True, sometimes the movie was a bit too long. I really hated scene in Snoke's room, I really doesn't understand and hate that he/she died (won't tell who, people that saw the movie know who I mean), I really wanted to see more of him/her, and we don't even know who he/she really is.

I had a feeling that this movie was very original, until Benicio del Toro was the same as Lando Calrissian. Also that end scene was just too copied from episode 5, the battle of Hoth. When this scene came I really tought: Haven't we seen this already?, this look so recognizable, and then suddenly I knew it, it is just the same as the Battle of Hoth, only this one was a bit shorter. I really don't understand in this new Star Wars trilogy that they can't create an original movie, without copying things from older Star Wars movies.

And last but not least, that scene with Leia flying in the sky was terrible. I don't know why that had to be in the movie, it is also weird for me that she didn't die, how will they do this in episode 9?, since her actress already died.

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