(Opening The 4 Studios) (Showing The Text:Walt Disney Presents...) (Showing The Text:Associated With Blue Sky Studios & Amblin Entertainment & Warner Bros Picture) (Showing The Text:THE WILD Lil Gleemerz & Pixie Belles) Banjo:Oh Yeah. Let's Go To The Forest...*Walks Into a Forest With Team* *Rolling Like Ball* (He Was Shocked,Playing Welcome To The Jungle By Guns & Roses) Kazooie:WHAT?! Loomer:Uh....BOO! Kazooie:HUH?! Banjo:COME ON GUYS! FOLLOW THAT GLEEMERZ! (Runs Into a Jungle With Team Plays Try Everything By Shakira) (Cuts The Cave) Sungleem:Hi! Banjo:Hi There! I'm Banjo And His With Team Pawsome! Banjo:What? *Dressing Into a Gleemerz Trible* Kazooie:Oh Why Wh-*Dressing Into a Pixie Belles Trible* Banjo:Hehehehehehe. Let's Ride. Glowerz:OKAY! (Riding Into a Car,Playing Real Wild Child By Iggy Pop) LOOK OUT! Esme:GAH! Banjo:Woah! I Back In New York City? Esme:Yes! Rainbeam:Oh. Juju:Hehehehehe-AHH! *Splash* Jodi:EEK! *Splash* Slyly:Bye! Yeah. (Fades Out Into a Black Screen) (Fades In Into a Rainbow Screen And Started End Titles And Playing Center Of Gravity By Rocky Wallace) 

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