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Tom and Jerry Meet Curious George is an upcoming 2022 official direct-to-video animated feature starring Tom and Jerry, based on the Curious George book series by based on the book series by H. A. Rey and Margret Rey.

It was produced as a joint venture by Turner Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Animation Studios and Imagine Entertainment and distributed by Warner Home Video and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film is a retelling of the Curious George animated franchise from Universal Animation Studios and Imagine Entertainment, and was directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, with the overseas animation services by the South Korean studios Yearim Productions and Digital eMation, and classic "anime" and "tokusatsu" sound effects from the Japanese companies including Fizz Sound Creation and the Toho Sound Studio.

It also stars Tom Kane from Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls as The Man with the Yellow Hat, Jeff Bennett (from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring) reprising as Tom, Dragon Ball's Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry and Digimon's Brianna Siddall as Curious George himself, the overseas animation of the South Korean studios Yearim Productions and Digital eMation, and music by The Land Before Time's main composer Michael Tavera.

The film is slated for a release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital in the spring of April 10, 2022.

From the Studio That Brought You: Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz, Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital Summary

Six months after their marriage along with Frosty and Crystal's, Rudolph and Clarice's, and Pristine Figg and Lickboot's in a fundraising winter wonderland carnival on New Year's Eve in Karen's town, Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse and their new wives Toodles Galore and Chérie Mouse goes on their honeymoon and safari adventure in South Africa during winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and not only reuniting with Tuffy; a diaper-wearing mouse who was on his own vacation from his job as Santa's mouse elf in Christmas Town at the North Pole, but they also meet an irrepressible little primate named Curious George. When they were found by a handsome human explorer named Ted Shackleford, the man with the yellow hat who sets on a journey to Africa in order to recover an important artifact for his boss, Mr. Bloomsberry, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy eventually follow him by stowing away on the ship back to New York City, not before the cat and mouse duo promises their wives that they'll come back to them again. There, Ted tries to stop the jealously disastrous Junior Bloomsberry's plan to demolish the museum, but he has his hands full taking care of his new friends, whose curiosity may turn out to be more beneficial than anyone had imagined.

TV/Cable/Netflix Summary

A man with the yellow hat named Ted Shackleford works at New York City's Bloomsberry Museum that’s fallen on hard times. The museum director’s son; Junior Bloomsberry wants to turn the museum into a parking lot, but Ted refuses and offers to bring back a mysterious idol from Africa that’s guaranteed to pull in crowds. Unfortunately, the idol turns out to be three inches tall. But Ted accidentally brings back a lonely yet irrepressible monkey, whom he soon dubbed George, along with Tom and Jerry, who are on their honeymoon with Toodles and Chérie in South Africa's Cape Town, and Tuffy, who had returned from his job in the North Pole to join the newly married cat and mouse couples in their vacation. Now, Tom and Jerry's new adventure began when they and George set off on a non-stop action, fun-filled journey through the wonders of the big city toward teaching Ted the warmth of the act of true friendship. Following the events of Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland, this new feature-length member of the Tom and Jerry: The Movie timeline and an alternate retelling of the original version of this spectacular Universal animated film, based on the book series by H. A. and Margret Rey, stars the voice talents of Jeff Bennett (Johnny Bravo), Stephanie Nadolny (Dragon Ball), Alicyn Packard (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014), Kari Wahlgren (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!), Tom Kane (The Powerpuff Girls), Kath Soucie (Space Jam), William Shatner (Rescue 911), Colin Fox (A Christmas Story) and Brianne Siddall (Digimon).


A clumsy, mischievous, and curious little chimpanzee named George lives in the jungles of Africa. His behavior amuses the other young jungle animals, but angers their parents; therefore George is left sad and alone. A few years later, far from the jungles, Robyn Starling's pets Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jerry Mouse, and their new wives Toodles Galore and Toots "Chérie" Mouse are on a honeymoon vacation in South Africa at the time of the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying their life as husbands and wives and exploring members of the American military base called Starling Enterprises, founded and led by Gilbert Starling. They are seen touring the South African plains with animals on a safari truck with Lion (a character from the Tom and Jerry cartoon, Jerry and the Lion) as the tour guide. At the same moment, using binoculars, the spot a diaper-wearing mouse named Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse riding on the MGM lion, Leo. Using the "twilight roar" (based on the twilight bark from 101 Dalmatians), Lion calls for Leo and both the MGM lion and Tuffy came to them. Tom and Jerry are pleased to see Tuffy again, and the toddler mouse explains that Santa lets him go out for a summer vacation. He even says that he had arrived in Africa where there is winter instead and brought his usual emerald green winter clothes (as seen in Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman and Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland) to wear. Tom, Jerry, Toodles and Chérie tells Tuffy that they have seven colorful kids including his four cousins: The three kittens Slats, Jackie, Coffee, and the four mice Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy. Tuffy was amazed, and Tom and Jerry promises them that he'll see them when they return to Starling Enterprises. Later, as the safari continues near the jungles, the group spotted Curious George playing alone, and Tom and Jerry asks Lion to stop the truck before coming out for a closer investigation with Tuffy. George was soon met by Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, who introduces themselves and asks them who he is. George doesn't remember a name that his parents would give him, but decides to befriend them anyway, while Lion, Toodles, Chérie and Leo watch from the truck.

Meanwhile, at the Bloomsberry Museum in New York City, Ted Shackleford (originally known in the Curious George books as "the Man with the Yellow Hat"), a handsome twenty-year old museum employee, teaches the schoolchildren about natural history, not realizing that his lectures actually bore them. Afterwards, he has a talk with Red, a Droopy character who is known in the film as his love interest "Maggie Dunlop", the beautiful school teacher, who admires him and for whom he has strong feelings. Later, Mr. Bloomsberry, the owner of the museum and Ted's boss, tells Ted that he is pressed to close the museum by his son, Junior Bloomsberry, who wishes to build a parking garage in its stead. This upsets Ted, who refuses and quickly suggests, to revive the museum's popularity, that they obtain a statue called "The Lost Shrine of Zagawa". Feeling excited, Mr. Bloomsberry thinks to go himself as he had been prevented from doing by his son's birth, but finds that he's too old. Without thinking, Ted quickly volunteers to make the expedition. Mr. Bloomsberry accepts the idea and Ted prepares to leave for Africa. Junior, frustrated and secretly jealous of Ted, modifies his father's map of Africa to prevent Ted from finding the Shrine.

Ted subsequently goes to an outfitters' store, where he meets Spike and his son, Tyke as the owners of the store, and was tricked into purchasing a yellow safari outfit with a yellow hat on the grounds that "Yellow is the new Khaki" and therefore the new fashion for the other explorers. He then sets off for Africa, though embarrassed by his new uniform. Ted arrives in Africa, and leads a group on a four-day hike to the lost shrine. George spot the yellow hat and, and Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, who have come from their hotel accommodations in Cape Torn returns to look after him. Under the three house animals' watcheful eyes, George mistakes the hat for a large banana and goes after it. Ted mistakes a rock for a rhinoceros, whereupon he shoots it with a tranquilizer dart, which ricochets and hits his guide, Edu, rendering the man unconscious and therefore slowing the expedition. The team sits down for a lunch break.

Ted prepares a sandwich to eat, whereupon George suddenly takes his hat and attempts to eat it. When Ted notices this, George parachutes down from a tree with a hat to see him as Tom, Jerry and Tuffy appeared from the bushes. Ted plays "peek-a-boo" with George and meeting Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (who are pretending to be originally mute animals in an effort to avoid frightening Ted with their speaking abilities) for the first time. George returns the hat and Ted gives him his sandwich. He also kindly gives Tom a huge packaged fish and Jerry and Tuffy two pieces of cheese from a New York market. The three friends then hurry back to the hotel in Cape Town where they put the fish in the freezer and the cheese in the refrigerator at their room, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy says that they'll be excited to show Toodles and Chérie their food gifts with the idea of cooking an evening meal for the two husband-and-wife couples.

When Ted reaches the end of Junior's sabotaged map, he encounters a miniature idol; believing this to be Zagawa itself, he gets depressed. He gets a call from Mr. Bloomsberry and sends a picture of the statue via cellphone. However, the angle of the picture causes Mr. Bloomsberry to believe the idol is much bigger. George takes the hat again, attempting him to play "peek-a-boo" again, but Ted however leaves, letting George keep the hat. Ted returns to the docks, while George quickly follow the man with the hat. At that moment, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy return quickly from the hotel and resume observing him. They arrive at the Cape Town port where only Tom, Jerry and Tuffy identify the boat as the cargo ship from New York City.

When Toodles and Chérie meet up with them after an important shopping at a jewelry store, Tom, Tuffy and Jerry state their reasons that they'll be taking an important, emergency muti-trip stop to New York City with the intentions of keeping an eye on George, and see how Ted is bringing home the idol for some important display at the Bloomsberry Museum. They ask them to continue their honeymoon without them, and promise that they will return for them. The two girls agreed, and they gave their husbands romantic kisses on their cheeks, making their eyes turn into beating hearts much to Tuffy's amusing giggle. George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy then sneak onto the ship with the three animals using their new magical abilities taught to them by Rudolph, Frosty and Jack Frost in Christmas Town, including the power to make themselves invisible, and they hide the cargo hold room for their ride to the city without Ted's knowledge.

Upon the arrival in New York after 2,000 mile boat trip, Ted gets a ride home in a yellow taxi cab, unaware that George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy following. As soon as Tom, Jerry and Tuffy lost George for a moment, they run into a couple of mouse bullies, Freddie, the double of Jerry's super-strong cousin Muscles and his dim-witted partner Joey, who are now turned back from being blocks of cheese by the magic ring unintentionally borrowed by Jerry (as seen in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring). Despite Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's best efforts to hold them off with everything they workout for, Freddie and Joey are about to pulverize their three victims as payback for their humiliation when Muscles appears behind them. The mouse bullies are terrified after recognizing him in the newspapers about his professional career as a wrestler and a martial artist, then Freddie tries to fool Tom, Jerry and Tuffy by mimicking Muscles' voice and declaring his counterpart as an impostor. But the real Muscles tricked Freddie into challenging him to a wrestling match with the necessary of arm flexing to prove who is Jerry's cousin.

So the two fight, but it was time for pumping up, Muscles removes his yellow and black shirt and bulks up his body to gigantic proportions much to their surprise, Freddie and Joey retreats. Tom, Jerry and Tuffy realize that it was Muscles, and thanked him for saving them. They told him that they are following George in his search for Ted, and Muscles lets them carry out their search before putting back on his shirt and returning to Mrs. Mouse, Jerry's mother and Muscles' aunt who is an elderly mouse, Uncle Pecos, the cowboy mouse, and Uncle Harry (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014), who is Peco's younger brother.

At last, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy caught up to George and find Ted resting in the apartment. Ted finds George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy in his room, he felt flabbergasted and then completely shocked when Tom, Jerry and Tuffy begin talking to him (with references both inspired by the characters lines in Alvin and the Chipmunks and Disney's The Princess and the Frog). Despite Tom's failed attempts to introduce himself and his friends, Ted soon recognizes only him and Jerry since they were known in history to be the stars of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio in Hollywood. Then, Ivan, the doorman of the apartment building, follows George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's scents, intending to enforce the apartment manager's rule against pets. Ivan searches the apartment, while George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy make it a new game of "hide and seek" to escape him. Ivan fails to find the animals, and therefore leave. Ted looks for George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to find out that they had been gone up the deck and up to Ms. Plushbottom apartment, whose resident is a neighbor of Ted's.

In Cape Town, Toodles and Chérie are having tea at a tea house where Chérie is feeling worried about what mighty happen to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy during their time with George in New York. Just then, Eagle (another animal character from the Tom and Jerry series) sneaks up behind the two girls much to the anthropomorphic animals' horror and grabs only Chérie from her seat, terrifying both her and Toodles. Eagle reasons that previously, he was attempting to eat Jerry for his snack and had being outwitted by Tom who diguises himself as a lady bird and tricks him into dating with him. He says that before he can find them along with Tuffy, he was going to eat Chérie and then Toodles. But before he could devour the girls, Lion came to the rescue. Eagle and Lion then engage in a one-on-one fight (as seen in the video game Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers, sequel to Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry) until Lion gained the upper-hand when the memory of his friendship with Jerry powers him up with berserk and chased Eagle away. Toodles and Chérie gives thanks to Lion, who then decides to have a cup of rooibos tea before going back to work as a Safari tour guide.

Back in New York, Ted worriedly climbs the fire escape outside the building to the top. He finds Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George inside, where George has been painting colorful pictures on walls, and the monkey is now coloring Ms. Plushbottom's bath water with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's reluctant help despite the house cat's protests. When Ms. Plushbottom notices, she calls for Ivan, who races to her room. After a lot of commotion including a wrestling/kung fu match in which the three animal friends easily overpower him while shocking Ms. Plushbottom with their talking ability, Ivan sends Ted, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George away. Upset, Ted wonders what he is going to do with George (trying to keep a secret from Tom, Jerry and Tuffy), unknown to him, the other townspeople were all admiring the adorable little monkey, a handsome cat and two cute pet mice. Together, they all walk to the Bloomsberry Museum, where the large crowd of people await to see the idol. He goes to his office, where he attempts to sort out his thoughts, and Tom, Jerry and Tuffy decide to use it as a hiding place for themselves and George.

Meanwhile, Junior is upset about the idol foiling his plans, and then notices that Ted is back. He decides to spy on him, and finds out the truth about the idol's size. Clovis, an inventor, knocks at Ted's door and gives Ted a bill for the exhibit of the Lost Shrine of Zagawa. While the two men's conversation outside the officer kept on going, George asks Tom, Jerry and Tuffy what is a "mother". They were beginning to explain every detail of what they are saying after a brief information about the Starling family including their friend Robyn's deceased mother, when Chip the Wizard, Starling's younger brother-in law and Robyn's uncle, rose from the darkness of the office.

He identify himself to George, and use his magic ring to create a memory orb on the wall, showing him and Tuffy memories of their lives with their families in the past, where only George's parents are taken away and Tuffy's father, Tuffy the Senior, is shot down to death by ruthless poachers as sacrifices to save the two young ones as a reason George was abandoned. George understands everything, and he and Tuffy wishes they would see George's parents and Tuffy, Sr. if only they are still alive. Chip declares that they will when they reappear as spirits from heaven. And before leaving with his instant teleporting sorcery, he wishes Tom and Jerry good luck with the continuation of their current adventure, all according to his prophecy.

Back with Ted, he admits Mr. Bloomsberry the truth and reveals the 3-inch-tall idol. Junior then brings in the crowd of people to see the idol. They start asking questions, which makes Ted nervous. Suddenly, he sees George, climbing a dinosaur exhibit, which starts to fall. He races after George (and knowing Tom and Jerry have started a cat-and-mouse chase and fight in disagree, ever since they workout for years at Starling Enterprises' gym facility to be the best) as the dinosaur skeleton crumbles. Tom and Jerry take themselves to blame and their faults aftermath. Junior orders Ted with George out, while Tom, Jerry and Tuffy quickly jump through the open window. Ted (after asking Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to meet them at the city park) goes to a phone booth to call Animal Control to get rid of George (still without their knowledge).

That evening, with nowhere to sleep, Ted follows George to a park (briefly known as Central Park), meeting Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, where Ted lies down on a bench and sarcastically tells Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George how "great" it is. George, with a volunteered help of his friends, makes a pile of leaves under a large oak tree, where Ted joins them and becomes fascinated by the sight of a starry sky, making him feel better and calm. Later, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy curiously observe fireflies; George however eats them; spits them out in disgust; and causes Ted to do the same (except Tom, Jerry and Tuffy). Tom, Jerry and Tuffy giggles as Ted and George acquire each other with the glowing green color on their tongues as their results, and therefore make a joke of showing each other this until George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy were asleep.

The next morning, Spike and Tyke, who are having their weekend off from work, Cousin George (Tom's cowardly cousin and look-alike who was seen the other day strolling on the sidewalk) and Muscles, Mrs. Mouse, Uncle Pecos and Uncle Harry finds Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Ted sleeping, and Tyke, the puppy who still have his ability to talk like Tom and Jerry, woke them up with his barking. Hearing a commotion, Tom, Jerry, their Cat and Mouse relatives, Spike, Tyke and Ted follows George to a zoo (the Central Park Zoo), where they find George with Red and her class. Here, George is given his name by Ted through a suggestion from Tuffy; a name after people or animals including Cousin George and George Washington, the first president of America. Ted attempts to court Red with Tom, Jerry and the gang watching them, but is alerted by Tuffy and Tyke to the fact that George is floating away, suspended by a bunch of balloons. Grabbing the other balloons, Ted goes after him. They float around the city (including Manhattan and Brooklyn) with Red and the others watching them from the park, but Ted finds himself unable to catch the younger chimpanzee. To make things even more worse, George's balloons are suddenly beginning to pop one by one.

Thinking quickly, Spike and Muscles grabs only Tom, Jerry and Tuffy and throws them into the air, giving them courage to use their ability to fly with blue magic dust showering from their feet (as being similar to Richard Tyler's moves during his adventure in the three literary sections in the video game version of The Pagemaster). George lost his grip on the remaining balloons and falls down, but Tom uses his super speed and catches him in time. He then returns George to Ted and allows him to carry the cat, Jerry and Tuffy, while the toddler mouse and the monkey remember George's parents and Tuffy, Sr. telling them to stay strong and very brave on the day of their sacrificial deaths (although the mother and father chimpanzee's death were unseen in another flashback at that time). Together, they flew above New York, held by Ted's balloons and using a kite to control their direction. When they float over the Bloomsberry Museum, Ted holds out the idol and wishes it were big. This gives him an idea, for the fulfillment of which he took George, Tuffy, Jerry and Tom to Clovis' workshop for his help.

At Clovis' workshop, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy discovers a machine that can create a 40-foot-tall hologram of any object. Ted takes the machine to the museum, intending to use it to display the idol. En route George causes trouble (unnoticed by Ted, but amazingly noticed by Tom, Jerry and Tuffy) by using the machine to project a giant version of himself cavorting around the city, same provoking a re-enactment of scenes from King Kong (as seen in the film's original counterpart). Upon reaching the museum and meeting up with their family members, Spike and Tyke, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Ted shows the machine to Mr. Bloomsberry.

Though Junior tries to convince his father that use of the projector is not honest, Mr. Bloomsberry sees it as the only way to save the museum. Feeling suspicious of Junior for he knows him and his plans for a parking lot on the sight of the museum all along for days, Muscles quietly directs Tuffy and Tyke to keep their eyes on him. Desperate to build his parking garage and prevent Ted, Tom and Jerry from ruining his plan, Junior sneakily and deviously pours his latte into the projector and gives the rest to George, framing the naive chimpanzee for damaging it.

Tuffy and Tyke caught Junior in the act and attacked him with Tuffy performing martial arts moves on him and Tyke biting his leg. But during Junior's beating which soon attracts Pecos, Harry and Spike's attention, Tom, Jerry and their relatives, Ted and Mr. Bloomsberry looked back, all too late: the machine gets ruined. Then after Mr. Bloomsberry and the injured Junior walks away, Ted is forced to admit the truth to the thousands of people waiting outside, including Red. Up until this point, Muscles, Tyke and Tuffy told Mrs. Mouse, Spike, Uncle Pecos and Uncle Harry, Tom, Cousin George and Jerry about Junior's terrible doings. Now understanding everything, Mrs. Mouse and Spike orders Tom and Jerry to keep an eye on Ted's conversion, which they agree before they and Tuffy observe through the half-opened door.

Under the three house animal friends' watchful eyes, George tries to cheer up Ted as a token of apology, but upset and tired of George getting near him, the furious man with the yellow hat refuses to forgive him. Then, when the Animal Control officers catches George, Ted allows him to be taken away and be shipped back to Africa. And no sooner did the Animal Control van left, Tom, Jerry, their family members, Spike and Tyke walks out to Ted and face him. Only Tom, Jerry and Tuffy tries to reason with Ted about George's actions, but Ted said to them that's "it's for the best". The house animal group refuse to believe what Ted said and argue with him, until he snaps at them and threatens to either have them share in George's one-way trip to Africa as an exile from America, or to be taken to the taxidermy to be killed and stripped of their fur. Tom, Jerry and the gang are horrified at first, then consumed by their broken hearts as a result of Ted's anger toward them, they becomes enraged by Ted's warning as if they are taking it personally and believing it to be Ted's cruel betrayal.

Bulking up his whole body excluding his head and tail while powering up with berserk (as seen in both Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers and the Tom and Jerry Tales short, Beefcake Tom), Tom slaps Ted hard across the cheek with a powerful strike, knocking him down to the ground. Jerry and Tuffy also powers up to the max and joins Tom in beating up Ted like savage creatures from within. And while Ted picks himself up, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy even angrily gave Ted so much scolding before they follow George in the animal control with Spike, Tyke and Tom and Jerry's family members watching them from their spot with him. Despite Ted's poorly-thought-out excuses and wanting to explain how he feels, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy storms away, ignoring him as they do not want to listen to him anymore (references from My Little Pony: Secrets and Pies), after strongly slams hard on the door, shocking a horrified Ted.

However, aftermath, Ted's conscience convinces him that he has made a mistake or wronged to his friends for not telling them the truth (since he didn't want to break Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's hearts, but end up doing so after George was taken away), as he, Spike, Tyke, Cousin George, Mrs. Mouse, Muscles, Uncles Pecos and Harry met up with Red, and the man with the yellow confuses to her. Red, who was a little bit frightened upon seeing Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (in their berserk mode) beating Ted up from a far distance earlier and rather than comforting him, tells him that his conscience accuses him rightly and should be obeyed "instead of disobeying them". Therefore, Ted, strongly agreeing with Red and refusing to lose his friends, decides to set out to retrieve George back and apologize to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy for his harsh actions on them and not being honesty from the start. Mrs. Mouse, Muscles, Pecos and Harry, Cousin George, Spike and Tyke offers to form an alliance with Ted, which he then excepted.

Now with his house animal team, Ted attempts to jump a truck onto the departing ship, but they ends up landing in a swimming pool of a cruise ship nearby. Hopping onto the retracting anchor chain of the cargo boat, they smashes in a porthole, where Ted overhears Tom with Jerry and Tuffy talking to George about creating a new life without Ted back in Africa as "a new start" as an addition to be finishing their Southern Hemisphere honeymoon with Toodles and Chérie. Both Jerry and Tuffy strongly agree with Tom, but a sadden George, in a cage, doesn't know about Tom's idea, but still he respected his friends. This incident shocks Ted into refusing to accept Tom's agreement. However, he suddenly unexpectedly appears with the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog squadron following him, shocking Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (after they notice and hear Ted's angry voice behind them), with a fire extinguisher and with a well-placed blow to broke the cage's lock, he had free George.

Ted happily hugs George, apologizes to him for his despite actions, and Tom, Jerry and Tuffy apologize to Ted back for their ignorance, violent attacking and for refusing to listen. While he tries to explain to George that their friendship is more important than just any single idol, Tom, noticing his professional video camera or camcorder, which he had magically materialized from the late 20th century (another dimension in time) and had accidentally forgotten to turn off during the cat and mouse duos' honeymoon in Cape Town, was still on. Tom mentioned the machine explosion back in the museum, and tells Ted that it was caused by Junior, who is the only one framing on George without Ted noticing. This shocks and frustrates Ted after he recognizes the truth throughout the video, and he suggests that the house animal team's berserk power could be shared with Ted and George in their right to teach Junior a hard lesson.

Once they swim back to New York where Red is waiting for them, she sends them to dash into the museum. Energizing together with berserk and entering the Bloomsberry museum as quickly as possible, Ted, Tom and Jerry's team (still including the cat and mouse team's family members, Spike and Tyke) stopped Junior and Mr. Bloomsberry before they could sign the contract. Approaching behind them, a soaked up and furious Ted, the angry Red, the monstrously raging Tom, Jerry and the gang, and an angry George showed the terrified Mr. Bloomsberry "the incident truth" recorded on Tom's video camera and played a recap of his own son's treacherous dishonor. After seeing the truth on film, an angry Mr. Bloomsberry punished Junior for framing on "little George".

Tom also tells him that Junior is also jealous of Ted, his first relationship with George and also modifying the map in the book, which makes Mr. Bloomsberry order Ted (who felt deeply hurt, being betrayed by Junior and refuse to forgive his rival) to torture up his precious parking lot contract and throws it in a fire in a fireplace. Junior begs for forgiveness, but they still refused. He again begged with a lot of pleas including the right to redeem and see the error of his jealous ways, this made Tom and Jerry had enough of Junior's persistence. Jerry yanks out a test tube of the green potion from the laboratory which they and Tuffy drank by sharing. Then to Junior's horror, and to Mr. Bloomsberry's astonish, they transformed into their monstrous shapes (as seen in both the Tom & Jerry Kids short Doom Manor, a short episode from the 2014 version of The Tom and Jerry Show, Hyde and Shriek, and Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers) and gave him gruesome, but rightful beatings, including spankings and whipping (with the stock recordings of the many classic "anime" and "tokusatsu" sound effects from the 1960's to the present being heard in the background once again).

After the three house animals completed their punishing assault on Junior and turned back to their normal shapes, Tom immediately calls the police to arrest the now severely battered and bruised Junior for almost wrecking the museum into a "dump-parking lot", while the angry townspeople including an angery Red and the Animal Control officers booed and jeer at him (after Mr. Bloomsberry mentioned everyone about Junior's incident to George). After Mr. Bloomsberry apologizes to Ted, he gives him back his job. Suddenly before everybody began celebrating their victory, a beam of sunlight (or the sunrise) passes on the tiny statue in Ted's back pocket, and creates a pictogram which George, Tom, Jerry and the gang notice, displaying the location of the larger version of itself.

Ted then realizes the true meaning of an ancient idol writing he saw back in Africa ("Turn your eye to the light. Go from blindness to sight"), which means that he is mistakenly supposed to hold the small statue up to the sun. Ted, George, Tom, Jerry, their family members, Spike and Tyke travels back to Africa on the ship bay, to rejoin the now-awoken Edu and find the true idol. They succeeded to do so, just before Toodles and Chérie appears with Lion and Leo, reuniting with their husbands and Tuffy. They introduce themselves to Ted and George before joining them and their team in retrieving the idol back to New York.

The idol is put in the museum, and a few days later, the Bloomsberry Museum is officially re-opened to the public, redesigned to be even more interactive, and more successful than ever thanks to Ted, Tom and Jerry. It becomes more hands-on because of the addition of Clovis' inventions, the ignition to the children's interest in the history of the world, a dinosaur rib cage where kids can learn of the skeletal system, an outer space where they can learn about the solar system, a paint area where others, especially Ms. Plushbottom, her two painters (whom she fires no more) and Ivan, can make artwork, and other exhibits. And the best of all activities in the museum is an interaction with Ms. Red and her young students and, of course, George, Tom, Jerry, Spike and their families. Having been already released from jail after learning his lessons, Junior now works with his father again. Though he had sworn never to make the same mistake again, he was devastated over not getting his parking lot, but Mr. Bloomsberry gives Junior a job as the valet and he finds joy in his father finally being proud of him. Ivan invites Ted to move back to his apartment because he likes George and has to change the policy in order to allow people with pets.

He also requests Tom and Jerry into participating in the next wrestling championship in his hopes of testing their new and improved strength and skills, which the cat and mouse team agrees. Ted and Red began to start a romance, but George (whom Tom, Jerry and the others tries to stop) causes more trouble by starting up a rocket ship, forcing Ted to follow him (The empty fuel tanks were filled by Clovis, accidentally). And while the two Cat and Mouse duos are put behind with Red, Ted and George orbit the Earth in this spacecraft, which is itself a reference to the book series on which the film's original counterpart is based on.

With Tom, Jerry and the others at the Bloomsberry Museum, the cat and mouse team are visited again by Chip, who brings forth George's parents and Tuffy, Sr., now ghosts from heaven (as being based upon Mufasa's spiritual talk with Simba in Disney's The Lion King). They thank Tom and Jerry for completing their mission as courtesy of Starling Enterprises Worldwide, and George's parents ask them to tell George that they are very proud of him. Back with Ted and George in space, the film concludes as they make their second and third orbits at a comically exaggerated speed.

In the post-credits scenes, at the Starling Enterprises military base, several days after Tom, Toodles, Jerry and Chérie returns home from honeymoon in Cape Town, Robyn and Gilbert Starling, while taking good care of Tom, Toodles, Jerry and Chérie's recently born children, announced to them, Quacker and Fifi, Spike and Tyke and the other animal characters that they're moving from their house (which Mr. Starling had gave it to Pristine Figg and Lickboot as a reward for their good deeds and jobs as executives of their military operations and fundraisers year after year) into New York as their new home. They tell them that their original intention is to live as next door neighbors of Ted and George's in an apartment (which Ted had adopted George as his primarily monkey-son-like-room mate), but revealed that the actual Starling Enterprises headquarters are located in New York City where they can see them occasionally time after time, much to everyone's delight.

Ted and Red were about to kiss when two Men with the Yellow Hats (in their original-Universal Studios forms/ both voiced by Will Ferrell and Jeff Bennett); Ted's magical clones created by Chip, emerge from the sorcerer's time warping sorcery, only to find the counterpart of George (as their mistaken for "George"). Before gawking at the sight of their own counterpart along with Red, Tom, Jerry, Chérie and Toodles, they both said "Make that the second strangest."


  • Thomas "Tom" Cat: A grayish-blue cat.
  • Jerry Mouse: A brown mouse.
  • Toodles Galore: A beautiful white cat, who is now married to Tom.
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse: A light-brown mouse with a purple scarf, who is now married to Jerry.
  • Tom and Jerry's Children: A group of kittens and little mice whose fur represent the colors of the rainbow. With the exception of Dorothy, they were named after the original MGM lions. Only the mice are Tuffy's cousin.
    • Slats Cat: The purple kitten, and Tom and Toodles' first son
    • Jackie Cat: The blue kitten, and Tom and Toodles' second son.
    • Coffee Cat: The green kitten, who is Tom and Toodles' daughter.
    • Tanner Mouse: The yellow mouse.
    • George Mouse: The orange mouse.
    • Leo Mouse: The red mouse.
    • Dorothy Mouse: The pink mouse.
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse: A little gray mouse with a white diaper, who is the nephew of Jerry and a good friend of Tom and the cousin of Muscles and a grandnephew of Uncle Pecos and Harry and the son of Geraldine and the grandson of Mrs. Mouse.
  • Spike and Tyke Bulldog: A bulldog father and son.
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat: Tom's kitten-hood twin brother from Tom & Jerry Kids.
  • Thomasina Cat: An orange cat with a pink dress and hat, and a pair of eye glasses, who is Tom and Tim's younger sister.
  • Baby Booties: An over-sized kitten who is Thomasina's daughter and Tom's niece. He was trained by Thomasina and Geraldine to get over his fear of mice, so that they need to respect Tom and Jerry's new Cat and Mouse families.
  • Geraldine "Mariana" Mouse: Tuffy's mother, Jerry's sister, Mrs. Mouse's daughter, Uncles Pecos, Muscles and Harry's niece and Thomasina's friend.
  • Tuffy, Sr. (or Tuffy the Senior): Geraldine's deceased husband who was killed by a poacher in saving her and Tuffy while on a tour of Africa when he was a baby under his real name Nibbles.
  • Karras: A friendly vegetarian mouse-like vampire bat from Hildie and Beatie's cottage in the forests of England, whose first appearance was in the short episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), Vampire Mouse, where is name is never revealed until Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman.
  • Bat Jerry: A white-colored Jerry-like bat whose first appearance is in Tom and Jerry Tales: Bats What I Like About The South. His voice is similar to Mickey Mouse's.
  • Newt (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): An orange newt with green a black eye patch.
  • Mrs. Mouse: Jerry and Geraldine's mother, Tuffy's grandmother and Muscles' aunt. Just like when he and Jerry were kids during the events of Tom & Jerry Kids, she calls Muscles by his real name Maurice until his training with Mike Mouse at his local gym in Mouseville (not not revealed into the next Tom and Jerry holiday film, Robyn's Nutcracker Tale.
  • Cousin George (or George Cat): Tom, Tim and Thomasina's cousin who was afraid of mice.
  • Uncle Pecos: Jerry and Geraldine's cowboyish uncle.
  • Uncle Harry: A dark brown mouse with a red Hawaiian shirt designed with yellow flower pattens and a boater hat. Pecos' younger-brother-in-law, and Jerry, Geraldine and Tuffy's uncle. During Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's quick reunion with him, his older brother, Muscles and Mrs. Mouse after defeating Freddie (the fake Muscles) and Joey, Muscles' pictures shows the younger Mrs. Mouse and Pecos, the young Harry and the babies Jerry, Mariana and Muscles with diapers.
  • Maurice "Muscles" Mouse: Jerry's super-strong cousin with a green bowler hat and a yellow shirt designed with a black stripe, who lives at his mouse hole in Hogan's Alley.
  • Freddie and Joey: A pair of bully mice from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring. Only Freddie is an impersonator of Muscles due to the duplication of the character's clothes. After being turned back from being blocks of cheese, Freddie and Joey discovers Tom, Jerry and Tuffy searching for Curious George, and attempts to pulverize them all. But fortunately for the trio, Jerry's cousin Muscles came to the rescue. Realizing that Muscles is his double, Freddie tries to fool Jerry, claiming that he is his Cousin Muscles, but the real Muscles fights Freddie to the point where he shows him and Joey his maximum level of strength increased from training, making Jerry realize the truth.
  • Droopy:
  • Dripple:
  • Screwball "Screwey" Squirrel
  • Lion (Tom and Jerry): A lion who escaped from the other circus and now lives in the jungles of Africa. He plays the role of a South African safari tour guide who shows Tom, Jerry, Toodles and Chérie the lands with animals and jungles.
  • Leo the Lion: One the legendary MGM lions who brought Tuffy to South Africa for a reunion with his friends Tom and Toodles, his uncle Jerry and his new aunt Chérie.
  • Quacker: Jerry's duckling friend who is revealed to have married his duckling girlfriend Fifi from The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) at the winter wonderland carnival in Karen's Town on New Year's Eve.
  • Fifi: Quacker's wife.
  • Eagle (Tom and Jerry):
  • Butch Dog: A dog who plays the role of a Taxi Driver
  • Red: A character from the Droopy series who appears in the film as Maggie Dunlop
  • Chip the Wizard: A character from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, who possesses his magic ring. He was Gilbert Starling's younger brother-in-law and Robyn's uncle, because six years ago, sometime after the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie, leading to the events of Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring as if to be coming before Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, he looks after her, Tom and Jerry while Starling travels to Egypt to bring back the magic tablet. He is also observing Tom and Jerry's adventures with Curious George as a prophecy according to his crystal ball.
  • Robyn Starling (cameo)
  • Mr. Starling (cameo): The founder and leader of Starling Enterprises, the husband of his deceased wife and father of Robyn. His first name is revealed to be Gilbert, according to Chip, a wizard who reveals to be his younger-brother-in-law and Robyn's uncle.
  • Aunt Pristine Figg (mentioned only)
  • Lickboot (mentioned only): A lawyer who is now married to Pristine in the wedding of the Christmas Town group at the winter wonderland carnival in Karen's hometown on New Year's Eve, and known as Mr. Figg.
  • Ferdinand (mentioned only)
  • Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek (?)
  • Straycatchers (?)
  • Jack Bradley: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Mrs. Bradley: (Jack's mother/ briefly/ cameo)
  • Robin Hood: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Dorothy Gale: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Todo: Dorothy's dog: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Tin Man: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Scarecrow: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Cowardly Lion: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Glinda: (briefly/ cameo)
  • The Wizard of OZ: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Jitterbug: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Charlie Bucket: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Grandpa Joe: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Violet Beauregarde (briefly/ cameo)
  • Veruca Salt: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Augustus Gloop: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Mike Teevee: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Willy Wonka: (briefly/ cameo)
  • Frosty the Snowman: (briefly/ photograph cameo)
  • Crystal the Snow Woman: (briefly/ photograph cameo)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: (briefly/ photograph cameo)
  • Clarice (briefly/ photograph cameo): Rudolph's new wife, who is also called Mrs. Rudolph by Tuffy.
  • Millie & Chilly: (briefly/ photograph cameos)
  • Robbie, Zoey & Arrow (announced/ photograph cameos as baby reindeer)
  • Curious George: An original chimpanzee, who has his very first ability to speak, just like Tom and Jerry, had done so in Tom and Jerry: The Movie, and is always very curious
  • Ted Shackleford (aka The Man with the Yellow Hat): A handsome museum guide
  • Ivan: the grumpy headstrong doorman
  • Ms. Plushbottom: Ted's apartment neighbor/ an elder opera singer
  • Edu: Ted's Africa Guide
  • Mr. Bloomsberry: Ted's boss and Junior's father
  • Junior Bloomsberry: Mr. Bloomsberry's son and a parking garage dealer
  • Clovis: an inventor/ a friend of Ted and George
  • Sparky: Clovis' robot dog
  • A frighten Woman with a Yellow Shirt: who George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy had mistaken her as Ted in a taxi cap
  • Various Africa/ Zoo Animals
  • Various Other Townspeople
  • Various Other Children


  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy vs. Freddie and Joey
  • Muscles vs. Freddie
  • Lion vs. Eagle
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy vs. Ivan
  • Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, George and Ted vs. Ivan
  • Poachers vs. African Animals (flashback)
  • Poachers vs. George's Parents (flashback)
  • Poachers vs. Tuffy, Sr. (flashback)
  • Tuffy and Tyke vs. Junior
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (berserk modes) vs. Ted
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (berserk modes/monster forms) vs. Junior

Voice Casts

English Cast

  • Jeff Bennett as Tom Cat, Mr. Starling, Cousin George, Joey Mouse, Balloon Man, Animal Control #2
    • William Hanna as Tom Cat (archive recording/ vocal effects, uncredited)
    • Frank Welker as Young Tom Cat (archive recording/ vocal effects)
    • Bill Thompson as Cousin George (archive recording/ "Aah!" vocal effect, uncredited)
    • Kara Edwards as Young Cousin George
  • Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry Mouse
    • William Hanna as Jerry Mouse (archive recording/ vocal effects, uncredited)
    • Frank Welker as Young Jerry Mouse (archive recording/ vocal effects)
  • Brianne Siddall as Curious George
    • Tajja Isen as Curious George (singing voice)
    • Frank Welker as Curious George (archive recording/ vocal effects, uncredited)
  • Kath Soucie as Tuffy Mouse, Red (as Maggie Dunlop)
  • Alicyn Packard as Toodles Galore
    • Laura Bailey as Young Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren as Chérie Mouse, Fifi
  • Reece Thompson as Slats Cat
  • Chantal Strand as Jackie Cat, Young Chérie Mouse
  • Michelle Ruff as Coffee Cat
  • Robert Martin Klein as Tanner Mouse
  • Mona Marshall as George Mouse
  • Benjamin Diskin as Leo Mouse, Karras the Vampire Bat
  • Tara Strong as Dorothy Mouse, George's mother
  • Jason Marsden as Tim Cat (Tom's twin brother)
    • Dana Hill as Young Tim Cat (archive recording/ flashback)
  • Cathy Weseluck as Thomasina Cat
  • Nicole Oliver as Baby Booties
  • Ellen Kennedy as Geraldine Mouse
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Tuffy, Sr.
  • Samuel Vincent as Baby Tuffy, Toddler George
  • Billy West as Freddie Mouse
    • Maurice LaMarche as Freddie Mouse (fake Muscles-accent, uncredited)
  • Tress MacNeille as Mrs. Mouse
  • Maurice LaMarche as Muscles Mouse
  • Scott McNeil as Uncle Pecos, George's father
  • John Michael Higgins as Uncle Harry
  • Charlie Schlatter as Chip the Wizard
  • Anndi McAfee as Robyn Starling
  • Ariel Winter as Karen
  • Garry Chalk as King Cat
  • Clancy Brown as Butch Cat
  • Frank Welker as Meathead Cat
  • Jeff Bergman as Droopy, Lightning Cat, Butch Dog
  • E.G. Daily as Topsy Cat, Young Butch Cat
  • Greg Ellis as Tin Cat
  • Jess Harnell as Pan Cat
  • Richard McGonagle as Alley Cat
  • Spike Brandt as Spike Bulldog
  • Sam Lavagnino as Tyke Bulldog
  • Kyle Hebert as Leo the Lion
  • Jim Cummings as Lion, Ivan
  • Brian Drummond as Eagle
  • Tony Anselmo as Quacker
  • Bret Iwan as Bat Jerry
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Sparky, Mike Mouse
  • Tom Kane as Ted Shackleford (aka The Man with the Yellow Hat)
  • William Shatner as Mr. Bloomsberry
  • Colin Fox as Junior Bloomsberry
  • Dwayne Hill as Taxi Driver, Edu
  • Kristina Nicoll as Ms. Plushbottom, Animal Control Hotline
  • Armin Shimerman as Clovis
  • Rick Miller as Animal Control #1

Additional Voices

German Cast

  • Joachim Tennstedt as Tom Cat
  • Anna Carlsson as Jerry Mouse, Karen, Red
  • Susanne Kaps as Robyn Starling
  • Gerald Schaale as Tyke Bulldog, Droopy
  • Tilo Schmitz as Spike Bulldog, Butch Dog

French Cast

European French

Canadian French

Spanish Cast

European Spanish

Mexican Spanish

Latin Spanish

Italian Cast

  • Francesco Vairano as Tom Cat, Butch Dog
  • Ilaria Stagni as Jerry Mouse, Tuffy Mouse, Tyke Bulldog
  • Mino Caprio as Spike Bulldog
  • Mauro Ramos as Frosty
  • Marisa Leal as Robyn Starling, Karen
  • Perla Liberatori as Red
  • Vittorio Amandola as Mr. Starling

Japanese Cast

  • Setsuji Sato as Tom Cat
  • Junko Hori as Jerry Mouse
  • Maria Kawamura as Toodles Galore
  • Ikue Otani as Slats Cat
  • Naoko Watanabe as Coffee Cat
  • Chika Sakamoto as Leo Mouse, Karras the Vampire Bat, Quacker
  • Yuko Minaguchi as Dorothy Mouse
  • Ryoko Shinohara as Robyn Starling, Karen
  • Hiroya Ishimaru as Mr. Starling
  • Sachiko Kobayashi as Red
  • Etsuko Kozakura as Tuffy Mouse
  • Kappei Yamaguchi as Chip the Wizard, Tim Cat
  • Yu Shimaka as Spike Bulldog
  • Masako Nozawa as Tyke Bulldog
  • Tomohiro Nishimura as Butch Cat
  • Megumi Urawa as Topsy Cat
  • Shigeru Ushiyama as Cousin George
  • Takashi Aoyagi - Bat Jerry
  • Ryusei Nakao as Droopy
  • Sachiko Kobayashi as Red
  • Naoki Tatsuta as Butch Dog
  • Motomu Azaki as Ted Shackleford


  • Directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Story by Earl Kress
  • Screenplay by Earl Kress and Michael F. Ryan
  • Associate Producer: Judge Plummer
  • Executive Producer: Sam Register
  • Co-Producer: Alan Burnett
  • Based on the Characters Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Based on the "Curious George" Books Written by H. A. Rey and Margret Rey
  • Edited by Kyle Stafford
  • Music by Michael Tavera
  • Original Scores and Songs by Heitor Pereira, Jack Johnson and Randy Newman
  • Casting and Voice Director: Maria Estrada
  • Voice Casting Facilities: Studiopolis, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), OkraTron 5000, Inc. (Dallas, Texas), Voice Box Productions, Inc. (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Animation Services: Digital eMation, Inc. and Yearim Productions, Co., Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea)
  • "Anime" and "Tokusatsu" Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation Co., Ltd., Swara Productions Co., Ltd., Anime Sound Production Co., Ltd., Jet Sound Engine Co., Ltd., Toho Sound Studio (Tokyo, Japan)




Concept Art

DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Covers


Character Designs (Model Sheets)

Coming Soon:

  • Toots (Chérie) Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show [2014])
  • Cousin George (Tom and Jerry)
  • Muscles Mouse
  • Muscles Mouse without his shirt as a close resemblance to Jerry's appearance
  • Freddie and Joey (Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring)
  • Chip the Wizard (Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring)
  • Lion in the role of the Safari tour guide (Tom and Jerry)
  • Eagle (Tom and Jerry)


Deleted Scenes/Bloopers/Songs



Effects Animation (Special/Visual Effects)

Backgrounds Edit

Sound Effects Edit


Songs and Scores

  • "Upside Down" (insert song) - Jack Johnson
  • "You've Got a Friend in Me (song reuse from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story)" - Kath Soucie, Jeff Bennett, Stephanie Nadolny, Tajja Isen
  • "Talk of the Town" (insert song) - Jack Johnson
  • "What More is Out There (duet version/ song reuse from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Friendship Games)" - Tajja Isen, Tom Kane
  • "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (The Wizard of Oz) (insert song) - Judy Garland
  • "Life's Too Short (song reuse from Disney's Frozen)" - Kath Soucie, Tom Kane, William Shatner (speaking only)
  • "Talk of the Town (Reprise)" (insert song) - Tajja Isen, Tom Kane, Kath Soucie
  • "Jungle Gym" (insert song) - Jack Johnson
  • "Wrong Turn" (insert song) - Jack Johnson
  • "Life's Too Short (Reprise)" - Tom Kane
  • "Almost There (song reuse from Disney's The Princess and the Frog)" - Tom Kane, Kath Soucie, Tajja Isen
  • "Like Curious George! (Manhattan Clique Remix)" - Tom Kane, Kath Soucie, Tajja Isen, Jeff Bennett, Stephanie Nadolny, Chorus
  • "Upside Down (ending version)" - Tom Kane, Kath Soucie, Tajja Isen, Jeff Bennett, Stephanie Nadolny, Chorus


  • This film is Rated G for General Audience, allowing mild threat, slapstick violence, scary scenes, very mild bad language
  • Suggested Running Times 85 Minutes (NTSC), 82 Minutes (PAL).
  • This is the first Tom and Jerry film in which Jeff Bennett reprises his role for Tom, replacing Richard Kind with the character's ability to speak. Nearly over twenty years ago, he first voices Tom in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring.
  • Brianna Siddall, who will voice as George, is known to been Kenichi on Metropolis, Keenan and Tommy as well as Koromon and Calumon on Digimon, Lars on The Little Polar Bear movies, Circuit on Power Rangers: Time Force and Power Rangers: Wild Force, Nawaki on Naruto, Dodger on Saban's Oliver Twist, 50's Robin on The New Batman Adventures, Michiko on My Neighbor Totoro (Streamline dub), and Young Manu on Jungle Shuffle.
  • Tom Kane, who will voice as Ted, with the other voice he did for Gandalf in the Lego Dimensions games, Professor X in Ultimate Alliance, Magneto on Wolverine and the X-Men, Wulf Yularem in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Professor Utonium in The Powerpuff Girls, Mr. Herrington on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Narrator Smurf in The Smurf Movies, and Quincey Sharp in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.
  • Armin Shimerman, who will voice as Clovis, is known to'd been Quark in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Principal Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stan in Seinfeld, Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank series, Calculator and Psycho-Pirate as well as Professor Mark Haley and Second Guardian in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Professor Milo in Justice League Unlimited, and Andrew Ryan in Bioshock.
  • Ted Shackleford resembles Robin Hood (but only without his chin beard and mustache, and his clothing are yellow due to the Curious George franchise).
  • In the post-credits, the two other Teds (Will Ferrell and Jeff Bennett), while trying to retrieve George as their mistake, first-time discover their counterpart version of themselves (in Tom and Jerry form) with Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Maggie (Red) at the apartment room.
  • Many other characters from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, television series and feature films also appear in this film. These include Lion who works as a Safari tour guid on Tom, Toodles, Jerry and Chérie's honeymoon in South Africa after their marriage with Frosty and Crystal, Rudolph and Clarice, Quacker and Fifi, and Aunt Pristine Figg and Lickboot on New Year's Eve at the winter wonderland carnival in Karen's hometown.
  • In a Cape Town tea house scene where Toodles and Chérie talk about how were Tom, Jerry and Tuffy were doing with George in New York, before getting confronted by Eagle (voiced by Brian Drummond), the light-brown mouse's emotional lines are nearly similar to Jack Skellington's in a rare alternate scene from the early animation tests for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, made in 1992.

Cultural References

  • The music which plays on the beginning scene of the movie is similar to Once Upon A Time on Africa originally from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

Release Dates

DVD/ Blu-Ray

  • Early Order/ Pre-Pack Date: March 10, 2022 (USA/ Canada)
  • Order Date: April 7, 2022 (USA/ Canada)
  • Street Date: April 10, 2022 (USA/ Canada)


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  • Universal Parks and Resorts (Worldwide)
    • Universal Studios Hollywood
    • Universal Orlando Resort
    • Universal Studios Japan
    • Universal Studios Singapore
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  • Cadbury (UK, Worldwide)
  • 7-Eleven (Worldwide)
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    • Hungry Jack's (Australia)


Workprint A (Early Version, Storyboards/ No Animation yet)

Opening Titles/ "Upside Down"

Honeymoon Safari/"Tuffy's Back!"

(The scene was dissolved into a sequence where it happened to be taking place, a few years later, somewhere in South Africa, far from the jungles. There, riding on a safari truck were Thomas Cat and Jeremy Adam Mouse—commonly known as Tom and Jerry , and their new wives: Toodles Galore, a white cat, and Toots "Chérie" Mouse, a light-brown mouse with a purple scarf who is a close resemblance to Jerry due to being a female. They were on a special tour of the South African plains with a familiar lion driving the truck, wearing a tour guide's uniform. It was Lion, a character who appeared in the cartoon, Jerry and the Lion. The camera cuts to a near-close up of Tom, Jerry, Toodles and Chérie sitting on the seats of the truck, with the husband duo watching the lands and the animals through their binoculars they held in their hands.)

Toodles Galore: (sighs happily) Oh, Tommy and Jerry. Isn't it very cooler for the four of us to be on our honeymoon, right here in South Africa?

Chérie: (smiles at Toodles) On the contrary, Toodles, this must be winter, not summer.

(Tom and Jerry looked down to their wives below them.)

Tom: That is why we're in the Southern Hemisphere, sweeties. According to Big Ben the Clockwork Whale's talk with Rudolph, that's where winter goes from June to September, and summer from December through March.

Jerry: Even when it comes to knowledge of all four seasons of the year, whether depending on how hotter summer can, or how colder winter can be.

(In a close-up shot at Chérie, she giggles at Tom and Jerry's details.)

Chérie: And June was the start of the Northern Hemisphere's summer, and the Southern Hemisphere's winter.


Chérie" By the way, Jer, it's been six months since we're all married, along with Rudolph and Clarice, Frosty and Crystal, Pristine Figg and Mr. Lickboot.


Jerry: And so are the ducklings, Quacker and Fifi


Toodles Galore: Now that you, Robyn, Karen and the other kids build Millie, Chilly and Willie, and Professor Hinkle and Jack Frost gave them life using the energy from Father Winter, will Rudolph and Clarice have their kids next.

Tom: They will, Toodles. Things need to take time for them to have little bucks. We need to have kids of our own, too. You don't like to wait that long, I'm sure of that.

(Toodles frowned at Tom for a moment)

Toodles Galore:

Tom: (feels ashamed) Hmm, my big mouth.

(But then Toodles smiles as she chuckles.)

Toodles Galore:


Lion (Tom and Jerry): Well, I am surprised to see a couple of tourists, who are like husbands and wives, with desires of having little kittens and little mice.

George Meets Tom, Jerry and Tuffy/"You've Got a Friend in Me" (Toy Story Theme)



(We now cut to Tuffy riding on Leo the Lion, looking at Lion)

Lion (Tom and Jerry):

Leo the Lion:

Tuffy: What can you see, Mr. Lion?


Lion (Tom and Jerry):


Lion: Well, blow my mane and fur! I see one funny chimpanzee.


Struggle for Survival/ The Ancient Idol

[Meanwhile, in New York City in America, Tom and Jerry's look-a-like cousins, George and Muscles, Jerry's mother who is Muscles' aunt and Tuffy's grandmother, Mrs. Mouse, and Jerry and Tuffy's uncle, Harry finally made it to a museum. They were escorted by Droopy and Dripple. And there, standing in front of the entrance to the museum was a man with short dark brown hair, and yellow clothes including the hat and a necktie that have black spots. His name is Ted Shackleford. Ted notices Muscles and Droppy's group approaching him]

Ted Shackleford: Ohh! Mrs. Mouse, Droopy and friends.


Ted Shackleford: Welcome to Bloomsberry Museum. My name is Ted Shackelford, and I'll be your guide today.


Muscles: Can we come in now?

Mrs. Mouse: Sure, Maurice, but we must just make sure that don't get stepped on by other human visitors.


Cousin George: Believe me, Mrs. Mouse. Letting humans step on mice is the least of his worries.

[Muscles glares up at George, making him looked scared.]

Muscles: Hey, don't underestimate me, George. I'm not afraid of any danger these humans would cause.


Muscles: I've been working out to be strong rodent since our childhood. *points at Mrs. Mouse* And it was Jerry's mother who take me to Mouseville to be trained by Mike at his gym, remember?


Cousin George: Uh, yeah. And you demonstrated your physical strength by using me, Butch, and my twin cousins Tom and Tim as punching bags at the park. But why didn't you use Toodles Galore and Thomasina?


Muscles: Why should I do that? I may be the mouse of steel, but I claim no right on laying a single fist on a lady cat or two.


Muscles: (unseen) Besides, handsome male mice can't kill female cats.

Uncle Harry: Aw, Muscles, but we'd be surprised what we could live through.

[Ted seemed to blush to Ms. Dunlop, who was actually in reality as Red, but led the students to the exhibits to show them and tell them all about what there was to see. The kids found this to be a rather boring field trip as it went on.]

Mrs. Mouse: Please tell me that something interesting will happen, Mr. Shackleford.

Ted Shackleford: *smiling sheepishly* Well, umm... I'm sure if we move along, we'll find something.

[They were now going to the prehistoric exhibit which seemed more boring than the other exhibits for the kids. Many of the students were nearly falling asleep. Dripple was a little excited due to their first field trip visit to a museum, while Mrs. Mouse, Muscles and Uncle Harry look on with smiles.]

Ted Shackleford: Now, as I was saying... Life was a constant struggle for survival. Australopithecus had no time to enjoy himself because around every corner was danger!

[He then accidentally made the exhibit's head fall off and tried to place it back.]

Droopy: Way to go, Mr. Shackleford.

Dripple: *smiles* Yeah, good one.

Shipping to Africa/ Meeting George, Tom and Jerry/ Monkeying Around

[We now cut to the book of the map, showing a boat going to Africa, by leading a group, with Ted looking at a book.]

Ted (unseen): Edu?

Edu (unseen): Yes, sir?

Ted (unseen): Don't worry, the other men, but we're hopelessly lost.

Edu (unseen): Sir, your book is upside down.

Ted: Oh. Oh, good catch! Carry on, shall we?

Edu: Certainly, sir.


Man 1: Wow. What is it?

Man 2: Look at this.

Man 3: It's beautiful.

Edu: Look at the color.

Ted: Edu, did you see this?

Edu: Yes, It's...

Ted (thrilled): Exciting! We're so close!

(Edu groans, then the camera cuts to Curious George—the unnamed monkey, who is about to eat a banana, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy on a tree)

Ted: (unseen): Edu?

Edu: (unseen): Mr. Ted.

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy looked to the audience, whispering to them.)

Tuffy: Hey, members of the audience, do you know this human being down there?)


Tuffy: (unseen) A man with a yellow hat?

Jerry: (unseen) That's right, his name is Ted Shackleford.


Tom: Originally in the Curious George books, Ted was the one man who found George in the jungles of Africa and brought him home to New York.


Jerry: But now, this version of a motion picture adaption is different, because we characters of Tom and Jerry are added.


Ted: It says here Zagawa means enlightenment.

Edu: Yes sir. I live here.

Ted: Oh, right. Did you know that statue we're looking for is a giant monkey?

(George looks at the hat, mistakenly for a larger banana, and flings away a original-sized banana. Tom worriedly thought to himself about the chimpanzee's action.)

Tom: (thinking:) Uh, Monkey? This isn't a set of banana. It's a hat, for crying out loud!


Edu: Yes, sir. I live here.

Ted: Right, again. *seeing a large rock, looks like a rhino* Oh, a rhino! Stand aside, men. *yanks out a tranquilizer gun from his right pocket* This is a tranquilizer gun.

Edu: Sir, Mr. Ted...

Ted: I'm just gonna put him to sleep, that's all.

Edu: That's not a rhino, that's only a...*the gun fires at the rock, and his leg* Ow! Nice shot, Mr. Ted. *falling to the ground, snoring while sleeping*

Ted: Oops! Okay. Uh, let's break for lunch for the next four to six hours, or longer, depending on how much he weighs.


Tuffy: (thinking:) That gun... could it remind me of what terribly happened to my father, when my two parents brought me here to Africa?

(The camera cuts to Ted putting a bread on a complete sandwich)

Ted: I should probably make a sandwich for Edu. He will have quite an appetite and a headache when he wakes up.

(Little do the man with the yellow hat know, in another quick camera shot of the sequence, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy spy on him from another above.)

Ted: *eating a sandwich* (chewing:) Mmm, this is really good.


Tuffy: (whispering:) Fellas, this explorer in yellow is picnicking here in this jungle.

Tom: (whispering:) We can see that, Tuffy.


Tom: (whispering:) He's eating his sandwich before moving onto his appetizers or sides?


Tom: (whispering:) We're glad to know that the world don't call you Nibbles, your real name, for nothing.

Jerry: *nodding* (whispering:) Yeah.

Tuffy: Thanks, Thomas and Uncle Jeremy.


George: (thinking:) Mmm...sure looks delicious. *slurps his tongue*


Tuffy: (whispering:) Monkey! What do you think you're doing?

George: (whispering:) Taking this larger banana from this human.

(With his vocal effects, performed by Frank Welker, returning to be heard, George grabs the yellow hat, then starts chewing on the top of the hat, though it turns out to be difficult for the little monkey to take a bite out of it, much to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's surprise. Ted senses what's going on behind him.)

Ted: Uh?

George: *chewing on the top of the hat* Blah!

Ted: *touching his head, realizing his hat is missing* (angry:) Hey!


Tom: (angrily/whispering:) See, Monkey? This isn' foo—George: (whispering:) Sshh... Keep it down.

(Then turning back to Ted and deciding not to speak with words, George peeks out and sees Ted before chattering curiously, which soon draws his attention)

Ted: Oh, a monkey. *smiles* Hey there, little guy.

(He puts his sandwich down aside, and not only he did saw George, but he sees somebody else; somebody that the man without his hat has never met. That's right, it's Tom and Jerry.)

Ted: Oh, a cat and a mouse. Hey there, you two. May I ask, who are you?

(Looking at each other, Tom and Jerry whisper to each other using telepathy, a communication of thoughts, while they are sweatdropping on their heads.)

Tom: (telepathically:) Jerry, Ted about to know who we are. Should we tell him our names?


Jerry: (telepathically:) Yes, but without talking. Doing that might scare him to death. We should reuse our old-school-style acts in our pictures, Tom.


Tom: (annoyed/telepathically:) Alright, Mouse, don't act like you're my boss.


Ted: (unseen/musically:) Hello...?


Ted: I'm asking again. Who are you?

(Tom and Jerry then quickly start acting like that are still anthropomorphic, but mute animals. First, Tom writes his name with sticks on a ground. The first two names were larger "Thomas Cat" for a long name, and the last two writings under were a small "a.k.a." and a large "Tom".)

Ted: (reading:) "Thomas Cat, a.k.a., Tom."


Ted: And you're...

(Using magic taught to him, Tuffy and Tom by Frosty, Professor Hinkle and Jack Frost, Jerry materializes a mouse-sized pocket knife with the effects of sparkles. Then he grabs it and uses it crave his names on a tree bark. When the brown mouse was done, the first three writings are "Jeremy Adam Mouse", and the last two were "a.k.a." and "Jerry")

Ted: (unseen:) "Jeremy Adam Mouse, a.k.a., Jerry?"


Ted: Ah-ha! I'm surprised to see that you can make any magic tricks like that. A dangerous one, too.

(Using his own voice; which is the same as the voices of the child versions of Goku and Gohan, Jerry giggled in agreement with Ted, before the man stood up to continue talking with him and Tom.)

Ted: Well, I am very honored and pleased to meet you two. The name's Theodore Shackleford, but you two can call me Ted for short. *looks up again at George on a tree* And, um, monkey, can I have my hat, please? I kinda need my hat. The sun's hot and I freckle. Not the good kind, either. I blotch. So, if you please, my hat?

George: (chatters curiously) *yanks out a hat nearby*

Ted (unseen): Mm-mm, that's the one all right.

George: (giggling) *begin parachuting down to the ground using the hat*

Ted: *gasp* Hmm? *turns his eyes to the unspoken Tom and Jerry behind, smiling* Wait here, you two.

(cuts to George hiding underneath the hat)

Ted (unseen): Hello? Anyone in there? *opening a hat* Peekaboo.

George: (giggling)

(The camera cuts quickly to Tom and Jerry, who then smiles at each other in delight. With Ted busy interacting with George, they had enough time to whisper without letting him overhear.)

Tom: (whispering:) This monkey seemed to like that guy. I wish Toodles and Chérie should come and see this.

Jerry: (whispering:) Me, too.

(We now cut back to Ted playing "peekaboo" with George)

Ted: *opening a hat again* Peekaboo. (giggling)

George: (laughs)

Ted: *continuing opens and closes the hat* Peekaboo. Aboo. Aboo. (laughs) *taking the hat back aftermath* Well, look at that. A little monkey who likes to play peekaboo. *rubbing George's head smoothly* Hey, this was fun, my little friend. But, I'm sorry. I've gotta go. Excuse me, you two.

(George looks at Tom and Jerry with Tuffy and then turned to Ted, wanting to play more)

George: (whispering:) Watch this.

Ted: I wonder if Edu is awake yet, 'cause I've gotta find that idol...

George: (charters playfully)

Ted: (grunts) Hey! What are you...*feeling his rib cages being tickled* (laughs:) Hey, that tickles! *then feels his hat being snatched by George* My hat, hey! Monkey, come back here!

George: (chattering)

Ted: (groans) *then looks up at Tom and Jerry* (calmed:) Can you two please pardon me?

George: (laughing)

Ted: Ohhh, you can run, but you can't hide! I'll catch up! I'm unstoppable! Uh-huh! That's right, I can run all day! All day and all night! There's nothing for you, monkey, trying to stop me...*feeling a bad cramp in his left leg* Cramp! Oh, cramp! Cramps can stop me! Why the cramp? Extra bad cramp, too! (signs and gasping) Ow! *laying on the ground right next to George* What...wha...? Oooh....

Giant Monkey/ Size Issue

Talk of the Town"/Lost in the City

Freddie and Joey's Revenge/"Which One is Cousin Muscles?" (Muscles vs. Freddie)/Muscles Saves his Friends


Jerry: That's weird. Where could that monkey have run off two?






Joey: (happy:) Oh, boy! This feels great for the two of us to be turned back to normal, Freddie!

Freddie: I bet it is. If it weren't for us when we were still blocks of cheese, Tuffy almost ate us.


Joey: Hmph! If only that darn baby mouse and that meddling brown mouse must've come here to New York, too, we could've taken good care of them for good!


Joey: (angrily) Oooh! All this humiliation we just can't stand any longer! We must find them and pound them!

(Freddie hits Joey on the head with a fist, making him yelp.)

Freddie: Calm yourself, Joey. We'll think about how to get back at Tuffy and his alley whom he must be calling... uh... Oh, yeah! His Uncle Jerry.





Jerry: (Unseen:) Hey, monkey!

Freddie: Shh! Listen...

Jerry: (Unseen:) Monkey?

Tuffy (Unseen:) Yeah, we're trying to help you, even if it means catching you!

Freddie and Joey: It's them.





Freddie: Well, well, well. This brown mouse and that blue/grey pussycat are finally being capable of talking like us, huh?



Joey: (laughing) Oh, yes. I like it. Let's get 'em.


Freddie (Unseen:) Hiya, pals.


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Huh?


Freddie and Joey: (laughing evilly) Nice day!


Freddie: Having fun on your first day of a Big Apple Tour, huh, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy?

Jerry: Huh? Who are you two fellas?

Tom: And how do you know who we are?




Tuffy: (gasping) I know you two!

(Cut to a close-up at Tom who looks down at the unseen Tuffy.)

Tom: (looks down at Tuffy) Tuffy? Do you know these two mice?

(The camera cuts to a full scene of Tuffy, Tom and Jerry.)

Tuffy: Yes, Thomas! They're Freddie and Joey! Those were the two mice who are torturing me by scaring me with pictures of really, scary cats.


Jerry: Yeah, I know them, too. When Robyn, Tom and I are having misadventures trying to remove Chip's magic ring off my head, and getting chased by other animals, I found Tuffy in trouble with these two, but I used the ring's power to turn them into cheese.


Freddie: Oh, yeah! I remember now...

(As Freddie continued, the camera cuts to a close-up at Jerry and Tuffy.)

Freddie: (Unseen:)



Tuffy: Jeez! Looks like you men don't know when to learn your lessons, even though you're not two pieces of cheese anymore.

Freddie: No way, Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse.

Joey: Yeah! (laughs) Time for revenge

(Freddie hits Joey again.)

Freddie: Shut up.

Joey: Ow!


Jerry: Wait! We have no time dealing with you, Freddie and Joey. We're looking for an innocent chimpanzee.

Tom: Do you happen to be seeing him here?



Monkey Business/ A Colorful Idea

(The moment he entered his apartment room, an exhausted Ted, who was now originally known as "The Man with the Yellow Hat" came to his couch and dropped himself by the phone, planning on calling Mr. Bloomsberry, the owner of the Bloomsberry Museum, about the issue he had with the shrine...)

Ted: (sighs) Home.

(Outside, George; now known as the unnamed chimpanzee, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy are now carefully walking on apartment building. Together, they are searching every window of the rooms to find Ted outside of the apartment. Tom looked down to see how higher they are above the streets of New York with people on sidewalks and vehicles and bicycle on the road, and the blue/gray cat sweats with worry that he might loose his balance despite being a cat with special strength that his kind have, such as jumping into larger objects. He gulps before thinking to himself about his safety.)

Tom: [Thinking:] This is no time to panic, Thomas. Just stay focus on the hunt for a man with the yellow suit, or Toodles and Chérie will kill you and Jerry should you let them down.

(The camera cuts to Tuffy and Jerry)

Tuffy: (looking at Jerry and the unseen Tom:) Any sign of the same man with a yellow suit, yet?

Jerry: Not yet, nephew of mine. All we have to do is looking.

(Tom looks down at Jerry, a little bit annoyed with what the brown mouse is saying)

Tom: That, you'd always say, Mouse.

George: Oooh...

(Back in Ted's room, he was still sitting on a couch in the living room)

Ted: Okay. I just need two seconds of quiet.

(Suddenly, Ted's cordless phone started to ring, disrupting his need of silence)

Ted: Alright, I didn't mean literally.

(Ted then forced himself to answer his phone. But the moment he looks down at the telephone, he sees Mr. Bloomsberry's name on the phone and grew worried)

Ted: Uh oh...

(He gulps before nervously picking up the phone and clearing his throat)

Ted: Hello?

(Then speaking through the telephone in a joyful manner was Mr. Bloomsberry, owner of the Bloomsberry Museum)

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Ted!

Ted: Hi, Mr. Bloomsberry. I've just walked in the door.

(The next shot of the seen shows Mr. Bloomsberry talking on the phone in his museum)

Mr. Bloomsberry: (happily:) Well, get down here. All the news reports are here! I've arranged a press conference just for you! You're the hero of the moment!

(Through the camera, the scene switches to a sequence of Ted in his apartment room where he continues to listen to Mr. Bloomsbery. Ted looked nervous himself as there were people eager to see the red monkey idol that he found in Africa which was smaller than it was in person, but Mr. Bloomsberry had a different idea, of course. Then, the man with the yellow suit and hat covers his face in his guilt. Back with George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, outside the apartment, they kept on looking for Ted. Every room they check through the window, they saw some other people that does not include Ted. Only Tom, Jerry and Tuffy shake their heads and saying "mm-mm" with their mouths closed. Back in Mr. Bloomsberry at his museum...)

Mr. Bloomsberry: Oh! Have you seen your surprise?

Ted: (voice:) Surprise, sir?

Mr. Bloomsberry: Look out your front window!

(The camera cuts back to Ted with his cell phone in his apartment room)

Ted: My window?

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Yes, yes, take a looksy.

Ted: Uh...okay, I guess. *walks to the window*

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) You're really gotta like it!

(Back outside, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George are getting closer to the window of Ted's room when George loses the yellow hat that Ted gave him to remember him by. As Tom and Jerry looked behind, the hat gets caught in the wind)

Tom and Jerry: Yikes!

(And in a fashioned team-up, Tom and Jerry uses their magical ability to fly taught to them by Rudolph's uncle Comet at the Reindeer Games in Christmas Town to jump off the building. And in a sudden and quick dash, they manage to retrieve Ted's hat and landed back on the building before anybody else on land could see them.)

George: Whoa! You can fly?

Jerry: Yes, we can. Magically.

Tom: We're sorry that we had to stop asking your question, but this is a long story that we'll tell ya later, Monkey.

George: *nods his head* Ohh, okay.

(Back with Ted, who is still talking to Mr. Bloomsberry on his cell phone...)

Ted: Like what?

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Well, what do you think?

(Ted looks up at the billboard and let out a horrified gasp)

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) [Chuckling:] Speechless. I'd knew you love it! Ted, you deserve it! I don't know what I would done.

(Ted closes the shades of the window with an even more guilty face, and he also feels embarrassed)

Ted: (whispering/embarrassed:) I'm not a hero!

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) You single-handedly saved the museum!

Ted: Mr. Bloomsberry, I have to tell you something.

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Yes, I'm all ears! What is it?

Ted: It's about...

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Yes, what?

(Soon enough, Ted quickly notices the window blades shaking, and there, he finds his own yellow hat on the floor)

Ted: My hat?

Mr. Bloomsberry: (voice:) Yes, wear your hat. Wear your best suit. Just get down here!

Ted: Yes, Mr. Bloomsberry.

(His conversation done, Ted hangs up his phone. Then he began walking to his yellow hat.)

Ted: There can't be two hats like that. How did it get in here though? By the gust of wind maybe?

(Somewhere, apparently either inside or outside the apartment, the head-strong doorman, Ivan, is sensing the stench of not just originally one pet, but two or three more)

Ivan: [sniffing] Pet? [sniffing] Peeeeets...

(Back to Ted in his apartment room went the camera, he is curiously studying his yellow hat; the same hat that he gave to George back in Africa where they play the game of "peek-a-boo")

Ted: My hat? My yellow hat? *shaking his head* No, no, no, this can't be the same hat.

(But then suddenly, Ted hears a familiar giggle inside the hat. It was George's. Ted, who called George by his other name "Monkey" like Tom, Jerry and Tuffy does, becomes confused and then surprised)

Ted: *gasp* It's the same hat! And the same monkey with a... Wait! You follow me all the way from Africa?


Ted: Just to play peek-a-boo?

(Then Ted notices the shaking blades again)

Ted: Hold on, who else is out there?

(Back outside, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy looked alarmed to learn that Ted apparently knows where they and George are, and their heads are now having anime sweat drops. Tuffy then whispers to his chimpanzee friend, his uncle and former cat enemy)


Tuffy: [Whispering:] That man's coming. When he finds us out here, let us act like we're not talking animals. Okay?

(The camera cuts to a near close-up at Tom)

Tom: [Whispering:] Okay, Tuffy. *raises one finger* Not one word.

(The camera pans down from the front of Tom to Jerry and Tuffy in front of the cat.)

Jerry: [Whispering:] Guilty as charged.

(Back with Ted in his room, while George continue to play in his yellow hat, he immediately opens the windows blades. And then, to his even more surprise and confusion, he sees Tom, Jerry and Tuffy standing out the window)

Ted: *pointing at them* You! The cat and the mouse... You guys follow me here as well?

(The camera cuts to a sequence where Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, pretending to be non-speaking animals unknown to Ted, smiled nervously with their teeth being shown and their anime sweat drops still on their furry heads, nodding their heads as George keeps on playing with the yellow hat)

Ted: May I ask you, you guys, how did you find me in here?

(We now cut to a close-up of the sweating Tom who then thinks to himself about answering Ted's question, hoping that he, Jerry, Tuffy and George do not scare him with their speaking abilities. At this time, he knew that he do not want to blow up their anthropomorphic cover)

Tom: [Thinking/Echoing:] Well, it's all or nothing.

(After the cat's nervous gulp with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions, the camera switches to a sequence where Tom began to talk to Ted, shocking Jerry and Tuffy as they look at him with their mouths hanging open)

Tom: [Speaking:] We've kinda follow you first by a boat from Africa to New York, and then a taxi cab to your apartment, that's how.

(With Jerry and Tuffy goes the camera, the uncle and nephew mice smacks his foreheads with one tokusatsu heavy punching sound effect by Toho Sound Studio' Toho Eizo Sound Studio and the Toho Effect Group, closing their eyes and groaning in the process. But in another camera-shot of the scene, Ted suddenly becomes stunned with horror when he sees that Tom is the first animal to talk to him, then he screams (screaming vocals from The classic Powerpuff Girls episode, A Very Special Blossom) while covering his mouth]


[With the anime sound effects from the sound engineers of Fizz Sound Creation, Jet Sound Engine, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production playing along in the background, he ran backwards to get away from the formerly mute cat, but bumps into a table nearby and fell over, hitting the floor and lying there. The blow to the head on the floor left Ted dazed with a smile as the effects of spinning bananas appear whirling above him. The camera cuts back to a sequence with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy out the window.]

Tuffy: [Speaking:] Oooh...right on the noggin.

Tom: (nervous:) Hope I didn't scare him. *jumps through the window to enter the room*

(Back with Ted, he picked himself up, but is still dizzy with the effects of spinning bananas all around him. Tom then appears to take a closer look at a dazed Ted)

Ted: (dazed/ high-pitched:) Well, look at them! Boomerang bananas. [giggling] (Normal voice:) Ohhh...

(The scene cuts to Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George while fondling the yellow hat)

Ted: (unseen:) *finger in his lips* (lips blurbing sounds)

George: (giggling) *then stares at the viewers* (whispering:) That's why I like him. He's silly.

[Then the unseen Ted collapses back to the floor with two anime Thud! sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Jet Sound Engine and Swara Productions afterwards. Then Tom hops back to the outside of the window to stay with Jerry and Tuffy as they felt worried and winched to see a dazed Ted hurting himself and losing control]

Jerry: [Speaking:] Gosh! What a scream and a hallucination.

(Tuffy then looked to Tom and Jerry, frowning at them)

Tuffy: (disappointed:) Nice going, fellas.

(Tom and Jerry nodded, but in very little agreement. But with no time to receive further scolding from Tuffy, he starts calling out to Ted. His voice is so loud that Jerry and Tuffy covered their ears)

Tom: (loudly:) I'm sorry!

[He looks back to the two mice not being able to stand his current tone level, and chuckles to say sorry, before lowering his voice. Back with Ted, he recovers and leans his head up to see Tom talking to him again)

Tom: (Unseen:) I'm sorry.

(After Ted gasps, the next shot of the scene take us to being behind Ted with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy standing out the window, and with George still busy playing with Ted's hat, giggling)

Tom: I didn't mean to frighten you with my talking! It just that...

(Tom's reasoning words were interrupted as he notices Ted getting up and moving back to the table where there was a fruit bowl that contains lots of yummy different fruits on the center. Then with the anime sound effects taking place in the background, Ted picks up a banana and throws it at Tom. The camera cuts to a close-up at the banana spinning like a boomerang, and then to a close-up at Tom looking scared to see the yellow fruit coming at him)

Tom: (shocked:) Ah!

(With little time to spare, Tom ducked and the banana misses him, only to fall down and disappear. But as the banana kept on falling, on the street, Tom's cousin, a blue/cat named George was strolling, humming a happy song with his eyes closed. His voice is a resemblance to the voice of the Disney characters, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Smee from Peter Pan. Suddenly, the banana landed on top of the cowardly cat head wearing a boater. A blow to the top of his head makes him yell in pain, with his vocal effect performed by Bill Thompson)

Cousin George: Aah!

(Cousin George was distracted by the blow that he unwittingly catches the banana before it could it the sidewalk. When he opened his eyes, the camera shows us a matte-painting illustration of a banana on the hand of this Tom look-a-like)

Cousin George: (Unseen:) Wh-wh-what's this? A banana?

(Then the camera cuts to a sequence of Cousin George, who then smiles as he holds the banana with his left hand)

Cousin George: (happily:) Oh, dear. It looks like I've been giving a light fruity snack of the morning.

(As he then starts continuing to walk and enjoying his snack, Tom's timid cousin looked puzzled)

Cousin George: I wonder where it'd come from, dropped by a human from the hotel window, I think?

(Back with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, they looked back at Ted, with the cat glaring with his now-narrowed angry eyes and his sharp teeth)

Tom: Hey! What did you do that for?

(Instead of answering Tom's question, Ted grabs two apples from the fruit bowl on the table. The apple on Ted's right hand is a red delicious apple and the other on his left hand is a granny-smith apple, better known as a green apple)

Ted: (fierce:) You don't belong here in New York, you wretched evil spirit in a cat's body. Get off my property! But first, have some tricks-or-treats!

(He then starts throwing the two apples at Tom, but the talking cat dodges them, too. Then Ted grabs the other fruit and tossing them at Tom with the cat dodging each of them while catching some for his snack, while Jerry and Tuffy backs away)

Tom: Wait, wait, wait!

(But Ted didn't wait, not willing to be fooled by a talking cat like Tom as if he is possessed by a demon from Hell or the underworld. He just kept on throwing more fruit in a desperate attempt to knock Tom off the window, grunting. With Jerry and Tuffy goes the camera, the diaper-wearing toddler mouse jumps up in the air, and with one karate yell and chop, he knocks down one of the fruits: a gold-color mango. When they both landed, Tuffy puts his hands or paws on the mango, slurps his mouth with his tongue and takes a bite out of the fruit, chewing with some of the juice all-over his face)

Tuffy: (delighted:) Mmm, extra-juicy!

(Back with Ted, he stops throwing the fruit and soon discovers that the fruit bowl is now empty. So he picks it up and aimed it at Tom)

Ted: (fierce:) I'm not gonna warn you again, foul spirit! Go back to where you came from! Please!

(Then the man with the yellow suit throws the fruit bowl at Tom, but the cat dodges it in the same way as he did avoid the thrown fruit. Then he looked confused with himself)

Tom: [Thinking/Echoing:] Me, an foul or evil spirit?

(Getting tired of this insult, Tom speaks firmly)

Tom: Whoa, whoa! Okay, please, stop.

(As he continued, the camera cuts behind Thomas "Tom" Cat noticing Ted was about to throw a table)

Tom: You'd better not throw a table at me, mister banana boy!

(The camera cuts to a near close-up at Ted holding up a table in the air)

Ted: Get away from me, you cat! Don't make me...

(The camera cuts back to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, who is finishing his extra-juicy mango)

Tom: Whoa, whoa, hold on!

(A few anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions plays in the background as the frowning Tom jumps on the counter before beginning to walk towards Ted. The camera quickly cuts to Ted while holding a table in his grip of his hands above his head)

Tom: (firmly:) Please, allow me to introduce to myself, in case if you forgotten. I am Thomas the Cat.

(But then, Ted drops the table on Tom, crashing the poor cat down to the floor with a single Whack! sound effect. Back with Tuffy and Jerry on the window, they saw that happened and groaned)

Tuffy and Jerry: Ow...

(Back with Tom underneath the table, he soon popped out his bruised and battered head with his eyes being black or purple and some of his teeth chipped off. A lump is also seen on top of his head)

Tom: (squeaky voice:) You could just call me "Tom" for short.

(The camera cuts to a sequence where Ted is starring at Tom, looking like getting ready to attack when he became surprised at, remembering the names before)

Ted: *gasps* Tom? As in Thomas Cat or Tom himself?

(The camera cuts behind Ted with a bruised Tom starring at him)

Tom: (squeaky voice:) (smiling:) Uh-huh.

(Ted then turns to the poster for an MGM television special saying "The Best of Tom and Jerry" on the wall)

Ted: You mean? *looks back at Tom and beginning to smile in amazement* YOU really are Tom Cat?

(The camera cuts back to a close-up at the battered and bruised Tom under the table)

Tom: (squeaky/high-pitch voice:) That's what I'm trying to tell you, sir. What else?

(And to answer Tom's question, Ted soon looks back to Jerry and Tuffy on the window, where the baby mouse had just finished his snack. He ran toward them and stops in front of them, spooking them)

Ted: Oh, I recognized you, Jerry Mouse, but...

Tuffy: Ah!

(Out of curiosity, Ted picks up Tuffy by the tail)

Ted: (amazed:) And you, you gotta be Young Tuffy Mouse yourself!

(Tuffy nods his head while he giggles before Ted dropped the little gray mouse in complete shock. But it wasn't about Tom and Jerry he was horrified to realize)

Ted: Now, hold on! If...if, if you're Tuffy, Jerry and Tom together.... then...

(The man with the yellow suit then stares at George with the yellow hat on a table. He made his quick one foot step to him.)

Ted: No, no, no. As for you, Monkey! I DON'T want to play peek-a-boo! And, I...

(Suddenly, there was a serious knocking on a door to Ted's room, which startles not just him, but Tom, Jerry and Tuffy. Ted gasped, and so did Tom and Jerry, but with their vocal effects by William Hanna)

Ted: (whispering:) Ivan!

(Then Ivan is heard calling through the door)

Ivan: (voice:) Open it up, 17-B! I know you're in there!

(Jerry and Tuffy leaped from the window and onto the floor, where the toddler mouse lifted up the table with super-strength within his muscles and his uncle pulled out the injured Tom)

Ivan: (voice:) Come on! Ivan don't like waiting! Open the door! Come on, open the door!

(Knowing there is no other option to prevent Ivan from finding George, Jerry, Tuffy and Tom, Ted spoke quietly to them)

Ted: (whispering:) You three hide!

Jerry: (whispering:) All right.

(Then Jerry carries Tom with him to find them a hiding place, while Ted turns to his hat, hoping that George is still underneath)

Ted: (whispering:) Come here, you little Mon...

(He grabs the hat, only to discover that George is gone missing)

Ted: (whispering/shocked:) Oh no! Monkey! Monkey, where are you?

(Then all of a sudden, he hears Tuffy and looks down to the grey mouse, who is speaking to him before hiding with Tom and Jerry)

Tuffy: (whispering:) Psst! We'll find the monkey for you, while you try to distract that grumpy doorman.

(After Tuffy dashes off with a tokusatsu gunfire sound effect by the Toho Sound Studio, Ted nods his head. Then he opened the door, and walking into Ted's room, came Ivan the doorman)

Ted: Oh, hi, Ivan.

Ivan: (sneering:) I'm smelling pets!

(Then Ted came up to Ivan, trying to distract Ivan, without having it as a cost of his own life.)

Ted: Pets? What? No, no pets here. I can't have any pet. Wait, is there no-pets-allowed policy?

Ivan: Yes.

(The various tokusatsu sound effects of the Toho Sound Studio's subsidiaries: the Toho Effect Group and Tokyo Eiga's Recording Department or Toho Eizo Sound Studio, as being heard in Toho's Godzilla, Go! Godman, Go! Greenman!, Zone Fighter and Megaloman, as well as Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra Series and Pro-Wrestling Star Azteckaiser plays in the background as Ivan grabs Ted and pushes him out of the away, making the young man hit the floor again.)

Ted: (Unseen:) Uh!

Ivan: Now, excuse me.

(Ivan then suddenly barged in as he was trying to smell down Tom, Jerry, George and Tuffy. The camera cuts to Ted laying on the floor and looking at Ivan as he searches for the animals that he had encounter. He gasps before his thoughts are heard)

Ted: [Thinking/Echoing:] I hope Ivan doesn't find Tom, Jerry and that monkey.

(With Jerry, Tuffy, George and the now-recovered Tom, they are hiding behind a chair)

George: (peeking his head out:) Is this a new game?

Tuffy: We have got to keep quiet, or you'll give us away, monkey.

(Tom and Jerry nervously agreed. Back with Ivan, he suddenly came over to the chair where the four animal friends are hiding)

Ivan: Aha!

(But to his surprise, it was empty and George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy somehow got away again)

Ted: What?

Ivan: Nothing. I thought this was where I smell not just one, but three more pets?

(The doorman then kept sniffing and George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy seemed to hang from the ceiling lamp. Ted silently notices them, and becomes shocked)

Ted: No, no, NO!!

(Before Ted could catch him, George fly off on Tom's back with the cat and the two mice using their flying abilities, just as Ivan got up off the floor. Then Ted smiled nervously to the doorman, who is now towering over him firmly)

Ivan: Why yell when I'm right next to you?

Ted: reason.

(Ivan then went to the fridge where there was little food and drink. He notices a single cartoon of milk that wasn't used for a long time)

Ivan: Aha!

(The doorman pulls out the milk cartoon from the fridge and sniffing it, only to find it is sour)

Ivan: Milk is sour, don't drink it.

(He then put it back in the fridge and shut the door as George was now safe on the counter with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, eating a sandwich. Tom started to bite his nails nervously. Tuffy looked down and grabbed a book, then he looked to Ted, Tom and Jerry with a left-with-no-choice face.)

Tuffy: [Whispering:] Thomas? Uncle Jerry? Forgive me.

(Then the cat and mouse duo gasps before shielding their eyes, not wanting to see Tuffy getting caught by Ivan. But unknown to them, the toddler grey mouse just threw the book out the window, which draws Ivan's attention, making him believe it to be Tuffy as a silhouette.)

Ivan: (grinning:) Aha!

(Again, the classic tokusatsu sound effects of the Toho Sound Studio's Toho Effect Group and Toho Eizo Sound Studio play in the background as Ivan rushed to it to catch the 'pet'. Back with Tom, Jerry and George, the blue/grey cat and the brown mouse are still covering their eyes when Tuffy's voice is heard.)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) It's okay, fellas. You can look now.

(They uncover their eyes and looked down only to see Tuffy still standing with them)

Tuffy: The one thing going to be sacrificed to Ivan the doorman is one book, thrown out the window by me.

Tom: Why did he just throw that book?

Tuffy: So that guy would think that it was the monkey, or should we say... Me, a mouse who wears a human baby's diaper my size?

Tom: (smiling:) Ohh.

(When George ran off laughing, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy gives a silent chase once again. They explored while Ted feared the worst of having a monkey loose in his apartment building)

Jerry: Monkey?! Monkey?!

Tuffy: Monkey?

(Tom feels like wanting to panic)

Tom: This is not good...

Jerry: *turning his pupils to look back at Tom* At least, it can't get any worse, Thomas.

(The house animal trio stopped before Tuffy gives them another direction)

Tuffy: Fellas, split up.

(Tom and Jerry nodded before they did so, going separate ways, but with only Tom and Jerry sticking together. Hopefully, they could find George before Ivan could)

Tuffy: [Whispering:] Monkey, where are you?

(Meanwhile, George was loose in the vents and he followed to where he heard a female opera singer. With Tom and Jerry, they are searching the corridors of the apartment)

Jerry: Now if I was a monkey, where would I be?

Tom: I know you'd scratch your butt or eat bananas... or worse of all, transform into a giant monster ape at night when the moon is full.

Jerry: (giggles) Very funny, but the full moon has nothing to do with monkeys or apes.

(They went down the halls, while Tuffy went his own way. There was then louder opera singing heard. Tom and Jerry gulped, cracked the door open and saw a short aristocratic woman going to take a bubble bath with music playing loudly in her room)

Jerry: It's the same old lady who is mean to the painters, and have them failed for their mistakes.

Tom: Jerry, I hope he isn't in this room.

Jerry: Nope, he's not, let's go.

(Suddenly, before the cat and mouse duo could leave the room, the vent opened and George appeared and hung onto the chandelier. Tom and Jerry looked up above, and upon seeing the chimpanzee again, they are filled with happiness. At this same moment, Tuffy enters the same room, having heard the noise from afar with good hearing)

Tuffy: [Whispering:] Okay, he's here. Come on, let's get out of here.

Tom: No, Tuffy, we have to get him out of this room first.

(George then bounced off the couch after landing and ended up on the coffee table. His left ear twitched as he heard music and came up to the stereo and put his ear up to it, but then twitched as it grew very loud in his eardrums slightly. His back leg then landed in the barrel or can of red paint. The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry with their eyes widened)

Tom: Oh, man...

Jerry: This is bad. Being covered in paint could mean health and life-threatening trouble.

Tom: Both exposure to paint and an absorption of it through the skin could poison the body with certain chemicals and toxic, even to make bone cancer.

Jerry: And without some serious medical help and treatments, the victim would die.

(But then Tuffy sees that George wasn't feeling sick with the effects of the paint)

Tuffy: Wait a minute.

(The baby mouse walks to one of the paint can and reads a label. He found some words)

Tuffy: Hmm... "Toxic-free".

(Then he smiled with cleverness and turned to Tom and Jerry)

Tuffy: That's it! This paint must be different, it is not toxic to the paint when there was a few drops of it, even on animals.

Jerry: Not toxic? Really?

Tuffy: You got it, uncle! George is fine! Nothing's happening to his body. But tasting and swallowing the paint is still not good, though.

(George giggles in agreement with Tuffy, then splatted the paint and saw various other colors and decided to have a little fun)

Tom: Oh, no...

(George put his hands together in the red and green paints and looked like it could be fun. He walked across the red paint and then splattered the white wall with his hands)

Tom: [Whispering:] Um, Monkey? You just had your fun with toxic-free paint. Now would you stop, please?

George: I can't, Tom. I just want to find out more about what this "paint" stuff could do.

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Jerry with his tail swinging back and forth)

Jerry: Hmm? Maybe a little more time should be better.

(Soon enough, George had painted his own landscape of the jungle of where he came from. Tom, Jerry and Tuffy closely studied it and even found the paintings of Ted and George.)

Jerry: Well, well. That reminds me of a lots of matte paintings for The Wizard of Oz at the MGM art department.

Tom: Yeah, but we're not in Hollywood anymore.

(There then came bubbles from the bathroom and one popped right in front of George which excited him for more. He even let one pop in his mouth, but he didn't like the taste)


(Then he followed the bubbles into the bathroom. With various anime and tokusatsu sound effects, Tom flung himself forward and grabbed George's legs until he kept going and dragged the cat into the bathroom with him. As a result of this, Tom is skidding across the floor and shredding his fur off his body's skin, with Jerry and Tuffy following him by his fallen fur)

Tom: [Whispering/Groaning:] Noooo....

(George then hopped up and came to the edge of the bathtub as the owner had cucumbers on her eyes as she was waving her hand to the tune of her opera singing. Jerry and Tuffy also hopped onto the bathtub's edges and looked upon her carefully)

Tuffy: Isn't that Robyn's aunt, Miss Pristine Figg?

Jerry: No, I think that's Miss Plushbottom, the opera singer. She's the one who kicked some painters out of here room for their incompetence.

(With Tom, he looked at his reflection on the mirror to show him one skinned area on his front torso. He is completely embarrassed with his cheeks glowing red)

Tom: [Thinking/Noticing:] This can't end well. If only Cousin Muscles were with us, he would've help us keep this naive monkey out of trouble by pulling him lightly with his strength.

[George popped the bubble above the tub and it made the green paint slide off his hand and it ended up in the water. Tom, now with his regrown fur on his torso, gasped deeply and cupped his mouth while shaking nervously. George liked this and waved his red and green painted hands into the water]

Tom: [Whispering:] can paint the water, Monkey?


(Then Jerry and Tuffy thought of an idea, then they got one with their open-mouth smiles)

Jerry: [Whispering:] Yeah. That's it!

(The camera cuts to a sceen where George seemed to continue on with his finger or hand painting on the bath water.)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) If this chimpanzee can mix Miss Plushbottom's bath water with the workers' paints, so can we.

Tom: Whose we.

Jerry: You, me and Tuffy.

(This left Tom stunned with more fear and he closes his teeth)

Tom: (through his teeth:) I don't think we do that. *looks to the lady still relaxing in her bath* If this Miss Plushbottom guy sees us, she'll call the animal patrol and have us taken to a taxidermy to be killed and stripped of our fur.

Tuffy: *frowns at Tom* Ahh, no. We're not going to let that happened. We can talk, remember? And if even if she did catch us, she'll be frozen with fear to hear us speak to her.

Jerry: Tuffy's right, Thomas. It'd be fun, it's like we're going somewhere over the rainbow. You know? Dorothy's song back in Kanasas?

Tom: Yep, but still...

Tuffy: Come on, Tommy. Let's help this monkey out, PLEASE?? No physical violence on that old woman, just a painless, harmless, colorful humiliation.

Jerry: Surely, she'll believe it was those same men from before, trying to leave her a payback surprise that would cause her bankruptcy and leave her penniless.

(George then giggled with Jerry and Tuffy's discussions to Tom as he rubbed his hands against her face and ran off again for more paint, laughing, with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy watching him. Tom then looked back at his former rodent enemies. Though he winced and grunted with worry, he slowly began smiling)

Tom: Okay, if you say so a lot.

(Then the blue/gray cat looked back at his reflection in the mirror nervously)

Tom: But we better make it quick, or else we are so dead.

(The camera cuts to Jerry and Tuffy)

Jerry: I hope so, too, buddy. We're together now, the US citizens and members of Starling Enterprises Worldwide, founded by Gilbert Starling.

(They the three house animals hurry away to help George paint the lady's restroom and bath water. First, they have to collect the paint cans that the incompetent painters had left behind as a result of getting fired)

Jerry: Let's see. First paint color, purple.

Tom: Second color, blue. My favorite.

Tuffy: Third, green. Mine, too.

Confrontation with Eagle/Lion vs. Eagle

(The scene dissolves into the digital matte painting animation sequences where the map of the United States shows the location of New York City. Then the camera pans down on the left as if it travels from the country, all the way to South Africa, stopping at Cape Town, one of its three captials. Then the camera dissolve to a scene where Tom and Jerry's wives Toodles Galore and Chérie Mouse are now having a spot of afternoon tea at the tea house before they return to the hotel that the two cat-and-mouse duos have checked in. Inside and outside the tea house, there were lots of different African animals and foreign animals from different countries sitting at the tables drinking tea or coffee. Some have their black tea, white tea, herbal tea or even Rooibos, the African red tea, while the others such as the Panda Bears from China, the Snow Monkeys from Japan and the Korean leopards are having their green tea with Asian sweets. And there, on their tables where the two hot drinks were served were pastries, sandwiches, assorted fruits, cakes, biscuits or cookies, scones and other refreshments. The meerkats work as waiters, while the others brew tea or coffee in the kitchen. With Toodles and Chérie, at the outdoor dining area, the two ladies are having tea, fruit, sandwiches and biscuits. Though she remember being told along with Toodles by Tom, Jerry and Tuffy that they will return to them for the rest of their honeymoon here in South Africa, Chérie is feeling a bit concerned as she wondered what will become of them while they are having much time with the chimpanzee, who is not yet known until later as Curious George.)


Toodles Galore:



Chérie: (sadly:) Oh, Toodles, my only friend. How can we even wait until our husbands and Tuffy return here to Cape Town, or met up with them in New York City?

(The purple-scarf wearing girl mouse lets out a sigh before starting to sob.)

Chérie: (sobbing:) Whoa, grief and blackest lamentation!

(Then she started weeping quietly as she covers her face. Toodles felt sorry for Jerry's wive, before smiling at her while she is busy crying.)

Toodles Galore: There, there.

(The white cat pulls out her handkerchief and hands it to Chérie.)

Toodles Galore: Dress your tears, and blow your nose.

(Chérie takes Toodles' handkerchief, and the light-brown mouse did what the white cat told her to do before returning her handkerchief.)

Chérie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say such rude remarks about those three boys.

Toodles Galore: That's alright, Chérie. Karen used to have her feelings for Frosty, that she just wouldn't forget about him for now, just as much as Robyn wouldn't forget about her father when he goes exploring in different countries.


Toodles Galore: Here's what Rudolph, Frosty, Clarice and Crystal told us to remember.

(The white cat then pointed at her light-brown mouse friend)

Toodles Galore: If you believe in yourselves, Tom and Jerry will always be there for us... Even if they take this friendly chimpanzee with them, and show him to our kids, who now are having fun with Tim, Thomasina, Baby Booties and the others.

Chérie: (slowly smiling) You're right, Toodles. We mustn't lose faith in them. And yes, we could either finish, stop or cancel our honeymoon in Africa, fly from Cape Town International Airport to a New York airport or call Mr. Starling to send as an S.E. helicopter to get us there in no time flat.


Chérie: Or better yet, Toodles, we should think of something special in order to get to our Tom, Jerry and Tuffy.

(Then in continuing to talk, she again mimics the line of Jack Skellington in the early animation tests for Disney and Tim Burton's 1993 stop motion animated feature, The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a different verse.)

Chérie: If only someone have the power... (gasps) reach out...

(While continues to rant excitedly, a gigantic shadow of a familiar creature is slowly approaches upon Chérie and Toodles on their seats. The other tea or coffee drinkers notice the unseen bird-like animal and then gets terrified, trembling in fear. But Tom and Jerry's wives are still busy with their conversation.)

Chérie (Unseen/behind her chair): And relief them from their short break in the Big Apple. Someone who might put an end...

(The camera cuts to a close-up at the smiling Chérie chattering of some magical idea to the unseen Toodles.)

Chérie: their meaningless adventure!

(Then the animal's furry brown arm with a furry white hand that has sharp nails reaches for Chérie without her noticing.)

Chérie: Someone that...

(Her talk is interrupted as the animal's hand grabs Chérie with one tokusatsu sound effect by Toho Eizo Sound Studio, pulling her away from her seat while she screams.)

Chérie (before going unseen:) Aah! (gasps)

(The camera cuts to Toodles Galore who becomes startled with surprised at Chérie getting grab from her dining table, then she looked to the left and gasps in an even more surprise. There, standing just a few inches from the table was a large Eagle, a large bird with lots of brown fur all over his body, white hands, black marks on his tail feathers, a while fur coat surrounding his neck and his beak, legs and feet that are yellow or gold. He was the same creature who tried to eat Jerry, and later chase Tom when he is disguised as a girl eagle in the cartoon Flirty Birdy. Eagle is now holding Chérie, who is trembling with surprise and fear as she stares at his eyes. Then he speaks to her in a devious way; his voice sound much like Vegeta; prince of the Saiyan race, in the original English version of Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation's Dragon Ball Z, with character voices recorded at Ocean Studios in Canada.)

Eagle: Thinking of... *places his hand on his chest* ...ME, Miss Chérie Mouse?

(The camera cuts to a close up at Eagle with his arm being seen without his hand holding the unseen Chérie. As he spoke to her, he leans his head toward the camera a bit.)

Eagle: Now, don't act so surprised.

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Chérie in Eagle's hand with only her head and shoulder sticking out, while Toodles is being seen above.)

Toodles Galore: Eagle?

(Chérie smiled nervously, giggling)

Caught Red-Handed/Tom, Jerry and Tuffy vs. Ivan

(Back in New York City, Ted Shackleford, the man with the yellow suit and hat, continue to search for Curious George, now an unnamed monkey. He didn't know that Tom, Jerry and Tuffy had already found him, for they are still inside the lady's bathroom, coloring it with paints left behind by her fired painters. As of now, he is climping up the ladder to the top of the apartment where the birds are standing on his hat.)

Ted: Okay fellas, last stop. Everybody off.

[The birds fly off the hat, then Ted went looking at all the paint cans]

Ted: No. Paint? You've got to be kidding me. Who leaves eight open cans of paint lying around? Uh-oh.

[He opens the window, then ends up falling on the chair with the zebra paint, screaming. Fortunately, he landed on the soft chair with one heavy tokusatsu punching sound effect bu the Toho Sound Studio's Toho Effect Group in the background. Then he looked at George's paintings on the wall of Miss Plushbottom's unfinished room.]

(He looked to the bathroom and saw colorful splatters of the paint.)

Ted: Miss Plushbottom's bathroom. Of course! He'd be in there, and I bet Tom and Jerry must've found him.

(Inside the bathroom, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George were pouring more and more paint into the woman's bath water, one color at a time. The lady was resting peacefully, blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Tom, Jerry and Tuffy were covered in paint, but they didn't care about this. The trio were filled with silent joy of extra fun, that they are quietly giggling before humming Dorothy Gale's song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Ted peeked inside the room, and gasped once he saw what George was doing, with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's assistance. And by the time he hides away, Tuffy had already heard him and looked back only to see him gone. Or is he?)

Ted: Oh, boy...


Tuffy: (happily/quietly:) Tom, Uncle Jerry! The man with the yellow suit is here. Stop the water painting.


Ted: [Whispering:] Thomas, Jerry, what do you three are doing?


Jerry: (sheepishly:)

Tom: (worriedly:) We tried to stop this guy, but he tempted us into helping him out.



Ted: No, I couldn't get very angry at him. I need to do what's best for him.


Ted: Monkey, come over here. Come on, Monkey...


Tom: Try peek-a-boo, sir. Use your hat.




Ted: [Whispering loudly:] Peek-a-boo! Monkey!

(Then George heard the man's voice. He saw him and walked over to him with a smile, dropping the bucket into the bath water. Back with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy behind Ted, they saw George screw up the humiliating operation and groaned)

Jerry: Uh-oh.

Tom: Now there'll be trouble, rainbow mode.

(And there was; George chattered a little too loudly that it made the woman sat up. She looked around as Tuffy is heard directing Tom, Jerry and George.)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) Stay silent, fellas.

(The woman removed her cucumbers and saw that she had uninvited company. But it wasn't her fired painters. It was Ted Shackleford, Curious George, Thomas "Tom" Cat, Jerry Mouse and Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse)

Ted: Uh, do yourself a favor, you're gonna wanna put the cucumbers back on.

(With Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, they nodded sheepishly in agreement with the man with the yellow suit and hat's advice to the unseen woman)

Woman: (Unseen/curious:) Why?

(And back with Ted and George goes the camera, the man smiled nervously before he closed the bathroom door with George in his free arm. But unfortunately for the group, there was no escape from the woman, because the back of the door had a mirror shows her reflection. She then saw the paint-colored bubbles covering her body and, in horror, screams like Kevin McCallister when he puts the burning aftershave gel onto his face in John Hudges Christmas comedy film, Home Alone.)


(Outside the room goes another camera-shot of the scene, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, George and Ted are startled by the woman's scream.)

Tuffy: Let's run before she gets us!

(So they started to run from the woman's ruined bathroom, but back inside, she wouldn't let her tricksters get away so easily as she pushes a nearby security or emergency button while calling out for she knows who?)

Woman: IVAN!!!

(Back to Ted's group went the camera, they are about to touch the door to get out when suddenly, it was flung open, knocking them away with Tom screeching like all cats do.. Someone who was opening the door with massive strength was Ivan the doorman)

Tom: (unseen) MREOW!!!

Ivan: HA!

(Ted, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy landed on the ground with classic anime and tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and the Toho Sound Studio's Toho Effect Group and Toho Eizo Sound Studio. playing in the background. Then Ivan walked toward Ted with heavy foot steps, played as heavy punching sound effects by the Toho Effect Group)

Ivan: (smiling evilly:) I KNEW IT! You are red-handed with your own mischievous pets!

(Ted shielded Tom, Jerry and Tuffy behind him while talking to Ivan)

Ted: Hold on a second! While we're on the subject, I think you have a serious pest problem in this building, Ivan.

(As Ted tried to get explain this trouble to Ivan, but George kept clinging onto him like a lost puppy, whimpering)

Ted: I mean, don't you spray for house or jungle animals every spring? I specifically remember such language in my lease.

(He then tried to get George off him)

Ted: Let go, that's not helping.

(On Tom's shoulder, Tuffy and Jerry looked at each other)

Tuffy: Is he trying to get rid of the monkey?

Jerry: (pouting) Yep.


Ivan: Miss Plushbottom?

Miss Plushbottom: Look at my walls!

Ted: (turning to Miss Plushbottom:) And you!

Miss Plushbottom: What?!

Ted: You hired a monkey to paint your apartment. How do you sleep at night?

(Ivan points at George and Ted on a wall painting, made by the naive chimpanzee)

Ivan: Here is your monkey! *points at Tom, Jerry and Tuffy behind Ted's back* Supported by a cat and two mice! Now what do you say for yourself, before I either call the police, or throw you all out?

Ted: Come on, that could be any guy in a yellow suit with a silk starched collar, and a black spotted tie.

Tom: (who is behind Ted) I think that was you, Mister.

(But then Miss Plushbottom yells to Ivan, making Ted, George, Tuffy, Jerry and Tuffy look back at her.)

Miss Plushbottom: IVAN!

(Then we see Tom and Jerry starring at the unseen Miss Plushbottom commanding Ivan)

Miss Plushbottom: GET THEM!

(The group then looks at Ivan yelling as he charges at them)


(Ted, George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy are then horrified as they're about to be seized by Ivan. But then within the next shots of the scenes, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy makes frowning faces, and only Tom quickly grabbing Ted and George. And before Ivan could grab them, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy leaped away from the man with a higher jump. This made both the doorman and Mis Plushbottom surprised at how the three house animals are acting human)

Miss Plushbottom: Oh!

Ivan: Huh?

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy landed on the ground with the cat holding Ted and George together. Though awed by the actions of the one cat and two mice, Ivan growls before he tries to charge at them. But once again, they dodged him by jumping high over him and then landing right where the doors are partially damaged. Then Tom carefully place George and Ted back on their feet, and he, Jerry and Tuffy smiles at them with a single wink. Then they turn back with angry faces, and walks toward Ivan, leaving George and Ted to watch.)

Ted: (to himself:) Amazing. Tom and Jerry are...

(The camera pans down to George next to the man with the yellow hat)

George: Oooh...

(Back with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy goes the camera, they stopped seven inches away from Ivan, and gets into their fighting stances with a shocked Miss Plushbottom)

Ivan: What? Do you three think you can challenge ME, the former champion wrestler Ivan?!

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, pretending to be mute animals unknown to Ivan and Miss Plushbottom, nodded their heads to say yes before the cat puts on a red ribbon and ties it on his head to make him look like a martial artist)

Ivan: All right, then. I'd dare you try it. (moves into a fighting stance, raising his fists) Come on!

(The camera switches to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy who then looked at each other. Tuffy nodded at Tom and Jerry, who then nods back, before they stare back at Ivan. And then, the Chinese martial arts music, better known as the "Tom-Fu" music, starts playing in the background. Tom raises his hands up in the air as he pumped up his body before dashing toward Ivan and letting out a marital arts yell in doing so)


(Ivan attempts to punch Tom, but the cat dodges it by jumping up. And halting in the air, he gave the door man the first karate chip on his neck, the second on his check and the third on his back.)

Tom: (landing back on the ground:) WA'TAIGH!

(Ivan collapses on the ground, and back with Ted and George, they are stunned with amazement at Tom easily overpowering Ivan)


(George chitters in agreement. Ivan soon gets ups, groaning from his pain after receiving his three strikes from Tom, he turns around at the blue/grey cat, growling. With a mighty roar, he charge toward Tom and tries to give him a beating with a display of rapid punches. But Tom is blocking his attacks, and this lasted for about thirty seconds before grabbing Ivan's arm in a judo-style grapple and throws him to the ground. Then Jerry and Tuffy decides to step in to assist Tom)

Jerry and Tuffy: KIAAAAAAI!

(They jump up, and together, they gave Ivan a single kick to his stomach, sending slidind to the wall. Miss Plushbottom was horrified to see the doorman getting brutally beaten by such animals like Tom, Jerry and Tuffy)

Miss Plushbottom: Ivan, you fool! Why can't you grab that cat and those two mice?

Ivan: (groaning:) I don't think they're an ordinary cat and mice. (growls as he got back on his feet) They must be monsters!

Miss Plushbottom: Well, whatever there are, you must restrain them before they'll cause us even further damage.

Ivan: Yes, ma'am. I won't fail you.


Ivan: AAGH!

Miss Plushbottom: Aah!


Ivan: Arrgh-grr! Oooh! How dare you? Nobody scratches me in the face and lives! Not even aggressive pussycats like you!

(Tom looked at his paws' nails and giggles at Ivan nervously to say sorry, but this didn't make him happy.)

Ivan: And now, you're insulting me about this! Now, YOU'RE DEAD!


Ivan: (panting:) What...what the devil... are you three?


Tom: We are Thomas Cat!

Jerry: Jerry Mouse!

Tuffy: And Nibbles Mouse!



Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Yeah, we do!

(A terrified Miss Plushbottom puts her hands on her cheeks and screams, this time, upon seeing Tom and Jerry talking just like Ted. This also startles Ivan from behind)

Miss Plushbottom: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

(Back with the man with the yellow hat, he spoke to the us; the viewers)

Ted: That's what was doing when I first saw Tom and Jerry talking.

(Back with Miss Plushbottom and Ivan, the old woman, after her screaming stops, faints to the ground)

Ivan: (worried:) Miss Plushbottom!

(Seeing Ivan running toward the unconsciousness Miss Plushbottom, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy catch him off-guard and saw their chance. Tuffy and Jerry are the first to charge at the doorman, making him look back, too late to react in self-defense. They push him off the lady with a team punch to his stomach, leading him to the paint-decorated bathroom. Then they gave him smacks to his face before Jerry flies up, pump up the muscles in his arm and elbows the top of his head, making him dazed)

Jerry: Now, Thomas! Do it!

Tom: Thank you, Jerry!

(Then he charges at Ivan while Jerry and Tuffy cleared aside. In a single flash, he gave Ivan an upper-kick, sending him falling into the mixture of bath water and toxic-free paint with a big slash that flooded the room. Then Tom, Jerry and Tuffy gave their two-fingers up victory pose, just like the child version of Goku does in some episodes of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball)

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Peace!


Ted: Well, that was fun.


Ted: I mean, a violent one. Bye-bye.


Ted: Sorry. My fault.

(Ivan throws the broken door away before chasing Tom, Jerry, Tuffy Ted and George, then they all scream)

Ted: [running to the window] Lovely apartment. Could we borrow your window? Gotta go.


Ivan: [opens the door, running over Miss Plushbottom, and to the open window] (angry:) You are no longer 17-B! You are kicked from that building!

Ted: Uhh..just to be clear... *holding up George in his hands* The monkey's kicked... *looks down at Tom, Jerry and Tuffy* And so are the talking cat and mice! Not me?

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy laughs in Ted's saying to Ivan, before the annoyed doorman groans before shouting.)


Ted: (laughs:) Okay, okay! I'm out! Goodbye, little Ivan!



Ivan: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


Jerry: (giggles) And we are out...

Tom: But with little time to see this big wrestling doorman hanging on for dear life.

(A few seconds later, Ted had trouble getting out of the fire escape down the ladder. He got his foot caught in it and was now hanging, too, but upside down. George smiled and lifted his tie to see the man's face)

Ted: (sighs) What am I gonna do with you?

Tuffy: I'm sure we'll find someplace that will allow animals like us, sir.

Ted: Well, I have to go to the Bloomsberry Museum... There's a big fuss going on over there.

Tom: How do we get there?

(Ted sighs again as he holds George's hand)

Ted: We'll have to walk...

(And with that, after lowering themselves back to the ground, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, George and Ted walked to the Bloomsberry Museum)

Our Hero/Tuffy and George's Memories/ Animal Control

(After a wrestling-kung-fu battle with Ivan the Doorman in Miss Plushbottom's apartment room, the group's journey for the Boomsberry Museum continues. As they walk on sidewalks with Jerry sitting on Tom's head, Curious George; still the unnamed chimpanzee, saw one kid latching to his father's leg and decided to do the same to Ted Shackleford, the man with the yellow suit and hat. Tom notices this funny behavior.)

Tom: Monkey, what are you doing?

George: Having fun! (giggles)

(He then saw a mother holding her baby who then sucked his thumb and then George went into Ted' arms and sucked his own thumb. Tuffy, who is sitting on Ted's left shoulder, saw this)

Tuffy: It looks like you are copying what you see.

(George removed his thumb with a Pop! sound effect)

George: It's fun!

(George giggled in monkey language and he then put his thumb in Ted's mouth who then recoiled in disgust)

Ted: Blagh! [raspberry] Yuck!

(Then in a close-up shot, Tuffy makes a disgusted smile as if to tease Ted)

Tuffy: Eww, very funny. And gross, too.

(A boy was then riding on a man's shoulders like a piggy back ride and then soon George copied that kid as well and held the yellow hat in his hands)

Tom: (smiles) That does seem like fun.

(Jerry Mouse giggles in agreement before leaping onto the top of Tom's head, making him annoyed)

Jerry: Piggy back ride!

Tom: Jerry?!


Tuffy: Um, Uncle Jerry, why not get on someone else's back that's bigger and older? Or better yet, just put him on this guy's right shoulder.

(Tom then took Jerry off his head and had his former enemy ride on Ted's right shoulder, relieving him from cat riding)

Jerry: Thank you, Tom.

Tom: I could tell that if I hadn't gotten you off me back soon, Jer, you would have passed out from lack of oxygen due to a gaze and fear of heights.

Tuffy: (rolling his eyes:) You're not kidding...

(Then Jerry giggles before pretending to ride on Ted's right should as if he were riding on Speed Racer's Mach 5 from the classic anime series produced by Tatsunoko Productions and based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuo Yoshida)

Jerry: Mach, go, go, go!

(Ted laughs in little amusement, and then George started to ruffle Ted's head which tickled the man very much)

Tuffy: Looks like the monkey is having a lot of fun.

Jerry: (smiling:) Uh-huh...

(They were now close to the museum as there were news vans parked in front of it. Once he saw the news team at the museum, Ted groans)

Ted: Augh, forgot all about 'em...

(Then he spoke to Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George)

Ted: Come on, guys, this way!

(They then rushed to a secret way, with Tom using his cat speed, in other than the front doors)

Tom: Why are we going this way?

Ted: So we don't get stalked by other people.

(Ted, with Tuffy and Jerry hanging on his yellow shirt, climbed in through the open window which was the museum gift shop. George and Tom followed, but in different ways such as teleportation)

Tuffy: Alright, we're in.

(Soon, Ted notice the gift shop)

Ted: Oh, no...

Tom: This is not good...

Jerry: Diffidently not good at all.

Tuffy: What's wrong?

Ted: Look...

(Ted pointed all around the gift shop to show merchandise all about the red monkey idol they found in the jungle. Tom, Jerry and Tuffy were stunned in surprise to see all this, that Tom's whiskers came off his white muzzle and fell down. And Jerry and Tuffy's whiskers are shedded, too. Then the camera cuts to a sequence of the same products)

Tuffy (Unseen:) I can't believe it. The red monkey idol's having its own merchandise?

(The camera cuts back to Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, George and Ted with the cat and two mice's whiskers now regrown. Jerry sighed as he then looked at a key chain of the monkey idol, with Tom's sweat drop slowly rolling down his head)

Jerry: What do we do now? Even this is bigger than the idol.

Tom: This is bad.

(Ted couldn't believe this, too)

Ted: This is ridiculous...

(Mr. Bloomsberry was talking with the various guests in the museum about them talking with Ted about discovering the monkey idol)

Tom: What do we do now?

Ted: [Whispering:] Run, guys! Run!

(The man took George's hand and ran with him, Tom and Jerry to avoid the people. They then hid into the museum owner's office)

Ted: (distraught:) What am I gonna do? Ugh... This is beyond bad...

(Then George chuckled as he played with the window blind)

George: On, off, on, off, on, off.

Tuffy: George, quit it!

Jerry: Yeah! It's not safe!

(Ted whispered sharply to George, Tuffy and Jerry as the chimpanzee continued over and over)

Ted: [Whispering:] Guys, quiet, I said quiet.

Tom: [Whispering:] Please stop.

(George then stopped with a chuckle. Tom, Jerry and Tuffy sighed and shook their head. George then started to play with the African masks)

Tom: [Whispering:] George, please don't play with the masks.

(George then planted the mask in Ted's face with a goofy smile)

Jerry: (sighs) Monkey...

Ted: (sulking:) Like I've said before, what am I going to do?

Jerry: Sir, I know it's not easy, but you have to tell Mr. Bloomsberry the truth.

Tuffy: Yeah, telling the truth is always the best.

Ted: (depressed:) The horrible, awful, devastatingly crushing truth..."

(Ted sounded depressed as he stared at the monkey idol in his fingertips)

Ted: This idol looks like it came out of a cereal box! It's only three inches tall!

Tom: If only there was a way to make it bigger, not like a giant ape monster.

(There was then a knocking at the door and a man called out for Ted before coming in)

The man: Oh, there you are, what's with that?

Ted: Clovis, I'll be explain, give me a minute.

(Then the man with the yellow suit and hat leaves with the man, then looked to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy as George rode on the ceiling fan)

Ted: Keep an eye on him.

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: We will.

(Ted shuts the door and leaves the room. Then Tom, Jerry and Tuffy sighed sadly together)

Tuffy: How hard can it be to watch one monkey?

(Tom and Jerry sadly glanced to him)

Tuffy: (innocently:) What?

Tom: You just made it more difficult.

Tuffy: Oh, come on, it can't be that hard. I mean, according to our creators at the MGM animation department in Hollywood, I was originally considered an orphan mouse, but later revealed that still have my real mother. You know? Geraldine, Jerry's sister?

Jerry: We know, nephew. She told that that you were born by her. And we didn't make it easy for the difference about you.

Tom: Especially about Robyn...

(Before continuing, he yanked out his sandwich he quickly bought from the convenience store earlier and took a bite out of it to eat)

Tom: Well, I guess she just missed her late mother, Mrs. Starling, and even her father when goes on an exploring mission to Egypt to bring Chip back the magic tablet, while he takes good care of his niece...

(Jerry looked soft and sad as he, too, remembers all the good time he, Tom and Robyn have in their misadventures, facing trouble with Chip's magic ring that he have stuck on his head. After finishing his sandwich, Tom soon got George down from the fan and where the monkey looked curious)

Tom: (firmly:) Stop that now...

Tuffy: (giggles) You really are a cheeky little thing, just like Thomas the Tank Engine who lives on the Island of Sodor, a secret part of the United Kingdom in Europe.

George: Can you please tell me what's a mother?

(The monkey's question made Tuffy confused that he blinks his eyes twice)

Tuffy: A mother?

(Tom and Jerry looked at each other before Tuffy turned to them)

Tuffy: He's asking me what a mother is...

Jerry: Do you know what a mother is?


Jerry: Yes. A mother is also someone who loves you... Someone who takes care of you... Tucks you in at night... Kisses you good night... Wishes you sleep tight...

(Jerry's explanation is interrupting when a familiar male teenage voice is heard responding to him.)

Male Teenage Voice: No further explanation will be needed.

Jerry: Huh?


Tom and Jerry: You...

(Chip, the wizard who is Gilbert Starling's younger-brother-in law and Robyn's uncle, walks up to Tom, George, Tuffy and Jerry)

Chip: Did you both miss me, Tom and Jerry?


Tom and Jerry: Chip?

George: Ooh, who are you?


George: Wizard...?

(The facefless human wizard nodded)


Tom: Hey, Chip? George was asking what is a mother to him, and Jerry was only trying to explain to him.






Geoge: I have my own mother, and my father?

Chip: Exactly. (stood ups) George, look into this memory orb.

(Then through the energy of the magic ring in his finger, Chip makes a large orb appear on the wall of the room, and George looks deeply into it as if he is beginning to remember something back deep in his memories. Inside the orb, he could see his younger self living)

Chip: (Unseen:) Long ago, you were in the chimpanzees' nest, well behaved. And then, there was a bright light...


Chip: (Unseen:) You woke up and your mother and father, better known together as parents, decided to check it out. Your father went first while my mother protected you she then got worried and told you to stay put after he was gone for a long time. Then you fell asleep and woke up all alone... You never saw them again.


George: You mean... I'm abandoned by my mom and dad?


Tuffy: A bright light? Sounds like it might have been from a vehicle or a flash light.

Jerry: What's the monkey saying, Chip?


Chip: As being clearly revealed, the mysterious 'bright lights' shone brightly and this young monkey's parents were gone right away.

Tom: Sounds like the bright light might have been from a flashlight.

Chip: Do you know what kind of light it was?

(George looked sad and shook his head)

Tuffy: Was it white, Monkey?

(George nodded, before Chip's orb shows everyone what the wizard is telling them all, including George)

Chip: Those were the headlights of cars and the searchlights of the helicopters, driven by a poacher and his henchmen.

(George gasps in horror with an anime sweat drop on his furry head)

George: W-What's a poacher?

(Tom and Jerry visibly flinched at the word of poachers, except Tuffy)

Tom: I don't like this.

Jerry: Me too.


Chip: A poacher is a human who is bad and takes animals away for sporting events, or often sell them to motion picture studios or television stations, zoos, circuses, fairs or carnivals and even amusement parks. They are very bad and they usually take animals from their homes for hunting or harming them.

George: Then that means, mommy and daddy did not abandon me after they learn that I've been causing other animals a lot a trouble? Did they die because of my misbehavior?

Chip: (shaking his head:) No. They died leaving you alone is because they have made a sacrifice to save you.

George: Sacrifice? To save me?

Tuffy: Uh, that's not important right now. Let's just hope it wasn't long before those poachers are stopped by police and put to jail.

(Tom looked extremely upset as he turned his narrowed angry eyes at the toddler mouse, growling)

Tom: Rrrrgh! TUFFY! Stop saying that!

(But then, Chip's energy beam from his ring struck him, creating an energy barrier that paralyzes him as he groaned and Jerry, Tuffy and George sees Chip freezing Tom with the ring's power)

Chip: Don't act too harsh on Tuffy! I know it's hard for you to listen to that, Tom, but you have to get used to it, weather you like or not.

Tom: (groaning:) Okay, Chip. My bad.

(Then Chip releases Tom from his energy barrier, and the cat fells on his knees with one anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Jet Sound Engine, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production, panting. Jerry shrugs as he rolled his eyes, but then saw Tuffy looked very uncomfortable around the word.)

Tuffy: You don't like poachers, I see.

Jerry: We don't...

(Then the brown mouse and the little grey mouse hugged each other.)

Tuffy: Then I'll stop mentioning the word.

(Then he sobs quietly in Jerry's arms. Chip looks confused as he saw Tuffy being extremely, but silently upset)

Chip: What's the big deal, Tuffy?

Tuffy: It's a long story... I'll tell you because I remember it better than my mother's husband... (sniffs) Tuffy the Senior, my father. But... It all started when me, my mother and my father were on a tour of Africa before we see this monkey for the first time... when I was a just a baby.

Tom: How can you remember something like that?

Jerry: *pointing at George* You and your parents met this monkey... *points at Tom and himself* ...before we do with you?

(With Tuffy, he nodded his teary head to make sign of saying yes.)

Tuffy: Like Chip, I'm the smart one.

(While continuing, Tuffy stretches his diaper and pulls out a picture containing his parents, Geraldine and an adult Tuffy, with Jerry's sister holding the baby Tuffy; originally known in Tom and Jerry Tales as Sniffles. Next to the mouse family is Tom's younger orange cat sister Thomasina, her over-sized daughter Baby Booties and her husband, who is a red cat with yellow eyes with green irises for their black pupils like Tom's and Thomasina's.)

Tuffy: And I have a photographic memory of my family's happy time off with Baby Booties, Thomasina and her husband, a red cat who closely look like Tom. On my father's death from an invasion of those hunters, he asks my mother to nickname me "Tuffy, Jr.", despite the right of keeping my real name "Nibbles". You see? I'm usually called that name because I have an appetite that is a lot greater than you guys.

(Chip sounded entranced by that factoid about Tuffy's father who is never before seen in all these years, in the past.)

Chip: Fascinating...

Jerry: Yeah. That means that Geraldine is married to this Tuffy, Sr. guy. Right?

(George looked curious for he had no idea that Tuffy had a father, not just Geraldine; his mother. That's when Chip spoke to him, Jerry, Tuffy and Tom)

Chip: That is correct, Jerry. It all started after Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse was born as courtesy of Geraldine and her husband; Tuffy, Sr., his father... Sometime after the monkey was born.

(The memory orb on the room's wall sparkled as it glows bright with changing colors of the rainbow. and with Tuffy and George looking on closely, unveiling not just more of George's memories, but also Tuffy's memories. First, in George's memories, we see a female chimpanzee who smiled to her child as she held him close in her arms and hugged him and kissing him on the forehead. When the insert song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", composed by ‎Harold Arlen with lyrics written by E.Y Harburg, stared to play at this time, Chip is heard narrating, too)

Chip: (Unseen:)

George's Mother: I love you, my precious baby.

Toddler George: Love you too, Mama... (cooing)

(A strong male chimpanzee soon came in, looking nice and kind. The female chimpanzee then nuzzled her head against her mate as he came in and they both smiled down to their endlessly curious son. When the first thirty seconds of opening music were done, the voice of the late Judy Garland, who portray the role of Dorothy Gale from Kansas in the MGM film, is heard singing the insert song.)

Judy Garland: (voice:) ♪ Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

(As Garland's singing voice and the music continues in the background, Chip's narration of Tuffy and George's infant-hood is heard over it)

Chip: (Unseen:)

(With George and Tuffy, they both have tears in their eyes and Tuffy nuzzled his body against the chimpanzee's arm chest as he seemed to be crying. Jerry walks up to his nephew and began comforting the sad him.)

Judy Garland: (voice:) ♪ Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue

Jerry: Oh, poor fellas.

George: (sobbing:) We-we're remembering our families.

(With Tom and Jerry, they are felt rather sad themselves and heart-broken to see the two friends crying quietly.)

Judy Garland: (voice:) ♪ And the dreams...

Tom: Tuffy... Monkey...

Judy Garland: (voice:) ♪ That you dare to dream...

Really do come true

(Back to the memory orb, it now shows another flashback that is taking place in New York City, where Jerry's sister Geraldine and her husband; an adult grey mouse named Tuffy, Sr., are in a hospital, helping Geraldine giving birth to Tuffy. The first show of the second flashback is a digital matte painting illustration of a hospital building during the morning. Along with Dorothy's singing voice and the music, Baby Tuffy's crying is heard inside.)

Chip: (Unseen:)

(Inside the operating room, Tuffy, Sr. is holding the hand of his wife, Jerry's sister Geraldine, with his own hands as they are watch the brown mice and the grey mice in medical coats and surgery uniforms examining the unseen Baby Tuffy, after she had already pushed him out of her body. Some of the brown mice with upper two or three eyelashes resemble Jerry, and the others without eyelashes resemble his cousin Muscles. But several nurses are similar to the Mouse Queen, and the other mice are seen with different light or dark colors of their fur.)

Brown Mouse (doctor): Geraldine, Tuffy, it's a boy.


(Then Tuffy, Sr. spoke to his wife proudly; his voice is a resemblance to the voice of Piccolo from the current English version of Dragon Ball Z.)

Tuffy, Sr.:


The Mouse Queen (nurse):


Tuffy, Sr.:




Geraldine (Unseen):



Brown Mouse (doctor):

(Then another mouse doctor, a blue mouse in a medical coat, came into the operating room, holding his sandwich which he is preparing to eat.)

Blue Mouse (doctor):


The Mouse Queen (nurse):

Brown Mouse (doctor):


Blue Mouse (doctor):




Tuffy, Sr.:

Blue Mouse (doctor):


Blue Mouse (doctor): (Unseen)


Baby Tuffy: (happily:) Ha ha ha!


Blue Mouse (doctor): Whoa! Did you see that? That baby must've grown his teeth, and he now took a bite out of my sandwich before I could do it!

(The brown mouse in the medical coat just smiled at what he saw.)

Brown Mouse (doctor):

(Then he turned to Gerladine and Tuffy, Sr.)

Brown Mouse (doctor): Tuffy, Geraldine, who are you going to name this young lad.


Tuffy, Sr.:


Tuffy, Sr. and Geraldine: Nibbles.

Sleeping at the Park/ Admiring Fireflies

(It was late evening, and Thomas the Cat, the mouse Jerry and his nephew Nibbles or Tuffy, the funny chimpanzee Curious George, and the man with the yellow suit and hat, Ted Shackleford, are outside as it was quite late. And there was a park bench in which they hadn't see just yet)

Tuffy: Is it too hard for you, Mr. Shackleford?

Ted: No, Tuffy. This is great, this a great idea. I'm so comfortable here. What am I lying on here? Is this goose down? Oh, it's so comfy.


Tom: (whispering:) He's gone bananokers.

Ted: No, this is a concrete park bench. Mm-mm. That's what it is!

(George nods his head in agreement before he chatters)

Ted: If you would excuse me. *lying down on the bench* Did I mention that it's a cold concrete bench? Very cold.

[Ted went a shivering before Jerry hushed him]

Jerry: Sshh...come on, it's gonna rain.

George: (whispering/curious:) What 'bout my friend?

Tom: (whispering gently:) He'll be fine there. If he wants to change his mind to sleep with us, he'll come around. Come on, let's go.


Ted: *feel a raindrop on his face* Huh?


Ted: I've should've look in the weather forecast on TV before Ivan kicked me out.

(He turns to George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy underneath a large tree with George shaking some of the branches. Ted chuckles upon seeing this)

Ted: Hey, shake all you want, Monkey! There's no bananas in there.

(The man grabs the hat and prepares to put it on his head)

Ted: But, if any of you a 40 feet idol, let me know.


Ted: Eighth wonder of the world. Right. What a nightmare. Can't get my life any better places than this? I mean, what worst things could have happen next?

(A lamp poster then begins soaking up, covering up Ted)

Ted: I've should have known that.

(Then the man with the yellow suit growls in anger before ripping a lamp poster apart, and then breathing deeply. The camera cut back to George, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy still sheltering under the tree, where Jerry had seen his near-furry)

Jerry: Oh, talk about a mild monster out of anger.

(Tom finishes making a bed of leaves)

Tom: There. *turns to Ted behind* Huh?


Tom: (unseen:) Looks like Ted wants to join with us.


George: (whispering:) Could be. I'll get him to sit with us.

(The monkey then began chattering and waving at Ted to join with him and his friends under the tree. Ted annoyingly sees George and his friends and sighs before gruffing)

Ted: I guess I have no any other choices then.

(With a single grunt, he starts walking to George and his friends to sleep under a tree, only seeing George so satisfied)

Ted: (annoyed:) Oh no! No, no, don't you guys look so satisfied.

(He removes his hat off his head and flings to the ground)

Ted: The whole reason we're sleeping out here, is because of that little monkey!

Tom: (gently:) Ted, he didn't mean to cause trouble in the museum.

Jerry: (gently) Yeah, cheer up, Ted. It will turn out alright at the end. You'll see.

Ted: (annoyed:) Ya'll think? Yeah, I can be in my nice, warm bed right now. Shower. Teeth brushed. Instead of sleeping outside in the cold, with you guys and a monkey...

(George turns Ted's head to the starry sky after the rain stopped)

Ted: (amazed:) Under the stars...*sees so many stars high above the night sky* Wow! Those glow-in-the-dark stickers has nothing on this.

(Just then, George sees a strange-green-glowing-bug fling around him and chatters questioningly)

Tom: (curious:) What's that?

Ted: [giggling] That? Well, that's a firefly.

Jerry: A firefly...

(The brown mouse takes a full closer look of a firefly. Tuffy came out to stand when he notice another firefly coming to him and stops in front of him, buzzing. The camera then cuts to the recycled animation of a close-up shot at Tuffy, as seen in Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, with the little mouse blinking before smiling at the unseen creature)

Tuffy: Aw! Hello there, little tiny firefly.

(Back with George, he caught one in his hand and Jerry gasped)

Jerry: Monkey, it flown to your hand!

(George smiles until he sees more fireflies and catches them, chitters)

Ted: *making his surprised face* Ooh!

Tom: Look at him go!

Ted: *smiles* Good grab! Nice. Yup, they're still in there. Bright, huh? They're bioluminescent.

Tom, Jerry & Tuffy: (all:) Really?

Ted: *nods his head* And, did you know that each firefly glows up to remind us that they taste bitter? You know, It's a defense mechanism.

Tom: *sees George about to eat the fireflies, recovering his real name so Ted doesn't find out* Monkey, I wouldn't do that.

(But despite Tom's warning, George puts the fireflies up inside of his mouth with a Chomp! sound effect. Then he felt them flying around inside, and then spitting out. When he was done, his tongue seemed to be shown glowing green)

Ted: [laughing:] Yeah. See? I've told you. [giggles]

(George grabs the fireflies again, and sees Tom, Jerry and Tuffy by his side before putting one finger up to his bottom lip and smiling)

George: Sshhh...

(Then the young chimpanzee shows the fireflies to Ted, wanting him to do the same. Ted realizes he was going to get equal with George and tries to block his mouth with his hands)

Ted: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, thanks. I'm good. Yep, you know, there is no way I'm gonna eat that bug. So quit try...

(Ted is interrupted when George quickly puts the fireflies inside of Ted's mouth, making him swallow with a Gulp! sound effect and stepping back with a smile. Then Ted felt the same thing that George did before spitting out the unharmed fireflies with the bright green glow on his tongue, too)

Ted: (disgusted:) Oh, wow. Yep. [raspberry:] Blah! That tastes bad. Definitely bitter. Oh... *sticking out his glowing green tongue to heal away the bitterness*

George: * pointing and looking at Ted's tongue* [giggling]

Ted: *first time gets curious, looking at his tongue in green, then puts his tongue up his nose, then grew amazed at itit with a smile*

George: [chatters in delight]

(The scene quickly cuts to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy watching the incident)

Tom, Jerry & Tuffy: (all snickering) [all giggling]

(The scene quickly cuts back to George and Ted with their tongues glowing up green)

Ted: [laughs]

George & Ted: *both end up looking at each other's tongues while both shaking their heads as their results* [Both Laughing]

Ted: *rubbing George's head afterwards while slowing down his laughter* (giggling:) Okay. You, little monkey, are very funny. Oh, listen to this. I've got a good one for you.

Tom: (yawning:) What kind of a joke, Ted?

George, Tuffy & Jerry: [all yawning]

Ted: Like this. What's the difference between Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man? Linguistic competence and polychromatic cave paintings. (laughs) Get it? Hello? *sees Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and George sleeping* You all missing the punch line. You see, it's the difference between the two... It's always a winner. [signs] I need some fresh museum-related material. People depend on me for those jokes. (yawns)

At the Zoo/ Rescuing George

(After fading into the darkness, we now dissolve into the digital matte painting animation of a scene where the sun is rising behind the buildings of New York City, and the dark blue night sky with stars are turned into a light-blue day sky. This means morning, the time when the people and animals of the city are waking up to a new day of importance. At the park, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Curious George and Ted Shackleford were still sleeping when Tom's cousin, the cowardly cat George, Jerry's super-strong cousin Muscles, and Spike and Tyke Bulldog came upon them.)

Spike: (smiling:) Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Muscles: It's Tom, Jerry and Tuffy with Mr. Ted Shackleford, the man with the yellow hat.


Tyke: Hey, how come they're sleeping here in the park. Weren't they supposed to be in bed at the apartment?



Cousin George: Then they're the reason why a fallen banana have landed on me.


Tyke: Hey, Pa? Can I wake them all up. It's morning.

Spike: (laughing) That's my boy. Go ahead.

Tyke: Okay!



Jerry and Tuffy: Aah!

Ted: Whoa!


Tom: (annoyed:) Don't do that! Whoever you--


Tom: Spike? Tyke?

Jerry: And Cousins George and Muscles?

Cousin George, Muslces, Spike and Tyke: Good morning.


Ted: What's going on? Did an alarm clock woke us up?

Tyke: No, Mr. Shackleford. I did, by barking at you guys.


Tyke: Couldn't just let you sleep the day away. (laughing)

Tom: (growling:) Stupid dog...

(But then, Spike's arm appears as he grabbed Tom by his fur on his chest, and by the time camera starts panning, he pulled the cat to him for eye contact)

Spike: Who are you callin' stupid dog, Cat? *puts his hand on his chest* Is it ME, ya think?

Tom: (nervously:) N-n-n-no! You are the strong dog with a son in training to be like you.

Spike: Then you should owe my boy an apology for this insult.

Muscles: You heard the dog, pussycat? Apologize to his son.


Tom: I'm sorry, Tyke.



Ted: Hey, Spike, Tyke, aren't you working at the outfitters' store?

Spike: That's right, we were. But not today. It was a weekend off for a father and a son to do some activities.


Cousin George:

Muscles: Mouse:

Cousin George:


Tuffy: What should we do now?

Jerry: Have you guys seen the monkey? We were playing with fireflies last night, but I can't find him anywhere.

Tyke: (confused:) You lost the monkey?

Ted: (nervously:) Well, uh, I...

Jerry: Maybe he's at the zoo...

Tom: Maybe.

Spike: That's what I was about to take my boy. Then perhaps, you'd like to come with us.

Muscles: Yeah, there are lots of other animals to see.

(They then went to the zoo to look for George there.)

Ted: (nervously:) The zoo's full of monkeys, who's to say he's mine?


Young Boy: That monkey's chasing me!


Ted: (nervously:) That's mine.

Tom and Jerry: (nodding:) Yep.

(Ted climbed into the zoo and ended up getting through an igloo that was full of penguins and he ended up in the water. Ms. Dunlop was at the zoo and was giving balloons to all the children as they explored.)

Tuffy: There's Red. Uh, I mean, Ms. Dunlop.

(Ted shivered once he saw George joining in on the fun.)

Ted: And there's the monkey.

(Back with Tuffy, he spoke to us members of the audience.)

Tuffy: Sorry for the wrong name addressing in this picture.

(Maggie Dunlop, portrayed by the Droopy character Red, smiled as she handed balloons to the kids and saw the man.)

Red (Maggie Dunlop): Oh, Ted.

Ted: Miss Maggie.

(Ted tipped his yellow hat to her, but this made a bunch of water splash out on him from the penguin habitat.)

Ted: Hi...

(George giggled, so did Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Cousin George, Cousin Muscles, Spike and Tyke as the little chimpanzee clung onto Ms. Dunlop's back.)

Red (Maggie Dunlop): (smiling:) What happened to you?

Muscles: Do you want the short version or the long version, Mr Shackleford?

Ted: Uhh... Funny thing... Cloudburst down the street...

(George jumped into Ted's arms and pointed to the schoolteacher with the balloons.

George: Hey, she's pretty...

(Ms. Dunlop smiled and played with George like a newborn baby, before looking at Tom and Jerry.)

Red (Maggie Dunlop): Tom, Jerry? How long have you had a monkey?

Tom: Since we were still on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa with our wives, Toodles Galore and Toots "Chérie" Mouse.

Jerry: It's in the Southern Hemisphere where there is winter instead of summer, that is.

Tuffy: And where you can learn that Chérie is my new aunt. We're sorry to say that they're continuing their tour without us after we have made our promise to come back to them, and then come here to New York.


Red (Maggie Dunlop): It's alright, Tuffy.


Red (Maggie Dunlop): About this monkey, he's so cute.

(George then climbed down to meet the children.)

Tyke: Mr. Shackleford, what's your monkey's name?

Ted: Uh, Tyke, he doesn't have a name.

(Back with Tuffy, he is secretly communciation with us viewers again.)

Tuffy: No... But maybe, you should just named him... George!


Ted: George?

Cousin George: George?

Tuffy: Yeah, named after some other folks that had the same name, like yourself, cousin of Tom.

(The other kids seemed to like George's name, and so were Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke and Muscles. Even Maggie was approved.)

Red (Maggie Dunlop): Oh, I like George.

(Croching down, she gently picks up Tuffy and hold him standing on her hand.)

Red (Maggie Dunlop): Thanks for the suggestion of the monkey's new name, Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse.

(She then kisses Tuffy on the back of his head, making him blush and giggles. Everyone one was delighted as Tom, with a single flashback orb floating above his head, remembers being kissed by Karen when they have an idea of bringing Frosty safely to the North Pole five years ago.)

Jerry: At least we're not in trouble, huh, Thomas?

Tom: No sirree.

(George and the other kids made funny faces with each other. Tuffy and Tyke giggled as they then joined in. The kids then gave George their balloons.)

Tyke (concerned:) Should we be concerned with how many balloons he is given?

Tuffy: Yes, those appear to be helium balloons. With enough, George could float in the air and fly away like a bird.

Tyke: Oh, please like that could happen.

Tuffy: Yeah, we worry too much.

(Tom, Jerry, Cousin George, Muscles and Spike sighed to them. Maggie saw Ted standing alone to a closed exhibit for repair and decided to talk with him.)

Spike: (whispering:) Looks like Ms. Dunlop is gonna talk to Mr. Shackleford.)

Tom: (whispering into Spike's ear:) I don't know about you, Spike, but I think they're in L-O-V-E. Love. (giggles)

(The camera cuts to Jerry and Muscles on the concrete ground)

Jerry: Same here, for Toodles and Chérie, of course. (giggles)

Muscles: (smiling:) Phooey! It seems that you and Tom never change a bit, Cous, even though you're both married to that white cat and that light-brown mouse, who are both pretty and smell like tropical fruits.

Jerry: I know what you mean, Muscles. Just for instance, they don't seem to like us doing cat and mouse chases and fights, especially when Robyn, her father, her Aunt Figg and Mr. Lickboot were gone. Plus, you'd make a punching back out of Tom in front of them, Thomasina and Tim.




(With Cousin George goes the camera, the Tom look-alike timidly nodded in agreement with Muscles, for he remembers getting beating lots of times along with Butch and his fellow alley cats. Ted and Ms. Dunlop talked and the two seemed to be gazing into each other's eyes. Unfortunately, George appeared to be floating away from the numerous balloons. Tuffy and Tyke looked horrified when they see it happening.)

Tuffy: Uh-oh...

Tyke: What have we done?

(Then the two boys cried out.)

Tuffy and Tyke: WE KNEW IT!

(Tom, Cousin George, Jerry, Muscles and Spike noticed the commotion and also see George flying away with the balloons with the monkey holding its strings.)

Tom and Jerry: (in William Hanna's voice:) AAAAAHHHHH!

Cousin George: (in Bill Thompson's voice:) Ah!

Spike: Ohhh! Come on, cats and mice!

(So Tom, Jerry, their cousins, Tuffy and Tyke followed Spike to warn both Ted and Maggie.)

Jerry: Uh, Ted?

Ted: (dreamily:) What is it?

Jerry: George is flying away.

Tom: Yeah, like actually flying away.

(Pointing their fingers, Tom and Jerry show Ted where Curious George is going. As George floated away with the balloons, he panicked.)

Ted: Oh, my gosh! Just keep your head together and don't look down!

(Tuffy walked up to Ted and pleaded.)

Tuffy: Mr. Shackleford, you have to save George!

Ted: Who, me?


Cats, Mice, Bulldogs and the Kids: YES, YOU!

Tuffy: And like Frosty would say, someday's today!

(Ted then borrowed more and more balloons so he could fly up and catch up with George.)

Ted: Here I GOOOO!

(The alligators attempted to snap at and bite him, but luckily they missed as he was hurdling toward the sky after his monkey. The lions nearly attacked Ted as the balloons lowered briefly, but luckily, he missed them too. George began to get nervous and worried as he was flying through the air. Back with Tom, Jerry, their cousins, Spike and Tyke, they looked on with worried faces.)

Cousin George: I hope they don't pop.

(Back to George goes the camera, the giraffes let the chimpanzee pass by and then Ted bumped against them which got their necks tied up in knots. The camera cuts to Tuffy on Tyke's head.)

Tuffy: (winching:) Ooh, talk about sore throats...

(Again, back with George and Ted, they then ended near where there were kite-flyers. The camera cuts back to Tom and Cousin George with Jerry and Muscles standing on their shoulders.)

Muscles: At least they are safe, Cousin.

Jerry: This is sure to end up on the 6:00 news...

Tom and Cousin George: (nodding:) Yep.

(Back to Tyke and Tuffy, the puppy's left ear leapt up and he gasped in worry.)

Tuffy: What is it, Tyke?

Tyke: (panicking:) I heard some popping!

Tuffy: You don't think it could be the balloons, do you?

(Tyke looked nervous with a puppy's whimper before resuming his speaking ability with a male human child's voice.)

Tyke: I'm worried it might be..."

(With Tuffy still on his head, he then rushed off to go check for himself. Tom, Jerry, Cousin George, Muscles and Maggie did the same. They came to see that the balloons were in fact popping from a higher building. It was George's balloons, and they're all popping that it looks like he was going to be falling through the air.)



Spike: (Unseen:) And it looks like Ted Shackleford is unable to reach this George fella in time.

Ted: Hold on, George! I'm almost there!


Muscles: Wait, Spike. Maybe Tom and Jerry can help him.


Spike: Of course! *looks to Tom and Jerry* Tom and Jerry? You've been workin' out at Starling Enterprises and in Christmas Town to gain more strength and magic tricks, right?





Tom: We'd like too, but the people of New York will be scared if we fly magically.

Jerry: They'll even think like we're being possessed by evil spirits, just like Ted did when he first learn that we talk.



Cousin George: Uh, Muscles is right. Will you try to get used to it? Please??


Tom and Jerry: Okay, cousins of ours? We'll try.

Spike and Muscles: Good.


Muscles: Tuffy, you go help your uncle Jerry and Tom.

Tuffy: You betcha, Cousin Muscles!


Spike: Are you ready, pals?

Tom: Ready!


Jerry and Tuffy: Ready!


Spike and Muscles: Then here you go!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: AAAAAHHHHH...!






Ted: (thrilled:) Thomas! Jerry! Tuffy!

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Beat ya to it, Ted.


Ted: (sobbing and laughing:) Well done, boys! Well done! With some power to fly!

Tom: Care to hold all of us, sir?

Ted: Why, sure!

(So Tom, Jerry and Tuffy floated to Ted, and the blue/grey cat handed George to the man with the yellow hat before he then grabs Tom with Jerry landing on his right shoulder. Tuffy and Tom also gives each other paw shakes.)

Ted: Gotcha... I won't let you go... I mean, all of you.

(George looked up in worry while Tuffy saw him hanging onto Ted's arms for dear life. Then together, they had another memory flash about the sacrifices of George's parents and Tuffy's father, Tuffy, Sr., through their minds, as courtesy of Chip the Wizard's memory-restoring sorcery. We are shown the jungle George was born and mostly raised in, he was running through the trees and bushes as he was looking for his parents and he saw the evil poacher, a Van Pelt look-alike, and his henchmen in a helicopter above with a bright light. George's mother and father looked down and the male chimpanzee held out his hand for George. Just like earlier, his voices resembles the original voice of the Namekian warrior Piccolo from the Funimation and Saban dub of Dragon Ball Z.)

Toddler George: Papa!

George's Father: George, grab onto my hand!

(George cried out and climbed up to take his father's hand, unfortunately, the helicopter was too much and the two's hands were separated and he fell through the air and landed in a bush and his parents were being taken away from him.)

George's Father: (smiling:) My son, you'll have to live on. And you got train and be just like me.

George's Mother: (smiling:) No matter what will happen to us next, we'll watch over you.

George's Parents: Goodbye.


Toddler Gerorge: No! MAMAAAAA! PAPAAAAAAA!

(Meanwhile, the same attack on the peaceful jungles of Africa continued as Tuffy, Sr., the martial arts expert, continue to clobber the other poachers with Geraldine and Baby Tuffy watching from behind the rock. Some of them are already capturing the animals and locking them up in cages.)

Geraldine: That's it, Tuffy! Keep beating them! Show them everything you learned at the dojo in Tokyo!

Baby Tuffy: Papa! Papa!

Geraldine: I know, Nibbles!


Geraldine: (Unseen:) Your Papa's a lot stronger than I wasn't.


Geraldine: (shocked:) Tuffy!

Baby Tuffy: (shocked:) Papa!


Tuffy, Sr.: (dying:) Please, Geraldine... Rename our son...Tuffy, with a... 'Junior' the end.)

Geraldine: (teary:) I will, my husband.




Ted: George! George!

(George climbed up in Ted's arms and hugged the man around his neck in a comforting hold. Ted could sense that something was wrong with George. He did his best to soothe the monkey and even called him by his name and liked the name as it suited the monkey very well. George smiled thankfully and longly to Ted as he felt a real connection with him.)

Tuffy: Looks like they're getting along, fellas.

Tom and Jerry: (relieved:) At last...

(Ted looks to Tom, Jerry and Tuffy.)

Ted: Thank you, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy. How can I ever repay for saving George after my failed attempt? Plus, how were you able to fly.

Tom: This isn't flying, Mr. Shackleford.

Jerry: This is falling—Uh, I mean, floating with style.

Tuffy: That was Frosty's line the both of us, Rudolph and Hermey had great adventures during the case of the 'stolen toys'.


Ted: And just who is this Frosty?

Tom: A magic snowman that is alive.

Ted: Really?

Jerry: Yes, but just like our magical ability to fly, that is a long story.

(Far from the group, Chip the Wizard is watching on his flying scooter before speaking to us, the viewers.)

Chip the Wizard:

"Talk of the Town (reprise)"/ Big Idea

(As the flying continues, Curious George is again starting to slip from Ted's arm, but he then quickly still holds on and hugs him even tighter as he whimpers frighteningly)

Tom: (worried:) That was close!

Ted: *hugging George* (gently:) You're safe now, George. I've got you...

(The man with the yellow hat looks at Tom, Jerry and Tuffy behind with his eyes)

Ted: I mean..."we" got you, as we've said. You're alright. It's okay. It's okay. Don't be scared, George.

(Realizing the monkey's new name suggested by Tuffy back at the zoo, Ted smiles)

Ted: George? I like that name. It suits you, huh?

Tuffy: Sure is, Mr. Ted. Like I tell you back there, you should name him George.

(Ted chuckles at Tuffy's persistent reminding, and George smiles at his friends before climbing on Ted's back)

Jerry: So glad we got him just in time.

Tom: You said it, old pal.

(Both the blue/grey cat and the brown mouse shake their hands to show the signs of friendship, for they still retain their members of their lessons taught to them by Puggsy Dog and Frankie Da Flea before their encounter and friendship with Robyn five years ago. Ted looks down below the city of New York as the group continue to fly through the sky.)

Ted: Hey...actually this isn't too bad. I can't believe I'm doing this. Wow! This is awesome!

"Jungle Gym"

Closed Forever/ The Cat and Mouse Team's Beserk on Ted ("We don't wanna hear you!")

(Later in the special day at the Bloomsberry Musem, Tom helped Ted as they came to the museum to meet Mr. Bloomsberry and his son. And where Ted now understood the joke Tom and Jerry told as they didn't seem to have any trouble carrying the hologram projector with ease. Junior glared at Curious George as he held his cup of coffee.)

Junior: Oh, no, oh, no, no, no! That's it, keep that little jungle thing out of here before he destroys something else!


Mr. Bloomsberry: (tapping the machine with his cane:) Hold on, son. Ted, what is this contraption?


Ted: (smiling:) Stand back, everyone, and prepare to be amazed.

(The man with the yellow hat then took out the idol in his hand.)

Tuffy: Here we go.

Junior: (scoffs) Oh, yeah, this oughta be good.

(Back with Ted and George, the man in yellow smiled as he let the young monkey hold the idol.)

Ted: Here, George, let's show 'em.

(George then put it into place which made Ted pull the lever and then George pushed the big button. The others could then see the idol on the display Mr. Bloomsberry made to make it huge and 40 feet tall as promised so they could save the museum.)

Tom: This should work.

Ted (grinning:) Isn't that thing awesome!?

(Junior looked terrified as Mr. Bloomsberry was intrigued and was very happy at the display. Meanwhile, Muscles whispered to Tom, Jerry, their cousins, Spike and Tyke.)

Muscles: Fellas, we better keep you-know-who away from the hologram projector.

(The cats, mice and bulldogs nodded in firm agreement.)

Mr. Bloomsberry: Yes, this might work. Yes! This will definitely work!

(Junior then smirked as the wheels in his head were evilly turning. But Tyke noticed Mr. Bloomsberry's son being up to something, and soon growled quietly as he was going to stop Junior from doing anything evil.)




Tyke: (Unseen:)


Tuffy: At this rate, we gotta stop him.

(Back to the group, Ted was then telling how George inspired him for this solution.)

Junior: Uh, hi, excuse me. Voice of reason, I'd like to introduce myself, hello... Are we so desperate that we will lie to our public?

Tom: It's either this or the museum gets closed down.

Mr. Bloomsberry: (smiling:_ Besides, we promised the people something awe-inspiring and we're giving it to them. Thank you, Ted, I knew you, this helpful chimpanzee and these helpful cats, mice and dogs wouldn't let me down.

Spike: (smiling:) Nothing can possibly go wrong now, sir.

Mr. Bloomsberry: I'm so proud of you all. You're like the children and grandchildren I never had.

(Junior spoke up, feeling a little hurt by that statement as a figure of speech.)

Junior: Father, I'm your son, remember?

Mr. Bloosberry: Yes, I know...


(Then Mr. Bloomsberry continued to talk with Ted and the kids while Tyke and Tuffy stayed close by Junior and the hologram machine. Tuffy and Tyke snuck up from behind Junior silently and watched with suspicious faces. They wouldn't not letting him try anything to stop Ted's successful job.)

Junior: Oh, and what if I do this?


Junior: (Thinking/Echoing:) Yes. Maybe I should make this a disastrous accident cause by George the Chimpanzee. This will even take care of Ted and that meddling cat and mouse duo that can talk.

(And with an extending smirk, Junior poured his coffee onto the machine and made George take the cup so he could blame the monkey. Suddenly, Tyke began growling at Junior as he looked like he wanted to bite the man, making him startled silently.)

Tyke: (angrily:) Grr... You meanie!

Tuffy: (angrily:) You can't do that.


Junior: (tauntingly:) Whatcha gonna do, little rodent and little mutt?


Tuffy: (quietly/threateningly:) Wait and see, Junior.

(Tuffy and Tyke then looked at each other and nodded in forming an alliance. Then Tyke kept on growling with Tuffy joining in until they charged at him, yelling.)

Tuffy and Tyke: YAH!

Junior: AAH!

(They tackle Mr. Bloomsberry's son to the ground where Tuffy starts beating him up with his martial arts skills and Tuffy bitting his leg)

Junior: YOW! Why you little--! Stop that!

(The idol's image then faded and stopped completely due to the coffee spill as the beating continue.)

Tyke: (while bitting on Junior's leg:) You jealously evil man!

(Ted, Tom, Jerry, Cousin George and Mr. Bloomsberry were watching the projection of the idol when it suddenly began to blink, much to their confusion.)


(Cousin George, Tom's cousin whose voice is similar to the voice of Mr. Smee from Disney's Peter Pan, turned around to see the unseen George, becomes alarmed.)

Cousin George: (in Bill Thompson's voice:) Ah! (in Jeff Bennett's voice:) George?! Are you--?

(Tom, Jerry, Ted and Mr. Bloomsberry look back, and much to their surprise, they saw George finishing Junior's latte. After the camera zooms onto George's close-up as he was done, the machine then shook and exploded, becoming damaged beyond repair. Tuffy and Tyke didn't let go of Junior as they wanted to punish the jealous man for placing the blame on George and getting rid of Tom, Jerry and company.)

Ted: George, what did you do?!

(With Junior, while trying to get Tuffy and Tyke off him, calls out to Ted)

Junior: Oh, Ted, I warned you about that monkey! And that crazy mouse with a mouse-size baby's diaper and that puppy's trying to kill me for nothing!


Tuffy: (shockingly outraged:) WHAT?!

Tyke: (mouthful:) That's a lie!

(And the moment Tyke sank his teeth even harder with various anime slashing or stabbing sound effects, but with no blood gushing out according to the camera's extreme close-up shot, Junior then went wincing and yelping in utter pain and Spike notice Tyke and Tuffy attacking Junior.)

Spike: Ah, no! Tyke, Tuffy, get off of Junior!


(Ted found the cup and glared back at Junior.)

Ted: You don't give a monkey a latte!

(Spike spoke up from personal experience.)

Spike: Or a dog!


Tom and Jerry: Or a group of cats and mice for the matter.

(Then Junior feigned a sadness in his voice while still being under attack by Tuffy and Tyke.)

Junior: Oh, I told you so. Now he's gone and destroyed the last chance we ever had of saving my father's museum! It's my father's only museum! Not just that, he's ordered those two boys to attack me for no reason!


Junior: (unseen:) (sobbing in pain:) What have you done, Ted? What have you all done?!

Jerry: This guy reminds me of Mr. Willy Wonka's fit of despair when he learned that his own employee, Mr. Slugworth or Mr. Wilkinson, and his childhood friends, Fickelgruber and Prodnose, sends their spies to steal his candy-making secret recipes and duplicate them for their selfish businesses...

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Jerry's eyes where his pupils shape shifts into the candies that Slugworh, Fickelgruber and Prodnose made long ago.)

Jerry: on making candy balloons that we could blow up to their incredible sizes, their ice cream that never melts in the summer sunlight, and chewing gum that never lost flavor, so said Grandpa Joe.

(After the pupils of Jerry's eyes changes back to normal, the camera cuts back to a sequence of him and Tom.)

Tom: Me, too.


Spike: Didn't you boys hear me? Why can't you stop injuring Junior?

(Tyke continued to keep his grip on Junior's leg.)

Tyke: (muffled:) He's lying, Dad! He spilled the latte and made it look like George did it!


Tuffy: Hey! Spike, put us down! We can't let him get away with this!

Mr. Bloomsberry: (Unseen:) No...


Tuffy and Tyke: Huh?

Mr/ Bloomsberry: (sadly:) I'm afraid Junior's right, my friends. (looks at Ted) Especially you, Ted. We've just been fooling ourselves. It's over.

Junior: See? Agreed. Plus, I have nothing to do with this. I'm innocent.

Ted: But, sir, I still think we could—Bloomsberry: (sadly:) Ted, I said it's over.


Ted: Yes, Mr. Bloomsberry.


Junior: It's okay, Father. It's okay, I'm here. Your son. Your real son. Junior. Not Ted. Yes, Father, you'll be fine.


Junior: (Thinking/Echoing:) I've done it. Now, the real trouble on the lot will begin soon. And meanwhile, I'll make sure the parking lot will go next. You lost, guys. And I won.


Ted: [grabs the idol] No, no, George. You just stay here with Tom, Jerry and the others, okay?

[He then walks away, getting out of the museum.]

Ted: I have to do this.

[Back with the Cat, Mouse and

[George looks out the window with Ted, taking the hat off]

Ted: Excuse me. Uh, I'm... I'm sorry, everybody, the Bloomsberry Museum's closed.

[The crowd gasp, then they mutter. Red looks confused with what Ted is saying.]

Kid: But for how long?

Ted: Forever.

Kid: But I want to see the giant idol.

Ted: There never was one.

[The crowd groan]

Ted: It was all a big mistake.

Kid: We've been waiting for hours.

[The crowd mutter while walking away]

Kid: This is terrible.

Man: What a rip-off.

[The people of New York continue walking away. But only Red, as Maggie Dunlop, remains. She walks up to Ted]

Red (Maggie Dunlop): I'm so sorry.

[He sighs, then they hear a bus honking]

Kid: Hurry, Miss Dunlop!

Red (Maggie Dunlop): I have to go. I'll be back. I promise.

[And the moment Red walks on the way to get to the school bus, Ted sits down, watching his friend leave. With Tom, Jerry, Spike and the others inside the museum, Muscles, Tyke and Tuffy are telling their family members everything about Junior]





Cousin George:

Uncle Pecos:

Uncle Harry:

Mrs. Mouse:

Muscles: That's right, Aunt Mouse.



[Immediately, George comes out the doors of the museum to get to Ted]

Spike: Tom, Jerry, keep an observation on Ted and George.

Tom and Jerry: Right.


Mrs. Mouse: Tuffy, you, two.

Tuffy: Yes, Grandma Mouse.

[Tom, Jerry and Tuffy peeked from behind as they watch little monkey went walking by Ted, then grabbing his arm]

Ted: It's too late to cheer me up. You think life's just nonstop fun and games, don't you? Well, it's not, George. At least not for me.

[George grabs the hat, annoying Ted]

Ted: George, please. Please, just leave me alone. You're better off without me. This is not good. You and me? You belong in the jungles of South Africa. I belong here in New York City, a place without a monkey. I don't want...

[While continuing, Ted puts the hat back on]

Ted: I can't have you in my life. Please, just go. Do you understand?

[George grabs on Ted]

Ted: (angrily:) No! Look, monkey, don't follow me!

[He frees George from his leg and puts him down walks away] Get away!


Ted: (angrily:) And don't you look at me with that whiny face, either! GO AWAY!


Animal Control Officer #1: Got him! Easy, easy... Get the cage ready.


Animal Control Officer #1: Careful! He's dangerous!


Ted: (worried:) Hey, hey, not so rough.

Animal Control Officer #1: Stand back, sir. I know he looks cute, but he is supposed to have teeth like Ginsu knives.

Animal Control Officer #2: Yeah, that's right. This matches the description.


Animal Control Officer #1: Hey, he's getting away!


Animal Control Officer #2: All right, all right! I got him, I got him.

George: Ted...


Ted: Guys, guys, could you just take him away?


Animal Control Officer #2: Right away.


Animal Control Officer #1: (Unseen:) Careful, watch his teeth.

Ted: Please. And don't hurt him.

Animal Control Officer #1: We won't. After all, he's only a baby.

Animal Control Officer #2: [putting George in a cage] Relax, little fella. Back to Africa with you.


Ted: [Thinking/Echoing:] Forgive me.

(Back with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy behind the door, they are now angry with Ted leting George be taken away before Mrs. Mouse and Muscles spoke to them.]

Muscles: Well, fellas. Have you seen everything?

Jerry: Yes, Cousin. We saw everything out there.

Mrs. Mouse:

Uncle Harry:


Tuffy: (unseen:) Ted!

(Ted stops and looks back to see Tom, Jerry, Spike and their family members coming up to him, and talking to him severly)

Tom: Ted, is this why you had to make a telephone call the other day?

Jerry: You called the Animal Control just to take George back to Africa?


Ted: (sighs) Yes, Tom and Jerry. That's why. It's for the best, he belongs in the African jungles. And it is, especially for his own good. He shouldn't have followed me home. You guys know that.

Tom: We do know, sir. We did the same, too, trying to find out why he wanted to come with you. This was the first time he's been here in New York, a city that never sleeps.

Jerry: George has risked his life for you. He loves you, you're his mostly companion.

Tuffy: And besides, we learned the whole truth of our past from Mr. Starling's younger brother-in-law, Chip the Wizard.


Ted: (confused:) You do?

Tuffy: Yeah, sir. He's possibly lost his chimpanzee parents to the greedy poachers when he was baby, but is lucky to be alive and unharmed.


Tuffy: On the day of the poachers' attack to sell the animals of Africa for businesses, even my father, Tuffy the Senior, is killed with one gunshot in saving me, my mother, Tom's twin brother Tim, as well as their little sister Thomasina, her husband who is a red cat impersonating the blue/grey twins, and her daughter Booties.


Tom: What would you think to be George's destiny before he followed you here to New York? The same fate as his loving parents and Tuffy, Sr.?


Ted: I think I understand how smarter you guys are, and yes, I understand why he followed me.


Ted: (unseen:) But...


Ted (sighs) I don't care if George dies, just like his parents before him.

(Ted then turned away from Tom, Jerry and Tuffy and walked away. But the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog family members ran over and blocked that way with a glare.)

Spike: (firmly:) Listen, Mr. Shackleford. Don't you dare talk to my three pals like that. George obviously cares about you, and he trusts you. We animals have an excellent judge of character. And he treats you like you're his human father for adoption after his real parents and Tuffy the Senior died as a sacrificial protection for their boys long ago.


Tuffy: You tell him, Spike.

Jerry: Ted, I think you should've keep George anyway, instead of returning him to Africa... He likes you.

Tuffy: Yeah and besides, he's been learning to act human, just like we all are.

Ted: (sighs) You guys still don't get it? He's better off in the jungle, he doesn't need me... Not ever.

Tom: Ted, please. We can't live like this anymore.

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Ted's hurt face.)

Ted: Then leave.

(Tom and Jerry gasps as they looked sad upon being told what to do by Ted, and they felt that he was making a terrible mistake, even more worse than letting George be sent back to Africa where he originally belonged. It's too much for them. They can't hold it in. As Ted then gently shoves the house animals aside and resumes walking away slowly away, Tom and Jerry angrily called to him rather than follow him and block, with Mrs. Mouse, Muscles, Cousin George, Uncle Harry, Uncle Pecos, Spike and Tyke watching the man with the yellow hat leave silently and calmly.)

Tom: (angry:) What did we ever do to you, as if being an involvement in the damage George did out of his curiosity?

Jerry: (angry:) Yeah!

(The camera cuts to Ted looking back as he continued, growing impatient with the argument)

Ted: (impatiently:) Enough, guys.

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Jerry rescuing to be told to stop talking as if he and Tom are stubborn)

Jerry: (hurtfully:) No! Why? *pointing at Tom and himself* Why do you shut the two of us... *then shows Spike, Tyke and the others* ... and our families and friends out?

(Then we see a sequence with Ted walking until stopping, with Tom, Jerry, Spike and their families being seen above. As Tom and Jerry continue to call for him, the man grows even more annoyed with their persistence before closing his eyes.)

Tom: (angry:) Why do you shut the world out? And not just about George...

(The camera then cuts back to Tom and Jerry with Tuffy standing on their right side and with the others on their left side.)

Tom and Jerry: (angry:) What else are YOU so afraid of?!

(The camera cuts back to Ted shaking his fists with impatient anger with his back facing the camera. This is an inspiration of a familiar scene from an episode of The Powerpuff Girls when Professor Utonium, under the control of Him along with everybody else in Townsville, snaps at the girls. He is now over his limit as he lost his patience with his friends, and his cool)

Ted: (in a rage:) I said... *turns away with a red-colored, violently raging face, waving his arm at the unseen group* ENOUGH!!!

(Ted's shout of furry, startles the animal group as they whimper. And with Red, she was about to be aboard the school buss when she, her class kids and the driver heard Ted's angry yelling echoing from afar.)

Red: Ted?


Red: Pardon me, driver. I gotta go back to watch Ted for just a few more moments.

Driver: Sure, Miss Dunlop. I can't blame ya for keeping us late.


Ted: (unseen/enraged:) After all I've been trying to ask you to stop this foolish talk about George, and everything in your past that has to do with him and his life in Africa, you're still refusing! You don't even know anything else right about him, plus you have no right to insult me about being afraid!


Ted: (enraged): But because you've already done that, this, along with stubbornness has pushed my button! Now you leave me no choice but to gave you only ONE WARNING!


Ted: (unseen/enraged:) Tom? Jerry? Why don't you Cat, Mouse and Bulldog family members just forget all about everything, including Curious George, leave me alone and go back home to Starling Enterprises?!


Ted: (enraged): If you don't, Tom and Jerry, then you and Tuffy have one choice! Either join this monkey on a one-way trip back to Africa, where you can return to Toodles and on your honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa!


Ted: (unseen/enraged:) Or better yet, give yourselves away to the taxidermist who can kill you, skin your bodies to make fur clothing and have your heads put on the wall for indoor display for all time!

(Tom and Jerry gasps in horror with their vocal effect performed by William Hanna, and so did Cousin George, Spike, Tyke, Mrs. Mouse, Uncle Harry and Uncle Pecos. But Muscles remain calm as he reviews about taxidermy to us members of the audience.)



Red: (Thinking/Echoing:) Ted, you wouldn't do some horrible things to Tom and Jerry.


Uncle Harry: Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's trip to the taxidermist? Oh, no. That'll scare the life out of me, if I ever see that horrible thing happen to them. (sobbing:) Why, Ted! How could you be so cruel to my two boys and their Tom!

Uncle Pecos: There, there, my little br-br-br-brother. We're here with you.


Ted: (now calm, but still furious:) Now that have given you a warning, do you guys understand now?

(With Tom goes the camera, it zooms in to his close up of his head as he stammers in a mixture of horror and sadness)

Tom: (frightened:) Bu-but we...we're just trying to help you, and you...

(When the camera stopped, the cat closed his yellow eyes for one second before opening them as he becomes angrier at the unseen Ted with his teeth being shown. His black pupils with green irises are slowly narrowed as he growled.)

Tom: (angrily:) Grrrr...

(With Jerry and Tuffy, they soon start to be moving onto their rage, starting with their growling)

Jerry and Tuffy: (angrily:) Hrrgh...

(Spike and Tyke follows them)

Spike and Tyke: Arrrgh...

(Even Muscles and Mrs. Mouse goes next, but instead of growling, they keep their mouths closed as they are grunting with silent furry)

Muscles and Mrs. Mouse: (angrily:) Hmmm...


Red: (Thinking/Echoing:) Is Tom, Jerry and the other going to explode in front of Ted?

(Bacl with the group, seeing his house animal friends starting to become enraged like he already at them first, the now-calm Ted realizes everything he did out of his furry, then tries to talk to them gently.)

Ted: Look, guys. I--I--I didn't mean to... It was...


Ted: Thomas, Jerry, Tuffy, stop please. Don't give in to your rage.


Tom, Jerry, Tuffy (berserk mode): (enraged:) ROOOOOOOAAAAR!!!

Ted: (to himself:) Oh, boy.


Tom (berserk mode): (enraged:) YAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!


Ted: (groaning in pain while putting his hand on the single blow to his cheek:) Tom? Are you...?


Ted: Jerry, Tuffy, not you too!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (berserk mode): (enraged:) AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!


Ted: Oh, no. (to the viewers:) I guess I'm their punching bag now.


Red: (Thinking/Echoing:) Tom! Jerry! Tuffy! Stop hurting Ted! He doesn't deserve this violent beating. He is your friend. Please, stop it!

(Back to the group, having finished beating up the unseen Ted, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy leaped away and landed on the concrete sidewalk, still overcome by their beastly rage as Spike, Tyke and the others look on with their furious faces, all except Cousin George, Uncle Pecos and Uncle Harry, who were surprised. Muscles, Jerry's cousin, looked up to George, Tom's cousin, who looked down at him.)

Muscles: See, Cousin George? This rough beating on Ted Shackleford is done.

Cousin George: I wouldn't do that, If I were Tom, Jerry and Tuffy.

Muscles: Good.

(We now see Ted lying on the floor next to his hat, his blood was leaking from his mouth, and his tears are coming out from his eyes, too. But despite this greater pain, he remained calmed though he whimpered quietly. While he is looking at up at the unseen Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, he thought to himself in amazement.)

Ted: (thinking:) Incredible!

(Then the next shot of the scene shows a close-up of a still enraged Jerry, who is panting with teeth clenched, then a very, very slow pan to Tuffy, then to Tom. Ted's thoughts continued at that time.)

Ted: (Unseen) (thinking:) Tom, Jerry and Tuffy's energy within their bodies have skyrocketed like fireworks on a very hot 4th of July. But on the outside, they're as closely savage as the tyrannosaurus. But to make things a little worse, George could turn into one giant monkey monster when the moon is full. That can be bad, too.

(And back to Ted, he soon got back on his feet, and wipped the blood off his mouth with his hand before moving onto his tears.)

Ted: Guys... Wh—why...?

(At that mentioning of "why", Tom and Jerry powers up again with the red-colored mixture of smoke and light as they at Ted, while their family relatives, Spike and Tyke stood back.)

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (berserk): (enraged/monstrously:) WHAT DO YA MEAN "WHY"?!?!

(The threesome's angry yell scares Ted, drying his tears out in the process.)

Ted: Aah!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy (berserk): (enraged/monstrously:) YOU IDIOT!! HOW DARE YOU THREATENED ALL OF US?! HOW DARE YOUUUUUU?!?!


George is Gone/ Reuniting his Friends

Back to Africa/ Finding Zagawa

Next Adventure

Closing Titles/ "Make that the second strangest."

(The post credits-scene began with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy returning to Cape Town, South Africa. In a private jet plane, they arrived at the airport, where Toodles and Chérie are waiting for them. To the two girls' surprise, they see Tom, Jerry and Tuffy coming out)

Tuffy: Mademoiselle Galore! Aunt Chérie!


Chérie: (musically:) Welcome back, boys...!

Toodles Galore: Tom, Jerry, we knew you had never forgotten.

(The three boys walked up to the two girls with smiles.)

Tom: Trust us, darlings. We told you we wouldn't.


Toodles Galore: No, no, no, no, boy. That's not what we meant to say. We've heard from the television news at the hotel that you helped Mr. Shackleford and George reopen this Bloomsberry Museum in New York after bringing back this enchanted idol.

Chérie: You've managed to save the day with that Curious George.


Chérie: How on Earth did you manage to do all that?

Jerry: Well...we got the rest of our honeymoon to finish, but we'll tell you girls everything along this way.

(The next evening, back in New York City, and at the apartment building, George is eating dinner with Ted and Red)

George: *curiously sniffs at the steak, then starts eating it* Mmmm.

(The scene cuts to Ted and Red sitting next to the now-unseen George)

George (unseen): The steak you made is good.

Ted: *smiling* Hungry, aren't you? After all we went through, huh?I

George: Mmm-mm.

Red: Care for another roll? Sweetpeas? Mashed potatoes? With gravy? Corn on the cob? Cooked carrots?

George: I'm real thirsty.

Ted: Of course, buddy. Any requests that you like?

George: (curious:) Did you have lemonade?

Ted (unseen): Uh huh. *giving a cup to George* Here you go.

The End

A Tom and Jerry Cartoon produced in curious George, USA

Follow-up film

Tom and Jerry: Frosty Returns, the first not-yet official 2019 sequel to Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman will release for the holiday season of the year 2022.

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