Tom and Jerry & The Phantom Of The Opera is a 2024 British–American musical drama film, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures (WarnerMedia Byline), WB Animation, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Odyssey Entertainment. Based on the Gothic Novel by Gaston Leroux.

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The story begins with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy hear the voice a Mysterious masked Spectre lurking beneath the Paris Opera House from the sewers unaware of his passion for the beautiful singer Christine Daae and her pet in a light-grey mouse with dark-brown dress and yellow hair named Grenda (Jerry's wife, Tuffy's mother and Tom's friend.)


  • Tom - A light-blue cat, who is Jerry's rival, Tuffy and Grenda's friend.
  • Jerry - A brown-orange mouse, who is Tom's rival, Tuffy's uncle and Grenda's husband.
  • Tuffy - A young light-grey, diaper-wearing mouse, who is Jerry's nephew, Grenda's son and Tom's friend.
  • Grenda - A beautiful light-grey mouse in a dark-brown dress with a yellow hair, who is Jerry's wife, Tuffy's mother, Tom's friend and Christine's pet female mouse.
  • Oggy - A Blue Cat.
  • Jack - A Green Cat.
  • Joey - A Purple-Pink Cockroach.
  • Marky - A Green-Grey Cockroach.
  • Dee Dee - An Orange-Blue Cockroach.
  • SpongeBob - A Sponge.
  • Patrick - A Starfish.
  • Erik Muhlheim / The Phantom -
  • Christine Daaé -
  • Raoul de Chagny -
  • Madame Giry -
  • Carlotta Giudicelli -
  • Gilles André -
  • Richard Firmin -
  • Ubaldo Piangi -
  • Meg Giry -
  • Monsieur Reyer -
  • Joseph Buquet -
  • Monsieur Lefèvre -
  • Gustave Daaé -

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  • Rated PG (Parental Guidance) with mild horror, violence, injury detail, language.
  • Suggested Running Times: 143 Minutes (NTSC), 138 Minutes (PAL).


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