Tom and Jerry Returns (Spanish: El regreso de Tom y Jerry (translated The Returns of Tom and Jerry); German: Tom und Jerry 2 — Die Fortsetzung (translated Tom and Jerry 2: The Sequel)) is a upcoming 2020 American-Mexican-German computer-animated film. It is sequel to Tom and Jerry: The Movie. The film similar to The Rescuers Down Under (1990), All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996) and The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000).

The film is rated PG for the mild threat, very mild violence, rude humour.



Voice Cast and Characters

Character Name Voice Actor
English Spanish German
Tom Cat Richard Kind (speaking)
Larry Storch (vocal effects)
Frank Welker (laughing and meow vocal effects)
Noel Blanc (singing)
Jerry Mouse Tara Strong (speaking and vocal effects)
Katy Perry (singing)
Tuffy Mouse Kath Soucie (speaking)
Tara Strong (singing)
Alex Maxwell Max Charles
Charles Dog Frank Welker
Papa Maxwell John Goodman
Tom's Mother Grey Griffin
Tom's Father Hank Azaria
Mrs. Mouse Tress MacNeille
Grandpa Mouse Jim Cummings
Droopy Dog Billy West (speaking)
Larry Storch (vocal effects)
Frank Welker (bark vocal effect)
Noel Blanc (singing)
Barney Bear Larry Storch
Screwy Squirrel Carlos Alazraqui
George and Junior Larry Storch (George)
Frank Welker (Junior)
Red Grey Griffin
Slick McWolf Larry Storch (normal form)
Jeff Bergman (Adolf form)
Bill Farmer (Jewish Peddler form)
Butch Dog Frank Welker (vocal effects)
Larry Storch (speaking)
Meathead Dog Larry Storch
Flick McWeasel Bill Farmer
Wizard Lizard Hank Azaria
Eddie Cat Tom Kenny
Ryan Cat Mark Hamil
Iggy Cat Jim MacGeorge
Zelda Cat Kath Soucie (speaking)
Tiffany (singing)
Candy Cat Jennifer Hale (speaking)
Taylor Swift (singing)
Santa Claws Michael Bell
Merlin Cat Alan Oppenheimer
Jerky Turkey Tom Kenny
Loopy de Loop Bill Farmer
Great Ape John Goodman
Beegle Beagle Tom Kenny
Mumbly Billy West
Blast-Off Buzzard Larry Storch
Crazylegs Tom Kenny
Lambs Frank Welker
Pink Panther Matt Frewer


  • Bubsy Bobcat (voiced by Frank Welker) (edited version only)
  • Hidden Mickey (seen in the city)
  • Ruff and Reddy (seen on the picture)
  • Blaze the Cat (seen on the picture)

Comic book spin-off

A comic book spin-off named Tom, Candy and McWolf.




  • Rated PG (Parental Guidance) with mild threat, very mild violence, rude humour.
  • Suggested Running Times: 93 Minutes (NTSC), 89 Minutes (PAL).


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