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The Scream: The Curse of Death is a movie in the Scream Series. It is a sequel to The Scream: The Revenge of the Screams. It will be a new Scream movie with a new Scream. The Scream: The Bleeding Campsite is a sequel to this movie.


After the battle with Master Scream and William Wilson, Sam, Noa, Bruce and Isabelle have to take their lives back. Sam and Bruce's new friends Owen and Ron are maybe not as what they see. Sam and Noa go out of each other, which makes that Sam meets new girls. He meets Violet Cross, a normal girl at first sign. But suddenly one of them is killed. Sam is very angry about this. This killer is much stronger than any enemy he has ever dealt with. Nodoby is safe is in this battle against the Scream(s)


The movie starts 3 years after The Scream: Revenge of the Screams.

Tess and Noa are in a discotheque called Deep Purple. They are drinking beer. They want to order more, but On that moment a boy walks towards them. Put those two beers on my bill. "Thank you" Noa and Tess are flattered. "I'm Luke, Who are you?" "I'm Noa and this is Tess" Noa says. They start talking more. They go to the dancefloor and start dancing. Tess doesn't like that Noa let her alone, but she deals with it. She doesn't see Noa anymore that night. She meets another boy, Ian Spark. They talk and kiss a bit but later they go back home. Noa is still with Luke. They go outside and kiss. "Go with me to my hotel room." Luke says. "Ok allright" Noa says. They go inside Luke's car and drive to the hotel. Inside the car they talk a little. Noa doesn't say a word about the Scream she has dealt with. Luke tells about this work. During it, Noa didn't feel so good a long time. The last time was with Sam. Later, they stop before the hotel. Luke picks his keys and opens his room. They walk inside. Noa really likes his room. "So what do you want to do?" Noa says. "What about something exciting" Luke says and he starts kissing her again. They kiss towards the Bedroom. In the bedroom Luke pulls of his shirt. He pulls of Noa's clothes. He throws her in bed. He opens his pants and goes in bed. They later have sex. After the sex they fall in sleep. The next morning, Noa awakes alone in bed. "Luke?" Noa says. She pulls on some clothes and steps out of the bed. She opens the door, but is shocked about who is standing behind it. The Scream walks inside the room and closes the door. "Look who is there, the whore of Master Scream and Sam Stone" The Scream laughable says. "Whore?" Noa says. The Scream runs towards her and stabs her in her belly. "Die you tart!" Noa wants to fight back, but the scream is much stronger than any Scream she has ever seen before. He stabs her multiple times. She falls almost death on the ground. "And now you will die whore!" The Scream says and he starts stamping on her head. He stamps harder, harder and harder. Her face is totally flat. Noa dies during the stamping. The Scream pulls of her clothes and throws her death body on the bed. He picks up graffiti spray and sprays on the wall. Later he is done and walks away. On the wall is showen: "The whore is finally death!"

12 hours earlier

On their new School, Sam and Bruce are talking in the canteen. They are sitting with Owen and Ron, two of their new friends. It is friday and they are discussing what they will do tonight. "We will go to Deep Purple tonight." Owen says. "And why do you want to go there?" Sam asks. "Because I am sure Lise will be there?" Owen says. "Ok then we will go to there" Ron says. "Okay then" Sam says. "I agree too" Bruce says. Some minutes later the bell rangs. They have to go back to their lesson. Sam and Owen have the same lesson, biology. In the lesson, Owen is a lot talking about Lise. "Just go to her tonight, and say you love her." Sam says and he is done with him. "I really want that, but I am too shy for it" Owen says. "I know for sure, she loves you." Sam says. "Lets hope so" Owen says.

Bruce is with Isabelle in the Maths lesson. "I have to let you see something" Isabelle starts. "What?" Bruce says a little scared. "I will read it for you: "Because this city is terrorlized by screams a lot, the school party will have this subject" Isabelle says. "I don't know if I must be happy with this" Bruce says. "Me neither, I have lost too much friends because of it" Isabelle says. "And there is more" Isabelle continues: "The city will get a lot more protection and there will be an evening clock of 10 P.M. This means we have to get home before 10 P.M." "Wow finally they do something about it" Bruce says. "Yes true" Isabelle says. After it the bell rangs, the lesson is over. They walk outside where Isabelle sees one of her friends. "Hey Bruce" April says. "Have you heard about the news about the school party" Isabelle says to April. "Yes, it should be really confronting for you two." "It defenitely is." Bruce says.

That evening, Sam, Ron, Owen and Bruce are making them ready for going out. "I don't know which clothes I have to wear." Owen says. "Just wear something Lise likes" Sam says. Some minutes later they are done. They go to Deep Purple, according to lots the best discotheque of their city. They walk inside, it is already very busy. Owen runs inside searching for Lise. Ron, Sam and Bruce stay together. They order some beer at the bar. Later, Sam sees Noa. He walks to her for a talk. "And can you find it here" Sam says to Noa. "Not yet" Noa says. "I am sure you will find him" Sam says to his former girlfriend. "I have to go" Noa says and she walks back to her friends. "You want to have her back?" Ron says. "No I don't" Sam says. "Wait, this is interesting" Bruce says while he is watching Owen with Lise. "I have to say something to you Lise." Owen says. "That you love me?" Lise says. "How do you know that?" Owen says very surprised. "I already knew it." Lise says and she kisses him. "I already knew it" Sam says. "We won't see him again tonight." Bruce says. "True" Sam says. Some hours later they are still there. Bruce is with Isabelle, who is also there now. Ron is with another girl. Sam is sitting alone at the bar, until someone comes sitting behind him. "Hey, what are you doing?" The girl says. "Just sitting here" Sam says and he doesn't give her much attention. "Wait aren't you that boy which was bothered by all those maskes killers." The girl says. "Yes? I didn't know I was this famous." Sam says. "I'm Violet." Violet says. "Sam, nice to meet you" Sam says. "Likewise" Violet says. During their conversation, Sam sees Noa with another guy. "Who are you looking to?" Violet says. "My former girlfriend" Sam says. "That's a pity, she probably didn't treat you good enough" Violet says. "True" Sam says. Violet wants to starts kissin him, but goes with is mouth away. "Isn't this not too earlier, I barely know you" Sam says. "Allright then." Violet says.

The next morning Sam awakes very late. It was really late. He does his clothes on, and goes downstairs. He wants to go to Bruce, and talk with him about the night. He eats fast his breakfast and does his jacket on. He opens the door. But then he sees something in the front garden. It is a chest. On the chest there stands: "Gues who is back?" "No No, please not, this has to be a joke of Bruce or Owen." He then opens the chest and is very shocked. "Oh my god!" Sam yells and starts crying. It is the body of Noa. He recognizes it because it is the same clothes she weared yesterday. He has no idea how to tell the others about this.

Owen walks in the park where he has a date with Lise. He sits at the fountain. He is waiting for her. "Are you waiting for someone?" a stranger says. The strangers shows himself as Luke White. "Yes for my girlfriend" Owen says. "How is your girlfriend looking?" Luke says. "She has blonde, beautiful eyes, she is the hottest girlf of the whole town" Owen says. "That sounds interesting" Luke says. "What is her name?" Luke says. "Lise" Owen says. "That's a beautiful name" Luke says. "She should be her in five minutes" Owen says. "That's great, I can't wait to see her" Luke says. Later, Lise arrives in the park. "Hey Owen" Lise says. "So this is she? she is beautiful!" Luke says. "Hey Lise, you look again beautiful today." Owen says. "Wait Owen, who is that guy?" Lise says. "Just a stranger" Owen says. "How does he know my name?" Lise says. "Oh we talked a bit." Owen says. "You talk with a stranger about me?" Lise says. "Yes I do" Owen says. "You don't have to call me a stranger, my name is Luke" Luke says. "You two look very happy with each other, I am very happy for you, my last girlfriend was killed." Luke says. "How? sad for you" Lise says. Owen doesn't care much and is only focused on Lise. "She was killed by a guy with a mask" Luke says. "You mean a Scream?" Owen immediatley reconiges it and says. "Yes, that's how the police called him too" Luke says. "That sounds so sad, maybe we can help you with overcome your sadness." Lise says and she comes closer to Luke. Owen really doesn't like this. "We can find a new girlfriend for you" Lise says. "Stop it!! I don't want to see you anymore" Owen says very angry to Luke. "Wait, what?" Luke says. "Wait why are you so mad Owen" Lise says. "Go away you son of a bitch" Owen says and he becomes even more angry. "Okay dude easy" Luke says and he walks away. "Why are you doing so stupid to that sad boy?" Lise says. "I really don't like that you give him so much attention" Owen says. "I am sorry, I was only doing nice to him" Lise says. But then Owen phone rangs. He got a message of Sam. "I got a message, wait let me see it" Owen says to Lise. "Okay allright." Lise says sarcastic. During Owen is reading the message Lise says: "I thought we would have a nice date, but now everything is ruined" Lise says exaggerated. "It is my friend he tells me that he wants to see me, that can wait" Owen says and he starts kissing Lise. "I am sorry for interrupting our date" Owen says during the kissing.

Ron and Bruce also got the message and went as fast as possible to Sam's house. They walks towards his house together and see Sam standing in his garden watching towards it. "Where is Owen?" Sam says. "We have no idea" Bruce says. "What has happened?" Ron says. "Something terrible" Sam says. "They walk to Noa's body and Sam says: "I know she is my former girlfriend, but I don't want this to happen to her and he points at ther body" Bruce and Ron are both shocked about it. "Who did this?" Ron says angry. "I gues I have an idea" Sam says and he gives the note to them. "No not again" Bruce says. "Why this never stops!" Bruce says becoming angry. "Now I can tell Isabelle again that the Screams returned again." Bruce says angry. "I can't help it, I just thought I could warn you" Sam says. "Hey Sam, we will just do the same as 3 years ago. We will survive this" Bruce says more calm. "Tell that to Noa, she has not survived this" Sam says. "Call Isabelle and Isa too, they have to know this too" Sam says. One hour later, Isa and Isabelle are also at Sam's house. After they explained the whole situation, Sam says: "We have to do one thing right now" Sam says: "We have to remove the body, I don't want my parents to see this body" Sam says. "True, we will do it right now" Bruce says. They go outside and do the body in their van. Sam, Ron and Bruce step into the car and ride away. Isa and Isabelle stay behind. "Now we have to do this all again" Isa says. "For me this is the third time" Isabelle says. "I can't believe that Noa is death" Isa says. "Me neither" Isabelle says. Sam, Bruce and Ron are on the road and drive towards a wood. They decide to dump the body there. "Lets throw it here" Sam says. They dig a big hole in the ground and throw the body in there. Bruce and Ron pick up the body and throw it in there. "Rest in peace, Noa Knight" Sam says and Ron and Bruce follow. Sam picks up a stick and and a stone and lay it down on the place where they buried her. They want to step in the car, until they see someone spying on them. "Hey you there" Sam says. "Why are you watching us?" Bruce says. "I just wanted to know what you are doing, I haven't seen anything" The boy says and he runs away. "Are you sure he didn't see anything?" Bruce says. "We can't, but we have to deal with it." Sam says. They drive away and never saw the boy again. The boy also walks back to his car, and steps into it. He drives further until he sees that someone is sitting at the back. He sees it to slow and his neck is already turned around. The Scream jumps as fast out of the car. The car drives further and chrashes into a tree. The Scream runs as fast as possible away.

At night, Tess is waiting for Noa, because they wanted to go out. She is waiting, calling her, waiting, calling her, but no responses. Until she is called by someone. "Hello Tess" The voice says. "Who is this?" Tess says. "Are you this stupid, don't you have a fucking idea who I am?" The Scream says. "No I haven't" Tess says and she closes the call. The Scream calls her again, but she doesn't open her call. She calls some other friends and goes with them. She also called Ian. He is really happy to hear from her.

Sam tries to forget everything that happened and decides to make a walk. He walks to the park and back to his house. When he is back at his house, he walks again away. He decides to go alone to Deep Purple. He walks inside and sees Tess kissing with Ian. "I really have to tell her it." Sam says. He walks to her. "Tess can I talk with you" Sam says. Tess is surprised to see him and agrees. They walks outside. "What do you want to tell me" Tess says. "I have some terrible news" Sam says. Tess is a bit scared because she has a feeling she knows what terrible news. "I found a body in my garden this morning" Sam says. "No, no" Tess says and she starts crying. "It was Noa's body" Sam says. Tess is shocked about it and cries. "I am sorry" Sam says. "Who did this?" Tess says. "It was a scream again, I am sure" Sam says. "You are sure about this?" Tess says. "Yes I am, and Bruce, Isabelle, Isa and me are sure we wil find this idiot and kill him" Sam says. "Ok, I'd like to help you" Tess says. "Okay good, we will stay contact." Sam says. Tess walks back to Ian. Sam goes back inside and decides to order a drink. Later she hears a familair voice: "Hey Sam, you are back?" Violet says and she is glad to see him. "Hey how are you?" Sam says. For the change he likes her attention. "I already wanted you to come here" Violet says. "Really?" Sam says. "Yes there can only be one boy be the hottest of the whole city" Violtet says. "Yes you think that about me?" Sam says. "Yes" Violet says and she tries again to kiss him. This time Sam is called. "I am sorry" Violet says. Sam picks his phone and sees it is from Bruce. He walks again outside. Violtet follows him. "Sam, I have some news" Bruce says. "Yes you have?" Sam says. "In the forest we were this afternoon, one hour later, they found a body" Bruce says. "Wait what?" Sam says. "Wait there is more" Bruce says. "I hacked into the police and saw photo's of the body, it is the same boy that was spying on us, his neck was turned around" Bruce says. "That can't be an accident" Sam says. "Yes indeed it is" Bruce says. "They found some DNA of the killer" Bruce says. "They are currently looking what match it gives" Bruce says. "Okay we will stay in contact" Sam says. "Who was that?" Violet says. "A friend of me, it doesn't care very much." Sam says. "But you reacted very shocked" Violet says. "Yes I don't want to shock you" Sam says. "You can tell me everything you want" Violet says. "No you won't understand" Sam says. "Okay allright then" Violet says. "Lets get back inside." Sam says. But suddenly when they want to go inside the door goes in the lock. "Wait what?" Sam says. "What happened?" Violet says. "The door is locked." Sam says. "You can't go inside, right?" a stranger says to them. "Maybe I can help you" the stranger says and he shows himself as a Scream. "Hello Sam Stone" The Scream says. "You will be punished that you killed Noa" Sam says. "Forget that I killed all your friends" Sam says. "Oh yeah those were idiots, Master Scream was such a sucker. He was just too old and gave too much for that bitch" The Scream says. Violet is shocked to see a Scream in real life, but has no idea what to do. She tries to hide with Sam. "And who is this? Another whore of you?" The Scream says. "Whore?" Violets says shocked. "How dare you call me a whore?" Violter says. Violet is angry about it, but Sam orders her to stay calm. "So? Who of you two wants to die first?" The Scream says. "None of us" Sam says. "I already thought you would say that" The Scream says and suddenly he dissapears. But he reappears and grabs Violet. "I will kill this bitch" The Scream says. "No you won't" Sam says and he tries to get closer to them. When he is very close he attacks and frees Violet. "Go away, I will kill him" Sam says. "But what about you?" Violet says. "I have defeated a lot of them" Sam says. Violet runs away. "She looks hot Sam, you just give too much about women" The Scream says. "She isn't my girlfriend" Sam says and he hits the Scream in his face. "That is everything you got?" The Scream says. "It is just a shame that Master Scream couldn't kill you" The Scream says. The Scream slams Sam away. "You have luck, I don't want you to die first, First I will kill one of your friends" The Scream says and he slams the door open and walks inside. He walks to the toilet and hides there. Ian walks inside and starts peeing. Then the scream attacks, he open his toilet and throws Ian to the wall. "Do you know Sam Stone?" The Scream says. "No never heard of him, why the hell are you wearing that stupid mask?" Ian says. "You are the one that is stupid" The Scream says and he stabs with his knife in his belly. "Die you idiot!!" The Scream says and he stabs him multiple times. He throws his head in the toilet and opens the window and runs away. Sam goes also inside and searches everywhere for him. Later he goes to the toilet. There he sees somebody with his face in the toilet. He turns around his body and see it is killed. Sam isn't very shocked about it, it is again a dead body. Sam immediately calls the police. They come and find some DNA again. Sam has to make a testimony, it doesn't take long, because he has already done this so much time.

The next day it is sunday, Sam immediately goes to Bruce, which is with Isabelle, and tells him everything that happened. "So he killed Ian, and later he was just disappeared, he didn't want to kill me, because he said that he wants me to be last." Sam ends his story. Bruce and Isabelle aren't much shocked about it. "Who was that Ian excactly?" Bruce says. "The boyfriend of Tess." Sam says. "I didn't know him very well, Tess must been in shock, I asked her by the way if she wants to help, She told me she wants so, but I doubt she still wants it." Sam says. "I have feeling she wants it more now." Isabelle says. "Could be true" Sam says. "We have to stop this or these killer(s) as soon as possible" Sam says. "I have a feeling it will be again more than just one" Bruce says. "They can't be working alone" Bruce says. "It should be someone who knows me, otherwise he shouldn't know that I was at Deep Purple last night" Sam says. "Maybe it was someone who was there yesterday?" Isabelle says. "It doesn't gets a really good name, the first two victims were both killed after it or in it" Bruce says. "Okay I have a plan, we will go with us three to Deep Purple to watch a bit. The killer must be there" Sam says. "We can do it tonight, because we are free tomorrow" Isabelle says. "Good Idea, we will meet a ten" Sam says.

One hour later, Sam calls Violet to tell her, he is allright. "Good to hear, I was very worried last night" Violet says. "I don't know if you heared the news, that guy with mask killed someone and went away" Sam says. "I heard about it, why did he attack us?" Violet says. "He probably wanted to kill me but, it doesn't matter, I have a history with these guys, you know?" Sam says. "Yes, okay" Violet says. "I will go to Deep Purple again tonight, So maybe I will see you tonight again?" Sam says. "That would be great" Violet says. "Okay, bye" Sam says. "Bye" Violet says and they close the call. Sam walks to his computer to see at the news if there is news about the DNA research. Shocked he reads: "Everybody in the age of 12 to 30 has to give his/her DNA." He is shocked about it but it makes his research easier. He also reads: "When you don't do it, you will become a suspect" That will probably happen, since they won't give away their DNA.

Owen and Ron are with each other playing a video game. Owen is winning, this makes Ron a bit angry. But suddenly, Owen is called by a unknown person. "Just open the call" Ron says. "The game can wait" Ron says. Owen picks up his phone and the other person says: "Hello Owen" "Who is this?" Owen says. "Just a friend" The voice says. "Okay what do you want?" Owen says. "I want that hot girlfriend of you" The voice says. Ron has no idea where they talking about and just continues playing the game. "You will never get her" Owen says and he becomes angry. "Get her? Then you are in bad luck my friend, I already got her" The voice says. "What? Are you at her?" Owen says. "Yes you dumbass, and if you won't come her, I will fuck her and kill her." The voice says and he closes the call. Owen stands up and immediately goes away. "Where are you going? Owen?" Ron says. Owen runs as fast a possible on his bike and rides to Lize's house. At her house he grabs his knife and slams the door open. He looks inside and doesn't see anybody. "Lize!!!" Owen yells. Nobody responds. He searches through the whole house, but can't find her. He walks up the stairs and goes to her bedroom. He sees standing on the wall: "You are too late sucker!" Owen becomes even more angry until somebody slams with a shovel. He falls unconscious on the ground. A Scream stands behind him holding the shovel. He grabs him and walks away.

Two hours later sill nobody has find out Owen and Lizz's disappearance, only Ron knows it a bit, but he thinks he just went away. Sam, Bruce and Isabelle are getting ready for going to find the murderer. They are making some plans and later go away. "The plan is that we will just walk around and watch for something conspicuous. Also, will we watch to each other if somebody is looking at us." Sam says to Bruce and Isabelle. Bruce and Isabelle are agree with the plan and they go to Deep Purple. They walks inside and watch. Nobody is looking at them. Bruce and Isabelle go to the other room, Sam stays in the main room. It is less busy now since it is sunday evening. Sam goes sitting at the bar, what he almost always does. He doesn't drink much alcohol, since he has to stay awake. Bruce and Isabelle see April inside. Isabelle walks to her and says: "Hey April" April is glad to see her and says: "Hey Isabelle and Bruce" Bruce orders Isabelle to stick at the plan. April is tipsy and is kissing with a lot boys. "Isabelle what do you think about this?" April says and she runs to Bruce and kisses him. Isabelle is angry about it, but now she is tipsy. Bruce really doesn't like it and says: "Why the hell did you do that?" Bruce says. "Just for fun, don't you understand?" April says. Isabelle orders April to do some steps away, she becomes a bit angry about it and walks away. "She has drunk enough" Bruce says. "I really don't like those things" Bruce says. "I won't let her do that again, okay?" Isabelle says. "Allright then" Bruce says. On the other side of the discotheque, Sam is still watching but doesn't see any suspicious. But then he sees an incident. It doesn't look very suspicous, but worth watching. It are two boys, they are probably fighting for a girl. They are very drunk and falls both very fast on the ground. "Interesting fight, isn't it?" a stranger says to Sam. "Not very much" Sam says. "Are you waiting for someone?" The stranger says. "No really" Sam says. "My name is Devin Willis" Devin says. "Okay, nice to meet you, My name is Sam Stone" Sam says. "Wait, like the Sam Stone, the one that beated all those masked killers" Devin says. "Yes true, I didn't know I was this famous" Sam says. "You are a true legend" Devin says. "Thank you" Sam says. "I already wanted to meet you, maybe I can help you with defeating those murderers" Devin says. "I would like that, that is excactly the reason why I am here actually" Sam says. "I am here, because I think the murderer will show up here, because I met him for the first time here yesterday" Sam says. "That must have been awful" Devin says. "Yes it was, he killed the boyfriend of a friend of mine, and my former girlfriend" Sam says. "Former girlfriend?" Devin says. "Yes she was my girlfriend for 4 years" Sam says. "My condoleances" Devin says. "You don't have to, she dumped me" Sam says. After 2 hours, Bruce and Isabelle still haven't seen any special and just start with drinking, Isabelle becomes more tipsy and starts kissing with Bruce. April is also still there and likes it. She also starts kissing with another boy. Sam sees them doing it and knows he has to do it by himself. Devin is helping him, until Ron is also there. "Ron? I didn't know you would also come here?" Sam says. "Why not? I like this discotheque" Ron says. "But by the way, have you seen Owen?" Ron says. "No? wasn't you with him this afternoon" Sam says. "Yes I was, but then he got a phone call and he went away" Ron says. "Weird, didn't he tell you what it was about?" Devin says. "No, who is he?" Ron says. "Somebody that wants to help, I just met him" Sam says. "Oh allright" Ron says. But then on that moment, Violet comes to them. "Hey, sorry that I am late" Violet says. "Never mind" Sam says. Devin and Ron have no idea who she is and neither has see about them. "Are these your friends Sam?" Violet says. "Yes they are" Sam says. "Sam can I talk with you under 4 eyes" Devin says. "Okay sure" Sam says and they walk away. "Do you really thinking it is wise to take a girlfriend in this shit, does she know about this?" Devin says. Sam is a bit angry about what he said and says: "First she isn't my girlfriend, second she knows who I am and what I did, so she knows the consequences." Sam says. "Okay, but still I think you shouldn't see her in this, they all have a risk to die" Devin says. "They all have, but what should I then do? Just start living in a wood cabin on the north pole?" Sam says. "Don't do so effusive, but never mind, it is your life, I don't care about them" Devin says and he walks away. Sam walks back to Ron and Violet. Violet walks to him and says: "I like your friend" "Good to hear" Sam says. But on that moment Bruce and Isabelle walk to Sam. "Hey Sam have you find the conspicous person" Bruce says tipsy. "How much have you drunk?" Sam says. "not enough" Bruce says. "There can more inside" Isabelle says. "Who are they?" Violet says to Sam. "Two other friends" Sam says. "Wow I didn't know you have so much freinds" Violet says. Bruce also sees Ron and gives him a slam in his face. "Was that really needed?" Ron says. "Yes it was." Bruce says. Isabelle also comes to them and wants to slam him but he grabs her. "I won't be slam by a girl, understood?" Ron says. "Okay allright" Isabelle says and Ron lets her go. "Do you really agree that your girl wants to slam me?" Ron says to Bruce. "Yes I do" Bruce says. Then, April also joins them and says: "Is it nice here?" "Yes it is" Isabelle says. Isabelle, April and Bruce order more drinks, altough Sam think it is not a good idea. Violet also starts drinking and becomes very fast tipsy. Devin is later also back, and says: "More friends Sam?" "Yes" Sam says. "You see? I don't fucking care!" Sam says to Devin. Devin becomes really angry and says: "You sucker, you will when you will lose them" "I won't" Sam says. "THEN DON"T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!" Devin says very loud. The whole room can hear it. All people stop talking and watch to them. "You don't have to warn me, I have lost enough of them to know that!!!" Sam says loud. "YOU IDIOT!!" Devin says and he walks angry outside the discotheque. Everybody stay quiet for 10 seconds, then everybody starts talking again. "I thought he was your friend?" Violet says to Sam. "He was for 2 hours" Sam says. "He doesn't have to warn me for things I have already dealt enough with" Sam says. "I agree with you" Violet says. Bruce and Isabelle are still making a party of it, Ron also has fixed a girl. "I will be away for some time, I will call my mom if she can pick me up, it is getting late, and I have school tomorrow" Violet says. "Okay allright" Sam says.

Outside, Devin is walking alone. He is still angry of what Sam said, but tries to forget him. But then he notices that somebody is following him. He turns around and looks the guy right in his face. It is preciously what he thought. "I already hoped I would met you one day" Devin says. "Devin Banks?" The Scream says. "Yes that's my name" Devin says. "Is it true that you met Sam Stone today?" The Scream says. "Yes I do" Devin says. "That's the worst decision you made today, I know you wanted to work together with him" The Scream says. "Your worst decision was putting on that mask and killing people" Devin says and he picks up gun and aims at the scream. "You will die bitch" Devin says and he shoots. The Scream falls death on the ground. "No lets see who is behind that stupid mask" Devin says. When he wants to remove his mask, suddenly he feels a very bad pain in his belly. The Scream is stil alive and stabbed him. They turn around "You will die bitch" The Scream repeats what Devin says. The scream start with stabbing in his head. Devin loses a lot of blood and dies because of it. The Scream watches if somebody saw it, then he picks up the body and throws it in a thrash can.

The next day, Sam, Bruce, Isabelle, Ron and the others hear about Devin's death. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle go to Sam's house to discuss about it. Isa and Tess are also done with it and join them. "This can't be coincedence" Sam says. "Why?" Isa says. "Almost all the people that are killed are in connection to me" Sam says: "First that kid that was killed after he spied on us, and now Devin, which I had an argument with" After a silence of 5 seconds, Bruce says: "I have an Idea, Maybe the killers want to let the police think you killed them" "Maybe, could be possible" Sam says. "That's better than some theories I came with" Sam says. "Like what?" Isabelle says. "That the killer wants to eliminate all my enemies to let me and us think he is on our side" Sam says. "That sounds pretty ridiculous" Bruce says. Isabelle agrees with him. Tess is very quiet since the killer also killed Ian. "What do you think Tess?" Sam says. She thinks a couple of seconds and says: "The killer has to be someone of the discotheque, otherwise he wouldn't know that I had something with Ian." "Could be true, My condoleances again" Sam says. "You don't have to do this Tess" Bruce says. "Yes we agree if this is too much for you" Isa says. "I want this killer death, Maybe even more than you" Tess says loud. Isabelle and Isa are surprised by her reaction. "Oh I haven't told you about what will happen this afternoon, All boys aged from 12 to 30 will have to give DNA and so they want to find the killer" Sam says to Isabelle, Isa and Tess. "That seem like a good idea" Isabelle. Isa and Tess agree. But then somebody knocks on the door. "I will go to it" Sam says. Bruce, Isabelle, Isa discuss further, in the meantime Sam opens the door. Ron is standing before it. Ron walks inside and to his surprise he sees Tess and Isa. "Who are all these two hot girls?" Ron says quiet to Sam. "Just two friends of me" Sam says. "I'd like to meet them" Ron says and goes sitting next to them. Isa and Tess are both quiet. Isabelle doesn't really likes that he joins them, he doesn't trust him. "How are you Bruce?" Ron says. "I'm fine, ready for the DNA test?" Bruce says. "Sure I am" Ron says. "And how are you girls?" Ron says. "Okay" Isa says. "I'm fine" Isabelle says. "I am not" Tess says. "Why?" Ron says. "I am fine again if we have killed my boyfriend's killer" Tess says. "I didn't know that, I am sorry" Ron says. "You don't have to" Tess says. Bruce steps on and walks to Sam, which is already standing in the hall. "Ready Ron?" Sam says. "Yes" Ron says and steps on and walks towards them. Bruce kisses Isabelle for goodbye and they walk to Sam's car. They step in and ride away.

In the meantime, Owen and Lise wake up in an abandoned barn. A Scream is standing before them. "Wake Up" The Scream screams. Owen and Lise both wake up because of his loud scream. "Welcome back" The Scream says. "Where the hell are we?" Lise says. "In your biggest nightmare" The Scream laughable says. "Can't you let us go? we didn't do any harm" Lise says. Owen is quiet and doesn't know what to say. "No!!" The Scream says. "We just have to wait until your stupid friend Sam will come here to save you" The Scream says. "Sam?" Lise says. "Yes, I want to kill you both before his eyes, in special his best friend mr. Mulligan." The Scream says. "Just let us go, we will do whatever you wants" Lise says. "I don't want to play this game!" The Scream says loud and he stabs a knife in Owen's leg. "When one you two says something stupid, the other one has to punish for it" The Scream says and laughs.

Sam, Bruce and Ron stop before the house where they have to go. They step out of the car and walk inside. They see a lot of other people and see on a screen that the same DNA hasn't been found yet. "This is useless, the killer won't be here" Ron says. "I think so too" Bruce says. They line up and wait. 5 minutes later, Ron has to do it first. The scientist take of some buccal mucous membrane of Ron. He has to wait ten seconds to see if he has the same DNA. "Next" The scientist says. "I knew for sure I wasn't him" Ron says. Bruce and Sam follow him and have the same outcome. The wait ten minutes to look if somebody is being discovered as the real killer. "This is useless, lets go" Ron says. Bruce agrees and they both walk out of the building. Sam waits ten seconds, because he sees somebody special. He waits for his outcome. "It is a match" The scientist says. "We have him!!" The other scientist says. "Wait what? I am not this killer." The boy says. "You are sure him" The scientist says. Suddenly, some police walks inside the room and they take him away. "I am not him" is what Sam hears him saying as last. "Who the hell is this boy" Sam says. Sam runs outside to Bruce and Ron, which are waiting for Sam. "Why the hell did it take so long?" Ron says. "They have found him" Sam says "I have to follow them" Sam says and he steps as fast in the car. Bruce and Ron don't know about it and just step in. They follow the police car. They bring him to the police station. They ride to the back side. Sam stops the car before the police station. They walks inside. "Can I speak to the suspect of the murderer of Micah Elliot, Ian Spark and Devin Banks?" Sam says. "Do you know him?" The woman behind the desk says. "No, but I am sure he killed a friend of mine." Sam says. "Okay allright, you can speak to him in 5 minutes, your two friends have to says here" The woman behind the desk says. "His name is Nigel Willis" The woman says. "Okay" Sam says. They wait for five minutes, and later a man appears and lets Sam pass. Nigel is sitting in his cell. Sam stops before his cell. "So you was it?" Sam says. "Was what?" Nigel says. "You killed my former girlfriend" Sam says. "I have no idea where the hell you are talking about" Nigel says. "You are that guy that they call The Scream. "Hahahah" Nigel laughs and says: "You are as worse as those stupid cops and scientists" "Why then do you have the same DNA as the killer?" Sam says. "They aren't even sure that it was the DNA of the killer" Nigel says. "They are, you are lying" Sam says. "We will see if there won't be another victim tonight" Nigel says. Sam is angry about it and walks away. Sam tells everything what he said to Bruce, Ron, Isabelle, Isa and Tess. "So he just he wasn't him?" Bruce says. "Yes" Sam says. "What a sucker, it is for sure him" Ron says. The others agree with him.

That night, Luke is walking in the city. He stops before a house. He walks to the door and knocks on it. Violet opens the door. "Hello? Can I help you?" Violet says. "Yes you can" Luke says.

Sam gets a phone call of Violet. "Hello Mr. Stone" the voice of Luke says. "Who is this?" Sam says. "Just a guy, I want to meet with you. "Okay where do you want to meet?" Sam says. "In your girlfriend's house" Luke says. "I don't have a girlfriend" Sam says. "Never mind, in the house from the girl I called you" Luke says and hangs up. Sam goes a fast as possible to Violet's house. He stops before the house and walks outside his car to the door. He rings at the bell. Luke opens the door. "Hello, you must be the guy from the phone" Sam says. "I am, Luke White" Luke says. "Nice to meet you, as what I heard you already know my name" Sam says. "I do" Luke says and they walk inside to the living room. "Where is Violet?" Sam says. "In the kitchen" Luke says. Violet comes back and is glad to see Sam. "Hi Sam, how are you?" Violet says. "Good, the first time we don't see each other in Deep Purple" Sam says. "That's true" Violet says. "Okay I have to come to the point, I need to tell you something Sam." Luke says. "Allright what?" Sam says. "I am the last that saw your former girlfriend Noa Knight alive" Luke says. "Wait? Where did you see her?" Sam says. "I slept with her" Luke says. Sam is shocked about it. "I thought you needed to know this" Luke says. "Yes I certainly do, have you seen the killer?" Sam says. "No, I am sorry" Luke says. "You have to tell me everything that happened" Sam says. "I will get something to drink" Violet says.

Owen and Lise are still sitting on their chair, waiting for something to happen, Until a Scream appears in the room. "And what do you want now? Please don't say you again want to ask us which are Sam Stone's best friends" Lise says. "I want nothing from you anymore" The Scream says and he picks a knive and goes standing behind Owen. Lise and Owen both think this is the end and are holding each other's hands. But then the scream opens their handcuffs. Lise and Owen are both shocked and surprised about it. "You just let us go?" Owen says. "I believe that you don't know anything, now go away fast" The Scream says. Lise and Owen run a fast as possible outside. They call 911 and tell the police everything that happened.

"Do you see? That killer is still out there, so he is not me" Nigel says to the police. The police believe him and open his cell. Bruce and Ron are also at the police station and hear about the news. "Why the hell do you let him go?" Bruce says. "Yes he is definetly the killer" Ron says. "We have only found DNA on the crime scene, it could also be not from the killer, and since the killer is still out there, he is not him" One of the police officers. Bruce and Ron are not agreed with it and walk mad outside. Isabelle is waiting in the car. "They just let him go?" Isabelle asks to Bruce and Ron. "We can't believe it too" Bruce says. "Go away here" Ron says. They drive back to Bruce's house. At his house, they see Lise and Owen. Bruce steps out and says: "Owen? Where the hell have you been?" Ron is surprised that they are back. "We are both being captured by the Scream" Owen says. "You only saw one?" Ron says. "Yes there is only one" Owen says. "How did you escape?" Isabelle says. "The Scream just let us go away" Lise says. "Where is Sam?" Owen says. "We don't have an idea, he just went away" Bruce says. "I hope this isn't a trap" Owen says. "I have also a feeling that it is a trap" Ron says. "He was calling with someone, we can't trust him" Ron says. Bruce and Isabelle have no idea about it. "We have to find this killer and kill him" Owen says. "I agree" Ron says. "I can't believe that this killer works alone" Isabelle says to Bruce. "Me neither" Bruce says to Isabelle. "He just simply can't do this alone" Bruce says to Isabelle. "Maybe we can better do this without them" Isabelle says.

Violet comes back with a drink for Sam and Luke. They are busy with discussing. She has totally no idea where they talking about. "Oh yeah there was also something else" Luke says. "In the room Noa was killed, the killer also made something on the wall, he said: "The whore is finally death" Luke says. "Do you have an idea what this means?" Luke says. "Yes I do, can you show me it?" Sam says. "Of course I can" Luke says. "Come with me" Luke says. Sam and Luke both leave the room, until Violet says: "Where are you going?" "We have to visit the place where somebody is killed, I will call you later" Sam says to Violet. They step in the car and drive to the hotel. They go to the reception. "Can we look inside room 134?" Luke says. "Okay you can look inside it" The reception woman says. She gives them the key. They walk up the stairs and open room 134. They walk inside and Sam sees the graffiti which says: "The whore is finally death" "This is the bed where I slept with her" Luke says. "This is also the last place where I saw her" Luke says. Sam is a bit confused by everything and goes sitting. "Sorry I have to process this" Sam says. "Okay I will give you the time" Luke says and he walks outside the room. Sam watches to the sheets that are new. He watches under the bed and sees a small blood spot. He watches outside the window if there is something that has a good look to this room. He can't find anything suspicious, only the blood spot. Some minutes later, Luke comes back. "And?" Luke says. "Nothing" Sam says. "Now I was just on the toilet until I heard a terrible sound. I went as fast to the bedroom and then I saw a lot of blood and that graffiti." Luke says. "I couldn't find Noa anywhere" Luke says. "Okay lets go, I have seen enough" Sam says. "Okay no problem" Luke says.

Sam later also hears the news about Nigel. He can't believe it. He goes to the police station where Nigel still is. He is eating a donut, while he is doing some last tests. But then Sam walks inside. "How on earth can you let him go?" Sam says. "You have nothing to tell about this boy" One of the police officers says. "Just stay away from this" The police officer says. "I can't, that idiot possible killed my former girlriend" Sam says. "Just let the police decide over this" The police officer says. Sam is angry about it and walks outside. He waits inside his car on Nigel. 2 minutes later he walks outside and he also steps in his car. Sam follows him towards his house. Some 3 kilometres later, He stops before a house. Sam also stops his car and steps out. He watches him inside. He sees that a window is standing open. "I have to know more about this guy" Sam says and he goes inside through the open window. He sees him sitting on a bench before his television. He is calling with someone. "Yes I am" he says. "Those idiots finally let me leave" Nigel says. It stays quiet for 10 seconds. "Wait What? How the hell could that happen?" Nigel suddenly then says. "Okay I will do that" Nigel says and he hangs up. Nigel stands up and walks to the kitchen. Sam hides himself behind a casing. Nigel doesn't see him. He goes to the living room and watches some letters which are lying on the table. He opens one and sees the name Luke White standing under it. "Luke? How the hell do you know Luke?" Sam says. But then Nigel says: "Look who is there. Just when I thought I was finally alone" Sam runs towards him and throws him on the ground. "Why the hell did you kill Noa Knight?" Sam says. "I have totally no idea where you talking about, I don't know anything" Nigel says. "Liar and how do you know Luke White?" Sam says. "Luke?? Hahaha, I didn't know you know him" Nigel says. "Where do you know him from?" Sam says. "I was in the same class as him" Nigel says. "He is a good guy, I have still contact with him" Nigel says. "Ok but you still think I am the Scream?" Nigel says. "Then I have a surprise for you" Nigel says. Suddenly, a Scream appears. "Hello Sam Stone" The Scream says. "Welcome back" Sam says. "You are applying for your next death friend" The Scream says. "Who shall I kill now? Your best friend Bruce Wakefield, or that sweet boy Owen, maybe your new friend Luke or maybe that hot girl Violet." The Scream says. Sam is surprised he know all of his friends. "Surprised I know all of them?" The Scream says. "I know everything about your friends, I will also kill them all" The Scream says. Nigel tries to walk away. "Wait, I wasn't done with you" The Scream says to Nigel. "How do you know this boy? Nigel Willis" The Scream says. "I don't know him, that's why I came to his house" Sam says. "Maybe I should just kill him" The Scream says. "No please don't I haven't done anything wrong" Nigel says. "Okay allright, you aren't even a good friend of this idiot" The Scream says. "Watch out Sam Stone, I will kill one of you friends in the next hour, just see which one you care about most and will protect" The Scream says and he disappears. "Hahahahaha, and you still think I am the Scream" Nigel says. "I have to go away" Sam says and he runs back to his car. He drives to Bruce's house to warn the others. He knock on the door. Bruce opens the door. "Where the hell have you been?" Bruce says. "Is everybody inside here?" Sam says. "Yes we are, we were all waiting for you" Bruce says. "I have to warn everybody, the scream will kill anybody of us in the next hour" Sam says. Ron, Owen, Lise, Isabelle, Tess and Isa are all sitting inside the living room. "I need to warn you guys, the scream is going to kill one of you" Sam says. "We have everybody, we only miss........... Violet!" Sam says. "Who is Violet?" Bruce says. "It doesn't matter, I need to go now, just protect everybody here" Sam says and he leaves the room. Bruce finds his acting weird. Isabelle walks to him and says: "What's wrong with him?" Isabelle says. "I don't know, he was talking about someone called Violet?" Bruce says. "Do you know her?" Bruce says. "No I don't" Isabelle says.

In the meantime, Luke is riding on a road when suddenly a Scream is standing before him. Luke is a bit shocked about it. "Luke White?" The Scream says. "Yes I am" Luke says while he steps outside. "You are going to pay Sam's debt" The Scream says. The Scream picks up his knife and runs to Luke. Luke fights back and they start a fight. The Scream wants to stab Luke, but he is faster than him and slams the knife out of his hands. Luke slams the Scream in his head. He falls on the ground. "You are going to pay for killing Noa Knight" Luke says and he starts kicking the scream. But then the Scream grabs his leg and throws him too on the ground. They continue fighting on the ground. Luke conitnues with kicking he kick on his mask. Luke is stronger and he totally destroys his mask. Then they both stand up and the Scream removes his mask.

Violet is watching television in her house, until someone knocks on the door. She opens the door and see Luke is behind it. He is severly injured. "What happened to you?" Violet says. "Is Sam here?" Luke says. "I have to tell him something important, I know the identity of the Scream" Luke says. "Identity of what? Scream?" Violet says. "Yes it is very important, call him for me" Luke says. Violet grabs her mobile phone and searches for Sam's number. "I think I am not going to make it any longer" Luke says. "I will help you" Violet says and walks to Luke. She tries to stop the bleeding with a right hand. With her left hand she is holding her phone. Sam doesn't open the call. "He doesn't answer" Violet says. "Just tell it to me, I will tell him it" Violet says. "Okay his name is N........" Luke wants to finish his senctence, but from the back he is stabbed. "What happened?" Violet says. The Scream with a new mask stabs him a second time. "Violet, his name is Ni......" Luke's last words are. The Scream pushes his head and ground and hits it on the ground. Violet wanst to stop the Scream, but the Scream throws her away on the bench. With his last strength, Luke wants to let it stop, but the Scream stabs his knife in his heart. Luke dies immediately. The Scream watches one time to Violet. She is unconscious because of the hard push. Quietly the Scream walks back to the door. He walks away outside.

Excactly ten minutes later, Sam arrives at Violet's house. He steps out of his car and runs to the door. He rangs the door first three times, after it he knocks on the door twice. After it he smashes the door open. Inside he sees the death body of Luke. Sam isn't shocked about it. He left a note for him: "Don't worry, he was the one you cared about the least" After he reads it, he sees Violet lying on the bench. He goes to her checking out if she is allright. He feels at her heart pulse, she is still alive. Sam calls 911 and waits for the police to come. 7 minutes later they are there. They bring Violet to an ambulance. They make some pictures of Luke and later take the body away. Sam goes back to Bruce's house to tell the others about everything that happened. The first question that is asked is by Bruce. "Who the hell was this Luke guy?" Bruce says. "He was the last one to see Noa alive" Sam says. "He also knew a lot about the Screams" Sam says. "You trusted this guy?" Ron says. "Yes" Sam says. "Why?" Isabelle says. "I had no choice, I hope he would find out who it is" Sam says. "Maybe that girl Violet knows more?" Lise says. "You sure we can trust her?" Owen says. "Could be true" Sam says. "I will take her a visit in the hospital" Sam says. "Who is she Sam?" Bruce says. Sam doesn't respond on him and walks away. "What is wrong with him?" Ron says. "He blindly trust people he doesn't know" Ron says irritated. "I also don't trust her" Isabelle says. "I have no idea" Bruce says.

Sam drives to the hospital. He walks inside and walks to the counter and asks to the women: "In what room is Violet Cross?" Sam says. "Room 46" The woman says. "She is stable, you can visit her, you only have to give your name and tell who you are" The woman says. "Sam Stone, I am just a friend of her" Sam says. "Thank you, the room is on the ground floor on the right, to that way" The woman says. "Thank you" Sam says and he walks to the room. He opens it and sees Violet. "Hi" Sam says. "Hi" Violet, who is awake now says. "What happened?" Sam says. "It was a guy with a mask, omg he killed Luke" Violet says scared. "You are safe now" Sam says. "It was you or him" Sam says. "You have to be glad you are still alive?" Sam says. "Wait what? She is still alive" an unknown voice says. It shows himself as a Scream. "Surprised I found her?" The Scream says. "I am here to finish the job" The Scream says. "That's him that is the one that killed Luke" Violet says. "I know, just kill me, there don't have to be any other people to die" Sam says. "Good Idea, but before you die you probably want to know who I am" The Scream says and he removes his mask. "That stupid guy destroyed my mask, so he had to punish for it" The Scream says while he is removing his mask. Later he has removed it. "I knew it was you" Sam says. "Of course you do" The scream says and he shows himself as Nigel Willis. "That police were so stupid that they let me go" Nigel says. "I am agree with that" Sam says. "Okay enough talking, just finish me" Sam says. "You really thought I was going to do that?" Nigel says. "Yes who else? Santa Claus?" Sam says. "Tell it him Violet" Nigel says. "Tell him what?" Violet says. "You stupid liar" Nigel says. "What are you hiding for me Violet?" Sam says. "Just tell him it, the time of lying is over!" Nigel says. "Okay allright then" Violet says. "This was never my choice" Violet says. "Oh yeah? Wasn't it too when you let that stupid Owen and his fucking whore go?" Nigel says. "Wait what? Oh no! You two work together?" Sam says. "Yes we did, until she let those idiots go" Nigel says. "And now Violet show your loyalty! Kill him!" Nigel says. "But shouldn't we kill his friends first?" Violet says. Sam can't believe it. "You fucking liar" Sam says and he wants to hit her in her head. But Nigel grabs him and pulls him away. "Just kill that idiot you bitch" Nigel says. "Wait, before I die I need to know one thing, who of you two killed Noa?" Sam says. "She did" Nigel says. "Liar I didn't kill her" Violet says. "So who do you believe Stone, Me or your new whore?" Nigel says. "I don't believe you both" Sam says. "He isn't telling the truth, we both didn't kill her" Violet says. "So who did?" Sam says. "Enough talking, Last chance, kill that son of a bitch of I will kill you myself you fucking bitch" Nigel says. Violet steps out of her bed and walks to Sam which is holded by Nigel. Nigel gives her her knife back. Violet waits before Sam. "Where are you waiting for? The Easter Bunny? He isn't gonna come" Nigel says. "No I was thinking, shouldn't he be here" Violet says. "No I don't care about him" Nigel says. "Who is he?" Sam says. "He is the one that killed your Noa" Violet says. "Why are you two helping him? We have to kill that idiot" Sam says. "I will never work together with you son of a bitch!" Nigel says and he attacks Sam. "If you won't kill him, I will" Nigel says. Nigel is faster than Sam and he hits him knock out. After he did that he walks to Violet. "I am sure if I can trust you bitch" Nigel says and he hits her in her face too. She is knocked out too.

Bruce, Isabelle, Owen, Ron, Lise, Isa and Tess are waiting if they hear something of Sam, but they don't. Later they all go back home. Only Owen, Bruce, Isabelle and Ron stay behind. Ron got a phone call of his parents and he takes it up. Owen, Bruce and Isabelle are discussing. "He was so stupid to trust that girl" Owen says. "True" Isabelle says. "We have to find them, before it is too late" Bruce says. Ron is picken up by his parents and goes away. They go to the hospital. Bruce walks to the counter. The same women is sitting behind it. "Have you seen Sam Stone?" Bruce says and he shows her a picture of him. "Yes I do, he was here like two hours ago" The woman says. "He went to see his friend Violet Cross" The woman says. "Yes that's true" Bruce says. "I haven't seen him comming back, but he went to room 46" The woman says. Bruce, Isabelle and Owen search to him through the whole building. Bruce goes to room 46. Nobody is inside. Later Bruce walks back to the counter. "Did Violet Cross leave the building?" Bruce asks to the woman. "No she didn't, she should still be in room 46" The woman says. "I went to that room but nobody was inside" Bruce says. "That's impossible" The woman says. She picks up a phone and calls somebody. "Yes" The woman says. "Ok allright, that is everything I wanted to know" The woman says and she closes the call. "She is gone, a guy named Nigel Willis was here to take her outside" The woman says. "Do you know him?" The woman says. Bruce is thinking because it sounds very familair and then he knows it. "No no, I had to know this" Bruce says. "What is wrong?" The woman says. "That's the guy that was taken into custody by the police" Bruce says. "We are too late" Bruce says. "I am sorry" The woman says. Bruce makes a sign to Isabelle and Ron and tells them it. They drive back to Bruce's house. "We have to gather information about Nigel Willis and Violet Cross" Bruce says. "They are our suspects" Bruce says. "I am very sure they are the two killers" Isabelle says. "Me too" Bruce says. They gather information until it is very late. Owen later goes back home after it. "Can I sleep her?" Isabelle says. "Ok no problem" Bruce says. They go upstairs. Isabelle is bit scared but Bruce tells her it is going to be allright. "For one moment I want to forget everything that is happening" Bruce says and he starts kissing Isabelle. They take of each other clothes and sleep together.

On the other side of the side in an abandoned building, Nigel returns back. "Welcome back Nigel" Another Scream says. "Hello" Nigel says. He throws Sam and Violet out of his van on the ground. "I have that son of a bitch and that stupid traitor bitch" Nigel says. "Good work" The Scream says. Sam and Violet are both put in the same cell. Nigel is guarding them. The other scream is sitting on his throne. "So what will we do now?" Nigel says. "Kill all of Sam's friends, I will kill this two idiots" The Scream says. "It would be my pleasure" Nigel says and he leaves the room.

The next day, Bruce and Isabelle wake up in the same bed. "Do you think Sam is still alive?" Isabelle says. "I don't know, we will have to find the guy that kidnapped them" Bruce says. "You won't have to" Another voice says. Bruce and Isabelle watch through he dark room. Bruce puts the lights on and sees who said. It is a Scream and he is sitting in the chair. "Surprised to see me?" The Scream says. "How the hell do you get in here?" Bruce says. "Your friend Sam has the keys, remember?" The Scream says. "What have you done to him?" Isabelle says. "Nothing yet" The Scream says. "You probably want to know who I am?, don;t you?" The Scream says. "Yes do that silly mask away" Bruce says. "No problem" The Scream says and he removes his mask. He shows himself as Nigel Willis. "You are that boy from the DNA search?" Bruce says. "Of course I am, those police were to supid to see it" Nigel says. "I don't care who you are, you will die" Bruce says. "What about your girlfriend? Isabelle, isn't it?" Nigel says. "What will you think if I just kill her?" Nigel says. "You are a very lovely couple" Nigel says. "Separate you would be a shame" Nigel says. But then Bruce steps out of bed, he has already done on his clothes, and he grabs a gun which he is holding under his bed. "Now you have to surrender" Bruce says. "Why would I? If you kill me, you will never know where your good friend Sam is" Nigel says. "But I can let you suffer" Bruce says. "So I will only ask this once, Where is he?" Bruce says. "He is death" Nigel says. "Wrong answer" Bruce says and he slams him one time in his face. Isabelle is just looking, and doesn't know what to do. "Where is Sam Stone?" Bruce says. "He is fucking with Violet Cross" Nigel says. "Wrong answer again" Bruce says and he kick him in his balls. "I will never tell it you idiot!" Nigel says. "You will, sooner of later" Bruce says and he starts with torturing him harder.

In the cell, Violet awakes. The Scream is away for some time. She goes to Sam and tries to wake him up. "Sam" Violet says quiet. He later also awakes. "What has happened?" Sam says. "We are put in a cell of the Screams" Violet says. "I can remember, Nigel, he is one of the Screams" Sam says. "He is the one that brought us here" Violet says. "Now I remember it again, you are also one of them" Sam turns angry and he wants to hit her. But she stops him. "Please I can explain this" Violet says. "You are just a stupid traitor, I will never talk with you anymore" Sam says. "Please, give me a second chance" Violet says. "Okay allright then, just explain it to me" Sam says. "1 year ago they kidnapped me, and turned me into a Scream." Violet says. "So you didn't want this?" Sam says. "Yes it didn't want this" Violet says. "Why didn't you say it to me? I could have helped you defeating them" Sam says. "You can make this good" Sam says. "The only thing you have to do is tell to me who Nigel and your former boss is" Sam says. "Okay I can" Violet says. "But you won't believe me" Violet says. "Why won't I?" Sam says. "I was very surprised when I saw him with you in Deep Purple" Violet says. "Wait? What?" Sam says. "Okay he....." Violet can't finish her senctence. The scream is suddenly putting a knife under her throat. "Don't you dare it to say my name to this son of a bitch, you fucking bitch traitor" The Scream says. "I have to get your tongue out of your mouth" The Scream says very angry. He opens the cell and pulls her out of it. Sam wants to grab her but it fails. "And now you will lose your fucking tongue, fucking traitor" The Scream says. On the moment he wants to open his mouth, Violet grabs a knife and puts it in his feet. The Scream screams of the pain. Violet runs away outside. "You stupid bitch" The Scream says and he electrocutes her. "You forgot this bitch" The Scream laughable says. But then Sam sees the wall is very old and grabs a rock out of it and throws it on the scream's head. It is a very hard rock and he falls unconscious on the ground.

Bruce is still torturing Nigel. "How much time do I have to tell you that I will never tell it?" Nigel says. "Stop with it Bruce" Isabelle says and she also steps out of the bed. "Finally, your hot whore is a lot smarter than you" Nigel says. Isabelle walks to him and slams him in his face. "That's for calling me a whore" Isabelle says. "So what do you want to do with him?" Bruce says. "We have to find a better way to do this." Isabelle says. Isabelle walks downstairs and grabs a flat iron. She walks back to the bedroom and puts in on current. "I like her" Nigel says. "Good Idea" Bruce says. "So I don't think I have to ask the question." Isabelle says. "Okay allright, I will tell you something. I and Violet are working together, I killed Luke and Ian. She killed Micah and Devin." Nigel says. Bruce and Isabelle aren't very shocked about it and Isabelle says: "That's doesn't give an answer on the question" Isabelle says and she pulls of his shirt. "What is your most precious place on your body?" Isabelle says. Bruce is a bit surprised how Isabelle is acting, but he knows this is the only one. "Allright I will tell you it" Nigel says and he is actually making open the twist over his hands. "After he was with Violet in the hospital, I brought her home and we started fighthing, Of course I was stronger, so I killed him" Nigel says. "I don't believe you" Isabelle says. But on that moment Nigel has opened the twist and he grabs Isabelle. Bruce is surprised but can't stop it. "Where were we?" Nigel says. "Actually I have nothing to ask you" Nigel says. He throws her on the ground. "She will die!!!" Nigel says. On the moment Nigel wants to put his knife inside Isabelle, the door is opened. A Scream is walking inside the bedroom. "Boss?" Nigel says. "I didn't expected you here" Nigel says. "As you can see I am just on the moment to kill this stupid......." Nigel says but he can't finished. On that moment the Scream shoots a bullet through Nigel's head. Bruce and Isabelle are both very surprised because of it. Nigel immediately falls death on the ground. The Scream removes her mask and shows herself as Violet. Bruce and Isabelle don't recognize her. "Come with me, we have to save Sam" Violet says. Bruce and Isabelle just follow her, not knowing if they can't trust her. They step in Violet's car. Bruce and Isabelle don't know what to think about this.

Sam is still sitting in the cell. Later the scream awakes. "Welcome back" Sam says. "Did you sleep well?" Sam says. The Scream is really angry and says: "I will that bitch!!" "Too late, she is already away" Sam says. "Why didn't she freed you?" The Scream. "I don't know, she probably doesn't like me enough" Sam says. "Good" The Scream says. But then suddenly Sam slams the door of the cell open. "I had to know this" The Scream says and he attacks them. The Scream is much stronger than Sam thought. He slams him a couple of times. Sam wants to slam off his mask, but it fails. The Scream throws him on the ground. "I am only going to ask you this onces" The Scream says. "Where is Violet?" The Scream says. "In your fucking ass" Sam says and he slams him in his belly. "I know you killed Noa, you are going to pay for that!" Sam says. "Oh I killed more than her" The Scream says. "Why the hell did you kill her?" Sam says. "I always wanted to kill what made my idol so weak!" The Scream says and he slams in his face. Sam falls unconscious on the ground.

Violet, Bruce and Isabelle arrive at Violet's house. "You live here?" Bruce says. "Yes" Violet says. They step out of the car and walk to the front door. Violet picks her key and opens the door. "Call the others, we can use them" Violet says. "Wait Bruce, Can I talk with you in private?" Isabelle says. "Okay" Bruce says. They walk to the kitchen. "Do you trust her?" Isabelle says. "No, you?" Bruce says. "No of course not, this all could be a set up" Isabelle says. "But why did she kill that Scream Nigel then?" Bruce says. "Lets find out" Bruce says. Isabelle agrees. They see Violet is calling someone. "Who are you calling?" Bruce says. "Someone that can help us" Violet says. "But let me understand one thing" Bruce says. "First you was just Sam's friend, then you was a Scream and now do you help us?" Bruce says. "Yes totally right" Violet says. "Don't you think that sounds ridicolous?" Isabelle says. "I never wanted to be a Scream" Violet says. "They forced me to" Violet says. "I want to take revenge on them, It started when I met Sam. He was just very friendly, and I didn't understand why we should kill an innocent boy" Violet says. "Then I killed that boy that was spying on you" Violet says. "What? You did that?" Bruce says. "Yes I did it to protect you" Violet says. "I also killed that boy that was doing so stupid to Sam" Violet says. "I can't remember that" Isabelle says. "Neither do I" Bruce says. "You were there, but you were too drunk" Violet says. "Oh that night" Bruce says. "But to continue, I also let your friends Owen and Lise go" Violet says. "So do you know believe me that I will help you?" Violet says. "We will try it, but to be honest, I still don't trust you 100%" Bruce says. "You don't have to" Violet says. But suddenly on that moment the bell rangs. "He is here" Violet says. "Wait, who is here?" Isabelle and Bruce both ask. "I called him to help us" Violet says and she walks to the front door and opens it. "Hello Violet, glad to see you again" an unknown voice says. "You are as hot as I remember you" The unknown person says and he walks inside. "You are not here for that, we need you help" Violet says. "Who is we?" The unknown person says. "Bruce and Isabelle meet Riley Wright, Riley meet Bruce Wakefield and Isabelle Fletcher" Violet says. "Wait those two persons, it are just two kids" Riley says. "Kids? We are more than that" Bruce says. "They are normal kids, they fought and survived the first and second Scream attack" Violet says. "Impressive, actually I don't care. And wait what is Scream?" Riley says. "You will meet them" Violet says. "But our mission is that we have to save Sam" Violet says. "Who is the hell is that?" Riley says. "It doesn't matter" Violet says. "It does matter" Riley says. "I am not going to save somebody that I have never heared of" Riley says. "I will pay you for what ever you want" Violet says. "Money? I have money enough, but............There is actually one thing I want" Riley says. "No please not, I forgot to say that is the only thing I don't want" Violet says. "Okay then I won't help you" Riley says. Bruce and Isabelle are looking if they are looking at the devil. Violet is dissapointed about it and says: "No wait, we can make a deal" "That is better" Riley says. "But there is one thing I don't know" Riley says. "Who is our enemy?" Riley says. "We also want to tell it to use" Isabelle says. "We know for sure you know who this is" Bruce says. "You won't believe when I tell it to you Bruce" Violet says.

Owen and Lise are sitting in Owen's house getting some time to deal the recent events. "We are safe here now, he won't harm us" Lise says to Owen. "I still don't understand why they let us go later" Owen says. "Neither do I" Lise says. But then suddenly Owen is called. It is Bruce. "You should take it up, it could be important" Lise says. Owen picks up his phone and opens the call. "Owen?" Bruce says. "Yes?" Owen says. "You have to help us" Bruce says. "Who are us?" Owen says. "I, Isabelle, Violet and another guy" Bruce says. "Who is Violet?" Owen says. "I will tell you everything when you come here, I will give you the adress" Bruce says and he closes the call. "I think we don't have another choice" Owen says. "What does he want?" Lise says. "He wants us to come and help them" Owen says. "Will Ron and Sam also come?" Lise says. "No they won't" a familair voice says. "Why won't they come? And who the hell are you?" Owen says. The voice shows himself as a Scream. "Welcome back Owen and Lise" The Scream says. Owen and Lise are both scared. Owen protects Lise. "To answer your question" The Scream says and he grabs something. "They are both here" The scream says and he throws Sam and Ron on the ground. "So Owen you can choose. Which of your two friends do you like the most?" The Scream says. "No, No, No, Don't let me choose between them!!!" Owen says. "You have 10 seconds left" The Scream says. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6......" The Scream says. "5 seconds" The Scream says and he picks two knives and pushes it in Sam and Ron's throat. "3, 2, 1....... Time is up" The Scream says. "I am not going to play your game" Owen says. "Allright then" The scream says and he wants to kill them both. But then suddenly two bullets are heard. The first one goes right through the head of the Scream. His head is totally hitted and he falls death on the ground. But the second bullet is gone. Owen looks around but then he sees where it hits. It has hit Lise. "No, No, No" Owen says and he wants to help Lise. He knows she is dying. Sam walks to the death body of the Scream. He removes the mask but then he sees it is just a robot! But then suddenly a third bullet is fired. It goes right through Lise's head. Her death body falls death on the ground. "She didn't deserved a long and painful death" Ron says. "Wait what?" Sam says. "Surprised? You thought you finally had me, but not" Ron says. "I am sorry for Lise, I really am" Ron says. Owen and Sam are both surprised and can't believe their eyes. "Now we are finally reunited, for one final reunion" Ron says. "You are going to pay that you killed Noa!!!" Sam says. "She was just a bitch and a whore, I can't understand why you gave so much for her. Same for this whore" Ron says and he aims to Lise's death body. "And now I will first kill you Owen, then I will kill your good friend Bruce and his girlfriend Isabelle, if Nigel hasn't kill them already, and finally I will kill the two biggest idiots on planet Earth, Violet Cross and Sam Stone." Ron says. Sam and Owen both have no idea what to do since he is/was one of their best friends. Owen goes back to Lise's body and he starts crying. "Preciously what I thought, you two won't kill one of your best friends" Ron says. But then suddenly Sam steps on and attacks him. Ron is stronger and hits him hard. "I can't understand that that stupid Master Scream died because of you pack of losers" Ron says and he throws Sam away. Ron walks to Owen, but then Sam wants to stop him again. "You don't know when to stop don't you?" Ron says and they fight again. Sam is faster this time and he hits Ron two times. But Ron is again stronger and he slams him away. "I won't kill you already, so just shut the fuck up!!!" Ron screams. But he is derived and suddenly he is stabbed by Owen. "This is for Lise you idiot" Owen says. It doesn't harm Ron that much and he still wants to kill him. But then Sam is back for the third time and he pushed him away out of the window. He falls outside on the street. Sam and Owen watch one time to Lise's body. "I am sorry" Sam says. They later walk outside, but then Ron's body is gone.

Bruce is sitting on the bench. He can't believe that Ron is the scream. Isabelle tries to help him. "Why didn't you tell it to us earlier? Then I could have killed that idiot already." Bruce says. "I didn't want to him to know him that I will betray you" Violet says. "So this guy's name is Ron Pearson? Never heard of him but he is going to die for hurting you" Riley says and he means Violet with you. "Bruce, call Isa and Tess too, we can also use them" Violet says. "How do you know all of us?" Bruce says. "Ron told me about all of you" Violet says. "Allright then" Bruce says. "I hope she will appreciate me since I killed the killer of her boyfriend" Violet says. "Nigel killed Ian?" Isabelle says. "Yes" Violet says. "Who are all those guys Violet?" Riley says. "I gues you missed a lot when you were away" Violet says. "I will call them" Bruce says and he walks away. Isabelle follows him. They walk to the hallway. Bruce searches for the numbers of Isa and Tess. He finds the number of Isa first. "Let me call Tess" Isabelle says.

Sam and Owen step into the car. "We have to tell Bruce about it" Sam says. "We can better do this in real life" Owen says. "True, let's go to his house" Sam says. They drive to Bruce house and stop before it. They watch inside but see it is totally dark. "This can't be good" Sam says. He rings the bell a couple of times but nobody opens. He slams the door open. "Bruce won't be happy with this" Sam says. "If he is still alive" Owen says. They walks quietly inside. Owen searches on the ground floor. "I will take upstairs" Sam says and he walks on the stairs. He opens the bathroom first. Nothing. Then he walks to the bedroom. He slams the door open. He sees a body. First Sam is scared, but then he sees it is not Bruce. "Who the hell did this" Sam says. It is the body of Nigel. "One scream less" Sam says. "Owen" Sam yells. Owen walks upstairs and also sees the body. "Who is this?" Owen says. "Nigel Willis, he is one of the Screams" Sam says. "Have you find anything?" Sam says. "No negative, Bruce is not home" Owen says. "Then I will call him" Sam says. He tries to call him but he is in talk. "Any other options?" Owen says. "Violet's house, I want to talk with her too" Sam says. "Who is that?" Owen says. "Another Scream" Sam says. "What? Why didn't she kill you already?" Owen says. "She helped me escape from Ron" Sam says. "Ok I don't understand this" Ron says. "We will go her house" Sam says.

Bruce and Isabelle are done with calling. "What about Owen?" Isabelle says. "I don't know? Does he even know the situation?" Bruce says. "He is your friend, you should know that" Isabelle says. "We just let him do his work, we won't bring him in this situation" Bruce says. "Good Idea" Isabelle says. But then somebody rangs on the door. "Isa or Tess? Are they here so fast?" Isabelle says. "Lets find out" Bruce says and he opens the door. Sam and Owen are standing behind it. "Bruce?? What are you doing here?" Sam says surprised. "Helping you escape" Bruce says. "I gues we won't have to do that anymore" Isabelle says. "We have to tell you something" Sam says to Bruce and Isabelle. "You won't believe me" Sam says. "Ron is the Scream, yes I know it" Bruce says. "What? How?" Sam says. "She told me" Bruce says. "What? You know each other?" Sam says. "Yes, since 1 hour ago" Bruce says. "Where is she?" Sam says. "In the living room" Bruce says. Sam walks inside and he opens the door to the living room. To his suprise he sees Violet and another guy. "Violet?" Sam says. "Sam?" Violet says and she walks to him. Violet wants to kiss him, but Sam doesn't want it. "I know you would come here" Violet says and she embraces him. "You are probably one of the weirdest people I have ever met" Sam says. "You are also full of surprises, who is he?" Sam says. "I wanted to ask the same thing" Riley says. "Sam meet Riley Wright, Riley meet Sam Stone" Violet says. "He is somebody that is going to help us defeating Ron" Violet says. She doesn't tell Riley who Sam is. "But we could have do this" Sam says. "Where is Lise?" Bruce says. Owen starts crying after he said that. Isabelle wants to help him. "Our best friend killed her, I can't believe it" Owen says sad. "I am sorry" Bruce says. "Bruce? Owen and I also found a death body in your bedroom. Do you know who that is?" Sam says. "Nigel" Bruce says. "Did you kill him?" Sam says. "No" Bruce says. "I did" Violet says. "I shot him through his head without hesitating" Violet says. Sam is surprised about it but he doesn't want to remark it. "Good work" Sam says soft. "So when are we going to kill that idiot" Riley says. "So you are also going to help?" Sam says. "I never said that I allowed you to do that" Sam says. "So you think you are the boss here?" Riley says. "Oh now I remember we first had to save you" Riley says. "Please stop you two" Violet says. Bruce agrees with her and says: "We have to work together and kill Ron" Bruce says.

In an unknown place, Ron falls on the ground. He picks a stapler and staples his wounds. He picks up a pot and opens it. An unknown liquid is inside it. He does it on his wounds. After it burns for 10 seconds. After it, he steps on again. He watches on his mobile phone and sees the location of Nigel and Violet. He sees that Nigel is in Bruce's house and Violet in her house. He clicks on Nigel and sees no heart beat. He becomes angry of it. "Then I will just do it alone, they both very disappointed me!!!" Ron says and he runs away.

"That you know it Violet, I am not responsible if this guy is hurted." Sam says. "You should just get a little trust in him" Violet says. "I don't like this" Sam says and he walks to Bruce. "Don't trust both of them" Sam says to Bruce, Isabelle and Ron. He walks to the kitchen to be alone for some time. "So you are Violet?" Owen then says. He walks towards her and says: "Glad to finally meet you" "You are Owen, right?" Violet says. "Yes true, I know you are one of them" Owen says. "What? I can explain this." Violet says. "No need to, because of you Lise is death" Owen says. After he said that, he becomes very angry and starts attacking her. Bruce and Isabelle have no idea what to do. Owen starts hitting her hard. She doesn't want to fight back. Riley wants to help her but Bruce grabs him. "We have to stay out of this" Bruce says. "And you allow her to kill her?" Riley says. "Already had enough?" Owen says. "No I deserve this" Violet says. "Glad we are agreed with that" Owen says and he starts kicking her. "Trash like you have no reason to live anymore" Owen says and he grabs a knife. Bruce agrees with him. On the moment Owen wants to put the knife inside her, Isabelle runs to him and pushes him away. Violet is knocked out. "It is enough now" Isabelle says. "I gues we are even now" Violet says and she falls unconscious. "What on earth is wrong with you?" Riley says and he walks towards her. He sees she is unconscious. "Don't we have to bring her to a hospital?" Riley says. "She has only some bruises, she will be allright" Bruce says. "You sure about that Bruce?" Isabelle says. But then suddenly Sam is back and says: "What on earth is going on here?" Sam says. "After you went ago, Violet turned acting strange. Owen attacked her and hitted her knock out." Bruce says. "Why one earth did you do that Owen?" Sam says. "She has to pay for killing Lise" Owen says. "If you haven't noticed it already, she is now on our side, you idiot!" Sam says and he turnes angry. "I am away for 5 minutes and you make everything like a fight club" Sam says. "You are fired Owen" Sam says. "I knew you love that girl you idiot" Owen says and he walks angry outside. Bruce adds to that: "He is right, we can't trust them, you said that" "Wait you don't even trust me?" Riley says. "Yes, but there was no reason to start fighting each other" Sam says. "Then I am also done here" Riley says. When he wants to go outside, suddenly Tess and Isa are standing before the door. "Ah there you are" Bruce says. "You also invited them?" Sam says. "Yes they can help us" Bruce says. "What is going on here?" Isa says. "I also want to know that" Ron, who is also at the party now, masked a Scream says. "Hello Ron" Bruce says. "I knew that bitch would tell you it" Ron says and he suddenly grabs Tess. "You are all going to die!!" Ron says. "Let them go, they are innocent" Sam says. "Nobody that is befriended with you is innocent" Ron says and with a knife he opens the throat of Tess. She falls death on the ground. Isa wants to run away but Ron suddenly grabs a knife and throws it in her head, killing her. "You did this Sam" Ron says. "You started the Curse of Death, and now everybody is going to die!!! Even innocent girls" Ron says. "And look who is there, Earth's two biggest idiots, Sam Stone and Violet Cross" Ron says. Bruce can't believe seeing his friends this way. "You four have luck, I will go now, seeing your friend Sam suffering" Ron says. "Good Luck" Ron says and he walks outside. Bruce and Sam don't know what to do. They are shocked about the way he killed Tess and Isa. "What happened?" Violet, which is awake again, says. "Your former friend was back and he killed Tess and Isa." Bruce says. "No, No, No, If your friend didn't knocked me out, then I could have killed him" Violet says. "I am sorry for that" Sam says. "I gues all your friend don't like me very much" Violet says. "Where are Riley and Owen?" Violet asks. "Both becambe angry and went away." Sam says. "This was a total failure" Violet says. "Yes it was, there is no further reason to be here, come Isabelle lets go away" Bruce says. Isabelle isn't really agrees but follows him. "Then we have to do it alone" Violet says. "Yes, there is no other option" Sam says.

Bruce and Isabelle arrive back at their house. They clear up the mess. They call the police for the body of Nigel. The police ask them some question and take the body away. After the police is gone and they are back from the police station Isabelle says: "I don't want to do this anymore, I am done with this" "Me too" Bruce says. "Seeing how Isa and Tess were killed was too much for me" Isabelle says. "So I have thought of something" Isabelle says. "What?" Bruce says. "I want to move away out of this city, I am done here" Isabelle says. Bruce is surprised about it but understands it too. "I don't know if I can move so easily" Bruce says. "If you won't come with you, I will go away alone" Isabelle says. "No I agree, tomorrow I will start with selling the house and looking for houses outside the city" Bruce says. "Thank you" Isabelle says.

Sam and Violet go to Ron's house to look if they can find something. Sam searches on his bedroom and Violet searches in the living room. They don't find each other. "I know where his secret base is" Violet says. "You do? Why didn't you say that earlier?" Sam says. "I don't know" Violet says. Sam makes a weird face expression. "Something more you know?" Sam says. "No I don't" Violet says. "If you want to start trusting you more, you should tell me everything" Sam says. "There's no more to tell" Violet says. "Ok great" Sam says. But then he grabs her head and says: "And if there is anything more which you don't tell me about, don't think I won't punish you hard" Sam says. "Understood?" Sam says. "Okay allright then" Violet says. "I will call Riley, if he still wants to help us" Violet says. "Why do you like him so much?" Sam says. "You haven't seen him fighting" Violet says. "Okay then I expect much from him" Sam says.

That night at Deep Purple, Owen is sitting at drinking. He tries to forget Lise. He orders a lot. But then suddenly somebody is standing behind them. "Hello Owen" Ron says. "What are you doing here?" Owen says. "I thought for once again we can be friends" Ron says. "You idiot!!" Owen says. "I won't do that" Ron says and he shows a knife. "Why did you kill Lise?" Owen says sad. "Soon you will be with her" Ron says. "Yes maybe that is the best thing to do" Owen says. "Wait what?" Ron laugable says. "I can't forget her, she was the love of my life." Owen says. "Just give me a quick death" Owen says. "I was already going to do that" Ron says. "Lets go to your house, I will kill you right next to Lise's body" Ron says.

Sam and Violet are standing before a door. Later the door opens. Riley is behind it. "Not you again" Riley says and he wants to close the door. "You still have to help us" Violet says. "Not as long he is with us" Riley says and he is pointing to Sam. "Why do you hate me?" Sam says. "Because you stole the only thing I loved" Riley says. "Wait what? I didn't steal anything" Sam says. "How much times did you have sex?" Riley says. "What is wrong with you? I don't even love him" Violet says. "Liar!!" Riley says. "I am done with you Violet, I never want to see you anymore" Riley says and he closes the door. They walk back to the car. "That helped much" Sam says. Violet is in a bad mood and doesn't respond. "Lets go to Owen. I want to apologize to him for what I said" Sam says. They drive away.

Ron and Owen are in Owen's house standing besides Lise's death body. "Are you ready?" Ron says. "I am" Owen says. "Thank you Ron" Owen says. "There is no need to thank me" Ron says. "On the moment he wants to put a knife in his heart, the bell rangs. "Who are that?" Ron says. "Just open the door" Ron says. Sam watches inside and sees Ron standing. "No!!" Sam says and he picks up the key under a rock and opens the door. They run inside and Ron also sees them. "Right on time biggest idiots!!" Ron says. "You won't kill him" Sam says. Before Ron can respond on that, Violet picks her gun and shoots a bullet in him. Owen becomes crazy and attacks Violet. "Why did you kill him?" Owen says. Sam runs to Ron. Ron closes his eyes. But 5 seconds later he opens them again and he says: "You idiots probably thought you got me." Ron slams Sam in his face and runs away. He steps in his car and drives away. Sam isn't very hurted because of it and follows him. Owen and Violet are still further. "Why are you so stupid" Violet says. "You are stupid" Owen says. Owen thinks he can fight good but Violet is a lot stronger and hits him knock out. "Now we are even" Violet says. Sam steps in his car and follows Ron. Ron drives outside the city. He later finds out Sam is following him. "Idiot!!!" Ron screams. Sam's car is faster and he goes driving besides him. "Hello Ron" Sam says and he wants to copy his voice. Ron hitches on his wheel and he hits Sam's car. Sam hits him too and knocks him of the street. He drives further in the meadows. He drives further into a corn field. Sam follows him. Ron drives later out of the corn field. Sam lost him. He goes on the other side of the corn field. Outside he sees him again. Ron thinks he lost him but Sam still follows him. He goes back to the city. He drives further and stops before Bruce's house. He destroys the window and goes inside. "Bruce!!!!!!" Ron screams. Bruce and Isabelle are upstairs. They hear it. "No not again" Bruce says. Suddenly Ron is standing in their room. "Welcome back Bruce and Isabelle" Ron says. "Which of you wants to die first?" Ron says. "None of us, you are going to die this time" Sam, which is also there now says. "Impressive you followed me once again" Ron says. "You are applying for the death!!" Ron says and he attacks Sam. "I am totally done with you" Ron says. They start fighting. Sam hits Ron in his stomach and Ron hits Sam in his head. Ron runs away and goes back to the stairs. Sam follows him. Sam jumps on Ron and they fall of the stairs. Bruce and Isabelle wants to help him. Bruce picks a gun and aims on them. Sam and Ron fall at the edge of the stairs. Ron throws the casing on Sam. This gives Bruce a chance to shoot. He hits him in his leg. Sam steps his knife in Ron's other leg. "Fuck you!!!" Ron says. He slams with his fist in Sam's face. He falls hurted on the ground. Ron picks his liquid again and he does on his wounds. Bruce and Isabelle see it. "What?" Isabelle says. Ron wounds go away and steps on again. Bruce and Isabelle surprised because of it. Bruce tries to shoot on him but later his bullets are empty. Ron opens the front door, but Violet is standing behind it. "You already want to leave?" Violet says. "You are late" Ron says and he tries to hit but she fights back. They fight further in Bruce and Isabelle's direction. They also attack him. They hurt him very badly. But then Ron grabs something out of his pocket and puts it on Violet, Bruce and Isabelle. He also presses on a button. It electrocutes Bruce, Isabelle and Violet. While he is electrocuting, he picks his jar again and does the liquid again on his wounds. "HAHAHAHA, You are all going to die!!!!" Ron screams. But then a bullet is fired, it goes right through the jar. Ron is surprised and screams: "NO!!!" Then suddenly Sam is standing behind him and he puts his knife in his throat. Ron tries to breath. Also he spits some blood on Sam's face. "This is for Noa" Sam says and he stabs him a second time. He starts to become agressive and starts him a third and fourth time. "This is for Isa and Tess" Sam says. "And this is for all the other people you hurted and killed" Sam says and he puts the knife in his head and chops his head off. Bruce, Isabelle and Violet see it and are glad. The remaining parts of his body falls on the ground. His head rolls away towards Bruce, Isabelle and Violet. Sam is full under the blood and falls on the ground.

Later, the police comes and clears everything up. They congratulate Sam for killing the murderer. Nobody charges him for murderer.

2 days later, Bruce and Isabelle are moving all their tools from their older house to their new house in the other city. Sam and Violet help them. Also April shows up and congratulates them. Isabelle is happy to see her. "Hey" Sam says to April. "You must be the hero that killed that Scream, thank you" April says.

Sam is at Owen at his house. Owen has become very crazy. "I think you have to see a psychologist" Sam says. Owen can't even normal respond and Sam calls one for him. He comes at his house. Sam leaves his house.

One week later, Bruce and Isabelle step out of their old house. It is totally empty. They watch inside it one last time and leave. Sam and Violet are standing outside. "Do you know that I am going to miss this place" Sam says. "Really?" Bruce says. "Yes I liked this house, but I understand you don't want to live her anymore" Sam says. "Too many bad memories" Isabelle says. "Also good memories, both screams were killed here" Bruce says. Sam, Violet and Isabelle laugh about it. "And I still don't trust you" Sam says to Violet. "Why not?" Violet says. "I am kidding" Sam says. "You are actually the best Scream we met" Isabelle says. "That's great to hear" Violet says. After she said that the screen turn up and goes to the base of Ron. It shows his throne. The screen turns around and suddenly a man is standing there. After it the credits appear.

In an after credit scene, Owen is in a house with a lot of crazy and demented people. One of them walks to him and says: "The friend of the Scream" The others hear it and walks towards him. "Sucker", "Idiot", "bastard" They scream and they start attacking him.


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