This is Valeyard6282's plan for Thor 5, "Thor: Fear Itself" based on the huge Fear Itself event in Marvel comics. This exists in the MCU and takes place after Avengers 4.

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New Asgard dominates Norway. However, no empire rises without opposition. An ancient Norse threat from the seas threatens Thor's people. The King of Asgard will not stand against The Serpent and his seven Worthy warriors.




*Thor - Chris Hemsworth

*Cul - Gerard Butler

*Bruce Banner / Hulk - Mark Ruffalo

  • Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson

*Juggernaut the Breaker of Stone- Hafþór Björnsson

*Avalanche The Breaker of Souls- Dominic Purcell

*Grey Gargoyle The Breaker of Faith- Sharlto Copley

*Anachronism The Breaker of Will- Kellan Lutz

*Enchantress The Breaker of Men- Alice Eve

*Cyclone The Breaker of Oceans- Patrick Wilson


  • Thor's weapon in this movie is Gram- a sword powered on truth magic. It is the MCU version of the Odinsword.
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