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    Hi, everyone! In 2020, the 25th official James Bond movie will be released. As you probably knew already, I'm a big fan of this movie franchise and that's why I decided to make my own top of it. This top will include all 24 official James Bond and the unofficial James Bond movie Never Say Never Again. I know there are more unofficial James Bond movies like the Casino Royale movies from 1954 and 1967 but I have never seen these movies and I know they are very bad. I can give you the advice to never watch these movies.

    There are very much James Bond movies, that's why I think it would be handy for the most of you to put a list with all Bond movies here. So, here are all Bond movies listed:

    • Dr. No (1962)
    • From Russia With Love (1963)
    • Goldfinger (1…

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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone! Some time ago, I created a Movie Improvement. For the users that don't know it, Movie Improvements are pages where parts of movie's plot are changed to make the movie better and add your ideas to make the movie even greater. However, there is only one Movie Improvement created yet by me about the James Bond movie Die Another Day. So, it looks pretty useless to me. I am making this proposal to get more clear of there are even people that like my idea. I don't think so, that's why I want to hear your opinions of this is a good idea. If this proposal succeeds, then I will create on the Post your Movie Ideas here a new createbox to make it for users easier to create Movie Improvements and I will also make more Movie Improvements. …

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  • FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everybody! Some time ago, we had a discussion that we don't want that users gossip about each other anymore. In chat, users gossip about another who is not in the chat. In this proposal, I want to add a new rule that should prevent users from gossiping about each other. The users who are gossiped about don't like it. So I want to make a new rule for this. In this rule, it is forbidden to gossip about anyone. If a user keep doing it, we can block him/her for it. If you want another punishment for it, say it in the comments below. This rule also should make the wiki a nicer place for all users. So it is forbidden to gossip about other users in the chat or on any other plane. Private messages is the only way to still talk about anyone.

    Add …

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    Hi everyone! I have very good news! I am done with my exams! If you are interested, all were not that hard only English and maths were hard. But now on topic, the reason why I write this Blog. I have holiday now until September 4. So I will try to finish all my movie ideas. On this thread, I will do another update of all my movies ideas, but shorter than the other one. So here it is:

    These are all my movie ideas that are on Hiatus. This means that they won't be created soon and it will take some time before I will create this.

    • Scarlet Witch and Vision (I am getting more ideas for this one, but I will create others first)
    • Avengers: Silver (This one is already created, but I will create Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four and the Avengers first)


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  • FranceSwitzerland


    January 15, 2017 by FranceSwitzerland

    Hi everyone. I have added nice photos for the badges. Below you can see every movie idea that was used for every badge. If you want me to change something, tell it in the comments below.

    Edits= Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers: The Secret Invasion/Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu

    Pictures= Captain Marvel/The Incredible Hulk

    Categories= Blofeld's Return

    Editing Blogs= Star Wars: Episode VII - Heir to the Empire

    Commenting Blogs= Alien/Predators

    Days active= Moon Knight/Scarlet Witch and Vision/Iron Man 4

    Special Badges= Moon Knight/Doctor Strange 2/Iron Man 4

    Edits on movie ideas= Transformers

    Edits on Characters pages= Political Debate

    New Badge = (You can also say in the comments if you have an idea for a new badge)

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