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  • Astral-New-X

    Anime Ideas Wiki

    January 17, 2020 by Astral-New-X

    Well, I found this really cool idea wiki. Based on anime, and I think it should have more articles.

    Thank you for reading this blog......

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  • Astral-New-X

    Revive the Chat

    July 15, 2018 by Astral-New-X

    Well, it would be could if we revive the chat. I think we can discuss and debate our ideas. I think its cool. PD: I am available on-chat after 3:00 p.m.

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  • Astral-New-X

    Every Pixar movie ranked. NOTE: This is based on my opinión.

    In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen strikes back to World Grand Prix and defeat his new rival Francisco, but the REAL protagonist is Mater, who should team with McQueen, Radiator Springs Inhabitants and his formar spy teammates to save the world from Professor Z.

    1. McQueen is back.
    2. The animation is a step over the first film.
    3. New characters.
    4. Decent soundtrack.

    1. Aside from the battles, the film is quite boring.
    2. McQueen is USELESS.
    3. Its rated G, yet the movie has a death on-screen, Professor Z is kinda of edgy and the action scenes belong to a PG rated film.
    4. Francesco is also USELESS.
    5. A lot of the cast from the first film (except Mater, McQueen, Luigi and Guido) are just filler.
    6. World Grand Prix? More li…

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