Tom and Jerry Uncle Pecos Returns Remake to 2019 will Be Directed By Spike Brandit

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  • Tom Cat - A grayish-blue cat, who is Jerry's rival, Tuffy's friend, Uncle Harry, Muscles and Pecos' boss and friend.
  • Jerry Mouse - A brown-orange mouse, who is Tuffy's uncle, Tom's rival, Muscles' cousin, Uncle Harry and Pecos' grandnephew.
  • Uncle Pecos - A guitar-playing cowboy mouse, who is Jerry and Tuffy's uncle, Aunt Spinner's husband, Uncle Harry and Muscles' older brother and Tom's boss and friend.
  • Tuffy Mouse - A young baby light-grey, white diaper-wearing mouse, who is Jerry's nephew, Tom's friend, Muscles' cousin, Uncle Harry and Pecos' grandnephew.
  • Uncle Harry - A vacationing brown mouse who wears a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flower patterns, who is Jerry and Tuffy's uncle, Tom's boss and friend, Muscles, Aunt Spinner and Uncle Pecos' older brother.
  • Muscles Mouse - A super-strong mouse with yellow shirt and green bolder hat, who is Jerry and Tuffy's cousin, Uncle Harry, Aunt Spinner and Pecos' older brother, Tom's boss and friend.
  • Aunt Spinner -
  • Cowboy Mouse -
  • Cowgirl Sister -
  • Cowboys Mom -
  • Cowboy Brother -
  • Officer John -
  • Pizza Man -


  • Don Brown as Tom
  • Samuel Vincent as Jerry
  • Scott McNelie as Uncle Pecos
  • Tara Strong as Tuffy
  • John Michael Higgins as Uncle Harry
  • Maurice LaMarche as Muscles
  • Ellen Kennedy as Aunt Spinner
  • Max Charles as Cowboy Mouse
  • Neve Campbell as Cowgirl Sister
  • Emily Blunt as Cowboys Mom
  • Nicky Jones as Cowboy Brother

Addtional Voices

  • Jack Angel as Officer John
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Pizza Man



  • Rated G (General Audience) with mild violence, threat, language.
  • Suggested Running Times: 99 Minutes (NTSC), 95 Minutes (PAL).


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