The Valley of Gorosaurus is Action fantasy monster films.




These are creatures in the 2020 film, The Valley of Gorosaurus.

  • Gorosaurus is Blue allosaurus
  • Styracosaurus is TBD
  • African Elephant is TBD
  • Osschaert is TBD
  • African Buffalo is TBA
  • Kornephoros is TBD
  • Gigantoraptor is TBD
  • Mule Deer is TBA
  • White Monoblos is TBA
  • Azure Rathalos is TBD
  • Pink Rathian is TBA
  • Great Baggi is TBD
  • Baggi is TBD
  • Black Diablos is TBA
  • Great Wroggi is TBA
  • Wroggi is TBA
  • Crimson Qurupeco is TBA
  • Giadrome is TBA
  • Giaprey is TBA
  • Jaggi is TBD
  • Algol is TBD
  • Gendrome is TBD
  • Velocidrome is TBD
  • White Velocidrome is TBD
  • White Velociprey is TBD
  • Tylosaurus is TBA


  • Most Disturbing Import - Nominated
  • Worst Feature Film - Nominated
  • Location Team of the Year - Feature - Won
  • Favorite Song - Nominated

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