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  • I live in ur mom
  • I was born on May 27
  • My occupation is saying whatever dumbass thing that pops into my head
  • I am the GOAT
  • DanzxvFan8275


    August 31, 2019 by DanzxvFan8275


    • can spell “administrator” correctly
    • NOT a damn fool
    • by far the sexiest user to ever step foot onto this site
    • has been demoted several times on this wiki


    • make a great, great wall
    • that’s about it
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  • DanzxvFan8275

    what’s up

    March 17, 2019 by DanzxvFan8275

    just thought i’d check in. what’s going on?

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Donna Waynes is seen laying on a hospital bed, holding a baby. Calvin Waynes is seen coming into the scene as well, grasping his hand onto the the baby’s body. He then kisses Donna, as he says “I hope he comes out well.” Donna glances at Calvin with a deadpan expression. “What do you mean?” “Well, let’s just hope that he understands what we do and that he doesn’t follow it.” Donna agrees this time. The doctor then walks in with a blunt of marijuana in his hand, which Calvin isn’t fond of. “Doc, I know this is your job, but is it really healthy for you to be smoking near a newborn, know what I’m saying?” The doctor snaps back in defense. “He’s just gonna end out badly, that’s facts. Just look at your daughter, she be looking like a prostitu…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Welp, I’m back. And I’m starting a series where I go through the what’s wrong with some movies. Let’s start with Cars 2. Now, this is a movie I would consider a guilty pleasure. This means that while I know there is a lot wrong with it, I still like to watch it as a fan of movies. I like to look at media with different lenses - a fan standpoint and a critic standpoint. From a fan perspective, it’s a nice thing to watch when I’m bored. That’s coming from someone who’s almost an adult who’s talking about a movie targeted towards young kids. However, when I view this MATERial (lol) as a critic, I feel different about it. There are several huge problems that are obvious when in a critic’s perspective. So, welcome to Everything WRONG.

    NOTE: This m…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    teh sweggurboi is

    (finish the sentence “head soccer wiki isn’t bad”)

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