Tim Rhine is a Character of the Scream Series. He appeared in The Scream Returns. He is portrayed by Steven R. McQueen.


The Scream Returns

Chayenne and Alice are also with each other. They are with Evan in the city centre. Evan is flirting with Chayenne. They are in a Discotheque. They also meet Kevin and Tim Rhine, an friend of Kevin. Tim is really in love with Alice. He wants to kiss her. They go to the toilet. Tim kisses her, but she does not like him. The lights go out and the door is locked. Out of a toilet a Scream is walking. Out of another toilet Master Scream is walking. Alice and Tim are very scared. Welcome, Welcome, Master Scream says. You guys are lovers, I see. I also tried that but that didn't work. Lovers?? Alice says, We are not lovers. Oh good then, Master Scream says. You wil choose, one of you lives, the other dies. We want to live both, Tim says. First I wil look who you are, Alice, a friend of Noa. And you are Tim, I don't know you. Out of nowhere Master Scream stabs Tim. He loses a lot of blood and fells on the ground. Master Scream is watching Alice. The other Scream communicates with him, in a weird language. Tim still lying on the ground tries to attack the Screams. He tries to attack Master Scream but is stabbed by another knife of another Scream. The Scream opens his belly and grabs his heart. He stabs the heart. Tim fells death on the ground. Alice wants to scream very much but her throath is opened. She tries to breathe but dies. The Scream take away their bodies and walk slow away.




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