Hi everyone! I have very good news! I am done with my exams! If you are interested, all were not that hard only English and maths were hard. But now on topic, the reason why I write this Blog. I have holiday now until September 4. So I will try to finish all my movie ideas. On this thread, I will do another update of all my movies ideas, but shorter than the other one. So here it is:

On Hiatus

These are all my movie ideas that are on Hiatus. This means that they won't be created soon and it will take some time before I will create this.

  • Scarlet Witch and Vision (I am getting more ideas for this one, but I will create others first)
  • Avengers: Silver (This one is already created, but I will create Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four and the Avengers first)


These are all my ideas I am working on. Some of them are already finished, others don't.

  • Final Destination 6 (The only Final Destinatoon movie that I will create. I am on around 70 or 80% of this movie idea)
  • Fantastic Four (I am creating this movie this holiday. I know it's hard to create a Fantastic Four movie and I hope you respect that)
  • Firesoul (My 3rd James Bond movie. It will be created this holiday)
  • Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir (A sequel to one of my most favorite movie ideas. It will probably be created after I finished Final Destination 6)

Coming Soon

These are all my movies that I will create soon. The Inbuilding ones will be created earlier. After they are finished, I will go further with these and the hiatus ones.

  • Fantastic Four and the Avengers (A sequel to Fantastic Four. It will be created after I finish Fantastic Four)
  • Doctor Strange 3 (This one will take some time before I will get on making it. I can't promise it will be created this holiday, but I'll try)
  • Consequences of a Plane Crash sequel (I will try to create it this holiday, but I probably won't come on it. It won't be as long as the other one and totally different as the other one)
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