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This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under 17. This may contain strong sexual references, violence, language, or drug use, so readers are strongly cautioned.

The Yotie is an American-British action, animated comedy superhero film directed, produced and written by Lucas E.


"In the world of anthropormorphic animals there is a Tribe called, 'The Yoties,' A group of Coyotes that know how to fight. But when Alicia Timber, a Coyote business woman, discovers she is part of the tribe she, and her friends, go in for a wild race to stop a villan from ending the world and her home."


  • ? As Alicia Timbers
  • ? As Dr. Knownuthin
  • ? As Mike Donny
  • ? As Sarah Taylor
  • ? As Mr. 'Frank' Timbers
  • ? As Zoe McPony


The film will have a Rated R rating for Gore/Blood Violence, Strong Profanity, Nudity and usemage of Drugs

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