This was long overdue.

Anyway, you know that long ass blog I made on my wiki? The rant on both this wiki and HSW?

Well, Donald Trump will tell you what I was:


Yep. I was wrong to go that far. I feel like it was through a totally different perspective then what I would usually say.

I made a big deal over France and SS. I don’t hate either of them; I really don’t. I think they make mistakes sometimes, but that’s not their fault - we all make them. They really are just trying their best to keep things under control.

I’m sorry to France. I’m sorry to SS. I’m sorry to anyone who had to waste their time to read that shamble of a blog. I was being selfish and pushed forward what I wanted, not what anyone else cared about.

That was the apology part of the blog. Here’s the second part.

I’m coming back.

Don’t expect me to be very active. But I felt like I should come back to not only help out with content and the community side - but also to give my debt of sorrow to this community. I feel like it’s the right thing to do. I will start officially being active on Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you for reading.

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