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The Scream: The Killer Scream is a movie in the Scream Series. It is the sixth movie in the franchise. It is the last Scream movie for now (Maybe in the future I will create another movie). It is a sequel to The Scream: The Bleeding Campsite.


After Riley has been killed, a new scream has put his eyes on the group. He is called the Killer Scream and he is also created by Master Scream. He already killed some other people and he is a bit know by the other people. He isn't aware of that Sam's group killed his Master and allies. But suddenly he kidnaps Sam and the others needs to find every piece to find him back. Sam comes at a group and the reasons for everything remain unknown. They have to fight to be the best. But what does the winner of that all win? Sam has to survive this madness, and the others have to give everything to bring him back.


The movie will start in a flashback. Master Scream is seen. He is creating other Screams. William Wilson is standing with him. "And what are you creating next my master?" William says. "The strongest Scream ever created" Master Scream says. "It will be even stronger than us together" Master Scream says. "Interesting" William says. The new scream is born. "It's name will be the Killer Scream" Master Scream says. The Killer Scream steps on an walks to William Wilson and Master Scream. "It will help us killing Sam Stone and Noa Knight?" William says. "Ofcourse it will" Master Scream says.

Two weeks later, Master Scream walks inside a room. The Killer Scream is sitting on a chair. "I asked you to come" Master Scream says. "Why didn't you come back?" Master Scream says. The killer scream ignores him. "Did you heard what I said?" Master Scream says and he walks to it. "Respond or I will kill you!!" Master Scream says. Suddenly the Killer Scream steps on and smashes Master Scream in his face. "You fucking idiot!!!" Master Scream screams. William Wilson hears it and walks inside the room. "What is happening my master?" William says. "It is enough, The Killer Scream won't listen" Master Scream says. Suddenly some other Screams appear and attack the Killer Scream. It can defeat some of them but Master Scream attacks too and stebs a needle inside the Killer Scream. It falls unconscious on the ground. "Put it in the freezer" Master Scream says. William Wilson and the other screams grab the body and throw it inside a freezer. "Sleep well Killer Scream" Master Scream says and he walks away.

The logo of The Scream: The Killer Scream appears.

Sam is standing before a group and says: "You don't need to be scared anymore, there are no screams left anymore" "How can we be sure about that?" a guy says. "Because the last Screams were killed in France two weeks ago" Sam says. "Didn't you hear the news about that campsite?" another person says. "Yes I did" the guy says. "So any more?" Sam says. "Yes I would like to tell something" a girl says. "Okay Hannah go tell it" Sam says. "I was walking inside the park and suddenly I saw a Scream." Hannah says. "He pushes some guy under water in a fountain and later he was gone. I never forgot it" Hannah says. "You don't have to be afraid of him anymore" Sam says. "What about Master Scream?" another boy says. "He was already killed four years ago. After it the remaining Screams were killed" Sam says. "Wasn't Master Scream killed by a girl? what an asshole" Another boy says. Sam doesn't respond on it. They have no idea what that girl meant to him. "So that was all for today" Sam says. "But I want to tell something" another girl says. "Tomorrow, the time is over" Sam says and he walks outside the room. Later somebody walks to him. "Wasn't you the guy that killed all those screams?" he says. "Ehh yes I was" Sam says. "Don't tell the others" Sam says. "Wow nice to meet you" he says. "I am Theo, I am also in your group" Theo says. "Nice to meet you too" Sam says. "A friend of me is waiting, so I need to go" Sam says. "No problem" Theo says. Sam walks away. At the exit he sees some people of his group again. They don't say a lot to him. Sam walks outside and sees the car standing. It are Bruce and Isabelle. Het steps inside the car. "Good afternoon" Sam says. "How was it?" Bruce says. "It was.......okay" Sam says. "It is nice that you want to do this for those people" Isabelle says. "I totally understand what they are going through, so I think I must do this" Sam says. Bruce drives back to their house. At their house they sees Demi and Gaius. They are inside watching television. "Hello" Sam says. "Do you guys have a nice holiday here?" Sam says. "Yes we have" Gaius says. "It is a great country" Demi says. "How was your meeting?" Demi says. "Good, I have met some nice people, and I totally understand what they are going through" Sam says. "Great" Demi says.

On the other side of the country, a busy place is seen. Dion is sitting and waiting. It is a train station and he is waiting for the train. He somewhat survived. His face is angry. Suddenly somebody goes sitting right of him. "Where are you travelling to?" he says. "Why do you want to know that?" Dion says. "What? Just interested" the guy says. "I am going to some old friends of me" Dion says. "Old friends?" The guy says. "Yes I hate them, they should be punished." Dion says. "Okay not nice to hear, but in which train are you going?" The guy says. "The one that goes to San Francisco" Dion says. "Oh me too" The guy says. "I am alone, so maybe we can travel together?" The guy says. "I don't need a travel buddy" Dion says. "I am Jasper" The guy says. "Go away" Dion says. "Why don't you want a travel buddy?" Jasper says. "I hate them" Dion says. The train arrives later. Dion steps on and walks away. He steps on the train. Jasper does the same. He goes sitting close to him. The train later rides away.

Bruce and Isabelle are at a supermarket. They are at the cash register. Bruce gives the money to the cashier and they walk outside. They do their purchases in the car. Bruce sees Isabelle is thinking about something. "What are you thinking about?" Bruce says. Isabelle doesn't respond for some time. "My affair" Isabelle says later. "You shouldn't be guilty for that" Bruce says. "Yes I should" Isabelle says. "He tempted and I had sex with him" Isabelle says. "I don't care anymore" Bruce says. "I feel very guilty" Isabelle says. "There is no need for that" Bruce says. "Dion is death, so you don't have think about him anymore" Bruce says. "There was something with him" Isabelle says. "What?" Bruce says. "He was nice in a good way, until you came with us" Isabelle says. "Later we have never seen him again" Isabelle says. "He probably died during the fight" Bruce says. "But Sam controlled all the bodies, there wasn't a body of him" Isabelle says. "He probably didn't see his one" Bruce says. "I want you to protect me, if he will ever return" Isabelle says. "Of course, no problem, I will do everything for you" Bruce says. "Thank you" Isabelle says.

Later that night, Demi and Gaius are having a cozy dinner. “So what are your plans for the future?“ Demi says. „I want to stay as long as I die with you” Gaius says. “I already hoped you would say that” Demi says and she kisses him. „Another person in the restaurant sees them. After they are done with their kiss he walks to them. “Hello sorry for interrupting, I see you are having a great night together” He says. “Yes we have thank you” Gaius says. “I have asked it to a lot of lovers, but do you want to go on holiday to Thailand?” Connor says. “Yes of course” Demi says. “I have an offer to you, you can go for $200 to Thailand with you too” Connor says. “That sounds very good” Gaius says. “You will go to 2 weeks to Thailand in an all inclusive to Thailand” Connor says. “When will we go then?” Demi says. “You can choose whenever you want” Connor says. “So do you think you want this?” Connor says. “Yes!” Demi says. “It sounds good” Connor says. “Okay I don’t want to interrupt your dinner so can we meet in 1 hour?” Connor says. “Okay is good” Gaius says. “Okay then I will see you in 1 hour at this location” Connor says and the walks outside. Demi is very happy. “I have always wanted to go to Thailand!” Demi says.” You will come there honey” Gaius says and he gives her a hug At Sam’s house, Sam is watching television until suddenly somebody knocks on his door. “Demi and Gaius? Are they already back?” Sam says while he is walking to the door. He opens the door and sees a stranger is standing behind it. “Sam Stone?” he says. “Yes I am” Sam says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I am Charles” Charles says. “Okay but for what are you here?” Sam says. “I need your help” Charles says. “I heard you have dealt with lots of Screams and killed a lot them?” Charles says. “Yes that’s true” Sam says. “So I want you to help me, in my city there is also a scream” Charles says. “Your city? Where do you live then?” Sam says. “A city western of Los Angeles” Charles says. “But that’s not the problem, he has my wife” Charles says. “Okay but I am sorry I don’t think I have time for this” Sam says. “I have some issue and work to do here” Sam says. “Okay but maybe you can learn a way to beat them” Charles says. “Okay that won’t be a problem.” Sam says. Demi and Gaius are on the right time they had an agreement with Connor. 2 minutes later Connor meets with them. “Good to see you don’t have change your mind” Connor says. “Yes we really want to go on holiday with us two alone” Gaius says. “Okay follow me” Connor says and they walk inside. Inside they go to the office of Connor. “Okay there is a computer where you can set your dates that you want to go on holiday and from which airport you want to fly” Connor says. “Okay no problem” Gaius says and he goes sitting on the chair. Demi sees Connor looks nervous. “Why are you looking nervous?” Demi says. “I have a date with my crush tomorrow” Connor says. “Oh that’s enough reason to be nervous.” Demi says. “Yes after I am done with you I have to do some preparations already” Connor says. Gaius is later done and says: “It is done.” “Okay good” Connor says. “Then we will go to the next room where you can pay and print your tickets” Connor says. “Allright” Gaius says and they walk to the next room. Connor closes and locks the door behind them. “I will give you some private time to reserve” Connor says. “Okay great” Demi says. Gaius walks to the ticket machine and pay and prints their tickets. Later they are done. But suddenly on the moment they want to walk back to the door and to their own surprise a Scream is standing before them. “Hello lovers” The Scream says. “What? What are you doing here?” Gaius says. Demi is very surprised by his sudden arrival. “I always come here when that idiot Connor brings lovers here” The Scream says. “There is one thing one earth I hate the most and that is love” The Scream says. “Okay we are sorry for that” Demi says. “But can you let us go? We are only friends” Gaius says. “Liar! You are lovers!!” The Scream says and he grabs a knife and does a glove on his other hand. “You can call me Killer Scream” The Killer Scream says. Gaius starts attacking him but the Scream is stronger and smashes him away. Demi tries to hit him but is also throwen away. The Scream grabs Gaius, which tries to fight back, but the scream is stronger than them. Demi walks to the door and tries to open it and asks for help. “Connor? Help us!!!” Demi screams. Connor hears them but doesn’t come immediately. Demi becomes angry and also attacks Killer Scream. He grabs her again and throws her to the wall, which makes her defeated. The Killer Scream grabs Gaius and pushes him to the wall. His glove become hotter and hotter. “Please have mercy” Gaius says. “Not for your kind” Killer Scream says and he pushes with his glove to his belly and burns inside his skin. Gaius screams the pain out. After the skin is burned off the Killer Scream goes with his hand inside his belly and grabs inside some organs. Gaius starts even more screaming. The Killer Scream cuts with his other hand with the knife his belly open and all his organs fall outside his body, killing him. Demi sees it all and starts crying very hard. On that moment, the door is opened and Connor walks inside. “What is happening here?” Connor says and after he said that he sees Gaius’ organs lying on the ground. The Killer Scream picks up some organs and does it into his collection. “We should go away, he is death” Connor says. Demi doesn’t want to go but Connor pulls her out of the room. “I am very sorry that this happened” Connor says. Demi doesn’t know what to say. “But he probable deserved it” Connor says. “Deserved it? What??” Demi says. “Yes I have heard of this killer, he kills everybody that is bad in relationships, he was probably a bad lover” Connor says. “That is not true, you can’t even know that you jerk” Demi says. “You wish you wouldn’t have called me a jerk” Connor says and suddenly he grabs her. “What on earth are you?” Demi says. “Your greatest nightmare” Connor says and he gets a knife in his other hand and cuts her multiple times. The blood floods over the camera. Demi screams the pain some times out but later it is quiet. Connor throws her death body on the ground. The Killer Scream walks to him and sees what happened. “Good work, 88 couples left in this damn city” Killer Scream says and they both walk away.

The next day, Sam wakes up and he doesn't know what happened with Demi and Gaius. Charles is still sleeping. "Demi and Gaius?" Sam says. He doesn't see them and they aren't also in their room. "They are probably sleeping somewhere else" Sam says. He walks outside. On the moment he wants to step inside his car. He sees something. It is a man, he is doing something in his bag. It is a mask. He is looking very suspicious. Sam knows he has to follow him. He steps in his car. The man also steps in his car. He follows him. He drives to the other side of the city. He stops at the supermarket. He parks his car and steps outside. He grabs his bag again. Sam looks from a distance to the man. He sees he is making himself ready. He walks inside a shop right of the supermarket. Inside he talks with a woman. Sam recognizes the woman. It is Hannah from his Scream meetings. He tries to hear what they are talking about but he is disturbed by another girl. “Can I ask you something?” She asks. “Yes?” Sam says. “Do you know where the hospital in this city? “ The girl asks. “Yes it is in that street and then the first street to the left” Sam says. “Thank you” The girl says. “Don’t you come from here?” Sam says and he watches inside and sees they are still talking. “No I live in San Francisco” The girl says. “Oh allright” Sam says. “My name is Daisy” she says. “Nice to meet you, I am Sam” Sam says. The man and Hannah walk outside. She sees him. She tries to ignore him.  “Hey Hannah” Sam says. “Who is that?” The man says. Hannah doesn’t know what to say. “What is wrong?” Sam says. “Nothing” Hannah says. “What is your problem?” The man says. “That’s the guy which already killed a lot of those idiots” Hannah says. “Oh allright” The Man says. “Who are that?” Daisy says. “We are the AntiScreams” The man says. “Really I didn’t know that?” Sam says. “We can really use somebody like you in our team Mr. Stone” The man says. “I will think about it” Sam says. “What team?” Daisy says. “The team against the Screams” Hannah says to Daisy.

Dion arrives in the city of Isabelle and Bruce. He exactly knows where they live and where he has to go. Jasper still follows him. Dion doesn’t know it. He walks to their house and knocks on the door. Nobody opens. He knocks some more times on the door but nobody opens. He sees a window is standing open. He opens it further and goes inside. He sees some stuff of Bruce and Isabelle. He watches at the photo of them together. “Breaking into somebody house is not really visiting old friends, isn’t it?” a familiar voice says. “Wait you followed me? Go to hell you idiot!” Dion says. “Wohow easy!” Jasper says. “Whose house is this?” Jasper says. “Why do you care?” Dion says. “Because I want to help you” Jasper says. “I don’t need your help” Dion says. “Why not?” Jasper says. “You look pretty lonely” Jasper says. “I am not” Dion says. “Because you are not finding them if you are looking in some old picture albums” Jasper says and he also walks inside. He sees an agenda and looks inside it to the date of that day. “They are at the cinema” Jasper says. “How do you know that?” Dion says. “It is standing here” Jasper says. Dion walks to him and reads it himself. “Thank you, but I don’t any further help of you” Dion says. Dion walks outside and steps back in his car. Jasper stebs in on the other side. “Didn’t you understand what I said?” Dion says. “No I didn’t” Jasper says. “I hate you” Dion says.

Bruce and Isabelle walk out of the cinema. They go to their car. Bruce has got a message from Sam. "I have found some people that made a team against screams, they claim they are still in my city, Maybe I will need your help" The message says. "What is it?" Isabelle says. "It is Sam, he maybe needs our help" Bruce says. "What is wrong?" Isabelle says. Bruce ignores her question. “Never mind, he already says he doesn’t need our help” Bruce says. “Please be honest” Isabelle says. “No I don’t want to go anytime again to that stupid city” Bruce says. “Please don’t say there is another Scream again” Isabelle says. Bruce ignores her again. Isabelle grabs his phone out of his hands and looks to the message of Sam. “I don’t want you to deal with these screams, never anymore” Bruce says. “But Sam maybe needs our help” Isabelle says. “He probably has some other friends that can help him, like Demi and Gaius” Bruce says. “That’s true” Isabelle says. They drive back to their house and are shocked. Somebody broke in in their house. “Look out, they could still be inside” Bruce says. They walk slowly inside. They see that they searched everywhere in the house. “Weird the money is still here” Isabelle says. “That probably means it weren’t thieves” Bruce says. “Why would somebody break into our house?” Isabelle says. “Screams” Bruce says. “How do they know that we live here?” Isabelle says. “True, but you never” Bruce says. “But who actually knows that we live here?” Bruce says. “There is one person, but he is dead” Isabelle says. “I sound pretty alive for a dead person” a voice says. “Show yourself thief!” Bruce says. “It is great to see you back Brucey” The voice, showing himself as Dion, says. “Dion?” Isabelle says. “How on earth did you survive?” Bruce says. “The sea kept me alive” Dion says. “Sea?” Isabelle says. “Yes didn’t you idiots know you threw me out of that plane?” Dion says. “No we didn’t” Bruce says. “I was in a suitcase when you opened the back door” Dion says. “Oh we didn’t know that, I am very sorry for that” Isabelle says. “So why did you came back?” Bruce says. “Revenge!” Dion says. “Go to hell, you won’t find any revenge here” Bruce says. “Just give Bruce to me Isabelle, then I won’t do you any harm.” Dion says. “No way” Isabelle says. “Deal” Bruce says. “I got this” Bruce whispers to Isabelle. Isabelle doesn’t agree but has to deal with it. “That went easier than expected” Dion says. “Maybe you really did change a bit” Dion says. “Probably not” Bruce says and he walks to Dion. “So what will you do with me?” Bruce says. Dion grabs a gun and aims it to Bruce’s head. “Killing you of course” Dion says. “No please, we can make a deal” Isabelle says. “We already have one” Dion says. On the moment he wants to shoot Bruce in his head, Jasper walks inside the room. “Wow wait!” Jasper says. “Who the hell is that?” Bruce says. “Give me one good reason not to kill this idiot” Dion says. “Because killing is never the answer!” Jasper says. “Shut up you idiot” Dion says and he wants to shot, but Isabelle is faster and smashes his gun outside his hands. Bruce stands up and hits Dion in his face. He fights back. Jasper walks to Isabelle. “So who are you?” Jasper says. “Hi, I am Isabelle” Isabelle says. “Nice to meet you, my name is Jasper” Jasper says. Bruce and Dion fight further in the kitchen. Dion throws some bottles to Bruce. “You are going to pay for what you did!!” Dion yells. “I can’t remember doing anything wrong” Bruce says and he dodges the bottles. He grabs one of the ground. “The only thing I did was trying to deal with annoying people like you” Bruce says and he throws the bottle in Dion’s face. He is defeated and falls on the ground unconscious. “What about him?” Bruce says to Jasper and Isabelle. “I won’t do you any harm” Jasper says. “So why are you here?” Bruce says. “I followed him, because I already knew he was going to do something like this” Jasper says. “Ok thank you for your help” Bruce says. “What will we do now?” Isabelle says. “Bringing him to the police?” Jasper says. “I don’t think that is the best thing to do” Bruce says. “Maybe Sam knows something?” Isabelle says. “Good idea” Bruce says. “Wait, who is Sam?” Jasper says.

Sam is still with Daisy, Hannah and the man called Harvey. “So have you already seen a scream in this city?” Sam says. “We saw one like 1 week ago” Hannah says. “But wait, why didn’t you told me about this early?” Sam says to Hannah. “I never knew you wanted to join us” Hannah says. “And where did you see this scream?” Sam says. “At the industrial area. We suppose their headquarters is there” Harvey says. “Wait please, can somebody explain to me what a Scream is?” Daisy says. “You never saw one, that’s good” Harvey says. “A masked murderer, it began with Master Scream and his allies David Parker and Mette Lewis. A friend of me later joined them. With help from two friends and my former girlfriend I killed all of them” Sam says. “But why are you still scared for them if you killed all of them?” Daisy says. “Because a lot of people copied their ideas, like some people I have also dealt with. Their names were Ron Pearson, also a friend of me, and Riley Wright” Sam says. “Wow I also didn’t know this, I feel very sorry for you” Harvey says. “He already told me in his meetings” Hannah says. “Wait friends? Can’t they help us?” Harvey says. “No they moved to another city” Sam says. “And your girlfriend?” Daisy says. “She is death, Ron Pearson killed her” Sam says. “That’s why I want to end this now” Sam says. “I understand, my condolences” Daisy says. “So do you have any idea where we can find their headquarters?” Sam says. “We have a suggestion” Harvey says. “So where are we waiting for? I want to know if there is really a new scream and I want to kill it” Sam says. “Ok all right, I will call Nathan” Harvey says. “You sure about this?” Hannah says. “Yes with his help we might have a chance” Harvey says. “What about me?” Daisy says. “No way, I don’t want to have you there” Sam says. “But I want to help now” Daisy says. “Okay what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you for the risks” Sam says. “Nathan says he is also ready” Harvey says. “Who is Nathan?” Sam says. “He is also in our team” Hannah says. “Ok we can need as many help as possible” Sam says.

One hour later they have made their selves ready and they are at the location. Nathan is already there. Sam, Hannah, Harvey and Daisy step out of the car. “Who are that?” Nathan says. “I suppose you are Nathan?” Sam says. “Yes” Nathan says. “This are Sam and Daisy, they are going to help us” Harvey says. “Really?” Nathan says. “Do you they know everything about what we are dealing with?” Nathan says. “I know probably more about those idiots than you” Sam says. “Yes he and his friends have already killed 9 screams” Harvey says. “Really? Wow you are great man” Nathan says. “Thank you” Sam says. “But back to business where is it exactly?” Sam says. “This way” Harvey says. They walk further and see a person smoking before the building they suppose that is a scream base. They walk to him. It is the same person that made Demi and Gaius get killed. “What are you guys doing here?” Connor says. “We are from the government, and we need to check this building for asbestos” Harvey says. “Can we come inside to check the roof?” Hannah says. “Ok no problem” Connor says and he lets them in. They walk inside and see it is just a normal warehouse. “What do you store here?” Sam says to Connor. “Iron and Metal” Connor says. “Oh all right” Sam says. Nathan and Daisy walk besides each other. “So who are you exactly?” Nathan says. “Just a normal girl, I heard about this story and wanted to help you” Daisy says. “That sound pretty badass” Nathan says. “Yeah I know” Daisy says. They walk to another room and still don’t see anything suspicious. But further, Sam watches to a door to the right. It looks a bit suspicious. But they walk further to the roof. Harvey, Nathan and Daisy act like they are looking if there is really asbestos. Hannah is talking with Connor about something. Sam knows it is his chance to look inside that room. He walks down the stairs again and goes to it. Nobody has seen him leaving. Back at the door, Sam finds out is locked. “Locked doors never stop me” Sam says and he uses some device to make a key and open it. The door is later opened and he goes inside. It is a small office. At first view there isn’t really something special. He open some drawers and looks inside. Inside there is something suspicious. It are articles about Screams in local newspapers. At the roof Nathan, Daisy and Harvey are done with searching. “It is all clear sir, there is no asbestos here” Harvey says. “Okay great” Connor says. Sam sends a message to Harvey about it. Sam wants to walk back to them but the door is locked again. “What? How is this possible?” Sam says. In the room there is also another door. On the way to the door, he sees something lying on the chair. It is a necklace. It look exactly like the necklace of Demi. He picks it up and looks closer to it. “No that can’t be” Sam says and he walks further to the door. It looks like the door of an open house cabinet. Sam opens it and is shocked what he sees inside it. It are 12 bodies. He walks inside and looks to the bodies. He immediately sees it are 6 male people and 6 female people. At the back of the cabinet he sees something he recognizes. He walks further to it and is very shocked about what he sees. It are the bodies of Demi and Gaius. “No, nooo!” Sam says. “How is this possible” Sam says and he starts crying. “You were never supposed to find this” Another voice in the room says. Sam turns around and to his surprise a scream is standing behind him. “Did you kill them?” Sam says and he points to Demi and Gaius. “Yes I did” Killer Scream says. “How could you do that? They were innocent!!” Sam says. “There aren’t any innocent lovers” Killer Scream says. “You are going to pay for this!” Sam says. “I sure will in hell.” Killer Scream says and he throws something on the ground. Sam wants to stop it but it a toxic. Sam falls unconscious on the ground. “Anger, yes, wants revenge? Yes. He will be good” Killer Scream says and he grabs Sam and takes him away. Nathan, Harvey, Hannah and Daisy walk later outside like nothing happened. “Thank you for your help” Harvey says. “No problem” Connor says and he close the door behind them. “Wait, isn’t Sam still inside?” Daisy says. “He is probably already away” Hannah says. “I doubt about that” Nathan says. “Me too” Daisy says. Harvey sents him a new message. Sam’s phone is lying on a table. The message arrives. Another scream is sitting beside it and sees it. He throws the phone in the fire.

The next day they see Sam is still not back home. Harvey tries to call him, he immediately gets a voicemail. “Still no answer?” Nathan says. “No” Harvey says. “He probably knows what he is doing” Hannah says. “Yes true” Harvey says. Daisy is more worried but tries to stay calm. Suddenly on that moment somebody knocks on the door. It is Charles. “Hello? Somebody home?” Charles says. Harvey opens the door. “Hello? Can I help you?” Harvey says. “Yes” Charles says. “I heard you are the Anti Screams?” Charles says. “Yes we are” Harvey says. “Great I need your help” Charles says. “What help?” Harvey says. “My girlfriend, she has been kidnapped by a scream” Charles says. “Kidnapped?” Harvey says. “Yes that’s right” Charles says. “Then you are lucky dude, normally they kill everybody” Harvey says. “What?” Charles says. “We can’t help you, bye” Harvey says and he smashes the door shut. Charles is disappointed and walks away. He steps back in his car and drives back to Sam’s house. It isn’t that far away. Sam gave him a key and he goes inside. He sees Sam is still not inside. He searches through some papers about older screams. He reads an article of Master Scream. There is standing: “He also made a lot of screams.” But suddenly on that moment he sees a car stops before the house. He sees 2 men and 1 girl walking outside of the car. They ring the bell. Charles hesitates but later he walks to the door. He doesn’t trust anybody anymore. They look normal. He opens the door. “Who the hell are you?” Bruce says. “You were expecting Sam, right?” Charles says. “Yes we do” Isabelle says. “I am a friend of him” Charles says. “He never mentioned you” Bruce says. Jasper is standing behind them. He looks to Dion, which is still sitting locked up inside the car. “And why are you here?” Bruce says. “I needed Sam’s help” Charles says. “And where is Sam?” Isabelle says. “I don’t believe you for one second” Bruce says and he walks inside the house and he never sees Sam. “What did you do to Sam?” Bruce says. “Nothing, he said he wanted to help me but then he went away and I never saw him back” Charles says. “We all know you don’t say the truth” Jasper says. “Go to the Anti Screams, they can confirm my story” Charles says. “Anti Screams?”Isabelle says. “You haven’t heard of them?” Charles says. “No we don’t” Bruce says. “One half hour I was at them, I asked them too to help, but they refused it” Charles says. “Okay where do they live?” Bruce says. “Wood road 33” Charles says. Bruce walks outside back to the car. Isabelle follows him. “Stay at him, I still don’t trust him” Bruce says and he steps inside the car. “What about Dion?” Isabelle says. Bruce opens the door and lets him out. “Guard him too” Bruce says. “Do you really trust me with Isabelle?” Dion laugable says. “That’s true, you will come with me” Bruce says and he pushes him back in the car. “What?” Dion says. “You are right I don’t trust you with Isabelle” Bruce says and he drives away. “I am very sorry for this, I shouldn’t have come to this city for help” Charles says. “It never minds” Isabelle says. “Maybe I believe you” Isabelle says. “Thank you” Charles says. “Do you have a picture of her?” Isabelle says. “Yes of course” Charles says and he picks up his phone and shows him a picture of her. “What’s her name?” Isabelle says. “Naomi” Charles says. “That’s a beautiful name” Isabelle says. “Thank you” Charles says.

Bruce and Dion arrive at Wood road. “So what are you going to do when you are with them?” Dion says. “That doesn’t matter to you” Bruce says. “Oh come on, I want to know it” Dion says. Bruce ignores him. “Maybe I can help you?” Dion says. “No shut up, I will never forget what you did to Isabelle” Bruce says. “Oh if that’s is your only concern” Dion says. “It is here” Bruce says and he parks the car. “Stay in the car” Bruce says. “No please” Dion says angry. Bruce walks to the front door and rings the bell. “I won’t be surprised if…..” Bruce wants to finish his sentence but the door is opened. Harvey is standing behind it. “Can I help you?” Harvey says. “Has there been a man here that wanted your help?” Bruce says. “Yes not a hour ago” Harvey says. Bruce is surprised by him. “I said we couldn’t help him” Harvey says. “And can you?” Bruce says. “Of course we can, but I didn’t believe him” Harvey says. “Yes me too” Bruce says. “But who are we?” Bruce says. “Come inside, I will show you them” Harvey says. Bruce walks inside and he sees two girls and 1 boy. “So you are team working against the Screams?” Bruce says. “Yes we are” Harvey says. “Who is this?” Hannah says. “I am Bruce” Bruce says. “And why are you here?” Nathan says. “I just wanted to confirm a story I heard” Bruce says. “And have you already defeated a Scream?” Bruce says. “We were on track of one yesterday, but we didn’t find him” Bruce says. “We have only seen this scream once” Harvey says. “Wasn’t it Riley Wright or Ron Pearson?” Bruce says. “How do you know these names?” Hannah says. “Because I have also dealt with them” Bruce says. “Oh interesting” Hannah says. “Yes we never saw these screams, we want to hear everything about them.” Harvey says. “But what were you on track yesterday?” Bruce says. “We were in an old factory, we had some thought that there was a Scream base but we didn’t find anything. We only lose one person that helped us” Daisy says. “What happened to him?” Bruce says. “He was away and we never saw him again” Nathan says. “He looked so nice, I feel sad for him” Daisy says. “I feel sad for him too” Bruce says.

Sam awakes in a dark place. Suddenly all lights go on. “Welcome candidate 236 of 250” A voice says. “Wait what?” Sam says. “We are going to test you on your first day. The results will make up in which group you will come” The voice says. “What test?” Sam says. An image of a small girl appears before him. “This girl stole candies from the local supermarket” The Voice says. “Should she be punished or not?” The voice continues. “Euhmm, why not?” Sam says. “Answer accepted” The voice says. After it the girl disappears. Two male persons appear before him. “These two individuals have robbed the bank. You see it happen” The voice says. A knife appears before Sam. “What will you do?” The voice says. Sam grabs the knife and walks to the persons. He stabs them multiple times. “Shut up with this stupid game!” Sam says angry. He totally destroys the two persons. “Answer accepted” The voice says. “Third and last test for today.” The voice says. “A plane is going to chrash in a very populated city. You are the pilot, you have two options. Let the plane explode and kill everybody inside and you. Or you will let it chrash in the populated city, with the consequence that everybody dies except you” The voice says. “I am not going to answer this question, I am done with it” Sam says. “Answer not accepted” The voice says. The voice wants to start over the whole recording again, but then Sam says: “Just kill them all! I don’t really care if the persons who are behind this stupid game will die first!” Sam says very angry. “Answer accepted” The voice says. “You have passed your first three tests” The voice says. “I don’t care. Can I go now?” Sam says. “We will look to the results in one minute” The voice says. It stays quiet for 1 minute. Sam tries to think about what happened last night. He can’t remember it anymore. But then suddenly he sees an image before him. It are the death bodies of Gaius and Demi. “Noo!” Sam says. It stays quiet for a while again but then the voice says: “These are the results: You have scored for Anger an A, revenge a B, and for Compassion an A” “What does it mean?” Sam says. “It means you have been put in group A” The voice says. Suddenly all light go off again. The ground disappear under Sam’s legs. He falls down and disappears.

When he awakes again, he sees he is in some kind of elevator. It goes up. He sees on the inscription they are on floor K, they go up to J and later I and after it to H. There are 26 floors. The lowest floors are Y to A from down to up. The light of the A floor is lighted up. Sam already knows that is the floor he is going to. Up of the A Floor there is a floor with no name. The elevator goes faster from H to B and after it stops at floor A. The door of the elevator opens. Inside Sam sees 8 other boys and girls. There also 10 beds standing in the room. “Look who is there, our ninth team member!” one of the boy says. “He looks as an idiot” One of the two other boys. “Please don’t embarrass all of our new team members” one of the girls says. Sam walks slowly out of the elevator. “Where the hell am I?” Sam says. “We will explain to you everything later” The same girl says. The voice starts talking again: “Hello again. This is Candidate 236 your new team member. Candidate 236, this is your bed” the lights go off, only the one above the bed of Sam light up. After it all lights go back on. Sam walks to his bed and goes sitting on it. He sees the others wants to know him better, but he is not really in the mood for it. Sam looks to the others and see there are 5 boys and 2 girls. The third boy that spoke shows him a bit as the leader. “So 236? Can you tell a little bit more about yourself?” The leader says. “Maybe he doesn’t have a tongue?” The second boy says. The others except the three boys and 1 girl are quiet. “Okay what must I tell about myself?” Sam says. “He can talk!” One of the two annoying boys says. “My name is Sam, more don’t you have to know.” Sam says. “Okay Bam, bye” The two annoying boys walk to a door and walk outside. “Bam?” Sam says. “They always use annoying names for all new people” The girl says. “Okay Sam, My name is Tyler” Tyler says. “These are Elliot, Jackson, Ezra, Lily and Bridget” Tyler says. “And that two annoying boys are Liam and Felix” Tyler says.

"But how excactly did you lose him?" Bruce says. "We were checking if there was any asbestos at that location" Harvey says. "Asbestos?" Bruce says. "Yes we needed an alibi to be there" Daisy says. "And after that?" Bruce says. "He just went away, he only texted me a message that he founded something, but he didn't tell me what" Harvey says. "So he went on his own to find out that?" Bruce says. "That sounds much like someone I know. And believe it or not he is missing too" Bruce says. "What?" Hannah says. "You know Sam too?" Daisy says. "Wait! Sam Stone?" Bruce says. "Yes I gues that is his surname" Nathan says. "Yes it was" Harvey says. "God, this is not good" Bruce says. "What is not good?" Harvey says. "That's my best friend, and the reason I am here is because of him" Bruce says. "Oh no" Daisy says. Later Bruce walks back to the car and sees Dion is gone. "Where is that son of a....." Bruce says. "I am here you dumbass" Dion says. "Where did you and how did you?" Bruce says. "I went to the supermarket, I was thirsty" Dion says. "But how did you go outside?" Bruce says. "Easy, somebody outside let me out" Dion says. "You idiot" Bruce says. "You wish you wouldn't have said that" Dion says and he runs away. Bruce steps inside his car and follows him. Bruce is faster but Dion goes in a small alley. Bruce drives around the corner and sees him back. He already knows what way he is going. Bruce knows a faster way and drives over the bypass. He drives faster and goes to the right and back at Sam's house. He parks the car and walks to the front door. He doesn't see Dion yet. He knocks on the door. But the door is already opened. He walks inside the living room and sees Dion standing. He holds his knife to Isabelle's throat. "Surrender Bruce or I will kill her" Bruce says. Bruce doesn't know what to do. But then Charles is there and he hits Dion in his face. "What is wrong with you" Dion says. Bruce runs to them and attacks Dion too. "You are going to pay for this" Bruce says and he starts hitting him harder. "Bruce! Don't kill him" Isabelle says. "Give me a reason why not to kill this idiot, I was stupid to not do it already." Bruce says. Dion has his whole face under blood and looks into Bruce's eyes. Charles stands back and walks outside. Jasper is lying unconscious on the ground. "I haven't, but I know you are not a killer" Isabelle says. "I am, I have taken the life of an old friend of mine" Bruce says. "Yes but I know you are a good person" Isabelle says. Bruce thinks about it an later he throws his knife away. Dion stands up and looks to him and Isabelle. He tries to walk away as fast as possible but then Bruce picks up his gun and shoots Dion in his head. His brains fly on the wall. The remaining parts of Dion fall on the ground. "Bruce???" Isabelle says shocked. "I am sorry Isabelle" Bruce says.

Sam is still sitting on his bed and thinking. He sees Felix and Liam fighting. "You are the biggest idiot here!" Liam says. "Maybe but you are the biggest dick here" Felix says and he fights him further. "Don't pay attention to them" one of the girls says to Sam. "I am not" Sam says. "They are such idiot but they can fight good" The girl says. "Fight good?" Sam says. "You probably don't know that yet" She says. "I can explain everything to you, everything we already know" She says. "How long are you already here?" Sam says. "I am now here 12 days" She says. "And the others?" Sam says. "Jackson was here first, He doesn't say much" She says. "They say he knows more than us, but he hasn't told anything yet" She says. "But why are we excactly here?" Sam says. "That's the question my friend, we all don't know" Tyler says, which heard them talking. "I doubt we are already friends" Sam says. "Of course we are" Tyler says. "And what about those two?" Sam says. "That is Ezra and that is Elliot" The girl says. "The only thing Ezra does is, to put it midly, kissing and sexing with Bridget" She says. "Lily, you can't say that" Tyler says. "Why not? It is true" Lily says. "Of course you have always right" Tyler says. "I don't dare to ask it, but what about Elliot." Sam says. "Come on, you will see her things that you have never seen before" Tyler says. "Elliot is probably the weirdest here, he is totally became weird" Lily says. "But he can also fight good" Tyler says. "Yes but he is not really a team player" Lily says. "Please explain to me, what are we fighting?" Sam says. "The other teams" Tyler says.

Charles and Jasper are also shocked that Bruce killed Dion. "Why did you do that?" Jasper says. "It needed to be done" Bruce says. "But come on, killing him?" Jasper says. "It was the only way to get rid of him" Bruce says. "We could have decided something, this is not possible" Jasper says. "Shut your mouth please" Bruce says. Charles and Isabelle have no words for it. "You're a killer, I will call the police" Jasper says. "What is wrong with you?" Bruce says. "Jasper, please don't do that" Isabelle says. "I will now" Jasper says and he picks up his phone. Bruce walks to him and hits him hard in his head. He falls unconscious on the ground. After it Bruce walks to Isabelle and Charles. "I am sorry for this" Bruce says. "But..... What will we do with him?" Charles says. "Good point" Bruce says. Bruce grabs his body and locks him up in the basement. "We really need to find Sam back" Bruce says. "I agree" Isabelle says. "I can help you with that" Charles says. "Maybe the anti screams can help us?" Isabelle says. "No! They won't help anyone" Charles says. "We could try it" Bruce says. "I won't give you any succes" Charles says.

In the Anti Scream base, they are still searching information about the building. "There must be something inside that building" Harvey says. "Yes true" Hannah says. "We should go to there again" Nathan says. "Do you have any excuse to go there again?" Hannah says. "Maybe we could better go if nobody is home" Daisy says. "Good idea" Harvey says. Suddenly somebody knocks on the door. "I will go to it" Harvey says and he walks to the door. Behind the door, Bruce and Isabelle are standing. "You're back?" Harvey says. "Yes we need your group's help" Bruce says. "With finding your friend Sam back?" Harvey says. "Yes" Bruce says. "No problem, we want the same, so we could use your help" Harvey says. "Great news" Isabelle says. "Wait who are you?" Harvey says. "I am Isabelle" Isabelle says. "Oh you are his........ Never mind" Harvey says. Bruce looks a bit indignant, but doesn't let notice it to them. They walk inside where they see the other team members again. "Back for action?" Nathan says. "Yes I am" Bruce says. "Great" Nathan says. Isabelle introduces herself to the others. Harvey walks to Bruce, while she introduces herself. "You have luck with a girfriend like her" Harvey says. "Thanks" Bruce says. "You don't have a girlfriend?" Bruce says. Harvey thinks about his question and later says: "No I don't."

The next day, Sam, Tyler, Lily and the others wake up. It was Sam's first night. Sam hears Elliot next to him snore very hard. On the other side of the room, he sees Ezra and Bridget kissing each other in the same bed. He watches to Lily and Tyler. Lily is still sleeping. Tyler watches to her. He steps out of his bed. The others are still sleeping. Even Liam and Felix are quiet while they need sleep. They are sleeping in two beds next to each other. Sam falls asleep again later, but 10 minutes later a hard sound is heard. "Good morning candidates" The same voice as at the beginning says. Everybody in the room is awake now. "Take on your clothes and make ready for the first training of the week" The voice says. Sam steps out of his bed, just like everybody else does. He sees that Ezra is naked. Sam is surprised that he doesn't care that everybody sees him. Bridget puts on her clothes quicker and doesn't want everybody to see her body. Tyler draws Lily out of her bed. Laim and Felix jump out of the bed and do on their clothes. Elliot is very slow and is out of his bed after everybody else is already ready. Sam doesn't see Jackson. He has no idea where he is. But then something happens. The elevator opens up again. "Group A be ready in five minutes" The voice says. Tyler is ready first and steps inside the elevator. Felix and Liam run inside the elevator. Ezra and Bridget give each other a kiss again and step inside the elevator. Then Jackson appears and he goes inside the elevator. Lily has her clothes on and walks to Sam. "Are you ready?" Lily says. "Depends on what we are going to do" Sam says. "It isn't the finest thing, but sitting inside this room becomes boring after a long time" Lily says. "Yes true" Sam says and they both walk inside the elevator and take place on their seats. Elliot comes as last inside the elevator and goes sitting in his seat. Sam sees that there is one seat empty. "We are still waiting for our tenth team member" Tyler says to Sam. "Oh allright" Sam says. "So every team has 10 members?" Sam says. "Yes" Tyler says. "When all teams are gathered, we have to fight another team and try to win" Lily says to Sam. "And so on until we are the last team" Lily says. "And what happens when we are the last team?" Sam says. "We don't know yet" Tyler says. "Jackson thinks we will get freed and have our life back" Tyler says. "Do you believe that" Sam says. "I hope that" Tyler says. Suddenly on that moment the elevator door is closed. The Elevator starts moving. "But what will we do now?" Sam says. "You will see that later" Lily says. And later the elevator door opens up again. The seats are opened again and they all walk outside. Right of them, Sam sees a whole arsenal of weapons. "Group A take your weapon" The voice says. Felix and Liam run to pick their favorite weapon. Tyler and Jackson know excactly what weapon they need to take. Ezra and Bridget decide togeter. Sam and Elliot are thinking. Lily grabs her favorite weapon too. "Take this weapon" Tyler says to Sam. "It is good for beginners" Tyler says to Sam. "Okay thank you" Sam says. "You're welcome" Tyler says. Elliot also takes his weapon after long waiting. They walk to the next room. "Start with making your duos, since you are with 9, one group must contain three members" The voice says. Liam and Felix obviously stay together. Ezra and Bridget know for sure but who they want to train. Tyler grabs Lily, and she knows she has to train wtih him again. They already starts with fighting. Elliot and Jackson walks away of Sam and start training too. Sam looks around him and sees nobody wants with him. "Surprising" Sam says to himself. The others all start fighitng each other. Jackson is much better than Elliot and hits him a couple of times. Sam sees know the weapons aren't real. Felix and Liam are both very aggressive and fight each other very hard. They see that Sam hasn't a duo. "Come on Bam, fight also with us" Liam says. "I want to hit his fucking brains out of his head" Felix laugable says to Liam. "Just take him together" Liam says. Elliot is later defeated and Jackson is the winner. Ezra and Bridget don't really want to hurt each other. Tyler only wants to touch Lily, not really fight her. Lily pushes him away. Then he knows what to do. Attack her. Felix and Liam run to Sam. Sam runs to them too. Felix and Liam are surprised by his reaction. Sam jumps with his weapon on Felix. Liam wants to hit him but Sam is faster and pushes the weapon of Felix inside Liam. He falls on the ground. He grabs his own weapon and hits Felix in his face. He falls defeated on the ground. But after that Liam attacks Sam again. Lily and Tyler see it happen. Liam hits Sam very hard in his head. "Screw you bitch!" Liam says and he hits him some times more with his weapon. But then Sam grabs his weapon and pushes it inside his head. He is very surprised by it and falls defeated on the ground. Tyler and Lily are surprised too. "Wow you're good man!" Tyler says. "I doubt it, they weren't really good opponents" Sam says. "No really Sam, you attacked you both, which wasn't fair, and still you beated them" Lily says. "We will get you another time Bam" Felix says. "Shut up" Tyler says to Felix. "You are bad, you got beated by a new one" Tyler says.

Also the next day for Bruce, Isabelle, Charles and the Anti Scream group arrives. Bruce and Isabelle went home later. They made a deal to investigate in the building where Sam disappeared this day. They tell Charles about it. He is surprised. ''Really?'' Charles says. "Yes they want to help us, since they are working on the same thing" Bruce says. "Oh great, hopefully I can also help you" Charles says. "Of course you can" Isabelle says. "Thanks" Charles says. Suddenly on that moment they hear something from the basement. "Hello? Anybody there?" Jasper says. "Yes we are here" Bruce says. "Could you please let me out? I won't do so annoying again." Jasper says. "What will we do?" Isabelle says. "He can go, He probably has learned his lesson" Bruce says and he walks to the door. "You sure about this?" Charles says. "Yes" Bruce says and he opens the door to the basement. "Oh Thank you" Jasper says. "So what will you do next?" Bruce says. "I can help you if you want" Jasper says. "Okay" Bruce says.

Two hours later, the Anti screams are already at the building again. It is in daylight and nobody is seen before the buiding. "That guy Connor isn't there already" Harvey says. "Lukily" Daisy says. "It seems empty" Nathan says. "I hope it is" Hannah says. Some minutes later a car arrives. Bruce, Isabelle, Charles and Jasper step out of the car. Bruce walks to Harvey. "Good to see you again man" Harvey says. "Likewise" Bruce says. Hannah sees Jasper and Charles. "Wait who are these?" Hannah says. "I remember him. He was the guy that was on our door step" Harvey says. "Yes they have come to help us" Bruce says. "Allright then" Harvey says. "We probably could use some help" Nathan says. "Thanks for letting me help you" Charles says. "You did it for your girlfriend, didn't you?" Harvey says to Charles. "Yes I do, she also disappeared same as Sam" Charles says. "Sad for you" Daisy says. "Come on guys. We haven't any time to lose" Hannah says. They walk to the building. "What about you man?" Nathan says to Jasper. "Don't care about me, I just help because I also hate those Screams" Jasper says. "You haven't lost anybody because of those idiots?" Nathan says. "Luckily not yet" Jasper says. "Fine, Great to have you here man" Nathan says. They walk to the front door. Harvey looks at it. He uses the door handle and sees the door is opened. "That means somebody must be inside?" Bruce says. "I think so too" Harvey says. "Lets just go inside, come on, we are not scared of these rookies" Jasper says. "Okay just lets go inside" Hannah says. They walk inside and see everything is not the same as before. Everything is empty. "What is it?" Bruce says. "Everything is gone!" Harvey says. Nathan moves forward and remembers things standing on these places. Daisy and Isabelle see something suspicious. Left of them it looks like it is already empty for centuries. Isabelle and Daisy look at it. "It doesn't really look like a living place here, it is so abandoned" Isabelle says. "Yes it is" Daisy says. "We could better split up into two teams" Hannah says. "Allright" Harvey says. "Bruce you and Isabelle will take Nathan and Daisy. You two will go with us." Harvey says. Jasper and Charles walk with Hannah and Harvey to the next room. Bruce, Isabelle, Daisy and Nathan walk up the stairs. They walk in the same hallway which they walked to the roof. "I remember this" Nathan says. "Me too, but it is all so different now" Daisy says. "We lost Sam somewhere here" Nathan says. "Good that you say it" Bruce says. "I know him really well and he always looks at things that attract attention" Bruce says. "What about this door?" Isabelle says. "Mm lets look inside" Bruce says. But the door is locked. "Sam probably uses this." Bruce says and he opens the door with the same device as Sam did. They go inside. It is a big mess in the room. They see blood lying on the ground. "Oh no" Isabelle says and she become a bit scared. All the blood comes out of the cabinet. On the ground there is only blood and newspapers about scream articles. "This is probably what Sam found" Nathan says. "I gues so too" Sam says. "We should look inside" Bruce says. "No" Isabelle says. "I want to know it" Bruce says. "Let me look inside first" Nathan says. "Allright" Bruce says. Nathan opens the door of the cabinet and looks inside. "What do you see?" Bruce says. "Nothing, it is totally empty" Nathan says. Bruce, Isabelle and Daisy also look inside. It is only full of blood too. "What the hell has happened here?" Bruce says.

The training is over and all the groups are back in their rooms again. Sam is sitting with Lily and Tyler again. Felix and Liam don't say a word to Sam anymore again. "Have you guys ever seen the other groups?" Sam says. "No" Tyler says. "We know almost as much as you do Sam" Lily says. "But since we all come one to one, who of us was first here?" Sam says. "Jackson was the first here" Tyler says. "After him I came as second" Tyler says. "Really? How was it then?" Sam says. "Boring. They days passes even slower as now" Tyler says. "And when did you came?" Sam says to Lily. "I came as fifth" Lily says. "Liam and Ezra were before me" Lily says. "That explains a lot" Sam says. "Not soon after me Felix, Bridget and Elliot came too" Lily says. "And after them you" Lily says. "I can actually one remember one thing, I had to do a small test" Sam says. "That was the test which chose in which group you would come" Tyler says. "Oh allright" Sam says. "Everybody of us remembers making the test very bad, you too?" Tyler says. "Yes I remember me killing everybody, I turned really angry" Sam says. "Oh very logical that you are here then" Lily says. "We did the same" Tyler says. "I was really scared and thought they were my enemies" Lily says. They laugh about it.

That evening. Ezra and Bridget claim the shower and shower under it very long. Felix and Liam also want to see Bridget naked and go standing before it. "What are you doing?" Lily says, which is just walking by. "We also want to take a shower and we look when they are ready" Liam says very obedient. "Okay" Lily says. Sam and Tyler and the others are playing a card game. Elliot is still very shy and doesn't say much. Only things that are needed. Jackson is very sporting and wants to win every game. But then it earns too long for Felix and Liam. "Don't you want to take a shower too?" Felix says to Lily. "There is probably space for you too my love" Felix, which is very sexually excited says. "No I am sorry" Lily says. "I want my privacy" Lily says. Suddenly Felix pushes her to the wall. "Come on hot girl, We can't survive it any longer here" Felix says. Laim doesn't do much, he looks to the others if they hear anything. "I think I can't help you with that" Lily says. "Oh yes you can" Felix says and he starts kissing her. Lily pushes him away. "What is wrong with you?" Lily says very loud. Tyler, Sam, Elliot and Jackson heard it. Tyler stands up and walks to them. "What the hell is happening here?" Tyler says. "He tried to assault me" Lily says. "Is that true Felix? Don't you know the rules?" Tyler says. "Oh come on dude, you aren't the boss here" Felix says. "No of course I am not" Tyler says. "Why do you act like that then?" Felix says. "I don't" Tyler says angry. "With your stupid rules! And of course claim the hottest girls yourself" Felix says. "Claiming? Where the hell are you talking about?" Tyler says. "Come on I am not blind, you want the same as me" Felix says. Lily hears it too but tries to get away. Felix tries to stop her but Tyler pushes him away. "Why didn't you wanted to let her go?" Tyler says. "Come on dude, this was our chance" Felix says. "Go to hell you bastard" Tyler says and he walks away too. Lily goes sitting at Sam, Elliot and Jackson. "What was happening there?" Sam says. "I prefer not to talk about it" Lily says. "Ok allright then" Sam says.

Back in the building, Bruce, Isabelle, Daisy and Nathan follow the blood tracks. It goes to the other side of the building to a basement. They open the door to the basement where the blood tracks go down. "You sure we should go down here?" Daisy says. "Yes we need to see this" Bruce says. Harvey, Hannah, Charles and Jasper are in another room. They don't see anything suspicious until Hannah sees something. It is a person, he is looking at them. "That is one of them" Hannah says. "Well, Well, decided to come back?" The Scream says. "Where is Sam Stone?" Harvey says. "Death, just like all your other idiots" The Scream says. Charles becomes angry because of it. "Do you remember my girlfriend?" Charles says and he shows a picture of her. "No I don't, but the Killer Scream probably killed her already" The Scream says. "Killer Scream?" Harvey says. "Who the hell is Killer Scream?" Hannah says. But then Jasper takes a step forward. "You are a stupid a coward! Take away your mask and show you who you are you bitch!" Jasper says. "You wish you didn't say that" The Scream says and he runs to them. He grabs a knife and starts running faster. They run as fast as possible away. Bruce, Isabelle, Daisy and Nathan walk down the stairs and see what they were afraid of to see. Daisy and Nathan are very shocked. Bruce and Isabelle are already used to see a lot of bodies. But then they look through the bodies and they see the bodies of Demi and Gaius. Isabelle starts crying. Bruce tries to confort her. "You know them?" Nathan says. "Yes we do" Bruce says. He looks further but he doesn't see Sam. But then they hear something. They walk back up the stairs and they see Harvey, Charles and Hannah running towards them. Jasper comes later. "Where are you running for?" Nathan says. "A Scream!!" Harvey yells. The Scream comes closer to Jasper and almost grabs him. "Please help me!" Jasper yells. Bruce is very angry about that he killed Demi and Gaius and walks towards him. "What are you doing?" Harvey says. The scream is surprised of his action. Bruce attacks him. The Scream fights back. "You should know that I have already experience with idiots like you!" Bruce says angry. Isabelle tries to help him. The others see he is stronger than the Scream and they all attack him. The Scream can't do anything. Bruce holds his knife before his throat. "Where is Sam Stone?" Bruce says. "I have no idea where you are talking about!" The Scream yells! Harvey grabs his gun and shoots him in his leg. "And where is Naomi Cleveland?" Charles says angry. "All hail Killer Scream!" The Scream says and suddenly he falls death on the ground. They see in his mouth that he commited suicide. They remove his mask and they see just a normal boy behind the mask. "What?" Harvey says. "They start so young?" Daisy says.

The next day, Sam and his team has a new training again. They make them self ready to go. A hatch in the wall opens and for today's training they have to wear special suits. Felix and Laim ran as usual immediately to the hatch. They pick the biggest measures and change clothes. All the others are really done with them but they are in in their team, which they can't change. They others also change clothes and step in the elevator. "What will we do now?" Sam says. "We have no idea" Tyler says. "We never got these clothes" Lily says. "I hope we can already kill the idiots of the other teams" Liam says. "What do you hope Felix?" Liam says. "I hope we can fuck another woman of another team" Felix says. "Fuck?" Lily says. "What is wrong with you?" Tyler says. "The only thing you want is fuck and kill" Tyler says. "Yes that is usually what men want." Liam says. "No not true" Tyler says. "But you want to fuck another girl that you don't even know?" Lily says. "Yes since I can't do it with you or Bridet" Felix says and he looks to Ezra too. "What is wrong you dude. She is mine!" Ezra says. "You stay away from the both of you" Tyler says. "You can't decide that!" Felix says. But then suddenly on that moment the elevator door is opened. "Grab your weapon fast!" the voice says again. They all run outside and grab their weapons. On the other side of the room they see another group standing. "We have to work together!" Tyler says. But Felix and Liam run as fast as possible to the other team. The group has 8 members, 4 girls and 4 boys. They have a good defense and three of them run to Felix. Liam tries to give him backing help and fights to the others. "What should we do?" Ezra says. "Working together is the key." Tyler says. On their suits they see standing the letter A. The other group has the letter J. "But they look like innocent boys and girls" Lily says. "Yes but we should win!" Tyler says. "I doubt they will give your freedom if we win" Sam says. "Any other ideas?" Tyler says. "No we don't even know the people that put us in this stupid place. But in the room there hangs a camera. Behind the camera four screams are standing and one is sitting. The one on the chair is the Killer Scream. They don't say anything to each other. The other screams are standing and looking to the training too. Group J are with more and one othe girls puts her weapon inside Liam. "You bitch!" Felix says. Liam dissapears later. "What where did he go?" Felix says. "Same place where you will go too" the girl says. One of the boys walks to him and puts his knife in his head. He disappears too. "Wait where did Liam and Felix go?" Ezra says. "I saw them dissappear" Bridget says. "We should make a plan" Tyler says. "I agree" Lily says. "We should get them one to one" Sam says. "Okay you and Jackson will go in front" Tyler says. "I will give you cover" Tyler says. "The others, you should move behind me." Tyler says. "Okay good plan" Sam says and he runs to the other group. Jackson follows him. They run to them. Sam surprised one of the other team and puts his knife inside. He disappears. Jackson comes from the other side and attacks one of the girls. She can't even fight and is defeated by Jackson. Tyler attacks them too. Lily, Ezra, Elliot and Bridget come also to the fight. Elliot is defeated very fast and disappears too. "Your team sucks" The girl says after she made him disappear. Jackson and Tyler attack one of the girls with them both and let her disappear too. Sam attacks the girl that always spoke. She is surprised by his attack. "So you say we are bad?" Sam says. "I didn't see you in action" The girl says. "But there must probably be a reason why you are A" She says. Another girl attacks Lily. She is stronger than her. Tyler attacks her too. One of the boys immediately sees Ezra and Bridger are lovers. "Love makes blind" He says. Killer Scream also sees and steps out of his chair. "This can't be true" Killer Scream says. "Make sure they will die quick in the main fight" Killer Scream says. One of the other scream nods with his head. Ezra and Bridget work together and are too smart and defeat the boy. But then one of the girls stebs her weapon in Bridget. She disappears too. "You whore!" Ezra says and he becomes very angry. The girl is surprised by his reaction. "No please. I am sorry" The girl says. But Ezra ais very quick and stebs his weapon in her. She disappears too. Group J has only 4 members left. Tyler and Lily fight together against the girl. Ezra is outnumbered by the two other boys and is defeated. Jackson tries to help him before they make him disappear too. The girl that fights Sam throws him on the ground. "You aren't that strong, are you?" She says. But then Sam steps on and works her to the ground. But he doesn't kill her. "Wait everybody" Sam says. "What?" Jackson says. "Don't you see we have to work together, we are not enemies" Sam says. Tyler and Lily are both surprised by him. "I don't care" One of the boys says and suddenly he stabs his weapon in Ezra, which makes him disappear. Jackson becomes angry of it and stebs his weapon in him too. Lily gives her weapon to Tyler and he stebs one of them in the other girl. "Hahaha Very good move" The girl says, but we also have that kind of the tricks. The boy jumps on the girl and jumps on Jackson and stebs his weapon inside him. He disappears too. "Three against two" Sam says. Sam attacks the girl. The boy attacks Lily and Tyler. He sees a weakness in Lily. He attacks and throws her on the ground. On the moment he wants to put his weapon inside her, Tyler jumps before her and is stabbed by the weapon, and disappears too. "Wait what?" Lily says. "He saved your life what sweet" The boy says. Lily tries to escape. "But he did it for no reason, you are very weak" The boy says. But then she makes a surprising moving and stebs her weapon inside him. "Did you expect that?" Lily says. After it he disappears too. Sam is pushes on the ground by the girl. "Now you will die!" She says, but Sam has another secret weapon and stebs it inside it. "Your team has lost" Sam says. She disappears too after. After it the voice says: "Victory for team A" Sam sees he and Lily are the only survivors. After it they disappear too and come back at the others.

Back in the city, The Anti scream congratulated a party because they killed the Scream. Bruce, Isabelle, Jasper and Charles are also invited. They are in Sam's house. "If we learned one thing from the past years, there is never only one" Bruce says. "True" Isabelle says. Jasper and Charles aren't happy either. "We still don't know where Naomi is" Charles says. "No indeed" Isabelle says. "We will find her" Bruce says. Jasper is looking very angry. "You are all idiots, I was almost death because of your stupid mission!" Jasper says. "Wow easy dude" Bruce says. "Dude? You don't even are in the place to say that" Jasper says. "If you don't like it just leave, you are free to go away" Bruce says. "That's exactly what I am going to do!" Jasper yells and he grabs his stuff, opens the door and throws it closed. "Idiot, I really won't miss him" Bruce says. "What did he even do here in the first place?" Charles says. "We actually don't know either" Isabelle says. "We should go to the Anti screams and tell them we haven't won yet, and that there are always more" Bruce says. "They probably won't believe us" Isabelle says. "We can try it" Charles says. "Yes" Bruce says and they walk outside and step in the car and drive away. But on the roof of their house a scream is sitting and watching them. He makes some weird sound and sents it to Killer Scream.

At the base of the Anti screams everything the party is already going on. Harvey is standing before a group and says: "We don't have to live in danger anymore, The scream is death!" Everybody the room is very glad and cheer. Bruce, Isabelle and Charles arrive outside. They see a big sign with standing: "The Scream is finally death, everybody in our town can live their own lives again." "We should stop this party" Bruce says. On the other side of the city, Jasper is sitting in a bus. "I hope to never see this idiots again!" Jasper says. He sitting alone in the bus with the bus driver. Bruce, Isabelle and Charles step out of the car and walk to the front door, which is already open. They open the door and walk inside. They see Harvey standing before the group. They walk to Nathan. "Can you tell everybody that there isn't any reason for a party?" Bruce says. "No reason? Come on dude, lets party!" Nathan says. "Listen to us" Isabelle says. "There are always more than one scream, we haven't won yet!" Bruce says. "Hahahaha, you probably believe in fairy tales" Nathan says and he wants to walk away until Bruce grabs him. "I am very serious" Bruce says. "Didn't you heard what he said? He said: All Hail Killer Scream. That means we have to kill that idiot too" Charles says. "That guy probably doesn't live for sure, probably a god for them or something" Nathan says laugable and walks away. "They won't even listen" Bruce says. Jasper is still sitting in the bus. They stop at a bus stop. A guy with hat and big jacket steps inside the bus. He walks to the bus driver. "Any problems?" The bus driver says. Then suddenly he steps a knife inside him. Jasper is watching on his phone and doesn't hear it. The Scream removes his hat and jacket and throws the body outside. He goes sitting on the place of the bus driver. He notices Jasper hasn't see him. He drives the bus further. At the party they starts dancing and partying even more. "What shall we do now?" Charles says. "Get away here" Bruce says. "Good idea, there isn't anything to convince them" Isabelle says. At the toilets Nathan goes peeing. There isn't anybody else. He goes to a upright toilet. He opens his pants and goes peeing. But then suddenly a hand with a knife comes out of the toilet and stebs him in his head. He falls with his death head in the wc. Bruce, Isabelle and Charles steb back in the car and drive back to Sam's house. Jasper later notices he isn't going to the right direction. "Where the hell are we going?" Jasper says. "Another course, there was a traffic jam on the other way" The Scream says. Jasper agrees with it and does an earphone in his ears. The Scream drives to a less habited place. Later he grabs a rock he has under his coat and leaves it at the gas pedal. He gives a pull to the wheel. After it he opens the door and jums out of it. Jasper doesn't see it. The bus starts driving faster and faster. Then Jasper feels it and stands up. Outside it is dark, but he sees that the road is gone. "Where the fuck are we going? Did I pay for this?" Jasper says. Then suddenly the bus starts falling of a cliff. The bus completely falls later off the cliff. Jasper flies to the back of the bus. The bus falls on the ground and totally explodes and Jasper is also totally exploded and died in the explosion. The Scream sees the explosion. "That are two, five to go" The Scream says in his special device. At the anti scream base they are still partying. Harvey is again standing before the group. "I want to give a special toast because you all came to this special" Harvey wants to finish his sentence, but then suddenly something falls out of the air. It is a body. It is completely silent in the room after it. Harvey walks to the body and sees it is one of their own team members. He is totally shocked. Everybody in the room starts screaming and everybody runs outside.

Sam and Lily wake up and see all their other team members again. On a special screen they see all fallen candidates. Only Sam and Lily aren't fallen heroes. "What the hell happened?" Felix says. Then the voice starts talking again. "Congratulations team A, you are the winners of this fight. But this isn't the real fight. In 3 days the real battle will start" The voice says. "Real battle?" Ezra says. "Yes candidate 167" The voice says. "Tomorrow you will have your last training, the day after tomorrow you will hear all rules and things to do in the real battle" The voice says. After it the a door opens before them. They see they are back at their base. Inside they see something remarkable. Another girl is sitting at the empty bed. "Wait? Who is that?" Sam says. "A new team member? I gues" Lily says. Felix and Liam are very happy that it is a girl. Sam, Tyler and Lily walk towards her. "Helllo? Are you new here?" Lily says. She looks at her, but doesn't say anything. "Surprising, again they don't say a word at the beginning" Jackson says. Ezra doesn't give her attentions. He grabs Bridget and starts kissing her again. The new girl also sees it. "Don't care about them" Sam says. "Give her some time" Tyler says. "Tyler can I ask you something?" Lily says. "Yes ofcourse" Tyler says. They walk to the bathroom. "Why did you jump before me at the training?" Lily says. "I didn't want you to die" Tyler says. "But it was just training? There must be something else" Lily says. Then suddenly Sam walks inside. "The girl started talking, I thought maybe you wanted to hear this" Sam says. "Okay allright" Tyler says. They walk back to the big room and listen to what she says. "My name is Fiona." She says. "Do you remember anything?" Tyler says. "Yes I do" Fiona says. "It started I was walking in a street, then suddenly somebody was standing before me, after it everything turned black." Fiona says. "Do you remember how he looked like?" Sam says. "Yes he a black coat and a black with white mask" Fiona says. After she said Sam also starts remembering things. He sees Master Screams and Ron Pearson. After it he sees the death bodies of Demi and Gaius lying before him. Suddenly a scream appears before him and hits him knocked out. The last thing he sees is the mask of the Scream. It is different as he remembers. "No! No!" Sam starts yelling. "What is wrong Sam?" Tyler says. "This can't be true. This can't happen all over again again" Sam says. "What are you talking about?" Lily says. Felix and Liam start laughing. "I really don't think we can laugh about this. I know the persons that are responsible for this" Sam says. "Really? Because of me?" Fiona says. "Yes I got a flashback after you told me that about that mask" Sam says. "So who are these people?" Tyler says. "They are called The Screams, they have already killed a lot of people I know" Sam says. "They killed a lot of my friends, my girlfriend, a lot of people from my former school and ........." Sam says. "And what?" Ezra says. "No I remember now that I am already dealing over 10 years with these assholes" Sam says. "10 years?" Lily says. "Yes I can tell everything about them if you want to know" Sam says. "Yes we want" Tyler says.

After it, the base of Killer Scream is seen. Killer Scream is watching to some footage of the trainings. After it another scream walks inside. He gives another device to Killer Scream. It shows footage of the deaths of Jasper and Nathan. "Good work" Killer Scream says. "But I want the others death too!" Killer Scream says. The other scream nods and walks outside.

Bruce, Isabelle and Charles hear from tv the news what last night happened in the city. "We should have never sent Jasper away" Isabelle says. "It was own choice of going away" Bruce says. "Yes true" Charles says. "I feel a bit responsible for his death" Isabelle says. "Don't be" Bruce says. "Sorry I can't help it" Isabelle says. After it stays quiet for a time, until Bruce says: "Stupid Antiscreams, they should have listened to us" "It are probably the same idiots that have my wife" Charles says angry. "I am sorry to say but she probably doesn't live anymore" Bruce says. Charles becomes even more sad. Isabelle tries to comfort him. "She isn't death, I know for sure" Isabelle says. "Say that to everybody those idiots killed!" Bruce says angry. Isabelle doesnt't know what to answer to that and walks away. "This is really helping" Charles says and he also walks away. "Fine" Bruce says.

At the scream base they are ready to go sleep. Fion goes lying in here bed. But on that moment Felix jumps on her and starts kissing her. Fiona doesn't want it, but she has no chance against him. "What should we do about it?" Lily says. "Nothing" Tyler says. "What?" Lily says. "What can we do about it?" Tyler says. "Come on, he can't do this!" Lily says. "I barely know her" Tyler says. "And what if this happened to me?" Lily says. "He doesn't dare to rape you" Tyler says. "No but you would have saved me!" Lily says. "Yes probably yeah, because you are my best friend here!" Tyler says. Lily is angry and walks away to the bathroom. The others heard everything but go sleep now, except Sam. He walks out of his bed to Tyler. "What is wrong between you two?" Sam says softly to Tyler. "I don't know, there is probably something that bothers her" Tyler says. "You should talk with her about that" Sam says. "It probably can't" Tyler says. "Why?" Sam says. "I know she is right, but probably one of us two will die the day after tomorrow" Tyler says. "Don't be so sure about that" Sam says. "We don't even know how many people can survive" Sam says. During their conversation, they see Felix pulls of the clothes of Fiona. "Let me do this" Sam says and he walks to Felix. "Do you think this normal?" Sam says. "I am sorry dude, I can't help it, I am bloody sexually excited" Felix says. Sam hits him hard in his face. He falls unconscious of him. He draws out of the bed and throws him on the ground. He ties him up on the other side of the room. "He won't bother you anymore" Sam says to Fiona. "Thank you" Fiona says. Lily has seen it. "Thank you for helping her" Lily says to Sam. Tyler is jaelous and goes lying down on his bed.

The next day, they know they have a training again. Liam is out his bed very soon. Felix is still tied up. The voice says again that they must make themselves for the last training. "Last training, this will be my first training" Fiona says. "Idiot they probably don't care about you" Jackson says to Fiona. At the training, Fiona is very bad. Jackson tries to help her. Elliot, Ezra and Bridget are silent again and don't say anything. Felix doesn't do much, since he is still tired because he slept really bad. Liam heard everything from Felix and is angry on Sam too. He is training with Tyler and Lily. Tyler jumps on Lily and grabs her and throws her in the air. Sam is happy to see he has fun with her again. After the training, They see some ranking odds. They see that their group is 7th of the 25 groups. "Only 7? We will kill all those motherfukcing idiots!" Liam says. "Don't talk so loud" Tyler says to him. "Why not?" Liam says. "They can probably hear everything" Tyler says. "I don't give a shit about that!!" Liam says. They step back in the elevator and go back to their floor. "I doubt we will be ready enough" Tyler says. "Of course we are!" Liam says. "We should make a good plan and work together." Sam says. Felix falls asleep in the elevator. Nobody sees it. "Probably not everybody of us will survive" Jackson says. "I know for sure we will all survive! we can't be in this fucking base so long and then just die!" Liam says. "It will probably also important if those screams will like our team, because it probably won't be a fair fight" Sam says. "What the hell are you talking?" Ezra suddenly says something. "It are idiots, they probably won't let anybody survive" Sam says. Then the doors of the elevator open up again. "We don't even know who all our enemies are!" Tyler says angry. "Probably our biggest enemies are those screams" Sam says. "We should work together with the other teams" Sam says. "Hahaha, we need to kill all of them not work together with them" Liam says. "We will see that tomorrow" Sam says.

Isabelle walks outside and steps inside her car. Charles follows her and steps in the car too. “So where are we going?” Charles says. “I don’t know” Isabelle says. “We need to go back to that base. It is now or never” Charles says. “I don’t think that is a good idea” Isabelle says. “I need to find my wife back now, if she is still alive” Charles says. “But I mean is it a good idea to go with only us two?” Isabelle says. “Then it is good I am here” Bruce says and he also steps inside the car. “Lets go” Bruce says. “Allright then” Isabelle says and she starts the car and drives away. They later arrive at the base. They stop the car. They see the door is still opened. “It looks like nobody else has been inside in here after we were here” Charles says. “This is probably not the only entrance” Bruce says. Then suddenly they hear something. Another car arrives there. Hannah, Harvey and Daisy step outside the car. Bruce is surprised to see them. Harvey runs towards them. “Is one of those fucking idiots here!” Harvey yells. “We haven’t been inside yet” Bruce says. “They are going to be punished for what they did!” Harvey says. Hannah and Daisy walk to Isabelle and Charles. “My condoleances” Isabelle says to them. “Thank you” Daisy says. “We appreciate it but we need to find those idiots now” Hannah says. They walk inside and Harvey yells: “Is anybody of you idiots here? We will kill you again!!” “Please be quiet” Bruce says. Then suddenly something fells on the ground. It is a screams. “Welcome my friends” The Scream says. Harvey walks to him. “You are going to be punished for what you did” Harvey yells. “That is funny, because I wanted to say the same thing to you suckers” The Scream says and suddenly he removes his mask. “Do you remember me?” Connor says. “You are that guy that let us in in the beginning” Daisy says. “Yes I am, I never should have done that” Connor says. “And now you are all going to die!” Connor says. “Where is Sam Stone?” Bruce says. “I have never heard of that name” Connor says. Charles walks to him and says: “Where is Naomi Cleveland?” “I do know her, it was a pleasure killing her” Connor says. Charles starts crying. “You idiot, you are going to pay for killing her!” Charles says and he attacks him. “Come lets get that idiot together!” Harvey says and he also attacks. Connor grabs his knife and stebs Charles and pushes him away. “This is the same knife with which I killed your stupid friend Nathan” Connor says. Harvey attacks Connor, but Connor dodges his attack. Bruce and Isabelle hide and walk to Charles. He is hurted. Connor walks to Daisy and Hannah. “Come on, because you are girls doesn’t mean you are weak, right?” Connor says. Hannah attacks him but is also easily defeated. After it Connor walks to Daisy. “What the hell are you doing in this group?” Connor says and he attacks her. Daisy dodges his first attack and wants to attack him but suddenly she is stabbed. Harvey comes back and hits Connor in his face. It doesn’t hurt him that much. “You are maybe stronger than I expected” Connor says but suddenly he picks a device out of his coat and pushes on a button. “What is that?” Harvey says. One second later they all fall defeated on the ground. Then suddenly two other screams appear. They grab Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah, Harvey and take them away. “Don’t pick up these two idiots, they are death” Connor says. Charles looks to them. One of the two other screams grabs his knife and stebs it in Daisy’s head. She falls death on the ground. The other scream looks to Charles. But instead of killing him he takes him also away. Connor doesn’t see it.

At the scream base, it is night and everybody makes theirselves ready to go sleep. Ezra and Bridget will sleep next to each other, as what they always do. Sam and Tyler go to bed. “Only 1 day left before everything will begin” Sam says. “It’s too bad” Tyler says. “Yes true” Sam says. They see Felix, Jackson and Fiona talking. They try to listen to what they say. “Come on dude, I know you want it too” Felix says. “No I don’t” Jackson says. “You are the weirdest person ever man” Jackson says. “Go to hell you idiot” Fiona says to Felix. “I like cursing girls” Felix says. “Don’t dare doing that ever again” Tyler, which walks to them, says. “You aren’t my father I can do the fuck I want!” Felix says. “No there are rules here!” Tyler says. “Go fuck yourself!” Felix says and he walks away. In the bathroom Lily is making herself ready for sleeping. Elliot is also there. He is staring at her. “Do you know you are only person which I like” Elliot says. “Really?” Lily says. “Yes” Elliot says. “I didn’t know that since you don’t say anything” Lily says. “That’s true” Elliot says and he comes closer to her. “Is there a reason for?” Lily says. “I am not really a talker” Elliot says. “Ok but you can talk a little more if you want, we should work together the day after tomorrow if we want to survive” Lily says. “Probably nobody of us is going to survive” Elliot says. “I don’t want to die” Lily says. Suddenly Elliot grabs her. “What are you doing?” Lily says. “Make sure I that I ever fucked a hot girl in my life” Elliot says. Lily wants to fight back but he grabs her arms. He opens her night dress and starts kissing her. She can’t really do anything against it. In the bedroom, Tyler goes back to his bed and doesn’t know anything. He goes sleeping. Sam is already sleeping.

The next morning, suddenly all lights go on. All their beds are suddenly disappeared. They see they aren’t in the base anymore. “Where the hell are we?” Liam says. They see they are outside and around them are trees. “Finally we are freed!” Ezra says. “Don’t be too sure about that” Sam says. “Welcome Group A” The voice says. “I told you so” Sam says. Tyler looks around and sees Elliot lying next to Lily. He becomes angry because of it. But the voice continues: “It will officially start now for you, Good luck, the only rule is that there are no rules! Just be last and survive!” The voice says. “Last? That means we can also kill each other!” Liam says. “No we sure shouldn’t do that” Fiona says. “True, we should work together” Sam says. “I don’t give a fuck!” Liam says. “Be quiet” Sam says. “We should look first if there are already other groups” Sam says. “You are suddenly our leader?” Liam says. “Do you have a problem with that?” Sam says. “Easy you two!” Jackson says. “Quiet everybody!” Tyler says. “There is actually one thing I want to know” Tyler says and he walks to Elliot and Lily. “What the hell has happened here?” Tyler says. “What do you mean?” Lily says. “There hasn’t happened anything!” Elliot says. “Liar!” Tyler says and he becomes very angry. “He raped her” Jackson says. “He should be punished for what he did!” Tyler says. “Easy everybody!” Sam says. “We should work together not fight each other” Sam says. Tyler ignors him and walks to Elliot and grabs him. “Give me one reason not to kill you already” Tyler says. “We should work together like your buddy said” Elliot says. Lily steps on and grabs a tree. Elliot lies on the ground but steps on again. “I give you one chance you son of a bitch” Tyler says and he walks to Lily. “Are you allright?” Tyler says to her. “I can’t remember much of what happened” Lily says. “We should move” Jackson says to Sam. “Yes before another group finds us” Sam says. But then suddenly it is too late, they see another group. “Look who we have there!” one of the boys says from the other group. They see they have weapons. They have luck, they are with only 4. “And which group are you idiots?” The same boy says. “You don’t care a shit!” Liam says. “Wow you dare? Your group doesn’t even have weapons, we can easily kill all the fuckers of your group” The boy says. “How did you get weapons so fast?” Lily asks to the boy. “Sorry for calling you all fuckers” The boy says, without answering her question. Tyler stays close to Lily and says: “Go away, we are with much more” Tyler says. “No we should work together” Sam says. “Why would we do that?” The girl in their group says. “We aren’t each other’s enemies, they are” Sam says. “Who?” One of the other boys says. “The Screams” Sam says. “You believe in fairy tales” The other boy says and he grabs his crossbow. “Who should I kill first Henry?” The boy says. “Kill all of them except the girls” Henry says. “With pleasure” The other boy says and he first a cross at Sam. He dodges it. The other boy grabs his bag with knifes and starts throwing it to them. They all dodges the knifes, except Bridget. She is hitted by a knife. “No!” Ezra says. “Do I see love here?” Henry says. “Time to end it” The other boy says. Sam grabs one of the knife and stabs him with it in his head. He falls death on the ground. Jackson also attacks and grabs the crossbow and fires a cross inside of him. He also falls death on the ground. “What should we do Henry?” the girl says. “They are with more, run away!” Henry says and he runs away as fast as possible. The girl follows her but is slower. Ezra grabs a knife and throws it in her. “That is for hurting her” Ezra says. Sam, Jackson, Liam and Felix walk to her. Lily and Tyler look at the bodies. Ezra stays with Bridget. Elliot stays close to Lily. “Where is he going?” Liam says to the girl. “You will never find him!” The girl says. Liam grabs her weapon out of her pocket and stabs it in her head, killing her. “Was that really needed?” Sam says. “Yes we need to kill all the others!” Liam says. “I doubt about that” Sam says. Tyler walks back to Elliot and grabs him. “And now tell me what you really did!” Tyler says. “Something you will never do!” Elliot says. “What?” Tyler says. “It succeeded me at first try, and at what try are you?” Elliot says. Tyler hits in his face. “I remember it again” Lily says. “I was in the bathroom when suddenly he started kissing me, we ended in his bed” Lily says sad. “You had sex with him?” Tyler says. “It is not that I wanted it” Lily says. “You could have stopped him!” Tyler says. “He was too strong” Lily says. “Liar!” Tyler says. Lily doesn’t know what to answer to that and walks away to Sam and the others. Tyler regrets what he did. He sees Ezra with Bridget. She is severely injured. “Can you walk?” Ezra says. “I can try it” Bridget says. “Staying here is not an option” Tyler says. “We must move further” Tyler says. “You are right” Bridget says and she steps on and they walk further. Ezra helps her with walking. Elliot also steps back on and follows them.

Bruce, Isabelle, Charles, Hannah and Harvey wake up again. They are all stuck in a chair. Bruce also sees some other people sitting locked up in a chair. He feels they are moving. He doesn’t know what to do yet. Suddenly a door before them opens. A scream walks out of it. “Welcome my guests!” The Scream says. “You are all our prisoners now” The Scream says. Bruce looks to Isabelle and sees she has also waked up. Bruce sees a weak spot on the chair of Isabelle. Also two another scream walks out of the door. Nobody says anything to them. “Are you all ready to die!” The Scream says. “You are only his dog! Where is the man in charge!” One of the other boys says. “Dog?” The Scream says and after it he starts laughing very hard. He gives a sign to one of the other screams. One of them walks to him and stabs his knife inside him. He falls death on the ground. “Let him be an example for what happens if you don’t behave well” The Scream says. Another girl besides him starts crying. The three screams walk back inside the door and close it. “Isabelle?” Bruce says to start. “Yes?” Isabelle says. “Can you come closer to me?” Bruce says. Hannah, Harvey and Charles look at them but don’t know what to says. “I can try it” Isabelle says. She moves her chair closer to him. The seat leg comes closer to Bruce’s feet. He tries to hit it with his feet. “What are you doing?” Isabelle says. “Trying to let you escape” Bruce says. “But what if they come back?” Isabelle says. “This can be done in seconds” Bruce says and suddenly her seat leg breaks and she falls on the ground. Bruce removes the bandage with his hands, which makes Isabelle free. She also releases him and the others. “Where should we go?” Harvey says. “This way” Bruce says and he points to another door, not the one where the screams went to. The other boy also follows them. Isabelle sees the other girl staying at the body. “Leave him, there is no time for that” Harvey says. They walk to the next room and see a bar and a bedroom. They lock the door behind them. “What now?” Charles says. Bruce look outside a window and sees they are in a train. “This can’t be good” Bruce says. Harvey and Hannah stay at each other. “What the hell has happened?” Harvey says. “I don’t remember anything too” Hannah says. “I remember we were in that base and there they were” Charles says. “You sure?” Isabelle says. “Yes” Charles says. “Where is Daisy?” Hannah says. “She got killed” Charles says sad. “Idiots!” Harvey screams. “First Nathan and now her? We need to punish them!” Harvey says. “We sure will” Bruce says and he sees the other boy and girl there. “How did you got here?” Bruce says. “We can’t remember that” The boy says. “Okay we’d better work together” Charles says. “Okay I am Andy and this is Brooke” Andy says. “Nice to meet you, I am Bruce and this are Isabelle, Charles, Hannah and Harvey” Bruce says. “Likewise” Andy says.

Back in the game, they are planning on moving on. "We should move further" Jackson says. "Good idea" Sam says. "What about the others?" Jackson says. "Fuck them, I don't even care about them" Felix says. "I thought you had a crush at Fiona and Lily?" Sam says. "I hate them" Felix says. "There are probably other girls here that want my attention" Felix says. "You are so sure about that?" Sam says. “Yes of course I am!” Felix says. “Stop talking so loud!” Jackson says. “I don’t care about what the fuck happens here” Felix says. But suddenly something moves to them. “Watch out!” Sam says while he sees it first. They all dodge the flying bomb, but it comes back to them. “What the hell is that?” Jackson says. “Lets destroy it!” Liam says. Jackson grabs his crossbow and fires on it. It comes closer and closer to them, but then suddenly it is destroyed. “Wait who destroyed it?” Sam says. “I didn’t do it” Felix says. “Neither did I?” Liam says. “You Jackson?” Sam says. He watches to his arrow and sees he missed. Ezra, Tyler, Lily, Elliot, Fiona and Bridget, which is held by Ezra, come to them. “What was that?” Tyler says. They see it lying broken on the ground. “It looks like something like a bomb that was moving towards us” Jackson says. “Maybe we had luck” Ezra says. “I doubt about that” Sam says. “Lets move forward before it comes back” Jackson says. “Good Idea” Tyler says. They walk further, further and further, but don’t see anybody or anything. They walk through a forest, when suddenly Liam starts saying: “I am already totally done with this stupid game!” “What did I told you about being silent?” Jackson says. After it he is silent. Tyler walks to Lily to apologize for what he said. “Do you think we will ever get out of here?” Tyler says to Lily. But to Tyler’s disappointment, she ignores him. He has to deal with it. Later they arrive at a river. To the right they see other people walking. “Shall we attack them?” Liam says. “No” Tyler says. “We aren’t here to kill anybody” Sam says. “Don’t you understand it? We have to kill them in order to survive!” Liam says. “I certainly doubt about that!” Sam says. Liam becomes mad of it and walks to Ezra and Felix. “Shall we attack and kill them?” Liam says. “I am sorry I have to stay with Bridget” Ezra says. “Come on leave that bitch. You are better than this” Liam says. “Bitch? Don’t you dare to say that again!” Ezra says. “Walk to hell!” Liam says and he walks away. He walks to Fiona and Lily, which are standing beside each other. “Hello how are you ladies?” Liam says. “What do you want?” Lily says. “I don’t want anything. Only some people that want to help me with what I want. I want to kill those fuckers and go away from this fucking…….” Liam wants to finish his sentence but suddenly he is shot by an arrow in his heart and he falls death on the ground. Lily and Fiona are very shocked by it. “What happened?” Sam says and he walks to Lily, which is almost crying. “He was suddenly shocked by an arrow” Lily says sad. “Which son of a bitch did this???” Felix says very angry. “Don’t you remember us?” a female voice says. They look to them and see it are the same people which they had to deal with in the training. “Oh it are those idiots again” Tyler says. “We beat you already one time before and we can easily do that again!” Felix says. “Don’t be so sure about that, we already killed that idiot” the girl says. They see they are with 6 people. “Where are those boy and girl that were also in you group?” Sam says. There is nobody in there group that want to answer their question. “Come on lets kill these idiots!” Felix says. “But don’t you see it? We are not your enemies and you are not our enemies” Sam says. “What the hell are you saying?” The girl says. “They are our enemies” Sam says and he point in the sky. They all laugh because of what he said. “We don’t believe your sad try to get us over in your stupid group. We want our revenge!” one of the boys of their group says. “Allright then” Tyler says. Sam is not agreed with it, but he has to deal with it. They start making their self ready to attack.

Andy is trying to open another door to the back of the train. "Yes indeed we should move to the back" Harvey says. "You sure there aren't any of these creapes there?" Hannah says. "Yes of course" Harvey says. "I doubt about that" Bruce says. Suddenly on that moment Andy has opened the door. "Come on in here" Andy says. Brooke follows him. "I gues we haven't another option" Isabelle says. "If they come here they will do the same things as they did with Daisy" Harvey says. Hannah, Harvey and Charles also walk inside the door. Bruce and Isabelle follow them and they are shocked what they see after the door. It are all bodies in body bags. They are all quiet because of it. But then suddenly the door behind them closes. It is totally dark in the room now. "Bruce?" Isabelle says scared. "There is nothing to be afraid of" Another voice suddenly says. Then a big light comes and suddenly everything is light again. Bruce looks to Isabelle and is glad she is fine. Harvey and Hannah stand next to each other and look to what happened. "Who the hell was that?" Andy says. "We have no fucking idea" Harvey says. "It must be one of them" Brooke says and she looks around. "Wait where is that other boy?" Brooke says. "Charles? He is gone" Isabelle says.

The Scream takes Charles to another room and throws him on a chair and looks to him. Charles is concious again. "Where am I?" Charles says. The Scream ingnores him but is staring to him. "Where are the others?" Charles says. "You won't need them anymore" The Scream says. "Who were those people?" The Scream says. "Friends of mine, what do you actually care!" Charles says. "I do" The Scream says. "Why do you follow this maniac? what did he do that you like him?" Charles says. "Nothing, I hate him too" The Scream says. "Why do you tell me this?" Charles says. "Because it is me" The Scream says and he removes her mask. Charles is shocked when he sees who is behind the mask. It is his own girlfriend. "You are alive?" Charles says and he embraches her. "I am not that easily to kill" Naomi says.

"What will we do now?" Harvey says. "We need to find him back!" Bruce says and they walk back to other room. They can’t find him there. “What have we done!” Bruce says. “We should try to stay and look to each other” Isabelle says. “Good idea” Andy says.

Sam’s group is still fighting against the other group. The girl is fighting with Tyler. Sam is fighting against another boy. “Why don’t you join us?” Sam says. “Shut the fuck up!” The boy says and he throws Sam in the river. “Look out idiot, there are crocodiles in the river” The boy says. The crocodiles have seen Sam and go to him. They smell his blood and move towards him. Sam jumps out of the water and pulls him inside too. They move closer to them. “You idiot, you will die!” The boy says. Sam pulls him under water. He swims outside the water. Jackson helps him outside the water. The crocodiles come to boy and start eating him. “You will die!” He screams. But the crocodiles are too strong and total eat him to death. Out of the water, Sam sees his group won. Only the leading girl and another boy are alive yet. Elliot has killed another girl of their group. “We surrender” the girl says. “Stand up” Tyler says and he helps them up. “We need better weapons” Ezra says to Tyler. “Good idea” Felix says. Tyler walks to the girl and says: “Do you know any places where we can get better weapons?” Tyler says. “Of course I know that! She says. “Okay show us the way” Tyler says. She points to a direction. “You sure we can trust her?” Fiona says to Tyler. “She has no other option” Tyler says. “They are our prisoners now!” Felix says. Ezra watches to Bridget. She has trouble in walking. “What is wrong with her?” Tyler says. “She got hurted in the first fight” Ezra says. “How long is it walking?” Sam says to the girl. “4 miles, 5 miles? I don’t know it for sure” The girl says. “That far! It must be closer!” Ezra says. “Not it isn’t!” the girl says. “Why don’t we kill her already. She probably won’t help us!” Ezra says. “No!” Tyler says. They later decide to follow her and they move to the direction. “How can we call you?” Sam says. “Jess is okay” She says. “All right” Sam says. “And your friend?” Sam says. “My name is Edward” He says. “Okay Edward, do you also know the way?” Sam says. “Most of it” Edward says. Later they are further and they see a big mountain. “A mountain? You didn’t tell us that!” Ezra says. “Stop with nagging all the time Ezra!” Tyler says. “I am sorry” Ezra says while he is carrying Bridget. “There are two options: Over the time or inside the cave” Jess says. “What is shorter?” Tyler says. “trough it” Jess says. “And what is more dangerous?” Lily says. “Also through it” Jess says lauging. “We have no time to lose” Tyler says and he move to the cave. “What is inside that cave?” Sam says. “Monsters” Jess says. “How do you know all of this actually?” Sam says. “Because we started on the other side of the cave” Jess says. “You were here much early than us?” Jackson says. “Yes we were” Jess says. Suddenly another group has seen them. “They are with too much” A boy of them says. “They will probably go inside the cave, we can follow them and after that we can go to them” A girl says. “Good, I want to kill all of them!” another boy says. Back at Sam’s group, they decided to go inside the cave. They move inside it and grabs some lights. “You see? I was right” the girl says. But on the other side they see another boy walking. One of the boys grabs his bow and arrows and fires an arrows at him. He falls death on the ground. “Good work Lucas” the another boy says. The group with tree follow them. They are faster and take the way over the mountain. Inside the mountain it is starting getting darker and darker. They see that there are 4 ways to go next. “Which one must we choose?” Tyler says. “The one that feels the coldest” Jess says. “How on earth can we feel which way is the coldest?” Ezra says. “Tyler don’t you see it? The only thing she does is getting us in trouble. We shouldn’t believe her!” Ezra yells. “Don’t talk so loud you idiot!” Jess says. But it is already too late and suddenly a lot of bats come to them. They all follow Tyler which chooses the way to the right. They all run. Bridget isn’t fast enough. She and Ezra stay behind. “Go away you can’t save me anymore” Bridget says. All the bats move around them. “I won’t leave you!” Ezra says. All the bats go to Bridget and start eating from her. She screams the pain out. “Go away!!!” She screams and later she is totally eaten and only bones are left from her. Ezra grabs her bones and also runs in their direction. He runs faster, faster and faster but he doesn’t see the group anymore. He is shocked and starts crying. “Nooooooo!!!!!” Ezra screams while he is running. The bats are finally gone. “Where are Ezra and Bridget?” Felix says. “They probably didn’t make it” Fiona says. “Yes true” Lily says. Edward and Jess stand up. “She was only slowing us down and he only gave attention to her” Edward says. “As soon as we went in this game we knew people will die” Tyler says. “That’s why we should work together and not kill each other!” Sam says. “It is true what you say” Jess says. “We are closer to the end” Edward says. Lily and Fiona are glad. “This way” Edward says and they walk to the end of the cave. Outside they see finally light again. Ezra is still inside the cave and also sees a way out. But it isn’t the same way out as his group did. It is way on the top of the mountain. Outside suddenly, the group of three see them. “Look who we have there a lost sheep” Lucas says. Ezra sees them and is surprised. “Who are you?” Ezra says to them. They come closer to him. “You are alone?” The girl says. “I lost my group” Ezra says. “The bats inside the cave they killed my girlfriend” Ezra says. “Bats? Hahahahahha” The other boy says. “That’s so sorry for you” The girl says. “Can I kill this cry baby?” The other boy says. “No he is mine Elijah” Lucas says. “No please don’t kill me!” Ezra says. Elijah and Lucas move to him. Ezra runs back inside the cave to another way. They follow him inside the cave. Ezra runs from his life and later he finds the same exit as his group did. He watches behind and sees them taking the stairs back of the mountain. “Wait for me!!” Ezra yells. The girl heard him and takes the stairs down to him. She takes the stairs down to him and attacks him from the back. Lucas and Elijah are there later. “I got him first” The girl says. “How did you do that?” Elijah says. “Are you that stupid Elijah?” Lucas says and he takes Ezra up. “So what shall we do with you? What is your name?” Lucas says and he points a knife to his throat. “Ezra” Ezra says very sad. Sam, Tyler, Lily, Jackson, Fiona, Elliot, Jess and Edward are almost at the normal ground. “We are almost there” Jess says. They see in the far a wooden cabin. “So what is inside there?” Sam says. “A big weapon collection, the best weapons are probably already gone, but maybe there is still something” Jess says. They see another group guarding the cabin. They also see them. They hide after the trees. Sam, Jackson, Fiona and Jess go to the tree to the right. Lily, Tyler, Edward and Elliot go to other tree. They see a way to the cabin. Sam, Jackson, Fiona and Jess fire at the other people. Jess has a bomb in her bag and throws it to them. Two people die in the explosion. The others are very surprised by the explosion. They run away. “What? They are leaving?” Jackson says. They go inside the cabin and see a lot of weapons. “Thank you for bringing us here” Sam says to Jess. “It wasn’t that hard” Jess says. “Where are the others?” Jackson says. “I have no idea” Sam says. Tyler and Lily go inside another cabin. Elliot and Edward follow them. They go sitting inside the cabin. Tyler looks to Lily. She doesn’t look to him. Elliot and Edward look inside the stuff in the cabin. “I am sorry for what I said” Tyler says. “You are sorry for what?” Lily says. “Never mind about it” Tyler says. “I am the one that needs to feel sorry” Lily says. “No don’t be” Tyler says. Elliot hears where they are talking about and listens. “I never should have had sex with him, that was my mistake” Lily says. “Yes true, I feel sorry for getting too angry because of that” Tyler says. “You couldn’t do anything against it” Tyler says. “She was just an easy prey” Suddenly Elliot says. “Go away you idiot!” Lily says. “Idiot? How dare you call me with that hot body” Elliot says. “You have luck that we didn’t punish you for what you did!” Tyler says. “Punish me? I only took advantage from an easy thing to do” Elliot says. “Easy thing?” Lily says and he stands up. “Don’t do this Lily” Tyler says. “Shall I show you what is easy to do?” Lily says. “Show me hot girl…. You can’t even fight that good” Elliot says. Lily walks to him slowly. “Show it you whore!!” Elliot says. Suddenly she attacks him. Edward also sees it and walks to Tyler. “What are they doing? Edward says. Tyler ignores him. Elliot grabs Lily and throws her into some stuff. “Do you want me to fuck you another time?” Elliot says and he jumps on her. Lily sees a knife lying on the ground and suddenly stabs Elliot with it. “You bitch! You thought that would kill me!” Elliot says and he pushes her on her belly. He wants to pull off her clothes again. “I will fuck you to your……..” Elliot can’t finish his sentence, because suddenly out of knowhere he is shot in his head. He falls death on the ground. Lily sees it was Tyler that shot him. Tyler walks to her and suddenly he starts kissing her. I am sorry for not saving you the first time. Edward sees it and knows this is his chance to go away. He walks outside, nobody sees him. Sam, Jackson, Fiona and Jess have gathered the best weapons and walk back outside. When suddenly 4 people are standing before the cabin. “Bonjour amis” Lucas says. “You thought all these weapons are for you now?” Elijah says. “Who are you?” Sam says. “You will soon find out” The girl says. “But first we have a surprise for you” Lucas says. Suddenly Ezra walks to them too. “Hello my old friends” Ezra says. “Ezra?” Fiona says. “Why are you with them?” Jackson says. Ezra ignores Jackson’s question.

“You need to tell me everything, I want to know it” Charles says. “It is not the right time for that” Naomi says. “Why did you join them?” Charles says. “I had no other choice” Naomi says. “Your new friends are in danger” Naomi says. “What?” Charles says. “Did you really think they will keep you alive, after everything they did?” Naomi says. “They kidnapped 250 youngsters to fight against each other” Naomi says. “Really?” Charles says. “Yes and the winner will be” Naomi says, but suddenly on that moment the door is opened. Naomi makes a sign that he needs to hide himself. Another scream without mask walks inside the room. “The prisoners escaped! We need to find them” The Scream says. Charles tries to look who it is. “That won’t be a problem, they don’t have much ways to go” Naomi says. “Indeed” The other scream says. “Are you ready?” The other scream says. “Yes almost Jacob” Naomi says and she picks up her knife and walks out of the room and follows Jacob. Later the train stops. “Why do we stop?” Harvey says. “Maybe we reached our destination” Isabelle says. They watch outside and see a very big building. And left of it they see another smaller building. They see the train making his last moves to the smaller building. “What is in there?” Hannah says. “That’s a question I would also like to get answered” Bruce says. “I have heard stories that it is the big arena” Andy says. “Lots of people get killed in there” Brooke says. “Not good” Bruce says. But then suddenly the door is opened. Two screams walk inside. “Hard to stay on your places?” The Scream says. “We didn’t really like to stay at that room” Harvey says. “Idiots! You are going to be punished for that” The Scream says. The other screams looks to them but doesn’t say anything. “And now come with us, we are there” The scream says. “Killer Scream wants to see you” The Scream says. The door outside gets opened and they all step out. They step in a van and drive to the smaller building. “What do you think they will do with us?” Isabelle says to Bruce. “I am not expecting any good” Bruce says. Charles also jumps out of the train and hides himself in the baggage of one of the vans. Bruce, Isabelle, Harvey, Hannah, Andy and Brooke arrive at the smaller building. They walk inside. They walk in a small hallway and see a big door further. The door gets opened and they walk inside a big room. Naomi and Jacob walk behind them guarding them. Inside the room, Bruce sees a big throne. A scream with another mask is sitting on the throne. “Welcome stupid creatures” Killer Scream says. Everybody stays quiet. “You aren’t in for a talk?” Killer Scream says. “Just tell us why the hell we needed to come here” Harvey says. “Because you are special” Killer Scream says. “What makes us so special?” Bruce says. “You six are the only ones that wanted to do something against my policy, which is smart but stupid also” Killer Scream says. “And that’s why you took us all the way to here?” Andy says. “You will be heavily punished for killing one of my soldiers” Killer Scream says to Harvey, Hannah, Bruce and Isabelle. “This is the beginning of the start of your life!” Killer Scream yells and suddenly the ground down of them disappears and they fall in a hole. They all fall on a big pillow. Naomi and Jacob also fell down. “Idiots!” Harvey says. Bruce looks to Isabelle if she is all right. She looks to the other screams which also step up. Jacob hurt himself. “I am sorry for this” Naomi says and suddenly she hits him in his face, he falls unconscious on the ground. “Come with me” Naomi says. “Why would we do that?” Hannah says. “Do we have another choice?” Isabelle says. They follow her and go to another room. “Who are you?” Bruce says. “I can tell you everything” Naomi says. “Then do that!” Harvey says. They walk to another room and lock the door. Inside the room they see Charles standing. “It was easy to found wasn’t it?” Naomi says to Charles. “Yes it was” Charles says. “You are alive?” Bruce says. “It is good to see you” Charles says. Naomi removes her mask. “Hello I am Naomi” Naomi says. “Wait you are his…..” Harvey says. “Yes I was” Naomi says. “Why do you help us?” Isabelle says. “I don’t do it for you, but for him” Naomi says and she points to Charles. “So what is that big building?” Bruce says. “That’s the arena” Naomi says. “I knew it is true” Andy says to Brooke. “Arena?” Isabelle says. “Yes 250 youngsters fight against each other in there right now” Naomi says.

Inside the big building, Ezra, Lucas, Elijah and Elina have taken hostage Sam, Felix, Fiona, Jackson and Jess. “Why just don’t kill us already?” Felix says. “That would be too easy” Lucas says. “Why do you do this Ezra?” Sam says. “From the beginning I already knew, you are all idiots” Ezra says. “Shut up” Elijah says. “We don’t need anything to hear from you” Elijah says. “What group are you idiots?” Lucas says and he grabs his knife and puts It on the throat of Jess. “Group J” Jess says scared. “And you?” Lucas says and he holds his knife to Felix’s throat. “A” Felix says. “We are also A” Sam says. “A? That means you are the biggest idiots of all” Elijah says. “They always said that A was one of the contenders” Elina says. “Yes” Lucas says. “It is my group, I would be grateful to kill these three idiots” Ezra says. “Wait, first where is the rest of your group” Lucas says. “They are all death” Felix says. “Hahahaha that means we will eliminate the latest members of all idiots of A” Elijah says. “Can I kill them?” Ezra says. “Shut up!!” Elijah says. “You are only allowed to talk if we say it” Lucas says. “Before you will kill us, maybe are you interested in some information about the idiots that put us all in here?” Sam says. “You know who they are?” Elina says. “Yes I do, all my life I have already been fighting with these idiots” Sam says. “Why not?” Lucas says. “But If I tell you this I don’t want that anybody of us will get killed” Sam says. “Suck my ass you idiot!” Elijah says. “That’s a condition we can’t allow” Lucas says. “What do you think Ezra?” Elina says. “Finally I can tell something, thank you. I think you should kill these idiots, I know already everything about them, so you can ask me for it” Ezra says. “That’s not true” Sam says. “You are a liar” Lucas says to Ezra. “Do I care?” Ezra says. “So tell us what you know” Lucas says.

In the other cabin, Lily and Tyler step on again. “Where is that other dude?” Tyler says. “I have no idea” Lily says. They walk outside and see that the other are inside the other cabin. Ezra looks outside and sees them coming to them. “We are surrounded” Ezra yells. “Good, Make yourself useful Ezra, kill them all for us” Lucas says. “On my own?” Ezra says. “Yes aren’t you a good fighter?” Lucas says. “Of course I am” Ezra says and he walks outside. Tyler and Lily see him. Ezra walks to them. “You have to save me” Ezra says to Tyler and Lily. “What is wrong?” Lily says. “Bridget is death, and I am kidnapped by these idiots” Ezra says. “Wait how did she die?” Lily says. “Who are these idiots?” Tyler says. Ezra walks to the other cabin and goes inside. He sees the death body of Elliot lying on the ground. “How did this happen?” Ezra says. “I killed them, but never mind about that” Tyler says. “Okay we have to save the others” Ezra says. “Where did he go?” Lucas says. “I saw them attacking them, I doubt he survived” Elina says. “No problem” Lucas says. Sam is done with being hostage and tries to open his chair to get out of there. Elijah looks to them, but doesn’t see it.

“So what will we do now?” Bruce says. “Staying in here for now, you are save here” Naomi says. “There is a bedroom there, try to get some sleep” Naomi says. Bruce, Isabelle, Harvey, Hannah, Andy and Brooke walk to the bedroom and take a bed. There are only 3 beds. Bruce and Isabelle decide to take the first bed and sleep together. Same for Brooke and Andy. Harvey and Hannah step in the last bed. Charles and Naomi talk some time in. “Don’t you need to sleep?” Naomi says. “What about you?” Charles says. “He gave me anti sleep pills, they don’t want us to sleep because we need to be ready all time” Naomi says. Charles takes off his clothes and steps in Naomi’s bed. Naomi joins him. They talk a bit and later start kissing and fall asleep. In the bedroom, Harvey can’t sleep. Hannah is also awake. “What is wrong?” Hannah says. “I can’t sleep” Harvey says. “Is there anything I can do?” Hannah says. “Yes actually” Harvey says and suddenly he starts kissing her. Bruce, Isabelle, Andy and Brooke are already sleeping. Harvey takes his and Hanna’s clothes. “I didn’t expect it to go so quick” Hannah says. “What?” Harvey says. “I already know you would do this one day” Hannah says. “Really?” Harvey says. “And this is my answer” Hannah says and he starts kissing him. But suddenly a big knife comes appears and stabs Harvey. He screams the pain out. Bruce wakes up and hears it. The knife appears again and hits Harvey again. All his parts of his body fall apart. “What the hell is happening?” Bruce says. Hannah looks terrified about what happened. Naomi and Charles are still kissing and also hear something. “It probably isn’t important, I am so happy to have you again” Charles says. Bruce, Isabelle, Andy, Brooke and Hannah all step out of the bed and see that Harvey is brutally killed and all his organs are lying on the ground.

Later it starts getting dark in the big building. “Aren’t you done with us?” Felix says. “No we aren’t” Lucas says. “You keep us save” Lucas says. “So that’s the whole point?” Sam says. “We can work together and help each other against those stupid screams” Sam says. “Screams? That can’t be true” Elina says. “Yes that’s what I wanted to tell you all the time” Sam says. “Screams? You must be joking” Elijah says laughable. “Have you heard of them?” Sam says. “Of course I saw those stupid movies they made of them, it is all a big joke” Elijah says. “Screams are a fairy tale” Elina says. “Fairy tale? Wait before you see them yourself” Sam says. “Stop with your jokes” Elina says. “Stop with mentioning that name, if you say it one more time, I will remove your tongue” Lucas says. “Why? Do you believe me?” Sam says. “That was it” Lucas says and he walks to him. But on that moment Sam has removed his locks and he slams in Lucas’ face and he falls unconscious on the ground. Elijah attacks him. Sam unlocks the others too and they all attack him and Elina. Lucas also steps on again, but they are stronger and defeat them. They tie them up in the chair. “Now everything is different” Sam says while he ties up Elina. “Please don’t do this to us” Elina says. “After everything you did?” Sam says. “We should have killed you when we had the chance” Lucas says. Felix walks outside to Tyler, Lily and Ezra. “He is a traitor!” Felix says pointing to Ezra. “What do you say?” Tyler says. “How dare you call me a trader?” Ezra says. Tyler grabs his gun and points it to Ezra. “What is happening?” Lily says. “We have a trader” Tyler says. “Why would you believe the idiot that already was a total idiot at first” Ezra says. “That’s not true, he works together with these three other idiots!” Felix says. “What other idiots?” Tyler says. “Take your gun away” Lily says to Tyler. “He lost his girlfriend, why would he betray us?” Tyler says ignoring Lily. “I don’t know it either but suddenly he works with them” Felix says. “Take your gun away!” Lily says again. “No!” Tyler says. Suddenly a bullet is fired. Everybody looks to each other and see the bullet has been fired on Felix. He falls bleeding on the ground. Lily walks to him. “Please don’t die, I believe you” Lily says. “Kill that motherfucker for me” Felix says to her. “I am sorry that I always was an idiot” Felix says and later he is death. “Why did you do that? There wasn’t any reason to do that!” Lily says. “We didn’t need that son of a bitch” Tyler says. “There was no reason for killing him!” Lily says angry and she walks away. “Go away you bitch, I don’t need you anymore” Tyler says mad. “You made the right choice, you won’t be disappointed because of it” Ezra says.

Everybody is awakened and shocked by Harvey’s sudden death. “How did this happened?” Bruce says. “I have no idea suddenly he was death” Hannah says. “This can’t happen out of nowhere” Isabelle says. “There is something strange with this building!” Andy says. “Maybe we will all get killed” Brooke says. “No that won’t happen” Andy says. Bruce walks to Charles and Naomi to say what happened. They are shocked about it. “That means we can’t stay here!” Charles says. “No true we must try to escape out of this creep house” Bruce says. Naomi is indignant about it but has to deal with it. Bruce watches outside if he sees something. There is nothing on the hallway. But suddenly three other screams come through the corner. Bruce closes the door. “What is there?” Isabelle says. “They are coming” Bruce says. “They probably figured out that I helped you” Naomi says. Naomi walks to another entrance out. She opens a hatchway, they all go inside it, except Naomi. “two times right and 1 time to the left” Naomi says. “Why don’t you go with us?” Charles says. “I will speak to them” Naomi says. She hears somebody knocking on the door. “Open the fucking door” one of the screams says. “Wait a second” Naomi says and she closes the hatchway and walks to the door and opens it. Connor is standing behind it. “Where the hell have you been?” Connor says and he grabs her. “You know what will happen if you betray us?” Connor says while holding her. “I don’t know where you talking about, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Naomi says. “Where did those idiots go!? As long as he can remember you hit him knocked out. Don’t lie!” Connor says. “I never hit him knocked out!” Naomi says. “Liar!!” Connor screams and he grabs his knife. “One more lie and you will die!” Connor yells. The other two screams stand behind him. One of them whispers something in Connor’s ear. “I have changed my mind, Killer Screams will decide your fate” Connor says. The other screams grab Naomi and want to walk out of the room but suddenly Charles stands before it. He hits one of the screams in his head and throws the other one on the ground. “Look who we have there, finally!” Connor says. “Look what idiot we have here” Charles says. “You must be Charles, I have heard much about you. It would be a pleasure to kill you” Connor says. It makes Charles angry and he attacks him. He slabs him in his head. “Is that everything you have? You hit me like a bitch” Connor says and he grabs him and throws him on the ground. Charles steps on again and looks to Connor and dodges his attack. But he is faster and hits Charles in his face. Charles punches him in his belly. Naomi lies down on the ground and sees Charles fighting with him. She knows she has to do something. She steps on and hits him in the back. “Hahaha your little bitch wants to help you” Connor says, but suddenly Charles makes an unexpected move and hits Connor very painful. He falls unconscious on the ground. “What are you doing here?” Naomi says. “Helping you” Charles says. “All right then, we must leave now” Naomi says and they walk away.

Sam, Jackson, Fiona and Jess lock up Lucas, Elijah and Elina. “And you are our biggest opponents?” Jackson says. “No far from that!” Lucas says. “Group G has made a name for themselves, they must be really good” Elijah says. “Why don’t join forces and defeat them?” Sam says. “No never!” Lucas says. “Okay you have two options. Help us or stay here and die” Sam says. “We will never help you!” Elijah screams. “Okay that’s obvious. What about you?” Sam says and he looks to Elina. “Can’t you just let us go! We didn’t do anything wrong” Elina says. “That was not one of the options you could choose between, but I gues you have made your choose” Sam says and he unlocks her. “What?” Elina says. “You will come with us” Sam says. “What? This is unfair!” Elijah says. “Let us go too” Lucas says. “You want to help us?” Sam says. “Yes!” Elijah says. “No of course not!” Lucas says. “Why would we believe you now?” Fiona says. “Yes true, but I am a really great fighter” Elijah says. “Oh come on we are done here” Sam says. But suddenly on that moment another group is standing before the cabin. “Unlock us you need our help” Lucas says. “allright then, Sam and Jackson unlock them and they know a battle will start.

In the other cabin they see them fighting. “Don’t we need to help them?” Tyler says. “After what you did? I think they will kill you” Lily says. “What is wrong with you?” Tyler says. “With me? Look to yourself!” Lily says. “Wow guys easy” Ezra says. Lily is done with it and walks away. “Ouch” Ezra says. “Go to hell!” Tyler says. Ezra looks outside and is shocked . “What?” Ezra says.

Outside, Lucas, Elijah and Elina help them in the fight. They are with more and they get easily defeated. They run away. “Do you see? We are a great team” Sam says. “So where can we find team G?” Sam says. “This way” Lucas says. Lily walks outside to them. “Lily what are you doing here?” Jackson says. “Tyler is doing really weird, I want to join you” Lily says. “Okay we agree” Fiona says. Tyler and Ezra walks towards them. “Look who we have there” Elijah says. “It doesn’t look like you killed them” Lucas says. “No indeed” Elina says. Ezra ignores them. “Stupid idiot” Elina says. “I will kill him when I have the chance” Lucas whispers to her. “Good I am getting sick of him” Elina whispers to Lucas. “So where are we going now?” Tyler says. “Where are Felix and Elliot?” Sam says. “Death” Tyler says. “What happened?” Jackson says. “I killed them” Tyler says. “What did you do?” Fiona says. “Good work” Elijah says. “How could you say that?” Fiona says. “I know they were annoying but there wasn’t a reason to kill them.” Fiona says. “There was!” Tyler says. Lily ignores the conversation. “If you kill him, you can also kill him, Go away” Sam says. “What?” Tyler says.

Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah, Andy and Brooke walk inside the air shaft. “Left here” Bruce says and he walks on front. Brooke looks behind and sees Charles isn’t there anymore. She doesn’t say anything about it. Under them there is a hatchway again. They see prisoners through it. “Don’t we have to help them?” Isabelle says. “Later” Bruce says. “So what will we do now?” Isabelle says. “Do what we can do best, kill screams” Bruce says. “You sure we can do that without Sam?” Isabelle says. “I have a feeling he is somewhere here” Bruce says. They walk further and come to the end. They open the hatchway and walks out of it. To their very big surprise they are back in the room of Killer Scream. “Hahahaha why did you idiots come back here” Killer Scream says. Bruce walks towards him. There aren’t guards in the room. “Did you come here to kill me? I have just find out everything about you” Killer Scream says. “You were the Anti screams and you were out to kill me!!” Killer Scream laughable says. They walk closer to him. Bruce stops before Killer Scream. “You don’t have guards now” Bruce says. “Do I need them?” Killer Scream says. “Probably yes” Bruce says and he stabs his knife inside Killer Scream. He disappears. “What?” Bruce says. “Hahahahaha idiots!!!” Killer Screams says through a voice recorder. “It was a hologram” Bruce angry says.

In another room, the real Killer Scream is sitting. He watches to the game. “This takes too long, enable fast killing mode” Killer Scream says. Another Scream nods with his face and he pushes on a big button.

Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah, Andy and Brooke look around them and see a door opening up. “Look who we have there” Connor, which is back, says. “The other son of a bitches!” Connor yells. Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah, Andy and Brooke know they have to fight. The two other screams help Connor and they attack them. Bruce attacks Connor. Isabelle helps him. Brooke and Andy take the scream to the left. Hannah fights alone against the other scream. Sam, Fiona, Jackson, Ezra, Lily, Jess, Lucas, Elijah and Elina move further. Tyler stayed behind. But on that moment a meteorite storm starts. “What the fuck is happening?” Lucas says. “We must run!!” Sam says. They run as fast as they can. During the running Edward sees them. “Do you guys know what is happening?” Edward says. “Where the hell have you been?” Jess says. “Doing some business” Edward says. “We must move further” Jackson says. They run further when suddenly a fire starts. Everything total burns down. A tree falls on their way. They help each other get over the tree. But Edward’s leg is stuck under the tree. Jess wants to help him, but it is too late, he totally burns down to ashes. Fiona grabs Jess and takes her away. She cries because of his death.

Connor throws Bruce on the ground. “Don’t kill them yet, first the others.” Connor says and he walks to Andy, which is fighting against the other scream. He grabs him. “Is there anybody that cares about him?” Connor says. Brooke walks to him and says: “I do, please let him stay alive” “Thank you” Connor says and he stabs his knife inside Andy. Brooke is shocked to see Andy get killed and starts crying. Connor laughs very much about what he did. “Now lets kill the others” Connor says. But instead of killing them, they all get knocked out.

All the others see that Edward didn't make it, but they have to run further. They see an abandoned cave and hide inside it. Later the room of Killer Scream is shown. "Fire a meteorite to that group” Master Scream says. The other scream does it. “Do you really think it is wise to go inside that cave?” Lucas says. “Do you have another option?” Sam says. The meteorite comes closer to them. Ezra, Jackson, Lily, Lucas and Elina run inside the cave. Jess, Sam, Fiona and Lucas stay before the cave. “Come inside you dumbass!” Jess says. Sam grabs Fiona and goes inside. “What is wrong with you idiot!” Jess says. “I haven’t told you about what is inside there!!” Lucas says. “Go inside or die!!” Jess says. But then suddenly the meteorite falls on the cave, not hitting them. It makes all the rocks fall down. A lot of them fall on Jess. Lucas dodges the rocks and he sees another meteorite coming to him and knows he has no other option rather than going inside. “Please help me” Jess says. “Why would I?” Lucas says. The meteorite chrashes on Jess and she dies. All the rocks fall in the entrance and they can’t go out anymore. Lucas doesn’t care that she is death and walks inside. Inside the cave torches are hanging on the wall. Sam and Fiona are further in the cave. “Where is Jess?” Sam says. “She hasn’t made it” Lucas says. Fiona looks sad and says: “How?” “The rocks fell on her” Lucas says. “And you didn’t help her?” Fiona says. “There was no time” Lucas says. “You idiot, you could have easily saved her” Fiona says mad. “Nooo!!!” Lucas screams. “We never should have gone inside of this cave” Lucas says. “Why not?” Sam says. “You have no idea what is inside of here” Lucas says. “No true tell us you idiot” Sam says. “You will never know” Lucas says. “Go to hell” Sam says. “We are already there” Lucas says. Ezra walks in front and isn’t scared. Jackson, Lily and Elijah walk behind him. “I hate caves!” Elijah says. “Please don’t complain all the time!” Jackson says. “Be glad you aren’t dead” Lily says. “We soon will be miss?” Elijah says. “Why would you need to know my name?” Lily says. “Just interested” Elijah says. “Idiot” Jackson says quiet. “What did you say?” Elijah says. “I said you are a fucking idiot!” Jackson says. It makes Elijah angry and he attacks him. Ezra starts laughing. Elina and Lily try to stop the fight. “Is this fight really necessary?” Lily says. “He defies me!” Elijah says. “When somebody defies you don’t always have to start the fight” Elina says. “Exactly!” Jackson says. It only makes Elijah more angry. Elina tries to calm him down. “Soon we will be away of these people” Elina says to Elijah. “Away? We are stuck in this fucking cave and can’t get away” Elijah says. Lucas hears about what he says and says: “Yes and as further we go in this stupid cave…..” “What is further?” Ezra says. “Your biggest nightmare” Lucas says. “How do you know this?” Sam says. “We are already much longer in this stupid game than you” Lucas says. “And how is that possible?” Sam says. “Probably because you are A and we are T” Elina says. “That makes a lot clear” Sam says. Ezra already starts becoming more scared. “What is wrong?” Fiona says to Ezra. “This cave starts to giving me the creeps” Ezra says. “I feel sorry for you losing Bridget” Fiona says. “Thank you” Ezra says. They walk further and further. “I don’t see your big nightmare yet” Jackson says to Lucas. Lucas ignores him. But later he says: “We are there” “We are where?” Sam says. “There isn’t anything here” Sam says. But then suddenly they see something moving. “What the hell is that?” Ezra says scared. The big monster sees them and runs to them. “Run!!” Elijah screams. They all run back to the way back. They walk into another way to the left. Lucas walks to it and starts shooting on it. “What are you doing?” Elina says. “Help me kill it!” Lucas says. Elijah and Ezra run away from it like cowards. Lily and Jackson follow them. Sam and Fiona stay behind. “And this is your big nightmare?” Sam says. “Yes you idiot, help killing it” Lucas says. Elina and Lucas fire everything they go on it. But the monster is too strong and dodges the weapons. Sam and Fiona start helping. Sam starts helping him. “What are you doing bitch? Help us!” Lucas says. The monster comes closer to them. Fiona is very scared and doesn’t know what to do. “We can’t kill it!” Sam says. “Fuck it Run!!” Lucas says. Sam, Elina and Fiona run away, until Lucas grabs Fiona. “Not you bitch” Lucas says. “What the hell are you doing?” Fiona says. He pushes her in front of the monster. “Die you motherfucking bitch!” Lucas yells and he runs away. Fiona tries to run away from the monster but it grabs her. She screams it out and the monster eats her and kills her. Lucas sees it and laughs very much. He follows Sam and Elina.

“This all takes too long!!” Killer Scream screams. “What must I do?” The other scream says. “Send the war dogs” Killer Scream says. The other scream nods and activates it. Later a lot of wolves comes in the arena and kill a lot of people. Inside the cave, They are save. Ezra, Elijah, Jackson and Lily run further and come to a way out of the cave. They see a lot of crashed meteorites. “What the hell has happened?” Jackson says. “They want all of us death” Lily says. “Well inside that cave we are save” Ezra says. “From that monster, I think not” Elijah says. “And what about them?” Jackson says and he points to the wolves running towards them. One of them has some organs of another person in his mouth. “What the hell have they done?” Lily says. “Run!!!” Ezra screams and they all run back inside the cave. The wolves follow them inside the cave. They run as fast as they can and take another way to the right. They run, run and run, until they know the wolves are gone. They walk further inside the cave and see a big light, They walk towards it. They see two persons standing in the room. “Who are that?” Elijah says. “Be quiet” Jackson says. Jackson and Lily immediately know who it are. One of the two walks to them. “Finally I found you idiots!” The guy says. “Who the hell is that?” Elijah says. “Three of the idiots that are responsible for the whole extinction of my group” The guy says and he shows himself as the person that was in their first fight. “Where are the others of your group?” Jackson says. “Death” the guy says. “Henry was your name right?” Lily says. “Yes and you will all be punished for that” Henry says. The other person standing in the room also sees them. “I have an ally, you probably remember him” Henry says. The other person walks to him and shows himself as Tyler. “Tyler? What are you doing here?” Jackson says. “Taking my revenge on you idiots” Tyler says. “Where is that idiot that banished me from the group? I want him death first!” Tyler says. “We don’t know that too” Jackson says. “How dare you call him an idiot? You are the idiot here” Lily says angry. “Well, I totally was wrong about you Lily, you are the biggest bitch of this whole motherfucking world” Tyler says. Lily becomes sad of what he said. Henry looks to them and starts laughing. “You think this is funny?” Elijah says. “Yes it is, isn’t it?” Henry says. “I saw you killing Felix, I still don’t why you did that” Lily says. “It was the best thing to do, the same will happen to you” Tyler says. “What about me?” Ezra says. “You are free to go, if it depends to me” Tyler says. “Not if it depends to me” Henry says. “I remember you, you also fought in that fight” Henry says. “I am very sorry for that” Ezra says. “You are too late for apologizing” Henry says. “What will we do to him?” Henry says to Tyler pointing to Ezra. “I don’t know him that well, but he sounds like an idiot” Tyler says. “Idiot? Lets take a look who the idiot is” Elijah says, but on that moment he is knocked out. Henry hits Ezra in his face and he also falls unconscious. Jackson tries to fight back against Tyler, but he hits his gun at Lily. “Surrender or she will die!!” Tyler says. Jackson surrenders and he is also knocked out. Tyler grabs Lily and says: “It would be a pleasure for me to fuck you one more time before you die.” “What is wrong with you Tyler? why are you so changed?” Lily says. “Noo! You are the one that is changed” Tyler says and he hit her soft and she falls on the ground.

Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah and Brooke wake up in a cell. “Welcome back sleepy heads” Connor says. “You are in our prison now, have fun here” Connor says and he walks away. Brooke is still crying. Isabelle tries to comfort her. “They will all get the revenge they deserve, I am sure about that” Isabelle says. “What the hell has happened?” Bruce says. “We fought and we lost” Isabelle says. “Where is Andy?” Bruce says. “Death” Isabelle says. “I am so sorry” Bruce says to Brooke. “We need to get here out fast” Bruce says. “I doubt that will be easy” Hannah says.

Sam, Lucas and Elina run further inside the cave but end up at a death end. “What now?” Sam says. “We are stuck” Elina says. Lucas comes at them. “Is it death?” Elina says. “No” Lucas says. “Where is Fiona?” Sam says. “She didn’t make it” Lucas says. “What?” Sam says shocked. The monster comes closer to them and comes around the corner to them. Sam looks on the wall and sees something extraordinary, a button. He pushes on it. A door opens. “Come fast inside here” Sam says. Elina and Lucas are surprised by it and go as fast as possible inside the door and close it behind them. The monster can’t come to them. “What was that? How did you find that?” Elina says. “It was a button which opened that door” Sam says. “Great that you found that” Elina says. “Indeed otherwise we would be death” Sam says. “Good smarty-pants” Lucas says. “What? You aren’t even grateful that you are alive because of me?” Sam says. Lucas ignores his question. Inside the room they see some chairs and go sitting on them. “How did she die?” Sam says to Lucas. “He grabbed her and ate her” Lucas says. “And how was she grabbed?” Sam says. “She wasn’t fast enough” Lucas lies. “I know you are lying, liar!” Sam yells. “It is true!” Lucas says. “And how is it possible that always people die when they are alone with you?” Sam says. “You are a liar and killer!” Sam says. “I am not!!!” Lucas screams. “Do you have any proof for what you are assuming?” Lucas yells. “Stop you two!” Elina says. “We should work together not fight each other” Elina says. Sam steps on again and watches around in the room. Elina goes sitting next to Lucas. “Did you kill her?” Elina says to Lucas softly. “Of course, we only need to kill that smarty pants and we are free again” Lucas says. “Of course I want to win this game with you as my queen” Lucas says. Elina becomes quiet because of it. “What is wrong?” Lucas says. “I never saw you are hot” Lucas says and he starts embracing her. “I don’t care about that idiot Elijah, only we have to survive” Lucas says. “I think I found something” Sam says and interrupts. Elina steps on and looks to what he founds. Lucas becomes mad. “Another secret door” Sam says. “It is a four letter code” Sam says. “And what is the right answer?” Elina says. “It is probably something only they know” Sam says. “You haven’t found anything, we won’t come inside there!” Lucas says mad. “Let me try something” Sam says. He pushes in the buttons R-U-D-Y. 5 seconds later the code switch says enabled and the door opens. “How did you know that?” Elina says. Lucas is very surprised. “They are so predictable” Sam says laughable. “But what was it?” Elina says. “The real first name of Master Scream, the creator of Killer Scream” Sam says. “No don’t start about them again” Lucas says mad. Elina walks to Sam and says: “It are fairy tales, don’t believe in that” “So why did the code work?” Sam says. “That was luck” Lucas says. “Lets come inside, we don’t have any time to lose” Sam says. “I doubt it is a good idea to go inside there, we have never been there and we thought we had seen everything of this map!!” Lucas says. Sam ignores what he says and walks inside. Elina is curious too and follows him. “Oh come on!” Lucas says and he has to follow them. “Why does it feel different here?” Sam says. They open another door and see a hallway. Sam looks around but doesn’t see anybody. “What way should we go smarty pants? You know everything so you probably know this too” Lucas says. “Shut up Lucas” Elina says angry. Sam doesn’t even respond to him anymore. He looks to the right and suddenly sees a scream. “I had to know it” Sam says. “Look there, you will see it isn’t a fairy tale“ Sam says to Elina. Elina looks to the scream and sees him. He doesn’t see her. She is very surprised. “You were right all the time” Elina says. Lucas also looks and sees him. “Is it already carnival?” Lucas says. Sam becomes bored of him and knows they have to go to the left.

Charles and Naomi are sitting in Naomi’s room. “We have to help them” Charles says. “It can’t we are with only 2, they are with too much” Naomi says. “We should save the others and then they can help us” Charles says. “Good idea, but how are we coming passed all those Scream guards?” Naomi says. “You can hide as scream and you can take me to the prison” Charles says. Naomi thinks about it, but then suddenly the front door is knocked open. “Are they again here?” Charles says. “That can’t be” Naomi says. “Hide” Naomi says. Charles hides himself in a cabinet but looks through a split. Sam, Lucas and Elina walk inside. Naomi has hidden her as Scream and says: “Who the hell are you?” “What the hell have you done?” Lucas says. “Quiet. Hello we are searching for the way out” Sam says. Charles knows his voice and looks better. Later he can see Lucas and Elina, but he can’t see Sam. “Who is that?” Charles says. He knows it aren’t them so he goes out and looks better. He is very surprised to see that it is Sam. “Sam? Is that you?” Charles says and he walks to him. Sam is also very surprises and walks to him. “What are you doing here?” Sam says. “I can ask you the same thing” Charles says happy. Lucas looks nasty to them. Elina and Naomi don’t know what to think. “Have you already found your wife?” Sam says. “Yes she is here” Charles says. “What?” Sam says. “Naomi he is a friend, you can take away your scream disguise” Charles says. Naomi removes her scream disguise. “There is just a person under it?” Elina says very glad. “What did you thought then?” Naomi says. “I heard that the death is under it” Elina says. “That are fairy tales” Naomi says. “I can’t believe you are true” Elina says. “This isn’t true” Naomi says. “Elina? Who the hell is that and who the hell is that?” Lucas says pointing to Naomi and Charles. “Do you think I know?” Elina says. “Probably friends of him” Elina says. “So who are they?” Charles says to Sam. “Two persons I met in there” Sam says. “Wait what you were in there?” Naomi says. “Yes I was” Sam says. Naomi and Charles are surprised. “How did you came here?” Charles says. “All a long story” Sam says. “I can tell you everything later” Sam says. “All right, could you maybe help us?” Charles says. “We need your help with helping our friends escape” Naomi says.

When Lily, Jackson, Ezra and Elijah wake up, they are tied up together above some wooden boards. They see Tyler and Henry sitting and discussing. Ezra is looking very scared. “What shall we do now?” Elijah whispers to the others. “Find a way to come out of this of course” Jackson says. “Hey Tyler” Ezra starts talking, while he is very scared. “What is it Ezra?” Tyler says. “How could you kill us? We are your team!” Ezra says. “Not anymore” Tyler says. “So you think you have a good change to survive with that idiot?” Elijah says. “How dare you call me an idiot!” Henry says. “He is right Tyler, you are better than this” Lily says. Tyler starts looking and knows she is right. “When will we burn them down?” Henry says. “When I start getting hungry” Tyler says. “Which 2 do you want to eat?” Henry says. “The two that taste the best” Tyler says. “What the hell has happened to you? This can’t be true!” Jackson says. “We do what we need to survive” Tyler says.

“I have some clothes here for you” Naomi says to Sam. “Thank you” Sam says. “So how did Charles and you met?” Naomi says. Sam starts laughing and says: “Actually it was because of you” Sam says. “Really?” Naomi says. “Yes he knocked at my door and asked me for help to find you” Sam says. Charles walks inside the room and has heard everything. “Yes it was all an accident” Charles says.

In the other room, Elina and Lucas are sitting and waiting. “Isn’t this our chance to go away?” Lucas says. “No” Elina says. “Why?” Lucas says. “They are all outside there, and we don’t know anything about them” Elina says. “But are you staying with this smarty pants forever?” Lucas says. “Stop calling him that, the only reason we are out there is because of him” Elina says. “Really? I don’t trust him, how did he know that password?” Lucas says. “Maybe because he knows a lot more about them than we do” Elina says. “Why the hell are you defending him?” Lucas says. Elina starts getting irritated and doesn’t respond and walks away to the bathroom. “Stupid bitch” Lucas says when she is gone.

“What will we do with these two friends of you? Will they also help us?” Naomi says. “I don’t trust him, maybe she can help us” Sam says. “Why?” Charles says. “I think he killed two of us” Sam says. “Maybe you can talk with them and ask them” Naomi says. “All right” Sam says and he walks to the room where Lucas is sitting. “Where is she?” Sam says. “Who?” Lucas says. “You know who I mean! Elina” Sam says. “Oh she is crying in the bathroom” Lucas says. “Why?” Sam says. “It became all too much for her, she can’t handle this” Lucas says. “That’s sad for her” Sam says. Elina is listening to everything they are saying. “But will you help us?” Sam says. “Help with what?” Lucas says. “Helping their friends escape” Sam says. “Why would I help somebody that I don’t even know!” Lucas says. “Come on, they hid us here, so we need to do something in return” Sam says. “That may be true, but I don’t trust them” Lucas says. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Sam says. “I can ask the same to you idiot” Lucas says. Sam becomes mad and says: “If it was too me you were death already!” “Same” Lucas says. “Ok then I know enough, you can stay here and wait before they find you and I doubt they will keep you alive” Sam says. “How do you so much about them? Maybe you are more than we all think” Lucas says. “Hahaha You think I am one of them?” Sam says. “Yes I do” Lucas says. “Go to hell you idiot, there is no place for you on earth” Sam says and he walks to the bathroom and closes the door behind him. “Stupid son of a bitch” Lucas says. Sam sees Elina sitting on the ground. “Are you allright?” Sam says. “Yes” Elina says. “Why are you sitting here then?” Sam says. “Because I am sick of everything, I want to go home” Elina says. “I understand.” Sam says. “But I want to help you” Elina says. “Yes you do?” Sam says. “Because of you is what I want a little bit closer, So I think I need to help you” Elina says. “Thank you. Elina is your name, right?” Sam says. “Yes it is” Elina says. “Okay make yourself ready to leave, we leave in a half hour” Sam says. “Wait” Elina says and she steps on and embraces him. “Thank you” Elina says. “There is no need to thank me, but you’re welcome” Sam says.

Henry is sleeping and the prisoners are still hanging above the wooden boards. Tyler is sitting and holding guard. He looks to Lily. She makes a very sad face. Tyler walks to them. “Just let us go we have done nothing wrong” Lily says. “Yes Sam was the one who banished you, not us” Jackson says. “Kill that idiot and you have your revenge!” Elijah says. “You are all right” Tyler says and he grabs the axe and cuts the rope. They fall back on the ground. “Thank you” Jackson says. Tyler helps Lily back I the air. “Are you all right? I am sorry for everything I did” Tyler says to her. “It is okay, lets forget everything” Lily says. “Thank you” Tyler says and he starts kissing her. “I love….” Tyler says, but suddenly he is stabbed in his back. “What?” Lily says and she sees the knife in his belly. He falls injured on the ground. “I already knew you would still love this girl! You fucking traitor!” Henry says. “You should have known that I always sleep with one eye open!” Henry says. “And now you are going to die for that” Henry says. Lily is very shocked and doesn’t know what to do. “Shouldn’t we help him?” Jackson says. “We should leave immediately!” Ezra says. “Yes true” Elijah says and they both run away. Jackson stays behind and looks to what happens. “Why is that girl so special that you do everything for her?” Henry says. “Leave!” Tyler says to Lily. But then suddenly on the moment. Henry is grabbed by an unknown person. “What the hell was that?” Jackson says. Tyler looks behind him. Lily tries to grab him. “Leave me I am death already” Tyler says. “I won’t leave you!” Lily says. But then the head of Henry rolls to them and some other organs. They are all very shocked. The persons responsible for it come closer to them. “Go!!!” Tyler yells. Lily is still grabbing him, But Jackson grabs Lily and takes her away. The persons come closer to Tyler and start biting him. Jackson carries Lily and looks behind to Tyler’s death. He is shocked what he sees. It are cannibals. They are eating on Tyler and later he dies because of his injurier. They see Jackson running away and move further. Lily starts crying in Jackson’s hands, while he starts running faster.

Naomi looks outside and doesn’t see anybody on the hallway. “We should go now” Naomi says. Sam, Charles and Elina are all ready. “Wait!” Lucas says. “I will also help you” Lucas says. Elina is surprised and Sam says: “You changed your mind? Great” “Okay we can need as many help” Charles says. They all walk outside Naomi’s room and run to the right. “Do you know the way” Charles says. “Of course” Naomi says and suddenly they see the guards. “Ready?” Naomi says. “Yes I am” Charles says. Naomi does her Scream disguise on and grabs Charles. Sam, Elina and Lucas wait. “I have found one of the wanted persons” Naomi says. “Great. Bring him in” The Scream says. “Thank you” Naomi says and she walks inside. “So when are we going to attack?” Lucas says. “Quiet, not yet” Sam says. Naomi and Charles walks inside the prison and they see Bruce, Isabelle, Hannah and Brooke sitting in their cell. Isabelle, Brooke and Hannah are sleeping. Bruce is surprised to see Charles. “What is he doing here?” Bruce says. “Getting you out of here” Naomi says and she removes her disguise. Naomi makes a sign to Sam, Elina and Lucas. They walk to the guards. “I believe we need to be in there” Sam says. “Yes you are right, finally somebody of you idiots who understands it” The Scream says. “And what about us?” Elina says. “I don’t think you deserve in jail” The other guard Scream says. “Thank you” Elina says. “And me?” Lucas says. “You definitely deserve in jail” The Scream says. Meanwhile, Naomi opens the cell door with a key she still has. Bruce wakes up Isabelle, Brooke and Hannah, and they all walk outside fast. Lucas becomes angry and attacks one of the two screams. “This isn’t the plan, right?” Elina says. “Not it is not” Sam says. “And who the hell is behind these masks” Lucas says and he removes the first Scream’s mask. Just a boy is behind it. “Wait I know you” Sam says. “Of course you do Stone” Theo says. “You are that boy from my group” Sam says. “Yes” Theo says. Lucas hits Theo in his face and he falls knocked out. “Was that really needed?” Sam says. Lucas ignores him. The other Scream runs inside the jail and is surprised to see Naomi. “Bye Jacob” Naomi says and she shots him in his head. He falls death on the ground. Sam, Lucas and Elina run inside the jail and Sam is surprised to see who is there. He sees Bruce and Isabelle. “Sam?” Bruce says very surprised. They run to each other and embrace each other. Isabelle is also happy to see him. “I can’t believe you are still alive” Bruce says. Hannah and Brooke look to Elina and Lucas. “I am so happy to see you” Sam says. “There isn’t much time, we must leave now” Naomi says. “How did you came here?” Isabelle says to Sam. “Long story” Sam says. They all run back to Naomi’s room and close the door. Nobody has seen them. “Thank you for saving us” Bruce says to Charles and Naomi. “You’re welcome” Naomi says. “So you know each other?” Charles says. “Probably even longer than you do know us” Sam says. “So these are your friends?” Lucas says to Charles says. “Yes” Charles says. “And who are they?” Bruce says to Sam pointing to Elina and Lucas. “Some people I met underway, I need much to discuss with you, but first must we stop the game forever” Sam says. “What about Elijah? He is still inside there” Elina says. “Elijah? He probably is already death, he wouldn’t survive without us” Lucas says.

The next shot takes a close look to Elijah, which is still running and following Ezra. “Which way must we go?” Ezra says by an intersection. “Do I know it!” Elijah says. Jackson and Lily come closer to them. “Who the hell are those things!” Jackson says. Elijah looks behind and sees them. “I thought they were a fairy tale!” Elijah says. “They are group U, a group full with cannibals!” Elijah says. Ezra starts becoming even more scared and decided to take the way to the left. Elijah follows him. Lily gets back on her feet and runs and follows them. Jackson follows them too. The cannibals are getting closer to them. They run further until they come outside. “And what now?” Elijah says. “Do we know? You are always the person who knows it the best!” Jackson says. “I am out of options right now” Elijah says. They just run to one side.

Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and the others are still in Naomi’s base, waiting before their next move. Hannah and Brooke are sitting in the bedroom. “Still sad about Andy’s death?” Hannah says. “Yes I am” Brooke says. “How long were you together?” Hannah says. “Almost 3 years” Brooke says very sad. Sam, Bruce, Lucas and Elina are sitting in the other room. Isabelle is with Charles and Naomi. Bruce walks to Lucas. “So you two were also in that game?” Bruce says. “Yes we were” Elina says. “Game? It is much more than a game” Lucas says. “The rest of their group are death” Sam says. “What about Elijah?” Elina says. “He is already death as I told you” Lucas says. “You don’t know that” Elina says. “Who is Elijah?” Bruce says. “A friend of us” Elina says. “Why would you care who he is?” Lucas says. “What?” Bruce says. “Don’t care about him, he is often being behaving this way” Sam whispers to Bruce. “What did he tell you?” Lucas says. “I told him that you are often an asshole and always behave like this way” Sam says. Lucas becomes mad from it and says: “Motherfucker” and he walks away to the bedroom. He sees Hannah and Brooke sitting. “Did I interrupt anything?” Lucas says. “No you didn’t” Brooke says. “He is hot isn’t he?” Brooke whispers to Hannah. Hannah ignores what she whispers. Lucas goes sitting next to them. “So who are you?” Lucas says. “I am Brooke and this is Hannah” Brooke says. “Nice to meet you” Lucas says. “I hate him already” Bruce says. “If you hate him already, you will probably never like him” Elina says. “But he is an idiot, I am already sick of him for a long time” Sam says. “What will we do next?” Isabelle says. “Make a plan” Charles says. “We need to kill Killer Scream, he is the leader of all of them” Naomi says. “And where can we find him?” Isabelle says. “That’s the problem, I have no idea who he is” Naomi says. “Does anybody know?” Isabelle says. “Maybe Connor, but I doubt about that too” Naomi says. But suddenly on that moment all lights go off. “What the hell is this?” Sam says. They hear a big scream coming from the Bedroom. “What the hell is that?” Bruce says. “Lucas?” Elina says scared. They try to find the door to the bedroom, but can’t find it, until the lights go back on. Sam opens the door. Inside they see Lucas and Hannah sitting on the bed. “What the hell has happened here?” Bruce says. Elina walks to Lucas. “Wait you are scared?” Elina says surprised. “Brooke, she is gone” Hannah says very sad. “Who took her?” Sam says. “I couldn’t see it” Hannah says. They see Lucas’ shirt is under blood. “What is that?” Sam says and he walks to Lucas. “His shirt is under blood” Sam says and he grabs Lucas. “What the hell have you done?” Sam says mad. “I have done nothing. What are you saying?” Lucas says. “Now it is enough, you are killing everybody and you are him” Sam yells. “Why do you think that?” Elina says. “You have killed Fiona, Jess and now also this girl” Sam says. “It can’t be coincidence that you have blood on your shirt” Bruce says. Charles, Naomi and Isabelle also go inside the room to see what happened. Sam explains to them what they see. “How could you bring this idiot inside my room?” Naomi says. “Please everybody it is not me!!“ Lucas says. “You believe me right?” Lucas says to Elina. “How could he be one of them? I know him very long and he isn’t one of them!” Elina says. Lucas angrily walks away to the other room. Elina follows him and they close the door. “He is one of them for sure, I could see it in his eyes” Naomi says. “Is there really not anything you saw?” Isabelle says. “No, but I felt him moving” Hannah says. “I guess we have enough evidence” Bruce says. “What do you think Sam? You know him the best” Charles says. “I know he was at three kills, so I also know it for sure” Sam says. “But she is protecting her. What will we do about that?” Hannah says. “Let me deal with her” Sam says. 15 minutes later he walks to the door. “Lucas, Elina, please open the door, I only want to talk” Sam says. “It is just me and you two” Sam says. “How could we believe you?” Lucas says. “Because I am the only one standing before the door. Look through the keyhole” Sam says. “Don’t open the door” Lucas says. But it is too late and Elina opened the door. Sam walks inside. “Thanks for letting me in” Sam says. “No problem” Elina says. Lucas looks angry to her. “So? What are you doing here?” Elina says. “I wanted to talk with both of you” Sam says. “I don’t have any weapons with me” Sam says. “But since everybody thinks you are him, I come here so you both can give all reasons why you, Lucas, aren’t him” Sam says. “Okay I will explain everything” Lucas says. “Jess, we were both there when suddenly the entrance of the cave started collapsing and the rocks fell on her. It was too late and I ran for my life. So I didn’t kill her. Second, That other girl, Fiona, we were both running for that monster and she fell over a rock and was too late and was eaten to death” Lucas says. “What kind of rock was that? Since I don’t remember to see any rocks there” Sam says. “There were, please believe me” Lucas says. “You are lying” Sam says. “And the third girl, Brooke?” Sam says. “The lights turned out and I saw somebody moving in the room, it took her, the blood splashed on my shirt since she was standing before me” Lucas says. “Okay thank you” Sam says. “I think I know enough” Sam says. “But please if you don’t believe him, believe me” Elina says. “I believe you” Sam says. “That’s why I would like to talk with you, without him” Sam says. “What?” Lucas says. “Okay” Elina says and they walk to another room. “So what do you think?” Sam says. “It isn’t him, but I agree that he isn’t always been a good person” Elina says. “I saw him killing his biggest opponent in our group. Elijah was the only ones on his side. They killed everybody until they got to me. There was no other option for me to die or work with him” Elina says. “So you chose the second thing?” Sam says. “Yes I did” Elina says. “I am sorry” Sam says. “But why would one of them go in the game their self?” Elina says. “Maybe to just kill everybody?” Sam says. “He is a killer, now I ask you to help us and come over to our side” Sam says. “You know I can’t do that” Elina says. “Ok allright” Sam says. “I was already expecting that” Sam says. They hear a door getting broken open. “What do they do?” Elina says. “What we had to do” Sam says. Meanwhile, Bruce, Naomi and Charles walk inside the room. Lucas tries to fight back, but without his minions, he gets easily defeated. They take him away. Isabelle and Hannah watch to it. Elina wants to help Lucas, but Sam grabs her. “I am really sorry, I am” Sam says. “He will get executed, they wanted you to see it, but I said I didn’t want that” Sam says. Charles grabs a gun. Bruce stands with Isabelle. Naomi and Hannah also watch to it. Lucas stand before a wall. Charles fires a bullet which goes right through the head of Lucas. His brains and blood are the things that give the wall a new colour. His death body falls on the ground. Sam and Elina have heard everything. After Lucas is death, suddenly they hear something on the hallway. The door is getting exploded. Connor and two other screams are the ones that are standing behind them. “Good work you made it for us a little bit easier” Connor says. “What?” Bruce says. “He was clearly not one of us, but great that you killed him for us. Killer Scream is glad because of it” Connor says. They are all surprised and shocked. “We also have another surprise for you” Connor says and he clicks on a button and suddenly the death body of Brooke falls out of the air. Naomi, Charles, Bruce and Isabelle are very sad to see it. Hannah even cries. “And where do you three think you were going?” Connor says to Isabelle, Bruce and Hannah. The other two screams walk in and grab them. “You are still our prisoners” Connor says. “And look who is also here” Connor says to Naomi. “How on earth have you become a traitor and work for them?” Connor says. “Everbody knows this Killer Scream is insane” Naomi says. Meanwhile, Sam and Elina hear everything. “We need to help them” Sam says. “I don’t know if I want to help them anymore” Elina says. “Okay fine” Sam says and he walks outside the room and sees Connor. “Hahahaha if you talk about the devil, Sam Stone!!” Connor says. “Glad you know my name” Sam says. “You think you can just come inside of here and take all of us as prisoners again?” Sam says. “No Killer Scream thinks that” Connor says. “Tell Killer Scream this” Sam says and he hits Connor in his face and he falls on the ground. “Hahaha use your anger. I know that that little bitch of yours killed our all beloved Master Scream” Connor says. “Don’t mention her” Sam says. “Ron did a good job killing her” Connor says. Sam becomes even more angry and starts kicking him in his face. The other Screams aim their weapons on Bruce, Isabelle, Naomi, Charles and Hannah, so they can’t do anything. “Also do you remember your good friends Demi and Gaius. I was the one that killed those two fucking lovers!!” Connor says. Sam stops and becomes even more mad. But Connor makes a sudden attack and gets him to the ground too. “Come on kill me! Use your anger! We already know we wanted you as winner of our game” Connor says. “Game?” Sam says. “Yes we knew you killed Master Scream and that’s exactly why we also wanted you to replace him.” Connor says. “Me as Master Scream? You must be kidding!” Sam says. “Yes Rudy was already too old” Connor says. “Forget it. I will never become one of you!” Sam yells. “That’s sad, that probably means we have no other reason to keep you alive. And btw. We have enough other people who wants to become him” Connor says. The Scream at Hannah walks to them. He removes his mask. “Do you remember me Stone?” Theo says. “I should have killed when I had the chance” Sam says. “I have the pleasure to kill him. They gave me it!!” Theo says. But suddenly on the moment Theo has a knife in his belly. “I am not ready to lose him too” Elina says. “Who the hell is that?” Connor says. “Somebody who is really mad” Elina says and she has another knife, which she stabs in Theo’s throat, killing him. The Scream at Bruce attacks her, this gives Bruce a chance to attack the other Screams. He attacks the Scream holding Isabelle. Naomi and Charles also can escaped, because the Screams are distracted. A big fights starts. Hannah also attacks the Screams. She kills one of them. After a long battle, Bruce, Isabelle, Charles and Naomi kill the other Screams, only Connor is left. He throws Elina on the ground and grabs Sam. “If Theo can’t do it there is no other option for me to do it myself!” Connor says but suddenly a big spear comes out of the ground. It goes from between his leg inside and out of the head of Connor. It totally cuts him into two pieces, killing him. All his organs fall out of it on the ground. Sam is very surprised and looks to the others. Hannah walks to him and grabs him. “There is only one person on this world that has the right to kill the biggest idiot of the whole world and universe!” Hannah says. The others are very surprised and shocked by and freeze. Hannah takes Sam away and leaves. Bruce, Isabelle, Elina, Naomi and Charles can’t believe it.

Outside, Elijah, Ezra, Lily and Jackson don’t see the cannibals anymore and decide to stop. “Luckily the meteorite storm stopped” Ezra says. “Where did the canniballs go?” Elijah says. “Do you think I know?” Ezra says. They look to Jackson and Lily which are behind them. “Why are you stopping?” Jackson says. Ezra and Elijah both ignore them. Later they see another abandoned cabin. They go inside of it. They are shocked to see what is inside of it. All death bodies. “What the hell has happened here?” Ezra says. “A huge mass murder, you idiot!” Elijah says. “I don’t think we should be here” Lily says. Further inside the cabin they see heads on sticks. “You’re right, this is a warning” Jackson says. “Fuck those stupid warnings” Elijah says. “Really? You will go inside here?” Jackson says. “I don’t care about those stupid warnings!” Elijah says. But one step behind them a weapon starts aiming on him. Elijah sees it and runs outside the cabin. “Changed his mind? He is an idiot” Ezra says. Jackson, Ezra and Lily also walk outside. But outside the cannibals are standing. One of them has a big stick and he hits all of them. They all fall unconscious.

Jackson, Ezra and Elijah wake up. They are stuck on piles. “Why didn’t you eat us already!” Elijah says. “Not hungry” A female cannibal says. “What is wrong with you idiots!” Elijah says. The cannibals don’t respond on them and walk away. “Where is Lily?” Jackson says. “They probably already ate her” Ezra says. “True” Elijah says. “I should have followed them” Elijah says. “Who do you mean?” Jackson says. “Lucas and Elina” Elijah says. “You don’t know that! Maybe they are also death!” Jackson says. “no Lucas will never die!” Elijah says. “And she?” Jackson says. “Ok maybe she is death” Elijah says. “Great” Jackson says.

Bruce, Isabelle, Charles, Naomi and Elina are sitting and thinking. “I can’t believe she was it” Isabelle says. “True” Bruce says. “I can’t believe that the one I worked for these times was a girl” Naomi says. “What?” Charles says. “I thought it would be a brutal guy” Naomi says. Isabelle steps on and says: “We can’t sit here and do nothing. We have to help Sam!” Isabelle says. Bruce agrees and also steps on. “What about all the people in the arena?” Elina says. “You know anybody inside there?” Charles says. “Yes if they are still alive” Elina says. “We will help them too” Bruce says. Naomi watches to the death bodies of Connor and Theo. “It is all of us against her” Naomi says. “What do you mean?” Elina says. “They are all death except her I think” Naomi says. “That is great, right?” Isabelle says. “Maybe, I don’t know that yet” Naomi says. Later they pick their stuff and go outside. They don’t see anybody. “What way must we go to the operation room?” Isabelle says. “This way” Naomi says and they walk. “Who are still inside of there?” Isabelle asks to Elina. “A friend of me and some other people which are friends of Sam” Elina says. “We will save them, we sure will” Isabelle says. Later they are at the operation room. There aren’t any guards. “It is totally abandoned” Bruce says glad. Naomi sits down on a chair and looks to the windows. “Everybody that is still alive is standing here” Naomi says to Elina. Elina walks to that window and looks to them. She searches for her group. Everything is written with candidates. Lots of people are already killed. But in group U everybody is still alive. “What group are you searching for?” Naomi says. “S” Elina says. “Okay” Naomi says and pushes on some buttons and the candidates of group S pop up. She sees that only 1 person is still alive in that group. “Who is that person?” Elina says. Naomi clicks on him and it says: Candidate 118. Male. “That must be him!” Elina says glad. “I can’t find a name for him” Naomi says. “No thank you, I know it is him” Elina says. Bruce, Charles and Isabelle are watching before the door. They also keep an eye on Elina and Naomi. “What do you think of her?” Isabelle says. “She?” Bruce looks to Elina. “Yes” Isabelle says. “I don’t know her that much, but I won’t trust her” Bruce says. “I like her” Isabelle says.

“So any ideas how to escape?” Jackson says. “No, you?” Ezra says. “I have always plans” Elijah says. But suddenly on that moment the cannibals come inside again and open their ropes and free them. “What are you doing?” Ezra says. The cannibals grab them and take them outside the cabin. Outside they see the leader of the cannibals sitting on his throne. Lily is lying next to him. “Lily!” Jackson says. She can’t respond to him. The cannibals let them hang over above a campfire. “Eat!!” All the cannibals yell. “And what are those ideas you have!” Ezra yells to Elijah. “You will see!” Elijah says. The leader of the cannibals comes out of his chair and grabs a torch. He makes some weird sounds and throws the torch on the wood. The leader of the cannibals grabs Lily too. “Look them burn!” He yells. Lily doesn’t look to it and the leader of the cannibals hits her. “no burn” Lily says and she hits the leader of the cannibals in his face. She runs to the others and opens the ropes. The other cannibals are very surprised about it and don’t know what to do. “Grab her you idiots!” The leader of the cannibals says. But it is too late and Jackson, Elijah and Ezra are free again. They fight against the other canniballs. “Your time is over!” Elijah says and eh grabs a gun and starts shooting on all of them. “Isn’t there a button to shut it all down?” Elina says. “Yes, but I don’t if I kill everybody inside too” Naomi says. “Look to how much people have died already” Elina says. “Wait there is happening something” Naomi says. They see some people of group U dying. “Lets help them kill of group U” Naomi says and she pushes in some buttons. The canniballs are with much more and grab them again. But then suddenly the fire starts becomming very big and a lot of canniballs burn. Elijah and Ezra run away from the fire. Lily helps Jackson out of the fire. After it he runs to the leader of the cannibals and grabs him. He fights back but he can’t really fight that well. “Stupid motherfucker!” The leader of the canniballs says. He throws him in the fire. He burns down to ashes. After it he walks to Lily. “Are you allright?” Jackson says. “Yes I am, You?” Lily says. “I am okay” Charles says. “Great” Lily says. The whole camp of canniballs burns down. They run as fast as possible away from it. Charles and Naomi look on the screen and see Group U is totally killed off now. “Didn’t we have to save them?” Elina says. “You can’t save everybody and I heard that group U was a terrible group” Naomi says. “They didn’t get any food because of a fault” Naomi says. “And what happened after that?” Bruce says. “They started eating each other” Naomi says. “Wow that sounds very cruel” Isabelle says. But then suddenly all screen windows closes. “Hello all of you idiots!” A voice says. “As you probably already know, my name is Killer Scream” Killer Scream says. “Fuck you Hannah!” Charles says. “All of you go out of the control room or your friend Sam Stone will die!” Killer Scream says and she disappears. “We haven’t another option” Bruce says. “True” Elina says. They go outside the room.

Sam is stuck in a special cell. Killer Scream is sitting outside of the cell guarding him. “They won’t leave but they are coming for you” Sam says. “Silent you biggest idiot!” Killer Scream says. “You only talk when I want you to” Killer Scream says. “Allright I am not going to talk with Screams” Sam says. “I am not a scream! I am much more than that!” Killer Scream says. “I hope so. I also hope you are stronger than David Parker, Mette Lewis, Ron Pearson, Riley Wright, William Wilson and Rudy Robinson” Sam says. “All their deaths is your responsibility” Killer Scream says. “So why don’t you kill me if you hate me that much” Sam says. “Because I want to kill all your stupid friends first!” Killer Scream says. “Like I did to that idiot Gaius!” Killer Scream says. “Killing him and Demi was a mistake, there was nothing wrong with them!” Sam says. “Master Scream was!” Sam says. “No he wasn’t!” Killer Scream says. “And stop with saying his name!!!” Killer Scream says. “Allright Hannah, that is your name isn’t it?” Sam says. “My name is Killer Scream” Killer Scream says and she removes her mask. “Just say my goddamn name!” Killer Scream says. Sam ignores her question. “Hannah Bates is only a fake name, The only name Master gave was Killer Scream!” Killer Scream says. “Wait Master Scream is your father?” Sam says. Killer Scream laughs with a very devil laugh. “No he is my creator” Killer Scream says. “That explains a lot” Sam says. “But why did you kill Connor?” Sam says. “I didn’t want you to be dead already” Killer Scream says. “And I want to kill you myself!” Killer Scream says while she looks to Sam. “I was always the stupid one. He always thought Ron was better than me only because I am another gender” Killer Scream says. “But look what? I am the last Scream alive!” Killer Scream says. “You are for sure much stronger than Ron” Sam says. “Stupid idiot!” Sam says very angry. “But If you hate all other screams, why did you stay one?” Sam says. “Because that’s my family, It is in my blood!” Killer Scream says. “It is not too late to undo that” Sam says. “Never!” Killer Scream yells.

Before they leave, Naomi and Elina stay behind. “Shall I push the button?” Naomi says. “I don’t know” Elina says. “It won’t kill them for sure?” Elina says. “I have no idea” Naomi says. “Then it will be my responsibility” Charles says and he pushes the button. Elina and Naomi are both surprised by it.

Inside the arena, Lily, Jackson, Elijah and Ezra see black clouds with thunder inside it. “What the hell does this mean?” Jackson says. “We should run!!” Elijah yells. They run back inside the cave. “We should be save in here, right?” Elijah says. “I guess so” Lily says. Later, Elijah and Ezra walks inside the cave to look if there is anybody else inside too. Jackson and Lily stay behind. “Do you still think we are going to survive this?” Lily says to Jackson. “I have no idea” Jackson says. “I still see Tyler before me dying” Lily says. “I will probably never forget that” Lily says. “I am sorry for that” Jackson says. “You don’t have to” Lily says and she gives him a hug. After it Lily starts kissing him. “Why did you do that?” Jackson says. “I already know it and this is my answer” Lily says. “Okay all right” Jackson says. But after it suddenly Elijah interrupts. “You should go outside too!” Elijah says. Jackson looks to Lily, and she steps on and they go outside. Outside the cave they see that everything is death and the whole arena is visible. It all was fake and they see a door. “What the hell has happened?” Jackson says. “We have no idea, suddenly this happened” Ezra says. “Our way out should be there” Lily says and she points to the door. “True” Elijah says. They walk to the door and open it. On the other side of the door they see a hallway. They walk further in it, until they see Bruce and Isabelle. “Who the hell are that?” Bruce says. Elina, Naomi and Charles also see them. Elijah sees Elina and they walk to each other and embrace each other. “I am so glad you are alive” Elina says. “Same” Elijah says. Bruce walks to the others and says: “Who are you?” “We come out of that game” Jackson says. “And who are you?” Elijah says. “Everybody, we are allies” Elina says. “I can decide that myself Elina” Elijah says. “Why do you remind me of Lucas?” Bruce says. “Lucas? Where is he? Elina?” Elijah says. Elina looks sad to him. “He is death” Bruce says. Charles and Isabelle look to Jackson and Ezra. “So where are the ones that put us in this stupid game!” Ezra says. “We are searching for her too” Isabelle says. “Her?” Jackson says. “Yeah the others are death” Charles says. “Really?” Jackson says. “Yes we already killed them” Naomi says. “Good work” Lily says.

“I don’t think you beated them with that move” Sam says. Killer Scream ignores him and looks on her screen. Later it pops up that everybody is death except for Lily, Jackson, Elijah and Ezra. “They killed everybody!” Killer Scream says angry. “Killed who?” Sam says. “My whole project, all it is gone” Killer Scream says. “They are going to pay for this!” Killer Scream says. “It looks like my friends beated you again” Sam says. “No!” Killer Scream yells. “Wait” Killer Scream says. “I still have one candidate” Killer Scream says. “Oh let me guess” Sam says. “You” Killer Scream says. “I was already thinking that” Sam says. “Great” Killer Scream says. “You will become one or die! Choose!” Killer Scream says. “Okay allright” Sam says. “Good” Killer Scream says and she throws the mask of Master Scream to him. “Put it on!” Killer Scream says. “Why do I need to wear those masks of Rudy? I never liked him” Sam says. “Allright, Allright” Killer Scream says and she throws another mask inside it. Sam doesn’t do it on. “Fast!” Killer Scream says. “I am sorry I didn’t’ know you are in hurry” Sam says and he grabs the mask. He puts it on. “I am going to regret this, I can’t see anything through this.” Sam says. “Don’t nag about it” Killer Scream says and she makes it tied on the back of his head. Killer Scream looks to him. “Ready?” Killer Scream says. “Ofcourse I am Killer Scream” Sam says with another voice. Killer Scream opens the cell and they leave.

Bruce, Isabelle and the others run to the headquarters of Killer Scream. “It should be here” Naomi says. Bruce, Ezra and Elijah try to open the door. It is locked. “Use this weapon” Naomi says and she gives it to Bruce. Bruce uses it and the door goes open. Inside they see some cells. They see a sign of Sam. Elina reads it. “If you read this you are already too late, I am death” Elina says. “We can’t believe that” Elijah says. “No true” Bruce says. “We should move further” Charles says. They walk further. Bruce and Isabelle walk in front and sees some signs on the wall. “This doesn’t look good” Isabelle says while they walk. In the next room they see the throne of Killer Scream. Nobody is there. “Where is she?” Naomi says. “She must be ran away as a coward, come on she is all alone” Ezra says. “Actually I am not alone” Killer Scream says and she walks inside the room at the back of them. “Hello there” Killer Scream says. “Hello Hannah” Charles says and he looks in her eyes. “You know that’s not my name” Killer Scream says. “I don’t care” Charles says. Suddenly on that moment another Scream walks inside the room. “You said they are all death?” Bruce says. “Yes I thought so” Naomi says. “Ah sweet you have a friend” Elijah says. The Scream removes his mask. They are all shocked to see who is behind it. “Hello my former friends” Sam says. “What is this? What did they do to you?” Elina says. “What did you do to him you idiot!” Bruce says. “Nothing” Killer Scream says. “All his anger, the loss of his girlfriend Noa, the loss of his friends, it all made him turn to this. “You are lying” Lily says. “No it is the truth!” Killer Scream says. “Let me kill all these idiots” Sam says. “Don’t mind Alpha Scream, almost” Killer Scream says. “I can’t believe this, what should we do?” Isabelle says. “Kill her!” Bruce says. “There is one thing you should know before you all die” Killer Scream says. “I was the best Scream alive. Kill these idiots” Killer Scream says. Sam walks to them and he attacks Bruce. Bruce fights back. The others don’t know what to do. “Kill her!” Bruce says. Killer Scream opens another door. Charles and Naomi attack her. Killer Scream grabs her weapon and throws Charles away. “You fucking traitor, you will die last!” Killer Scream says while she grabs Naomi. “And let me guess? You will die first” Naomi says while she fights back. “Fight against this Sam. You are better than this” Bruce says. “That makes you worse than me” Sam says and he throws him away. Isabelle tries to catch him. Ezra, Elijah and Elina also attack Sam. Elijah goes first. “Wait? Who are you?” Sam says. “I will make sure you will remember me!” Elijah says. But then Sam grabs his weapon and stabs it in his leg. He falls injured on the ground. Elina tries to help him. “You can’t help him. He will die first” Sam says. Elina attacks him and hits in his face. “This is not you, She did this to you” Elina says. “You’re wrong, this is me” Sam says and he attacks her again. He throws her on the ground. She jumps back on her feet and attacks him again. Ezra tries to help her. Elijah is lying injured on the ground, but he tries to grab a knife which is lying on the ground. Sam walks to him and kicks him in his face. “Don’t you dare to do that” Sam says and he grabs the knife again. Elina attacks during it. Ezra attacks him from the back, but suddenly Sam does the knife to his back and stabs the knife in Ezra’s throat. A lot of blood comes out of it. Sam grabs Elina and says: “Sorry, now I was wrong, he will die first” Sam says and he stabs his other knife another time in Ezra’s belly. He falls death on the ground. Elina and Elijah are shocked to see it. Lily and Jackson follow Killer Scream into another room. Charles and Naomi try to follow them. “Welcome my candidates. I am sorry it didn’t turn out to become one of you” Killer Scream says. “I am glad of that” Lily says. “Me too, I never wanted to become one of you” Jackson says. “Then finish me” Killer Scream says while she is running further. The room ends with a big hole down into a cliff. “It is a long way down” Killer Scream says. Jackson runs to her and attacks her. “Maybe we should put you inside that arena next time” Jackson says while he grabs her. Killer Scream throws him on the ground. Lily tries to help him but is pushed away. “Remove that stupid mask, I want to see the person responsible for all of this” Jackson says. “As you wish” Killer Scream says and she removes her mask and throws it in the hole. “You are just a stupid girl” Jackson says. “You are going to regret that you said that” Killer Scream says and she attacks him. But Lily comes from another side and jumps on her. She tries to stab her, but Killer Scream makes a move and grabs the sword. “There is much too learn for you” Killer Scream says and he stabs her. “Noo!!” Jackson says and he attacks her. Lily falls injured on the ground. Jackson fights, fights and fights and throws Killer Scream on the ground. He wants to stab her but Killer Scream holds his knife. “You really do care about her?” Killer Scream says. “That’s your biggest weakness” Killer Scream says and she lets a rock fall on Lily. Jackson looks to it but is suddenly stabbed by another knife of Killer Scream. “Remember what I said?” Killer Scream says. “You will never survive this, in the end you will get the most painful death of all” Jackson says. “We will see” Killer Scream says and she pushes Jackson down. He falls down the hole and dies. Lily sees it and starts crying. She walks to her. “I am sure there will be another person for you” Killer Scream says. But on the moment she wants to kill Lily. Naomi and Charles are back and attack her. “I was already hoping you would come back” Killer Scream says. In the other room, Bruce and Isabelle see Ezra lying death on the ground. Sam is holding Elina. “Aren’t they the ones that killed her?” Elina says. Sam hesitates and Bruce attacks him an throws him on the ground. Sam fights back. Isabelle tries to help Elina and Elijah. Bruce and Sam fight further. Sam throws Bruce on the ground, but Bruce steps on and hits him in his face. “This is not you. The Sam I know would never do this” Bruce says. “You are wrong about him” Sam says. “No I am not” Bruce says. Sam hits Bruce and he falls again on the ground. “Don’t you see it? They are the reason of all our trouble” Bruce says. Sam hesitates again. “He is right, A lot of people you love are death because of them” Isabelle says. “Maybe this will help” Elina says and she steps on and grabs a weapon and hits Sam’s mask with is. Bruce helps her and removes it. Sam falls on the ground. He looks to them. “What the hell has happened?” Sam says. “You are back?” Bruce says. “Back? Yes? Where is Killer Scream and how you freed me?” Sam says. Elina grabs his hand and helps him back in the air. Sam sees Ezra lying death on the ground. “No! Who did that?” Sam says. “You, you idiot!” Elijah says lying injured on the ground. “What? How?” Sam says. “We should get her. We will discuss that later” Bruce says. “Agreed” Sam says. “I will stay with him” Elina says. “All right” Isabelle says. Sam, Bruce and Isabelle go to the other room. Killer Scream grabs Naomi. Charles looks to it. “I already told you, you deserve to die last” Killer Scream says and she throws her away. Charles attacks her again. Killer Scream dodges his attacks. “You are all so weak” Killer Scream says and he kicks him and throws him also away. “It is time for you to die!” Killer Scream yells. “No you are the one that is going to die!” Charles says while he looks to Bruce, Sam and Isabelle walking inside. Killer Scream also looks to it. “Changed your mind?” Killer Scream says. “Yes I never want to be one of you!” Sam says. “All right so be it” Killer Scream says and she walks to him. Sam, Bruce and Isabelle fight against her. Killer Scream grabs Isabelle. Bruce becomes scared of it. “Sense I love again?” Killer Scream says. “You should know how much people died because of that stupid thing” Killer Scream says. “I was wrong about you, it is already too late for you to undo everything” Sam says and he attacks her. Killer Scream is very surprised by his sudden move and he grabs the arm of Killer Scream where she holds Isabelle. “Grab her” Sam says. Isabelle escapes and Bruce embraces her. “You idiot! You should have known how much you could have become. We are gods!” Killer Scream says. But suddenly Sam turns her around and stabs a knife inside her. He looks into her eyes. “The Scream will never rise again, they are dying, with you” Sam says. Killer Scream falls on her knees. “You are wrong about that! The next Scream is coming already. He will be here sooner……” Killer Scream says, but suddenly Sam has stabbed another knife inside her. “I was again wrong, You are even more weak than Ron and Rudy” Sam says. Killer Scream looks him one time in the eyes, before she falls on the ground, dying. Bruce and Isabelle look to what he has done. Naomi and Charles also step on again and see Killer Scream lying death on the ground.

1 week later, Sam, Bruce, Isabelle, Charles, Naomi, Lily and Elina are standing before the graves of Ezra, Daisy, Harvey and all the others. “I hope they will be in peace together” Elina says. “I hope so too” Isabelle says. Bruce, Charles and Sam are standing before the grave of Harvey. “We should have known it was her after Harvey was killed” Bruce says to Charles. “Yes true” Charles says. “No” Sam says. “I am the one that is responsible for all of this” Sam says. “That’s not true” Elina says. “Yes it is” Sam says.

Sam, Isabelle, Bruce and Elina visit Elijah, which is still in the hospital. “I am sure you will be allright” Elina says to Elijah. “The doctors said I have to be for only a couple of days” Elijah says. “Good” Bruce says. “Yeah I am glad I will survive this. Shall we go back to Arizona when all of this is over?” Elijah says to Elina. “Of course!” Elina says. “You live there?” Sam says. “Yes we live in Phoenix” Elina says. “Then she must have kidnapped people from all over western U.S.” Bruce says. “How did she do that?” Isabelle says. “I guess we will never know that” Elijah says.

Back in Sam’s house they are celebrating their last night together. Charles and Lily are going back to their home. Elijah can get out of the hospital tomorrow and he and Elina will go back to Arizona. Lily is still sad of Jackson’s death. Isabelle and Elina try to help her with it. Naomi and Charles are sitting together. “So you will also leave tomorrow?” Sam says to them. “Yes we will” Charles says. “We will see each other again, right?” Isabelle says. “Yes sure” Naomi says. “Same for us” Elina says. “Ok great” Isabelle says. Later, they go sleeping. Naomi and Charles go to their room. “I am still very happy to have you back” Charles says. “Me too” Naomi says. Later they start kissing in their bed. Lily goes sleeping on her own. Bruce and Isabelle go to their room. “Do you think all Scream are death?” Isabelle says. “I hope so” Bruce says. “But I know one thing is and that we should never believe what they say” Bruce says. “You’re so right” Isabelle says and she starts kissing him. They fall in bed and later they go sleeping. Sam goes to his bed. Elina sleeps next of him. “So, this will be your last night here?” Sam says. “Yes it is” Elina says. “It is pretty much the only thing great of this whole adventure” Sam says. “What?” Elina says. “Meeting all of you, especially you” Sam says. “Really it is? I didn’t” Elina says. But suddenly Sam starts kissing her. They pull of each other’s clothes and fall on bed. After it they go sleeping. But outside their house, back in the base of Killer Scream. The mask of Killer Scream is lying on the ground. An unknown individual grabs the mask and does it on. Everybody knows a new Scream is born. After this scene A scream mask comes on the screen and the credits start.

After-Credit scene

At the hospital, Elijah is lying and sleeping. It is his last night at the hospital. But suddenly the window is broken open. Somebody goes inside. The shadow of a Scream mask is seen on the wall. He pinches in Elijah’s air hose. “I….. I….. can’t breathe” Elijah says. “Remember what we told you, You would die first!!” The Scream says and he moves with his knife and a lot of blood is shown on the wall. After this scene the movie ends.


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