • - James and Jinx being very fast in bed with each other.
  • - Jinx Johnson being the most ugly and most annoying bondgirl.
  • - The movie containing a clinic where people can change their appearance.
  • - Big movie mistake with Jinx's dress.
  • - The ice palace in Iceland.
  • - The Aston Martin of 007 being able to become invisible.
  • - Jinx Johnson being in Iceland out of nowhere.
  • - Very unrealistic fight scene with Mr. Kil and lasers.
  • - Colonel Moon who is Gustav Graves because of the apperance change clinic.
  • - Miranda Frost being a henchman of Gustav Graves out of nowhere and very unrealistic because she was an agent of MI6.
  • - James Bond surfing scene.
  • - Over the top car chase with Bond and Zao.
  • - Zao's death being very unrealistic because the ice chandelier doesn't even falls on him.
  • - Jinx Johnson not having to go to a hospital after almost having drowned.
  • - Gustav Graves killing his own father.
  • - Laughable plan of Gustav Graves to make North Korea beat South Korea.
  • - Unrealistic scenes with the plane of Gustav Graves.
  • - Miranda Frost not being able to kill Jinx Johnson in the sword fight. She is trained in fancing and Jinx Johnson is very weak, so this is one of the most unrealistic things ever.
  • - Stupid end scene.
  • - The director screwing up the whole movie.
  • - Very big mistcast of Halle Berry.
  • - The storyline being very weak with lots of bad choices.
  • + Fight scene between James Bond and Gustav Graves in the Blades Club.
  • + Old gadgets from earlier Bond movies appearing.
  • + Scene where James Bond and Mirandra Frost have sex with each other.
  • + The movie over all still being enjoyable to watch.
  • + Gustav Graves, Zao and Miranda Frost being great villains.

15. Licence to Kill (1989) 6/10

Licence to Kill

The second and last movie of Timothy Dalton. His first movie, The Living Daylights, is my personal worst James Bond movie, so this movie is already much better in my opinion. But still, this is not one of my favorite James Bond movies. The storyline of this movie is never something that interested me very much. This movie is completely about Felix Leiter, the CIA agent who is a good friend of James Bond and appears in multiple movies. Felix is going to marry with his girlfriend Della and James Bond helps him with it. But before the marriage, they go after the druglord Franz Sanchez. He tries to escape, but Bond and Leiter get him and defeat Sanchez. Not much later, Sanchez escapes and gets revenge. After the marriage, he kills Della and feeds Leiter to a shark. Leiter survives this, but he loses one of his legs. An angry James Bond hears about i tand goes after Leiter. He survives the place where the incident with the shark happened. He goes together with Sharkey to a place with sharks. Her a good scene takes place. Bond kills the traitor who let Sanchez escape and throws a suitcase full with money in the water. It is laughable that Sharkey cares about the money. This is a good scene in the movie. Later Bond sees M again, who asks him to stop with the mission. Bond refuses and stops with being a MI6 agent. M takes off Bond’s licence to kill. I also think this is scene is pretty good. After this, Bond goes on board on some kind of boat and meets her Lupe Lamora, the mistress of Franz Sanchez. Meanwhile, Sharkey gets killed by Sanchez’s men. James Bond manages to escape. In the next scene, Bond goes to Pam Bouvier, someone Felix Leiter had an appointment with. He wants to warn her against, Sanchez and when the two of them meet each other, they are attacked by Sanchez’s henchman Dario played by Benicio del Toro. They manage to escape, but Bouvier becomes very angry on Bond. James and Pam go to Sanchez’s place in the republic of Isthmus. They meet him and Sanchez already doesn’t trust Bond. Later, Q shows up in Bond’s hotel room. Q gives 007 gadgets again and he commits an assualt on Sanchez. Sanchez thinks that assassins did this and Bond wins the trust of Sanchez. Miltron Krest, another henchman of Sanchez gets killed because Sanchez believes Bond. He is put in some kind of decompression chamber, where he completely implodes. I think this death is way too over the top and I don’t like it that much. Later, Bond gets recognized by Dario and he puts him in a shredder. This scene is very unrealistic. Bond manages to survive with the help of Pam Bouvier. Dario is very dumb in this scene and he himself ends up in the shredder. I don’t like this scene that much, because I know it is all fake and Dario’s death doesn’t looks that good. After this, the best scene of the movie starts. Sanchez tries to escape with 4 petrol trucks. James Bond goes after him and Pam Bouvier goes after him in a plane. In a great scene, Bond destroys 3 of this trucks. He goes on board of the last truck where he and Sanchez start fighting. Not much later, the truck crashes. When Sanchez wants to kill Bond, Bond shows a lighter he got from Felix Leiter int he beginning of the movie and gets his revenge on Sanchez. He puts him completely on fire because of the petrol that came on him and lots of explosions follow. In the last scene, a party is seen organized by Lupe Lamora. Leiter tells Bond that he is fine and M wants to have Bond back, giving his licence to kill back. Lupe wants to kiss with Bond, but he refuses her and goes to Pam. They kiss with each other in the swimming pool. Lupe, Q and some more people all see it and after that, the movie ends. I will start this time about the bondgirls. First of all, I would like to say that I don’t understand why there are two bondgirls in this movie. Only one would have been enough. Lupe and Pam could have been one character. For sure Pam’s characters is very useless and doesn’t adds very much tot he movie. I also think the actress is not hot enough to be a Bondgirl. No, she is for sure not one of my favorite bondgirls. I like Lupe Lamora more and I wished she would be end Bondgirl, but at least here I hate it less than in Die Another Day. Franz Sanchez, on the other hand, is a very good villain and he is greatly played by actor Robert Davi. His death is also one of the cruelest and best in the whole James Bond franchise. Dario is an average henchman for me without anything special. I only hate his death, as I already mentioned earlier. So, overall, this is a pretty good James Bond movie, but I can’t place it higher because there are James Bond movies I like more. Probably the biggest thing why this movie isn’t very high is because Timothy Dalton plays Bond and he is my least favorite Bond actor. At least he plays James Bond much better in this movie than in the Living Daylights. And the advice I can give you is to watch this movie because it has a few great scenes and overall it is a good movie. But we are still not very close to the to 15, so there are even better Bond movies.

+ and -

  • - Uninteresting storyline about Bond wanting revenge for Felix Leiter.
  • - Over the top death of Milton Krest.
  • - Unrealistic death scene of Dario.
  • - Pam Bouvier being a useless and unneeded bondgirl.
  • - Carey Lowell (actress of Pam Bouvier)
  • - Timothy Dalton being James Bond.
  • + Scene with sharks and suitcase with money.
  • + M taking off Bond's licence to kill.
  • + Scene with petrol trucks.
  • + Franz Sanchez

14. Skyfall (2012) 6,5/10


One of the newest James Bond movies and the favorite of a lot of people. Some people are even saying that this is the best James Bond movie. But why do is this only on place 14 then? I have several reasons for it which I will of course describe here. First of all, I have to say that this is the first James Bond movie I ever saw in my life. It was like in 2013 or 2014, just after the movie got released. I wasn’t a James Bond fan yet. And lets now be honest. You really can’t become a James Bond fan because of this movie. It’s too different for that. You are probably now wondering why. This is all because this movie celebrates the 50 years anniversary of James Bond (The first JB movies was Dr. No which got released in 1962) and that’s why it is different from any other James Bond movie. And that’s why they made this movie much different. It features a story about a man called Raoul Silva who wants to get revenge on M and 007 has to protect M against this villain. I can already say that I don’t like this storyline. But lets start on the plot before I forget something. The movie starts in Istanbul. A great action scene takes place ending with Bond on a train with a villain. This is a great scene just like all action scenes in the movie. I only really dislike the ending. Moneypenny (who is in this movie together with James Bond on the battlefield, that’s already something different in this movie) tries to hit the villain who is together with James Bond on the top of the train. But instead of hitting the villain, she hits Bond and he falls off the train into the water. Everybody will be very surprised and think: “James Bond is death? How could they do that in this movie?” But after the title sequence you get the answer on it and yes, James Bond can even survive after being hitted by a bullet! This goes way too far in my opinion. I know they wanted to have a cool beginning in the movie, but this is just too unrealistic. There isn’t even a good explanation how Bond survived this. He got hit and fell of in the water. Nobody on Earth can survive that! This really shows that James Bond is just an alien and can’t die. No, I really hate that such a good action scene ends with something unrealistic. And we see James Bond having sex with an unnamed bondgirl (Yes of course why not? That's James Bond logic), but this time the girl doesn't even gets named. If that's already not very bad enough, after it she is already gone and there is really no need for her in the movie. Her role should have been bigger, because she has really no backstory and now she comes over as a very useless character. Meanwhile, an assault is commited on the MI6 building. James Bond, who is still living a life without being a 00 agent hears about it and decides to return to London. And after this, another bad thing happens. We see lots of scenes with James Bond being at MI6. I definetely think these scenes are way too long and I would have wanted they skipped and cut off a lot of they scenes. They don’t add anything to the movie. For example the scene where James Bond gets words and he must say what his first reaction is to it. What the hell adds this scene in the movie? It is very useless to me just like almost all the scenes here at MI6. It should be like the old James Bond movies where they just saw M in one scene and Q gives Bond some gadgets and the movie starts. No, in Skyfall it is way too long and that’s already a big disadvantage for this movie. When Bond finally goes on mission again, he goes to Shanghai searching for the man who got away in Istanbul. He follows him in an elevator and they end up somewhere in a skyscraper. James Bond attacks this man who is called Patrice and asks him for information, but the man commits suicide by falling down to the ground. Luckily, 007 finds out that his gun contained something of a casino in Macau and very accidental Bond knows how to continue his mission. I almost forget to mention that a woman saw Bond’s fight with Patrice because Patrice killed some people who were in the same skyscraper with her. In the scene in Macau, Bond meets this woman who is called Severine. Bond decides to help her, because she is scared of her boss. Inside the casino, the man tries to kill Bond by letting him fall at a Komodo Dragon. This is a very funny scene to me, because the other man gets killed instead. James Bond comes on the boat of Severine where she is having a shower. He decides to join her under the shower and they probably have sex with each other. Later, Bond and Severine go with this boat to some kind of island where Bond meets Raoul Silva, a former MI6 agent. He wants to get revenge on M. A long story takes place where he tells all his plans to Bond. This scene really could have been shorter in my opinion. After it, Bond has to play a game. Severine is standing a few meters away from him with an apple on her head. Silva gives Bond a gun and he has to hit the apple and not Severine. James Bond doesn’t dares to shoot and Silva decided to try and hits Severine, killing her. Wait, what??????? She gets killed??? She was just in the movie and now she is already death! And you know what’s the worst of all? There is no other Bondgirl in the movie! (not counting the girl in the beginning of the movie because her role was way too small for that) What the hell did Sam Mendes (director of the movie) do here? All James Bond movies have a bondgirl who survives till the end of the movie instead of this? That’s insane and very bad! That’s why I really think that this is one of the worst choices they ever made in a James Bond movie! Why did she had to be killed? There was really no need to do that! I will return on this later and tell you that the movie would have been much better if Severine would have survived it, but lets first finish the plot. After Severine was killed, Bond kills all the man of Silva and he gets arrested by MI6. In fact, he wants this because he will meet M then. M tells Bond who Silva is and Silva is glad to see her. A very disgusting scene happens. Silva does something with his teeth and shows it. I really don’t know who came on the idea to put this scene in the movie, because I really hate it and it is too disgusting to me. Obviously, Silva can escape later. M is on some kind of meeting and Silva goes to her. Bond goes after him. They go through the subway of London. I think this is a great scene, I only think that it is sometimes a bit unrealistic. Tubes falling out of the air and Bond who can survive that, no that shouldn’t have been in the movie in my opinion. Not much later, Silva and some of his man arrive the meeting where they want to kill everyone including M. Lots of people get killed but M can survive. After this, Bond kidnaps M and they go in his Aston Martin to Scotland. Here we see the house where Bond has lived in his childhood. The graves of Bond’s parents are also shown. I think this is really good because it shows something about James Bond which hasn’t been showed in earlier movies. In James Bond’s old house, they prepare for an attack by Silva. Q makes a trace so Silva can follow them to Scotland. In this first attack by the men of Silva, M gets hit. James Bond with the help of an old man who is called Kincade can kill all the men of Silva. Not much later, he arrives himself in a big helicopter. Bond, Kincade and M decide to take a secret route to escape from the house. In a great scene, the whole house explodes and the helicopter explodes too. I think this is one of the best action scenes in the whole James Bond franchise. Eventually, Raoul Silva gets M and in a small house, he holds her prison until Bond comes. Silva is completely got insane and wants to die together with M. But Bond stands behind him and pushes a knife in him. A few seconds later, Silva dies. M is too hurt and also dies. This is a very emotional scene and it is great that they wanted to make this movie emotional, but all in one this is not a great end. You want to laugh and be happy because of a James Bond movie and this movie does precisely the opposite. And here, you really miss a bondgirl. In the last scene, you see that Bond has returned to London and not much later the movie ends. Now, lets say something about Moneypenny and Q. In the last two James Bond movies (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) they didn’t appear and in this movie they have a new actor/actress. I think that they did this very good. The new Q is not similar to Desmond Llewelyn and that’s very good for me. Similarly, the new Moneypenny is also much different and joins Bond on his missions. That’s actually really good. Also, Silva is a really good villain and very evil on the way you want a villain to be. He is probably one of the best developed Bond villain. Unlike other Bond movies, he doesn’t has a henchman but you also don’t miss it. These are the best things of the movie. However, there are some things why this movie ends on this place. First, I really miss cool gadgets in this movie. The only gadget that appears is the cool Aston Martin, but there isn’t any cool scene with it and during the end scene, it gets destroyed. That was very dissappointing if you ask me. Although a new Q appears, he only gives Bond a new gun and I really think you can’t call that a gadget. But most of all, I miss a bondgirl as I already said multiple times. Lets now come back on what I said earlier. I really think that Severine should have survived the movie. In the scenes where Silva was held prison, she could just have disappeared, but when Bond goes to Scotland, she could have been in the back of the car. A funny scene would have been that Bond disagrees with him joining him, but she wants to be with him. In the action scenes in the house, she could have helped Bond and become a badass Bondgirl. In the last scene where Silva and M both die, she could just have come later in the house and help Bond with the loss of M. In the end of the movie, you really miss that Bond has a Bondgirl he is with and if Severine would have survived, she could have joined him, so Bond would have been less sad. Lets now come go tot he conclusion. I really think this is a good James Bond movie with great action scenes, but the reason why this movie is not in my top 10 is because they made a lot of bad choices. Also, some scenes are pretty boring and it doesn’t always looks like a Bond movie. They tried too much to make it more like a thriller movie and that’s for sure not a good thing. I am pretty sure that if they made the movie less lengthy by removing these scenes the movie would already been better. To make the movie even better, they should have given Bond more gadgets and Severine should have been the end bondgirl. Killing her is the biggest mistake they made it at this movie and yes, I can really dislike a movie because of one bad choice. Still, I can definetely advice you to watch this movie due to the many great scenes. But there is one other important thing I really would like to say. Don’t make the same mistake as I did by watching this James Bond movie first. It is very different from other James Bond movies and you don’t understand some things because you haven’t seen other James Bond movies. It won’t make you a Bond fan, because you should watch the older ones first or you should Casino Royale first. Ultimately, I can conclude that this movie would definetely have been in my top 10 if they wouldn’t have made so much bad choices. Other James Bond movies don’t make these bad choices, and that’s why they are better.

+ and –

  • - This James Bond movie being very different to other James Bond movies.
  • - Boring storyline with Bond having to protect M.
  • - James Bond surviving after getting hit by a bullet and falling from high in the water.
  • - Very useless ugnnamed Bondgirl in the beginning of the movie which out of nowhere Bond has sex with.
  • - Very lenghty, useless and boring MI6 scenes.
  • - Severine getting killed, making this the only James Bond movie without an end bondgirl.
  • - Very disgusting scene with Silva showing his teeth.
  • - No cool gadgets in the movie.
  • + Great action scenes in Istanbul, Shanghai, Macau and the subway of London.
  • + Scene with Komodo Dragon XD
  • + Very different Q and Moneypenny.
  • + Raoul Silva
  • + One of the best end fights of the whole James Bond franchise in Scotland.

13. Spectre (2015) 7/10


We go to the next James Bond and currently the newest movie. Most of you probably don’t understand how I can place this one higher than Skyfall. After the release of this movie, we have had lots of discussions which one of these two newest James Bond movies is the best. After seeing Spectre multiple times, I have come to the conclusion that I like Spectre more. I won’t say that it is much better than Skyfall because both movies have there advantages and disadvantages, but Spectre is the better movie for me. But still, this movie is not in my top 10. After seeing this move in the cinema, I was convinced that it would be one of the best James Bond movies for me, but now after seeing it multiple times, I know that other JB movies are better for me. There are even people who say this is one of the worst James Bond movies. With this place, I want to make clear that it is definetely not the case for me, but as I like others more, I couldn’t put it in my top 10. Lets now start with the best scene of the whole movie. The movie starts in Mexico City, where James Bond is on the day of the dead of the dead. He is there to kill Marco Sciarra, a man who wants to start an assault. After destroying a building, Sciarra gets away and 007 goes after him. They end up in a helicopter, where the best scene of the whole movie takes place. They fly above a square with lots of people and the helicopter flies to everywhere. Probably the best begin scene in the whole James Bond franchise, but sadly the rest of the movie never reaches this level again. After the title sequence (I know this is not important fort he movie, but still I want to mention that Sam Smith’s title song is terrible and I really have no idea who let him do the title song). Back in London, M is angry on Bond who did the whole action on his own. I don’t really understand why he would do that alone, but okay. After this, the most useless and most boring storyline of the whole movie gets introduced. Some character who is called Max Denbigh AKA C gets introduced. I will probably come back on this, but the biggest question I have here: Who on Earth was waiting on this very useless character and storyline??? If I would make a top 3 with most useless characters in the whole James Bond franchise, I would for sure put him in it. I am not even going to explain his plans here. It is so fricking useless for me and probably the biggest reason why Spectre doesn’t reaches higher than this place. And Spectre makes the same mistake as Skyfall did. The scenes in the MI6 (including C’s ones) are very lenghty and boring once again. I really hope that in the newer James Bond movies they will make less of this boring scenes. They are way too long and don’t add anything to the movie. We want to see good action scenes, not this useless. Make the movies than shorter and skip all these boring scenes. Nobody is waiting for it. Luckily, Q plays good again and he helps Bond further. I almost forget to mention that Ralph Fiennes is now the new M. I also think he is the worst M. His scenes are always very boring and I just want M to be the boss of James Bond who helps him whenever he need. Fiennes plays M way too serious and that’s really not in the style of James Bond. No, M and C are both very bad characters for me in this movie. When Bond finally goes to Rome, the movie already gets much better again. He is on the funeral of Marco Sciarra, the man who he killed in the begin scene of the movie. Here, he meets Lucia Sciarra, the widow of him. They go to her house, where she Bond saves here from some men who want to kill her. They kiss with each other and after it Sciarra is already out of the movie again. Her role is way too small in my opinion. I expected her to have a big role in the movie, but this was too short. I am not saying that I hate this, but her role should have been longer. She tells Bond about a meeting in Rome. He goes inside using a ring Marco Sciarra had on his hand. Inside, a man who’s face can’t be seen yet, is the head of this meeting. This scene is very good for me, because it makes the movie darker. This man calls himself Franz Oberhauser. Not much later, he finds out that James Bond is present in the room and he says Koekoek (This is the name of a to him. Bond knows that he has to go outside as fast as possible. He goes in his Aston Martin and Mr. Hinx, a henchman of this Franz Oberhauser, goes after him in his Jaguar. A great scene starts. This scene is not as good as the helicopter scene in the beginning of the movie, but still I like this scene. It ends with Bond’s Aston Martin ending in the water, but Bond survives by some kind of gadget. And yes, look what is back in the movie. At Skyfall I said that I really missed the gadgets and I am glad that they are back in this movie. With the help of Moneypenny, Bond goes to Mr. White, the character who also appeared in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. He is dying and commits suicide, finishing his storyline the in Bond franchise. I think it is good that he still appeared because otherwise we would have never known what happened with him. James Bond promises Mr. White that he will protect his daughter. He goes to some kind of clinic where she is working. Not much later, Mr. Hinx is back and kidnaps this Madeleine Swann. James Bond goes in a plane after him and after another great action scene, he saves Swann. Of course, Mr. Hinx survives this. I don’t really understand why Bond doesn’t kills him to get finally rid of him, but okay. Bond and Swann agree to go to L’Americain in Tangier, Morocco. This is the hotel where Mr. White and his wife stayed lots of summers. Here they find a room with lots of old stuff about James Bond including things about Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale. This scene is already a bit lenghty, but in the next it is even worse. James Bond and Madeleine Swann go on a train where Bond learns her some stuff about a gun. I think this is also a very lenghty and boring scene. It doesn’t adds anything to the movie. When you almost fall asleep due to the boring scenes, Mr. Hinx is back and finally something happens in the movie again. This is a great fight scene and for sure one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I only think the ending is pretty bad. Mr. Hinx gets out of the train by some barrels and after this you don’t see him anymore in the movie? Everyone says he is death, but I am sure that Mr. Hinx with his strenght and powers could survive that. That’s why I think this is a very bad ending for a good henchman. After this action scene has ended, James Bond and Madeleine Swann go to bed with each other. Of course it is great that we have a Bondgirl again after that big mistake they made in Skyfall, but Bond’s and Swann’s relationship reminds me to much of the relationship between James Bond and Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale and that’s not a good thing. Also, here it is very less good because Bond and Swann don’t really have a good reason for suddenly falling in love with each other. After this, another very boring scene with C is seen. He wants to stop the 00-section. And this is my reaction on that: Really? Who the hell cares about that? It is all so boring and completely not needed for a James Bond movie. Meanwhile, Bond and Swann arrive on some kind of abandoned station. I don’t really understand this. And suddenly a car comes who brings them tot he base of the enemy. But how the hell did they know Bond was coming? This is all pretty unrealistic for me. When they arrive there, they meet the man who has done it all. We have seen him earlier in the movie and his name is Franz Oberhauser. Or at least, that was his real name. Everybody knows that he is Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Blofeld tells Bond about his plans and here a whole backstory is told about how Bond and Blofeld lived together when they were young and their father giving more attention to Bond. I like this backstory, but it is completely different to the older movies with Blofeld because there he wasn’t related to Bond in any way. Blofeld shows Bond and Swann his whole base and it is also seen that C is working for him and that’s why he wants to shut down the 00-section. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? No, I guess not and I think I say this now for the thousand time, but C is just a very useless character. Now, lets go further to something that does come as a surprise to me. Blofeld tells Bond that Le Chiffre (Casino Royale), Dominic Greene (Quantum of Solace) and Raoul Silva (Skyfall) all worked for him. Wait, what??? That’s impossible! In these movies, there wasn’t any way how they could be related to SPECTRE, but now they are telling us that they all worked for him? I’m sorry, but that’s just impossible and one of the worst things they did in the movie. After this, Blofeld starts torturing Bond. I don’t think this is that useful, but okay. Not much later, Bond and Swann manage to escape and Blofeld gets hurt after an explosion. Lots of SPECTRE agents get killed and the whole base explodes in a huge explosion. This is the biggest explosion ever in a movie and that makes it really great. Back in London, Bond and Swann return to Q, M and Bill Tanner. Madeleine goes away and you can already guess what happens. On their way to C, Bond gets kidnapped and ends up alone again. M, Q and Bill Tanner go to C’s base. M wants to arrest C, but he fights back and eventually falls down to his death. And on the moment he dies, the question raises the biggest in my head. What did C add to the movie? And the answer to this question is absolutely nothing! He could easily have been removed from the movie. It wouldn’t have made any difference. Meanwhile, Bond sees Blofeld again who has a big scar at his eye just like Blofeld from the old movies. Blofeld tells Bond that he will blow up the whole MI6 base together with Swann who is held prison in it. And then Bond has to save Swann which he eventually manages to do. They go in a boat after Blofeld who tries to escape in a helicopter. James Bond hits the helicopter, making it crash on the Westminster Bridge. He goes to him and everybody expects Bond to kill Blofeld, but he just lets him get arrested by M. This was a good plot change, because now Blofeld can still appear in newer James Bond movies. But, they aren’t planning to let him appear in the next movie, so I guess it will take some time again before we will see Blofeld again. The next day, Bond and Swann drive away in Bond’s Aston Martin and after this the movie ends. Nobody knows where they drive towards, but James Bond will for sure return. And this is not the last movie of Daniel Craig as Bond. Where should I start my conclusion? Well, lets start to say that this movie really had potential and could have ended in my top 10, but there are some things in the movie that I don’t really like. The thing I dislike the most is the fact that the movie is too long and has too much boring/lenghty scenes. 148 minutes is too long for a James Bond movie if you ask me and this causes a lot of lenghty scenes. James Bond movies should just be around two hours long and have a good speed through the movie. To make this movie a good lenght, I would have removed all C’s story and completely skip him from the movie. I also would have removed some of the useless scenes between James Bond and Madeleine Swann that don’t add anything to the movie. If all these scenes weren’t in the movie, this movie would have been for sure in my top 10. I also don’t like Ralph Fiennes as M, while Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris are better as Q and Moneypenny. Fiennes is quite an overrated actor if you ask me and he is too boring as M. Nobody cares about his scenes and I definetely don’t like him as M. Probably the greatest thing of this movie is that Ernst Stavro Blofeld returns tot he James Bond franchise. He is for sure the best villain of the JB franchise. Furthermore, there isn’t a lot more to say. Monic Belluci as Lucia Sciarra has a very small role and Madeleine Swann is nothing more than an average Bondgirl. There are enough gadgets in this movie again after they didn’t appear in Skyfall. The Aston Martin, the watch used by Bond in Blofeld’s base and more. In these aspects, Spectre is the better movie if you ask me. And overall I like this movie slightly more than Skyfall. They both have lenghty scenes, but still these are good James Bond movies and I enjoy watching them.

+ and –

  • - The whole story of Max Denbigh/C
  • - Boring scenes at MI6 about C and M.
  • - Very lenghty and useless scenes between James Bond and Madeleine Swann
  • - Lucia Sciarra having a very small role.
  • - Ralph Fiennes being a complete miscast for M.
  • - Mr. Hinx’s death.
  • - Madeleine Swann being similar to Vesper Lynd.
  • - Unrealistic way how Bond and Swann go to Blofeld’s base.
  • - Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene and Raoul Silva out of nowhere working for SPECTRE.
  • - The movie being too long (148 minutes).
  • + Helicopter scene in Mexico-City at the Day of the dead.
  • + Mr. White’s storyline getting finished.
  • + Fight in the train between James Bond, Madeleine Swann and Mr. Hinx.
  • + Big explosion of Blofeld’s base.
  • + James Bond letting Ernst Stavro Blofeld getting arrested instead of killing him.
  • + Nice gadgets such as the Aston Martin and the watch.
  • + Ernst Stavro Blofeld returning to the James Bond franchise.

12. The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) 7,5

The Man With the Golden Gun

The first James Bond movie with Roger Moore as James Bond on the list. It is also the only movie of him that doesn’t reaches my top 10. Well, that’s probably very surprising for you. I just think all James Bond movies of Roger Moore contain everything a 007 movie needs. The only movie of him that is slightly worse is The Man With the Golden Gun. Although I really like this movie, it is not good enough to reach the top 10. Lets start at the beginning. The villain of the movie gets introduced. Francisco Scaramanga is on some kind of island with a woman and some kind of henchman. This henchman is already funny when you see him at first. He is a very small Chinese man. Scaramanga himself has a golden gun (Now you know that the title of the movie is based on him) and a third nipple (Really? That’s not even realistic, but okay………….). A visitor on the island is send to some kind of game which introduces the dangers of the island. On the end, Scaramanga kills this man. After the title sequence, we see MI6 again. It was already pretty surprising for me that James Bond didn’t appear before the title sequence. This is one of the only movies where that isn’t the case (From Russia With Love too and probably a few more). In this scene, M shows Bond a golden bullet he received. This shows that Scaramanga wants to kill Bond and of course 007 goes on mission to find this Scaramanga. James Bond goes to some kind of club, where he steals a bullet from a belly dancer. The most funny thing of this scene is that you can see the camera men in a mirror. I laugh about this everytime. Bond gives the bullet to Q, who tells him that a man called Lazar creates these bullets. James Bond goes to this man who tells him that he delivers these bullets to a woman called Andrea Anders. This is the same woman we saw at the beginning on Scaramanga’s island. James Bond starts following her, until he meets the most annoying character of the movie: Mary Goodnight. Bond gets her as far that she tells where Scaramanga a meeting has. James Bond goes to this and Scaramanga gets the chance to kill Bond, but instead of killing Bond, he kills another man. Meanwhile, Nick Nack (the funny henchman of Scaramanga) steals the Solex agitator, an important thing for later in the movie. James Bond is saved by a MI6 agent and returns to them. After this, Bond goes to Hai Fat, a Thai businessman. James Bond creates a third nipple on his belly, so Fat thinks that he is Francisco Scaramanga. However, Fat has met Scaramanga and knows that Bond is not him. Fat captures Bond and sends him to his fighting school. After some funny fighting scenes, Bond manages to escape and goes in a boat. In this scene, we see an old friend again. Very very very coincidiencely, Sheriff J.W. Pepper is also in Thailand and he is on holiday. Pepper was introduced in Live and Let Die (the movie before TMWTGG) as a Sheriff in Louisiana who brought a lot of humor to the movie. Now, Pepper has a bad luck and is thrown to elephants XD Meanwhile, Scaramanga goes to Hai Fat and suddenly kills him. That night, Bond wants to have a romantic night with Mary Goodnight, but it is interrupted by Andrea Anders who asks for Bond’s help. She was the one who send the golden bullet to Bond and wants him to kill Scaramanga, so she will be free from him. Goodnight hides her in a closet, while Bond has sex with Anders. When she leaves again, Goodnight is angry because of everything what happened. Bond and Anders have planned a meeting at a boxing match. When Bond comes there, he fastly finds out that Andrea is death, killed by Scaramanga. I think this was a bad choice, as I hoped she would be the end Bondgirl. This didn’t happen and of course this annoying Mary Goodnight becomes it. In the last part of the movie, she really becomes annoying and we all wish that Goodnight was killed instead. Fortunately, Maud Adams (actress of Andrea Anders) played also in Octopussy and became there the end Bondgirl. For this movie it is such a shame and that’s one of the reasons why this is my least favorite Roger Moore Bond movie. Scaramanga goes sit next to Bond and Nick Nack is with him. Eventually, Bond manages to steal the Solex Agitator and with help, he gives it to Mary Goodnight. Goodnight becomes very annoying as she puts a tracker in Scaramanga’s car, but is pushed in the trunk of the car herself. James Bond finds out that Scaramanga has the solex agitator now again, steals a car and goes after him. Very coincidiencely again, Sheriff J.W. Pepper is also in this car, so Bond and him have another adventure together. In this chase, Bond and Pepper make a looping, which was probably a very cool scene in 1974, but for now we can only laugh about it. I don’t say it is a bad scene, but it looks pretty unrealistic. Not much later, Scaramanga and Nick Nack let their car change into a plane and fly away back to their island. James Bond goes after them in a plane. Pepper stays in Thailand. When 007 comes at the island of Scaramanga, he treats him as a friend but later they start a duel against each other. Of course, Nick Nack is on the side of Scaramanga and helps him. Mary Goodnight is very dumb again and makes lots of bad choices. After some exciting scenes, Bond changes himself with a waxwork of him. Scaramanga doesn’t knows this and Bond shoots him, killing the villain. Meanwhile, Goodnight throws a man of Scaramanga in helium, making the whole base explode. Bond and Goodnight are fast enough to get off the island and leave the island in a boat. When they finally think they can have a romantic time together, Nick Nack is back and attacks Bond. After a funny fight, Nick Nack ends up in a suitcase. In the last scene of the movie, you can see Nick Nack being stuck somewhere on the boat. I think this is the ending he deserves, but sadly we will never know what happened with him after this movie. He was so annoying and funny henchman that he deserves more a backstory. Now, lets go to the conclusion. If I compare this movie to other movies of Roger Moore as Bond, I think it is by far the movie with the least interesting scenes. And if it wasn’t sure yet, I really think that Mary Goodnight is the worst Bondgirl of Roger Moore’s movies. She completely doesn’t stands out and is more annoying than useful. If you compare her to other Bondgirls from Moore’s movies (Solitaire, Anya Amasova, Holly Goodhead, Melina Havelock, Octopussy and Stacey Sutton), then you can only conclude that she is by far the worst of them. But still, I think this movie is much better than movies from other Bond actors. It has lots of funny scenes. And the movie really stands out with its villains. Francisco Scaramanga is one of the better Bond villains played by Christopher Lee (same actor as Saruman from the Lord of the Rings and Count Dooku from Star Wars) and Nick Nack is one of the best henchmans. Roger Moore is great as Bond as he is in every movie of him. Gadgets are enough in this movie, as they are in every movie of Roger Moore. All I can say is that this is a recommended to watch, but the best movies are in the top 10. Roger Moore fighting against Christopher Lee and his Nick Nack. That’s all what makes this movie.

+ and –

  • - Mary Goodnight being very annoying and the worst Bondgirl of Roger Moore's JB movies.
  • - Andrea Anders having a small role and not being the end bondgirl.
  • - Unrealistic scene with Bon and Pepper making a looping with their car.
  • - Nick Nack’s fate being unknown.
  • + Nick Nack
  • + Francisco Scaramanga
  • + Funny scene where you can see the camera men in a mirror.
  • + Sheriff J.W. Pepper
  • + Lots of gadgets
  • + Lots of humour in the movie
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