The Scream: The Triangle of Death is the 8th movie in the Scream's Cinematic Universe all created by SwitzerlandDormammu. It comes after The Scream: The Last Scream.


2 years after the Last Screams were killed, Sam has founded the Scream Investigation Service (SIS), an organization to detect and wipe out all the Scream on the world. Sam works together with Bruce and a new recrute, Max Prescott, in this organization. After an argument, Bruce and Isabelle broke up together and Isabelle moved away. Norah has also left them to go back to her city for work. This makes both Bruce and Sam alone again and vulnerable. A new upcoming Scream group, The Triangle of Death, uses this to hurt Sam and destroy the SIS. This new scream group has to be eliminated as fast as possible, before it is too late.


The movie starts in a kiosk. Newspapers are saying the latest Screams are killed off by Sam Stone. The guy behind the desk sells some newspapers. “What is the news of today?” Another man says. “There is very good news. The Last Screams are wiped out!” The man behind the desk says. “That’s very good news!” the other man says and he grabs the newspaper. The newspaper has two images, one from Sam and the other from Charles. “Who is the guy on the left?” The man says. “That’s Sam Stone, he is a living hero, he killed over 10 screams.” The Scream behind the desk says. “Mm interesting” The other man says. “I will take one newspaper” The man says. “Very well” The man behind the desk says. He pays for it and walks away. Later he returns home. His dad is sitting at the bench watching television. “Ah son you have returned” He says. “I sure did dad” The guy says. “Did you see the news dad?” The guy says. “No what has happened?” The dad says and on the tv there is an American football match broadcasted. “The Screams… they are finally all death!” the man says. “You sure about that Max?” the dad says. “Yes I am dad! It stand in the newspapers” Max says. “That’s very good news. I hope he tortured all of these idiots!” Max’s dad says. But on that moment, another voice can be heard. “Idiots?” It says. “Who the hell is there?” Max says and he grabs a gun out of his pocket. “Hahahahaha, you really thought all of us are death?” A scream says. “This must be a prank, throw that mask away!” Max says. “Yes it is” The Scream says. “So what are you doing here?” Max’s dad says. “Killing you” The Scream says and he stabs inside Max’s dad. The blood splashes out of him on his mask. Max stares about and screams it out. He tries to stop it but the Scream hits him with his other hand hard in his face. He falls unconscious on the ground. The Scream walks to him and stands with his feet on the newspaper. He watches to it and grabs it up. He looks to the pictures of Sam and Charles. He stabs his knife inside Sam and throws the newspaper away.

The camera goes to the mask of the Scream and the logo: The Scream: Triangle of death appears.

2 years later it says after the logo.

Max walks through the streets of San Francisco and he sees a big skyscraper. On the skyscraper the letters S, I and S are standing as a logo. Max is interested and walks towards the building. He walks through the front door and in the lobby there is a desk. He sees a woman sitting with a business card named Iris. He steps in the line after her. There are 2 people before him, the first is done and walks away. Max looks around and he sees a lot of guards. He hears the man before him talking. “My wife was almost killed by one of the screams. I need ask to Mr. Stone for help and protect us” The man says. “He is a very busy man, he doesn’t have time a lot, but I can try to make an appointment next week” Iris says. “Thank you very much” The man says. Iris looks in her computer for a free time and found one. He gives him the date and he thanks her again and walks away. Max steps forward. “How can I help you sir?” Iris says. “I need to see Mr. Stone now” Max says. “Mr. Stone is a very busy man, he hasn’t time at the moment, but I can try” Iris says, but Max interrupts her and says: “I travelled a week to get here and spent all my money, I can’t wait for another week!” Max says. “Oh I will look if I can get a date as fast as possible” Iris says getting nervous. “I am sorry, but my father is killed by those idiots 2 years ago and that’s why I need his help” Max says. “I am sorry to hear that” Iris says. “You can wait in the waiting room, I will come to you when he has time for you” Iris says. “All right thank you” Max says and he walks away to the waiting room. He sits down on one of the chairs. It isn’t busy in the waiting room, there is only one other man. He doesn’t look very social. Some minutes later, Max sees a girl walking inside the building. But there is another man with her. He sees them yelling on each other. He tries to hear what they are saying. “You don’t have to be here.” The girl says. “I want to be with you here!” the man says. The girl walks in Max’s direction. “Go outside!” She yells one last time and now the man knows enough. He walks outside and leaves. She goes sitting next of Max in the waiting room. After a while the girl says: “So what are you doing here?” “Me?” Max says. “Yes you” She says. “My father is killed 2 years ago by these barbarians.” Max says. “I am sorry to hear that” She says. “You?” Max says. “My sister and I were harassed by one of them” She says.

Iris walks away from the desk to a door to the back and steps in an elevator. In another room upstairs, a crowd is sitting. Before them, Sam is standing and giving a presentation. On a big screen, there is a map with all locations of people seen with Scream masks. “We can’t know for sure they are all really screams, but this gives an indication of how many there are still are. The last screams weren’t really the last ones” Sam says. One guy in the public goes standing and says: “So your actions weren’t successful?” “Not enough, we should work with more people to wipe them out” Sam says. “That was all” Sam says. And all the public leaves the room. After everybody is gone, Iris walks to Sam. “Sam, I have guy sitting in the waiting room, which dad was killed by a scream and he demands to see you” Iris says. “Interesting, bring him to me” Sam says. Iris walks back to the waiting room. Max is still talking to the woman, until Iris intervenes. “You can see Mr. Stone right now “Iris says to Max. “That’s very great news” Max says. “You have an appointment with Mr. Stone himself?” The other woman says. “Yes I do” Max says. “Well it was great to meet you, I am Sophia btw.” Sophia says. “Max” Max says and he walks with Iris to the elevator. “Who was she?” Iris says. “A girl I just met” Max says. Later they arrive at Sam. “It’s a pleasure to meet you” Max says and grabs Sam’s hand. “So who are you and why do you want to see me?” Sam says. “I want to find the killer of my father” Max says. “Scream?” Sam says. “Yes” Max says.

In San Diego, over 500 miles away, Norah is sitting and thinking. She sees the castle of her dad again and suddenly a scream is standing before her. He is holding the head of her dad. “Mrs. Kearns? Norah!” Another man says. “Yes Toby?” Norah says. “Don’t stray off” Toby says. “I am very sorry” Norah says. They are sitting in a meeting with three other persons. “Well anyways, this meeting is over. I see you all tomorrow” Toby says. And all the people leave, except Norah. After everybody has left, Toby says: “What were you thinking of?” “Nothing” Norah says. “You have something on your mind, you can tell me” Toby says. “You are not the person I should tell it to” Norah says and she steps on and leaves the room.

“So you come from all the way of Illinois?” Sam says. “Yes I do” Max says. Max and Sam are sitting in Sam’s office. “When was your dad killed?” Sam says. “Right after you killed Charles” Max says. “You are exactly the person that can help me find him” Max says. “Well my organization searches and wipes all the Screams, so I will help you” Sam says. “Thank you, Thank you very much!” Max says. “You’re welcome” Sam says. Iris walks inside the room. “Oh you have already met my assistant, right?” Sam says. “Yes I do” Max says. “And I have already met Mr. Prescott” Iris says. “You will meet my other colleague in 2 minutes” Sam says and he steps on. They walk to Bruce’s office and he is sitting around behind his desk. “Bruce?” Sam says. “Yes Sam?” Bruce says. “I will introduce you to Max Prescott, Max this is Bruce” Sam says. “So what will he do here?” Bruce says. “He is going to help us find the next Scream” Sam says. “Well great” Bruce says very enthusiastic (Sarcasm). Max wants to shake his hand but Bruce keeps staring at his computer screen. “Don’t mind him, he is in a bad mood, since he broke with his girlfriend” Sam says. “That’s not true” Bruce says. “So you are still with Isabelle?” Sam says. “Not it was like a mutual dumping” Bruce says. “Yeah whatever” Sam says. “So how are we going to find my dad’s killer?” Max suddenly says. “I can search for Scream activity in Illinois” Sam says. “I want him death as soon as possible” Max says. “I understand, but since I have this organization, I cannot kill Screams anymore” Sam says. “What? I want to feel him the same pain as my father did 2 years ago” Max says. “We should let him be arrested by the cops.” Sam says. “Ok then” Max says.

Back in San Diego, Norah walks through the city. She walks into a museum. She looks around but it is all normal. There are some New Zealandian masks, but suddenly she sees a scream mask between them. Out of anger she moves backwards against a statue. One of the guards walks to it and grabs the statue before it falls on the ground. “Are you all right Mrs?” The guard says. “I am just a bit dizzy” Norah says and she walks further. The guard doesn’t trust it and calls the other guards to watch her. Suddenly Norah doesn’t look before her and she bumps into Toby. “Toby? What are you doing here?” Norah says. “There is something wrong with you and you are going to tell it to me now” Toby says. “Okay okay” Norah says. They walk to a place where it is quiet. “Well my whole family has been killed 2 years ago” Norah says. “What? Why did you never tell me that?” Toby says. “And I still see the killer everyday although he is also death for 2 years” Norah says. “I am very sorry to hear that. How can I cheer you up?” Toby says. “No thank you, but these visions becomes clearer every time” Norah says. “So what does that mean?” Toby says. “There is only one person that can help me with that” Norah says.

In an unknown place, A person is standing. His/her face is not yet seen. He is holding a big knife in his right hand. Two other persons are walking towards him. They are wearing Scream masks. They are holding a man. They throw him on the ground. It is the friend of Sophia. He is scared and he is crying. The camera know goes to the man standing in front of them. It is the scream with the red blood mask. “Richard Hamilton, by the hands of the Triangle of Death I sentence you to die! Any last words” The Scream with the red blooded mask says. “Please let me go! I am innocent!” Richard says. The Scream is on his moment to stab Richard, but then he stops and grabs something out of his pocket. It is his wallet. Inside it there is a picture of Richard and Sophia. “Who is the girl on the right?” The Red masked scream says. “That is none of your business, you filthy…..” Richard says and right in the middle of his sentence suddenly the Scream has stabbed Richard. The Scream pushes his knife outside him and he falls death on the ground.

“So any idea how this Scream looked like?” Sam says. “He had a red mask, that’s the only thing I remembered” Max says. “That’s not anything I have seen before” Sam says. “You should tell me everything about the screams you have encountered” Max says. “That are too much stories to tell” Sam says. “I want to know everything!” Max says. “Ok I can tell you something later” Sam says. In the meantime, Iris comes to them and says: “Sam we got Scream activity” “Where?” Sam says. “San Jose” Iris says. Later they arrive in San Jose. They step out of the car and they see the death body of Richard lying on the ground. “Who is this?” Sam says. “Richard Hamilton” A police officer says to Sam and Max. They look to the body and see it is killed by a big knife. “Wait I know this guy” Max suddenly says. “Really?” Sam says. “Yes he was the friend of that girl which was with me in the waiting room.” Max says. “What was her name?” Sam says. “Sophia” Max says. “Oh she had an appointment with Bruce” Sam says.

Back in San Francisco, Bruce is sitting with Sophia. “So how can I help you?” Bruce says. “First of all thank you for letting me come here” Sophia says. “You’re welcome” Bruce says. “There is a scream, he is always bothering me and my friend.” Sophia says. “Who is your friend?” Bruce says. “Richard Hamilton” Sophia says. “And where is he now?” Bruce says. “He left me before I went in here” Sophia says. “Why?” Bruce says. “We had an argument” Sophia says. “About what?” Bruce says. Sophia hesitates. “If you want me to help you, you should be honest to me” Bruce says. “Ok I will Mr. Wakefield” Sophia says. “But aren’t you sure this guy is the Scream and he is like a former boyfriend. Because I have heard about that many times” Bruce says. “No” Sophia says. Bruce wants to ask her another thing, but on that moment, Iris knocks on the door and comes. “Come in” Bruce says. “We got a phone call for you Bruce” Iris says. Bruce is surprised. “it can be important” Iris says. “Do you have a minute?” Bruce says to Sophia. “Yes of course” Sophia says. Bruce follows Iris to the phones. He grabs the phone. “I hope it isn’t Isabelle” Bruce says and he looks and it is Sam. Bruce opens the call. “Is Sophia with you?” Sam says. “Sophia? Uhm yes, I have a talk with her right now” Bruce says. “Good keep her there, until we are back” Sam says. “So what is the problem?” Bruce says. “We found a body and Max reminds the victim seen with her” Sam says. “Let me guess, the victim is Richard Hamilton?” Bruce says. “Yes how do you know that?” Sam says. “We already talked about him” Bruce says. “Ok but keep her there, see you soon” Sam says and he hangs up. “Any problems?” Iris says. “No” Bruce says and he walks back to his office. “Let me know if I can help” Iris says and she walks away.

“So who is this person that can help you? Did you ever met him or is this another thing in your head?” Toby says. “No he is real” Norah says. “He saved my life multiple times” Norah says. “So when will you go to him?” Toby says. “I will leave tomorrow” Norah says. “So you will quit the job?” Toby says. “Yes I am sorry” Norah says. “I can’t live anymore with all these visions” Norah says. “It is okay” Toby says. The next day, Norah steps in her car. Toby suddenly also appears. “What are you doing here?” Norah says. “I am coming with you” Toby says. “Really?” Norah says. “Yes I can let you go to San Francisco alone” Toby says. “Thank you” Norah says and she gives him a hug. Later that day they are driving towards San Francisco. “So when you are going to tell me to who we are exactly going?” Toby says. “Okay. We are going to Sam Stone” Norah says. “Wait isn’t that one of the directors of SIS?” Toby says. “Yes” Norah says. “And you think he is going to help you?” Toby says. “Yes” Norah says. “How are you so sure? He only helps with those masked freaks” Toby says. “The guy in my vision is one of those ‘masked freaks’” Norah says. “Oh, why did you never tell me that, I am so sorry to hear that” Toby says. “I am sorry I haven’t been honest to you” Norah says. “Me and Sam met two years ago and we got a good friendship” Norah says. “So why did you leave him?” Toby says. “Because I grew up in San Diego and I always wanted to work in our company” Norah says. “I should have never left him” Norah says. “I don’t know if we are still friends and how he is now” Norah says.

Sam and Max walk back in his building. “Welcome back Mr. Stone” Iris says while she is sitting behind the desk. “Hello Mrs. Chatham” Sam says and he and Max go in the elevator to the floor where Bruce is with Sophia. “I am sorry to tell you that our company” Bruce says to Sophia. Bruce hesitates and says: “They found Richard’s body two hours ago” Bruce says. “What?” Sophia says very shocked. “I am so sorry for you” Bruce says. In the meantime, Max and Sam walk inside the office of Bruce. “Max?” Sophia says to them. Sam and Bruce take a seat in the conversation. “So why did the Screams kill Richard?” Sam says to Sophia. “I have no idea, they are bothering us already for a long time. I should have never let him go alone” Sophia says and she becomes sad. “You’re save with us” Max says. “I am never safe anymore” Sophia says and she starts crying. Max tries to cheer her up. “I will do everything I can to protect you” Max says. “But why do they want you and Richard death?” Bruce says. “Because I know something, they don’t want us to know. But if I tell you, you should all be death too” Sophia says. “How did you find this out?” Bruce says. “Richard and I, we saw them here in the city together and one of them was not wearing a mask.” Sophia says. “And that’s the only thing I saw, but afterwards they followed us” Sophia says. “Sophia stay calm, you should tell us more. How did the guy look like you saw?” Sam says. “He was tall” Sophia says. “Wait was it one of these?” Sam says and he gives a folder to Sophia with all suspects. “We should give her time” Sam says and he, Bruce and Max walk back outside. “How did you get all these suspects?” Max says. “What do you think we do? Nothing?” Sam says. “Oh I am sorry” Max says. “It’s okay” Sam says. On that moment, another guy is walking inside the room. “I am one day free from work and everything happens” The guy says. “Oh Danny, I am sorry I didn’t notify you about all current events” Sam says. “Luckily still Iris is here, she called me” Danny says. “Wait who is this?” Danny says to Bruce and Sam pointing to Max. “Oh. Max this is our Manager Mr. Kent. Danny this is our new helper Max” Sam says. “She appointed him yourself?” Danny says. “Yes I did” Sam says. “Thank you for telling me about it” Danny says. “Why did you come at work?” Bruce says. “I heard about what you found thanks to Iris and I was excited and come on my free day” Danny says. “We have a girl in Bruce’s office, which knows the victim” Sam says. “Very good” Danny says. “She is currently watching through some suspect since she has seen one of the Screams without a mask” Sam says.

Norah and Toby stop a hostel to sleep for one night. “You sure this is a good idea? We can also sleep in the car” Norah says. “No you should rest, I will drive tomorrow” Toby says. “Thank you” Norah says. They step out of the car and walk to the entrance. Out of a window of the hostel, two men are watching them. “She is interesting” One of the two man says. “We will get her” The other man says. They step up and grab two Scream masks. Norah and Toby walk inside to the reception to book one room for one night. “Your room is at the first floor” The woman behind the desks says and she leads them the way to the stairs. They walk to their room and open the door. There is only one double bed. “Better than in the car, right?” Toby says. “Yes you’re right” Norah says. “I am very tired, I will go to sleep after I brushed my teeth” Norah says. “Okay all right” Toby says. Norah walks out of the room to the bathroom which is on the end of the floor. The two men are watching her and walk outside their room to her. They stand behind her. Norah sees them standing behind her. She doesn’t know what to do. She watches in the mirror and sees they are wearing Scream masks. “Woman come with us or you die” One of the two men says pointing a gun at her. “What do you want from me?” Norah says. “Come to our room and you will be fine” the other man says. She has no other way to do what they say. They walk to their room. One of the man points the gun at her, the other opens the room. They walk inside of it. “Please let me go, I am very tired” Norah says. “Too late, you’re from us now” One of the man says. “Why don’t you kill me already? I know how you guys are” Norah says. “You don’t know us” The man says. “Well I know the guy which masks you are wearing” Norah says. “Well Whatever” The man says and he pushes her on the bed. “Just tell me what you want and let me go” Norah says. Toby watches out of their room but he doesn’t see Norah anywhere. He knows something is wrong. “Take off your clothes now!” The man says. “Or you will die” The other man says. But on that moment, the door is slam opened. It is Toby. “Who the hell are you?” one of the two man says. “I am her to save her” Toby says and he attacks one of the two man. The other man grabs Norah and says: “Come on we are leaving” He takes her out of the room. On the hallway they see the woman of the reception again. The man points his gun at her, so she can’t say anything. The man brings her outside and takes her inside the car. “Where are we going?” Norah says scared. “You will soon find out” The man starts the car and drives of the parking. On the road he says: “Don’t try to escape or you will die!” But suddenly out of nowhere a bullet is fired and the man is killed. The car drives further and crashes at a tree.

Sam, Bruce, Max and Danny walk back into the room of Sophia. “Did you find the man we are looking for?” Sam says. “Yes it is this one” Sophia says and she points it to them. “Who is it?” Max says. “Isaac Connor” Sam says. “Sophia, you sure it is him?” Max says. “Yes I am” Sophia says. “I will search in the computer for his last address” Danny says and he walks to the computer. “Why didn’t you say you work for them?” Sophia says to Max. “I work since recently with them” Max says. “We should go to his address as fast as possible” Bruce says. “Give them one minute” Sam says. “Hey we will find Richard’s killer and kill him. These are the professionals” Max says. “I am not so sure. Richard isn’t the really the person that get easily killed” Sophia says. “Mr. Stone and Mr. Wakefield have killed more screams than any other person on this planet” Max says. “Got it” Danny says. “Let’s go to it” Bruce says. “I have to go now, but we will be back” Max says. “Sophia stay here, you’re not safe outside” Sam says. “I will look to her” Iris says. “Thank you” Sam says. They grab their weapons and go to the underground parking. The four people step in a SIS van and drive outside the building to the address. “Are we getting close?” Bruce says. “We are almost there” Sam says. Later they stop before the building. It is an apartment building. They click on the button. “Mr. Connor?” Sam says. “Who is there?” Isaac says. “We are from the police, open the door” Sam says. “Why are you here? What did I wrong?” Isaac says. “Just open the door, we want to ask you a couple of questions” Sam says. It stays quiet for some seconds. “He isn’t opening the door” Danny says. But on that moment the door gets opened. They walk inside the door and walk upstairs. “What number?” Bruce says. “Number 323” Sam says. They walk through the apartment building until they find it. “This is it” Sam says. “You sure this is the right door?” Max says. “Yes” Sam says and he knocks on the door. “Mr. Connor?” Sam says. He watches through the window and slowly opens the door. “Who are you?” Isaac says. “We are from the SIS” Sam says. “I have nothing to do with those guys” Isaac says and he wants to shut the door, but Sam pushes it open. “You are going to tell us everything about them.” Max says. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Isaac says. “Liar” Max says and he grabs him by his arm and pushes a gun on his head. “Tell it or you will die!” Max says. “Easy Max, this isn’t helping” Sam says. “Okay please!” Isaac yells. They take a seat in the living room. “Isaac you are seen by a witness as a Scream” Sam says. “Could you tell us straight why you aren’t one of them” Sam says. “That’s not me! Please believe me!” Isaac yells. “So why aren’t you him?” Bruce says. “They are using me!” Isaac yells. “Using your for what?” Max says. “Letting you think I am one of them” Isaac says. “I don’t believe anything of what you say!” Danny says. “It is true!” Isaac yells. On that moment, the door to the balcony is opened and an unknown person walk inside the room. None of them notices it. “Do you have any evidence that you can proof what you’re saying?” Sam says. “Yes let me grab it” Isaac says. “No way, everybody stay where you are” The unknown woman says holding a gun to them. “Who the hell is she?” Sam says. “Go out of Isaac’s house, burglars!” the woman says. “Wait! We are not burglars” Max says. Bruce steps on and lets her see the SIS name badge. “You are from SIS?” The woman says. “Yes and now we want to know who you are” Sam says. But on that moment, Isaac steps on and runs away. Danny tries to stop him, but he fails. “Bruce stay with her” Sam says and he runs after Isaac. Isaac opens the door to the balcony. Danny follows him. Max goes outside the apartment to get to the roof. Sam follows Isaac. He climbs on the fire ladder up. Sam also climbs up. “Stay where you are Mr. Connor” Sam says. “I am not doing anything you say” Isaac says and he runs away. Inside Isaac’s apartment, Bruce says: “Could you please put that gun away?” “Why would I?” The woman says. “I could pick you up for conspiracy” Bruce says. “You can’t” The woman says. But on that moment, Bruce slams the gun out of her hands and starts attacking her. She tries to fight back, but Bruce is stronger and he throws her on the couch. He grabs her wallet out of her pocket and looks to her ID. “Florence Lancaster, why do you help him?” Bruce says. “He is my neighbour and I thought you were burglars” Florence says. “But you attacked me after I showed you that I am not a burglar” Bruce says. “I didn’t know if I could trust you” Florence says. Outside, Isaac got to the roof, but Max is standing there. He runs to the other side of the roof to looks if there is a fire ladder down. He finds one but Max grabs and pulls him up. He pushes Max away, but Sam touches him, Isaac falls off the window but Sam grabs him. “Please don’t let me go” Isaac says. “I can pull you up if you tell me where I can find your Scream friends” Sam says. “If I tell you, we will all be killed by the hands of the Triangle of Death!” Isaac says. “What?” Sam says. “You heard me” Isaac says. “Isaac tell it now, I can’t hold you any longer!” Sam says. “Just pull me up!” Isaac says. Sam tries to grab him, but then suddenly Isaac falls. He falls very fast down and when he touches the ground he is death. “Damn it!” Sam says. Max and Danny look down and see the body of Isaac lying on the ground. Back in Isaac’s apartment, Florence says: “Can you let me go?” “Not yet, you are going to tell us everything you know about your neighbour” Bruce says. “I only know he often leaves at night and doesn’t come back” Florence says. Bruce thinks a second about what she said and then he says: “Mrs. Lancaster, I think your neighbour is a Scream.” “No that can’t be true, he leaves for work” Florence says. “And why did you come in here?” Bruce says. “I heard you talking and thought that Isaac needed help” Florence says. “So you’re more than neighbours?” Bruce says. “Yes we became friends” Florence says. On the same moment, Sam, Max and Danny walk back inside the apartment. “If he was your friends, I am sorry to say that he is death” Sam says. “What? I can’t believe it. Did you kill him?” Florence says mad. “No he tries to save him, but he fell off the building” Sam says. “That means we have nothing, lets go away” Max says and he and Danny walk away. “What about her?” Bruce says. “What do you want with her?” Sam says. “She might know something” Bruce says. “Sure take her to our building. I am going to look around to look for evidence” Sam says and he opens another door in the house. He sees a noticeboard with the big words: The Triangle of Death.

Norah wakes up in an unknown place. “Where the hell am I?” Norah says. But there is nobody in the room to answer her question. But later somebody walk in the room. He is wearing a scream mask. “Please put that mask away” Norah says. “Why?” The Scream says. “My whole family was murdered by people wearing those masks, I can’t look to it anymore” Norah says. “Sad for you little girl” The Scream says. “What do you want from me?” Norah says. “You? I am not alone” The Scream says and suddenly two other scream are standing behind him. “We are the Triangle of Death” The Scream says. “Tell me what you want and let me please go” Norah says. “There is only one thing I want. Sam Stone’s head” The Scream says. “And you will bring it to me” The Scream says. Norah can’t believe what he says. “I know you befriended him.” The Scream says. “And what if I don’t bring it to you?” Norah says. The Scream doesn’t answer her question but the other screams throw Toby and the other guy from the hostel on the ground. “We followed you, sadly the other Scream imposter didn’t survive” The Scream says. “We have a deal if Toby can come with me” Norah says. “Who the hell is Toby?” one of the other scream says. “You mean him” The Scream in charge points to Toby. “Yes” Norah says. “Fine” The Scream says and he walks to Toby. “Open your mouth” The Scream says to Toby. He doesn’t want it but he has no other choice. “What are you doing to him?” Norah says. The Scream pushes something in Toby’s mouth and inside his throat. “What is it?” Norah says. “it is a locater. You have 48 hours. If you fail Toby is the first to die” The Scream says and suddenly all of the three Scream disappear. Norah steps on and releases Toby. “I thought I lost you” Norah says. “I am so happy to see you” Toby says. “Please let me go too” the other guy says. “Fine” Norah says and she opens his handcuffs. “Toby, I have no idea how to do this” Norah says. “I will help you, none of us is going to die” Toby says. “I want to help you” The other guy says. “After you tried to rape me?” Norah says. “It wasn’t my idea” The guy says.

They bring Florence to the building. Sophia and Iris are waiting inside the building. “Any activity of Max?” Sophia says. “No but I am sure they will be here soon” Iris says. “How are you so sure of that? Maybe he killed all of them” Sophia says. “I know Mr. Stone longer, he doesn’t get killed that easily” Iris says. “We shall see” Sophia says. Some minutes later, Sam, Bruce, Danny, Max and Florence walk inside the room. “That is not the person I meant” Sophia says. “Who is she Sam?” Iris says. “Isaac Connor is death, she might know more of this Triangle of Death” Sam says. “Triangle of Death?” Iris says. “Yes not sure what it is” Sam says. “I have heard of it before” Sophia says. Bruce and Danny move Florence to the interrogation room. “Are you okay?” Sophia says to Max. “I am fine, Isaac not that much” Max says. “Try to get some details out of that girl, I need to explain to the cops why Isaac Connor is death” Sam says to Bruce and he walks away. “How did Isaac Connor die?” Sophia says. “Actually Mr. Stone tried to save him, but his own stupidity got him killed” Danny says. “He fell off a building and died” Bruce says. “Well we are better of without him, he was still one of those masked freaks that tried to kill me and Richard” Sophia says. Bruce walks out of the conversation inside the room where Florence is sitting. “Could I offer you something to drink?” Bruce says to Florence. “No I want to go now” Florence says mad. “I am so sorry for this, you don’t deserve this” Bruce says. Florence ignores that. “You look like a regular guy. Just please let me go” Florence says. “This isn’t working, and I think you are smart enough to know that” Bruce says. “I know nothing about them, that’s it” Florence says. “I already thought so, but you should tell everything you know about Isaac Connor.” Bruce says. On that moment, Danny walks inside the room. “Hello Mrs. Chatham” Danny says and he takes place in the room. “What do you know about The Triangle of Death?” Danny says. “Danny she doesn’t know anything about that, you know that too” Bruce says. “Oh yeah, I don’t trust her telling the truth” Danny says. Florence stays quiet for a while. “You had a better relationship with Mr. Connor than you’re telling us, am I right?” Danny says. Florence ignores his question. “I guess that’s a yes” Danny says. “So what was your relationship? Were you in love with him?” Danny says. “Danny stop, this isn’t working” Bruce says. “So what do you suggest to do?” Danny says. “We shouldn’t force her to give us the answers” Bruce says.

“So what is your name?” Toby says to the other guy. “My name is Julian Hall” Julian says. “I think we could us your help” Toby says. “Thank you” Julian says. They walk to Norah’s car and step in. “He is coming with us” Toby says. “Fine, but if he tries to rape me again, I will kill him myself” Norah says. “Please give him a second chance” Toby says. “I will okay” Norah says. Later they are driving further to San Francisco. “I don’t know what your relationship was with Sam Stone, but it must be hard to kill him” Toby says. “It sure it” Norah says. “You know him?” Julian says. “Yes I met him 2 years ago.” Norah says. “And you have to kill him, fine” Julian says. “Anyways, I never liked him, he is too overrated in my opinion” Julian says. “Why do you think that?” Norah says. “He was always on the news and I never saw him doing anything good” Julian says. “He saved my life more than once!” Norah says. At night, they arrive in San Francisco. “We are almost there” Julian says while he is driving. Norah wakes up and sees they are in the city. “Wow that is quick” Norah says. “I promised you, I would bring you here” Toby says. “I am more terrified of what will happen if we pass these 48 hours” Norah says. “And that was 12 hours ago” Julian says. “Just promise you do what you have to. Kill him” Toby says. “But he is the only one person that can help me” Norah says. “You don’t know that, there are lots of skilled people in this city” Toby says. Later they arrive at the SIS building. “This is it, the end of the line” Toby says. The three people step out. “Wait Norah” Toby says. “What is wrong, Toby?” Norah says. “There is one thing I want to tell you, from the moment I met you” Toby says. “No don’t Toby, this isn’t the right moment” Norah says. “We should go inside now” Julian says. “I am not sure I can give you what you want” Norah says and she follows Julian inside. Toby follows them inside. On the first floor the reception is opened. “The building is enormous, how can I find Sam here?” Norah says. “We can ask that receptionist” Julian says. “Yeah sure” Norah says and they go to Iris. “I am a friend of Sam and I need to speak to him” Norah says to Iris. “What is your name?” Iris says. “Norah Kearns” Norah says. “Uhm” Iris says. “No, your name doesn’t ring a bell to him” Iris says. “What?” Norah says. “He never mentioned you” Iris says. “You are lying” Norah says. “Norah calm down” Toby says. “So you think she is telling the truth?” Norah says. “No I have never said that” Toby says. “Maybe you met him in your dreams, I mean the ones with those screams” Toby says. “I can’t believe what you are saying” Norah says. “I said maybe, I still believe you” Toby says. “No you don’t” Norah says. Julian walks to Iris and says: “Bring me to Mr. Stone or you die!” He grabs a gun out of his pocket and aims it at Iris. Iris get scared. “Don’t dare it to call the security” Julian says. Norah and Toby are very surprised. “We never should have trusted you idiot!” Norah says to Julian. Iris walks to the elevator and Julian follows him. Norah wants to follow them but Toby grabs her. “Let me go!” Norah says. “No Julian is going to kill that overrated asshole” Toby says. “Yes Julian was right” Toby says. Norah hits him in his legs and he falls off. She tries to get away but Toby jumps on her. “Finally I got you” Toby says. “What is wrong with you Toby?” Norah says. “I love you Norah and I don’t want to lose you. I will do everything in my power to keep us together” Toby says. “You’re insane” Norah says. Iris and Julian go up in the elevator. “If we are on the wrong floor, you’re the first to die!” Julian says. “Yeah I know” Iris says. Sam goes out of another elevator and is back at the floor where the other are. Danny and Bruce are still mad at each other. Max and Sophia are sitting together. “So did our fugitive tell anything useful?” Sam says. “No she is useless” Danny says. “No we didn’t use the right method yet” Bruce says. But on that moment, the other elevator opens and Julian and Iris come out of it. “Sam Stone!” Julian yells. Sam, Bruce, Max, Danny and Sophia’s interest immediately goes to Iris and Julian. “What do you want?” Sam says. “Surrender now or I will kill everybody in this room!” Julian says and he aims the gun at Iris. “You know we have a security, they are coming to you” Sam says. “You aren’t getting away here” Sam says. “Surrender or I will shoot a bullet in her head!” Julian says. “Why don’t you shoot a bullet in my head first?” Sam says. “I want you to beg for your life overrated asshole!” Julian says and he walks further out of the elevator towards all the others. “Just let her go, she is innocent” Sam says. “You are innocent as well” Bruce says. “You can’t just let this happen, this isn’t right” Norah says. “I don’t want to die Norah, and I know you are not going to kill him, so I hired Julian to kill him” Toby says. “What?” Norah says. “Yeah after the Triangle of Death released us, I made him an offer” Toby says. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Norah says. “I was not sure you would be agreed” Toby says. “You’re right in that, I am not agreed with it!” Norah says and she attacks Toby. Norah gives him a hit in his face. Toby tries to get her down, but she is faster and more skilled and she throws him on the ground and hits him in his face. He becomes unconscious of it. “I am sorry Toby” Norah says and she runs to the same way Julian and Iris went. “Let’s make a trade. You can have me and you let Iris go” Sam says. “Good offer” Julian says and he walks to Sam and aims the gun to him and lets Iris go. He moves him to the elevator. “It is all going to be okay” Sam says and the elevator doors close. The others have no idea what to do. “What bounty do you get for my head?” Sam says. “Two new friends of me get spared” Julian says. “What new friends? The Triangle of Death?” Sam says. Julian is surprised he says that. “How do you know that name?” Julian says. “You think I am stupid? My company operates in detecting Screams” Sam says. “Then you have bad luck, they want you death” Julian says. “That doesn’t surprises me anyways” Sam says. “So why don’t you kill me?” Sam says. “I want the money first” Julian says. On that moment, the elevator doors open and they see Toby lying unconscious on the ground. “What the hell has happened?” Julian says. “From now on you work for me” Norah appears and says. Sam and Julian are both surprised. “Hello Sam” Norah says. “What do you have me to offer?” Julian says. “This” Norah says and she shoot him with her gun in his belly. “You fucking bitch” Julian says and he falls death on the ground. “What? He could have…” Sam says. Norah embraces him and says: “I am so happy to see you” “I can’t believe you are back” Sam says. Norah walks to Toby and tries to wake him up. “I am so sorry for what I did” Norah says. Toby wakes up and sees Julian is death. “Norah who are they?” Sam says. “Long story, I can explain you later” Norah says. “Sam Stone, I heard much about you” Toby says and he steps on. “I am not surprised you killed Julian” Toby says. “Norah you can’t just come in here and pretend nothing happened. It is been 2 years since I last saw you” Sam says. “I am very sorry but I need your help” Norah says. “Why didn’t you contact me first?” Sam says. “We didn’t have contact for over 1,5 years and I didn’t dare to call you” Norah says. “Okay fine, but what help do you want from me?” Sam says. “She needs to choose, between us two” Toby says.

Bruce walks inside the room where Florence is still sitting. “What happened? I heard some talk” Florence says. “Nothing you should worry about” Bruce says. “You are safe in here” Bruce says. “Thank you. You are the only one here that is little nice to me, the others are all weird” Florence says. “You’re welcome” Bruce says. Outside the room, Sam, Toby and Norah arrive at the floor. “Who the hell are they?” Danny says. “Who is this?” Norah says. “This one of my colleagues in my company Mr. Kent” Sam says. “And Danny this is Norah, an old friend of mine” Sam says. “And your name is?” Sam says. “Toby” Toby says. “Toby is a friend of mine” Norah says. “Fine if you don’t bother me” Danny says. “What is wrong with him?” Norah says. “Don’t bother about him” Sam says. “He is grumpy all the time” Sam says. “Is Bruce here? And Isabelle?” Norah says. “Yes and no” Sam says. “What? What happened?” Norah says. “Bruce and Isabelle broke up. Isabelle went away to Europe” Sam says. “Oh I am very sorry to hear that. I guess there happened much when I was away” Norah says. “Yes” Sam says. Max and Sophia walk to them and Max say: “Nice to meet you, I am Max” Max gives them a handshake. “So what are actually the reason you two come here” Max says. “My whole family is killed by those screams, the guys this company operates on” Norah says. “I am so sorry to hear that” Sophia says. “My condolences” Max says. “Thank you” Norah says. “And now I have the last nights nightmares” Norah says. “Not sure I can help you with that” Sam says. “I didn’t know anyone else” Norah says. “It’s okay” Sam says. It stay quiet for a bit, until Toby says: “Norah when are you going to tell him the real reason we are here” Toby says. “Real reason?” Norah says. “Everybody here knows you are lying!” Toby says. “I am not lying, why are you saying that?” Norah says. “We are here because he must be death” Toby says pointing to Sam. “Is that true?” Sam says. “He is right, but I am not going to let that happen” Norah says. “What are you not telling us?” Danny says. “Okay I will explain everything” Norah says. Bruce comes back in the room and also hears it. “On our way to here, we got kidnapped by the Triangle of Death” Norah says. “I have heard that name multiple times the last couple of days.” “They are a group of Screams and obeyed me, Toby and Julian to kill you” Norah says to Sam. “Wait who is Julian?” Danny says. “He is death, I killed him” Norah says. “And what if you don’t kill me?” Sam says. “Their leader gave us 48 hours and that it 12 hours ago” Norah says. “And what would happen if that time passes?” Sam says. “I would die” Toby says. “And since I won’t let that happen” Toby says. “Oh wait that’s why the other guy tried to kill me, he worked for you” Sam says. “You’re the smartest person I know” Norah says. “So I need to choose between you Sam, and my best friend” Norah says. “I am so sorry they put you in this condition, but we are not going to let this happen” Sam says to cheer Norah up. “It will, I lose everybody I love because of these masked idiots” Norah says and she starts crying. Sam tries to stop it. Danny walks during the conversation away and he walks into the room of Florence. “Can I go now please?” Florence says. “No!” Danny says. Bruce also walks in the room. “Anything that bothers you Danny?” Bruce says. “That girl, there is something about her, which I am not seeing” Danny says. “What girl?” Florence says. “Not of your concern” Danny says. “There is nothing about her” Bruce says. “So why did you went in here?” Bruce says. Danny ignores his question. “You’re not being honest to us” Bruce says. “Even I know, he is right” Florence says. “Shut up stupid girl” Danny says. “Look to who is speaking. The least sympathetic person on the whole world” Florence says. “You fucking…” Danny says and he wants to attack her. Bruce also attacks and pushes him away. “Stay out of this Wakefield!” Danny says. “I won’t let you attack her” Bruce says and he stands in his way. “Fine, it looks like somebody likes you piece of dirt” Danny says and he walks mad out of the room. “Why did you do that for me?” Florence says. “I have seen him doing this to another fugitive, I am not going to let the same thing happening to you” Bruce says. “Thank you” Florence says. “Well maybe I didn’t tell you everything” Florence says. “But I only want to tell it to you, it is about this triangle” Florence says. “Okay I will listen to you” Bruce says and he goes sitting on the chair before her.

When it is evening, Sophia, Iris, Max and Danny have left the building. Sam, Toby and Norah go to the upper floor of the building. “I didn’t expect you also live in the building” Norah says. “I sold the other house, too many old memories” Sam says. “I understand.” Norah says. “So where can we sleep?” Toby says. “You will stay at the guest room” Sam says. “Okay fine” Toby says. Sam brings them to the room. “If you want to sleep in a double bed you can move the beds to each other. Choose what you want” Sam says. “We will figure something out” Toby says. “If you want something, my bedroom is next to this one” Sam says and he closes the door. It stay quiet for some minutes, until Toby says: “Come on Norah, please say you don’t want to lose me. We have to kill him, there is no other way” Norah says: “I don’t want to lose you both” Toby says: “Whenever we go sleep, we only got 12 hours left, we also need to find them back to give his head to them” Toby says. “I am so sorry Toby, but I just simply can’t do this!” Norah says. “You love him, don’t you?” Toby says. “I haven’t seen him for 2 years, and you think I am in love with him?” Norah says. “Okay, let’s go sleep, we can think about it tomorrow” Toby says. Some floors lower, Bruce and Florence are still talking. “I should let you go out of here” Bruce says. “No it is fine” Florence says. Bruce releases her out of the room and they walk outside. “Wow is it already 10:30?” Bruce says. “The doors are locked now” Bruce says. “That means we have to stay here?” Florence says. “Yes” Bruce says. “Mr. Stone also lives on the highest floor, maybe he has a room for us left” Bruce says. “At least we could try it” Florence says and they walk to the elevator. On that floor, Toby says: “Norah” “Yes what is it Toby?” Norah says. “Since this could potentially be my last night” Toby says. “No it is not Toby” Norah says. “It could be” Toby says. Norah thinks about and agrees. “So what do you want to do on your last night?” Norah says. “Okay I am just going to say it, the words: I love you” Toby says. “What? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Norah says. “I was too shy” Toby says. “It’s okay” Norah says. It stays quiet until Norah says: “So? What?” Toby comes to her and grabs her and kisses her. “Now I understand why you went with me” Norah says after they kisses. “Don’t talk too much” Toby says and he pushes her on his bed and he starts kissing her again. On that moment, Sam walks inside the room and is surprised. “So you two can enjoy your time here?” Sam says. Norah is embarrassed and tries to push Toby away. “It is okay, I just wanted to give you this” Sam says and he lays it down on the bedside table. “What is it? This is not what it looks like” Norah says. “No it is okay” Sam says. “It is an alarm, you can notify me if you are in trouble or you have some of these nightmares” Sam says. “Thank you very much” Norah says. “Okay good night” Sam says and he walks outside the room, he looks behind and closes the door. “Why did that idiot ruin my perfect moment” Toby says and he wants to kiss her again, but she refuses. “I am sorry, I can’t do this.” Norah says. “Why not? And why did you looks so embarrassed when he entered?” Toby says. “Sam and I, we had something before I met you” Norah says. “You lied to me! You still love him” Toby says mad. Outside the room, Sam listens to what they say. But suddenly Bruce and Florence are standing before him. “What are you still doing here?” Sam says. “We kind of forget the time and now we are stuck here” Bruce says. “Really?” Sam says and laughs. “I am sorry Sam” Bruce says and he also laughs. “Do you have a place for us?” Florence says. “What was your name again?” Sam says. “It is Florence” Florence says. “Okay you have luck, I have one room left” Sam says. “Thanks” Bruce and Florence both say. “You sure you want to sleep in the same room? I might have another bed” Sam says. “No it is okay” Bruce says. “You agreed too?” Bruce says to Florence. “Uhm, Sure” Florence says. Sam guides them to their room and they step on their bed. “I will give you some privacy” Bruce says and he walks to the bathroom. Sam walks to him and says: “Bruce How did this happen?” Sam says. “She finally told me some interesting things about she found out about Isaac Connor” Bruce says. “Very good, she trusts you, right?” Sam says. “Yeah she does I think.” Bruce says. “You can tell me more about it tomorrow, I need some sleep now” Sam says. “Okay good night” Bruce says. He opens the door and he sees Florence is lying in the bed. Bruce also steps in the bed and they talk a bit and later go sleep. In the middle of the night, Norah wakes up. She looks to the door and she sees it is opened. “Toby?” Norah says. She looks to Toby and tries to wake him. He is lying on his belly. She moves him around and looks to his face. He is death. “No!” Norah says and she starts becoming anxious. She walks to Sam’s room to call for help, but outside the room in the hallway, the Scream with the red mask is standing. His knife is full of blood. But on that moment, Toby wakes Norah and she finds out it was a dream. “A nightmare again?” Toby says. “Yes” Norah says. “I am so done with it” Norah says. “I understand. Coming here was a mistake, he doesn’t even want to help you” Toby says. “It needs time, he probably thought he would never see me again” Norah says. The next day, everybody is out of the bed. Danny, Max, Sophia and Iris are also back there. “So when are we going to wipe out these idiots who killed Richard?” Sophia says. “It needs time” Max says. “Time we don’t have” Danny says mad and he walks to Iris. “How didn’t you find any tips on the Triangle today?” Danny says to her. “There is just nothing I found today” Iris says. Danny walks mad away. Bruce walks inside the room. Florence is with her. “What is she still doing here?” Danny says. “She has decided to stay a little longer” Bruce says. “Oh really? I thought she wanted to go away” Danny says. “I told her about the Triangle, and she wants to help us found the organization Isaac worked for.” Bruce says. “You and Mr. Stone should stop appointing people without letting me know!” Danny says mad. “Calm down” Florence says. “I just don’t see why this girl should help us. I don’t want any more human casualties.“ Danny says. “She can” Bruce says. “I can speak for myself” Florence says interrupting Bruce. “Okay whatever you want” Bruce says and he walks away. “So what did you want to say?” Danny says. “I wanted to tell you to fuck off” Florence says and she walks away. “Stupid bitch” Danny says. “What is happening here?” Sam suddenly disappears and says. “That bitch told me to fuck off” Danny says and he points to Florence. “Is that true?” Sam says to Florence. “Yes and I don’t regret saying that” Florence says. “I gave you a room to stay and the only thing I want in return is for you to be a little nice okay?” Sam says. “Fine” Florence says. On that moment, Iris says: “I found something” “Really?” Danny says and he immediately runs to Iris. “A witness saw two screams in a suburb of San Francisco” Iris says. “What is the location?” Sam says. “We should go immediately” Danny says. “We should make a plan first” Sam says. “No we don’t have time” Danny says. “What is wrong with you?” Sam says. Danny doesn’t listen and walks to the way out. Sam and Bruce have to follow him. “You should stay here” Sam says to Max. Danny steps in the car. Sam and Bruce try to follow him but he drives away. Florence has followed Bruce to the parking area. “Where did he go?” Florence says. “Selfish idiot!” Sam says mad. “Should I help you?” Florence says. “All right” Sam says and they step in another car and drive away. “What is the location Iris gave us?” Bruce says. “It is this” Sam says. Sometime later they arrive at the location. They see the car of Danny standing there. “That idiot should be in there” Florence says. “There is no other way” Sam says and they step out of the car and also walk inside.

Back in the SIS building, Max, Sophia and Iris are sitting and waiting for any response. “What do you think they will find there” Sophia says. “There is no need to worry Sophia” Max says. “I don’t know, I have a bad feeling about this” Sophia says. “I am going to Iris to see if there are any updates all right?” Max says. “Okay” Sophia says. Max walks to the other room. He walks through the hallway and suddenly an elevator door opens. “There won’t be any visitors” Max says but suddenly a knife goes inside him and he falls defeated on the ground. Iris is sitting behind her desk but suddenly a scream walks inside the room. “Hello Iris. Where are Toby and Norah?” The Scream says with a very heavy voice. Iris looks to him. Inside the building, they see Danny standing. “And what did you find?” Sam says. “It is a note” Danny says. “What does it say?” Florence says. “One of us is going to die very soon” Danny says. “Norah” Sam says and he runs back to his car. “What did he say?” Bruce says. “It is a trap” Florence says. “What are you doing here?” Danny says to Florence. “We were going to save your back idiot” Florence says. “Florence calm down” Bruce says. “But she is right Danny, this is a trap” Bruce says. In the SIS building, Toby and Norah are sitting in Sam’s house. They don’t talk much. “I have only 10 hours left” Toby says. “No that’s not true” Norah says. “There is no way this could be stopped” Toby says. “But I don’t want to lose you” Norah says. “There is one thing, why can’t I kill him myself?” Toby says. But on that moment, the door is slam opened. Three Screams walk in the room. “There you are” One of the scream says. “We still have 10 hours” Norah says very scared. “You have had your time, you won’t do it!” The scream says and he grabs a knife and pushes it at her throat. “Your filthy games are over” The Scream says. “Please don’t kill her!” Toby says. “Why do you still love her? She wouldn’t save you” The Scream says. “She just doesn’t want to kill the people she loves” Toby says. “And you don’t care she doesn’t want to save you?” The Scream says. “No I love her and I agree with every choice she makes” Toby says. “And so it will be” The Scream says and he grabs Norah solid. He moves the knife closer to her throat. But on that moment the other scream starts moving and he moves his knife very fast around Toby’s throat. The blood floads out of him and he falls death on the ground. Norah starts crying and screaming. “He made his own choose, and you thought we were going to give you those 10 hours?” The Scream says. “Please kill me too, I don’t want to live anymore” Norah says. “You know we never do what you want” The Scream says. “Use these 10 hours to get Mr. Stone’s head to us” Another Scream says and they leave the building. Norah falls on the ground before Toby’s body.

Sophia walks through the building and she sees Max laying defeated on the ground. “Are you all right?” Sophia says. “They are here” Max says and he looks to Iris’s office. Sophia tries to get him back in the air, but he has a knife inside of him. “You are not all right?” Sophia says. “I will call 911” Sophia says. Later, Sam arrives back at the SIS building. “What has happened here?” Sam says while he sees Sophia and Max. “Max is hurt, They were here” Sophia says. “Damn, it was all a trap!” Sam says mad. “Where is Norah?” Sam says. “I haven’t seen her yet” Sophia says. “Could you take care of him?” Sam says. “Yeah I can, I called 911, they will soon be here” Sophia says. “Sam, if you see them, kill these motherfuckers” Max says. “I sure will” Sam says and he steps in the elevator to his house. He is uptight. The elevator door opens and Sam is holding his gun. He doesn’t see anyone in the living room. He walks to the kitchen, the bathroom, but nobody is there. After that he opens the door of Norah and Toby’s room. Inside the first thing he sees there is blood everywhere. But Sam doesn’t look shocked at all. Norah is sitting on the ground with the body of Toby in her arms. She looks to him while he walks in. “Oh I am so sorry” Sam says and he tries to cheer her up. “Go away” Norah says mad. “I should have known, it is my fault” Sam says. “He is death because of you” Norah says. “Yes I take the blame” Sam says. “But you knew in what position you brought him when you went to me” Sam says. “Oh I am the one that is responsible for his death?” Norah says. “That’s not what I said” Sam says. “It is what you want to say” Norah says. “Go away, you couldn’t keep Toby save, so you can’t keep me safe either” Norah says. “Norah I am so sorry, I don’t know anything else to say” Sam says. “Just go away before they make me kill you!” Norah says. “What are you saying?” Sam says. “You have only 10 hours left, before I die” Norah says. “No I am going to protect you now” Sam says. “What did I tell you?” Norah says. “Remember King Scream? I saved you multiple times, people make mistakes, that makes them humans. Those Screams could also make mistakes” Sam says. “King Scream was alone, they work together and are smarter” Norah says. “With how many were they?” Sam says. “3 I saw” Norah says. “Together, you and I, Bruce, Danny, Max and Iris, we are way smarter then those idiots wearing these masks.” Sam says and he goes sitting next to her. “Last night, Toby kissed me and he told me he loved me” Norah says. “Yes I am sorry for interrupting that moment” Sam says. “It is fine, I told him I didn’t want it” Norah says. “So what is wrong?” Sam says. “I just wanted to give him a better last night of his life” Norah says. “You did everything you could” Sam says. “You tried to save him” Sam says. “And I failed” Norah says. “I am never going to let you alone again” Sam says.

In another room in the building, Danny, Bruce and Florence arrive back. The ambulance officers bring Max to the ambulance. “We are too late” Bruce says. “You got that right” Florence says. “We were stupid, it was all a trap” Danny says mad. “They wanted us to be there, so they get something out of the building” Bruce says. “There doesn’t see anything missing” Sophia says. “Where is Sam?” Bruce says. “He went to Toby and Norah” Sophia says. “You know those new ones” Sophia says. “I know Norah very well” Bruce says. “Oh you too?” Danny says. “Her story is a very sad one” Bruce says. “What is it?” Sophia says. “Her whole family is murdered by those screams, Sam and I saved her” Bruce says. “Oh I am so sorry to hear that” Sophia says. “There is something else about her!” Danny says. “Something Sam doesn’t want to tell us, I know it” Danny says. “What?” Bruce says. “You know it too” Danny says. “No I know nothing” Bruce says. “And when are you going to tell us why you left without us?” Florence says to Danny. “Keep your mouth shut” Danny says. “No she is right” Bruce says. “What is wrong with you Wakefield? You always choose her side!” Danny says. “And that is exactly the problem with you, you see conspiracy everywhere!” Bruce says. “Stop the both of you!” Sophia says. “This isn’t working” Sophia says. “We should work together to wipe out the killers of Richard” Sophia says. Danny is angry again and walks away. “I want to know what Sam is doing upstairs” Bruce says. “Can I come with you?” Florence says. “Of course” Bruce says. They step in the elevator to the building they both slept last night. They walk to the room where they see Sam. “What has happened here?” Bruce says. “Omg” Florence says and she is very shocked. Bruce walks to Sam and Florence freezes. Sam steps on and says: “Toby is death” “So they came here to kill him? I don’t understand” Bruce says. “Remember these 48 hours they got from them? The Scream killed Toby after 38 hours” Sam says. “What about the other 10 hours?” Bruce says. “They gave it to Norah, to kill me” Sam says. Norah is still sitting on the ground, listening to what they say. “And is she going to do it?” Bruce says. “What do you think yourself?” Sam says. “Of course I am not going to do it Bruce” Norah says and she steps on. “I lost my best friend and I don’t want to lose another friend again” Norah says. “I don’t know, it is not like you two saw each other the last 2 years” Bruce says. It stay quiet for a bit, until Norah says pointing to Florence: “Who is she?” “Pretty long story” Bruce says. Florence walks to Norah and says: “My name is Florence, I am so sorry for everything that happened in your life” “Thank you, I am Norah” Norah says. “So is she going to help us too?” Norah says. “I want to help them, since they killed a friend of mine” Florence says. “Oh then we have a mutual thing” Norah says. “Yes true sorry” Florence says a little bit embarrassed. “It is okay” Norah says. “We should go to the others” Sam says. “True” Bruce says. “I will clean it up here” Sam says. Florence and Norah walk outside the room to the elevators. Bruce stays to help Sam. “I can’t let you do all of this alone” Bruce says. “It is my house” Sam says. “Bruce?” Sam says after a while. “Yes?” Bruce says. “Are you sure we can trust this Florence? I don’t know it very sure” Sam says. “I am pretty sure we can” Bruce says. “Ok then I trust her too” Sam says. They go back to the others after they are done. When they are back, Sam suddenly says: “Where is Iris?” “No idea, I haven’t seen her since we returned” Bruce says.

In an unknown place, The Triangle of Death is back together. “How many hours does the girl have left?” One of the Scream says. “7 hours” The other Scream says. “Hahaha, she won’t kill him” The other Scream says. “I have something” The third scream says. He walks inside with a knife under blood, it is the one with the red mask. “I killed the boy” He says. “You did what?” The other scream says. “You didn’t have the permission to do that!” The other scream says. “I hated him” The Scream with the red mask says. “What is your problem?” The other scream says. “I have something for you with me” The scream with the red mask says. He throws Iris on the ground. “Well, Well, one of the employees of SIS” The other scream says. “Very good” The scream says. Iris is very scared and doesn’t know what to do. The Scream walks to her and when they are at her, the screen turns black. Norah and Florence are sitting. Bruce and Sam are back at working again and trying to find some Scream activity. “This is all takes too long” Norah says. “Yes true” Florence says. “I want to find Toby’s killer immediately and let him suffer” Norah says. “Well, maybe I know something” Florence says. “Okay we can let it take a chance” Norah says. Norah and Florence walk away. Sam, Danny and Bruce don’t see it. “You sure you are safe outside?” Florence says to Norah. “Inside of here, I am not safe either” Norah says. “That’s true.” Florence says. They walk to the elevator but then somebody sees them. “Where are you going?” Sophia says. “We are going on an adventure” Norah says. “Not sure we can call it an adventure, but okay” Florence says. Sophia doesn’t understand and says: “What adventure?” “Florence knows something where we might find some details about the Screams.” Norah says. “Since Max is in the hospital, I don’t have much friends, Do you need my help?” Sophia says. “Sure” Florence says. “I don’t want to get you in trouble” Norah says. “It is okay” Sophia says. “I am not sure we should tell Sam about this” Norah says. “We don’t have to, they probably wouldn’t be okay with it” Florence says. “That’s true” Sophia says. Florence and Sophia step in the elevator and Norah follows them. They go to the parking place and step in Norah’s car. “So what is the address?” Norah says. “I will search for it on Google” Florence says. They drive to the location, it is in a suburb of San Francisco. They step out of the car. It is an old warehouse. “How do you know this place?” Norah says. “Isaac came here sometimes” Florence says. “Oh we aren’t far from where Richard lived” Sophia says. “That’s the funny thing, we all three have a friend that was killed by those idiots” Norah says. “Yes” Florence says. “We fit well together” Sophia says. They walk to the building. It looks like an abandoned place. “You sure this is the right place?” Sophia says. “Yes” Florence says. The door is opened and they walk inside. They search inside. “Should we split up?” Florence says. “No I don’t want to be alone” Norah says. “Me neither” Sophia says. “Okay fair enough” Florence says. There are some boxes standing there. “What is inside of it?” Sophia says. Norah opens the box and is surprised what is inside of it. “Weapons” Norah says. After she says that suddenly somebody other than Norah, Florence and Sophia says: “What are you three doing here?” Sophia, Florence and Norah are surprised by his sudden arrival. “We were looking for you” Florence says and lies. “For me?” The guy says. “Yes we wanted to ask you some questions” Florence says. “Three hot girls want to ask me questions? I can’t believe it” The guy says. Norah and Sophia are glad Florence talks them out of it. “So what do you want to know?” the guy says. “We came here because we got some notifications that there is a criminal activity here? Is that right?” Florence says. “Criminal activity? This is my work and no there is no criminal activity here” The guy says. “He is lying” Sophia says and she walks to them. “Do you know him?” Sophia says and she shows him a picture of Richard. “No? I have never seen him, I am sorry” He says. “Have you ever heard of the Triangle of Death?” Florence says. “No, No and No. I am sorry but I can’t help you” The guy says. Sophia and Florence look to each other. “I can’t help you with those question, but maybe I can do something else for you.” The guy says. “What is your name?” Sophia says. “Nicholas” Nicholas says. “Can I offer you something to drink?” Nicholas says. “No thank you” Sophia says and she smiles to him. “What will we do to him?” Florence whispers to Sophia. Sophia and Florence look behind them and see Norah is gone. “Where is the third of you girls?” Nicholas says. “No idea” Florence says.

Back in the SIS building, Sam, Bruce and Danny are still working to find evidence. Sam walks to Bruce’s office to look if he found something. “Any progress?” Sam says. “Not that much, but I found out that they operate many times in groups, with an unknown number of Screams” Bruce says. “Iris is gone, they got her” Sam says. “What are you saying?” Bruce says. Sam shows his phone with a picture of Iris and the Triangle of Death with knifes in her hands behind her. “How didn’t I find this?” Bruce says. “It is uploaded 3 minutes ago” Sam says. “What is that?” Danny says and he walks inside. “The Triangle has Iris” Sam says. “Stupid motherfuckers!” Danny says and he becomes mad. “We should find her immediately. Did you track your cell phone?” Bruce says. “I did, it is out” Sam says. “Where is Florence?” Bruce says. “Where is Norah?” Sam says. “I haven’t seen them for a while” Danny says. “Me neither” Sam says and he walks away. “I will look if they are somewhere in the building” Sam says while he walks away. Bruce and Danny follows him and they look at the cameras. Florence, Norah and also Sophia are nowhere to be found. Norah is walking alone through the building. There are some more boxes, but they are different. A lot less heavier. Norah opens them and she is shocked to see what is inside of those. Scream masks. But then suddenly she is called. It is Sam. She opens the call straight away. “Sam?” Norah says scared. “Norah, where are you?” Sam says. “Florence, Sophia and I, we went with us three to an unknown warehouse.” Norah says. “Text me the address. Why didn’t you tell any of us about that?” Sam says. “I wanted to tell you, but Florence and Sophia didn’t want me to, I am so sorry” Norah says. “It is okay, Are you safe?” Sam says. “Not that really, there is something wrong with this warehouse” Norah says. “Is Florence with you?” Bruce says. “Florence?” Norah says. “She and Sophia are talking to an unknown guy” Norah says. “Stay together, I will be there as soon as possible” Sam says. “I will close the call now, all right?” Sam says. “No stay” Norah says and she walks back to Florence and Sophia, but they are gone. She walks further until she hears something. She looks behind the corner and to her big shock it are two screams. One of them is the one with the red mask. She listens to what they say. “When we kill that stupid girl, The SIS will be in shock even more. We need to hurt them!” The scream with the red mask says. “She only has 4 hours left, she isn’t going to hurt him” The other scream says. “I know about her past, She is king scream’s daughter” The scream with the red mask says. “Why did you never say that? That means she has Scream blood” The other scream says. “I hate her, she killed her father!” The Scream with the red mask says. Not far away from there, Sophia, Florence and Nicholas are searching for Norah. “I have no idea either where she is” Nicholas says. “Why didn’t she just stay with us, she told us she didn’t want to go alone” Sophia says. “I have no idea either” Florence says. “Did she do this any more times?” Nicholas says. “Idk, I just know her for not even 1 day” Florence says. “Same” Sophia says. “So why are you here together?” Nicholas says. “You don’t need to know that” Sophia says. “Come on! I want to help you, so you need to be honest to me” Nicholas says. “Okay all right” Florence says. “We came here because we all three lost a friend to masked killers and we thought we could find a little bit of evidence of them here” Florence says. “Oh, I am so sorry to hear that” Nicholas says. “Well thanks it was my neighbour and friend” Florence says and she shows him a picture of him. “Uhm, I know him. I have seen him once” Nicholas says. “Really? Tell me more!” Florence says. “What do I get for it when I tell you?” Nicholas says. “What about a good recognition?” Sophia says. “You must be kidding” Nicholas laughable says. “What do you want for it?” Florence says. “I want one of you three girls” Nicholas says. “What?” Sophia says very surprised. Florence laughs about it. “You are the biggest dumbass I have ever seen, but I am agreed with it, you can have me” Florence says. “Thanks” Nicholas says. “Really Florence? How are you okay with this?” Sophia says. “Florence, that’s a beautiful name” Nicholas says. Florence ignores Sophia’s question and says: “Thank you, so will you tell us what we want to know? Because otherwise it won’t be a deal” Florence says. “Of course, Mr. Connor and I were co-workers at this company, I was also shocked when I heard he was death” Nicholas says. “So what is your job?” Florence says. “Not sure I can tell this but for you I will do everything. But first are you from the SIS? I know for sure Mr. Stone can protect me” Nicholas says. “We will do everything to protect you” Florence says. “Okay then, we…..” Nicholas says and he wants to finish his sentence, but another voice interrupts him. “Nicholas! Who are the hell are these girls and what are they doing here?” a voice says. “Don’t bother, it are two friends of mine” Nicholas says. “You still didn’t answer my second question” The voice says and it gets closer. “She is my girlfriend and this her best friend” Nicholas says. The person walks to them and shows himself as a scream. Florence and Sophia are both very surprised. “Nicholas? I didn’t know you work with Screams.” Florence says. “I wanted to tell you, I am sorry” Nicholas says. “Very interesting Nicholas” The Scream says. “Why are you wearing that mask? I want to see your face” Sophia says, trying to stay calm. “My identity must remain as a secret” The Scream says. “She also knew Isaac Connor, and that’s how I know her” Nicholas says. But on that moment, The scream gets a call from the other screams. He walks away. “Why didn’t you tell this to us? Liar!” Sophia says. “Calm down, I was going to!” Nicholas says. “It’s okay” Florence says. “It is not okay!” Sophia says mad. Suddenly, The Scream is back and says: “I need to go now, have fun with your girls” After he said that he goes away. “We aren’t his…..” Sophia says. “It doesn’t matter, Will you continue?” Florence says. “So we delivered weapons to them” Nicholas says. But then suddenly the scream is back. “Nicholas, you need to come with me” The Scream says. “Ok what you want” Nicholas says. “Oh and the girls need to come with you” The Scream says. Sophia looks to Florence and they know they have no other option to go with them. They walk to a another room with a big triangle at the door. “The Triangle of Death” Florence says. “Very good” The Scream says. They walk inside and the Scream with the red mask and the other scream are standing inside the room. “Welcome” The Scream with the red mask says and he looks to Florence and Sophia. “Nicolas. What are these two girls doing in our base?” The other Scream says. “Don’t bother, I already knew they were coming. Sophia and Florence, what do you want from us?” The scream with the red mask says. “Why did you kill Richard? I know one of you did it!” Sophia says. “Richard??? I don’t know anyone by that name” The Scream says. The Scream with the red mask stands on and walks to them. “I guess you mean Richard Hamilton. Yes I killed him” The Scream with the red mask says. Sophia turns angry but Florence grabs her. “Come on get to me, I can teach you a lesson” The Scream with the red mask says. “Why did you kill him?” Sophia says mad. “I wanted all of you to suffer! The SIS is the thing I wanted to be destroyed, We will be responsible for the destruction of the SIS!” The Scream with the red mask says. “What should we do to them?” The other scream says. “I will bring them out of here” Nicholas says. “Good, I don’t want them death, not yet” The Scream with the red mask says. “We can’t let them go out of here!” The other scream says. “I can erase their memories” Nicholas says. “You will do what?” Sophia says mad. “Is that really necessary?” Florence says. In the room next to the one all of them are standing, Norah is listening to what they say. “What do you mean?” Nicholas says. “I didn’t do anything wrong” Florence says. “You are right about that” The Scream with the red mask says and he grabs a weapon out of his back and he shoots on Florence. “Why did you do that?” Nicholas says. Sophia is very surprised and tries to heal her. “Florence! No please stay with me” Sophia says. “We didn’t need her anymore” The Scream with the red mask says. “I had a deal with her!” Nicholas says mad. “What does that matter to me” The Scream with the red mask says. In the other room, Norah knows she has to do something. The Scream with the red mask walks to Sophia. “I am sorry for killing Richard, but you will soon see him” The Scream with the red mask says. But then on that moment, Norah rushes in the room and grabs Nicholas and pushes a knife at his throat. Everybody is surprised. “Give me her, or he will die!” Norah says. “Ah there you were” Nicholas says. The Screams except the one with the red mask are flattered by her arrival. “You are the daughter of King Scream, right?” One of them says. “Yes and you are all responsible for my family’s extinction” Norah says. The Scream with the red mask grabs Sophia and says. “We can also reverse this little game. Let him go or Mrs. Sophia will die” The Scream with the red mask says. Norah ignores what he says, and says: “Which is the one that killed Toby?” “We did it together” The Screams say. But then on that moment, an alarm goes off. “Do you know what that is Princess Scream? Your time is up” The Scream with the red mask says and he walks to her with his knife holding Sophia. One of the other two screams jumps on her from the back and he grabs Nicholas and goes away. The Scream with the red mask gives Sophia a hit in her face and she falls unconscious. “Come here bitch!” The Scream with the red mask says and he runs to her but right on that moment, The Scream with the red mask falls on the ground before Norah. He is defeated. One of the other scream is standing behind him. “You won’t die tonight Mrs.” One of the other scream says and shoots a bullet with anesthetic inside of her and she immediately falls unconscious on the ground. The Scream grabs her and takes her away,. Nicholas grabs Florence and takes her away as well.

Not even 1 hour later, Sam, Bruce and Danny step out a SIS van before the base. “So Florence is inside of here?” Bruce says. “Yes along with Norah, if we aren’t too late….” Sam says. They try to open the door, but see it is still opened. They go inside. “Which way should we going?” Danny says. “We should split up, for the greater good for them” Sam says. Bruce and Danny agree and they move everybody their own way. Bruce walks straight ahead and he comes in the biggest room of the building. He sees Sophia lying unconscious on the ground. “Hey are you all right?” Bruce says. He tries to feel a heart beat and feels one. He tries to wake her, but then Sophia says: “Is that you Bruce?” “Yes it is me” Bruce says. “You are too late” Sophia says. “Where is Florence” Bruce says. “Gone, they got her” Sophia says. “What about Norah?” Bruce says. “Idk, she tries to help me but then the one with the red mask hit me in the face and everything turned black” Sophia says. Bruce becomes angry of it and gives an alarm to Sam and Danny. Sam walks in another room and he sees a big map of the world. He aims his flashlight at the map, but then he gets a message of Bruce. “I found Sophia, Norah and Florence are gone” Bruce says. Sam looks one more time at the map and sees there is a flag at one place. Rome it is.

When Norah awakes, she feels she is flying in a plane. “Where am I?” Norah says. “Don’t worry you are safe here, Red mask won’t hurt you anymore” The Scream says. “I don’t trust any of you wearing these masks.” Norah says. “Oh I am sorry, you don’t need to see me with this mask anymore” The Scream says and she removes her mask. Norah is surprised by her appearance. “I didn’t expect you to be a woman” Norah says. “You are one of us Norah, so you can know my identity” The Scream says. “Uhm okay” Norah says. “Oh I forget to introduce myself, my name is Chloe” Chloe says. “Oh you already know my name” Norah says. “Where are the others?” Norah says. “They won’t bother you” Chloe says. “Why are we in a plane?” Norah says. “We go away from your friends, you belong to us, you are a member of our family” Chloe says. But suddenly then, Nicholas and Florence walk inside the room. “Hello Norah, glad to see you are waked up” Florence says. “I thought you were death” Norah says happy. “Why are you still with these people?” Norah says. “You still don’t get it do you?” Nicholas says. “No I don’t” Norah says. “Florence was also a colleague at that company” Nicholas says. “What? So all these time?” Norah says. “Yes my trap worked” Florence says. “You stupid bitch!” Norah says. “Please don’t curse Norah, as a family we must all be nice to each other” Chloe says. “Where is Sophia?” Norah says. “You don’t ever get to see her again, we left her behind at your friends. You must try to forget them, if you can’t we can help you with that” Chloe says. The camera goes from outside and shows that they are in a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sam, Bruce, Danny and Sophia drive back to the SIS Headquarters. “So what happened there exactly?” Sam says. “Better off, whose idiotic idea was it to go to there without us knowing?” Danny says. “It was Florence and Norah’s idea, I just went with them” Sophia says. “Florence” Danny says irritated. “They probably didn’t want this either, how did you even know that location?” Sam says. “Florence knew it” Sophia says. “Florence also tried to tell me something about that” Bruce says. “What did she actually tell you?” Danny says to Bruce. “The Triangle is an organization which is best known for killing people that get in their way. They kill everybody with a reason” Bruce says. “I don’t get why they killed Norah’s friend” Sam says. “So Richard was a problem to them? Richard never said anything about it to me” Sophia says. “Oh btw. I found something in that base” Sam says. “What is it?” Danny says curious. “It is a map” Sam says. “A map of what?” Bruce says. “Rome, I am pretty sure they go to it” Sam says. “Rome? What is in Rome?” Sophia says. “That is what we need to find out” Sam says. “Well since their base was empty” Bruce says. “What does that mean?” Sophia says. “That means we go to Rome” Sam says. “Seriously? Just because you found a map?” Danny says. “I will show the map to you and you will understand” Sam says. “I surely will” Danny says. Some moments later, they are back at the SIS headquarters and Sam shows the map to them. “What does this yellow dot mean?” Sophia says. “No idea” Sam says. “What is under it?” Bruce says. “The colosseum” Sam says. “They want something that they can find in Rome” Sam says. “I am still not 100% sure you are right” Danny says. “Well there was also another map of the world with a flag at Rome” Sam says. “I think we should reconsider it” Sam says. “I am agreed” Sophia says. “We can’t let Norah, Iris and Florence just with them” Bruce says. “Oh I almost forgot, I also found a laptop” Sam says and he grabs it out of his bag. “Look to this” Sam says and all the others look to the screen. It is website of a Roman museum. “My first guess is that they want to steal something out of that museum” Sam says. “That could make sense” Bruce says. “We should fly to Europe as fast as possible” Sam says. “Yes stupid to have a plane and never use it” Bruce says. “You have a plane?” Sophia says surprised. “Yes, we should make us ready to leave” Sam says.

Back in the plane, Norah is still sitting and waiting. “When is one of you going to tell where we are going?” Norah says. “You will soon see” Chloe says. “I am so excited” Norah says being sarcastic. Florence and Nicholas are also sitting there. “Isaac would have liked to go with us” Nicholas says. “Yes I know, but he is death” Florence says. “They are still going to pay for that!” Nicholas says. Florence ignores what he says. “But how do I know sure this red masked guy won’t try to kill me again?” Norah says. “We locked him up in his room on this plane” Chloe says. “But how long will we stay at this plane?” Norah says. “You have many questions, you better take some sleep, it will be a long day tomorrow” Chloe says. “So why aren’t you sleeping?” Norah says. “I can’t sleep” Chloe says. “Well we aren’t sleeping either” Nicholas says. “You should take some sleep” Chloe says. “Florence?” Nicholas says. “Yeah we will go to our room” Florence says. They leave. “So what is my room?” Norah says. “I will bring you to it” Chloe says and they walk to her room.

Back in the SIS base, They are making themselves ready to leave. But suddenly Max is back. Sophia walks to him and embraces him. “I am so happy you’re back” Sophia says. “You are already back? That’s fast” Sam says. “I am ready to take a second round and beat these idiots!” Max says. “Make yourself ready to leave” Sam says. “Why?” Nicholas says. “We are going to Rome” Sam says. “Why? We can’t leave San Francisco while those screams murder people” Nicholas says. “We suspect they go to there” Sophia says to calm him down. “Why? I don’t understand.” Sam says. “We found a map in their base” Sam says. “You went to their base, without me?” Max says. “Yes and no” Sam says. “In brief, we should go to Rome, they have Norah and Florence” Sam says. “How did that happen?” Max says. “They went with Sophia to the base, without us knowing, and we got there, we were too late” Sam says. “Oh and you are okay?” Max says walking to Sophia. “I am fine” Sophia says. “She is okay, I am surprised they didn’t kill her” Sam says. “Yes, unless Sophia has something to tell us” Danny says while he is walking in the room. “I am a scream detective for almost 2 years now, and they never let somebody live” Danny says. “You think she is a scream?” Max says. “It might be” Danny says. Sophia can’t believe what he says. “Are you crazy? The whole point why I am here is to kill those idiots! And now you think I am one of them?” Sophia says. “Sophia calm down, nobody thinks you are a scream, even not Danny” Sam says. “He said so right before us” Sophia says. “It is Danny, he always thinks about these things” Sam says. On that moment, Bruce walks inside the room. The plane is ready to leave. “Whenever you are finished Max” Sam says.

Norah is sitting on her bed and thinking. She tries to find a phone in her pocket, but it is gone. On that moment, Florence walks inside the room. “What are you doing here?” Norah says. “Just checking if you are okay” Florence says and she walks towards her and goes sitting on her bed next to her. “I want you to leave” Norah says. “No not yet, there is a reason why I did all of this” Florence says. “Did you kill Toby?” Norah says. “No of course not!” Florence says. “I won’t ever kill someone” Florence says. “So why are you with this Triangle?” Norah says. “Finally, that’s what I wanted to tell you. My company was taken over by them. Our boss suddenly was a scream. We had to join him or we were fired” Florence says. “So why didn’t you let them fire you?” Norah says. “I didn’t want to lose my job, it was the only thing I had” Florence says. “So you became one of them, because you had no other choice?” Norah says. “But why were you all this time with Sam and Bruce?” Norah says. “I lied to them, I wanted to be like an undercover agent” Florence says. “So you wanted to give them information of the SIS base?” Norah says. “Yes I did” Florence says. “So that is how they knew how to get inside our base and kill Toby” Norah says very shocked. “I didn’t know they were going to kill him, I am very sorry” Florence says. “You are a liar! You knew the risks!” Norah says mad. “I didn’t know anything of this deal between you and the Triangle” Florence says. “Go away or I will kill you” Norah says. “Norah please” Florence says and she starts becoming sad. Norah ignores her beg. “When I see Bruce again, I will tell him of your action, lying bitch” Norah says. “I can make all of this okay again” Florence says. “You can’t” Norah says. “Bruce and Sam don’t have to know this” Florence says. “Oh I think so. I saw the way Bruce was looking to you” Norah says. “Bruce? No he didn’t look to me, he is still in love with his former girlfriend” Florence says. “How do you know about Isabelle?” Norah says. “The triangle knows everything about Bruce, Sam and even you” Florence says and she stands up and leaves the room. While she closes the door, Florence says: “Sleep well Norah”. Outside the room, Nicholas is standing. “What did you tell her?” Nicholas says. “I told her to sleep well, because it might be her last time” Florence says. Nicholas laughs out loud and they walk away to their bedrooms.

The next day, they are in Rome. Chloe opens the door of Norah’s room and walks inside. “Wake up my sweetheart, we are in Rome” Chloe says. Norah steps out of the bed, pulls her clothes on and walks outside the room. Outside the plane, Nicholas and Florence are already standing. “Where are the others?” Norah says to Chloe. “They left already sooner” Chloe says. They walk outside the plane and they are on a small abandoned airport. “I never expected to come outside the States” Norah says. “The Triangle makes everything possible” Chloe says. “We are going to the city centre” Nicholas says. “Your baggage is already in the car” Florence says to Norah. “Baggage? I didn’t even know I had that” Norah says. “Of course you have baggage, you aren’t our prisoner, you are one of us” Chloe says. “I still can’t believe that” Norah says. They step in the car and drive to the city centre. 1 hour later, they stop the car before the colosseum. “We are there” Nicholas says and he parks the car in an car parking. They step out of the car and walk inside a hotel. They walk up the stairs to their rooms. “We have two double rooms.“ Nicholas says. Florence walks inside the first room. “I always wanted to sleep in the same room as her” Nicholas says and he also walks inside of that room. Florence is okay with it. “So this room is for us” Chloe says and she and Norah walk inside of it. “Fine” Norah says. “We are on holiday Norah, you should become a little more happily” Chloe says. “That needs to wait. Chloe please tell me, why are we here?” Norah says. “Like I told you, we are on holiday” Chloe says. “That’s a lie. I am your family, so why don’t you tell me it?” Norah says. Chloe ignores her question. They grab their baggage out of the car and make their rooms ready.

Not very far from there, in the colosseum of Rome, there is a row of people before the door to go in. They wait for the colosseum to open. It is closed for now. In a dark alley, a scream suddenly appears. He climbs over the fence and jumps inside the colosseum on the public tribune. Nobody has seen him. He walks to one gate smashes it open. Two other Screams also walks inside. One of the three screams walk to the front door. He hits the boy from the opening knocked out and closes the door. All the visitors can’t get in. One of the screams grabs his phone out of his pocket and calls Chloe. “We are ready” The Scream says. “Good work” Chloe says on the other side of the phone. She stops the call. “Who was that?” Norah says. “Just a friend” Chloe says and she stands up. “We must leave” Chloe says. “Leave? We are just here?” Norah says. “We have a busy schedule” Chloe says. “That’s not true, you have a busy schedule” Norah says. Chloe ignores what she says and leaves the room. Later they are all outside. They cross over the street to the colosseum. “Do you think we will find what we need?” Nicholas says to Florence. “Of course, I have faith in them” Florence says. “Whenever we got it, we are powerful and rich” Chloe says to Florence and Nicholas. They stop before the door of the colosseum. Nicholas has a bag and he opens it. 4 Scream masks are lying inside of it. Nicholas, Florence and Chloe pull up the Scream mask. “Here one for you” Chloe says and she gives it Norah. “I am not going to wear this” Norah says. “I told you, she is stupid” Nicholas says. “Wear it or die!” Florence says and pushes the mask on her face. They walk to the entrance the other screams also went in. They close the door behind them. Inside one of the screams is standing. “What is she doing here?” The screams says pointing to Norah. “She is one of us now, and I wouldn’t let her alone” Chloe says. “That’s sweet” Nicholas says. “Shut up Nicholas” Chloe says. “Follow me” The Scream says and they go inside a door with a stair. They walk the stairs down. In the room downstairs, two other screams are standing. One of the two is the one with the red mask. “You work with them?” Norah says to Chloe. “No, we work with them” Chloe says. “I am not going to work with the killers of my best friend” Norah says. “Why the hell didn’t she do her homework?” The Scream with the red mask says. “Homework?” Norah says. “She is not ready for this Chloe” Nicholas says. “I don’t care” Chloe says. “Whatever, we proceed our plans” The Scream with the red mask says and they grab their weapons. It must be behind this wall. They use their weapons on the wall and make a hole in it. Chloe and The Scream with the red mask stand and watch to it. The other screams, Nicholas and Florence do all the work. One of the two other scream watches through the wall and sees it is dark in there. “Good work” The Scream with the red mask says. Just outside the colosseum, a car stops. Sam, Bruce, Danny, Max and Sophia step out of it. “Finally we are there” Danny says. “I hope they are inside” Bruce says. “Me too” Sam says. They walk to the entrance. To their surprise there is a very long row of people before it. Some people also walk away since it takes too long. Sam, Bruce and Danny grab their SIS badges and show it to the people. “People listen, we must go inside very quick there might be some Scream activity inside” Sam says. Most of the people let them pass, but some don’t. “So that is why it takes so long?” one of the people says in his best English. “Isn’t that Mr. Stone?” Another person says. “We should go inside now” Bruce says. “True” Max says. They pusher their way inside but to their surprise the door is closed. “When will the colosseum open?” Sophia says. “It should be opened now” Sam says. “This can’t be good” Bruce says. “I will search for another way in” Max says. “I will help you” Sophia says. They walk around the colosseum. “They closed their way in, very smart” Danny says. Sam and Bruce try to open the door, but it fails. Max and Sophia walk around the colosseum. “Those fences are too high” Max says. “True” Sophia says. “I have an idea” Sam says and he walks back to their car. In a secret vault inside the car, he grabs a weapon. He uses the weapon on the door. “What is that?” Danny says. “Something I never told you about” Sam says. He heats up the lock of the door. It burns open the door and can simply be opened. “Why did we never use that before?” Bruce says. “I guess it wasn’t needed.” Sam says. Bruce and Danny walk inside. Sam gives a sign to Max and Sophia. They walk to them and they go inside. They search inside.

Downstairs, The Scream with the red mask, Nicholas, Florence, Chloe, Norah and the other 2 screams arrive at a round room. The Scream with the red mask puts his hand at a button. The others are all looking to it. The Scream with the red mask feels the power inside of him. “It tries to tell me something” The Scream with the red mask says. “You sure you aren’t just hearing a voice in your head?” Nicholas says. “Shut up, this is important” Chloe says. After a uneasy half minute of silence, suddenly The Scream with the red mask says. “There is only one thing we have to do before we can get what we want. It wants a sacrifice” The Scream with the red mask says. “What?” Chloe says. “You didn’t tell that to us!” Florence says. “I said that I didn’t know everything about this. But don’t worry Florence” The Scream with the red mask says. “There is one person here that doesn’t belong in our group” The Scream with the red mask says. “Me?” Norah says. “Yes you even guessed it yourself” The Scream with the red mask says. “We aren’t going to sacrifice her!” Chloe says. “It doesn’t matter” Norah says.

Sam, Bruce, Sophia, Max and Danny walks downstairs and see the hole. They look inside it and see darkness. They walk inside as fast as possible. Further in the darkness, they see people standing. They run to them and Sam says: “Look who we go there.” The Triangle are surprised by their arrival. “So this is the whole boyband together?” Danny says. “It took you long enough to find us” The Scream with the red mask says. Florence is very surprised to see them. “Where are Florence, Norah and Sophia?” Bruce says. “Funny that you ask it” Florence says with a scream voice. “You are with more than I expected” Max says. “Those other screams were weak to stay alone, together we can’t be beaten” The Scream with the red mask says. Norah wants to call for help, but another scream puts a knife in her back and he whispers: “One word and you die” “So what was the reason for you to go all the way to Rome?” Sam says. “I guess you saw the map in our base, very predictable, I already see you coming” The Scream with the red mask says. “Wait I know that mask” Max says. “Yes you know it very well” The Scream with the red mask says. “You are going to pay for killing my father!” Max says. “I know one you idiots killed Richard!” Sophia says. “Richard, that name doesn’t ring a bell to me” The Scream with the red mask says. “So you are the leader of your little friend group? In the name of the SIS, I tell your group to put down your weapons and surrender” Sam says. “And why would we do that?” Chloe says. “You know that all of you are going to die!” Nicholas says. “Anyways, to pass we need a sacrifice” The Scream with the red mask says. “A sacrifice?” Danny says. “You are not going to get one!” Sam says. “I am happy that you are here, so one of you is going to die right now!” the Scream with the red mask says. “I want to do this” Nicholas says. “Choose one of them and kill him” The Scream with the red mask says. “Which of you assholes wants to die!” Nicholas says. “What do you think yourself?” Sam says. “So it is you? It is my lucky day, I wanted already to kill you very badly” Nicholas says and he attacks Sam. Sam dodges his attack. The other screams are all standing and watching to them. Sam grabs him by his throat and throws him on the ground. “You are very weak” Sam says. “I was warming up” Nicholas says and he stands on again. “Why don’t you help him and kill that idiot!” Chloe says to the scream with the red mask. “Nicholas said he wanted to do it” The Scream with the red mask says. Nicholas gets stronger and he hits Sam. Bruce wants to help Sam, but he makes a sign to him to not do it. “I kill you motherfucker!” Nicholas says and he starts getting very aggressive. Norah tries to make a sign to Florence, but she ignores him. Sam kick Nicholas and smashes at the mask, but it very stuck on his face. “I want to see the person I fight against” Sam says and he grabs the mask and pulls it of his face. They all see Nicholas behind. “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t see much with that stupid mask” Nicholas says. “Nicholas?” Sophia says. “You fucking traitor” Sophia says. “Hi Sophia” Nicholas says. “You know him?” Max says. “Yes he was the guy we talked to in the Scream base” Sophia says. The Scream with the red mask walks towards them and says: “Yes I do remember that Richard, he had a picture of you in his wallet” The Scream with the red mask says. “Why did you kill him?” Sophia says. “Our occupation went wrong, he knew too much. But I am glad you are here, I have something for you” The Scream with the red mask says and he throws the wallet to Sophia. “I don’t need this, where are Florence and Norah?” Sophia says. “Don’t say anything” The Scream behind Norah says. “Put that away, we can trust her” Chloe says. “Why do you put a weapon on your own team members?” Sam says and he walks to Chloe and Norah. “The great Sam Stone, I always wanted to meet you” Chloe says and he walks to him. “And you are?” Sam says. “I am one of your biggest fans” Chloe says. “You sure are” Sam says. On that moment, suddenly Chloe tries to put a knife inside him. “You should be faster than that” Sam says. Chloe tries to attack him again. “Kill him!” The Scream with the red mask screams. Chloe tries to make an unexpected move, but Sam isn’t surprised and he slams her knife out of her hands. “You are a woman, right? You fight like one” Sam says and he pushes her away. He walks to the other two screams, and on that moment Danny says: “I am done with it, we should attack them!” Bruce and Max agree and they attack. Nicholas attacks Bruce. One of the other screams walks to Sophia and Max. Danny and The Scream with the red mask are in the opposite of each other. Florence waits before she can attack. “So you are their leader?” Danny says. “There is no leader” the Scream with the red mask says and he attacks Danny. Sam jumps on the Scream behind Norah, but Chloe is back and she also attacks Sam. Sam smashes the other scream in the head and he falls on the ground. Chloe attacks Sam. Florence walks to Norah and grabs her. “We are going to make a walk outside” Florence says. Norah pushes her away, but Florence is very strong and she takes her away. Sam sees them walking away and he pushes Chloe away and he follows them. Danny and the scream with the red mask are still fighting. “You are very weak!” Danny says and he hits him in his belly. “You are going to tell me where Florence is!” Bruce says. “Florence? I don’t know anyone by that name” Nicholas says and he continues their fight. Outside, Florence and Norah walk to the public tribune. “Why are you doing this Florence?” Norah says. “One day you will thank me for this” Florence says. But then suddenly a bullet is fired. “The next one is in your face” Sam says and he is also outside. “Sam!” Norah tries to call for help. “I knew it was you” Sam says. “Surrender Mr. Stone or she dies!” Florence says and she holds a knife to her throat. “Whoever you are, don’t kill an innocent girl” Sam says. “She is from a family of killers and rapers, believe me she isn’t innocent” Florence says using the Scream voice. Inside, Max and Sophia work together against the other scream. “Your dad was very weak Max” The Scream says. Max becomes angry of it. Then suddenly the other scream attacks Sophia from the back. “So where are you coming from?” Sophia says. “Funny question Sophia” the Scream says. “How do you know my name?” Sophia says. “I know all of your names” Sophia says. Outside, Sam says: “You know that is not true” Sam says. “It is!” Florence says. But then Chloe is there and she attacks Sam. She pushes him on the ground and pushes a knife at his belly. But Sam is very fast and smashes the knife away. He smashes in her head and she falls on the ground. Florence looks to it and is derived, Norah smashes to her in the back and runs away. Florence doesn’t follow her. “Go away, soon you will be back” Florence says. Sam runs to Florence and says. “Where did she go?” Sam says. “She ran away from you” Florence says. Sam ignores her and follows her around the corner. When he is there, Norah wants to attack him but she sees it is him. “It is me” Sam says. “Finally” Norah says and she pulls the mask of her head. “I couldn’t breathe in that thing” Norah says. Back inside, Bruce stabs a knife inside Nicholas’ leg. “Tell me where Florence is or die!” Bruce says. “Hahahahaha, she is death” Nicholas says. Bruce wants to kill him, but suddenly, On that moment, they look to another fight in the room. Danny throws The Scream with the red mask on the ground and says: “You act as a leader, but in fact you are the first….” The Scream with the red mask grabbed another knife out of his other pocket and has stabbed it inside Danny. “You are wrong, you are the first to die!” The Scream with the red mask says and he stabs his other knife inside Danny’s throat. The blood splashes out of it. Danny tries to get some air and tries to breathe. Bruce, Sophia and Max are all three very surprised and shocked. The other screams also watch to it. Danny falls at the switch with his head. A lot of blood comes at it. “Romans, look to what I did! I gave you a sacrifice!” The Scream with the red mask says. There is no answer. “Fuck!” The Scream with the red mask says and he grabs the body of Danny and opens his throat more and a lot of more blood pours out him. The Scream with the red mask throws the body at the thing. Suddenly some seconds later, the body burns to ashes. Bruce, Max, Sophia, The other scream all look to it. And on that moment, the door closes. Sophia tries to open it, but it fails. “Fine, now we are stuck” Sophia says. “It will all be all right” Max says. But then the floor under them disappears and they all fall in a deep hole. Outside, Chloe stands up again and watches to Florence. “Where are they?” Chloe says. Florence aims to the direction, but then Sam and Norah are back. “Why did you remove your mask?” Chloe says. “I am sorry, but I couldn’t get air in that thing” Norah says. But then they hear a sound. “What is happening inside of there?” Sam says. “No, No we are too late” Chloe says and she walks inside again. Sam, Florence and Norah follow her and they all see the door is closed and there is no way for them to go in.

After they have tried to open the door, Sam says: “And what now?” “We don’t know either what’s inside of there” Chloe says. “So we are all on the same side now?” Norah says. “I guess so” Sam says. But then suddenly the police is there. They start talking in Italian to them. “Mr. Stone?” One of the police officers says. The other police officers grab Norah, Florence and Chloe. “Please” Norah says. “She is with me” Sam says and he shows his badge to the police officers of the SIS. They let Norah go. The Police officers hold their guns at Chloe and Florence. The other two remove their masks. Sam is very surprised when he sees Florence behind one of the two masks. “Florence?” Sam says. She ignores him when the officers take Chloe and Florence away. “This isn’t done” Chloe says to Norah and Sam. One of the police officers, one of the only ones that can talk English, says to Sam: “I want you to tell me what happened here.” “Yes sure” Sam says and he and Norah follow the police officer outside.

In the police station, Sam and Norah tell everything that happened. When they are done, they wait outside. “So Florence was all these time with them?” Sam says. “Yes she was” Norah says. “I couldn’t believe it either” Norah says. “Any ideas where they are? Didn’t they say anything about what they wanted?” Sam says. “They didn’t tell me much” Norah says. “They only said a great power is what they want.” Norah says. “That sounds odd” Sam says. “Normal screams never wanted power, they only wanted to fulfil their hate and revenge” Sam says. “They are different, they treated me like I was one of them.” Norah says. “What?” Sam says. “Chloe acted like I was her sister” Norah says. “Who is Chloe?” Sam says. “The other one the police took hostage” Norah says. “But I am very sorry this happened to you” Sam says. “You don’t have to, it was my own mistake” Norah says. “I want to know what happened to Bruce and the others, I am pretty sure this Chloe knows it” Sam says. “Maybe she will tell it to me” Norah says. “You could try it” Sam says. Norah walks to one of the officers and says: “Can I talk with the prisoners?” Norah says. “Your reason miss?” The police officer says. “One of them is my sister, she can confirm that” Norah says. “Okay then, family can talk to them” The police officer says and he lets her go to them. Florence and Chloe are surprised by her coming in the room. “Help us getting out of here” Chloe says to Norah. “I can’t do that, not yet” Norah says. “So why are you here?” Florence says. “We all want our friends back. You know how to do that” Norah says. “We need to go inside there as well, where the hell they went, but we can’t since we in this stupid prison cell” Chloe says. “Where is your friend?” Florence says. “Outside, he wants to know where his best friends” Norah says. “Somewhere else, except one “Chloe says. “What do you mean?” Norah says. “You know that they wanted a sacrifice, so one of them died” Chloe says. “Well I am glad you are still here” Norah says. “Thank you” Chloe says. Florence is looking around in their cell and see a weak spot in the wall. “This can be easily broken open” Florence says. “Do it, I am done in this stupid cell” Chloe says. “If you do that, the police won’t stop getting after you.” Norah says. “I don’t care” Chloe says. “But I do care” Norah says. It stay quiet after she said that. “We have to work together” Norah says. “Work together with Sam Stone? Don’t let me laugh” Chloe says. “Ok then I am not going to get you out of her” Norah says. “We will see each other again soon” Chloe says. “I am looking forward to that” Norah says and she leaves the room. “What did they say?” Sam says. “Not much and they don’t want to work together with you” Norah says. Sam is disappointed.

In an unknown forest, Bruce awakes and he looks around him. He sees the others lying on the ground next to him. He can’t see where he is. He sees one of them standing up. It is Max. “Where the hell are we?” Max says. “I have no idea either” Bruce responds. Max looks and to his happiness he sees Sophia lying on the ground. She is unconscious. He tries to wake her. “Where the hell are we? Get us back!” Nicholas says. The Scream with the red mask stands up and looks around. They see a light in the dark forest. “We are very close” The Scream with the red mask says. The other two scream follow him. Nicholas stands up and wants to follow them, but Bruce stops him. “You idiots killed Danny!” Bruce says very angry and he starts hitting Nicholas. The other Scream don’t wait for Nicholas and walk further. Max runs to the other scream to stop them. Sophia is still unconscious. “Kill those idiots” The Scream with the red mask says to one of the other screams and he stops and turns around to Max. “Stop right here” The Scream says to Max. “You are going to pay for killing Danny!” Max says and he attacks the Scream. The Scream is stronger than Max and he throws him on the ground. Nicholas fights back against Bruce. “You think way too much about yourself” Bruce says. “I am way better than you will ever be” Nicholas says and makes a very sudden move and hits Bruce in his face. Bruce is surprised by it, but he grabs Nicholas by his arm and turns around and kick him in his face. “Go away kid” Bruce says and he walks away to help Max, but on that moment Nicholas says: “That is it? You easily walk away from me? Don’t you want your beloved Florence and Norah back? I kidnapped them!” Nicholas says. Bruce turns around and walks back to him. He grabs him by his shoulder. “So where are they now?” Bruce says. Nicholas starts laughing and says: “Death” Bruce hits him very hard in his face and he falls unconscious on the ground. The Scream overpowers Max and throws him on the ground. “You are weak, just like your father” The Scream says and he wants to stab his knife inside him but then the scream is stabbed from the back. Max sees that Sophia is standing behind The Scream and has done it. “You little bitch” The Scream says and he falls defeated on the ground. Max stabs on again and says: “Thank you.” “You already saved me multiple times, I had to do something in return” Sophia says. Bruce walks to them and says: “Good work” “Where are the others?” Sophia says. “They got away” Max says. “I want to know who this is” Bruce says and he removes the mask. They are very surprised who is behind the mask.

In Rome, Sam and Norah are in the hotel, where the Triangle of Death bought their rooms. Norah has remembered the code, which Chloe told to her. They go inside her room. “So this was your room?” Sam says. “Yes, Chloe and I stayed here” Norah says. Sam walks to Chloe’s bed to look in her stuff. “Pretty ordinary stuff” Sam says. “From all the members of the triangle of death, Chloe was the most nice to me” Norah says. “That’s weird, she looked pretty aggressive” Sam says. “I still don’t know why she was so nice to me” Norah says. “All of those screams are sick in their mind, she isn’t an exception” Sam says. “Yes I know” Norah says. “She was probably prepared for police or other people like us looking through our stuff” Sam says. Norah goes sitting on the bed and thinking. Sam goes sitting next to her. “The others are gone because of me, aren’t they?” Norah says. “No” Sam says. “You were too focused on getting me” Norah says. “This is not true” Sam says. “Why Sam?” Norah says. Sam thinks about and has no idea what to say. “After you found out this yourself, we can discuss this again” Norah says and she walks away to search further in the room.

Bruce walks angry away and can’t believe it. “How the hell is this happening?” Max says. The screen now turns to the scream and shows, the scream in fact is Iris. “She is hurt very badly. If we don’t do anything she dies” Sophia says. But then on that moment, unknown people walk to them. “Surrender or die!” One of the unknown people says. “In what country are we?” Bruce says to the unknown people. They ignores his question and one of them says: “Don’t you understand what I am saying?” “We do” Bruce says. Without any more arguing, suddenly a light bomb explodes. Within one second Bruce, Max and Sophia are unconscious as well. The unknown people take them, Nicholas and Iris away.

The door of the room of Chloe and Norah is opened. “I already thought I would find you two here” Chloe says while she walks inside the room. “How the hell did you escape?” Sam says. “We didn’t escape” Chloe says. Florence also walks inside the room. “Hello back” Florence says. “What are you going to do with us?” Norah says. “Nothing sweetheart” Chloe says. “We should go” Florence says. They step out of the bed and go out of the room. “My sister paid our bail” Chloe says. “Your sister?” Sam says. “Yes” Chloe says. They walk to the lobby of the hotel. In the lobby of the hotel, they go sitting at a table. Sam, Norah, Florence and Chloe are waiting at the table. “So what are we waiting for?” Norah says. Florence and Chloe look to the entrance of the hotel. Two people walk inside the room. Sam and Norah can’t believe their eyes. It is Elina and another guy they don’t know. “Wait Elina is your sister?” Sam says. “You aren’t as stupid as I thought” Chloe says. “I expected something like, it is good to see you back Elina, but well thank you” Elina says and she goes sitting at the table. “Long time no see” Norah says. Sam ignores her. “So why did you bring us together?” Sam says. “Elina came to help me and Florence.” Chloe says. “So what about him?” Norah says and she points to the other guy at the table. “Mr. Norah and Mrs Kearns, This is my bodyguard Thomas” Elina says. “Okay and how are we getting our friends back?” Sam says. “We are working on that” Elina says. “And how are we getting back in the colosseum? The police must be surrounding it now” Norah says. “That isn’t a problem. There must be more entrances“ Florence says. “So you do know more about this place?” Sam says. “Yes we do” Elina says.

When, Bruce, Sophia, Max and Nicholas awake, they are sitting in a weird vehicle. It looks like a very modern car. Bruce sees that he is sitting right of Nicholas and Max and Sophia are sitting on the opposite of the car. He sees the drivers watching them. “Where are you taking us to?” Bruce says. The drivers ignore them. Later they arrive at the place they wanted to go to. They throw them in one of the cells. As soon as they are inside, Nicholas already tries to open the cell door. “You really think that will go open so easily?” Bruce says and stands up. “At least I tried something while you were napping there on the ground!” Nicholas says angry. “Be happy I don’t immediately kill you asshole” Bruce says. “I can says the same thing about you” Nicholas says. Sophia stands up and comes between them. “Stop you both!” Sophia says. Bruce and Nicholas are surprised. “We have to work together if we want to get out of here” Sophia says. After their little fight, Sophia walks to Max, which is still lying on the ground. “Max?” Sophia says. “Where is Iris?” Bruce says. “Those people probably took her” Sophia says. “So what do you think they did to her?” Bruce says. “No idea, but after what she did, they can do everything they want to her” Sophia says. Nicholas stays quiet and he looks to find a way out again. Sophia goes sitting on the ground next to Max. Bruce knows that escaping isn’t going to be easy. In Rome, Sam, Norah, Florence, Elina and Chloe are still sitting round the table discussing. “Elina, I can’t believe I was kidnapped by your sister” Norah says. “Kidnapped? I treated you like you were one of us, you still are” Chloe says. “You locked me up in the plane” Norah says. “I am so sorry for that” Chloe says. “You two can talk that out later” Elina says. “Yes indeed come to business” Sam says. “The reason I came is that you have something I want” Elina says. “And what do I get in return?” Sam says. “We. What do we get in return” Norah says. “You are pretty close together, that’s good” Elina says. “We will help you getting your friends back.” Chloe says. “What about your friends?” Norah says. During the conversation, Florence walks outside to the colosseum. The police is still surrounding it. “The Triangle members always help each other” Chloe says. “But if you are a member of the Triangle, makes that your sister a member too?” Sam says. On that moment, Florence walks back inside and says: “We have to go, time’s up” “Yes of course Florence” Elina says and she and her bodyguard stand up. “You are leaving us already?” Sam says. “We don’t have more time to talk” Elina says. “You didn’t even tell what you want” Sam says. “Shouldn’t we work together?” Norah says. “Of course we want to work with you” Chloe says. “If you want to cooperate, follow us” Florence says. “Sure, we have nowhere else to go” Sam says. Norah agrees and they follow them outside.

In the other dimension, The unknown people are back and they open the door of the cell. “Where are you taking us to?” Nicholas says. The people grab him and he says: “Stay with your hands off me!” The group uses their weapons and him and he falls defeated on the ground. Bruce and Sophia know that they shouldn’t do things against them. They throw Nicholas again in the cell. Bruce and Sophia walk outside the cell in they way the people point to. One of the people walk inside the cell and grab Max. “Please don’t hurt him” Sophia says. “I don’t think they speak English” Bruce says. They use another unknown weapon at him and he suddenly awakes. “Where am I?” Max says and he wants to attack the people. “Max don’t do that” Sophia says. Max looks to Sophia and he walks to her and gives her a hug. “I am so glad you are all right” Max says. “Me too” Sophia says. The people walk further. Bruce, Sophia and Max follow them. They come in another room where they can see a big throne. They see another human sitting at the throne. He starts to speak to them in an unknown languages. “What language is that?” Max says. The guy stands up and pushes on a button on his neck. “I am sorry I was hiding my speaking” The guy says. “Where the hell are we?” Bruce says. “I don’t need to use this things” He says holding another unknown thing in his hand. “Who are you?” Max says. “You have many questions, not sure I can answer all of them” The guy says. Bruce, Sophia and Max start listening. “My name is Strighter” The man says. “We have taken you outlaws as prisoners, we are going to look if you are suitable enough to be left alive” Strighter says. “So how can you find that out?” Bruce says. “Only the smartest people can live here” Strighter says. “So if we aren’t intelligent enough, you will kill us?” Sophia says. “That can’t be true!” Max says. “Just let us go, we didn’t ask to be here” Bruce says. “There is now way back!” Strighter says. Back in the present, Sam and Norah step in a car along with Florence, Chloe, Elina and her bodyguard. “So where are we driving to?” Sam says. “South” Florence says. “We are going to Pompeii” Elina says. “And why are we going to there?” Norah says. “There is another portal” Chloe says. “Portal?” Sam says. “Why didn’t you tell Mr. Stone about all of it?” Elina says. “I was not sure to trust him” Chloe says. “So what is inside of that portal?” Sam says. “Something he wanted” Chloe says. “Who is he?” Sam says. “The one with the blood mask obviously” Norah says. “Yes very smart Norah” Chloe says. Some time later they arrive in Pompeii. “So where is that portal? I want to get Bruce, Max, Danny and Sophia as soon as possible out of that dimension” Sam says. “You will soon see them again” Elina says. They walk inside the city to the older part of it. At the gate, Chloe says: “Let me handle this.” She walks to the guy before the gate and she starts talking to him. “What is she doing?” Sam says. Then, suddenly the guy before the gate falls to sleep and they can easily walk through. “How did you do that?” Sam says. “Triangle of Death secrets” Chloe says. “You think different about us now?” Elina says. “No” Sam says. They walk further inside of the old city and they find a house. “It must be inside of here” Elina says. Florence grabs a key and opens the door. They walk inside and see a stairs down. “Another sacrifice here?” Sam says. “I don’t hope so” Florence says. The stair ends in a hallway. They walk further until the road ends in two directions. “We have to split up” Elina says. “You sure about this?” Sam says. “And how do we find each other back?” Norah says. “I am not letting you alone with them again” Sam whispers to Norah. “It is fine” Chloe says. “Chloe, you will go with them, Florence you come with me” Elina says. “That’s all right” Chloe says. They both go into their own direction.

“So when are we going to do these tests?” Bruce says. “In 10 seconds” Strighter says. And suddenly the ground behind them disappears and they fall in a hole. They fall on a big pillow. Some of the men of walk inside the room. They see Nicholas and Iris also back in the room. “Where the hell have you been?” Nicholas says. “Apparently we have to do some tests to find out if we are intelligent enough” Max says. “And you agree with this? We have to get the fuck out of here!” Nicholas says. “There is no other way” Sophia says. One of the guards steps forward. “Come with us” A female guard says. “Who are you?” Nicholas says. “I am the person that will get you trough all of the tests. You can call me Ximena” The female guard says. Nicholas is speechless and the others follow her. Sophia looks to Iris and says: “So look who is back” “Go away” Iris says. “Me? You betrayed us” Sophia says. “That company of Stone, I hated it all my life” Iris says. “And still you stayed there. Why?” Sophia says. “Information” Iris says. “Bitch, you have luck we don’t kill you already!” Max says. “Calm down Max” Bruce says. “After everything she did?” Max says. “After we are out of here” Bruce says. “Here it is” Ximena says. “Here is what?” Nicholas says, the only one responding on her. “The first test is here. You are going through 5 tests. The first test is today, the others are over the next few days. If you fail one test, you are out. If you succeed, you go further to the next test. Please notice that the first test is the easiest one and the fifth the hardest one, I wish you good luck” Ximena says. She and the other guards leave Bruce, Max, Sophia, Nicholas and Iris to go into the first door. “What test could we expect?” Max says. “No idea” Bruce says. “Must we really do this?” Sophia says. “There is no other way” Bruce says. They walk inside the next room where the guards of Strighter are standing again. They all take place behind a very new computer. “Why is everything so upgraded?” Max says. “No idea too” Bruce says. A program opens up and they all get questions. Before they can start they must fill in their names. Through the headphones it says that the first test they have to answer a couple of questions. They have to score higher than 5, if they do so, they can go through to the next test. Bruce’s first question is: “Who looks more suspicious?” And the computer shows two pictures: One of pictures shows a young lady, the other one an old man. Bruce has no idea but eventually he clicks on the old man. There are also easier questions like: Who is the leader of this base? He has three answer options: One is Striker, seconds is straighter, third is Strighter. They all fill in all the questions.

Back in Italy, Chloe walks along Norah and Sam. “So you wanted to go with us? Sam says. “Your ex-girlfriend gave me no other option.” Chloe says. “She told you about that?” Sam says. “Of course she did” Chloe says. “What is this about?” Norah says. Chloe is surprised and says: “You didn’t tell her yet?” “She knows” Sam says. “So Norah you know that your friend fucked Elina?” Chloe says. “I know and I don’t care” Norah says. Chloe has nothing left to say and they walk further until they see a door. They open the door and behind it a man is sitting. The man starts talking Italian to them. “Does anybody of you speak Italian?” Sam says. Chloe walks to him and shoots a bullet on him. “What the hell did you do?” Sam says. “He stood in our way” Chloe says. “And then you simply kill him?” Sam says. “The Triangle kills everybody who stands in our way” Chloe says. “Fine” Sam says. They look through the room to find something useful. Norah finds a map of the underground system of Pompeii. One room has a cross. They look to it and know which room they must go to.

After a while, everybody is done with test 1. Together with Ximena, they look through the results. Sophia has a score of 6, which is enough to go further. Max congratulates her. Max has a score of 7. “Of course you have more than me” Sophia says to Max. Bruce has a score of 9. “Very good” Nicholas says sarcastic to Bruce with an ugly face. “Lets wait when we hear your score” Bruce says. “Iris has a score of 5.” Ximena says. She is shocked of the score. “Only 1 question more wrong and you didn’t go through.” Ximena says. Iris curses some things. “Only Nicholas left” Ximena says. “You have a score of 10” Ximena says. Everybody is surprised of Nicholas’s score. “I told it to you Wakefield” Nicholas says very arrogant. He likes all the attention he gets. “Don’t get too arrogant” Iris says and she walks away. “Good work” Ximena says and she looks at a screen which says his name. “Nicholas” She continues. “That means you won this test out of your group” Ximena says. Nicholas is still very glad and he laughs to Bruce, Sophia and Max. “You are all so stupid” Nicholas says and he walks away. “Remember this was the easiest test, I will show you your room” Ximena says and they follow her to their room. “Here it is, I will let you know when the next test will be. Stay here and rest” Ximena says and she walks away along with the other guards of Strighter. They walk inside their room without having any stuff. There are 5 beds. It is a pretty big room, which they didn’t expect. Bruce, Max and Sophia look to each other like they have no idea what the hell has happened to them. Iris is the first to go sitting on a bed and making it ready to sleep. Nicholas is still in a good mood and says: “Damn I don’t even want to go back to where the hell we were before here” “What the hell is wrong with you?” Bruce says. “Nothing, this is just the best day of my life. I can do easy tests and win them everytime, I can denigrate you idiots, I don’t have to work anymore, money doesn’t matter, that girl which led our group is very hot and I had fix with her……” Nicholas says until Bruce interrupts. “Shut up!” Bruce says. “What? Everything I said was true!” Nicholas says. “We have to get the hell out of here” Max says. “I agree” Sophia says. “You can go away, but I will search for Red maskie and marry that hot girl” Nicholas says. “So your relation with Florence is over?” Bruce says. “Relation? HAHAHA, I just fucked with her because I couldn’t find anything else, but I don’t like her that much. She is replaceable” Nicholas says. Bruce gets very angry because of what he just said. Max tries to calm him down by saying: “We still have to work together.” “Fuck him, I am not going to work with idiots like him!” Bruce says very mad and he wants to attack Nicholas, but he sees there are cameras everywhere in the room. “We can’t even change clothes without been seen?” Sophia says and she sees the camera too. “There is something wrong with this place, they pretend to be nice, but they want something else with us” Bruce says. “I agree” Max says. “We have to find out about this” Bruce says. Iris listens, but ignores them, after she steps on and walks to the bathroom. There is a shower and a toilet. “There is also a camera in the bathroom” Iris says. Nicholas also walks in the bathroom. “Don’t worry Iris” Nicholas says. “I agree with them, I don’t want to stay here” Iris says. “I was lying, together with the other two we will get out of here” Nicholas says. “When we get a sign from Red, we will go the hell out of here” Nicholas whispers to her. “But where are they?” Iris says. “What are you so secretly discussing?” Bruce says and he also enters the bathroom. “Some Triangle of Death business, not of your concern” Nicholas says. “Did Florence know that you are member?” Bruce says and he walks inside the bathroom. “Of course she did, but she didn’t trust you enough to tell you” Nicholas says. “Okay” Bruce says. “I will be honest Mr. Wakefield, the only reason why Florence joined your big company was to spy a little bit for us. The Triangle asked me to deliver someone and she was my excellent choice. I knew you all would fall for her.” Nicholas says. “What about her?” Bruce says and he points to Iris. “She couldn’t do all the work alone and just the face there were two in your silly company” Nicholas says and he laughs. “Choose your next words very carefully” Bruce says and he grabs Nicholas by his shoulders. Iris looks to it, but doesn’t do anything. “Remember cameras” Nicholas says. Bruce lets him go again. After he let him go, Nicholas walks outside the room. “Iris….. I and Sam, we are not done with you either” Bruce says. “I didn’t expect anything else from you” Iris says. “Clever” Bruce says. “The fact that all these time the half of your company was Triangle, makes me laugh too” Iris says and she starts laughing. “You aren’t impressing me” Bruce says. “Well done” Iris says.

“Did Elina ever talk about me?” Sam says. “Not that much, she kept many secrets. She has had many boyfriends, which I didn’t know about” Chloe says. “Well did you see her much? She never talked about her” Norah says. “You knew her too?” Chloe says. “Yes I do” Norah says. “Gash I hate her” Chloe says. “Still you work with her” Sam says. “I didn’t have any other choice, okay!” Chloe says pretty aggressive. “Calm down” Norah says. Chloe is mad and walks faster so she doesn’t have to walk along with them anymore. “She has some problems I think, she becomes way too aggressive too fast” Sam says. “Yeah true” Norah says. Later they arrive at the door they saw at the picture. Chloe opens the door and behind it, Florence, Elina and her bodyguard are standing. “What did it take you so long?” Elina says. “How did you?” Sam says. “I already knew the room” Elina’s bodyguard says. “Wait who are you?” Sam says. “He is my personal right hand” Elina says. “Are you ready for the others to see who you are?” Norah says to Florence. “I don’t care. I miss Nicholas and wants to see him again” Florence says. “That idiot? He probably is already thinking of fucking another girl” Norah says. “No, he will never do that to me” Florence says. “You think way too positive about him” Norah says. “Shut up, I don’t want to talk with me at the moment” Florence says. “Are we done?” Chloe says to Norah and Florence. “I am, not sure about her” Florence says. Norah walks disappointed away. “The portal is in this room, now we only have to find out how to open it” Elina says.

Back in the other place, Bruce, Iris, Sophia, Max and Nicholas have to make themselves ready for the next test. “Another win for you?” Bruce says to Nicholas says. “Yes of course I will easily beat you again.” Nicholas says. “Arrogant piece of shit” Bruce says in himself when he leaves their room. “What did you say?” Nicholas says. Iris walks to Nicholas and says: “He calls you an arrogant piece of shit” Nicholas laughs because of it but he doesn’t respond anything to Bruce. Sophia and Max also leave the room and wish each other good luck. “Any idea what happens if I fail this test?” Sophia says. “You for sure won’t and otherwise I will never let them take you away.” Max says. “Thank you very much” Sophia says. Max wants to kiss her, but then Bruce says: “We have to go to the same room as the first test” Max looks disappointed to Bruce. “Did I ruin something?” Bruce says. “No” Sophia says and she walks away. Bruce and Max follow Sophia, Iris and Nicholas and they enter the test room again. They see Ximena standing inside the room with other of her specie. “Welcome to Test 2” Ximena says and she sees all of them are standing in the room. In another room, Strighter is watching them. “This next test is about team work, yesterday we had a test where being intelligent was important, test 2 is about working together.” Ximena says. As soon as Nicholas hears the world team work, he starts getting annoyed. “You have to work together to get out of the maze, I will watch how you do this, I will make a top 5 and the top 3 has a benefit in test 3. Good luck” Ximena says and she and her helper disappear. All door close and the lights go out. It is totally dark in the room now. “What is happening?” Iris says. “Everybody try to search for a way out” Bruce says. They look around the room to search for a way out. Nicholas is the first to feel a wall and a hole. “There is something here” Nicholas. He feels with his arm inside, but suddenly a couple of bats fly out of it. “What are those?” Sophia says. Nicholas is scared of them, but walks through the opening. “Nicholas where did you find that?” Iris says. Nicholas doesn’t help the others and makes it way through it. Max also feels the opening and tries to get Sophia. “Sophia can you hear my voice?” Max says. “Yes I do” Sophia says and she walks to his voice. Max later grabs her. “I got you” Max says. “Now we have to help the others” Sophia says. “Where are you?” Bruce says and suddenly he gets into someone. “Who are you?” Iris says. “It is me” Bruce says. In the meantime, Nicholas gets to the next room. It is a room fill of traps. He doesn’t wait for the others and tries to get to the next door. Max and Sophia try to get Bruce and Iris to them. It takes some time but later they get to them. “Where is Nicholas?” Bruce says. “That idiot already went further” Max says. “Us 4 must stay together” Sophia says. “Yeah I agree” Bruce says. They also walk to the next room. Inside of it, they see Nicholas again. “Nicholas!” Bruce says. “Why did it take you so long?” Nicholas says. “Help us getting there!” Iris says. “No I want to win this test” Nicholas says. “This isn’t about winning, this is about working together” Iris says. “I don’t give a fuck” Nicholas says. Bruce, Max, Sophia and Iris try to find a way through the door of traps. In the other room, Strigther and Ximena are standing. “That guy is good, but he doesn’t work with them” Strighter says. “Yeah I know. We must learn him that and then he could be a good improvement for us” Ximena says. Nicholas makes it first to the other room, the others follow him. In the next room there hangs a big screen and in the middle of the room stands a vault. Nicholas has no idea what to do. But then suddenly, Ximena appears on the big screen. She says: “Wait for the others to come” “They take too long!” Nicholas says. “Patience!” Ximena says. Some seconds later, Bruce, Iris, Max and Iris enter the room. “Look who we got there!” Max says. “Idiot” Sophia says. “This is the last room of test 2. Together you have to choose. For one of you ends it here. Only 4 of you can go through to test 3.” Ximena says. “What?” Bruce says. “That is not fair!” Max says. “I choose him” Nicholas says and he aims to Bruce. “You can choose together or one of you sacrifices himself. Good luck” Ximena says. “Stupid idiots!” Iris says mad and she stamps to the vault. “Let’s sacrifice him” Max says and he aims to Nicholas. “No way it is going to end for me here!” Nicholas says. “Who is the most useless here?” Nicholas says. “He is” Nicholas says and he points to Bruce. “I agree, beside the Triangle always protects each other” Iris says. “Well we both choose Nicholas” Bruce says. “What about you Sophia?” Max says. Sophia is silent and has no idea what to say. “I don’t want to kill off any of you” Sophia says. “Just choose that idiot” Max says and he aims to Nicholas. “I have made my choice, I have chosen to sacrifice myself” Sophia says. “Sophia…..What?” Max says. “You can’t do that!” Bruce says. Iris and Nicholas both laugh about it. “She is the smartest of the three of you, it is sad” Nicholas says. Ximena appears back on the screen and says: “Nicholas is right, She is the smartest of you. Well done, all 5 of you succeeded this test” Ximena says. “What? So it doesn’t end for me?” Sophia says. “You have won this test, making the ultimate sacrifice is something we appreciate” Ximena says. Bruce and Max can’t believe it and they are very relieved. “Why are you doing this to me?” Max says and he embraces Sophia. “You can go back to your rooms, rest and make yourself ready for the next test” Ximena says and the screen goes off. “You are very good at doing this” Strighter says. “Thank you” Ximena says.

Back in Pompeii, Sam, Norah, Chloe, Florence, Elina and her bodyguard walk through the whole room. Elina reads some books. “So what is your name actually?” Norah says to Elina’s bodyguard. He looks to Elina and says: “I am Michael” “Michael, It is nice to meet you” Norah says. “You aren’t really a talker, are you?” Norah says. “I’m not” Michael says. “Okay that’s fine” Norah says. “You sure there doesn’t have to die someone from us like the other room?” Sam says. “I am hoping not” Chloe says. But then Elina finds a button and presses it. All the doors to the room close and they are stuck. “What did you do?” Chloe says. “I want the others back of our team” Elina says. Then suddenly another secret door opens. They all are pushed inside it, not knowing what happened to them.

Bruce, Sophia, Max, Nicholas and Iris are later back in their room. “I can’t believe I didn’t win that test!” Nicholas says. “I can’t believe either that I won” Sophia says. “Your teamwork was honestly by far the best” Max says. “Thank you” Sophia says. “I believe the next test will be a lot more difficult” Bruce says. “More difficult for you, but probably easier for me” Nicholas says. “Shut up” Bruce says. “I have every right to say what I want!” Nicholas says. “Why do they have fights all the time?” Iris says to Sophia and Max. “No idea” Sophia says. “Walk to hell!” Bruce says. “After you” Nicholas says. Bruce wants to give him a hit in his face, but Max stops him. “Don’t” Max says. Iris walks to Nicholas. “Why do you becomes mad so easily?” Iris says. “I don’t, he challenged me!” Nicholas says. “I am not talking about only this time, you also should have worked together with us” Iris says. “Gash, I am so done with all of you” Nicholas says and he walks out of the room. “Where is he going?” Sophia says. “Ask him yourself, you are the only one he doesn’t hate” Iris says and she walks to the bathroom. “Are we ever going to get rid of these two idiots?” Max says. “Once we will, but not now” Bruce says. On the hallway, Nicholas walks and stops, somebody has seen him. He tries to hide away, but it is too late. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in your room?” Ximena says, standing behind Nicholas. “I don’t want to stay this night with these idiots” Nicholas says. “You call your own team members idiots?” Ximena says. “Yes and that’s the reason I didn’t want to work together with them in test 2” Nicholas says. “Reasonable” Ximena says. After she said that, Nicholas thinks, but suddenly he says: “Please tell me what this place is” “I am not sure Strighter allows me to say that” Ximena says. “Fuck him!” Nicholas says. “Don’t say that louder, they can execute you for saying that” Ximena says. “I don’t give a fuck about anything anymore.” Nicholas says. “I really think you should calm down” Ximena says. “Okay there is only one way for me to getting calmed down” Nicholas says and suddenly he grabs her and starts kissing her. She didn’t expect it and tries to get away, but it fails. “You should know, I always get what I want” Nicholas says. “So you want me?” Ximena says. “Yes I do” Nicholas says and he kisses her again. He grabs her and he walks to her room. He throws her on the bed. “You are much prettier than my former girlfriend” Nicholas says and he takes off his clothes. He jumps on and has sex with her. “You should know there aren’t much boys here, so I am glad to have you” Ximena says. Nicholas ignores what she said and he fucks her further.

The next day, Bruce, Sophia, Iris and Max make theirselves ready for test 3. “Where is Nicholas?” Iris says. “Do I care where that idiot is?” Bruce says. “He misses the third test” Sophia says. “I hope he is death” Max says. In another room, Nicholas steps out of the bed after he slept with Ximena. He is naked and pulls on his clothes. “I should make myself ready for test 3” Nicholas says. “You know it can’t begin without me” Ximena says. “So the only thing I have to do is keep you in this bed?” Nicholas says. “No please, Strighter will be very angry” Ximena says. “You are better than him, don’t listen to that idiot” Nicholas says. But suddenly on that moment, the door is opened. “Hide” Ximena says softly to Nicholas. Nicholas goes under the bed and hides himself there. Strighter walks inside the room. “Why are you still in bed?” Strighter says. “I am tired of yesterday” Ximena says. “Tired? How can you be tired?” Strighter says. “I don’t know, I am pretty busy” Ximena says. “Bullshit!” Strighter says and he walks to her bed. “You are hiding something!” Strighter says and he pulls away her blankets. He sees she is naked. She immediately goes out of the bed and grabs her clothes. “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?” Strighter says. “Okay sorry I was masturbating” Ximena says. “About who? There aren’t any…. Wait don’t tell it was one of those new guys.” Strigther says. Ximena has no idea what to answer, but then suddenly Nicholas appears and he steals Strighter’s weapon and fires it on him. He is electrocuted and he falls unconscious on the ground. “Why did you do that?” Ximena says. “I try to help you” Nicholas says. “You have only mad things worse” Ximena says. “We should go away, when he wakes up” Nicholas says. “I can’t, I should give you test 3.” Ximena says. “Fuck those tests” Nicholas says. “Okay. So what will we do?” Ximena says. “We should get out of here” Nicholas says. Bruce, Sophia, Iris and Max are waiting in their room, but nobody comes to get them for test 3. “So what will we do now?” Max says. “We should wait” Iris says. “We should have had that test half an hour ago, and still they aren’t here” Max says. “I hope Nicholas hasn’t done anything stupid” Iris says. “What do you think?” Sophia says to Bruce. “I don’t like these tests, so I am happy we don’t have to do it now” Bruce says. But then suddenly on that moment, an alarm goes off. “That doesn’t promise anything good” Sophia says. Suddenly the door of their room is smashes open. The guards of Strighter and Ximena walk inside the room. “Where is testperson 2?” One of the guards says. “Since when are we testpersons?” Sophia says. The guard doesn’t like what she said and wants to use his electric weapon on her. But Max jumps in front. The guard is surprised, and Max hits him in the face and he falls unconscious on the ground. Bruce and Iris also attack the other guards. They are overpowered and Bruce, Iris and Max steal their weapons. “Why did you do that?” Sophia says. “I didn’t want them to hurt you” Max says. “Oh okay, thanks” Sophia says. “We should go away, before more guards will come” Bruce says. Iris nods and they leave the room. They run out of their room to find a way out. Iris grabs a contacting device out of her sleeve. “Nicholas where are you?” Iris says. “Are you alone?” Nicholas says. “No I am not” Iris says. “Never mind, I already see you” Nicholas says. And suddenly, Nicholas stands before Iris. “Where the hell have you been?” Iris says. “Having a great night” Nicholas says and Iris sees Ximena is standing behind him. “What is she doing here?” Iris says. “She is helping getting us out of here, if she wants it or not” Nicholas says. Bruce, Sophia and Max also see Nicholas and Ximena. “Look who we got there” Max says. Max and Bruce aim their weapons on Ximena. “She is on our side!” Nicholas yells. “I am not so sure about that” Bruce says. “If you kill me, you will never get out of here” Ximena says. “Where is that Strigther dude?” Max says. “He is away for now” Nicholas says. “You was already planning this escape?” Bruce says. “Of course I was” Nicholas says. “We should go away now” Iris says and they see guards coming. They run to the other way.

Somewhere not far from there, Sam, Norah, Florence, Chloe, Elina and Michael appear and wake up. “Where the hell are we?” Sam says. “This is what Nicholas and red mask talked about” Chloe says. “We shouldn’t stay too long here” Elina says. They decide to walk further. “Nicholas’ location is not that far away” Chloe says. “Bruce might be with them” Norah says to Sam. “I hope so” Sam says. “I hope Nicholas is all right” Florence says. “He has a heartbeat, so he probably is” Michael says while looking on his device. “That doesn’t say anything” Florence says. They walk in the direction of Nicholas’ heartbeat. “Here it is” Ximena says and they stop before a door. “There is a secret way out here” Ximena says. Sophia, Iris, Max and Ximena walk inside of that room. Bruce grabs Nicholas and says: “I hope you know what you are doing, because I don’t trust either of you” Nicholas laughs and says: “I have everything under control, you can see Florence again tomorrow, maybe sooner” Nicholas says. “Why do you keep saying that name to me?” Bruce says. “Oh I forgot to say that you can see your buddy Sam Stone too” Nicholas says and he walks inside. Inside, Ximena is pressing in some codes. “You know you are death if you are warning the other guards where we are” Max says. “Don’t be so afraid my boy” Ximena says. “I am not your boy” Max says. Sophia doesn’t like what she says. “Shut up and fill in these codes” Sophia says. Later all codes are correct and a door opens. They walk inside the next room. Ximena uses and iris scan and the door outside opens. “After you” Ximena says and she aims to the way out. But on that moment, the guards have found them. Max tries to protect Sophia. Iris and Sophia walk outside and run into the forest. Bruce and Max kill some guards and run outside. Nicholas grabs Ximena and says: “You are coming with us.” “I don’t if I can” Ximena says. “They will kill you if they find out about what you did!” Nicholas says. But then suddenly, Strighter enters the room. “What the hell have you done to her!” Strighter yells. “Nothing” Nicholas says. Strigther becomes very angry and shoots on Nicholas, he is hit in his leg. “He is right” Ximena says and she grabs another weapon out of her pocket. “You fucking bitch” Strighter says and he attacks Ximena. They start fighting. The guards look to Nicholas and the fight. “Why are you doing this? I thought you were my best combatant!” Strighter says. “I am not!” Ximena says and she fights further with Strighter. “I was your slave and there was nothing I could do without your command!” Ximena says. “Liar!” Strighter screams and she starts moving faster. He is stronger than Ximena and he hits her in her belly. “And now we will see what we do to traitors like you!” Strighter says, but suddenly another weapon goes right through Strighter. Ximena looks up and sees Strighter totally has a hole in his belly and he falls death on the ground. On the other side, Nicholas is standing holding the weapon. The guards can’t believe it, but they fire further on Nicholas. Nicholas grabs Ximena. The guards all attack him. He gets very angry and yells: “All Triangle members will never be defeated!” Nicholas says and he kills a lot of the guards and takes Ximena outside. Outside, Iris, Bruce, Max and Sophia are standing and waiting for Nicholas. They see Nicholas coming out. The guards still follow them. The guards are with really much. Bruce, Iris, Max and Sophia run away. Nicholas helps Ximena with walking. While running in the forest, suddenly they hear something. Out of the forest suddenly, Chloe, Michael and Elina appear and they fire on the guards. “Elina?” Bruce says. “It is good to see you again Bruce” Elina says. “On other circumstances maybe, but what are you doing here?” Bruce says while firing on the guards. “Helping him” Elina says and he aims to Sam and Norah walking towards them. Sam walks to Bruce and he is very happy to see him. Florence runs outside the forest and kills all the guards around Nicholas. When all of them are death, Florence looks to Nicholas and says: “Who the hell is she?” Ximena looks to her and says: “I can ask you the same question.” They point their weapons on each other. “Wow ho, wait. I can explain everything!” Nicholas says. “Norah was right” Florence says and she walks disappointed away. Michael helps Elina and Chloe killing all the remaining guards. Max and Sophia are also happy to see Sam and Norah. “I am so sorry for what I did” Norah says to Sophia. “It is okay” Sophia says. “They kidnapped me and then everything was different” Norah says. “We should go away before more of them come” Sam says. Norah, Sophia and Max agree and they walk away. Bruce kills the last guards. After they are all death, Bruce sees Florence. “Florence? What are you doing here?” Bruce says. Florence looks to him, but ignores him and walks to Elina and Chloe. “So where is Isabelle?” Elina says to Bruce. “She is… We broke up” Bruce says. “I am sorry to hear that” Elina says. “It is fine, this Scream thing became her a bit too much” Bruce says. “She didn’t like your job?” Chloe says. “Yes. And who are you?” Bruce says. “This is Chloe, my sister” Elina says. “I never knew you had a sister” Bruce says. “Did we really know much about each other?” Bruce says. “Not really.” Elina says. “So any ideas to get out here?” Bruce says. “We aren’t leaving yet” Chloe says. Florence comes back and says: “Nicholas is there.” “Thank you Florence” Elina says. “Wait you know each other?” Bruce says. Michael and Elina walk to Nicholas. “It looks like you have no idea who I am” Florence says. “Just like me and Elina, we are the Triangle of Death.” Chloe says. Bruce is very surprised and shocked about that.

In another room of the base that Bruce, Iris, Sophia, Ximena, Nicholas and Max just left, A man is standing looking outside a window to the many casualties. “It looks like our guards aren’t that strong as we thought they would be” The man says. “Your group doesn’t disappoint me. They killed a lot of my guards, kidnapped Ximena and killed the leader of this base, Strighter.” The man continues. “The one you call Nicholas is the one I perfectly can use.” The Man ends. “I will make sure, you will get him” Another person in the room says. He is standing behind the other man and after the man walked away, he is shown to be the Scream with the red mask.

Sam, Norah, Sophia and Max still run away, but later they stop. “Shouldn’t we have waited for the others?” Sophia says. “They will come here very soon” Sam says. But then later, they see somebody coming. It is Iris. “Wait isn’t that the girl that worked at your company?” Norah says to Sam. Sam is surprised to see her. “Iris? What are you doing here?” Sam says. She looks to him and is also surprised. “She works with them” Sophia says. “With whom?” Sam says. “The Triangle” Max says. Sam is even more surprised. Iris ignores everything they said and says: “Any ideas where Chloe is?” “She is with her sister, some way that direction” Norah says. Iris wants to go to there, but Sam says: “Stay here, They are coming to us” Sam says. Iris doesn’t listen to him and runs to that way. “Bruce is still there” Sam says. “Yes we should go back” Max says.

Bruce is still in shock. “So all this time you were lying to us?” Bruce says. “Yes and I am so sorry I hurt you Bruce.” Florence says. “But after all, we all work together now” Chloe says. “We should go now, there are more coming” Elina says. They listen to her and they run away. Nicholas is still carrying Ximena, but he doesn’t really get that far. “Go away, let me stay” Ximena says to him. “No! I am not leaving you behind” Nicholas says. “Go and make everything right with your girlfriend” Ximena says. “She isn’t my girlfriend!! ……….. well actually she is, but I don’t love her” Nicholas says.

Iris gets to Chloe and Elina. “Iris?” Elina says. “I am not dead yet” Iris says and she hugs Elina. “So what are our plans?” Iris says. “We aren’t done here yet” Chloe says. “So you still want to stay here, after everything that happened?” Bruce says. “The Triangle isn’t done here” Elina says. “Fuck this Triangle, I am done here” Bruce says. The others are shocked of his words. “What the hell did you say?” Chloe says. “I don’t care anything about your stupid group” Bruce says. Chloe, Elina and Michael become mad at him. But then Florence says: “He is right, it is a stupid group and these masks don’t fit us.” “Well it wasn’t my idea” Chloe says. “Whose idea it was?” Sam appears and says. “Well Well you are back, I didn’t expect that” Chloe says. “We don’t go away without Bruce” Max says. “Thank you” Bruce says. “I still want to know why the hell we are in this place” Sam says. “Oh Sam. In the past you were always that person that knew everything. I guess the things are reversed now” Elina says. “Also if you are all here, Where is Danny?” Sam says. “Who the hell is Danny?” Elina says. Suddenly, Nicholas is also there. “I know who he is” Nicholas says. They all look to him. “He is that idiot that was killed off so we could be here” Nicholas says. Sam is shocked and says: “Who killed him?” “His killer is not here, he is somewhere else” Nicholas says. “Tell me who did it!” Sam says. “You are never going to meet him” Nicholas says and he points his weapon to Sam. “You fucking idiot!” Bruce says and he attacks Nicholas. They all look to it. “So are we going to fight our way out of this?” Sam says to Chloe and Elina. “Not if it depends to me” Elina says. Bruce throws Nicholas on the ground and says: “Still down you idiot!” Nicholas crawls to Ximena. “Who the hell is this?” Chloe says while she walks to Nicholas. “I protect her” Nicholas says. “Oh it looks like Nicholas dumped you” Chloe says to Florence. “There was never a thing, he is an idiot” Florence says. “What did you call me?” Nicholas says and he stands up again. “You are an idiot” Florence says. “And what did you call the Triangle yet?” Chloe says. “The only idiot here is you” Nicholas says to her. “Anyways we don’t need her anymore” Chloe says and she points her gun to Florence. “Chloe? Why are you doing this?” Norah says. “She doesn’t give us any other options” Chloe says. Bruce walks to Chloe and says: “There is nobody going to die here.” Bruce goes standing before Florence. “Put that weapon away” Sam says to Chloe. Elina and Michael are standing there watching to everything. Max and Sophia also walk to Bruce. “If you want me death, just kill me” Florence says and she walks to Chloe. “Whatever you want” Chloe says and she shoots. But Bruce jumps before Florence and gets the bullet in his leg. Florence can’t believe she is still alive. Sam walks to Bruce and sees the bullet is still in his leg. “Chloe? We have wasted enough time here” Elina says. Chloe agrees and she, Elina, Michael and Iris walk away. Michael helps Nicholas walking. “Where are you going?” Norah says. “Inside of there, and you are coming with us” Chloe says and she points her weapon at Norah. Norah has no other option than going with them. Sam sees it happening and he wants to save her and he runs to them. Max, Sophia and Florence are helping Bruce. “Why did you that for me?” Florence says. “I didn’t want you to die” Bruce says. “Well thank you” Florence says. Elina and Michael sees Sam following them. “Let Norah go and we will never see each other again” Sam says. “No she is one of us” Chloe says. “Let me talk to him” Elina says and she walks to Sam. Iris, Chloe, Norah and Nicholas walk back inside. Before the door, they see Ximena sitting on the ground. “I told you I would come back for you” Nicholas says to Ximena. “Who are they?” Ximena says. “Some of my friends” Nicholas says. “So you are going back inside?” Ximena says. “No nagging, stand up and come with us inside” Chloe says. They walks inside and see all the bodies on the ground from all the death people. Chloe walks to Strighter and says: “Wasn’t this their leader?” Chloe says. “Yes I killed that idiot” Nicholas says. “Good work” Chloe says. Ximena looks to his body and knows she can’t trust these people.

“Do you understand there is no stopping the Triangle of Death?” Elina says to Sam. “Stop saying that, what did they do to you?” Sam says. “You are the one that didn’t care about me? Our child is death because of you” Elina says. Michael is surprised to hear that. “That’s not true, these screams, they are responsible for everything. It is not too late to get back at us again Elina.” Sam says. But after she said that, Elina hits in his face and Sam falls on the ground. “That was for everything you did to me” Elina says and she walks away. “You fucking traitor” Sam says. “Kill him, I don’t want to see his miserable face again” Elina says. Michael agrees and he starts kicking Sam. “You should know that this isn’t personal” Michael says and he starts attacking Sam. Max and Sophia see it happening. “Go help him, I will save him” Florence says to them. Max and Sophia agree and they run to Sam. “Who the hell are you?” Michael says. Max attacks Michael. Michael dodges his attacks and hits him a couple of times. “Hahahaha, I do remember you, you are the kid” Michael says. “What did you say?” Max says. “I seldom remember killing people but I do remember when we got the mission to kill your dad, you look like him” Max says. “You killed him?” Max says and he starts becoming very mad. “No but I do know who did it” Michael says. “Who did it?” Max says. “Hahaha, you think I am that stupid to tell you that?” Michael says. Max becomes very angry and he attacks Michael. “Use your anger on me, take you revenge!” Michael says. Sophia sees Max becoming very angry but she helps Sam back in the air. “He is very strong, Max can’t kill him alone” Sam says and he runs to them. Max grabs his gun and starts shooting on Michael. Michael hides behind a tree. Sam comes from the other side and hits Michael with a knife in his belly. “You think that will do any harm to me?” Michael says and he grabs Sam and throws him away. “Who the hell is that?” Bruce says to Florence. “I barely talked to him, his name is Michael, that’s all I know” Florence says. “They need my help” Bruce says. “Wait, you aren’t ready yet” Florence says. Sam and Max both attack Michael. Together they are stronger and Michael has no other option than running away. Sam and Max later don’t see him anymore. “Where did he go?” Sam says. “I have no idea” Max says. “We should follow them, Elina is a fucking traitor” Sam says. “Who is Elina?” Max says. “Long story” Sam says. They walk back to Florence, Bruce and Sophia. “How are you Bruce?” Sam says. “More fine now thanks to her” Bruce says. “Elina betrayed us” Sam says. “I already thought we couldn’t trust her” Bruce says. “She ordered her henchmen to kill me” Sam says. Florence helps Bruce back in the air. “Can you walk?” Sam says. “I am ready to take my revenge on that bitch” Bruce says. “Her name is Chloe, she is Elina’s sister” Sam says. “I didn’t even know she had a sister” Bruce says. “Same” Sam says. “So who is this Elina?” Max says. “Well we had a thing some years ago” Sam says. “You had what? She didn’t tell me that” Florence says. “So what did they tell you? What is their plan?” Bruce says. “Okay I will tell you everything, they betrayed me as well” Florence says. “This place where we are, I am not sure what it is, but Chloe, Elina and the one with the red mask want to use this place to make a more beautiful earth, the other earth is lost after all” Florence says. “That doesn’t sound that bad” Sophia says. “Actually it is. This place doesn’t have a sun, they use power from earth’s sun. They want to create a big portal to earth.” Florence says. “So that means we can get back?” Max says. “Yes, but we can’t let them open this portal. Life on earth will die out and everybody on earth will die” Florence says. “So we don’t have any time to lose” Sam says. They walk in the direction of the base. “And what are their plans with Norah?” Sam says. “They don’t have any plans with her. I am not sure but I think Chloe loves her” Florence says. “What?” Sam says. “Yes she is gay.” Florence says. “I have to save her” Sam says.

Inside of the base, Chloe, Nicholas, Norah and Iris arrive at the highest floor. “Look who finally arrived here” Another person in the room says. “We have some struggles to come here” Chloe says. “It doesn’t matter, but we don’t have much time left” The Scream with the red mask says and he appears. Iris steps forward and says: “Can you bring me back to earth? I am so done with this place!” “You want to go back to the trash planet?” The Scream with the red mask says. “This place is already lost” Iris says. “Whatever you wish” The Scream with the red mask says. The other scream appears and he walks to Iris. “Walk with him, he will bring you back” The Scream with the red mask says. “I am back our leader” Nicholas says. “It is good to see you again Nicholas” The Scream with the red mask says and he looks to Norah. “Oh look who is there again” The Scream with the red mask says. “Why did you bring him to me again?” Norah says to Chloe. “I am sorry Norah, I lied, but he won’t hurt you” Chloe says. “I know that one of you killed a friend of mine, I am not going to let that unpunished” Norah says. “Hahahaha, I actually like her” The Scream with the red mask says. “So who did it?” Norah says. “I killed some many people that I don’t remember all of them.” The Scream with the red mask says. “Anyways, what did I tell you Norah? You should forget all these earth inhabitants, they are the past, we are the future” Chloe says. “We can use you, since Iris is gone. Your children will be important” The Scream with the red mask says. “My children? What are you saying?” Norah says. “After tomorrow are the Triangle of Death the only humans alive, so you should be grateful I let you join us” The Scream with the red mask says. “I want her” Chloe says. “You can’t give her children!” The Scream with the red mask yells. “That doesn’t matter” Chloe says. “Allright then” The Scream with the red mask says and agrees. Chloe grabs Norah by her hand and pulls her away. “What are you going to with me?” Norah says. “Soon I will tell you everything” Chloe says and they walk away. “So what are your plans for me?” Ximena says. “I was planning to kill you, but there is still someone here that cares about you” The Scream with the red mask says. “She will replace Florence” Nicholas says. “Okay all right then” The Scream with the red mask says and he walks away to another room. Inside of that room, the other guy is standing again. “Who are your visitors?” The guy says. “The one you want: Nicholas and some other people” The Scream with the red mask says. “Very great, soon I will meet him” The guy says. “Of course you will” The Scream with the red mask says.

Sam, Bruce, Max, Sophia and Florence walk inside of the building. “This is where we came out of this stupid building” Max says. “I hoped we would never go inside of this anymore” Sophia says. “So what did they do to you?” Florence says. “We had to do some tests, I didn’t understand much of it” Bruce says. Florence laughs and says: “Let me guess, it was Strighter than wanted you to be smart enough” Florence says. “Yes how do you know?” Bruce says. “They did the same to us once” Florence says. “So you have been here before?” Florence says. “No, but I heard the stories” Florence says and suddenly she sees the death body of Strigther. “This is him” Florence says surprised. “He is death. Who killed him?” Sam says. “Nicholas must have done him” Bruce says. “I didn’t expect that the first time I would see him, he would be death. He is kind the guy that runs this place. Well he was” Florence says. “Is that a good thing that he is death or not?” Sophia says. “No it is not a good thing” Florence says. “Why not?” Max says. “The people that live here would need a new leader, and there are way worse people here” Florence says. “Well I hated this guy, I was almost death because of these stupid tests!” Sophia says. “You know which way we must go?” Bruce says to Florence. “No I have never been here before either” Florence says. “It is okay” Bruce says. “We will search for a way” Sam says and he walks through a door. The others decide to follow him.

“The others they are inside of here coming for us” Nicholas says while looking on the cameras to the scream with the red mask. Ximena is also sitting there in the room. “It doesn’t matter, we will kill these bugs from our planet” The Scream with the red mask says. “Let me kill the idiot Bruce and the traitor Florence” Nicholas says. “Whatever you want, I don’t give a fuck. I only want to rip off Mr. Stone’s head, that would give me enough satisfaction” The Scream with the red mask says. “But I thought Elina and Michael were going to stop them” Nicholas says. “That was true, but we failed” Elina says while walking inside the room. An injured Michael is with her. “How the hell did you fail?” The Scream with the red mask says. “They were stronger than expected, Prescott’s son is with them” Michael says. “What did you say?” The Scream with the red mask says. “I told you we should have killed him when we had the chance!” Michael says. “It doesn’t matter, he will die anyway” The Scream with the red mask says. “I guess you aren’t happy to see me” Elina says and she steps forward. “Mrs. Norwood” The Scream with the red mask says. “Where is my sister?” Elina says. “In her bedroom” Nicholas says. Elina walks away. She opens the door of Chloe’s bedroom. She walks inside the room and sees Norah sitting on Chloe’s bed. “What are you doing here?” Elina says to her. “Ask to that to your sister” Norah says. “She is my guest” Chloe says. “So Sam’s bitch it is?” Elina says to Chloe. “I don’t care what you think” Chloe says. “What did you do Sam?” Norah says and she becomes mad. “He is death, and you would be death too if it depends to me” Elina says to Norah. “You fucking bitch, how could you?” Norah says becoming mad and sad both. “We should talk” Elina says softly to Chloe. Chloe nods and they leave the room. Norah stays behind alone. The door is locked, but still she tries to find a way out. Elina and Chloe walk to another room in the base. “Are you agreed with the plans of Nicholas and J?” Elina says. “So what do you want? Start a revolution?” Chloe says. “I want us to rule, not them” Elina says. “You know that will never happen” Chloe says. “Well if you are not with me, I have to do it alone” Elina says and she walks away. Norah looks through Chloe’s stuff and finds some information about her. She sees a picture of her with her family and with another girl. “So what are you looking to?” Chloe says while she enters the room. “I wished they would still be alive” Chloe says. Norah feels caught, but Chloe doesn’t care. “She was your girlfriend?” Norah says. “Yes she was” Chloe says. “How did she die?” Norah says. “She died because of that stupid planet earth. We want a planet better than that Garbage dump.” Chloe says. “You want to destroy Earth?” Norah says. “Yes but not only me, we work together to achieve that” Chloe says. “But why me?” Norah says. “I like you Norah, you remind me of my former girlfriend” Chloe says. “I am really sorry, but I am not gay” Norah says. “It’s okay” Chloe says, but suddenly she starts kissing her. Norah can’t do anything against it and she accepts it.

Sam, Bruce, Sophia, Max and Florence still walk further to the next room. “Any ideas if we are going into the right direction?” Sam says. “I am not sure” Florence says. “At least you know it better than us, and we have already been inside of here” Bruce says. “Yes that’s right” Florence says and she smiles to him. But then suddenly, they see Iris and the other scream on the other side of the room. “Look who we have there” Iris says. “Iris!” Sam yells. “You are not going to stand in my way” Iris says. Iris walks to them and says: “So Florence, you work with them now?” Iris says. “I do what is right” Florence says. “You fucking traitor!” Iris says and she grabs her weapon and attacks Florence. Bruce helps her and also attacks Iris. Florence doesn’t defeated that easily. Sam sees the Scream standing. “So you idiots still wear those shitty masks” Sam says and he walks to him. “It is laughable you still feel tense when you see one of these mask” The Scream says. “I am not anymore” Sam says. “We are your biggest nightmares” The Scream says and he grabs his weapon. “You are going to die“ The Scream says and he attacks Sam. Max attacks the scream from the back. “Look who is there Prescott’s son” The scream says. “You killed my dad?” Max says. “I am not the scream with the red blood mask” The Scream says. “My nightmare” Max says. “Soon you will see your dad” The Scream says and he tries to stab Max with his knife. “You are going to hell!” Max yells and he attacks the Scream too. “You are the biggest traitor of all” Bruce says to Iris. “I never enjoyed my time at SIS” Iris says. Iris dodges their attacks, but together they are stronger. Max fights off the Scream. “You are weak just like your daddy” The Scream says. “You are going to pay for that!” Max says and he becomes more mad. But the Scream throws him on the ground, but then Sam is back and he stabs a knife inside of his mask. His mask is destroyed and it falls on the ground. Sam and Max look to his face. He feels defeated and he runs away. Iris hits Bruce in the face and he falls on the ground. Florence attacks Iris from behind but Iris kicks her in her face and she falls on the ground. Iris grabs her knife and she is ready to kill her. But suddenly she gets stabbed by her knife inside of her. “Stay down you bitch” Sophia says. Max, Bruce and Sam are all surprised of her sudden action. “I understand it must be hard for you to kill a colleague” Sophia says. Iris falls injured on the ground. “I killed already so many people” Sam says and he grabs a gun out of his pocket and shoots Iris through her head, killing her. “You killed a member of the Triangle” Florence says and she stands up again. “I don’t care, they will all be death soon” Sam says and he walks in the direction the scream ran too. “We must go this way” Sam says. Max looks to Sophia, and he can’t believe what she did. The others follow Sam, not knowing what will be there in the next room.

The Scream with the red mask, Michael, Nicholas and Ximena are sitting in the room. On that moment, the other scream comes unmasked in the room. “What the hell has happened?” The Scream with the red mask says. “They are here” The unmasked Scream says. “Who are here?” Ximena says. “Where is Iris?” Nicholas says. “Still with them I think” The unmasked screams says, and they show his face now. It is just an ordinary boy from their age. “You left her with them Lewis?” The Scream with the red mask yells angrily. “Where are the Triangle of Death, we don’t let people behind” The Scream with the red mask says. “I am so sorry but I didn’t want to die” Lewis says. “Soon they will be here” Nicholas says. “Fine, we will wait and kill them” Michael says. They stand up and wait. On the other side of the wall, Sam, Bruce, Florence, Sophia and Max are standing. “They must be behind this wall” Florence says. “So what are the plans?” Max says. “I am going to save Norah first, after we have her, defeat them.” Sam says. “But this is the Triangle, we can’t defeat them so easily.” Florence says. “We can be a Triangle too, The Triangle of Life” Sam says. “I want to kill my father’s killer” Max says and suddenly he gets a flashback to the day his dad was killed. He sees his death father lying on the ground, The scream picking up the newspaper. He walks away and looks to Max, Max sees his face, it is totally red of his father’s blood. Then it turns back to the present. “What happened?” Sophia says. “He is inside” Max says and he walks to the door and opens it. He sees Nicholas, Ximena, Michael, Lewis and the person walking to him. “Look who we got there Albert’s son” The Scream with the red mask says. “You remember my dad?” Max says mad. “Yes of course I do. He gave me this beautiful mask” The Scream with the red mask says. Sophia also runs in the room and tries to stop Max. “Don’t do this, we must do this together” Sophia says. “She can’t save you, it is your doom that you will die by the same person that killed your dad. Me!” The Scream with the red mask yells and he attacks them. Max grabs a gun out of his pocket and starts shooting on the Scream with the red mask. He hits him multiple times and he falls on the ground. Nicholas, Michael, Ximena and Elina look to it. Max walks to the scream with the red mask. Sophia tried to stop him, but she failed. Sam, Bruce and Florence also walk in the room. Sam looks to Elina. “Look who we have there again, Nice to see you again, Bruce and Florence” Nicholas says and he walks to them. “Are we going to do this together?” Florence says. “He is going to get punished for what he did to you” Bruce says. “So you are together now? I knew you would work with these idiots against the Triangle, Florence” Nicholas says. “You gave me no other option.” Florence says. Sam walks alone to Elina, which gets guarded by Michael. “Where is Norah?” Sam says. “Not here” Michael says. Elina steps forward and says: “I killed that bitch myself” Elina says. Sam doesn’t like it and starts becoming angrier. “Does that make me your biggest enemy?” Elina says. “No of course not” Sam says. “Come on and kill me!” Elina says. Sam wants to attack her, but Michael stops him and starts attacking him. “Why do you work for that witch?” Sam says to Michael. “Don’t ever call her a witch again!” Michael says. “Come on, I know Chloe isn’t here either, so where are they?“ Sam says. “I am never going to tell you that!” Michael says. Max is still standing by The Scream with the red mask, when suddenly, he stands on again and stabs his knife inside Max’s leg. Sophia attacks the Scream with the red mask, but he grabs her and easily throws her away. “Your girl can’t save you, it is all between us now” The Scream with the red mask says. “You are death!” Max says and he uses all his anger on the Scream with the red mask. “So why her?” Florence says to Nicholas. “You know me, I am addicted to sex” Nicholas says. “You treated me like a sex object!” Florence says mad while battling Nicholas. Sam is stronger than Michael, since he still is injured from their last fight. Sam pulls his knife on his throat. “Tell it or die!” Sam says. “Okay, okay, please don’t kill me!” Michael says. “The second door on the left that way.” Michael says. Sam immediately goes that way. He opens the door, inside Elina is standing holding her gun at Norah. “I knew you lied to me!” Sam says. “Yes indeed, I wanted to wait, to do it before your eyes!” Elina says. “I don’t know what they did to you, but this isn’t you Elina!” Sam says. “It is me, I was soft and weak, now I am strong!” Elina says. “Let her go! Kill me instead” Sam says. “No! killing you is too easily, you must suffer!” Elina yells. Sam doesn’t agree. “So I am going to ask you questions, if you answer them correctly, Norah will life, if you do not, I am going to cripple just like you let happen to our daughter” Elina says. “Don’t listen to her” Norah says. “Quiet!” Elina says and he hits her in her belly. “First question! Who killed our daughter?” Elina says. “Chares Barret did it” Sam says. “Wrong answer!” Elina says. “Second question. Did you really love me?” Elina says. “I did love the real you, not what you became now” Sam says. “This was always me, Wrong answer again!” Elina says. “So what do you want to hear?” Sam says. “The truth!” Elina says. “Last question! Who do you love more, Me or she?” Elina says pointing to Norah. “Her of course” Sam says. “Third wrong answer of course!” Elina says. “But that was the truth!” Sam says. “And now I am going to kill this stupid bitch of you” Elina says and she starts hitting Norah again, but then suddenly on that moment, Chloe is back. “Elina stop this!” Chloe says. “You care more about this bitch than me?” Elina says. “Don’t you see what you are doing? Everybody starts hating you!” Chloe says. “You are my sister, you can’t hate me!” Elina says. Sam walks closer to them. “If you kill this innocent girl, I will hate you” Chloe says. Then, suddenly Sam attacks Elina. He jumps on her and starts hitting her in the face. “You will never hurt her or kill any of my friends!” Sam says and he hits multiple times in her face. Elina’s whole face is bleeding. “Kill me!” Elina yells. “No” Sam says and he stands up and walks to Norah. She is lying injured on the ground. “Are you okay?” Sam says. “Why do you always have to safe me?” Norah says. “Because you always get in trouble” Sam says and he looks to Chloe. Chloe looks to Elina. “Why did you help them?” Elina says to Chloe. “Because otherwise it would have been your death” Chloe says. “Together we can kill all of them” Elina says. “So what are we going to do now?” Norah says. “I will bring you…..” Sam says, but suddenly he is hit on the back of his face and he falls unconscious on Norah. Lewis is standing behind him. “He killed Iris, he will pay for that!” Lewis yells and he grabs his knife. “You are not going to kill him” Norah says and she grabs Sam’s gun out of his pocket. “Put the gun away girl” Lewis says. “I am not a girl anymore!” Norah says. Chloe looks to her. The only thing after it is the sound of a bullet fired.

In the other room, Bruce and Florence still fight off Nicholas. Nicholas isn’t stronger than Bruce and Florence together. They defeat him and throw him on the ground. After that Florence walks to Ximena. She is still injured. He grabs and puts a knife on her throat. “So what makes you so special?” Florence says. “Please don’t kill me” Ximena says. “Nothing, but please don’t kill her” Nicholas says while lying on the ground. “Florence, Don’t do this” Bruce says. “She is one of Strighter’s best fighters” Michael says crippling to them. “Is that true?” Florence says. “Yes but Strighter is death, so it doesn’t matter anymore.” Ximena says. Florence doesn’t agree. Max fights to everything he has over the scream with the red mask. “Your whole body is about anger, use it!” The Scream with the red mask says. Sophia looks to a much angrier Max. He pushes the Scream with the red mask on the ground, and starts hitting him. He slams on his masks. The Scream with the red mask dodges much of his attacks but sometimes Max hits him. He almost destroys his masks. “I want to see your coward face!” Max yells. But then the Scream touches the place where he stabbed the knife and Max falls on the ground because of it. The Scream jumps on him and starts hitting him too. Sophia runs to it. The Scream wants to stab his knife inside Max, but Sophia grabs her gun and shoots the knife out of his hand. “Very smart girl, but bullets can’t kill me!” The Scream with the red mask says, but another bullet is fired. The ground is shown where the broken pieces of his mask fall on the ground. The Scream hold his hands on his face to not reveal his face. Max grabs his knife again and stabs it inside the Scream with the red mask. He wants to stab him another time but suddenly he disappears. Bruce walks to Nicholas and says: “It is time to make an end of your miserable life!” Bruce wants to kill Nicholas, but suddenly he disappears, just like the scream. “Where the hell did he go?” Bruce says. Florence also looks around but he doesn’t see Nicholas anywhere. “He disappeared” Ximena says. “How did he do that?” Florence asks to Ximena. “They stole Strighter’s gadgets” Ximena says. “So where did they go?” Florence says and she holds her knife on her. “I am not working with them, So I don’t know!” Ximena says. Florence throws the knife on the ground and walks to Bruce. They both walk to Max and Sophia. They see Max is injured very badly. “I almost got him Bruce” Max says. “Who?” Bruce says. “My father’s murderer” Max says. “You are hurt pretty badly” Florence says. “Is he going to make it?” Bruce says and he looks to Sophia. “I don’t know” Sophia says. “We should stop the bleeding” Florence says. “Where is Sam?” Max says. “I thought he was with you” Bruce says. “He went to Elina” Michael says while lying on the ground. Bruce now sees and walks to him. “So who the hell are you?” Bruce says. “Nobody important as a matter of fact” Michael says, and he grabs a device and presses a button and disappears. Bruce walks to place where Michael pointed to. He sees blood under the door. “This can’t be any good” Bruce says and he opens the door. Inside he sees Norah holding somebody in her hands. “I am so sorry I shot you” Norah says and she is surprised to see Bruce. “What happened here?” Bruce says. “She shot me” Lewis says. Norah tries to stop the bleeding. “Can you help remove the bullet?” Norah says. “We can do that, but looking to the blood on the floor, he won’t make it” Bruce says. “Just do it” Lewis says and he falls unconscious. A couple of seconds later he is death. “There was nothing you could have done” Bruce says to Norah. “I killed him” Norah says. “Who was it?” Bruce says. “One of them. The one protecting Iris” Norah says. “Iris is death, Sam killed her” Bruce says. Norah is surprised, but also she is not. “She was your colleague, right?” Norah says. “Yes she was” Bruce says. “My condolences” Norah says. “Not needed, where are the others?” Bruce says. Norah walks to Sam, which is still lying unconscious on the ground. “What happened to him?” Bruce says. “That guy made him unconscious, after that I killed him” Norah says pointing to Lewis. “I have no idea where Elina and Chloe are” Norah says. “They were here too?” Bruce says. “Yes” Norah says. “Sam hurt Elina pretty badly” Norah says. “She deserves it for what she to him” Bruce says and he walks to Sam. He looks to him and sees he is still breathing. Suddenly, then Sam awakes. “What has happened?” Sam says and the first thing he sees is Lewis lying dead on the ground. “Who killed him?” Sam says. “She did” Bruce says pointing to Norah.

Not really that far away from there, The Scream without his red mask appears again. The same guy from before is standing before him. “What have you done Robert?” The Scream says, not seeing his face. The other guy, Robert, stands forward and says: “How could you fail J?” Then suddenly, Elina, Chloe, Michael and Nicholas also appear. Elina falls on the ground defeated. “Help her!” Chloe says. Michael grabs Elina and takes her away. “What happened to her face?” The Scream says. “What happened to your mask?” Chloe says looking to his face. “That girl, Sophia, she destroyed my mask!” The Scream says. “You all failed! that’s why there was no other option for me to bring you here” Robert says. “Who is that?” Chloe says. “Chloe, this is my best friend Robert” The Scream says. “Why did you never tell me about him?” Chloe says. The Scream ignores her question. “Where is Lewis?” Nicholas appears and says. “He is death” Chloe says. “What?” The Scream says. “That idiot Sam killed him” Chloe says. The Scream becomes very angry and says: “Kill those idiots, all of them! Destroy that stupid base!” “Whatever you want” Robert says and he walks away. “No! Don’t do this!” Chloe says. “Yes! Kill those idiots Bruce and Florence!” Nicholas says. “We can’t destroy our base!” Chloe says. The Scream grabs a weapon and puts it on Chloe’s throat. “That’s not your reason you don’t want to destroy it. It is her isn’t it?” The Scream says. Chloe ignores his question but looks away. “You think I am that stupid? The Scream says and with his other hand he starts to squeeze her throat. “She will die along the others. We can’t save everyone” The Scream says, throws Chloe on the ground and walks away. Nicholas walks to Chloe and says: “Are you all right?” “Ximena is also still on that base, we should stop them” Chloe says. Nicholas had forgotten that and he agrees. Robert and the scream are sitting in the cockpit of their ship and see the base. They make it ready to fire the missiles on the base.

Sam, Bruce and Norah walk back to the others. Sophia helped Max back in the air. Ximena looks outside the window and she sees Strigther’s plane in the air. Florence is with her and says: “We should tell the others” Florence walks to Bruce. Bruce looks if she is all right. “We should go out of this base, they want to destroy it” Florence says. “How do you know that?” Bruce says. “Look outside” Florence says. “Follow me I will bring you to the flight deck” Ximena says. Sophia helps Max with walking while they follow Florence, Bruce and Ximena. Sam looks to Norah and says: “Are you all right?” “I am now I am back with you” Norah says and she follows Bruce and Florence. Sam runs to follow them too. They later arrive and see ships standing at the deck. “You can fly one of those?” Sophia says to Ximena. “Yes I can” Ximena says and she walks to one of the ships and opens the door. “This is my ship” Ximena says and they all enter the ship. Robert and The Scream press the buttons to aim the missiles on the base. But then on that moment, Chloe and Nicholas arrive in the cockpit. “Chloe and Nicholas, you don’t have the access to come here” Robert says. Nicholas walks to him and pushes him away on the ground. The Scream without his red mask is standing there and holds his hand on the button to activate the missiles. “I thought the Triangle always worked together” The Scream says. “Not anymore, you started that yourself!” Chloe says and she walks towards him. Nicholas grabs a gun and aims it on The Scream’s hand. “Move it away or I will fire it off!” Nicholas says. The Scream starts laughing and says: “You really think that will stop our plans?” “At least it will stop you for killing multiple innocent people” Chloe says. “I am really surprised that you idiots care about them” The scream says. “The plan was to make here a population, not kill the population” Chloe says. “Well plans change” The Scream says. Nicholas and Chloe know it is the right time to attack him. “You think you two together are stronger than me? Let’s find out” The Scream says and he attacks them. A fight starts. Robert stands up again and he sees them fighting. He tries to walk unseen to the button to press it.

Sam, Norah, Bruce, Florence, Sophia, Max and Ximena go in the air with the ship. Florence walks to Ximena. “I am sorry about what I said to you” Florence says. “It doesn’t matter, you and I are both victims of that Nicholas idiot” Ximena says. “Yes you are right” Florence says. They look through the window and see the ship of the Triangle of Death. “What should I do?” Ximena says. “We should stop them, they can’t kill everybody inside of that base or us” Sam says and he steps forwards. “Does this plane have any escape pods?” Sam says. “Yes” Ximena says. “I will use one to go to that ship to make an end of the Triangle of Death” Sam says. “There might already be something that ended them. Look to the ship, it is standing still in the air” Bruce says. “You are right, they didn’t have any movement in the last couple of minutes” Sophia says. “I will go with you, I want to know why that Scream killed my dad” Max says. Sam agrees with it. “Let me come with you” Bruce says. “No you will bring Florence, Norah, Sophia and Ximena outside this dimension back to Earth” Sam says. “You are sure you can do this alone with Max?” Bruce says. “I am not, but there is no other option” Sam says.

Chloe, Nicholas and The Scream are still fighting. The Scream can easily fight against the two of them. “You should have never turned against me Nicholas and Chloe!” The Scream yells. They fight in the cockpit and they destroy a lot of things. In another room of the ship. Michael is looking to Elina’s face. They hear sound coming from the cockpit. “What is happening there?” Michael says. Elina starts laughing and says: “Finally Chloe became smarter” Elina says and she wants to step on again. “You aren’t ready Elina” Michael says. “I don’t care” Elina says and she pushes Michael away and walks to the cockpit. The Scream throws Nicholas away and starts fighting Chloe alone. “You could have been the queen of this place!” The Scream says. “I don’t want to be that, any of that!” Chloe says. “You fucking traitor!” The Scream says and he pushes her on the ground. Preciously on the moment he wants to kill her, Elina enters the room and shoots a bullet through the Scream. He falls defeated on the ground. Elina walks to Chloe. “Are you all right Sis?” Elina says. “Thank you for saving me, I am sorry for what that idiot did to your face” Chloe says. “He will be punished for that” Elina says. Robert starts getting closer to the button. But on that moment, Nicholas is back and grabs him and throws him away. “No idea who you are, but stay back!” Nicholas says. “Hahahaha you can’t stop us!” Robert says. The Scream stands up again. Elina and Chloe are both surprised. “This is not possible” Elina says. The Scream moves away his coat and shows that he is wearing a bullet proof vest. Elina and Chloe can’t believe it.

Sam and Max make themselves ready to leave. “You will be back here soon?” Sophia says to Max. “I surely will” Max says. “But this is goodbye for now” Sophia says. Max goes to her and kisses her. “Good luck” Sophia says and Max walks away. “They will be fine in your hands” Sam says to Bruce. “Take revenge on Nicholas for me” Bruce says. “I will try to bring him to you, but I am not sure I can” Sam says. “It is fine” Bruce says and he gives Sam a hug. They leave each other. Sam says bye to Sophia, Ximena and Florence and leaves them. Sam and Max walk to the escape pods. Norah is standing before them. “I will see you later” Max says to her and he enter the escape pod. “I hope to see you again soon” Norah says to Sam. “Don’t worry, I will be fine” Sam says. “I just don’t want to lose you again” Norah says. “I won’t” Sam says and he gives her hug. “We will see each other again tomorrow” Sam whispers in her ear. After that suddenly Norah starts kissing him. After it is done, she says: “Deal” Sam is surprised and after he opens this eyes again, he sees he is inside the escape pod. Norah closed the door and looks through the window to them. Max has started the engine and says: “Ready to leave?” Sam looks to Norah and says: “Yes.” They fly away towards the ship of the Triangle of Death.

Nicholas looks outside and sees the Escape pod flying towards their ship. He has no idea what to say. Robert attacks him now and they start fighting too. None of the others see the escape pod boarding their ship. Nicholas wants to say it, but Robert hits him and he can’t. The Scream walks to the button. Elina and Chloe follow him. “Don’t push it, you will be death afterwards” Chloe says. “What will he do?” Elina says. “He wants to kill everybody inside of that base” Chloe says. Elina is surprised and says: “That’s not a bad plan” “What? You can’t mean this?” Chloe says. “It can make that motherfucker Sam and the other idiots war criminals and we can kill them, and that will make us heroes” Elina says. Chloe can’t believe what she hears. Elina hits her in her face and she falls unconscious on the ground. “I am sorry my sister, but one day you will understand it” Elina says. “So you are on my side?” The Scream says. “Yes I am” Elina says. They look outside and see the ship of Bruce and Norah. “No! We waited too long!!” The Scream says. “Just fire missiles on both the ship and the base!” Elina yells. Sam and Max step out of the escape pod on the ship. The first person they see is Michael. He also sees them. “What the hell are you doing here?” Michael says. He wants to report it, but Sam and Max attack him. They slam the reporting thing out of his hand. Sam grabs him, and Max grabs the thing. “So what did you want to report?” Max says. “Nothing” Michael says. “Good” Sam says and he hits in his face, making him unconscious. “Help me throwing him in the Escape pod. We may need him” Sam says. “All right” Max says. In the cockpit, The Scream and Elina change the direction of their missiles. “First we will fire of that ship and after that we will kill everybody inside” The Scream says. “Shouldn’t we let everybody think they destroyed the base?” Elina says pointing to the base. “Not a bad idea, but I want them dead immediately! Especially those idiots Max and Sam!” The Scream yells very loud. “Good for you, we are here” Sam says and he and Max enter the room. “So you left your friends?” Elina says. Sam and Max look to the Scream. “They can protect their selves” Sam says. Nicholas and Robert stop fighting. Everybody looks to Sam and Max. The Scream is looking outside but then he turns around. For the very first time in the movie, his face is shown. Sam and Max both look to it. “So you are the one behind all of this?” Sam says. “Yes hello Sam, you remember me?” The Scream says. “You were on the same school as me, if I am right?” Sam says. “Hahahaha, indeed. David Parker was a very good friend of mine, before you murdered him” The Scream says. “I think I remember you name correctly. Jamie Tebbutt isn’t it?” Sam says. “So you do remember me?” Jamie says. Max steps forward and says: “So why did you kill my father?” “These were all your father’s plans, but we got to a disagreement” Jamie says. “How did you know my father?” Max says. “After I got from school, I got a job and your father was my boss. From the first day I hated him, but his plans weren’t bad. We started getting different ideas over how to rule this place, and there was no other idea than to kill him” Jamie says. “I don’t believe you! He would never have had such insane ideas what you have” Max says. Jamie starts laughing and says: “But it doesn’t matter, soon you will be with him….. in HELL!!!!!” Jamie says and he grabs his weapon and runs to Sam and Max. They start fighting. Sam and Max against Jamie. “When I saw you on school Jamie, I already knew you weren’t a usual guy” Sam says. Jamie ignores what he says and they fight further. “But after David’s death, I never saw you again” Sam says. “I already knew I would get my revenge on the idiot you are! And now totally after you killed Lewis!” Jamie says and he starts getting more aggressive. “You don’t deserve to live!” Max says and he also becomes aggressive. Max pushes Sam away and they start a 1 vs 1 fight. Sam can’t intervene between them. Sam sees Elina and walks to her. “I am so sorry about your face” Sam says while he sees the bruises on her face. “Fucking liar” Elina says. “Stop this for the good of you and your sister” Sam says. “You still think you can bring me back? You are so fucking stupid” Elina says. “Then you are lost!” Sam says and he attacks her. Robert defeats Nicholas after the fight and he walks to the button and says: “I am so done with it.” After he said that, he presses the button. The missile is fired off. “No!!” Sam yells. “Too late idiots” Robert says and he walks away. Elina throws Sam on the ground. “Now I will finally get my revenge for you killing my daughter!” Elina says. “How many times do I have to say, that I didn’t kill her!!!” Sam yells and he slams the knife out of her hand and fights her off. Chloe awakes and looks to what is happening. She cripples to Nicholas. “What are our plans?” Chloe says to Nicholas. “We have to survive this” Nicholas says and he and Chloe leave the cockpit. Sam kicks Elina in her face and he walks to the remote control. He tries to find a way to stop the missile. He thinks of a plan and presses it in the remote control. Max uses all of his angers on Jamie. “You idiot, motherfucker, son of a bitch!” Max says and he becomes fully aggressive. It makes him more weak and suddenly Jamie stabs a knife inside the same spot as before. “You should hide that place more carefully” Jamie says. But Max isn’t defeated yet he fights back, but Jamie stabs him another time in his belly. “What did I tell you idiot?” Jamie says. Max tries to breath and pull the knife out of his belly with his last powers. Sam turns around and looks to them. Elina is also back and starts smiling. “Look to this Sam Stone, I already killed Danny and now Max is the second of your boyband to die!” Jamie says and he stabs the knife inside Max’s heart. A lot of blood splashes out of his body and Max falls death on the ground. Jamie looks with a very proud face to what he did. Elina is happy too. Sam becomes much angrier. “You shouldn’t have done that” Sam says. “I already told him he would see his daddy again. And for you I will say the same, you will see Jayden, William and Noa again very soon!” Jamie says and he runs with the knife under the blood of Max to Sam.

Bruce, Florence, Norah, Sophia and Ximena are sitting in their ship looking to the ohter ship. “We should go away, Sam and Max didn’t go to that ship for us to stay here and do nothing” Bruce says. “You’re right” Norah says. “You can bring us away from here to a safe place?” Sophia says to Ximena. “I know a place, it is the best option we have” Ximena says. “Let’s go to there” Florence says. They turn the ship around and fill in the destination. “You sure Sam and Max will find us back?” Norah says. “They will be fine” Bruce says. “I am not sure they were with much more” Norah says. “Believe me, Sam has survived worse” Bruce says. “What about Max?” Sophia says. “Sam will make sure that he will survive it” Bruce says. “You put lot of trust in your friend” Ximena says. “I do the same for you. I have no idea who you are but still I trust you will bring us to a safe place” Bruce says. “And if I do not?” Ximena says. Bruce grabs his gun and aims to her. “That’s not needed we can trust her” Sophia says. Florence is standing away from them. Bruce knows there is something wrong and walks to her. “What is wrong?” Bruce says. “I don’t trust her” Florence says. “Well do you have any other idea?” Bruce says. “No and that is what I hate” Florence says.

Jamie pulls Sam against the wall. “Ready to die?” Jamie says to him. “You expect a honest answer on that question?” Sam says. “Move aside Jamie, I should get the credit to kill the man that killed my only daughter” Elina says. “After what he did to one of my best friends?” Jamie says while pushing Sam to the wall. He later pulls him off the wall on the ground. “Do what you want to him” Jamie says and he looks outside again. “Your friends! They are leaving” Jamie says very mad. “You idiots, I only came here to steal your time” Sam says. “It doesn’t matter, they are still going to die today or very soon” Jamie says and he starts pressing some buttons. Elina goes sitting on Sam and hold her knife to his throat. “You will be only alive to see your friends die” Elina says. “They are innocent, don’t harm them please” Sam says. “We can’t say that about your friends Florence, Ximena and Bruce” Jamie says and he pushes another button and suddenly a missile is fired. “They are going to die in 2 minutes!” Jamie says. “Very good” Elina says impressed. “And what are you going to do about that?” Jamie says. Elina still holds him on the ground. The first missile fired by Robert hits the base and it totally explodes. The second fired by Jamie goes to the ship of Bruce. “Great you killed dozens of innocent people” Sam says upset. “It doesn’t matter soon this whole dimension will be ours” Jamie says. ”And you two will reign as king and queen?” Sam says. “I will be the queen, but not with him” Elina says. “I doesn’t matter, being a king is nothing for me” Jamie says.

Bruce, Norah, Florence, Sophia and Ximena sees the missile comming to them. “Your faith in your friend was misplaced. He failed” Ximena says and she looks to their base and starts crying. “My whole people are all killed by those beasts” Ximena says and after she cried she starts to become more angry. “They are our enemies too” Bruce says. “We will kill them together” Florence says. “If we are still alive” Ximena says and they see the missile getting closer to them. Norah and Sophia are trying to get a way to stop the missile. “Any ideas?” Norah says to Sophia. “Doesn’t this ship have any weapons?” Sophia says. “No it does not, we were a peaceful folk before you came here” Ximena says. “Listen carefully. Ximena is your name right?” Bruce says. Ximena nods. “We have no idea where we can when we went to this miserable place. Those idiots there are not our allies and stop saying all of this is because of us” Bruce says and he walks angry away. Florence follows him. “Why are you so angry?” Florence says. “It is all going to be fine” Florence says. “I never should have left my best friend to that stupid ship” Bruce says. “It was his choice” Florence says. “And I should have never accepted it” Bruce says.

Another explosion is happening on the building. It is bigger than the other explosions. Jamie tries to fly away. But then one of the debris hits their ship. It gives Sam the chance to get away from Elina. He hits in her face and she falls on the ground. He runs to Jamie and attacks him. Jamie tries to get the ship back in a good direction. He can’t do two things in one and Sam pushes his head to the wall and he falls on the ground. But short after that he is back and he attacks Sam. “You are not going to destroy my ship!” Jamie says. During the fight some of the buttons are presses and other things are destroyed. Sam throws him on the buttons and starts hitting in his face. “You were wrong. You are he one to die!” Sam says. But suddenly Sam is electrocuted by someones to his back. It is Robert. Sam falls defeated on the ground. “Thank you” Jamie says and he stands up again. “What has happened?” Robert says. “The system it is all destroyed.” Jamie says. But then suddenly the ship starts falling downwards flying towards the base. Another debris comes through the window. It makes all of them be sucked out of the window and float to the ground. In another room of the ship, Nicholas and Chloe walk towards one of the Escape pods. “You have never seen a Science fiction movie? They always have Escape pods!” Nicholas says. “I don’t watch those movies” Chloe says. “I told you they have” Nicholas says while they arrive at the escape pod. Without replying to him, Chloe steps in one of them. Nicholas follows her. But then they hear somebody saying: “Chloe and Nicholas help!” It is Michael. “Oh you are also here” Nicholas says. “What has happened to you?” Chloe says and she opens the door and Michael walks to them. “It were those idiots Sam and Max” Michael says. “They are here on the ship?” Chloe says. But then another explosion can be heard. “We must leave now” Nicholas says. “I can’t accept you two to leave. Elina and Jamie have still plans for you” Michael says. “Chloe start the escape pod, I will defeat this idiot alone” Nicholas says. “You sure?” Chloe says. “Yes I am” Nicholas says. Michael attacks Nicholas and a fight between them starts. Michael is still very strong. “I understand why you were Elina’s henchman” Nicholas says and he tries to find a way to defeat Michael. But Michael is stronger than Nicholas. “If you aren’t with the Triangle” Michael says. But then suddenly, a knife is stabbed through Michael. Nicholas is very scared, but somebody saved him. Michael falls defeated on the ground. “Wasn’t this much easier?” Chloe says after she defeated Michael. Without saying anything they both step in the escape pod.

“Look to their ship” Florence says. Norah, Bruce, Sophia all look to it. Ximena is still flying the ship. “Max is still inside of it” Sophia says getting very anxious. “Sam is too” Norah says anxious as well. But then on that moment, they see an escape pod fired off. “Sam and Max are for sure in there!” Bruce says happy. Sophia and Norah are also really happy. “We should fly to that Escape pod” Florence says. “Where do you want me to bring you? To the safe spot or to the danger?” Ximena says. “To our friends. We are not leaving them!” Norah says. “That missile is still behind us, if we go to them, we can get hit by it” Ximena says. “We can’t leave our friends” Bruce says. “Whatever, my life is already over” Ximena says and she turns the ship around.

On the ground, Sam comes back to life and sees the destruction the Triangle made. The whole building almost collapses. Sam sees Elina, Robert and Jamie also lying on the ground. Elina’s head is bleeding again. The things Michael did to help didn’t help her at all. Sam looks around and doesn’t see Jamie anymore. But then he comes from the back and he attacks Sam. “Everything is gone, thanks to you! You are going to die for that immediately!” Jamie screams very loud and he attacks Sam. He grabs Sam and throws him on the ground. “You are a weak motherfucker!” Jamie says. “When you are in hell, David will come for you!” Jamie yells. “You think so good of yourself, why don’t you visit him?” Sam says and he attacks him back. In the meantime, the building collapses and the broken pieces fall close to them. Elina stands up too and walks to them. She goes in the fight. Robert walks away like a coward and looks on a device to get another transport vehicle. Sam looks during the fight up and sees the ship of the Triangle in the air. It is burning. Inside the ship, Michael cripples to the cockpit to get the ship back in the air.

The missile keeps getting closer to their ship. “There is a chance of 80% the missile will hit us before we reach the escape pod” Ximena says. “And their ship?” Bruce says. “It is not good, it is destroyed by the debris of the base” Florence says looking outside. “I hope Sam killed all of these idiots!” Bruce says. “Agreed” Ximena says. “I hope Sam and Bruce aren’t inside of that anymore” Norah says. “No they are inside the escape pod” Sophia says. “You don’t know that for sure” Norah says. “You should have more faith in your boyfriend” Sophia says. “He isn’t my......” Norah says. But then an explosion can be heard. They all are surprised by it. “What happened?” Bruce says. “I already thought it would happen, but we are hit by the missile. “So why are we still alive?” Bruce says. “It was the weakest missile” Ximena says. “But they wanted us death?” Florence says. “Sam has done this” Bruce says. “Can we reach the escape pod?” Norah says. “Negative, we still are going to crash” Ximena says. “What?” Brce says. Ximena is surprised by his reaction. “I thought you said that this missile was weak?” Bruce says. “Not weak enough to not take us down” Ximena says. Bruce is angry and walks away out of the cockpit again. “I will talk to him” Florence says and she follows him. “We still are going to die, maybe I will see Sam again back in heaven” Norah says. ”You don’t know he is dead yet!” Sophia says. “I do, I should have never let him go to that stupid ship” Norah says. Sophia gives her a hug and says: “I am sure he and Max are still alive.” Bruce is sitting in another room and Florence walks inside the room. “Are you all right?” Florence says. “No, I can’t stand that Ximena chick out” Bruce says. “We will get rid of her soon” Florence says. “And Sam is dead because of me, I should have went with them. You could have easily protected Sophia and Norah” Bruce says. “Not everything is your fault” Florence says. “I have done so many miserable things” Florence says. “We forgave you for that” Bruce says. “I am sure Sam will forgive you too” Florence says. “If he is still alive, I am so bad person” Bruce says. To make him feel , suddenly Florence starts kissing him. Bruce pushes her away and says: ”I don’t deserve this” Bruce says. “Nicholas gave me no other option” Florence says and he kisses her again.

On the ground, Sam sees the ship of Bruce are hit by the missile. “Your friends, they are going to die” Jamie says. “First you will see your friends die, after that you die!” Elina says. “What happened to the missile?” Elina says. “You idiot, you changed the missile!” Jamie says. Sam starts laughing, while Jamie and Elina attack him. Together they are stronger than Sam and they hit him multiple times. “Hold him on the ground and pull his face to the ship” Elina says. Jamie grabs him and says: “Look to your friends’ ship, if you look away I wil stab you with this knife” Jamie says. Then Elina hears her phone go off. It is Michael. “Michael where are you?” Elina says. “Chloe and Nicholas, they stabbed me and now I can’t control the ship” Michael says on the other end of the line. “How could you get defeated by those idiots? You should have been much stronger!” Elina says. Michael ignores him and says: “At least you will see me die” and he hangs up the phone. Sam and Jamie see the ship of Bruce going down. “Sadly you could not have said goodbye” Jamie says and he laughs out loud. “At least my friends are still with me” Sam says. “What?” Jamie says. “Florence, Chloe and Nicholas are not with you anymore. It is just because the idiot you are!” Sam says. Jamie is distracted, and then Sam grabs a knife out of his pocket and stabs him with it. Jamie falls on the ground. But then Elina attacks Sam. “I am not the sad girl anymore” Elina says and she shows him her fight skills. “I liked that way of you much more” Sam says. “Of course you did, that’s why you fucked me” Elina says. Sam is still stronger than her and he pushes her on the ground. But then the ship of Bruce ends on the ground and is destroyed. A huge explosion can be heard. Jamie laughs very loud and says: ”You maybe defeated us, but still you lost!!” Sam is shocked about what happened to his friends and he starts crying. “I knew you couldn’t protect them!” Jamie says. Elina attacks Sam again and now he pushes him on the ground. “Don’t be sad Sam, Am I not the only one you love?” Elina says. “You are not, you fucking traitor bitch!” Sam says and gets very angry. “Well I guess we have no other reason to not kill you anymore” Elina says and he grabs her knife. “I should get the credit for killing the great Sam Stone” Elina says. But then up of them the ship of Triangle flies and it makes a lot of sound. It starts flying faster and then it hits the base. Michael looks otuisde and then the whole ship explodes, killing him. Lots of snatches come from the building and the ship and they fall on Sam, Elina and Jamie. During the explosions, Robert comes in a car look a like and saves Jamie. Sam and Elina stay behind. Elina has got a lot of snatches on her. “Sam please save me , I don’t want to die” Elina says. “You don’t deserve to live” Sam says. Around them lots of pieces from the building fall on the ground. “I know you still love me! Please save me!“ Elina says and she begs. But then another big piece falls on her. Sam is surprised by it. After it he looks to her and sees Elina lying death on the ground. After that another big explosion explodes and the other broken pieces fall on Sam. Nobody knows whether he is still alive or not.

To be continued in The Scream: Escape from Dimension B


  • Alden Ehrenreich as Sam Stone
  • Christian Cooke as Bruce Wakefield
  • Aisling Franciosi as Norah Kearns
  • Adam Gregory as Max Prescott
  • Kenton Duty as Jaime Tebbutt
  • Madelaine Petsch as Sophia Hamilton
  • India Eisley as Florence Lancaster
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Chloe Norwood
  • Lily James as Elina Norwood
  • Max Carver as Nicholas Adley
  • Jacob Lofland as Robert Stafford
  • Alexis Wilkins as Ximena
  • Kevin McHale as Danny Kent
  • Jenna Coleman as Iris Chatham
  • Matt Dillon as Strighter
  • Tanner Stine as Lewis Warwick
  • Joel Courtney as Toby Berkely
  • Leo Howard as Julian Hall
  • Dakota Goyo as Isaac Connor
  • Chord Overstreet as Richard Hamilton
  • Howie Mandel as Albert Prescott
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