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Through The Woods: The Movie is a Action-Adventure-Explore Animated Object Show Movie to be released in August 17, 2019.


Bluecorn and the buddies are having a Big Wood Explore Rescue to stop the carnivorous Wild Jackal, Jennifura.


In the Oak Woods, Bluecorn pop out the hole from her tree as she can go to Through the Woods Land. When she was arrived, she saw a American Badger Kit named Skirmish that she was so thirsty. She tells ther Host Ketchup that the Badger Kit needs some water and he said yes. He calls the Contestants that Bluecorn needs help to give Skirmish a drink. The Contestants can help her to get water as they sing a song until Bluecorn gets the last water to Skirmish when she feels great.

Then, A Carnivore Wild Jackal name Jennifura came from the Dark Deadly Trees as she wanted to kill the Badger Kit. Bluecorn rescue Skirmish from her as Jennifura has rushes back to the Dark Deadly Trees and go inside in her Dark Deadly Den. Skirmish thanks to Bluecorn about her brave mission as she gives her a hug when Bluecorn gives her a hug too. Then, A group of Little Woodland Critters who lives in the Oak Woods also, who are a Squirrel Pup, a Red Fox Cub, a Raccoon Cub, a Beaver Kit, a Skunk Kit and a Fawn. The Squirrel Pup name Puffy Jr. and his other friends Ruby, Brush, Masker, Cala Hearty, Stankie and Tan Dan.

Bluecorn thinks that she will befriends with them with Skirmish.


Bluecorn the Long-Eared Chipmunk

Skirmish the American Badger Kit (Hero)

Jennifura the Wild Jackal (Villain)

The Forest Toddlers:

Puffy Jr. the Squirrel Pup

Ruby Brush the Red Fox Cub

Masker the Raccoon Cub

Cala Hearty the Beaver Kit

Stankie the Skunk Kit

Tan Dan the Fawn

Ketchup (Host)

Mustard (Co-Host)


Princess Peach (TTW)



Beach Ball

Bowling Ball

Bowling Pin


Coffee Bean




Ice Cream



Mr. Lion

Paper Cup


Tissue Box

Trash Can


Gasoline - Halsey (Bluecorn's arrived in the Land Scene)

Water Precious Water - (Parody of Becca's Bunch Big Wood needs a sip) (Give the Badger Kit a Clean Water Scene)

Killer - The Ready Set

I've Got a Dream - Tangled (Bluecorn's Plan Dream Scene)

20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp (Fight the Wolf Scene)

Dime - Rachel Crow (Ending Scene)


Bluecorn needs help

Skirmish's Baby Animal Playtime Area

The Toddlers got Talent

Stankie's Invention

Cala Hearty's Story Tale


  • Bluecorn is from Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol on Nickelodeon.
  • This is a 1st Object Show Movie has Toddlers.
  • The Toddlers are look like HTF Characters.
  • Puffy Jr. is the son of Puffy, Ruby Brush is a daughter of Brushy, Masker is a son of Crafty the Raccoon, Cala Hearty is a daughter of Culu, Stankie is a son of Stripes (The Skunk) and Tan Dan is a son of Bucky the Deer.



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