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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends is an upcoming film based on the famous TV series since 1984 of the same name created by Britt Allcroft and the Railway Series books by The Rev W Awdry and his son Christopher. The film is a retelling of the first two Railway Series books from 1945 & 1946 and the first 7 episodes from the TV show's first season in 1984 just as they were retold from the 2015 direct-to-DVD film "The Adventure Begins". The film is attends to be direct by Matthew Vaugn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and Kingsman: The Secret Service) with an adapted screenplay by him and Jane Goldman with Andrew Brenner. The film could possible be release for Thomas' 75th anniversary in 2021. The film also attends to use a blend of CGI with model trains while making the engines have resemblances to their real-life counterparts with real-life actors.


A long time ago on the Island Of Sodor, three trains by the names of Edward, Henry and Gordon lived in the yards & worked at the big station with other engines on The North Western Railway run by Sir Topham Hatt nicknamed The Fat Controller.

Edward is much older than the other engines and sometimes he's teased about it mostly by Gordon who's famous for pulling the big express saying that drivers want big & strong trains like him for example. But one day while pulling a freight train, Gordon gets stuck up a hill and Edward helps him and doesn't say thank you to him, but his driver & fireman are proud of him and say they will give him a new coat of paint to make him the smartest engine in the sheds.

Henry is a kind green engine but sometimes is a worrier and doesn't like the rain. One day he was pulling a passenger train but went into a tunnel and never came out, claiming the rain will spoil his green paint with red stripes. Passengers, conductor and his driver & fireman argued with him, tried pulling and pushing him out even with another engine but he still wouldn't move even when it stopped raining claiming it will begin again soon. Eventually Sir Topham Hatt decides to take away his rails, brick wall him and leave him there for always until he was ready to come out. As time fly by, Henry feels ashamed of how silly he acted.

Later Gordon pulls the express that also has The Fat Controller aon board but his safety valve burst causing his driver to stop him and is embarrassed by Henry who is laughing at him. They call for Edward's help but is unable to push the coaches. Gordon suggest letting Henry pull it and he accepts, getting the passengers to the next station and being praised. Henry & Edward help Gordon back to the sheds after a long day.

One day, Edward and other trains met a new tank engine in the yards ordered by The Fat Controller, his named was Thomas. He had six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and short a stumpy dome. Edward was surprised to see an engine that wasn't as big as he was while Thomas assures that he still hard working and mentioning himself use to work on the mainland. Gordon teases Thomas claiming that Sir Topham Hatt was expecting someone "Really Useful".

For his first days on Sodor and at work, Thomas would shunt coaches for the bigger engines to take out on long journeys and put them back in place for the next day. Although there were days that weren't easy for him. He would also be cheeky feeling no other train worked hard as he did and joked around by waking up Gordon and running off laughing. On his first night on Sodor, he was the smallest train at Tidmouth Sheds. Edward tells Thomas about the time Henry shut himself up in the tunnel when he first saw him and it's about to rain.

The next day, Thomas went to the Steam Works to be re-painted blue and was given the no.1, and Gordon says the last engine was a coffee pot which Edward explains is just a nickname for a train that has a boiler pointing up in the air. Thomas asks Henry how can he be afraid of the rain and assures him it's just water like drivers put in their tanks.

The following day, Thomas found it hard to wake up and went to fetch Gordon's coahes. Gordon who hasn't forgiven Thomas for his little joke starts sooner before workmen can uncoupled Thomas until pulling him from behind his coaches all the way to Wellsworth Station. Thomas got uncoupled and took a long drank and puffed slowly home and was careful not to be cheeky to Gordon again while Edward felt sorry for him.

Later, Thomas ask why can't he pull passengers with the others saying he's too impatient and that he is sure to leave something behind. But later in the night Henry felt sick and the workmen couldn't get him better. The next morning Thomas feels he should have to pull Henry's coaches if he can't make and puffs away to get them for him just to make sure. Later at the station, the passengers, conductor and station master waited for Henry and he didn't show up. Sir Topham Hatt suggest they find another train at once until the station master says Thomas is the only one available. Thomas switch around the track points to get in front of the coaches while his driver told him to not be impatient and wait until everything's ready. Unfortunately, Thomas was to excited to listen.

As he heard a guards whistle, Thomas thought they were ready and started off without his coaches. Men from the signal tower waved and shouted but he misunderstood, thinking he is pulling coaches and it felt easy. Until finally he stopped at danger signal, he tells the signal man what is he doing but is shocked to see he forgot his coaches after being asked where they're at. Back at the Knapford Station, passengers tell The Fat Controller what a bad railway it was but suddenly saw how upset Thomas was and couldn't be mad no more. And finally, Thomas actually pulled the passenger train.

Later in the evening at Tidmouth Sheds, the engines were making fun of Thomas about what happened. And Thomad wouldn't stop grumbling about wanting to see the world. Edward who has been close friends with him since his first day felt sorry for him and offer to let him take his freight cars for him.

The next day, Edward warned Thomas about the Troublesome Trucks that they can play tricks on trains, biffing and bashing so hard that it could sometimes cause engines to derail. But Thomas felt he was worrying too much and that he sounded just like Henry. The trucks were trying to tell Thomas that they weren't ready but he wouldn't listen which made them very cross, so they decided to get payback on him when they got to Gordon's Hill. Once they got up to the hill Thomas's driver applied his brakes but the trucks bumped and pushed him so hard making him go down the hill fast like a roller coaster ride. Eventually, Thomas stopped at some buffers after the points to the tracks were switch to a siding. Unfortunately Sir Topham Hatt saw the whole thing and had a serious talk with him. Thomas explained that he's inexperienced to freight cars and The Fat Controller tells him he has alot to learn if he wants to become a Really Useful Engine. But he also warns him if he's not prepared to be patient and learn, then he's afraid he'll have to keep him in the sheds.

The next day at Knapford Station, Thomas feels awful and apologizes to Edward. While shunting some coaches during a rainy day, Thomas realizes the passenger train he was bringing in was for Henry who was still at the sheds. Henry offers Thomas to take his passengers but he declined telling him that he and Edward has to stay in the yards. After reminding Henry about rain being just water like drivers put in their tanks, he is convinced to come out of the shed and is no longer afraid of the rain thanks to Thomas.

The next few days, Thomas starts to be getting on fine and soon to know more about freight cars as much as Edward does. Knowing that he wasn't as clever as he thought. Thomas then saw something he didn't see before when he got to Sodor. His driver explains to his it's called the breakdown train saying that the cranes are used to lift heavy things like trains, coaches and freight cars and the reason it hasn't been used because there hasn't been an accident yet. Suddenly they heard an engine with black paint and red stripes screaming for help. His name was James and he was recently the newest engine on the island, the Troublesome Trucks were pushing him really hard and his break blocks were on fire because they were made of wood. Thomas race after James to save him as the conductor from the brake van tries to couple him up to slow them down, but it was too late. The trucks caused James to derail as Thomas went back to the yards for help.

When he got back, he alerted the workman about what happened to James as they got inside the breakdown train's coach and head off to the rescue. As they were chaining James up, Thomas was angrily biffing and bashing but the freight cars hoping it will teach them a lesson. And when they got James back on the rails he couldn't move, so Thomas helped him to the Steamworks.

Later that evening at the sheds the trains were cheering for Thomas, even Gordon himself was impressed. Sir Topham Hatt came and told Thomas how proud he was, and said that James would need mending, some proper brakes and a new coat of paint. And due to his unselfish bravery and heroism, Thomas is awarded a branch line of his own. Gordon ask who will fetch their coaches claiming tender engines don't shunt with Sir Topham Hatt saying he'll have to shunt his own until he could find another tank engine like Thomas. Which makes Thomas, Edward and Henry laugh as James returns the next morning with a new coat of red paint with black stripes.

Thomas who is now happier than ever has a branch line all to himself and two coaches named Annie & Clarabel. He meets the former no.1 that is a 0-4-0VBGT engine named Glynn and promises to wear the number 1 with pride as he puffs & chuffs happily out to see the world.

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