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The Scream: The Last Scream is a movie in the Scream Series. It is the seventh movie in the franchise. It is a sequel to The Scream: The Killer Scream. The Scream: The Triangle of Death is a sequel to this movie.


When Killer Scream is killed, Bruce, Isabelle, Charles and the others think everybody of them are deceased. But in fact, a small bunch of the former allies of Killer scream are still alive. They are the Last Screams. These Screams have a very powerful ability they got from Killer Scream. Sam has also disappeared and Bruce and Isabelle have no idea where he is. Does this have any similarity with the new and last uprising of the Screams?


On the morning, Bruce and Isabelle are lying in their bed, not knowing of everything that happened. “I hope they are all death now” Isabelle says. “I think so” Bruce says. “We also thought that the last time” Isabelle says. “Yes but I have a good feeling about it now” Bruce says and he grabs her. “We have all the time of the world now” Bruce says. “I hope so” Isabelle says and they start kissing.

Elina also wakes up and sees Sam is gone. She has no idea what happened last night. He must be already out she thinks. She walks downstairs and sees Bruce, Isabelle, Charles, Naomi and Lily sitting. “Anybody seen Sam?” Elina says. “No” Isabelle says to her. “Didn’t you go sleep with him?” Charles says. “Yes but he was gone when I awaked” Elina says. “Maybe he went to his work” Lily says. “On Sunday?” Elina says. “Maybe?” Lily says. But on that moment Lily is called. She picks up the phone. “Yes?” Lily says. “What?” She says. “What happened?” Naomi says. Lily can’t believe what she heard. Later she closes the call. “Elijah is death, he died in his sleep” Lily says very sad and later she starts crying. Elina tries to comfort her. “But they said he had very good chance to make it?” Bruce says. “Yes but for some reason he died, they are still checking it” Lily says.

Later they go to the hospital and are in the room where Elijah died. They don’t see any evidence of death on purpose. “There was nothing we could do this morning” The doctor says. “He was already death” The doctor says. “Okay” Lily says. “We should find this out, I have seen enough that I know that this cant’t be coincidence” Bruce says.

After this scene the logo of The Scream: The Last Scream comes in the screen and it says 2 years later.

Bruce is sitting on his work behind a desk. He makes a news article which says: 2 years after the Scream invasion. The first paragraph says: The city is in a big relief: Today it is two years ago Killer Scream was killed, the last leader of the Screams. There won’t be any Scream anymore ever everybody in the city hopes. And the second paragraph is about Sam. He is still missing and nobody has heard anything about him. Bruce praises him as the Scream killer. He says that he died while defeating Killer Scream, although he knows that is a lie. His boss, Dale, checks if the news article is allright. He reads it and says: “Good work Bruce.” “Thank you” Bruce says. “I immediately knew you are the right man to write this article, since you have also dealt with these idiots” Dale says. “Totally true” Bruce says.

After his work day, Bruce goes back to his home. Isabelle is sitting inside with a new friend of her. “Hey” Isabelle says to Bruce. They are drinking coffee and Bruce also makes one for him. “Where was I?” Isabelle’s friend Claire says. “Her dog you was talking about” Isabelle says. Bruce walks to another room and sees something remarkable lying on the table. It is a letter and it says Bruce Wakefield with their address. He opens it and reads: “I read your article. Don’t think too quick you are rid of us. We will be back stronger than ever!” The Screams. Bruce lets the letter fall and is shocked about what he read. He throws it away so Isabelle doesn’t get scared. He calls Charles and tells him about the letter. “You sure it are the real screams?” Charles says. “I don’t know for sure” Bruce says. “I will ask Naomi if there were any more screams” Charles says. “Not that she knows of” Charles responds a couple of seconds later. “If you hear more about them, we will come to you to help you” Charles says. “Ok great, but I don’t want it to make a huge issue right now” Bruce says. “I understand” Charles says and they close the call. “What is the problem?” Naomi says. “Bruce they send him a letter” Charles says. “By whom?” Naomi says. “The screams” Charles says.

Bruce walks back to the living room and goes sitting with them. Isabelle looks to him and sees that something has happened. “What is wrong?” Isabelle says. “Not that much, the work day was way too long” Bruce says. “Okay all right” Isabelle says. “Oh it is already late, I must leave” Claire says and she steps on. “Okay see you later” Isabelle says. Claire leaves their house. Isabelle goes sitting next to Bruce. “Ok now will you tell me what is really wrong. You know you can tell me everything” Isabelle says and she embraces him. “Okay I wrote an article about The Screams today.” Bruce says. “And some old feelings came back. Did you know it is 2 years ago today?” Bruce says. “2 years what?” Isabelle says. “2 years ago that Killer Scream died and that Sam disappeared” Bruce says. “I didn’t know that” Isabelle says. “2 years and he still didn’t leave a message or something” Bruce says. “I begin more to think that he is death” Isabelle says. “I can’t believe that and who killed Eiljah?” Bruce says. “2 years and still we have no answers on those questions” Bruce says. “Relax you should forget those things” Isabelle says. “I can’t and I will not” Bruce says.

The next day, Bruce is free from work and he decides to look a little further. He goes to the post office with the letter. “You gave me this letter. From whom did you get it?” Bruce says. The guy behind the desk pick it and looks to it. He watches in his computer. “The sender is unknown but maybe I can find it out” The guy says. “Okay thank you” Bruce says. Later the guy says: “I have got more later from the same handwriting” He shows another letter. “It is the same isn’t it?” The guy says. “Yes it is” Bruce says. “Well and this is the address of this letter” The guy says and he shows it to Bruce. “Thank you” Bruce says and he write the address on a paper and searches the address, it is another city close of his city. Bruce hesitates to tell Isabelle about it, but he doesn’t, she wouldn’t help him anyway. He drives to the other city and goes to the address. It is in a flat. He goes to the right floor and knocks on the door. The owner of the apartment is a guy named Lewis Farley. He opens the door. “Mr. Farley?” Bruce says. “Yes who are you?” Lewis says. “I have a couple of questions for you” Bruce says and he walks inside. “You cant just walk in here!” Lewis says. “Did you sent this letter to me?” Bruce says and he shows the letter to him. “No?” Lewis says. “Liar, I know it was you” Bruce says. “Do you know him?” Bruce says and he shows a photo of Sam. “No” Lewis says. “And now you are going to tell me where he is?” Bruce says. “Dude come on! I don’t know the shit you’re talking about” Lewis says. Bruce grabs his and throws in a chair. “I am very serious” Bruce says and he grabs a knife out of his pocket. “Tell it or you will die!” Bruce says. “Okay allright allright I don’t want to die!” Lewis says. “I can tell you something I know” Lewis says. Bruce stops holding him and says: “Tell it to me” “I wrote that letter to you because they threated me to do it” Lewis says. “Who are they?” Bruce says. “The guys with the masks, you know the screams” Lewis says. “Yes I know them very good” Bruce says. “Great and they said they would kill me if I tell anybody about them” Lewis says. “Reasonable” Bruce says. “And I don’t know him, they never showed their real faces to me” Lewis says. “And when are you going to see them again?” Bruce says. “I don’t know, they always come when they need me, they use me, please help me” Lewis says. “I will take care of them when they return” Bruce says. “Thank you” Lewis says. “Why will you do this?” Lewis says. “I am pretty sure they have a friend of me” Bruce says. “The guy I showed you on the picture” Bruce says. But suddenly on that moment Bruce gets called by Isabelle. “Wait a second” Bruce says and he takes on the call. “Bruce where are you?” Isabelle says. “I am at work” Bruce says. “No you are not, I see you are free from work today” Isabelle says. “Okay I am searching for evidence for Sam” Bruce says. “Okay but don’t do anything stupid” Isabelle says. “No I won’t” Bruce says. Lewis looks to him. “I am closer than I have ever been this last 2 years” Bruce says. “Great” Isabelle says. “I don’t want you in trouble, so I will” Bruce says and he wants to finish his sentence, but suddenly on that moment a window is broken open. Bruce and Lewis are very surprised by it and two unknown individuals walks inside the apartment. “What did I tell you?” A voice says. The two individuals shows their selves as Screams and they grab both Lewis and Bruce. “No no wait, he is a friend of me! Please don’t hurt him” Lewis says. “Can he also work for us?” The other scream says. “I don’t think so” Bruce says. “There is nothing for you to think” the Scream in charge over the other says. “You are going to tell me where he is!” Bruce says and he shows a picture of Sam to them. “I know you have him!” Bruce says. The two screams look to the picture and look like they are exposed. “How the hell do you know him?” The Scream says. “I knew it!” Bruce says. “You are going to bring me to him!” Bruce says. “I am afraid that is not possible” The other scream says. “It is” The Scream in charge says and he hits Bruce knocked out.

When Bruce awakes he is in a place he doesn’t know. They are standing before a building. “Wake up” One of the two screams says. “We are almost there” The other scream says. Bruce sees he and Lewis are both tied up on a vehicle. The two screams release them later. They walk inside the building and they end up in a room with a big table. Bruce sees three people sitting at the table. To his very surprise Bruce sees Sam sitting at the table. “What the hell” Bruce says. “We found something for you Alpha Scream” The Scream in charge says and he throws Bruce on the ground before him. “I don’t know him” Sam says. “He has this letter, you ordered Mr. Farley to write” The Scream in charge says. “Weird, I have never seen him before” Sam says. “What have they done with you?” Bruce says and he steps on and he wants to touch Sam, but one of the Screams grabs him. He takes him away. “This is not you Sam, they have…….” Bruce says while he is taken away. “Why did you take him to us?” Another Scream says to the Scream that took Bruce to them. “We need him again” The Scream says. “For what?” Sam says. “To write a letter to my mother” The Scream says. The other two screams are laughing. “I understand it” Sam says and he steps on and walks to the cell. He sees Bruce sitting inside it. Sam looks and doesn’t see anybody else. “I thought I would never see you again” Sam says. Bruce is surprised to see him again and says: “I thought you were death” Bruce says. “Why on earth did you disappear” Bruce says. “10 years and more than 10 Screams” Sam says. “I didn’t want it anymore” Sam says. “What?” Bruce says. “I was totally done with fighting them two years ago” Sam says. “So you joined them?” Bruce says. “It is complicated” Sam says. “There was no other way” Sam says. “I can’t believe you saying this!” Bruce says. “I am sorry for not telling you anything, but you wouldn’t have let me go to there” Sam says. “I for sure wouldn’t” Bruce says. “I am here to bring you home Sam” Bruce says. “I am not going home” Sam says. “Everybody is missing you, especially Elina after you left her” Bruce says. “I am very sorry that I did that” Sam says. “You broke her heart Sam, you should know that!” Bruce says. “And she is taking care of her, she really does” Bruce says. “Who?” Sam says. “Your child!” Bruce says. “What?” Sam says very surprised. “You are very cruel!” Bruce says. “I didn’t know that” Sam says. “And now you do!” Bruce says. “Yes, but I am death to all of them anyway” Sam says. “Not anymore” Bruce says. “It is not too late yet, you have a choice, go home and see your child for the first time” Bruce says. “No I cannot” Sam says and he wants to walk away. “Yes walk away from me and us like you did the last 2 years! You are very terrible father and friend!” Bruce says while Sam walks away. In the other room, the other 4 screams are sitting. “Where have you been Alpha Scream?” A female scream says. “Talking with our prisoner, you are right I know him” Sam says to the other scream. “I knew it!” The Scream says. Sam sees Lewis sitting on the ground. “What are we doing with him?” Sam says to change the subject. “He is going to write my letter and I will return him to his apartment ” The other scream says. In the cell, Bruce searches for his phone, but later he finds out he left it in Lewis’ apartment.

Back in the city, Charles and Naomi walk outside their car before Isabelle and Bruce’s house. They knock on the door and Isabelle lets them in. “What happened?” Naomi says. “I was calling with Bruce, he said he was searching for Sam” Isabelle says. “What did he found out?” Charles says. “He didn’t tell me, well maybe he wanted but I heard a very weird sound and Bruce didn’t respond to me anymore” Isabelle says very sad. “He is all right I know it for sure” Naomi says to comfort her. “I can try to find the location of his phone” Charles says. “That would be great” Isabelle says.

At the prison room at the Scream Base, Bruce sees an hole in his cell. Through it he can watch inside the room of the Screams. He sees them discussing. He also sees Lewis, he is writing a letter. One of the screams steps on and walks to the his room. “So who is this prisoner?” the Scream says. “Not of your business” Bruce says. “Well is it since you are here” The Scream says. “You must be important otherwise Alpha Scream wouldn’t send a letter to you” The Scream says. “Can you let me go? I am sick of all screams on this worlds!” Bruce says. The Scream removes her mask and shows her face to him. “You are a woman?” Bruce says. “Surprised?” the female scream says. “No I have seen enough female screams” Bruce says. “If you tell me your name, I will let you out of this stupid cell” The female scream says. “You won’t” Bruce says. “Well then I will start. My name is Kate, what is yours?” The Scream says and she grabs a key and opens the cell and she walks inside. “I am letting you go, why aren’t you walking out?” Kate says. “I don’t believe you” Bruce says. “Oh why should you trust me” Kate says. But on that moment Sam walks inside the room. “Scream 3! What are you doing?” Sam says. “I was just having a nice conversation with our prisoner” Kate says. “Bruce come out” Sam says. “Bruce is your name?” Kate says. “Yes it is” Bruce says. “Come on you can trust me” Sam says. Bruce steps on and walks outside. “You don’t put friends in cells, right?” Sam says. “No” Bruce says. “So where is the way out?” Bruce says. “You aren’t leaving, not yet” Sam says. “I am leaving you here Sam, but please let me go” Bruce says. On that moment the other screams heard about their conversation and walk inside. “What is happening here?” one of the three other screams says. “We have decided to let the prisoner out of his cell” Kate says. “His name is Bruce” Sam says. “He is my friend and he is an ally” Sam says. “All right then” Two of the other scream says. “Ally? I don’t think so” The Scream says. “Why not Scream 1?” Sam says. “He has seen everything here, we should kill him” The Scream 1 says. “Then we also should also kill Mr. Farley” The Scream 2 says. “That’s very true” Sam says. The Scream 1 is not agreed, but he has to deal with it. “Bruce these are Tommy, also known as Scream 1, Jesse, also known as Scream 2, Kate also known as Scream 3 and Bobby, also known as Scream 4.” Sam says.

“I got it” Charles says and he found the location of Bruce’s phone. “We should leave immediately” Naomi says. “I agree” Isabelle says and they also drive to Lewis’ house.

“Can we go back to Lewis’ apartment?” Bruce says. “Not now” Sam says. “I left my phone there and I want to tell Isabelle that you’re alive” Bruce says. “Isabelle?” Tommy says. “You’d better not tell her that” Sam says. “Why not?” Bruce says. “Because you are with us now, and nobody cares anymore” Sam says. “You will be Scream 5 and we will find a suitable new woman for you” Sam says. “What?” Bruce says very shocked. “I will never be one of you” Bruce says. “We can also kill you Scream 5” Tommy says. “No we don’t kill allies” Sam says. “Well I don’t care, please let me go” Bruce says. “I already told you that is not possible” Sam says. Bruce starts getting mad again. Sam gives a mask to Bruce and says: “When they arrive you should wear this” “Who are they?” Bruce says. “You will soon find out” Sam says. They walk to the entrance of their base. Sam, Jesse and Bobby walk away. Bruce stays behind with Tommy and Kate. “I will never wear this mask” Bruce says. “Do it on or you will die!” Tommy says and he walks away. “Come on sweetheart, you will wear it now” Kate says. “Don’t call me that” Bruce says. “Why not?” Kate says. “Because I have a wife” Bruce says. “A wife you will have to forget” Kate says. “No I will never” Bruce says. “I am sorry” Kate says and she grabs his mask and pushes it on his face. Outside, Sam, Bobby and Jesse are waiting. “Do you see anything Scream 2?” Sam says. “No not yet” Jesse says. “They can’t be far away” Bobby says. 5 minutes later, suddenly a car stops before their base. Sam, Bobby and Jesse all start kneeling. Another scream walks out of the car and opens the door. A very tall Scream walks out of the car. He doesn’t say anything. Bruce, Kate and Tommy are also watching to him from inside out of a window. “Who the hell is that?” Bruce says. “He is our king” Kate says. “Get up all of you” The King Scream says. Sam, Jesse and Bobby stand up again. “Good to see you your highness” Sam says. He doesn’t respond to him and he walks inside. Also three other screams walk outside the car. “Who did you bring with you?” Bobby says. “Not of your concern” King Scream says. They walk inside the base and King Scream sees Bruce sitting. “Who is that?” King Scream says. “He is new, Scream 5” Sam says. “Good” King Scream says and he goes sitting on Alpha Scream’s throne. The three screams that are with King Scream go sitting at the table. Sam, Jesse, Bobby, Kate, Tommy and Bruce go sitting on the other side of the table. It stays quiet for some time. Bruce has no idea what to do. He trusts it even less with 4 more screams. It looks like he is witness of the whole Scream gang. After a while Kate and Bobby have made the meal and they set it on the table. All the Screams remove their masks and go eat, except the King Scream. He doesn’t want to let the others see his face and he goes to another room. Sam follows him to that room. Bruce sees that the two of the new screams are girls and the other is a boy. “So how are you?” Jesse says to the two girls. “We are fine” One of them responds. In the other room Sam says: “I didn’t know these three would come with you” Sam says. “It are my three children” King Scream says. “Children?” Sam says. “Yes” King Scream says. “And that is the reason you are here? To show us your children?” Sam says. “No” King Scream says. “What then?” Sam says. “They have all three grown enough, it is time that they will marry with one of you” King Scream says. “What? Okay all right” Sam says shocked and surprised. “Because you are the leader of your group, you must marry one of my girls” King Scream says. “What you demand my king” Sam says. “Shall we tell the others?” Sam says. “We will after they ate” King Scream says. “I will introduce them to you, and you can choose first” King Scream says and he looks through the window to the others. “Ah you have only one girl in your group, she will marry my son Hugo” King Scream says. “I will tell her about it” Sam says. “No need I can tell it her myself” King Scream says.

Isabelle, Charles and Naomi stop with their car before the flat. They knock on the door of Lewis’ apartment. “No! No! I am not home!” Lewis says. “What the hell was that?” Naomi says. “His phone must be inside of here” Charles says. Isabelle knocks again on the door. “Go away you idiots!” Lewis says. “Wait my husband’s phone is in this house” Isabelle says. “Phone? There is no phone here” Lewis says. “Just let me inside to look for myself” Isabelle says. “Are you alone?” Lewis says. “Yes I am” Isabelle says and she makes a sign to Charles and Naomi. “Okay okay I will let you inside” Lewis says and he opens the door. Naomi and Charles are waiting behind a corner. Isabelle walks inside and Lewis looks to her. “Have you seen him?” Isabelle says and she shows him a picture of Bruce. “Yes” Lewis says soft. “Where is he now?” Bruce says. “They took him, I am sorry” Lewis says. “Who took him?” Isabelle says. “You know, the guys with the masks” Lewis says. Isabelle starts becoming very sad and angry and says: “Why didn’t you stop them?” “I couldn’t! they are using me for over 5 months now” Lewis says. “And what did Bruce do here?” Isabelle says. “He was searching for a friend of him” Lewis says. “And then they came here and took him, most of the times they kill him and ask me to bury the body, but he must be precious to them since they haven’t killed him yet” Lewis says. “I can’t believe they are still here, I thought they were all death!” Isabelle says. Isabelle looks in the room and sees Bruce’s phone lying on the ground. Isabelle walks to it and grabs it. She knows Bruce’s code and she goes in the phone. 20 missed calls from Isabelle Fletcher. “That’s why he didn’t answer my calls” Isabelle says. “Well we could wait to when they need me again, but it would probably be burying his body” Lewis says. “I am not going to let that happen!” Isabelle says. “Do you have any idea to where they brought him” Isabelle says. “Yes and no” Lewis says. “I have been there myself very much times, but they always make me unconscious on the way to it and back so I can’t see how to get there.” Lewis says. “So I am afraid I can’t help you, but maybe there is something else you want?” Lewis says. “No there isn’t” Isabelle says. “You are alone, very unpowerful and very pretty” Lewis says. “Your husband is death so maybe….” Lewis says. “Shut up!” Isabelle says. “I think I know enough” Isabelle says. “I am sorry I started to go astray, can you stay here and held me company” Lewis says. “No I don’t want to see you ever again” Isabelle says and she opens the door and leaves.

King Scream and Sam come back in the room with the table. “So how did it taste?” Sam says. “It was great” Kate says. “Okay not more than that” Tommy says. King Scream looks to them and says: “What is your name?” “My name is Scream 1” Tommy says. “Okay fair enough” King Scream says. “You probably want to know why I am here” King Scream says. “Yes I want” Bobby says. “No I don’t” Tommy says. Bruce doesn’t know what to say and ignores it. “Well first of all these are my children. My oldest handsome son Hugo and my two beautiful daughters Dominique and Norah” King Scream says. “Norah just turned 20, so you are all ready to marry” King Scream says. Hugo, Dominique and Norah are all very shocked about what he just said. “What the hell dad, I can decide that myself!” Hugo says. “Okay I want to marry the most handsome man on the world” Dominique says. “Am I not a bit young?” Norah says. “No you’re not Norah and you can’t Hugo!” King Scream says. “So who is that handsome guy I can marry” Dominique says. “They are sitting in front of you” King Scream says. Hugo, Dominique and Norah can’t believe it. “You do as I say!” King Scream yells. “Yes dad” Hugo and Norah both say. “But they are all ugly” Dominique says. “I have already told Apha Scream that he will marry one of my daughters” King Scream says. “No way I am going to marry him!” Dominique says. “ Well thank you” Sam says. “Say one stupid thing again Dominique and I will punish you heavily, do you understand that?” King Scream says. “No it is all right” Sam says. “I don’t want to marry her either so I will go for her” Sam says. “And so it will be” King Scream says. “Hugo you will marry her, since she is the only girl here” King Scream says. Kate has nothing to say about it. “She? Okay” Hugo says while he looks to her. “And Dominique, which of the remaining boys do you want to marry?” King Scream says. “None of them!” Dominique says. “You wish you hadn’t said that!” King Scream says and he grabs her and takes her away. While they are gone it is very quiet at the table. They hear Dominique screaming, screaming and screaming of the pain. Sam looks to Bruce, he doesn’t look back. Later King Scream and Dominique are back. She has much pain and can barely walk of the pain. “I hope that will learn all of you to do as I can command” King Scream says. “Yes we will our king” Everybody except Bruce says. They all look to him, because he didn’t say anything. Bruce didn’t know they were going to say that. “That new one of you has to learn his manners” King Scream says. “I am sorry” Bruce says. “Do you want to marry my daughter?” King Scream says. “No! I already have a wife” Bruce says. “So? Where is she?” King Scream says. “Not here” Bruce says. “Didn’t you tell him to forget everybody outside this room?” King Scream says mad to Sam. “Yes I did” Sam says. “Anybody else?” King Scream says. “I want to marry her” both Bobby and Jesse say. King Scream and Sam are both surprised. “I said it earlier!” Bobby says. “All right you will get my daughter” King Scream says. Jesse is disappointed but he has to deal with it. “Stay with your bride and bridegroom for some time to meet each other” King Scream says. “We will as you command” Sam says.

After it, Bruce goes to Sam and says: “What the hell are you doing?” “I do as I get commanded” Sam says. “Command? The Sam I know doesn’t get commanded by anyone” Bruce says. “I am changed, you have to understand that” Sam says. “I can’t” Bruce says. “How can I get you back to normal?” Bruce says. “Scream 5 stop with arguing about that” Sam says. During their conversation, Bobby and Jesse are sitting. “I am very happy, I can marry and fuck a wife the rest of my life” Bobby says. Jesse becomes sad of it, but has to deal with it. “Lucky you” He says.

“So what did he say?” Charles says. “The Screams have him he said” Isabelle says. “So they are still alive?” Naomi says. “I think so” Isabelle says. “So what will we do now?” Charles says. “We will wait, he says they sometimes come here when they need him” Isabelle says. “We will follow them to Bruce” Isabelle says. “Good plan” Charles says. They go outside sitting in the car waiting for activity.

Hugo goes to Kate and says: “So we will be man and wife?” “I guess so” Kate says. “You are very beautiful so you are definitely not a disappointment to me” Hugo says. “Thank you” Kate says but she ignores him for the rest of the time. “All right, the next time I will be here, you will marry” King Scream says and he leaves the building. “I really hate him!” Dominique says. “I am sorry about what he did to you, you didn’t deserve that” Bobby says. “Shut up” Dominique says and she walks away from him. “She will be mine one day” Bobby says. “You’re an idiot, you know?” Tommy says. “Why? Because I have a pretty wife and you don’t?” Bobby says. “No because you love that stupid girl, she is the dumbest girl I have ever seen” Tommy says to Jesse and Bobby. “That’s not true” Jesse says. “Well I don’t care what you think” Tommy says and he walks away. Sam sees Norah sitting alone and he walks to her and says: “I am sorry, I didn’t know about this either” “It isn’t your fault” Norah says. “You understand why I choose you and not your sister?” Sam says. “I do” Norah says. Bruce sees them sitting and walks to them. “He is gone now, you can stop this Sam” Bruce says. “No I can’t” Sam says. “He is right, we can kill my father and this all doesn’t have to happen” Norah says. “Kill him?” Sam says. “We hated him all our life, only stupid Hugo is happy with this” Norah says. “We can ask Charles, Naomi and Isabelle for help” Bruce says. “They probably don’t want to help me anymore” Sam says. “Let us out of here and we can make it good” Bruce says. “Not possible, if any of us leaves without King Scream knowing it he will hunts us and kill us” Sam says. “Well finally there is something back of the old Sam” Bruce says. In the meantime, suddenly on the screen a red dot appears. “What is that?” Norah says. Bruce and Sam both watch to it. “A new crime” Sam says. “You will stay here” Sam says to Norah. He stands up and grabs Bruce. “Let the group see what you can” Sam says to Bruce. They grab their masks. Outside, Tommy, Jesse and Bobby are already waiting. They all wait for Sam’s command. “Forwards!” Sam yells and they open the Water well and go in it. “Isn’t the car faster?” Bruce says. “Yes and a lot more conspicuous” Sam says and the others follow him through the sewer. “This way” He says. After a long walk. They stop before a door. “This one” Sam says and he knocks it open. They end up in a narrow road in the city and they see the criminal running. “Scream 1 and 5?” Sam says. “Yes Alpha Scream” Tommy says and he walks away. Bruce has no idea what to do but he follows him. They see the criminal running through another narrow street which ends in a dead end. “You are going to pay for what you did” Tommy says. “Bahahaha another idiot hiding under a stupid mask” The Criminal says. “You from behind” Tommy says to Bruce. Tommy runs through him and attacks the criminal. Bruce walks towards it from behind. “You think you are tough with that mask?” The Criminal says. Bruce attacks him from the back. “Two, this isn’t a fair fight!” The guy says and Tommy stabs him in his belly. On that moment, Alpha Scream walks around the corner and says: “You! You are going to get punished for what you did today. You failed this world” Sam stabs his knife inside him, killing him. “Good job you both” He says later when he is death.

In the scream base, Hugo, Dominique and Norah are sitting. “Isn’t this the right time to go away? they are all gone” Dominique says. “No dad will find us” Norah says. “I don’t want to leave, finally I have a very hot woman” Hugo says. “So you really want to marry her Hugo?” Norah says. “Of course I want that” Hugo says. “You’re an idiot” Dominique says. “What did you say?” Hugo says. “I can tell dad about this” Hugo says. “Oh no you won’t” Dominique says. “Stop you two, we should stay together” Norah says. But on that moment, Sam, Bruce, Tommy and the others return. Bobby walks to Dominique and goes sitting behind her and says: “Did you miss me?” “Oh yeah I missed you like you’re the beloved man I want to marry” Dominique says. “Thank you” Bobby say and he embraces her. She doesn’t want it but she can’t stop it. He want to kiss her, but she gives him a slam in his face. The others are surprised by it. “What the hell have you done?” Sam says to him. “He wanted to kiss me” Dominique says very bitchy. “And that’s a reason to hit him?” Sam says. “Don’t worry, I will with pleasure tell your dad about this.” Sam says and he walks away. “This lasts far too long” Charles says. “Don’t worry I am sure they will come one day” Isabelle says. “And what if you’re wrong? We might never see Bruce again” Charles says. “Don’t think so negative” Naomi says. “I will go to him to talk with him” Naomi says. “What?” Charles says. “Good” Isabelle says. Naomi stands up and walks back inside. “What will she try?” Isabelle says. “I have an idea” Charles says. “Violence” Charles says. Inside, Naomi slams the door open and walks inside. “I know Naomi, sometimes she thinks everything can be solved with violence” Charles says. “At least she can try” Isabelle says.

“I didn’t know you only killed criminals” Bruce says to Sam. “We are by far not like the other screams, we are good” Sam says. “Sounds reasonable” Bruce says. Hugo walks to Kate and says: “Good job, Can I give you a reward” “What kind of reward or we talking of?” Kate says. “In the time you were away I placed it in your bedroom” Hugo says. “Okay” Kate says and they walk to her bedroom. “So where is it? I don’t see anything?” Kate says. “It is right standing in front of you” Hugo says and she starts kissing her. In the meantime, Sam is sitting in his room. Somebody knocks on the door. “Who is that?” Sam says. “It’s me” Norah says. “Come in” Sam says and he opens the door. She walks inside the room. “I wanted to ask you if you please couldn’t tell my dad about what Dominique said” Norah says. “And why do you want that?” Sam says. “Please he will hurt her again, I can’t see that happen” Norah says. “Okay all right, I understand it” Sam says. “Thank you” Norah says. “What is that?” She later says and he points to his computer. “It are the security cameras” Sam says. “No I mean that” Norah says and she points to one of the rooms. Sam clicks on it and sees his own brother lying naked with Kate in bed. Sam clicks it as fast as possible away. “I am sorry you needed to see that” Sam says. “I expected nothing else from Hugo” Norah says. “I don’t care about him, only if he changed Kate’s total mind, it would be bad” Sam says. Suddenly on that moment somebody knocks on the door. “Come in” Sam says and he opens the door. Jesse walks inside.“ Alpha Scream, somebody attacked Lewis” Jesse says. “We can’t accept that, assemble the team, go to it” Sam says. Jesse nods and walks outside the room. “Who is Lewis?” Norah says. “He is not important for you” Sam says and he also leaves the room. He walks to the room of Kate and opens the door. They are still lying in bed. “Scream 3 are you ready?” Sam says. “Scream 3? That is your name?” Hugo says and he holds Kate in his arms. “No she will stay with me” Hugo says. “She can speak for herself” Sam says. “What is wrong?” Kate says. “Never mind I changed my mind” Sam says and he leaves the room and closes the door.

Naomi comes back at Isabelle and Charles. “What did you do?” Charles says. “I hurt him a bit, I am sure they will answer on this” Naomi says. “Good” Isabelle says. “We will punish the kidnappers of Bruce” Isabelle says. They wait a bit when suddenly they see a light going out on Lewis’ room. “That must be it” Isabelle says. “What?” Charles says. “I will go to them” Isabelle says. “Let me go with you” Naomi says. In the room of Lewis, Jesse, Tommy, Bobby, Sam and Bruce are standing at the injured Lewis. “Who did this?” Alpha Scream says. “It was a girl, no a woman” Lewis says. The others laugh about it. “Isn’t your phone anywhere here?” Sam says. “I thought so, but I can’t find it” Bruce says. But suddenly on the moment he says that, the door is slam opened. Isabelle and Naomi walk inside. Bruce and Sam are very surprised to see them. “Finally there you are” Isabelle says. Tommy, Bobby and Jesse want to attack them immediately, but Sam doesn’t make a sign. “That is her, she hurt me to this” Lewis says. “How do you mean not attack them?” Tommy says frustrated. Naomi wants to attack them, but then Bruce says: “Stop!” “Don’t attack each other” Bruce says and he removes his masks. Naomi and Bruce are very happy but also very surprised to see him. “Bruce? What have you done?” Isabelle says and she embraces him. “This wasn’t my choice” Bruce says while he embraces her. “I thought you were dead, and now you are with them” Isabelle says. “I can explain everything” Bruce says. “What are your orders Alpha Scream?” Bobby says. Sam makes a sign. Tommy, Jesse and Bobby attack Naomi. She fights back, but one to three isn’t a fair fight, and Tommy uses a gun on her, which makes her unconscious. “What is this Bruce? Please” Isabelle says. “I am very sorry” Bruce says. Tommy fires again and Isabelle is later also unconscious.

When they awake, they are both sitting inside the prison. Bruce is sitting outside the cell. “Why are you here? What has happened? Tell us!” Naomi says angry. When they are both awakened, Sam returns and says: “Take them out” They bring Isabelle and Naomi to the big room. Tommy, Jesse, Bobby, Kate, Dominique, Hugo, Norah and Bruce are all sitting at the table. “So you two wanted to make a message to us, why?” Alpha scream says to Isabelle and Naomi. “He is my husband, and you took him and I wanted him back” Isabelle says scared. “I told Scream 5 to forgot you, but you made it pretty hard for him” Alpha Scream says. The others don’t know what to say. “Scream 5 is it true she is your wife?” Alpha Scream says after a moment of silence. “Yes she is” Bruce says. “Bruce please stop this, I know you can!” Isabelle says. “I can’t” Bruce says. “Stop what?” Alpha Scream says. “Just take my life and let her go” Naomi says to Alpha Scream. “So you want to give your life for her freedom?” Alpha Scream says. “Yes I do” Naomi says. “No Naomi don’t do this!” Isabelle says. “Who said I was going to kill you?” Alpha Scream says. “Lewis is an idiot, you could have killed him instead and it wouldn’t make a difference” Alpha Scream says. “What do you all think I should do with those two?” Alpha Scream says to the others. “Hang them both!” Tommy yells. “Cut off their heads and send them to my father” Dominique says. “Well I was thinking of something less violent” Alpha Scream says. “Please!” Isabelle says. Alpha Scream turns around, removes his mask and says: “Why would I kill two very innocent girls” Isabelle and Naomi are both very surprised to see that Sam is still alive. “Sam?” Isabelle says. “You’re alive?” Naomi says. “That’s not my name anymore” Sam says. “What is wrong with you? Why do you show your face to them?” Tommy yells. “You’re an idiot!” Bobby says. “Idiot? How dare you call me that?” Sam says. “I didn’t mean it, please I am very sorry” Bobby says. Isabelle watches to Bruce, but suddenly on that moment a big explosion can be heard. Everybody inside is shocked about it. The front gate is blown away. Sam walks to Norah, Dominique and Hugo. “Protect these three!” Sam yells and the other door is broken open. A lot of people are walking inside and holding their guns to all the Screams. “Throw your weapons down or you will be killed!” One of the officers says. “Attack them!” Sam says and all the Screams attack the officers. Bruce walks to Isabelle to protect her. Sam grabs his mask again and tries to protect his upcoming wife. The Screams kill a lot of officers, but they are with more and they attack back. Tommy and Bobby attack further and Tommy uses a boomerang and kills a lot of officers. “We have to go, it isn’t safe here” Sam says to Bruce, Isabelle and the others. “Come with me” Sam says to Norah and they both walk away. Inside the army, suddenly Charles appears and he walks to Bruce, Isabelle and Naomi. “Are you all right?” Charles says. “Who are these?” Bruce says. “It is enough now, you will all put your weapons down or you will get killed!” an unknown familiar voice says. Tommy, Jesse, Bobby and Kate don’t do their weapons down and still fight through. “What are you doing? We need to leave!” Hugo says. “I am not putting my weapons down” Kate says. Dominique wants to follow Norah, but she doesn’t see her anymore. “Stupid girl” She thinks. Sam and Norah go in Sam’s room. “This base has never been found, I should have never let them in” Sam says angry. “Tell them I kidnapped you and used you” Sam says to Norah. “I will never say that” Norah says. “You’re innocent, they only want me” Sam says. But on that time, the door is destroyed and Lily walks inside the room. “It is over Alpha Scream, we found you and you have lost” Lily says. “Kill me, but please let her live” Sam says to Lily. “Who is she? Your whore?” Lily says. “Whore? I am his wife!” Norah says angry. “I don’t care” Lily says and she uses her rubber bullet gun on Norah. She falls unconscious on the ground. Sam becomes angry of it and attacks Lily. “Don’t worry, I have only one real bullet for you” Lily says. Sam wants to stab her, but she much faster and stronger than he remembers and she grabs a knife out of her back and stabs him. But on that time, Bruce, Charles, Naomi and Isabelle walk inside the room and says: “Lily Stop!” Lily is surprised by their arrival and Sam attacks her again. But then Bruce grabs a gun and shoots through Alpha Scream’s mask, destroying it. Sam gets some glass in his face and Lily grabs her power weapon and uses it on Sam, electrocuting him. After she does that, she sees who is behind the mask, surprising her. Out of surprise and anger she hits him in his face, making him unconscious. After it, one of the officers comes in the room and says: “They are too strong! We have to leave commander Blackburn” “Any ideas?” Lily says to Bruce, Charles, Naomi and Isabelle. Bruce and Charles search in the room and find another exit. “I have found something” Bruce later says. “What will we do with these two?” Naomi says pointing to Sam and Norah. “Take them as hostage” Lily says and they grab them and take them away. On the moment they grab them, Tommy, Bobby, Jesse and Kate comes inside the room. Bobby attacks the last officer and stabs a knife inside him, killing him. After he did that, suddenly he gets a bullet right in his face. Lily is surprised to what she did and Isabelle grabs her to the exit. Bruce and Charles hold Sam and Norah and they all leave the room. Tommy follows them and Jesse and Kate try to save Bobby, but it is too late and later he is death. They are both very sad. Bruce, Isabelle, Charles, Naomi and Lily run through the cavern exit to the way out. Tommy is very fast and found them. “I will deal with him” Lily says. “You sure?” Charles says. “I am” Lily says. “Commander Blackburn I also heard much about you” Tommy says. “And this is the day you are going to die!” Tommy says and he attacks her. “I have just defeated your precious Alpha Scream, you can’t be stronger than him” Lily says during the fight. “He is weak!” Tommy yells and he uses all his anger on her, but she is still stronger and she hits him in his belly. He falls on the ground, and she wants to kill him, but she hears the others coming. She decides to run as quickly as possible away.

Outside the cavern exit, Charles and Bruce throws Sam and Norah in their car. They are both still unconscious. They step in the car. “Don’t we have to wait for Lily?” Charles says. “She will understand it” Bruce says when he starts the engine, he later drives away. “How long did you know it?” Isabelle says to Bruce. “I knew for like 2 days it was him” Bruce says. “Do you know how?” Naomi says. “He said to me that he wanted his life to change, and the only one way to stop being ambushed by Screams, he simply became one” Bruce says. “I still can’t believe it” Charles says. “Me neither and I probably will never” Isabelle says. “Where will we bring them to?” Charles says. “I will call Lily, she probably knows it” Naomi says and she touches in her number in her phone. “Oh and Elina should know this too” Charles says. “You’re right” Isabelle says. 2 minutes later after the phone call with Lily, they brought Sam and Norah to Bruce’s home. “Why did we need to bring them to our home?” Bruce says. “Come on it is Sam, if we bring him to the police he might get the death penalty” Naomi says. “Well believe me, he is changed very much” Bruce says. On that moment, Lily arrives at their house. “Long time ago I have been here” Lily says. “Yes true” Bruce says. “Still unconscious?” Lily says. “Yes they are” Isabelle says. “And who is she exactly?” Charles says. “His wife, she said to me” Lily says. “Not yet, He would have married her if you wouldn’t have come there” Bruce says. “What do you mean?” Naomi says. “His master King Scream obeyed him to marry his daughter” Bruce says. “So you say Alpha Scream isn’t the leader?” Lily says. “No King Scream is much more powerful than he is” Bruce says. “And the good thing is, we have his daughter” Bruce says. “Not a good thing, he doesn’t give a shit about me” Norah says, after she has awakened. Lily walks to her. “You will tell us everything you know about your dad” Lily says. On that moment, Sam also awakes and says: “Let her go, she is innocent” “What the hell has happened to you man?” Charles says. “Too much” Sam says. “Help us get the others and you can get a shorter punishment” Lily says. “Betray my own team? I’d prefer to die over that” Sam says. Bruce makes a sign to the others and they all know what it means. They leave the room. “I will make sure they won’t hurt you” Sam says. “Thank you, but I think I can take care of myself” Norah says.

In the other room, Bruce says: “We all see this isn’t working” “So what do you suggest?” Isabelle says. “I have an idea” Bruce says. “We should stay together, I will find a new to escape” Sam says in their locked room. On that moment, Lily and Bruce walk back inside the room. Sam and Norah shut their mouth immediately. “Don’t bother we heard what you said” Bruce says. “And we aren’t agreed with that” Lily says and she hits Sam in his face. He falls unconscious. Bruce removes the ropes and they take Sam away. “What are you doing with him?” Norah says scared and angry. “It doesn’t matter a shit for you” Lily says to her. Bruce ignores her and carries Sam away.

In the scream base, Kate and Jesse watch to the death body of Bobby. “I can’t believe what they did to us!” Jesse says angry. “Don’t worry, we will get Alpha Scream back for sure” Kate says. On the same moment, Hugo and Dominique walk inside the room. “Where is my sister!” Dominique says scared. “She is gone” Kate says. “We will get her back for sure” Jesse says to Dominique and Hugo help them come over it. “Are you all right?” Hugo says while he walks to Kate. He embraces her. Later they all walk back to the other room and they see Tommy sitting on Alpha Scream’s throne. “Hello my loyal servants” Tommy says. “What the hell are you doing there?” Jesse says angry. “I am our leader now since Alpha Screams is dead” Tommy says. “Who chose you?” Kate says. “I did myself” Tommy says. Tommy and Kate both don’t agree. “Well since you have these girl and boy, you can fuck all the time, I should be our new Alpha Scream!” Tommy says. “Scream 1, I should watch out with these things you say” Kate says. “I agree with what she says” Another voice in the room says. It is King Scream, he is back and the others are surprised by his sudden arrival.

Bruce, Charles and Naomi take Sam to another house. They stop before it. Charles walks to the door and knocks on it. Bruce and Naomi stay in the car. “How do you think she will react?” Naomi says to Bruce. “I have no idea, we will see” Bruce says. Another unknown person opens the door. “Hello, is she home?” Charles says. “Yes, who are you?” The guy says. “We are friends of her” Charles says. “All right come in” He says and Charles makes a sign to Bruce and Naomi.

Sam awakes in a chair in the house. He looks around and doesn’t know the place. “I never expected to see you again” Elina says while she stand at the back to him. “I don’t understand, why did they bring me here?” Sam says. “You should understand it very well” Elina says and she turns around and walks to him. She is holding a child of 1 year old. “It isn’t mine” Sam says. “Yes it is” Elina says. In the meantime, the same guy that let Charles, Bruce and Naomi walks inside the room. “So this is the father?” He says. “I am not the father!” Sam says. “Yes you are you idiot!” Elina says mad. “You have no idea how you hurt me when you suddenly disappeared after the most stupid night of my life” Elina says. “I am very sorry for that” Sam says. “Oh you are? Liar” Elina says. “You will be punished for this” Elina says. “Calm down Elina” the guy says. “I have waited for this for 2 years Andrew” Elina says. “To look in that idiot’s eyes and tell him how much I hate him” Elina says. “It wasn’t me all right! I wasn’t myself again when I left you. I was him again” Sam says. “Who?” Elina says. “Alpha Scream” Sam says. “Alpha Scream? You think you’re funny with that childish bullshit?” Andrew says. After he said that it stays quiet for some time, until Sam says: “But if it’s my child, who did help you raise it?” Sam says. “I did, you idiot” Andrew says. “I treated like it is my own child” Andrew says. “All these time I was pregnant I thought of taking it away, but I didn’t in the hope you would return, and 2 years later you have him” Elina says. “Can I explain why I did it?” Sam suddenly says. “With pleasure” Elina says. “You don’t understand how it feels like to deal for almost 10 years with those screams” Sam says. “And then you simply become one?” Elina says. “Let me explain further, I wasn’t myself as I already told, Killer Scream, she did this to me” Sam says. “Ok I have heard enough, I have heard two times the word Scream. I thought I was rid of these motherfucking creatures” Elina says. On that moment, Bruce, Naomi and Charles walk back in the room. “Had a good chat?” Bruce says. “No she won’t believe a single thing I say” Sam says. “We didn’t expect anything else” Charles says. “We hoped you would turn normal again after you saw this, your child and mother of your child, which you probably already had long forgotten.” Bruce says. “No I have thought of you almost every single day” Sam says. “I am sorry I can’t believe a single thing this idiot says” Elina says. “Take him away, my wife has to calm down first” Andrew says to Bruce, Naomi and Charles. “We understand it” Naomi says.

Isabelle and Lily watch to Norah, she is sleeping on the ground. “So what will we do with her?” Isabelle says. “We need to know more of her father” Lily says. “I’d torture if needed, to get those information” Lily says. “But she is just a normal girl same as me” Isabelle says. “She has bad luck we need that information” Lily says and she opens the door back to her. Isabelle stays in the other room. Lily kicks her in her belly. She awakes of it. “Wake up sunshine” Lily says. “What is wrong with you? Can’t I sleep for one second” Norah says dealing with the pain inside her. “No, you will tell me everything about your father right now” Lily says. “What do you want to know of him?” Norah says. Lily hits her in her face. She falls with her face on her ground. “You know what I want to know!” Lily yells. “Just kill me already, I won’t tell a bitch like you anything” Norah says. Lily becomes very angry of what she said and he kicks her a couple of times again. Isabelle can’t watch to it and watches away. “Don’t worry, this is going to be a long night for you” Lily says while Norah screams the pain out of her.

“Where the hell is my second born daughter?” King Scream says. “They have her” Tommy says. “Who are they?” King Scream yells very mad. “That police officer Blackburn, Scream 5 and their friends” Jesse says. King Scream becomes even more mad and he grabs the table and pulls it in two. “We have no time to lose, we will attack and kill all of them. “But my king we are only with 4 screams and Commander Blackburn has a whole army and you have no idea what they did to Alpha Scream and your daughter” Jesse says. “Who says I don’t have another army?” King Scream says. “Yes what you command” All the screams say and they all go grab their weapons. “Hugo, you can fight with us as well” King Scream says. “Yes of course” Hugo says and he stands up. “We will get your sister back, I promise” King Scream says to Dominique. “I hope so dad!” Dominique says.

On the way back to Bruce’s house, Bruce says to Sam: “So how did it go?” “Terrible” Sam says. “You are normal, but Lily and Elina, they have changed so much” Sam says. “Some of us react a little different to it” Bruce says. “What about that guy? I thought she would get over him with him?” Sam says. “He is angry that he raises a child that isn’t his” Bruce says. “I told them to not hurt you, because Elina and Andrew already had a lot of things in mind to do with you” Charles says. “Thanks” Sam says softly. Later they get back at the base. When they walk inside they sees Isabelle sitting sad on a chair. “What happened here?” Bruce says and he walks to Isabelle to cheer her up. Charles and Naomi open the door and see what Lily has done to Norah. “What have you done?” Sam says very mad. He sees her lying severely injured on the ground. “You have luck I didn’t kill her” Lily says. They put Sam back on the ground and tie him up. “Did it work?” Lily says to Bruce. “No it didn’t help” Bruce says. Lily walks angrily away. On that same moment, Bruce is called. It is his boss Dale. “Why aren’t you at work?” Dale says. Bruce becomes frustrated of it and stops the call. “Who was that?” Sam says. “Not of you concern” Bruce says and he walks away.

Later it becomes dark. “Who will guard them by night?” Bruce says. “Guard them?” Isabelle says. “Yes” Bruce says. “I can do it the first half of the night” Lily says. “Great” Bruce says. She and Charles and Naomi walk to the other room. “Can’t we just let him free? Why are we holding a friend as hostage?” Isabelle says. “Because he is dangerous” Bruce says. “Beating the crap out of her also was a terrible thing to do” Isabelle says. Bruce thinks about it. “It only made us one step away from getting the old Sam back” Isabelle says. “I don’t know her, but he cares about her” Isabelle says. “I know that” Bruce says. In the other room, Lily is guarding them. “Why are you changed so much?” Sam says. “Because of your idiots, with you in the world, you can’t be save” Lily says. “Don’t you remember I helped you getting out of there? And this is your gratitude for that?” Sam says. “Oh no I can protect myself now, and do you remember I beat you?” Lily says. “That fight wasn’t fair!” Sam says angry. “Wretch, I am looking forward killing both of you” Lily says. “It won’t come to that” Sam says. “Oh yes, When we have your whore’s dad and your idiotic friends” Lily says. “Whore?” Sam yells mad. “Yes it was so sad to hurt a looking innocent girl” Lily says. “I will make sure you will suffer!” Sam says. Lily ignores what he says and walks away. Sam watches to Norah, who is lying on the ground sleeping. Sam looks if he can escape, but they tied him up very heavily. “So what will you do with us tomorrow?” Sam says. “We have another surprise for you” Lily says. “And for her?” Sam says. “She hasn’t that luck” Lily says. “She is all mine again, I will torture her again until she finally says something about her dad” Lily says. “It is useless, she won’t” Sam says. “Wait when you see what I do with her tomorrow” Lily says. “She will break” Lily says. Sam spares his anger and ignores it. “I can’t even remember her” Isabelle says in the other room watching them. “Me neither” Bruce says. “Killer Scream also made her change, not only Sam” Charles says. “She was very powerful, I wonder how powerful this King Scream is” Naomi says. After she said that suddenly a bottle falls inside through the window. It explodes. They are all surprised. Bruce tries to protect Isabelle, but it is too late, it is toxic, they all fall unconscious on the ground. Jesse, Kate, Hugo and Tommy break open the door and walk inside. “He must be here?” Hugo says. “Yes in the next room” Jesse says. In the next room, Sam sees on his device, that the other Screams are inside the building. He wakes Norah. “Wake up, help is on it’s way” Sam says. On the moment he said the door is broken open. Lily is very surprised. Tommy walks the first inside. “Ready for a refight?” Tommy says. “I should have killed when I had the chance” Lily says and she attacks him. Kate and Jesse free Sam. “Are you all right?” Jesse says. “I am, but Norah” Sam says. Hugo walks to her and sees some bruises on her face. “What have they done to you?” Hugo says to his sister. “I want to go out here as quickly as possible” Norah says. Hugo frees her and helps her up. Tommy and Lily are fighting. “You and your friends have lost” Tommy says. “Not yet” Lily says and he hits him very hard in his face. He falls on the ground. Lily runs to the others. She grabs a knife and want to kill Sam and Norah, before they escape. He stabs Hugo, but before she can stabs Norah, Sam stops her. He hits her from the back. She attacks back, but Jesse and Kate help and she is later defeated. “What shall we do with her Alpha Scream?” Kate says. “Leave her, we don’t kill innocent people” Sam says. “Innocent? She isn’t innocent!” Tommy yells. “She is a victim” Sam says. Norah also isn’t agreed, but they have to accept it. They want to leave, but they see that Hugo is very injured. “We have to leave!” Jesse says. “Yes the poison doesn’t work long” Kate says. “And leave him?” Sam says and he grabs Hugo out of Norah’s hand. They all leave as fast as possible. In the other room, Sam sees Bruce and Isabelle, but he knows there is nothing he can do. Outside they all steps in a car. Jesse drives. “Where will we go?” Sam says. Jesse ignores his question. ”Not to the old base right? They know the location” Sam says. “No forget that base, it is lost” Kate says. “So where will we go?” Sam asks. “You will soon find out” Tommy says.

During the night, they stop before a forest. “Here it is?” Sam says. “Yes we are there” Tommy says. Hugo is even more bleeding. They bring him as quickly further. They walks inside the forest. “How far is it?” Sam says. “Not far” Jesse says. They walk further and further and after 200 meters they see a small house. They open the door and see a security. Tommy goes standing before the door and types In the code. He uses an eye scan and they walk inside. They walk down a stairs and come in a big room. On the edge of the room, they see King Scream sitting on his throne. “Finally you are back” King Scream says. Dominique is also there and she is very happy to see Norah. King Scream steps on and takes Hugo with him. “You have luck my son” King Scream says and they leave. “It is much bigger than our old base” Sam says. “Yes it is” Jesse says. 1 minute later, King Scream and Hugo return. Sam sees Hugo is fine again. “What have you done?” Sam says. “One of my gadgets” King Scream says. “So all the time you weren’t with us, you were here?” Sam says. “Yes I was” King Scream says. “Good to see you are fine” King Scream says and he watches to his second daughter and becomes sad. “What did they do you?” King Scream says to Norah. “It was her, she tortured me” Norah says. King Scream becomes very angry and says: “She will pay for that!” They are all surprised by his anger and are quiet. “Does it hurt?” King Scream says. “Yes it does” Norah says. “Come with me” King Scream says and he walks away. Norah follows him. “You too Alpha Scream” King Scream says. They walk to another room. Sam is surprised to what he sees. It looks like a hospital room. “Watch and you can also do this” King Scream says. Norah goes lying on a hospital bed. King Scream pushes a button and walks outside to Sam. “What will happen?” Sam says. “All her pain and injuries will go away” King Scream says. 20 seconds later it is finished. “It looks great” Sam says. “Yes my daughter should look her prettiest during the wedding ceremony.” King Scream says. “When will I marry her?” Sam says. “I will wed you all the same night” King Scream says. “It will be on Scream night” King Scream says. Sam agrees and they look to Norah. “You should take some sleep now, you will need it” King Scream says. “Yes I can use it” Sam says and he goes to his bedroom.

In the other room, Jesse walks to Dominique. “Since Bobby is death, Do you allow me to marry you?” Jesse says. “Marry you? You are prettier than Bobby, but you are not my type” Dominique says and she walks away. “Why are you so cruel? What is wrong with you?” Jesse says. Dominique ignores him and closes the door behind her.

Bruce awakes, after the poison, he finds Isabelle and brings her to their room. “Are you all right?” Bruce says. Isabelle doesn’t awake. Bruce starts getting very anxious and he tries to wake her. “What did these bastards do to you? I can’t lose you now, not now!” Bruce starts yelling and becoming scared. But on that moment, she awakes again. “Bruce? What has happened?” Isabelle says. “Oh I am so glad you’re alive” Bruce says and he goes lying on her. “What are you doing?” Isabelle says. “I thought I lost you” Bruce says. “Well I am still here” Isabelle says and she starts kissing him. “I will never lose you” Bruce says and he also kisses her.

Sam is lying in his bed watching television. He can’t sleep after all that happened. He looks on his phone, not messages of Bruce, Isabelle or Elina. He is glad about it. But suddenly on that moment somebody knocks on the door and opens the door. “Who is there?” Sam says. “Its me” Norah says and she walks inside. “You should take some rest” Sam says. “No I can’t sleep, when I close my eyes again, I see that bitch again hitting me” Norah says and she goes sitting on his bed. “I wanted to ask you something” Norah says. “Okay” Sam says. “Why are you protecting me? I understand you and my dad are friends, but you aren’t obliged to protect me” Norah says. “I am, you will be my wife and I do as I get commanded” Sam says. “You saved my life today” Norah says. “It wasn’t that big thing” Sam says. “Sam is your real name, isn’t it?” Norah says. “Yes, it was, but nobody calls me anymore by that name. How do you know it?” Sam says. “I heard one of them saying it” Norah says. “Who are they?” Norah says. Sam thinks about her question and says: “My former friends, they really hate me” “Well they didn’t harm you” Norah says. “And where did they bring you to?” Norah says. “Nothing important” Sam says. “Please, you can tell me everything, I am your wife, right?” Norah says. “Why do you want to know so much about me?” Sam says. “I am just worried” Norah says. “About what?” Sam says. “You are the only one nice here, the others are all weird” Norah says. “I have a theory, you don’t want to be here, but you have no other option left” Norah says. “How…. How do you…..” Sam says. “I am interested in you” Norah says and suddenly she starts coming closer to him and she kisses him. Sam is surprised and grabs her in his arms. “What is this?” Sam says. She pulls of his clothes and she says: “I want to know the real you” “Sure” Sam says and he also pulls of her clothes. He sees the bruises on her body. “I can’t believe she did this to you” Sam says. “Stop talking” Norah says and they kiss and fall later in sleep.

The next day, Charles, Naomi and Lily awake after a bad night. “How did they escape?” Charles says to Lily and Naomi. “I couldn’t fight all of them by my own!” Lily says mad. “They eliminated us before” Naomi says. “With what?” Lily says. “Poison” Naomi says. Bruce and Isabelle are also awaken. “I don’t understand why Sam runs away from us” Isabelle says. “I guess it wasn’t his choice” Bruce says. “There is still good in him, I feel it” Bruce says. “Yes I saw it too, when we were at Elina’s house” Isabelle says. “Sadly his stupid allies ruined it to get him back on the right track” Bruce says. “Yes true” Isabelle says.

In the scream base, Tommy, Jesse, Kate, Hugo and Dominique are sitting at the table. King Scream is sitting on his throne, there is no sign of Sam and Norah, which are still sleeping. It is quiet, they don’t talk much, until King Scream says: “My Scream allies, today will be a great day. I am going to tell all of you my evil plans” “Evil plans? What are you saying dad?” Hugo says. “Yes you heard it right” King Scream says. “When Alpha Scream and Norah are here, I will demonstrate it all to you” King Scream says. The others have no idea what to think about it. “Can’t you just show it now? We don’t have time for wait for them. She is probably sucking his dick or something like that” Tommy says. “You might be right, but he is the most important of all of you and he needs to know this too” King Scream says. “Okay fine” Tommy angrily says. “One day I will be in lead here” Tommy says while he angrily walks away. “I will wake this idiots myself” Tommy says in his self. Kate follows him and says: “What are you going to do?” “Wake them up of course!” Tommy says. “Let them sleep” Kate says. “Well watch it” Tommy says and he opens the door. Inside they see them lying in bed sleeping. “Look they are just sleeping” Kate says. “I don’t care!” Tommy yells. Sam awakes because of it. “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam says. “You should wake up, you can’t miss King Scream’s demonstration.” Tommy says. “Okay but can you give us a bit privacy?” Sam says. “Yes we will” Kate says. “So you can fuck her again?” Tommy says. “What the hell are you saying?” Sam says. “It is unfair that you can fuck those girls all day and I have to do everything I must!” Tommy says. “I thought you didn’t want a wife?” Kate says. “Yes first I was against it, but now you all have one!” Tommy says. “Okay we will find one for you, but first can you leave?” Sam says. Tommy doesn’t want it, but Kate pulls him outside. Sam tries to wake Norah, but she is in deep sleep. “Hey, we must go out” Sam says. Norah awakes later and says: “I haven’t slept so good for days, what is so important to wake me?” “Your dad is going to give a demonstration or something like that” Sam says while he is pulling on his clothes. “That’s not important, come back in bed” Norah says. “I am very sorry” Sam says. “Then I will pull you out” Sam says and he grabs her. “No stop.” Norah says. “Okay, I will see you in the big room” Sam says and he walks away.

At Bruce’s house, they are all sitting in the living room, when suddenly somebody knocks on the door. It is Elina. Isabelle opens the front door. “Is Sam here? I want to apologize for what I said yesterday” Elina says. “I am sorry, he left last night” Isabelle says. “Oh it is a pity” Elina says. “Yes it is” Isabelle says. “Can I come in?” Elina says. “Of course” Isabelle says and she lets him in. Inside, Isabelle’s friend Claire is also there on visit. Elina meets with her and she goes sitting right of her. Charles, Naomi, Lily and Bruce are also sitting there. “So if he was your prisoner. How did he escape?” Elina says. “His Scream friends helped him escape” Lily says. “Idiots” Elina says. “But I thought they were eliminated?” Claire says. “Sadly not” Isabelle says. “We will find them and kill every last one of them” Lily says. “My officers searched through the old base, it is abandoned now” Lily says. “No hints for their second base?” Bruce says. “We haven’t find anything yet” Lily says. But on that moment, she is called. “Yes?” Lily says after she picked up her phone. “All right, I will be there in 10 minutes” Lily says and they stop the call. “They found something” Lily says and she stands up. “What is it?” Charles says. “Come with me and find out” Lily says. Charles stands up and follows her. Naomi doesn’t like it that he leaves, but she has to deal with it. After they left, Claire says: “Can I also help finding your friend back?” “No I definitely don’t want you to be in trouble” Isabelle says. “I understand” Claire says.

“Finally there you are” King Scream says while Sam walks inside the room. “Where is my Norah?” King Scream says to Sam. “Lying in bed. I think she likes my bed” Sam says. “No problem” King scream says. “Well I think it is time” King Scream says and he pushes on a button on his jacket. “Well everybody, my Scream companies, behold to my favourite toy of mine” King Scream says. The roof opens and they all can see a big weapon. “What does it do dad?” Hugo says. “With one push on this button it can simply turn a normal person in a scream” King Scream says. Sam is surprised about it. “And do we have any volunteers? Yes we have!” King Scream says. King Scream grabs a suitcase and opens it. Inside they see a human sitting. He comes out of it. The Weapon aims on him and King Scream pushes on the button. 5 seconds later it is finished. He stands up and watches to King Scream. “He will be a good replacement of The Scream 4” King Scream says. “So that is what it does?” Tommy says. “Oh no, Scream 1 it can do much more” King Scream says. When it is done, I can simply push that button and everybody I want would command me! I can simply make a whole Scream army” King Scream says and he laughs very much. “And what do you want to do with that whole army?” Sam says. Everybody is surprised by his question. “Of course conquer the world. The whole world should obey me!” King Scream says. “And what would happen to us?” Sam says. “Shut up, I will talk with you after my speech” King Scream says softly to him. Sam is mad and walks away.

After the speech, King Scream walks to him. “What the hell are you doing?” King Scream says. “Why wouldn’t you reign at my side?” King Scream says. “And you never not agreed with my plans!” King Scream says. “It just doesn’t feel right” Sam says. “Fool! What has happened to you in the time you were away? Did those stupid animals make you soft?” King Scream says. “They didn’t do anything to me? You should care more about your daughter, she was assaulted by them” Sam says. “You are going to tell me right now, what happened there!” King Scream yells. “Okay my king, they showed me something I made 2 years ago” Sam says. King Scream listens and says: “What did you make?” “A daughter” Sam says. “Wait! You have a daughter!” King Scream screams. “Yes I didn’t know either before that!” Sam says. “And who the hell is the mother?” King Scream says. “It was my last night as Sam Stone, she wanted to have sex with me” Sam says. King Scream thinks about what he said and says: “This child is threat to you, to all of us! It will make you weak!” King Scream yells. “So what will you do about it?” Sam says. “Of course I am going to kill it!” King Scream says. “What?” Sam says. “You can’t just kill an innocent child!” Sam says. “And everybody that stands in my way will die!” King Scream says. “Where does that monster live?” King Scream says. “Tell it or I will kill your beloved Norah!” King Scream says. “You would kill your own daughter?” Sam says. “Of course I would! Like I told you: Children make you weak!” King Scream says. “When everybody is a scream and all my enemies are defeated, you can make a child with my daughter, you can fuck her all day and vent all your aggressions on her, that would be fine” King Scream says. Sam thinks about and he has no other option to give him it, Alpha Scream comes back in him and he says the address. “Good Alpha Scream” King Scream says. “I understand you don’t want to do it, so I will do it myself” King Scream says and he walks away. Sam can’t believe what he has done, but there is now way back anymore.

Lily and Charles walk inside the old Scream base. “What is it?” Lily says to the officers. “Pictures” The officer says and he shows her a picture of King Scream. “We have never seen this Scream before” The officer says. “That must be King Scream” Charles says. “Yes true” Lily says. “Keep us updated” Lily says. In Bruce’s house, Elina has left and they are discussing. “We must do something to find Sam back” Isabelle says. “Well we have seen his daughter, if we identify her, maybe we can find out who her dad is?” Naomi says. “That is a great plan” Bruce says. Later they walk to the police station. “Luckily I made a picture of her” Naomi says. “Great” Bruce says. Inside the police station they see Lily sitting. “We want to identify King Scream’s daughter” Isabelle says. “Don’t you think I have already done that? She isn’t registered in anything” Lily says. “But I searched back in time and found her birth certificate.” Lily says. “My technology found out that it is the same person.” Lily says. “So can we see it?” Bruce says. “No the police will investigate this, you can say out of this” Lily says. “But we want to help!” Bruce says. “You have already done enough” Lily says. Bruce, Isabelle and Naomi are disappointed. Charles is standing before a door and rings the bell. Elina opens the door. “Charles? What are you doing here?” Elina says. “I just wanted to see you” Charles says. “Can I come in?” Charles says. “Of course” Elina says. Charles walks inside and he sees her daughter and Andrew. “Quiet, she is sleeping” Elina says. “So where do you want to talk about?” Elina says. Andrew goes sitting with them and brings them coffee. “I wanted to tell you more about Sam, if you want to know that” Charles says. “Okay” Elina says. “How did he escape actually? Isabelle didn’t want to tell me it” Elina says. “He has a whole group protecting him, they work for him and helped him escape” Charles says. “So who are these people? We haven’t identified them, but they are also wearing Scream masks” Charles says. “I expected nothing else” Elina says. “Are those the same guys that held you hostage?” Andrew says. “Yes they are” Charles says. “I was hoping when he saw our child that he would turn normal again and would stay here take care of our child” Elina says. “No there is something else, we heard rumours that he is going to marry another high scream’s daughter” Charles says. “What?” Elina says. “We also had her hostage, but she also escaped” Charles says. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Elina says. “Bruce didn’t want it, but I am telling you now, since they are gone again” Charles says. Elina is sad and doesn’t know what to say. “Hey we will find him back” Charles says. “That is not it, I just want Anna to meet her real dad” Elina says. “True, sooner or later she will find out that I am not her real dad” Andrew says. But on that moment, outside somebody is watching them. It is King Scream. He knows he is at the right place.

Back in the Scream base, the others have a spare night. Hugo goes to Kate’s room again and wants to have sex with her again. Jesse, Tommy and Dominique are sitting with the new Scream 4. He hasn’t said a word since he is there. “So what are your favourite things to do?” Jesse says. “He isn’t going to respond any way” Dominique says. They eat something and stand up and go to bed. Jesse follows Dominique to her room. “Can I stay with you this evening?” Jesse says. “And he tries it again” Dominique says. “You can also have Scream 1 if you want?” Jesse says. “He is even more ugly than you are” Dominique says. “Come on! You act like you are a goddamn princes.” Jesse says. “I am, I am the daughter of the king” Dominique says. “Are you serious? Does this look like a castle?” Jesse says. “It is a castle for me” Dominique says. Jesse thinks and says: “I can also tell your dad that you don’t want to marry any of us, let look if he will torture you again” Jesse says. “Okay, please don’t tell him that” Dominique says. “Then we understand each other” Jesse says and he closes the door. The scene continues with a door that gets opened. Sam walks inside the room. Norah is sitting at the bed, Sam goes sitting besides her. “What is wrong?” Norah says. “I have done something terrible” Sam says. “You know you can tell me everything, right?” Norah says. “I told your dad where my daughter lives and now he is going to kill her” Sam says. “Wait? You have a daughter?” Norah says surprised. “I can explain you that later” Sam says. “Okay that’s really terrible” Norah says. “Can’t you help me stop him?” Sam says. “I can try it” Norah says.

“So I hope I have informed you enough” Charles says. “Yes, thank you for telling me” Elina says. Charles stands up, but on that moment they heard a big bang. “What the hell was that?” Andrew says. They hear that Anna has waken up because of it. Some seconds later, King Scream is standing in their house. Charles, Andrew and Elina are shocked about his sudden arrival. “Where is the child?” King Scream yells. “Is that Sam?” Elina says sad. “No he wasn’t wearing a golden mask” Charles says. “Go upstairs with Anna, we will deal with him” Andrew says. Elina agrees and takes Anna upstairs. “So you are protecting that animal?” King Scream says to Charles and Andrew. “I have never seen you before. Are you the rich Scream?” Charles says. “No I am the king!” King Scream says and he attacks them. Charles and Andrew fight against him both. “You both are so doomed!” King Scream says and he pushes Andrew away. Charles throws a chair at him, but King Scream grabs the table and throws it at Charles. Andrew grabs a vase and throws it on the head of King Scream. It doesn’t hurt him and King Scream kicks him away. Charles jumps on and hits him a couple of time with his knife. King Scream doesn’t seem impressed and easily pushes him away. “You both are so weak!” King Scream says and he kicks Charles in his face. He falls unconscious. Andrew grabs the light and breaks it broken and tries to electrocute King Scream. It electrocutes him, but he isn’t hurt because of it. King Scream grabs him and says: “Very funny, you both shouldn’t have stand in my way” King Scream grabs one of the broken glass pieces of the vase and stabs it inside Andrew. He falls severely injured on the ground. King Scream walks further and walks upstairs. At the stairs, Elina made a boobytrap and a casing falls of the stairs at King Scream. It falls on him, but it doesn’t hurt him either. “Stupid bitch, You will die!” King Scream walks upstairs. Elina walks back to her room and protects her child. King Scream smashes the door open and sees them. “Ah there it is, Alpha Scream’s son” King Scream says. “You must be the mother” King Scream says. “You won’t touch him with anything of your miserable body!” Elina says. “Ah I understand he liked you” King Scream says. “But sadly you will die now” King Scream says and he wants to hits with his knife inside her but suddenly the knife is slam away. “What the hell are you doing dad?” Norah says. “You always said that we don’t hurt innocent people” Norah says. “Norah? What the hell are you doing here?” King Scream says. “We are going to stop you” Sam says. “Hahahaha you bastards!” King Scream says. “You aren’t going to hurt any of them!” Sam says. “Sam? Is that you?” Elina says after she dares to watch again. “I can’t believe you didn’t obey my orders Alpha Scream!” King Scream says. “You are going to pay for this!” King Scream says. Sam tries to distract him, so that Norah and Lily can defeat him. “You can pay me for as much as you want, but killing my child, that’s the worst payment!” Sam says. “I should have known it already, I was weak!” King Scream says and he grabs another weapon. “What the hell is that?” Sam says. “Something I didn’t tell you” King Scream says. Norah tries to stop him, but it is too late and he pushes the button and he, Elina, Norah and Anna disappear. Sam looks, but sees they are gone. Later he walks downstairs and he sees Charles trying to save Andrew. “Sam, please protect Elina for me” Andrew says. “I will try to” Sam says. “Thank you” Andrew says and later he is death. Charles cries about it. “This is your fault!” Charles says mad. “Yes it is, you’re right” Sam says. Charles is surprised of that answer. “I said to him, that I have a daughter and that’s why he is death” Sam says. “Where is he now then?” Charles says. “I have no idea, he teleported away, together with Elina and my child” Sam says. “Your child? How dare you say that it is your child?” Charles says. “Okay I have enough of your negativity” Sam says and he walks away. “Where you going?” Charles says. “I am going to find them” Sam says and later he is gone. Charles grabs his phone and calls Bruce. Sam comes later back in the Scream base and sees Dominique and Hugo sitting. “Where is your dad?” Sam says. “Our dad?” Hugo says. “Yes where the hell is he?” Sam says. “Oh you look so terrifying” Dominique says. “I thought he was with you” Hugo says. “You are by far not so scary without your loved mask” Dominique says. “Shut up! Your sister is with him” Sam says. “And he is going to kill her!” Sam says. “Hahaha you’re joking, if he is going to kill one of his children, it would probably be me” Dominique says. “I am god damn serious, we attacked him and he teleported away with Norah and my child.” Sam says. “You have a child? Who the hell wants to have sex with you?” Dominique says. Sam angrily walks to her and grabs her in her throat. “What did I tell you? I am very fucking serious and you’re going to tell me where he teleported too!” Sam yells. “Let her go, I will tell you it” Hugo says. Sam throws Dominique on the ground and walks with him to another room. “I really hate your sister” Sam says. Hugo looks to him. “I mean Dominique, not Norah” Sam says. “He ignores what he says and they walk to another of the many rooms in the base. “This is my dad’s teleporting gadgets room” Hugo says. “And where can I see where they are?” Sam says. “On this screen and you can use this by filling the coordinates” Hugo says. “Thank you” Sam says and he pushes in the coordinates and click on the button. “Wait, you should know” Hugo says, but it is too late and Sam already disappeared. “How to get back….” Hugo finishes his sentence.

Sam appears back in something that looks like a jungle. He looks around, but doesn’t see anything yet. But on that moment, Elina stands before him. “Sam?” Elina says. “Yes I am here, where are the others?” Sam says. “I haven’t seen them since we disappeared” Elina says. “I am so worried” Elina says very scared. “It will all be all right” Sam says to satisfy her. They run further but on that moment, they see King Scream standing, he is holding both Anna and Norah. “There you are! Finally!” King Scream says. “Stop this madness!” Sam yells to him. “It is too late, you should punished by your sins!” King Scream says. “I have two of your most precious one in my hands, which one do you want to save!?” King Scream yells. “Please don’t let her kill Anna” Elina says to Sam. Sam looks to Killer Scream like he has no idea what to do. “Please!” Elina says and she starts crying. “You won’t kill your own daughter, I know you’re a terrible father, but you surely won’t do that!” Sam yells. “Oh watch me kill her!” King Scream says. “Please don’t kill me” Norah says very scared. “How did I raise you? You wouldn’t even give your life for a child?” King Scream says. “If I have to, I would, but you don’t have to do this dad, please let this stop!” Norah says. “No that idiot there has to punished for lying to me!” King Scream says. “So you choose your child?” King Scream yells to Sam. “No, I don’t choose any one of them!” Sam says. “Then I have to understand you don’t love my daughter. But I want you to say it, before she dies!” King Scream yells. “Please just let her die” Elina says. “It is your daughter, just say the words!” Elina yells. “Okay I choose my child, I am very sorry Norah” Sam says. Norah starts crying and knows this are her last minutes alive. “And so it will be, you made your choice and I will have to respect that” King Scream says and he grabs his knife. “But you should know one thing about me, I play never fair and don’t do what you say” King Scream says and he uses his knife and cuts one of them to pieces. Sam looks around him and sees Elina crying very hard. He tries to feel her less sad, but it has no point and she slams him away. “THIS I ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” Elina screams and she falls on the ground. Sam looks to King Scream and he sees that he throws Norah away. Besides him he sees the death body of his daughter. Sam knows there is only one thing he can do: Attack the motherfucker. He runs to King Scream. King Scream goes in defence and grabs his knife. They fight off each other. Sam uses all his anger on him. King Scream is surprised and says: “Good! Very good! Use you anger and kill me! Once you kill me, you will be a real Scream” “I should have known that you’re a motherfucking son of a bitch!” Sam yells and he kick in his face. “Remove that fucking mask, I want to see how goddamn ugly you are!” Sam yells. “Not possible, this mask is permanently on my face!!” King Scream yells and he pushes Sam away. “Well you have suffered enough, for now!” King Scream says and he pushes on his button again and he disappears. Sam goes to Norah to look if she is all right. “Are you all right?” Sam says. “I should have died, this isn’t fair” Norah says and she also starts crying. Elina walks to the body and starts crying even more. “You will die all!” Elina screams because of the anger. “We have no time to mourn” Sam says. “How is it possible you aren’t sad?” Norah says. “I have already seen enough dead bodies, that the death body of my own child doesn’t even hits me” Sam says. Norah and Elina are both very surprised of his response. “I have the only device to get back” Sam says and he grabs the device. “Wait how does this work?” Sam says. “Let me try it” Norah says and she grabs it out of his hands. She clicks on some buttons and later it works again. “Elina ready to go?” Sam says. “No I don’t want to ever see you again!” Elina says. “But this is the only way to get back to the United States, we are maybe miles away from the nearest town!” Sam says. “You can kiss my ass” Elina says and she walks away. “You sure we shouldn’t wait to get her back to normal?” Norah says. “I will come back later for her” Sam says and he pushes on the button and they both disappear back.

Bruce is back at his work. Dale walks to him and says: “Where were you the last days?” “Long story” Bruce says. “Something with Isabelle?” Dale says. “Euhm, you can tell that yes” Bruce says. “Pregnant?” Dale says. “Oh no” Bruce says. “Is it private?” Dale says. Bruce ignores his question. “I can fire you if you don’t respond!” Dale says. “Okay all right, I can tell you the whole story.” Bruce says. “I got the sign that an old friend of me was alive. And so” Bruce says. After he explained everything, Dale starts laughing. “I can’t say you are bad with coming up things” Dale says. “And now the real story” Dale says. “It is the truth!” Bruce says.

Later Bruce is done with working and he walks to his car, which is parked some streets further. But on his way to it, suddenly he is grabbed by someone. “Who the hell are you?” Bruce says. “What about some old friend” Sam says and he shows his face to him. “What are you doing here?” Bruce says. “I need your help” Sam says. “My help? You were the ones that escaped” Bruce says. “Andrew and Anna are death” Sam suddenly says. “What? How?” Bruce says very surprised. “King Scream, he wanted to teach me a lesson, I am totally done with him, we should work together to eliminate him” Sam says. “Finally did you come back again” Bruce says. “Let walk to my car, it is that way” Sam says. “What about my car?” Bruce says. “You can pick it up later” Sam says and they walks to his car. They step inside it and Norah is sitting inside the car. “Wait? Not her again!” Bruce says. “Bruce, this is Norah, Norah this is Bruce” Sam says. “We have already met” Norah says. “Yes but I wanted to do it properly” Sam says. “But Sam, she is his daughter” Bruce says. “He threated to kill me, I hate him as much as you do” Norah says. “Okay then, So where are we going?” Bruce says. “I haven’t thought about that yet” Sam says. “Can’t you get help from the police?” Sam says. “No, Lily pushes us out, she said they would do it” Bruce says. “Fuck the police” Sam says. “They never helped me again Master Scream, Ron and Killer Scream” Sam says. “Wait, what did you say?” Norah says. “I can explain it later” Sam says and he starts the engine. “Oh and by the way, Elina is still in a jungle” Sam says. “What?” Bruce says. “She didn’t want to come with me, so we left her there” Sam says. “Why?” Bruce says. “She blamed me for the death of our daughter” Sam says. “We can later get her out of there, I stole some teleporting machine, the last time I was at the base” Sam says. “Sam! We need to go first to Isabelle, otherwise she would be uneasy” Bruce says. “Okay, Charles probably already told Isabelle and Naomi what happened, And he also blamed me” Sam says. “So that’s why I didn’t want to go to them, but never mind about that” Sam says and he goes to there house.

Later he stops his car before Bruce’s house. “Norah you will stay here in the car.” Sam says. “Why?” Norah says. “Because I am not sure if that bitch Lily is inside there, I don’t want her to hurt you again” Sam says. “All right then” Norah says. Sam and Bruce step out and Bruce opens the door with his key. Inside Isabelle is sitting at the couch watching television. She sees that Sam is with Bruce. “What is he doing?” Isabelle says. “Isabelle it is all right, I am back at your side again” Sam says. “No you’re not, because of you Andrew and the child are death” Isabelle says. “I tried to save her, but King Scream killed her!” Sam says. “It actually doesn’t surprise me that you don’t even give anything about Elina and her child.” Isabelle says. “Isabelle, please we must work together, not fight each other” Bruce says. “Yes that’s exactly what he wants” Sam says. Isabelle looks outside the window and says: “I already saw you coming, why do you leave that bitch in your car?” Isabelle says. “Because he wants to kill her, and I wasn’t sure if Lily was here” Sam says. “No Lily is busy with the work, we actually should do” Isabelle says. “But can I let her in?” Sam says. “No she can sleep outside in a trash can” Isabelle says. “Please, she can’t help it, that he is her dad” Sam says. “Isabelle, please reconsider this” Bruce says. “Be happy that Sam is finally back, isn’t that what you wanted?” Bruce says. “Not on this way” Isabelle says. “But I can explain everything why I turned to them” Sam says. “It was Killer Scream, she made me become a Scream” Sam says. “Oh yeah, and why did you fuck Elina then on your last night here?” Isabelle says. “That wasn’t supposed to happen, but it suddenly happened, she wanted it more than me” Sam says. “So why are you normal now again then?” Isabelle says. “Because of Bruce and that girl outside in my car” Sam says and he points to her. “Screams have two weaknesses, one is friendship and the other one is love” Sam says. “I already thought idiotic people would do such things, but it is virus and a disease” Sam says. “I wouldn’t have known it I wasn’t with them” Sam says. After Sam said that everybody is quiet, until Sam says: “I will go to her.” Sam walks outside to his car. Bruce goes sitting next of Isabelle. “I am sorry that I was so angry” Isabelle says. “I didn’t mean it” Isabelle says. “It is okay, apologize to Sam and Norah and it will be okay” Bruce says. “So Norah is her name?” Isabelle says. “Yes it is” Bruce says. Later Sam and Norah walk inside the house again. “Sam, can I apologize to you? I didn’t know all of that what you just said” Isabelle says. “It is okay” Sam says. “So where are Charles and Naomi?” Sam says. “Somewhere else, probably mourning over Andre” Isabelle says. “Yes we weren’t very good friends with Elina and Andrew” Bruce says. “I am sorry too for their deaths” Norah says. “It isn’t your fault, I should thank you for getting him back to us” Isabelle says. “Did I?” Norah says. “Yes you did” Sam says. “I can explain later. We should get the other screams to our side as well” Sam says. “Yes and my sister and brother as well.” Norah says. “Wait, he has 2 more children?” Bruce says. “Yeah I forgot to mention that” Sam says. “Anyways, we should split up and work together” Bruce says. “Yes good idea” Sam says.

In the scream base, King Scream returns. The others are all sitting at the table eating. But King Scream interrupts there dinner. “When you see Alpha Scream or my daughter, bring them to me” King Scream says. Dominique and Hugo don’t like what he says. “What has Norah done wrong?” Dominique says. “She chose the side of the enemy.” King Scream says. “What the damn are you telling? Who the hell is our enemy?” Jesse says. “Alpha Scream is” King Scream says. “He murdered an innocent child” King Scream says. “Alpha Scream would never do that!” Kate says. “He made himself our true enemy!” King Scream says. “You’re a liar, you just come up with this!” Tommy says. “I will show you the footage of it” King Scream says and suddenly a screen turns on. They see Alpha Scream standing beside the death body of Andrew. “I don’t believe a shit about this” Jesse says. But suddenly on that moment everybody on the chairs except Dominique and Hugo are electrocuted and they fall with their heads on the table. Hugo and Dominique are shocked to see this. “What are you doing?” Hugo says. “Learning them a lesson” King Scream says and he stands up and pushes a button to stop it. “Scream 1, Scream 2, Scream 3 and Scream 4! Who is our true enemy?” King Scream says. “Alpha Scream” Jesse, Kate, Tommy and even Scream 4 say it. “Finally you understand it” King Scream says.

Bruce and Isabelle step inside their car. “How will we do this?” Isabelle says. “We can try to talk with Charles and Naomi” Bruce says. “Okay” Isabelle says. Inside the house Sam makes himself ready to leave. “You will stay here, I don’t want you in trouble” Sam says to Norah. “But I want to help you” Norah says. “And when somebody comes at the door, don’t open it” Sam says and he opens the front door. “Please don’t leave me alone” Norah says. “You are very safe here” Sam says and he walks outside. Bruce and Isabelle later arrive at Charles and Naomi’s house. They knock on the door. Charles opens the door. “Bruce and Isabelle?” Charles says. “We heard what happened so we came as soon as possible” Isabelle says. “Who told you it?” Charles says. “Sam did” Bruce says. “Did he also tell you that it is his fault that Andrew died?” Charles says. “You know that isn’t true” Bruce says. “Sam asked us to help him fight off King Scream” Isabelle says. “And you come here to ask us to help him?” Charles says. “Yes we were hoping that” Bruce says. “Where is Elina actually?” Charles says. “Sam is getting her back” Bruce says.

Sam appears in the jungle again. “Elina? Are you here?” Sam says. “I am sorry for leaving you here” Sam says. “I am also sorry for all other things I did” Sam says. But he doesn’t see anybody in the jungle. But he see some tracks on the ground. He follows them. They end up by her sign. The sign says: “You’re too late Alpha Scream, and if I were you, I should care more about my daughter rather than being here” Sam is shocked about what he read and he teleports as fast as possible to Bruce’s house, but he is too late, Norah is already gone.

In the Scream Base, King Scream throws Elina in the cell. “Since he made a child with you, you must be precious for him too” King Scream says. “I am not you motherfucker, you will pay massively for what you did!” Elina yells. “Oh and now I understand even more why Alpha Scream fucked with you” King Scream says. “Have fun with each other” King Scream says and he walks away. All the others are still sitting at their places. King Scream also brings Norah back in the base. “Why don’t you kill me already?” Norah says. “Because you’re my daughter and I still need you” King Scream says. “You need me for what?” King Scream says. “You will marry Scream 1, instead of that traitor Alpha Scream” King Scream says. Norah knows she hasn’t another choice and accepts it. “Make yourself ready” King Scream says. “Okay what you command dad” Norah says. King Scream walks away to the throne room. On the moment, King Scream walks in the room, the clock clicks at 6:00 PM. “Ah finally, finally it is Scream night” King Scream says. “Scream 3, Scream 2, Hugo, Norah, Dominique and Scream 1 make yourselves ready for the marriage” King Scream says. “My king? Me too?” Tommy says surprised. “Yes of course, you will marry my second daughter” King Scream says. Tommy is very happy and surprised both and he runs to his room to grab his favourite clothes. The others, except the new Scream 4, also go to their rooms. “Soon I will find also a girl which you will marry, you deserve it” King Scream says to him. After being silent for a very long time, Scream 4 says: “Thank you my King, you are always very kind to me, can I obey you?” “Yes I already wanted to find Alpha Scream, but because it is Scream night, I can’t” King Scream says. “You want me to find him?” Scream 4 says. “Yes, do it quickly” King Scream says. Scream 4 walks to the exit, but on that moment, King Scream says: “Check the police station, he might be there to tell the cops the location of our secret base” King Scream says. Scream 4 nods and he walks to the exit. In the meantime, Sam waits for Bruce and Isabelle to return back. Later they arrive back at their house and walks inside. “Where is Elina?” Isabelle says. “Gone, King Scream has her” Sam says. Bruce and Isabelle are not happy with it, but they have to accept it. “And Charles and Naomi?” Sam says. “They want to help us” Bruce says not happy. “That’s good news, isn’t it?” Sam says. “No, they don’t want to help you” Bruce says. Sam becomes angry of it as well. “So what will we do next?” Isabelle says after a while. “We only have one chance left” Sam says. “And what is the last chance?” Bruce says. The next shot, Bruce stops their car before the police station. “You sure we should try this?” Bruce says. “Do you know something else?” Sam says. “No” Bruce says. “Shall we go in first?” Isabelle says. “All right” Sam says. Bruce and Isabelle step out and walk inside. Inside they see Lily is sitting at her desk. “What are you doing here?” Lily says. “We need your help” Isabelle says. “What Isabelle means is the help of the police” Bruce says. “Why do you need our help?” Lily says. “Because we have someone who knows the location of the base of the Screams” Bruce says. “And who is that person?” Lily says. Bruce makes a sign to his car, and Sam knows he can walk in. Inside Lily is surprised what she sees. “How on earth are you so stupid to just walk in here?” Lily says and she grabs her gun and aims it at Sam. “I come as a friend. You remember that guy that saved you out of that arena? It is me again Lily” Sam says. “I don’t think so, Show me your hands!” Lily says. Sam aims his hand in the air and the police officers arrest him. Lily says and the words and they bring him away. “Sam?” Bruce says. “It is okay, I should be punished for what I did” Sam says. They lock Sam up in his cell and Lily stands before his cell. “Okay you idiot, I am only going to ask you this once. Where is the base of your friends?” Lily says. “Okay first of all I am not an idiot, second they are not my friends anymore and third if you show me a map I can show you the location” Sam says. Lily agrees with it and walks away to get a map. On the moment, she is away, Sam suddenly hears a noise. “Who is there?” Sam says. “You probably don’t know my voice” The Scream 4 says. “Surrender to the police, I wouldn’t have expected that” Scream 4 says. “You are even more a coward and a traitor we all think” Scream 4 says. “What did King Scream to Norah?” Sam says. “She is far better off than you when I deliver you to him” Scream 4 says. “Ask King Scream to leave his children out of this, they are innocent, I can speak to my team myself” Sam says. “Your team? Hahahaha, if you don’t know it already, they work for King Scream now.” Scream 4 says. On this moment, the wedding is happening in the scream base.” Scream 4 says. “Oh yeah I should have known that, since it is Scream night” Sam says. “Yes good, you didn’t forget” Scream 4 says. “But I should be there too, I will also marry” Sam says. “Norah will marry Scream 1” Scream 4 interrupts him. “What? Idiot!” Sam says angry. “Don’t bother, if I bring you there now, you can still see the marriage, before King Scream will rip off your head of that filthy body” Scream 4 says. “Please bring me to it now” Sam says. “You have luck, I was already planning that” Scream 4 says. But on that moment Lily comes back and she holds her gun to the Scream. “Put your weapon on the ground!” Lily says. But Scream 4 makes an unexpected move and he slams her gun out of her hands. After he did that he throws a smoke bomb on the ground and after the smoke is gone, Lily sees that Scream 4 and Sam are both gone.

When Sam awakes he is in the car driving to the base. “King Scream would be so happy if he sees that I got you so easily” Scream 4 says. Sam sees his hands are locked in a rope. Sam tries to open the rope, but it doesn’t go that easily. “He will probably reward me by giving the title Alpha Scream to me, after you are death” Scream 4 says. “And then I will be his best servant, even better than you ever was!!” Scream 4 says, but suddenly Sam gives a pull to the wheel and the car crashes into a tree. Sam and Scream 4 are still alive. Scream 4 is angry because of what he did and he grabs his knife and tries to stab Sam. “You filthy animal! You have luck King Scream wants you alive!” Scream 4 says. Sam opens the door and hides behind the car. Scream 4 jumps over the car and tries to stab him. Sam sees a gun lying inside the car. He opens the car door grabs the gun. Scream 4 comes behind the car door and closes it, but then Sam suddenly shoots him in his head. Scream 4 falls death on the ground.

Inside the scream base, King Scream marries all of them. Hugo and Kate kiss each other after King Scream married them. After it is finished they walk to their room for the bed ceremony. After it, Tommy stand waiting and King Scream bring Norah to Tommy. He weds them. After it is finished, Tommy grabs Norah and carries her to his room. “Finally I can fuck a very pretty woman” Tommy says on the way to his room. “You will fuck me?” Norah says. “Yes of course” Tommy says. “Can’t we wait with that?” Norah says. “No it is a Scream tradition, after the wedding the bridegroom can fuck with his bride” Tommy says and he opens the door of his room and throws her in his bed. “What is your real name exactly?” Norah says. “Scream 1, I don’t have another room” Tommy says. “I am not going to call you that” Norah says. “Since you are my wife, YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING AS I COMMAND!” Tommy says. “Okay I am very sorry” Norah says. “First thing you will do is undress yourself so I can see your body” Tommy says. Norah doesn’t want it, but she has no other option. But on that moment, The door is destroyed. Sam walks inside. Tommy grabs Norah and tries to protect her. “Stay the hell away from her!” Sam yells. “You’re too late, she mine!” Tommy says. “She will never be yours!” Sam says and he attacks him. He isn’t ready for a fight, and Sam slams him multiple times in his face. His head is bleeding. “Come on kill me! Use your anger!” Tommy says. Sam doesn’t want to kill him, but suddenly he stands on again and attacks him. “Not killing me was the last mistake you will make in your life!” Tommy screams and he grabs his knife and tries to stab him. Sam dodges his attack and attacks him again. Norah tries to hide herself. Sam grabs Tommy and throws him on the ground. “I am done with all of you!” Sam yells and he starts kicking him in the face. “And now stay down there!” Sam says after he is finished. Tommy is severely injured and can’t stand up anymore. “Remember I am still her husband” Tommy says very softly. He shouldn’t have said that, because it makes Sam angry again and he grabs his gun again out of his pocket and shoots him in the head, finally killing him.

Bruce and Isabelle are still sitting in the waiting room of the police station. Later Bruce gets a message from Sam: It is a location. “That must be the location of the Scream base” Bruce says. “Yes” Isabelle says. Later Lily is back after she got defeated by Scream 4. “He got away again!” Lily yells angry to Bruce and Isabelle. “Yes and we know their location” Bruce says and he shows his phone to Lily. She looks surprised.

Sam stops for a moment and looks to what he has done. He has killed one of his friends. “I can’t believe I have done this” Sam says. Norah steps on and says: “You have done the right thing, they are all changed since we disappeared from here” Norah says. But on that moment, King Scream walks in the room and he sees Tommy lying death on the ground. He starts laughing and says: “Very good Alpha Scream! You killed one of you friends!” “He wasn’t one of my friends anymore” Sam says. “Yeah sure, my daughter is a widow now” King Scream says. “We haven’t had sex so I am not married to him” Norah says. “That’s sad, I wanted both my daughters getting deflowered this night” King Scream says. “It doesn’t matter, you will die anyway!” Sam yells. “I don’t think so Alpha Scream. You’re right on time to finally see my evil plans” King Scream says. “Come on Alpha Scream and Norah, my weapon is finally ready” King Scream says. “I will kill you, before you activates it!” Sam says and he grabs his gun again and he starts shooting at King Scream. The Bullets don’t harm him. “You thought you would kill me so easily?” King Scream says and he grabs Sam by his throat. “You didn’t learn did you?” King Scream says and grabs another weapon in his other hand. “Please don’t do this dad” Norah begs to King Scream. But on that moment, Sam gets electrocuted. After it is finished he falls on the ground unconscious. King Scream grabs him and takes him away. When he reawakens, he sees Jesse, Kate, Hugo, Dominique, Norah and King Scream. “Wake him up!” King Scream says and Jesse hits Sam so he fully wakes. “Ah there he is, right on time to see my weapon getting activated” King Scream says and he is standing before a button. “Well all my Scream companies, let this be the moment of our total evil. The beginning of a new era! We will rise up!” King Scream yells and he starts becoming very enthusiastic. On the moment he wants to push the button, suddenly they hear a sound. “What the hell is that?” Hugo says. “Probably some stupid birds, Continue!” Dominique says. “Push that damn button” Kate says. But on that moment the door is opened. “So you’re the leader of all of them?” Lily, which walked inside says. “No I am their king!” King Scream says. “You was their king” Lily says and suddenly an whole army comes inside again. “How the hell have they found us? Dad?” Hugo says. Jesse, Hugo, Sam, Kate stand up and start attacking them. Dominique and Norah hide under the table. King Scream starts laughing and says: “Right on time” Lily walks to King Scream and says: “I saw the weapon. You won’t activate it” “You a stupid girl thinks you can ruin my plans?” King Scream says. “Yes I do” Lily says and she starts attacking him. King Scream grabs his knife and shows it to her. “You will be the next victim by the hand of King’s blade!” King Scream says and he attacks her too. They start fighting. Sam kills a lot of the officers and he uses a shield. Jesse and Kate work together and the officers shoot at them, but they can’t hit them. Hugo tries to protect his sisters. King Scream is stronger than Lily and she gets easily defeated. “You aren’t strong are you?” King Scream says. “No but I am smart” Lily says and he she goes under his and walks to the button. “You will die before you push this button” Lily says. “We will see that” King Scream says and he runs to her and she tries to fight back, but suddenly the King’s knife hits her in the leg. “Like I told you, you are his next victim!” King Scream says and Lily falls injured on the ground. He wants to kill her, but on that moment another officers attack him. Lily steps on and tries to get away. King Scream kills all the officers. “I waited enough” King Scream says after he killed them and he pushes the button. It activates the weapon at the roof. The officers and Sam, Kate, Jesse, Hugo, Norah and Dominique are surprised what they hear. “Finally, I waited my whole life for this!” King Scream says.

Bruce is sitting at his office. Lily disobeyed them to help them again, so Bruce got back to work. Dale walks to Bruce and says: “Good to have you back again” “Yes I am also happy to be back” Bruce says. But on that moment, they hear a big explosion. “What the hell was that?” Bruce says. “Was what?” Dale says. “The explosion? Didn’t you hear it?” Bruce says. “It was my master” Dale says and suddenly he starts attacking him. “What the hell are you doing?” Bruce says. Isabelle is talking with Claire, when suddenly she also starts attacking her. “What is wrong with you?” Isabelle says. Lewis also steps on and grabs a knife and goes outside and kills another innocent old woman.

A big screen shows all the officers and the others a card of the USA. Suddenly on the map a lot of red buttons appear. “Hahahaha it worked!” King Scream says. Some of the officers stop fighting and kneel for King Scream. The other officers get killed off. When she is it is safe, Norah walks to Sam and says: “You can’t let this happen, we must do something about this” “We can’t stop this and we can’t stop your dad” Sam says. Dominique and Hugo are both fascinated about what King Scream did. Jesse and Kate too. Some of the remaining officers walk to Lily. “Commander Blackburn, what are your orders?” The officer says. “Take me away, we have lost!” Lily says. The officers grab her and walk outside the room. “Should we follow the King Scream?” Kate says. “Yes and leave nobody alive!” King Scream says. “You too Alpha Scream!” King Scream yells. Sam is still standing before Norah. “I remember one thing you told me” Norah says and she starts kissing him. “Your weak spot” Norah says after she finished. It helps Sam a lot and the Scream virus goes again. “Go follow them Alpha Scream! That’s an order!” King Scream says. “I don’t follow your orders!” Sam says and he walks to Hugo and grabs him. “What the hell are you doing?” King Scream says. “You feeling the pain I do” Sam says and suddenly he grabs a knife and he stabs it through Hugo. Norah and Dominique are both very shocked about what he did. Hugo can’t believe it either and he falls death on the ground. “Hahahaha, you think you get my attention with that?” King Scream says. “Like I told you Alpha Scream! Kids are just weaknesses, I don’t even give a fuck you killed him” King Scream says.

Bruce is still fighting Dale. “You will get heavily punished for all the crimes you committed, Wakefield!” Dale says. “What crimes are you talking of?” Bruce says and he fights him back. “For standing at the side of Sam Stone!” Dale says.

Claire runs to the fridge and throws all the buttons out of it on Isabelle. “Stop this Claire! I don’t know what is wrong with you!” Isabelle says. “No everything is wrong with you!” Claire says and she jumps on her and starts hitting her.

Sam knows he has to get the virus out of the air. He knows there is a cure for it. He walks to King Scream. “Why on earth aren’t you obeying me?” King Scream says. “Because I know what the cure is of the whole Scream epidemic.” Sam says. “Are you dumb? There isn’t a cure for it!” King Scream laughable says.

In another room of the big base, Jesse and Kate follow Lily and the remaining officers. They end up in the prison of the base. “You sure this is the way out?” Lily says. In the prison they see Elina is sitting in the cell. “Please Lily let me out of here” Elina says. “Elina? How did you end up here?” Lily says. “That fucking King Scream imprisoned me” Elina says. Lily opens her cell and lets her out. But on the same moment, Jesse and Kate found them. “Go away from the prisoner” Jesse says. “We will give you time to get away” The officers say. Lily and Elina run further inside the base. Jesse and Kate know they have to deal with the officers first. Sam jumps at King Scream and goes over him and he ends up at the buttons. “You are so fricking stupid, there isn’t a way to stop it!” King Scream says and he walks softly to him. Norah and Dominique have no idea what to do. King Scream attacks Sam again and they end up fighting again. “You should know one thing!” Sam says. “You don’t have to tell me anything!” King Scream says and they fight off each other. “Yes I do. Remember Master Scream, Ron Pearson and Killer Scream? They were all killed by me and my friends!” Sam says. Norah and Dominique know the stories about them and are both surprised. King Scream pushes him away and is very surprised. “So you are him?” King Scream says. “I should have known it from the beginning!” King Scream says. “You are the Scream killer!” King Scream says very surprised. “Those stories are true, I killed them” Sam says. King Scream starts becoming very anxious and doesn’t know what to do anymore. Sam walks to him and says: “Do you want to know what Killer Scream’s said? She said that she was the last Scream” King Scream can’t believe it and suddenly he puts a knife inside King Scream. King Scream can’t believe and he is still shocked very much. “What the actual hell” King Scream says and he falls on the ground. “I want to see your face, before I kill you!” Sam says. “You can’t remove his mask” Norah says. Sam puts his knife inside his mask, but it can’t get through it. But on that moment the mask goes away from his face. The father of Norah and Dominique tries to get air without the mask. Norah and Dominique walk to their dad. Sam walks away and pushes one of the buttons. “This button should work” Sam says.

Bruce smashes Dale, but he grabs a knife outside the canteen cabinet. “It is time for you to die!” Dale says. “It is King Scream who uses you isn’t it?” Bruce says. “Yes King Scream…..” Dale says and Bruce protects himself again, but suddenly Dale stops and Bruce stabs his knife inside him. “What?” Bruce says. Dale falls on the ground and says: “I was weak, you should lead this company Bruce, I know you can” Dale says and later he dies. Isabelle pushes Claire away but later she gets back to normal and she says: “Isabelle what has happened?”

Jesse and Kate walk further. On the back of the screen you can see the death body of the officers. Lily and Elina can’t find the way out. “I have no idea where the exit is!” Lily says. “Do you think I know?” Elina says. They run further when suddenly they see a window. We should go out through this window. They try to break open the window, but it doesn’t go that easily. They can’t open the window. “Any ideas?” Elina says. “Yes” Lily says and she breaks open the window. They jump out the window and nobody has seen them. Jesse and Kate search for them but can’t find them.

The cure goes through the air and it also cures King Scream. “Dad?” Norah says. My daughters…….. My beautiful daughters” King Scream says and he looks to them without their mask. “Wait you’re normal again also?” Sam says very surprised “I can explain everything” King Scream says. “I am not…” King Scream wants to finish his sentence but suddenly he stops talking. “What is happening?” Norah says. “I hurt him probably too much, he is dying” Sam says and he looks around. Norah and Dominique try to generate him, but it does not work. But then they find out he has another knife through him. Somebody killed him. On the roof of the base, somebody is standing watching to them. After he has killed King Scream he jumps away.

Later, Jesse and Kate return back and they see the death bodies of Hugo and King Scream lying on the ground. “What the hell has happened here?” Jesse says very shocked. Kate starts crying when she sees the death body of Hugo. Norah and Dominique also can’t believe it. They all start mourning, except Sam. But on that moment, Sam sees something appearing on the Screen. It is a self-destruct. “We should go” Sam says. “What?” Jesse says. “It is a self-destruct, it is probably activated because King Scream died” Sam says. “But can’t they mourn?” Jesse says. “There is no time for that” Sam says. “This what he wanted, all the evidence about his existence erased” Sam says and he walks to the way out. “Come on we should go away” Sam says. The others have no other option to leave the bodies on the ground and go away. They run outside and when they are all in the car, suddenly the whole base explodes and burns down to ashes.

Bruce returns home and he still can’t believe what happens. He picks his key and opens the door. He sees Isabelle sitting on the couch and he knows that something has happened. “What has happened?” Bruce says. “Claire, she attacked me, I have no idea what happened” Isabelle says. “And where is she?” Bruce says. “She went home after the incident” Isabelle says sad. “Dale, he also attacked me” Bruce says and he starts looking sadder. Isabelle knows he is worse than Claire. “I killed him” Bruce says and he goes sitting on the couch. Isabelle tries to comfort him. “It wasn’t your fault” Isabelle says. “It must be something to do with Sam, It can’t be” Bruce says. “True” Isabelle says. “I haven’t heard anything of him after he texted me his location” Bruce says. “I wonder if he is still alive” Isabelle says.

In the meantime, Elina and Lily are sitting in Lily’s car. “Where are we going?” Elina says. “Somewhere safe” Lily says and they stop before Bruce and Isabelle’s house. “Here?” Elina says. “Yes” Lily says. “You’re a police commander, shouldn’t we go to the police station?” Elina says. “No” Lily says. “Why not?” Elina says. “Because I know Sam will go to here, since their base just exploded” Lily says. “I hope to see this King Scream there as well again” Lily says. “You mean that idiot that put me in that cell and killed my daughter? Yeah I want to also see him” Elina says. They step out and knock on the door. Bruce opens the door. “Elina and Lily? What are you doing here?” Bruce says. “Is Sam here?” Lily says. “No I thought you was chasing him” Bruce says. “And Elina, my condolences” Bruce says. “Thank you” Elina says. Bruce lets them in, and Isabelle gives also her condolences. “So what will you do here?” Isabelle says. “We will wait for the Scream, they will for sure come here” Lily says. “Why? Don’t they just stay in their base?” Bruce says. “Their base just exploded” Lily says.

Sam, Norah, Dominique, Jesse and Kate are sitting in Sam’s car. “He was there again, our dad” Norah says sad. “Yes he was still in there” Dominique says. “I am sorry, but your dad was already lost, killing him was the only way” Sam says. “It isn’t your fault” Norah says. “You could have done more, just saying” Dominique says. “What? He was total evil and you say I could have helped?” Sam says. “You were the one putting the knife in him!” Dominique says. “Please don’t make a fight” Norah says. After she said that it stay quiet for some time, until Kate says: “Can you please tell me how Hugo died?” Norah looks to Sam and waits for what he is going to tell. “There was another knife inside King Scream’s body, it wasn’t mine” Sam says without answering Kate’s question. “Who do you think it was?” Norah says. “That’s something we will need to find out” Sam says and he suddenly stops the car. “Why are you stopping before Lewis’ house?” Jesse says. “He knows too much about us” Sam says. “Who is Lewis?” Norah says. “He isn’t important, I will be back in a minute” Sam says and he steps out. “What is he going to do?” Norah says to Jesse and Kate. “No idea” Jesse says. Sam opens Lewis’s door with a key he has and walks inside. Lewis is sitting at the couch. “What do you want? Why aren’t you wearing your silly mask?” Lewis says. “I am not one of them anymore” Sam says. “So what are you doing here? Just go away!” Lewis says. Sam grabs a gun and shoots inside Lewis. He falls unconscious on the ground. “This will work” Sam says and he walks away outside the room. But after he is gone, suddenly somebody appears in the room. Lewis reawakens, but has no idea what has happened. “Stupid Sam Stone” The unknown person says and he walks to Lewis and uses his knife, and a lot of blood splashes on the ground. Sam walks back to the car and sees they are still waiting for him. “What have you done?” Norah says. “I let him lose his memory, so he can’t remember all of us anymore” Sam says. “Good” Jesse says. “I am glad you didn’t kill him” Norah says. “Like you killed our dad and brother?” Dominique suddenly says. Jesse and Kate both look to Sam. “You killed Hugo?” Kate says. “There was no other way” Sam says. “Did you kill him!” Kate yells. “Yes I did” Sam says. Kate opens the car door and walks outside. It stays quiet for a while afterwards, until Jesse says: “Let me go to her” Jesse walks outside. “Couldn’t you say that on another moment?” Sam says angry to Dominique. “I thought you weren’t going to say it!” Dominique says. “I was but not on this stupid moment!” Sam says. Outside, Jesse sees Kate sitting on a bench. “I know I can’t take away your pain, but we have to go further” Jesse says. “I don’t want to be anymore with him” Kate says. “Tommy was also killed, he was my best friend, but we have to forget it, this is war, everybody of us could die on any time” Jesse says. On that moment, he says that suddenly somebody appears behind him. “Jesse?” Kate says scared. “No I am saying that we should” Jesse says but then he turns around and sees the masked guy standing behind him. He isn’t wearing a Scream mask, but a devil mask. “Who the hell are you?” Jesse says without being afraid. He ignores his question and pushes him away. He walks to Kate and grabs him. “Where is Alpha Scream?” The devil masked guy says. “Alpha Scream is death” Kate says. “Tell me or you will die!” The devil says. Jesse stands up and attacks him. He isn’t surprised by his moves and dodges away and grabs Kate and takes her away. Jesse has no idea what happened. Later Jesse returns at the car and Sam, Norah and Dominique are still sitting at their places. Jesse steps in. “Where is Kate?” Sam says. “Somebody took her” Jesse says. “What?” Sam says surprised. “We should go away” Jesse says. “Start the engine!” Jesse says. Sam starts the engine and drives away. “So how did he look like?” Sam says. “He wore a mask that looked like a devil” Jesse says.

Bruce, Isabelle, Lily and Elina are sitting in the living room. “And what are you going to do when they are here?” Isabelle says. “We will see that then” Lily says. “And what if they all died in the explosion? Haven’t you thought of that?” Bruce says. But on the moment somebody knocks on the door. “Wait here, I will open the door” Bruce says. Bruce opens the door and he sees Sam, Norah, Scream 2 and one of the other girls standing he met when he was with the Screams. “So you survived the explosion?” Bruce says. “Yes we were just in time out of the building” Sam says. “Can we come in? It is very cold outside” Norah says. “All right but who are they?” Bruce says. “Wait I remember you, you were Scream 5” Jesse says. “Oh yeah you were Scream 2 right?” Bruce says. “Yes” Jesse says. “No I remember it” Bruce says. “Norah what’s inside of here?” Dominique says. “I am not sure, but I have already been here before multiple times” Norah says. Bruce accepts them to go inside. Inside to their surprise they see Lily and Elina. Norah tries to hide her, but it is too late, Lily sees them. “Look who we have there” Lily says. “Who is that?” Dominique says. Norah ignores her question. “I am sorry for leaving, but I was kidnapped” Sam says. “Yes I know” Lily says. “So that must be his other daughter” Lily says and he points to Dominique. “Yes and who the hell are you bitch?” Dominique says. “Bitch? Look to yourself” Lily says. “I know very well who you are. You are one that tortured my sister, you for sure will pay for that!” Dominique says. Sam tries to calm down and says: “Dominique please be quiet” “No problem, But where the hell is your beloved daddy?” Lily says. “He is dead” Sam says. Lily is quiet, but after a few seconds she starts laughing. Elina and Isabelle are still sitting at the bench and are surprised by his death. “The biggest Scream is already death? Hahahaha keep your lies away!” Lily says. “No he is dead for real” Norah says very sad. “So how did he die?” Bruce says. “I injured him and the one responsible for his death is still unknown” Sam says. “We need to work together to find him” Sam says. “He has one of us, we want to get her as fast as possible back” Sam says. “Excuse me who are you?” Lily says. “One of the ones you were killing, but we are all normal now” Jesse says. “You sure about that?” Lily says. “Where are Charles and Naomi?” Sam interrupts their conversation. “Not here” Bruce says. “They are in their house taking time for their self” Elina says. Sam walks to her and goes sitting next to her. “Hey I am still very sorry for what happened” Sam says. “It wasn’t your fault” Elina says. “But it doesn’t change anything to the fact that you’re still criminals. You must all be locked up.” Lily says. “And do those cops you work with now, what you did to my sister?” Dominique says. “It was her fault, she should have given the information to a police commander!” Lily says. “Walk to hell!” Dominique says. “You look a lot like your dad” Lily says. “Mention him one time again!” Dominique says. Sam goes between them and says: “Stop the fight, we should work together against the common enemy” “Working together with that bitch? Hell no” Dominique says. Lily stays quiet and thinks.

In another place, Kate is thrown on the ground. “Who the hell are you?” Kate says. The guy with the devil mask doesn’t say anything. “Please let me go!” Kate says. He ignores her again. He walks to a screen where the locations of Alpha Scream, Scream 2, Norah and Dominique are shown. He sees they are at the same location. After that he walks away. “So and what will be the plan?” Bruce says. “He will probably come to us” Sam says. “How do you know?” Elina says. “He knows our location and he wants to erase all his tracks” Sam says. “You sure about that?” Norah says. “Can’t we track the location of Kate?” Jesse says. “If she is still alive, it probably can” Sam says. But on that moment, a rock is thrown through the window. “What the hell is that?” Isabelle says. “He is here” Sam says. And on the moment the door is slam opened. “Hello Alpha Scream” He says. “You’re so predictable, I knew you would come here” Sam says. “Oh yeah I am?” He says. And on that moment his car rides through the same window as the rock was thrown in. The car rides very fast. Bruce grabs Isabelle and they move away, but Elina and Dominique are too late, they are hit by the car. “Was that predictable?” the Devil Scream says. “Just tell me what you want” Sam says. “I want all of you death!” The Devil Scream says and he attacks Sam. During the fight, Sam says: “And why do you want us death?” “You messed up all my plans!” The devil Scream says. He is stronger than Sam and pushes him away. Bruce, Lily and Jesse also attack him. “King Scream was so weak that he lost against you” The Devil Scream says during the fight. “Where is Kate?” Jesse says. “That girl? She is already death for hours, I dumped her body in the lake” The Devil scream says. Jesse becomes angry from it and starts moving faster. Norah walks to her sister to look if she is all right. She and Elina are both lying injured on the ground behind the car. After a not very long fight, Sam, Lily, Jesse, Bruce and Isabelle are defeated. The Devil Scream walks to Norah, Dominique and Elina. “The two daughters of that weak idiot, I don’t need you both” The Devil Scream says. “Please let both of us live” Norah says. “Look to your sister, she is even worse than death!” the Devil scream says. “Please you took away my whole family, she is the only family I still have” Norah says. The Devil Scream grabs her by her throat. “You have guts to speak these words to me” Devil Scream says and he starts to strangle her. Dominique tries to stand up to save her sister. But on that moment, Devil Scream says: “That’s something I appreciate” And on that moment the Car drives further and the wheel of car goes straight over Dominique. She is flatten and all the blood splashes out of the body and she dies. After it happened, he throws Norah on the ground and walks to Elina. He grabs her and throws them in his car and takes them away.

When they awake, they are all sitting in the same cell. They all see Dominique isn’t with them anymore. “Where is Dominique?” Jesse says very worried. “She is death!” The Devil Scream says. Jesse becomes very angry about it and says: “You are going to pay for this!” “Tell me why you didn’t kill us already!” Sam says. “That’s way too easy, you all need to suffer” The Devil Scream says. “Suffer for what?” Isabelle says. “All my plans, all gone because of you eight idiots!” The Devil Scream says. “But that were my dad’s plans, not yours!” Norah says. “Your dad and I, we are the same person! I am King Scream!” King Scream says. “Your dad was very easy to manipulate” King Scream says. “So him becoming a Scream was all your work?” Norah says. “Yes it was, I used him to do the work I was too busy to do” King Scream says. “What work was that?” Sam says. “To create a weapon that could turn everybody into a Scream” King Scream says. “I already knew that” Sam says. “Yes but don’t you want to know why?” King Scream says. “Yes indeed we want” Bruce says. “I already had a plan to kill off all of those stupid Screams!” King Scream says. “So what is the point of making these screams and then simply kill of all of them?” Isabelle says. “It would make me a hero! The ultimate Scream killer!” The King Scream says. “So you only did this for the fame?” Sam says. “Yes I wanted to be very famous! But all of you ruined this plan. That’s something I can’t let unpunished. I will punish you all one by one” King Scream says. “Norah you was the first to get punished, I killed both your dad and sister, that’s enough for you” King Scream says. “You also killed my dad?” Norah says. “Yes and not only them, all of the other innocent people your dad killed. You are the reason I lost the control of Alpha Scream, that was something you shouldn’t have done.” King Scream says. “So you also had the control over me?” Sam says. “Yes with the credits to Killer Scream. I took you over from her after Hannah died” King Scream says. “So you used him to kill my brother?” Norah says. “You are a fast learner, indeed I did” King Scream says. Norah becomes very angry of it, but Sam grabs her and calms her down. “Isabelle, you are the second to get punished” King Scream says. Isabelle is surprised of him suddenly mentioning her name. “Remember what my weapon did on one of your best friends?” King Scream says. “Yes of course I remember” Isabelle says. “It is time to show you if you didn’t ruin my plan what I would have done.” King Scream says and he walks away. Bruce walks to Isabelle and says: “Don’t react to what he will do, that’s what he wants” Bruce says. Isabelle nods and on that moment, King Scream is back. He throws Claire inside the room. Isabelle is surprised to see her. “What have you done to her?” Isabelle says very worried. “Not that much yet, after she left your home, I kidnapped her” King Scream says. Bruce and Isabelle are both angry but don’t do much yet. “Watch this” King Scream says and he uses his weapon on Claire. She becomes very aggressive again. “Do you remember this Isabelle?” King Scream says. Isabelle thinks to what Bruce said, don’t react to it. King Scream grabs another weapon and also uses it on the Scream Claire. It turns her to ashes. “Did you see? I could have easily eliminated all of them” King Scream says. Isabelle is very sad and starts crying. “This isn’t your fault” Bruce says to comfort her. “Yes it is her fault!” King Scream says. “Stop this madness! We have suffered enough, just take my life, and let the others live” Sam says. “You think it will be that easy? Of course I will take your life, but not yet” King Scream says.

“I will make sure you die, but first your friends die and at last I will take your life!” King Scream says and he walks away. The others are still upset about the recent events. Isabelle is crying and Bruce embraces her and repeats that it isn’t her fault. At the time King Scream left, Lily says: “I wonder what he will do to me, he can’t let me suffer” Lily says. “Didn’t you see what he did to my family?” Norah says. “I don’t care about them that much anymore, it is my job” Lily says. “You sure?” Sam says. She ignores his question. Elina is sitting quiet at a bed. Jesse goes sitting next to her. “Are you all right?” Jesse says. “No I am not, I am probably next, I can’t believe there can be something worse than losing my only child” Elina says. “I know, there isn’t, but we won’t let it come to that” Jesse says. “I hope so” Elina says. “We should go out of here as fast as possible” Sam says. “Any ideas?” Lily says. “I have an idea” Bruce says. “What is your idea?” Isabelle says still very sad. “I can try to call Charles or Naomi, maybe they can get us out of here” Bruce says. “Great idea” Sam says. Bruce calls to Naomi. They wait for some seconds. “Wait do you hear that?” Sam says. “You hear what?” Lily says. “The phone is inside this house” Sam says very shocked. On the same moment, King Scream walks inside and he is furious. “How on earth did you think of calling her?” King Scream says. “What did you do to her?” Elina says mad. “She is better off than you are” King Scream says. “You fucking motherfucking idiot!” Sam says. “And yes, we are in their house, if you already remarked that” King Scream says. “Since you can’t fucking wait, with everything!” King Scream says and he pushes on a button on his arm. The death body of Naomi falls inside their cell. Everybody inside is very shocked. Her body is burned down. Elina starts crying. “And what did you do to Charles?” Sam says to stay calm. “He is death for hours, I killed him after you last saw him in Elina’s house” King Scream says. “Come on show his body! I am waiting for it!” Sam says. “It is not yet the time for that” King Scream says. “You are so fucking dumb as hell” Sam says and suddenly he disappears. “What on earth?” King Scream says. But on the same moment, King Scream gets hit very hard from the back. He is thrown away to the cell. “Did you forget I have the teleporting gadget, you made?” Sam says. “That rotten Hugo shouldn’t have given you it” King Scream says and he teleports away as well. “I can’t have much time” Sam says and he gives a key to Bruce. On the same moment, King Scream returns with his weapon again and he attacks Sam. “How did you dare to call me dumb? You are the most stupid idiot on this whole fucking planet” King Scream says and he uses all his weapons on Sam. He is injured. But Bruce opens the door quickly and he also attacks King Scream. Lily also gets out of it and attacks him. When they attack him he suddenly teleports away. “Stupid coward” Sam says angry. “He probably isn’t in the house anymore” Lily says. “That’s a good thing for now” Bruce says. “Kate must also be in this house.” Jesse says and he starts searching. They look through the house of Charles and Naomi, but can’t find anything. “Any signs of Charles’ body?” Sam says. “No nothing” Bruce says. “We should go away from here as fast as possible.” Sam says. “Great idea, smart guy” Lily says. Elina and Norah are still sitting inside the cell. Sam walks to them and says: “We should go” Elina steps on and follows the others. “You think outside we are safe from him?” Norah says. “No, but at least safer than here” Sam says. “He probably already knew you was going to do this and outside he has his next boobytrap standing” Norah says very sad. Sam goes sitting next to her. “I am so sorry for killing your brother” Sam says. “That wasn’t your fault. He used my whole family for years and killed all of them except me” Norah says. Sam doesn’t know what to answer on that. “How is it possible that you don’t care about any of the deaths?” Norah says. “Your dad or the guy that used him is the 7th Scream in my life” Sam says. “So you are saying this has happened for you already several times?” Norah says. “Yes, I can explain that later, we need to go now” Sam says and he steps on. He grabs her arm and pushes her in the air. They walks outside where the others are waiting for them. “No signs of Charles anywhere” Bruce says to Sam. “We need to find him before it is too late” Sam says. “Who is Charles, if I may ask?” Norah says. “A friend of us” Sam says. “Where did you see him last?” Lily says. “In Elina’s house” Sam says. But on that moment, Sam gets a call. It is from Charles’ phone. “This can’t be coincidence” Sam says and he opens the call. “Who is this?” Sam says. “Me” King Scream says. “If you want Charles, you should come to Norah’s dad’s base at midnight” King Scream says. Sam wants to respond but King Scream hangs up. “What did he say?” Bruce says. “We must come to Norah’s father’s base at midnight if we want Charles.” Sam says. “That is a trap, I know it for sure” Norah says. “She is right” Jesse says. “Let me go to there alone” Sam says. “I am going to make an end to this” Sam says. “But then you will die” Norah says scared. “If you live because of my death, then that is a positive thing” Sam says. “No I will go with you” Norah says. “What?” Sam says. “I want revenge, do you understand?” Norah says. “All right, but we won’t let him notice that you are inside.” Sam says. “I am not going to let you die, I will help as well” Bruce says. “Count me in as well” Lily says. “All right, maybe I can use your help” Sam says.

When it is dark they go to the base. Elina and Isabelle stayed behind in Bruce’s house. They drive inside a car to the base. “What are the plans?” Bruce says. “I don’t really have a plan” Sam says. “We should have one” Lily says. “I am open to suggestions” Sam says. “Me and Bruce will search for Kate, she must be inside of there.” Jesse says. “Okay then” Bruce says. Later they arrive at the base. Sam walks inside alone. Inside in the big throne room he sees King Scream sitting on his throne. “You are a lot sooner here than expected” King Scream says. “This is going to end as fast as possible!” Sam yells to him. “True this will be the night of the ultimate” King Scream says. “It is funny and unexpected for me that you walk inside here alone. Where are your friends?” King Scream says. “I thought you wanted me to come alone” Sam says. “No, if this will be the night we should all be here” King Scream says and he steps on. “Give Charles to me!” Sam says. “Alive or death?” King Scream says. “Alive of course you idiot, I am not going to ask it again” Sam says. In another room of the base, Bruce and Jesse are searching. “The cells should be here” Jesse says. Inside the last cell they see Kate sitting. “Kate?” Jesse says. She doesn’t response to him. Jesse tries to wake her up. “She is in deep sleep” Bruce says. Jesse grabs a rock and throws it on the lock. The slot is destroyed and opened. Jesse walks inside and grabs Kate. She is unconscious. “We should bring her to a safe place” Bruce says. “True” Jesse says. In another room, Norah is sitting on a chair staring in front of her. “Can’t you help me?” Lily says annoyed. “Any reason why I should help you?” Norah says. “You’re still angry of what I did to you, right? You are a scared little girl” Lily says. “Shut up” Norah says. “You have a big mouth for a little girl!” Lily says while she tries to open a door of the base. “Why the hell are we doing this? We should help Sam killing that motherfucker” Norah says. “He is dumb enough to go against him alone, he was always an asshole, but not as much as now” Lily says and later she breaks the door open. Inside there is the weapon room. “I knew it was in here” Norah says. They grabs some weapons and walks outside. “Ah I knew you weren’t alone” King Scream says. “What are you saying?” Sam says. “You are taking my attention while your friends are robbing my weapon room. Very smart” King Scream says. “No I am here to make an end of you” Sam says. “As you wish, I am just standing unarmed, you can kill me every second that you are wasting” King Scream says. “But not before I have Charles, I know he is here!” Sam says. “He is closer than you might think” King Scream says and he clicks on a button and suddenly Charles appears. King Scream has some kind of weapon around him. “You wasted your time, one step closer to me and he dies!” King Scream says. Sam becomes angry of it. Bruce and Jesse walks to the exit. They see it, but suddenly the door closes. Jesse becomes very angry of it. “He found out we are here” Bruce says trying to stay calm. On that moment, Kate awakes. “Where the hell am I?” Kate says. “Kate!? You are safe with us!” Jesse says. “Who are us?” Kate says. “I am so happy to see you” Jesse says and suddenly he starts kissing her. Bruce is surprised but he doesn’t do anything against it. After the kiss, Kate says: “Who the hell are you and why did you kiss me?” “You are out of options, are you?” King Scream says. “You know you are so desperate that anything you do, I still win!” King Scream says. But on that moment, Lily and Norah come inside the room. Lily grabs a weapon and fires at King Scream. King Scream is surprised but he can easily dodge the bullets. “You think you can surprise me with that?” King Scream says and he also grabs his knife. Sam walks further and attacks him. They fight off each other. Lily tries to help Sam. “Surrender King Scream, and you can get a lawyer!” Lily says while attacking him. She uses the weapons on him. He dodges back. “All of these weapons are designed not to hurt me!” King Scream says and he attacks them again. “All the time you think you are two steps in front me, but still you are 5 steps behind of me!” King Scream says. King Scream uses his weapon and destroys the weapon of Lily and pushes her away. Sam attacks him but he is fast enough to stop his attack. “You are so predictable Alpha Scream!” King Scream says. “You know that is not my name, and it will never be again!” Sam says. “But still you were him.” King Scream says and he uses another weapons and destroys Sam’s weapons. He falls defeated on the ground. King Scream wants to kill him, but Lily steps on and intervenes. He easily pushes her away. “And now you will…..” King Scream says but suddenly he is stabbed from behind. King Scream’s weapon falls out of his hands on the ground. “This is for my family!” Norah yells and she stabs another knife inside King Scream’s body. Sam and Lily are both surprised by her actions. “Very good Norah” King Scream says and his body falls on the ground and turns to ashes. On the same time, Bruce, Jesse, Kate walk inside and they see what happened. “So where is this King Scream, you’re talking about?” Kate says. “He should be here” Jesse says. Bruce runs to Sam to look if he is all right. He helps him back in the air. “What happened?” Bruce says. “He is death I think” Sam says and he points to the ash in front of Norah. She can’t believe what she did. Sam sees Charles. The weapons on him disappear and he is unlocked. Sam runs to him and grabs him. Norah looks inside the ash if she can see who is the killer of her family, but she doesn’t see anything. On the same moment a huge explosion is heard. Lily steps on and says: “We should go out as fast as possible” They walk to the exit, but Kate doesn’t follow him. Jesse tries to get her with them, but she refuses. “And now the hell you are going to tell what the fuck happened!” Kate says. “She can’t remember she ever turned to a scream, does she?” Sam says. “No she doesn’t” Bruce says. Sam walks to her and says: “Do you want to die?” “No of course not! I only want to know what the fuck……..” Kate wants to finish her question but she is shot inside of her belly. Jesse grabs her and tries stop the bleeding. “You are going to be fine” Jesse says. Sam and Bruce look through the group and see Charles aimed the gun at her and shot her. Charles grabs Norah and puts the same gun on her head. “She is his daughter, she should die!” Charles yells. “No Charles put the gun away!” Sam says. But on that moment, Lily smashes the gun out of his hands. But suddenly Charles grabs Lily and Norah both by their throats. “What the hell is wrong with you Charles?” Bruce says. “Charles……. Hahahaha. It is a long time ago since I last heard that name” Charles says. “King Scream also changed you?” Sam says. “No he didn’t” Charles says. “Killer Scream did” Charles says. “Who the hell is Killer Scream?” Jesse says while he tries to help Kate. But a few seconds later, Kate says: “No idea who you are, but thank you” After she said that, she dies. Jesse starts crying and becomes very angry. “You are going to pay for killing her!” Jesse yells and he runs to Charles. Charles is still holding Norah and Lily. And then another bullet is fired. The bullet goes right through Jesse. Sam looks to what happened and he knows one thing. He starts running and he jumps on Charles. Charles throws Lily and Norah away to a corner of the room. The ground of the room starts falling away. Norah and Lily fall in a hole. Sam attacks Charles and pushes him on the ground. The ground below them also collapses. Bruce, Sam, Jesse and Charles fall in the hole. Kate’s death body stays behind but is later is destroyed by a falling piece of the roof of the room. “You are him” Sam says during the fight. “Finally you know it” Charles says. “Now you idiots are 4 steps behind of me” King Scream laughable says. “How did this happen?” Sam says. “Killer Scream did not only make a scream, Hannah also made a Scream of me” King Scream says. “That’s not possible” Sam says. “Yes it is” King Scream says. “So that means you killed your own wife?” Bruce says. “Yes I killed Naomi, she began to make me tired and she didn’t satisfy me enough” Charles says. “You fucking son of a bitch!” Sam says and he smashes inside his face. But suddenly he disappears and he reappears above them. “I told you this is going to be the ultimate night, so we should all be here” Charles says and suddenly Elina and Isabelle both appear. “I heard you can fuck good with one of them” Charles says and he grabs Elina. “Anyways, I am done with all of you, Isabelle, you can die with these idiots” Charles says and he pushes Isabelle is the hole. Bruce grabs her. “Bye you idiots!” Charles says and he and Elina walk outside the room. “Are you okay?” Bruce says. “What the hell has just happened?” Isabelle says. “He is him” Bruce says. “Charles is King Scream” Bruce says. Isabelle is shocked about it.

Jesse is lying on the ground bleeding. “Shouldn’t we help him?” Sam says. “Yes and what about Elina?” Isabelle says. “We should find a way to get up there and save her” Sam says. “This whole building is starting to collapse” Bruce says. “Maybe I can try to walk” Jesse says. “I am not that strong to hold you to the top.” Sam says. “It’s okay, the bullet didn’t hit any important organs I think” Jesse says. Sam helps him back in the air. “Wait I still have that teleporting thing” Sam says and he grabs the teleporting gadget. He clicks on the button to start the device, but suddenly it says: “Do you think I am this stupid and let you use it again?” “Never mind” Sam says and he throws it on the ground and stamps on it. “Why did you do that?” Bruce says. “Charles locked it” Sam says. On the same moment, Isabelle says: “I have found a secret door” “Good” Jesse says. She opens the door and they go trough it. Behind it there is a stairs down which leads to a room which didn’t collapse. “What do you think this room is?” Isabelle says. “Maybe the room where Charles kept his secrets?” Bruce says. They look around and they see pictures of all of them. “He was already studying us for a long time” Sam says. “True” Bruce says. “We should go further, I want to kill that idiot that killed Kate” Jesse says. “Me too after what he did to Claire” Isabelle says furious. “Calm down Isabelle” Bruce says. “Btw did none of you notice that Lily and Norah are gone?” Sam says. “They fall down in a hole” Jesse says. In a dark room, Norah looks around and doesn’t see anything. “Am I death?” Norah says. It stay quiet. “You wish, you’d be death” Lily says and she stands before her. “Where the hell are we?” Norah says. “In King Scream’s hell” Lily says mad. “Calm down, we will find a way to get out here” Norah says. “This is all your fault, I almost had that motherfucker until he aimed at you and couldn’t kill him!” Lily says. Norah grabs a lighter and creates some lights. She sees Lily sitting before her. “You have a wound on your head” Norah says. “I don’t care, I want to come out of here now!” Lily says. “Quiet!” Norah says. “I am trying to find a way out and you’re constantly irritating me” Norah says. “I am sorry beautiful princess, Shall I do your nails?” Lily says. “Fucking bitch” Norah says angry. “You wish you didn’t say that” Lily says and she starts attacking her. She throws her on the ground. “Don’t you remember what I did to you the last time?” Lily says and she starts hitting her. “Please don’t do this again” Norah says. “You are begging like a little girl. Sam isn’t here to save you, is he?” Lily says. “I don’t need him to protect me” Norah says. Lily stand on, walks away, but doesn’t say anything. “So you simply walk away?” Norah says. “You are not even important enough to pay my attention to” Lily says and walks away in the dark. “Fine, I can easily survive on my own” Norah says and she stands on and searches in the dark.

Charles walks to another room and Elina is tied up with him. “What the hell have you done to Naomi?” Elina says. “We had an argument and we grew out of each other” Charles says. “And then you simply kill her? I can’t believe it” Elina says. “One day you will” Charles says. “We should go back and save the others, I know we can save you” Elina says. “It’s too late” Charles says. “Sam also turned back to normal, you can too” Elina says. “I TOLD YOU IT’S TOO LATE!!!” Charles screams to her. Elina is surprised of his reaction. It stay quiet for some time, until Elina says: “Why did you exactly kidnap me?” Elina says. “Because I don’t want you to die, not yet” Charles says. “And why is that so?” Elina says. “You will soon find out” Charles says. “I will wait for it” Elina says and she sits down at the bench.

“I need to find them” Sam says. “First save yourself” Bruce says. “You really think that bitch is worth it?” Jesse says. “I don’t do it for her” Sam says. After he said that suddenly the building starts collapsing again. “We should move as fast as possible” Isabelle says. “There must be a way out” Sam says and he searches around. They move some ruins away and suddenly see another door. They go through the door and they see a stairs up. “This was way easier than expected” Bruce says. Suddenly on that moment, an hologram opens. It is Charles. “Hello my old friends, good to see you are still alive” Charles says. “Let Elina go” Isabelle says. “She is safer with me than she is with you” Charles says. “You probably thought we would death, didn’t you?” Sam says. “No, No surely not. I hoped you would survive, since you shouldn’t die so easily” Charles says “Can’t we make a trade?” Sam says. “What trade?” Charles says. “You get me and you let Elina go” Sam says. “No deal, Elina is too precious for me” Charles says. “This whole building was a trap. But well I see two of you didn’t survive. Sad for them” Charles says. “They will survive this, nobody will die anymore because of you” Sam says. “Good luck on finding me, I won’t give any tips” Charles says and the hologram disappears.

Inside under the building, Norah searches for her way outside. Way further she sees a window. She smashes it open and goes inside it. She is shocked to see what is inside. Inside there are a lot of bodies in body bags. She sees it in the dark. But there is a lamp on the roof hanging. She tries to find the switch to light it up. She finds it and light it up. To her survive, Lily is also in the room. “How did you find this?” Norah says. “I followed you dumbass” Lily says. “Thanks for showing me the way, I knew since you are his daughter that you would know it” Lily says. “I am not King Scream’s daughter, my father was a victim” Norah says. “Whatever, it is time for you to die!” Lily says and she attacks her again. He jumps on her and throws her at the bodies. “You will be just like them” Lily says. “But before you die, you will tell me how to get out of here!” Lily says and he grabs a knife and puts it at her throat. “What the hell is wrong with you? I already told that I have no idea!” Norah says. “You fucking liar!” Lily says and he attacks her again and hits her. “You can’t even fight! Why on earth do you even exist? Your family hated you and soon you are going to them in hell.” Lily says. Norah starts becoming sad. Lily starts laughing. “I am a police officer and I am going to kill the most innocent girl in the world” Lily says. Lily grabs her by her head and pushes the knife on her throat. “Any last words my princess?” Lily says. “Yes….. I hope you will be the first person in the world, which is going to die after me” Norah says. “Good last words” Lily says and she grabs her knife with two hands, but suddenly she is stabbed. She can’t believe it and she sees a knife inside her belly. Norah grabs a gun out of her pocket and shoots her through the head. A lot of bloods splashes out of her head on the ground. The remaining parts of her bodies fall on the ground around the other bodies. Norah looks to what she has done and can’t believe it. “Well she deserved it” Norah says and she steps on. But on that moment, the building starts collapsing. A lot of ruins fall on her and she becomes unconscious.

Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Jesse walk up the stairs and they come out of the ruins to the upper part of the base which is still standing. They see Elina lying on the ground. Isabelle runs to her and looks if she is all right. She is unconscious. “You should bring her to safety, I will deal with Charles” Sam says. “No I am not doing that, the last time you disappeared afterwards” Bruce says. “Ok then” Sam says. “Welcome back, I see you’re not death yet” Charles suddenly appears and says. “Great that you found your beloved Elina back” Charles says. “What did you do to her?” Sam says. “Remember that she is still the girl you once loved Alpha Scream” Charles says. “That is not my name anymore, for a very long time already” Sam says. “Whatever, what you want. All you four are going to die this night!” Charles says and he attacks them. Sam and Bruce attack too and they start a fight. “You should bring her to safety” Jesse says to Isabelle. Isabelle nods and she walks away to search for an exit. Sam and Bruce work together but Charles is very strong. “Even with both of you, you can’t defeat me!” Charles says. Jesse also attacks Charles. “3 against one, this is going to be interesting” Charles says. “You going to pay for what you did to Kate!” Jesse says very angry. “Her name was Scream 3, it will always be that!” Charles says and he attacks Jesse. Sam tries to hit Charles from behind but he dodges his attack and hits him in his face. Bruce jumps on Charles, but Charles throws him on the ground. “You have hate, that’s good. Use it!” Charles says to Jesse. Jesse becomes even more angry of it and he starts becoming faster. Charles also needs to move faster. He can’t become that fast and Jesse hits him in his leg. “Very good! Kill me and you can become me!” Charles says. Bruce and Sam lie on the ground and see it. “Where are you waiting for? Kill me!!!!” Charles says. Jesse looks him in the eyes and says: “Killing you already is too easy” “That’s the last mistake you will make in your pitiful life” Charles says and he grabs another knife out of his coat and stabs it inside Jesse. “You should have been death already” Charles says. Sam becomes very angry of it and attacks King Scream. Bruce walks to Jesse and says: “You are going to make this” “I am not, I will see Kate again” Jesse says and some seconds later he is death. Sam has also grabbed Jesse’s weapon and he also attacks Charles with it. Charles clicks on a button on his coat and suddenly the floor starts moving downwards. “You don’t need help of your friend, do you?” Charles says. “No I am going to end this myself” Sam says. “Like I killed Master Scream, Killer Scream and also those other fuckers” Sam says. “Oh yeah do you? I am going to kill you like I did to Jesse, Kate, Naomi and the whole Kearns family including Norah. What about that?” Charles says. “What did you do?” Sam says. “Your new whore is as death as Noa Knight” Charles says. “How do you know about that?” Sam says. “Are you that stupid? I know everything of you. From Noa Knight to Ron. From David Parker to Rudy Robinson!” Charles says. “So you already know how many of these idiots like you I killed?” Sam says. “Yes I do, but they were all weak, I won’t be as weak as them” Charles says and he attacks Sam again. “So if you know everything. After you die, what will be the next Scream?” Sam says. “There won’t be a next Scream. It is going to end with you tonight!” Charles says. “I do not believe that, nor I don’t believe that Norah is death” Sam says. “They fell in that hole. Lily is also as death as hell!!” Charles says. “Confirm it!” Sam says and he tries to hit Charles again. “You still thinks you have a chance against me, do you?” Charles says and he uses his weapon and destroys the weapon of Jesse. “No human being will every stop me!” Charles yells. After he said that the floor ends on the bottom of the castle. “This is the basement. My pets live here” Charles says. And out of the dark the monster come from everywhere.

Bruce walks through the castle and he finds Isabelle. “What happened? Where are Sam and Jesse?” Isabelle says. “Not sure about Sam, but Jesse is dead” Bruce says. “We are not going to survive this, we will die” Isabelle says and she starts becoming very anxious. “No. We are not going to die” Bruce says. “There is no way out!” Isabelle says. “There is. You just haven’t found it yet” Bruce says. “How is Elina?” Bruce says. “Still unconscious” Isabelle says. “I will try to wake her. Search again for a way out” Bruce says. “No I am not going to leave you, we should stay together” Isabelle says. “All right then” Bruce says.

The monster of the basement attacks Sam. Charles walks away in the dark and he laughs. Sam kills one of the monster and the others try to eat him in his legs. “After everything I am not going to get killed by some stupid monsters” Sam says and he moves his knife around and kills a lot of them. “Impressive, but that were only the small ones” Charles says. And suddenly a very big monster appears. “That’s the big mommy” Charles says. “Look if you can defeat this big monster!” Charles says. The big monster is ready to attack Sam, and Sam is ready. But on the moment, the monster wants to attacks, it suddenly falls death on the ground. “They are very weak if you ask me” Another familiar voice in the room says. She jumps off the falling death monster. “Norah! Very impressive of you” Charles says. Sam catches her. “I thought you were death” Sam says. “Luckily for you I am not” Norah says. “No I mean, I missed you” Sam says and he kisses her. “Hahahaha. You two are so predictable” Charles says. “I thought we were going to find with us two. You told me that I don’t need Bruce, so you don’t need these pets!” Sam says. “There is point of truth in that what you say, but first she will die!” Charles says and suddenly another pets comes to Norah and hits her. Sam attacks the beast and pushes it away. “She is your weakness!” Charles says and he attacks Sam. “No she is a weakness for Screams like you” Sam says. “No I won’t be tempted to that!” Charles says. “Why kill you, if we can save you?” Sam says. “What are you talking about Sam?” Norah says. Sam ignores his question and walks to Charles. “Yeah great idea! because when you kill me, you will take over all my Scream annoyances!” Charles says. Sam comes closer to him and says: “Give your weapon to me” Sam says. “Charles, I still believe in you” Sam says. “You’re my friend, you still are” Sam says and he aims his hand to Charles. “No!! I will never be your friend again!” Charles says and he attacks Sam. He kicks him on his belly on the ground and Sam falls on the ground Charles and puts a knife on his throat. “Well it looks like you will be killed off now” Charles says. “Stop!” Norah says. “Oh you have any last word for your lover?” Charles says. “No I do not have any last words, for you” Norah says and she puts a knife inside his eye ball. Charles screams the pain out and says: “How??” “I also have one of those teleport things, borrowed from my death father, I thought you were so powerful and smart, you would have know that” Norah laughable says. “My revenge will be bitter!” Charles says and he attacks Norah. But suddenly out of nowhere a knife goes right through the belly and heart of Charles. He tries to breath but he can’t and a lot of blood comes out of him. Afterwards, he falls death on the ground before Norah. Sam stands behind him holding the knife. “What? I was just planning on taking him to the police” Norah says. “Doesn’t work, they always come back” Sam says. “That’s true” Norah says. “Well nobody has seen I killed him. I hope Lily isn’t staring at us” Sam says. “Lily is death, those hounds killed her” Norah says. “Oh fine, I disliked her already far enough” Sam says. On that moment, the hounds come back and they attack them. “We should go away fast!” Sam says and he steps on the floor that took him downwards. “This should go up on some way” Sam says. Norah grabs his arm and suddenly it goes up. “Oh I expected a password” Sam says and it goes up. The hounds start eating on the body of Charles. Later nothing is left of it anymore. “Well I should thank you, I had no idea how to defeat that big monster” Sam says. “Not needed” Norah says and she starts kissing him. Later when they are done they are back again. Bruce and Isabelle see them coming up again. “What has happened?” Bruce says. “Charles is death, Norah saved me” Sam says. “Really?” Isabelle says very surprised. Norah smiles about it. “How is Elina?” Sam says. “Still unconscious” Bruce says. On the same moment an explosion can be heard. “What the hell is that?” Norah says. “Maybe it is like a death switch?” Sam says. “That means, we must leave immediately” Bruce says and he grabs a chair and throws it through a window. He watches outside and sees there is no ground. “What happened?” Sam says. “The ground is gone” Bruce says. “What now?” Isabelle says. On that moment, Elina awakes. “Elina?” Sam says. “What has happened? Where am I?” Elina says. “Charles is death, you are safe again” Norah says “Charles? How did he die?” Elina says. “We can talk about that later, we should go now” Sam says. “I know where to go” Norah says. They follow her to another room with a big door. Norah grabs a key under a plant trough and opens the door. “Yeah I didn’t know that” Isabelle says to Bruce. They go through the door and they end up in a garage. “This is the car of my father” Norah says. “Okay step in everybody” Sam says. Elina collapses and falls on the ground. “Sam, I don’t feel so well” Elina says. “What is wrong?” Sam says. “I have bellyache” Elina says. “Charles, he must have done this to you” Sam says. “What are we going to do with her?” Norah says. “Not sure, there can be something in her stomach” Sam says. “Like what?” Isabelle says. “Maybe a bomb or something” Sam says. “What?” Elina says. “I have no idea what Charles did to you” Sam says. Sam looks at her belly and sees red button inside of her body. “That’s not good” Sam says. “What is it?” Elina says. “It is a bomb I think” Sam says. “Wait let me look at your back. At her back it says: “My last surprise for you my friends, King Scream.” “Idiot!” Isabelle says very angry. “We can’t leave you” Sam says. “She can explode anytime” Norah says and disagrees. “You will go away in your daddy’s car, I will stay here with her” Sam says. “What? I don’t want you to die” Norah says. “I am not going to die” Sam says. “How are you going to save her?” Bruce says. “I will search for a way. I am not going to let any more people die” Sam says. “I have faith in you” Bruce says and he stabs in the car. Isabelle follows him. “You sure about this?” Norah says. “Yes I am” Sam says. “Shouldn’t we wait for you?” Norah says. “No there is no time” Sam says. They drive away outside the base. “I can’t believe you do this for me” Elina says. “You deserve this after what I did to you” Sam says. “Thank you” Elina says. “Okay Elina I stole the teleporting machine from Charles, I am going to teleport my arm into your stomach, you ready?” Sam says. “No I am not, but just do it” Elina says. Sam does it and his arm disappears.

Bruce, Isabelle and Norah look behind and they see that the house totally explodes. Isabelle and Norah start crying because of it. “We lost so many people” Isabelle says. “He can’t be death, I am sure he is alive” Bruce says. They stop their car before Sam’s house. Bruce grabs his key to open the front door. To their surprises, Elina and Sam are sitting inside. Bruce, Isabelle and Norah are so happy to see them.

At night, Elina goes sleeping on her own. Bruce and Isabelle are kissing in their bed. “I am so happy to still have you.” Bruce says and they kiss each other. Norah opens the door of Sam’s room. “I thought maybe you wanted some company” Norah says. “Yes I’d like too” Sam says. She goes lying in his bed and they embrace each other. “You still saved me” Sam says. “No you saved me” Norah says. “What does it matter” Sam says and he starts kissing her.

After that scene, the credits starts.

In and post-credit scene, A cemetery is seen. The graves of Norah’s family, Jesse and all the other victims are seen. They all have their own funeral and Bruce, Sam, Isabelle and Norah are seen with a lot of other people. They put flowers on the graves and take care of each other.

In an after-credit scene, Elina is seen lying in bed. She gets nightmares of Charles and King Scream. In her dream Charles hunts after her and there is new scream with instead of a white mask he/she has a red mask. After that Elina wakes up and looks around her. She sees it was a dream and goes back to sleep again.


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