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The Scream: The Bleeding Campsite is a movie in the Scream Series. It is a sequel to The Scream: The Curse of Death. It also has a sequel called The Scream: The Killer Scream.


After the group has killed Ron Pearson, they need to forget the Scream attack again. Sam comes with the idea to go on vacation to Europe. Bruce and Isabelle, which are living in another city now, like the idea and join them. Violet also joins them. Riley wants to have revenge on Sam and Violet, so he follows them. On the campsite they go, they meet a lot of new people. But then suddenly they find out that here is a killer on the campsite. This Scream knows everything of them because he founds Ron's secret base. He steals all his stuff and attacks them. The group is angry that their holiday is ruined but they have to deal with this new Scream.


The movie will start in a flashback. 16 years ago. It is night, and a father and mother are sitting in their tent with their child. "I will put Mitch in bed" The mother says. "Okay good Sarah" The father says. They lay their child Mitch in the bed. Sarah, his mother, tries him to get to sleep. "I need to pee" Andrew, the father says. "Okay allright Andrew" Sarah says. Andrew walks outside and walks over the campsite. Later he arrives at the toilet house. He walks inside. It is really dark and nobody is inside. He goes to the toilet and closes the door. Later he is finished and goes outside. He washes his hands and walks back to the tent. But then suddenly he hears something. Somebody is following him. He starts walking faster and faster. When he doesn't see him anymore he hides behind a tree. He thinks he is rid of them but then suddenly he stands before him. The follower shows himself as a Scream. "Hello Andrew" The Scream says. "Who the hell are you? Why are you following me" Andrew says. "That doesn't matter, you have something I want" The Scream says. "I have nothing you want" Andrew says and he attacks him. The scream is stronger and suddenly he stabs his knife inside him. "Die you idiot!!" The Scream says. He stabs him several times until he dies. He throws his death body quietly of the mountain. Sarah is waiting for Andrew to come back but he doesn't. "This earns too long, I will go to sleep" Sarah says. She lies down in her bed. After 1 minute suddenly a knife comes through the tent and hits her. The Scream opens the tent and jumps on her. He stabs in her head one time and she dies. He open the zipper and walks into the room of their son. He is sleeping. The Scream watches inside and already knows what to do.

16 years later, on the other side of the earth. Sam is at work. It is the last day before he has vacaction. He watches on his computer if there is any recent Scream activity. It says none and he is glad. After it he is done and drives back to his house. He opens his front door and walks inside. He is still living alone. But his house is much safer now. It has cameras all around. Sam watches on his camera but doesn't see anything suspicious. Later he gets a commercial of Campsites in Europe. He clicks on it and sees a campsite near Marseille France. Sam in interested in it and searches for some information about it. It is a great and nice campsite. "I always wanted to go to Europe" Sam says and he starts calling Bruce. "Bruce?" Sam says. Bruce opens the call. "Yes?" Bruce says. "Can you come to me? I want to discuss something, Bring Isabelle with you too" Sam says. "Okay we will be their in 1 hour" Bruce says. "Okay good, I will try to be there then, I am going to pick Violet from the airport first" Sam says. "Okay then we will be there in 2 hours" Bruce says. "That should be enought" Sam says and closes the call and searches more information. Outside Riley is standing and watching outside. "Going on a holdiay without me?" Riley says. "I can't allow that" Riley says. He waits for some time until he sees Sam walking outside. He steps in his car and drives away. He follows him. He drives to the airport. Sam walks to gate 3 and waits before it. Later the plane is there. The passengers walk outside it. Riley sees Violet walking out of the plane. Sam and Violet greet and embrace each other. "Idiot!" Riley says. A man behind him says: "Idiot? Who do you call an idiot?" Riley ignores him and follows Sam and Violet. They drive back to Sam's house. They walk inside. Riley sees and is still staring at them. "You still alive here?" Violet says. "Yes" Sam says. "I have made some security improvements to my house to prevent not allowed people" Sam says. "But how was it in Australia?" Sam says. "Boring, I like it here more" Violet says. "Sad to here, but it can't be more boring than my job, I am glad I have finally vacation" Sam says. "Yes me too" Violet says.

On the road between the two cities, Bruce and Isabelle are driving. "What do you think Sam will tell us?" Bruce says. "Idk, maybe he has finally a new girlfriend and she is pregnant?" Isabelle says. "Isn't that a bit earlie?" Bruce says. "Idk" Isabelle says. "Maybe he will also move to our city" Bruce says. "I don't think that" Isabelle says. "It could be possible, it is probably pretty boring without us" Bruce says. "Yes true" Isabelle says. 10 minutes later they arrive at Sam's house. They knock on the door, which is opened by Sam. "Come in" Sam says. Bruce and Isabelle walk in. Inside they see Violet. They are surprised to see her. "You are still with each other?" Bruce says. "No she did just come back from Australia" Sam says. "What do you do there?" Bruce says. "I was working there" Violet says. "So you have probably questionsa about why I let you came here." Sam says. "Yes we have" Isabelle says. "Yes Isabelle has made some interesting theories" Bruce says. "Okay I don't need to hear them" Sam says. "But the reason why I let you came here is that I am interested, and I hope you too, to go on a holiday to France." Sam says. At first, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet don't know what to say. But then Violet says: "Okay great, I would like to" "I haven't thought of a holiday yet, but I think this is good" Isabelle says. "Ok then we have to make a date and go" Sam says. They discuss a date and later are done. But the window is open, and Riley heard everything. "Interesting, I always wanted to go to France" Riley says.

2 weeks later, Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet are at the airport. The plane to Marseille Marignane leaves in 20 minutes later at gate 3. "That's our plane" Sam says. They walk to gate 3 and step in the plane. Riley follows them and steps in the same plane. He goes sitting on the back of the plane, while Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet are sitting in the front. Bruce and Isabelle sit tile vertically. They order some drinks and Sam and Violet are sitting before them. Riley is sitting alone, until somebody stands next to him. "Is this place free?" a boy says. "Yes it is" Riley says. He goes sitting besides him and introduces him. "Hello I am Ryan" Ryan says. "Nice to meet you, I am Riley" Riley says. "So where are you going?" Ryan says. "I am going on holiday" Riley says. "Nice me too" Ryan says. "I have an French friend" Ryan says. "My friends are sitting there" Riley says and he points to Sam and Violet. Ryan can't see them totally and says: "Why aren't you sitting with them" "Because I have a secret" Riley says and he totally explains his evil plan. "That sounds great!" Ryan says.

10 hours later they land in Marseille. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet walk to a taxi and step in. Riley follows them. Ryan joins him. "So where will you go?" Riley says. "I will go to my friend, he lives in Aubagne." Ryan says. "Okay I will go to the campsite" Riley says and he tells him his campsite. "I'd like to come over one time and join you" Ryan says. "Great" Riley says. Ryan gives him his telephone number. Riley puts it in his phone. "See you then, we will hold contact" Riley says and he steps in his taxi.

Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet are 1 hour later at their campsite. They go to the reception. At the desk a woman is siting. Her name is Louise, Sam reads at her business card. "We have made a reservation for one of the Chalets" Sam says. "For four persons?" Louise says. "Yes" Sam says. "Yes I see it here" Louise. "You four have to show something to acknowlegde your age" Louise says. They all give their passports. "Okay it is okay, here is your key" Louise says. "Mr. Baudin will bring you to your chalet" Louise says. Outside they meet him. He introduces himself and says: "Hi I am Phillipe" Phillipe says. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet introduce theirselfs too. Phillipe tells them some information and walk to the chalet. "Have fun" Phillipe says. Sam opens the chalet and they walk inside. Phillipe tells them some things about the chalet and the inventory. After it he walks away. It has two bedroom with 4 beds. Bruce and Isabelle take the first bedroom. Sam and Violet share the other bedroom. They pick out all their stuff. Bruce and Isabelle are discussing about what space both of them can use. Violet is doing all her clothes in the cabinet. Sam walks outside to make their table and chairs ready. Outside he sees their neighbours comming back. They step out of their car. He notices an English regristation number. He sees two boys and one girl. They also see him. He wants to watch longer to them but then suddenly Bruce calls him. He walks back inside. The two boys and girl also notice they have new neighbours. "Finally new neighbours" The girl says. They see a french car. "Again some of those stupid French people" one of the boys says. "Don't be so obtuse Caleb!" the girl says. "Why? they never speak one word english and don't want to learn it" one of the two boys named Caled says. "I am sure these are different" the girl named Addison says. "What do you think Brayden?" Addison says. "I have no idea" the other boy called Brayden says.

In the meantime a taxi stops before the campsite. After 10 seconds, Riley steps out of it. "Finally I am there" Riley says. He walks to the reception. Louise is again sitting after it. "You are alone?" Louise says. "My friends are already on the campsite" Riley says. "Who are your friends?" Louise says. "Violet Cross and Sam Stone" Riley says. "You sure? they didn't mention you" Louise says. "That's because I come as a surprise, they don't expect me" Riley says. "Oh allright" Louise says. "I only want to know where they are on the campsite" Riley says. "They are here" Louise says and he gives him a map of the campsite. "Ok thank you" Riley says and he walks outside.

Sam, Violet, Bruce and Isabelle are done and they walk outside. They see their three neighbours standing before their Chalet. "Hi, we want to introduce to you" Addison says. "Okay allright" Sam says. "I am Addison, these are Brayden and Caleb" Addison says. "Nice to meet you, I am Sam, this are Bruce, Isabelle and Violet" Sam says. Caleb is very surprised they speak English. "You are French?" Caleb says. "No we are Americans" Bruce says. "Do we look French?" Violet says. "No but we saw your car and thought you are French" Brayden says. "That is just a rented car" Isabelle says. "Oh allright" Caleb says. "Ok nice to meet you, you can come to us all time, we are English by the way" Addison says. The three walk back to their caravan right of them. Left of them is a viewpoint. "What do you think of them?" Bruce says. "They look nice, but I don't know" Sam says. "I don't like them" Bruce says. "Why? they seem okay for me" Violet says. "I don't know, they seem weird for me" Bruce says. "You know that already after 1 meeting time" Isabelle says. "I don't trust people anymore these days" Bruce says. But they don't know somebody is spying at them. "I found them" Riley says.

Later it is night, it was a long day, so Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet decide to sleep early. Bruce and Isabelle go to their bedroom. Bruce does their beds cursively. Isabelle likes the idea. They change clothes and fall down on the bed. "It is pretty hot here" Bruce says. "True" Isabelle says. They talk a bit and later they kiss. Bruce wants to take away her clothes, but Isabelle doesn't think it is good idea. "There are more people on this campsite" Isabelle says quiet. Bruce agrees and he only kisses her. Sam and Violet are in the other room. Sam wants some privacy with changing clothes. Violet doesn't care. They step in bed. It is quiet for 1 minute. But then Violet says: "Do you like it here?" "I don't know, I have to settle down here first" Sam says. "Okay me too" Violet says. Riley is still standing outside. He is still spying on them. He waits for 15 minutes after all ligths are out. He goes to outside the bathroom. He watches inside the window if somebody is there. Nobody is there. The window is on a small chink. Riley opens the window further and climbs inside. He walks to the bedroom of Bruce and Isabelle. He opens the door and looks inside. They are sleeping in each other's hands. After it, he walks to Sam and Violet's bedroom. He opens the door quiet and walks inside and stop besides Violet's bed. He pick the back up keys of the Chalet and walks back to the bathroom. He climbs outside again. He goes to his tent he made and sleeps.

The next day, Sam is first to awake. He steps out of his bed and puts his clothes on. Violet is still sleeping. He walks outside the room. Sam watches outside and sees their neighbours are awake too. They are already having breakfast. Sam walks outside and walks to the shop to buy some french bread. Later they have had breakfast and they decide what they will do today. They decide to go to the Swimming pool. They pull on their swimming clothes and walk to the swimming pool. On the way to the swimming pool they see their neighbours. They are talking with Phillipe. Louise also stands with them. They have a discussion. They can hear everything. "The shop here is far too expensive!!" Caleb says. "When you don't want to buy here, you can go to supermarket in the city" Phillipe says. "We sure will" Brayden says. "Don't be so rude Caleb" Addison says. "What? this is just the truth" Caleb says. "Yes Addison, it is ridiculous" Brayden says. "When you have an complaint you can come tomorrow on 12 hour at the reception to tell everything." Phillipe says. After it Phillipe walks away with Louise away. They go back to the reception. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet walk further, until Addison sees them. "Hello? Where are you going?" Addison says. "To the swimming pool" Sam says. "That's great, we also wanted to go there" Addison says. "Wait? What? I thought we were going to the beach" Brayden says. "No we will go with our friends to the swimming pool" Addison says. "Allright then" Caleb says. Bruce doesn't really want it, but he can't say no to them. Sam, Isabelle and Violet are agreed with it. They join them and they all walk to the swimming pool. At the swimming pool, Brayden, Caleb and Addison go to the changing rooms and put on their swimming clothes. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet go sit on some swimming pool chairs. Bruce and Isabelle jump in the swimming pool and have really fun. Sam and Violet stay in the chairs. Addison, Caleb and Brayden are later with them. They set their chairs next to them.

Meanwhile, Phillipe and Louise are in the reception. Louise is angry on Phillipe that he made a mistake. "You are the owner, you can't make mistakes!!" Louise says. Then suddenly Phillipe grabs her and kisses her. "You shouldn't be angry on me" Phillipe says and he wants to pull of her clothes. Louise doesn't want it and walks angry away. Phillipe is angry about it. He walks to his office. He goes sitting on his chair. But then suddenly all the doors to his office close. "What does this mean?" Phillipe says. He tries to open all the doors but it doesn't work, they are all stuck, except the last one. When he opens it, suddenly a Scream is standing behind it. "Who the hell are you" Phillipe says. The Scream is very fast and stabs his knife in his belly. He stabs him a couple of times. Phillipe falls death on the ground. The Scream throws his death body on his chair.

Addison, Caleb and Brayden are very sporty and jump a couple of times in the water. They are making a lot of fun. Bruce and Isabelle are annoyed of them and walk away. They don't see it and go further. Later they are done and walk back to the chairs. "Don't you want to go in?" Addison says to Sam. "No, maybe later" Sam says. "It is very fun, come with us" Addison says. Violet is very bored and annoyed by her too, but she doesn't shows it very much. "2 weeks and we are away of them" Violet whispers to her self.

1 hour later, Louise comes back to the reception. She is still angry on Phillipe for making that stupid mistake. But she has no choice to go to him an apologise herself. She knocks on his office but she doesn't hear anything. She knocks again, now louder. After it she tries to open the door. It doesn't work. She picks her key and opens it herself. Then she goes inside. She is shocked about what she sees. It is the death body of Phillipe. She runs away. She doesn't know who to tell.

Riley is walking alone on the campsite. He walks to the chalet of Sam, Violet, Bruce and Isabelle. Before it he stops. He sees that nobody is inside. He grabs the key he stole last night. He opens the door and goes inside. He steals some food and walks inside Sam and Violet's bedroom. He picks something out of his pocket. It is a note. He does it under Violet's pillow. After he wants to go back outside, but suddenly he hears somebody. It are Bruce and Isabelle. Riley hides himself in the bedroom of Violet and Sam. He listens to what they are saying. "Why is the door open?" Bruce says. "I thought Violet and Sam closed it?" Isabelle says. "Yes Sam gave the key to me" Bruce says. "It was probably Violet, she is still weird to me" Isabelle says. "For me too" Bruce says. "But those neighbours........" Isabelle says and she doesn't finish her sentence. "I hate them, they are the most annoying people I have ever met" Bruce says. "True, that boy Caleb is looking weird to me" Isabelle says. "He does what?" Bruce says. "He looks with the glance: I want you" Isabelle says. Bruce is really angry about it. "The next time I see them I will punish them" Bruce says. Bruce and Isabelle go to their bedroom to change clothes. This gives Riley a chance to escape. He runs to the front door and walks outside. Bruce and Isabelle don't see him.

At night, Sam and Violet are still with Addison, Caleb and Brayden. "Shall we go to the campfire? It is really fun" Addison says. Sam is okay with it. He looks to Violet and knows she doesn't want it. "Come on, only suckers don't go to it" Caleb says. "Only the people that are scared won't go to it" Brayden says. They push Sam to it. Violet knows Sam wants it. She just decides to walk away. Sam wants to go to her, but Addison, Caleb and Brayden take him to the campfire. On the edge of the campsite it is. They see a lot of other adolescents. They are glad to see Caleb. Brayden goes to some other friends of him. Addison stays with Sam. They take a place at the campfire. Caleb and his friends go also sit there. They tell each other scary stories. It doesn't interest Sam very much. But then Caleb says: "Have you also heard the story of that killer?" "That ghost story?" one of the friends of Caleb says. "It is real, it happened here at the campsite" Caleb says. "What killer?" Sam says. "I will tell you the story" Caleb says. "There was just a normal married couple with one 1 year old son. They were on this campsite. At night, the father needed to go pee. He never returned. Then the mother went sleeping, but suddenly she was killed in her sleep" Caleb says. Sam interrupts him and says: "How did the killer look like?" Sam says. "Idk very much, but they called the white masked killer" Caleb says. "But there is more, the child was alone and cried it out. The white masked killer went to his room. He saw the child. He didn't do anything with it. The child was later found by the neigbours who heard it screaming all night" Caleb says. "What did he do with the bodies?" Addison says. "They were never found" Caleb says. "Interesting" Another friend of Caleb says. "How do you know this story?" Sam says. "I have heard of another friend" Caleb says. "I don't know if it is true, but they say that child is him" Caleb says and he points to another boy who is sitting with a girl at another campfire. "Him?" Sam says. "Yes it is him" Caleb says. "Okay then I am going to ask him" Sam says and he steps on and walks to him. He goes sitting right of him. "Hi" Sam says. "Who the hell are you?" the boy says. "Those told a story about you" Sam says and he points to Caleb and his friends. "Go away" The boy says. "No I want to know if that story is true" Sam says. "It is bullshit, go away" The boy says. "What story does he mean Mitch?" the girl says. "It is a fake story" Mitch says. "Can you tell me that story" the girl says. "Don't listen to it Jody, it is nonsense" Mitch says. Then suddenly Addison is standing besides them. "Sam go back to our group" Addison says. Sam want to know more about it, but he has no choice to go with her. Jody doens't like it. They walk back to their group. Caleb and his friends and throws wood in the campfire. They pick their beer and start drinking a lot. It is getting later. Sam wonders what Bruce, Isabelle and Violet are doing.

Bruce and Isabelle are sitting before the chalet. They are eating and drinking. "Sam and Violet are very long gone" Bruce says. "I don't understand why they like them so much" Isabelle says. "Me neither, I was after 15 minutes already done with them." Bruce says. "Me too" Bruce says. Then suddenly a man walks towards them. "Good night" he says. "Good night?" Bruce says. "Can I ask you something?" the man called Ray says. "Of course" Isabelle says. "We have had some complains about your neighbours, I also want to know your opinion of them" Ray says. "Yes they are annoying, but we will deal with them" Bruce says. "Ok thank you, have a nice stay" Ray says and he walks away.

Violet is walking back to their chalet. The campsite is a total maze for her, and she cant't find the way back. Then suddenly she recognizes something. She walks futher until she sees that somebody is following her. She hears something behind her. She watches behind. There is nothing but then she turns around and someboy stands before her. "Hello" Riley says. "Riley?" Violet says. "What are you doing, and how did you came here?" Violet says. "I followed you" Riley says. "How? How did you know we were going to here?" Violet says. "I know everything" Riley says. "What is wrong with you" Violet says. "What is wrong with you?" Riley says. "I still don't know why you came here" Violet says. "It is pretty easy, you are mine!" Riley says. "Wait what?" Violet says. "I know you love him" Riley says. "Love who?" Violet says. "Liar!" Riley says and he grabs a shovel. He hits with the shovel in her head. She falls unconscious on the ground. He grabs her and takes her away. Nobody saw it.

Later in the night, everybody at the camfire goes back to their sleep places. Sam walks with Addison, Caleb and Brayden. "Can't you sleep at us?" Addison says. "No" Sam says. "Come on, we have probably a lot more fun than your boring friends" Addison says. Brayden and Caleb doesn't want him to stay either, but don't how to say it the right way. But they agree with Addison about Bruce, Isabelle and Violet. "Why are they actually your friends?" Caleb says. "Why do you want to know that?" Sam says. "Because they are so boring, at the beginning I liked that girl, but she is as boring as the two others" Caleb says. "What girl?" Sam says. "The girlfriend of your friend" Caleb says. "Why did you like her?" Sam says. "She is pretty hot, but I don't like boring girls" Caleb says. "Allrigh then" Sam says. "But who is that other girl? Is she your girlfriend?" Addison says. "No she isn't" Sam says. "Good to hear" Addison says and she attacks and kisses him. Sam is surprised by it. "What the hell was that?" Sam says. "I didn't know how to show it to you otherwise" Addison says. "That you love me?" Sam says. "Yes" Addison says. "Addison we are only here 2 weeks with each other, and then we will each other never again." Sam says. "I will move to your city, I will do everything for you" Addison says. Sam is very surprised that she said that and says: "Really? You want to do that for me" "Of course darling" Addison says. "So will you sleep at us?" Addison says. "Do you really think that is a good idea?" Brayden says. "Why not?" Addison says. "It is okay if he stays at your room" Caleb says. Sam thinks about Bruce, Isabelle and Violet what they think about, but actually he doesn't care. "Allright then" Sam says. "Great" Addison says. Brayden doesn't like it, but has to deal with it.

In a secret place, in a city near of them, Violet is thrown on the ground. "I got her" Riley says. "Good work" a familiar voice says. The voice shows himself as Ryan. "That is she?" Ryan says. "Yes she is totally hot, isn't she?" Riley says. "Yes she is" Ryan says. "So what is our plan?" Another person says. "We will kill Sam, Bruce and Isabelle" Riley says. The unknown person shows himself. "Are you agreed with this plan Thierry?" Ryan says. The person, which is named Thierry says: "Killing people which I don't know, and kidnapping this girl? What is wrong with you Ryan?" Thierry says. "I will call the police right now" Thierry says. "Don't do that!" Ryan says. Thierry is typing on his mobile phone, when he suddenly stops. "Stupid idiot" Thierry says and he falls on the ground. Riley shows his gun to Ryan. "What?" Ryan says. "He isn't death" Riley says. "But how will this helps us?" Ryan says. "I have created this" Riley says and he shows it to Ryan. "What is it?" Ryan says. "If I do this in his blood, he will help us" Riley says. "Great" Ryan says. The camera shows Ryan, he also got it in his blood. In a flashback, Riley is sitting in the plane with Ryan. Ryan is sleeping. Riley picks his drinking glass. He does the same dope in his glass.

Addison made a bed next to her for Sam. Sam goes lying on it. Addison is changing her clothes. Later she is naked. "Don't you want privacy" Sam says. "Not for you" Addison says. "If you don't mind, I want some privacy" Sam says. Addison hates it, but she does like she is okay with it. She wants to see him naked. Sam walks out of the room to change his clothes. Later he returns and steps in bed. He does his light off and goes sleep. Adisson is disappointed by it. "You already go sleep?" Addison says. "Yes, or is there anything else you want to do?" Sam says. "Yes there is" Addison says. Addison is looking at him a very weird way. Sam already knows what she wants. "I am sorry, I don't want it" Sam says. "Why not?" Addison says. "I know your for only 2 days" Sam says. "2 days are enough" Addison says. "No it is not" Sam says and he goes sleep.

The next day, Bruce and Isabelle awake. They are making the breakfast ready. They wait for 10 minutes. "This earns too long" Bruce says. "I will awake them" Isabelle says and she walks to their room. To her surprise the rooms is totally empty. "Bruce!" Isabelle yells. Bruce walks to their room and sees it is empty too. Bruce becomes very angry. "Idiots!" Bruce says. "I knew we couldn't trust them" Bruce says. Bruce walks outside. "What are you going to do?" Isabelle says. "Getting Sam and Violet back" Bruce says. "They are probably kidnapped by them" Bruce says and he runs to their chalet and knocks on the door. "Open it" Bruce says. Caleb walks out of his bed and walks to the door. He sees that Bruce is standing before the door. He opens the door. "What do you want?" Caleb says. Bruce walks inside and hits in his face. "What is wrong with you" Caleb says. "Where is Sam?" Bruce says. "Easy dude, he is with Addison in their room" Caleb says. Bruce walks to their room and opens the door. He sees Sam and Addison lying in their beds. "Why the hell are you here?" Bruce says. "Bruce?" Sam says. "Yes It's me" Bruce says. "I just wanted to sleep with them one night" Sam says. "So they are your new friends now?" Bruce says. "No I just thought........." Sam says. "You thought what?" Bruce says. "You idiot, you could have told us it" Bruce says. Sam doesn't know what to say anymore. "Come on guy, he just wanted to sleep here for one night, don't make it a big issue" Addison says. "Don't interfere with us!" Bruce says. In the meantime, Ray walks inside the chalet. "What the hell is happening here?" Ray says. Bruce ignores him and walks away. But later he walks back to them. "But there is one thing I still want to know" Bruce says. "Where the hell is Violet?" Bruce says. "Wait isn't she with you?" Sam says. "No" Bruce says. Sam is shocked. Bruce walks to Addison. "What the hell have you done with her?" Bruce says and he grabs her. Ray stops him. "Don't do this" Ray says. "Please don't say you killed her" Bruce says. Addison doesn't says anything. "I know your plan, you have killed Violet to get him" Bruce says and he points to Sam. "I swear I have nothing done with her" Addison yells. "I don't believe you" Bruce says and he hits her in her face. "Stop!!" Ray says. Addison is angry that he did that, and walks to him. Ray is talking with Bruce. Sam walks to them and stops her. "You dissapointed me Addison, you truly did" Sam says. "You know where she is" Sam says. "I don't!" Addison says. Brayden is awaken by their hard noise and walks inside the room. "What the hell is happening here?" Brayden says. Nobody responds to him. "I will call Phillipe" Ray says. He calls, calls and calls, but nobody opens the call. After it he calls Louise. She opens the call. "Do you know why Phillipe doesn't answers my calls?" Ray says. "No I don't" Louise lies. "Weird" Ray says and he closes the call. "I will think of a solution for you guys" Ray says and he walks away. "I never want to see you idiots again" Sam says. Addison doesn't like it. "Allright, go away you idiot" Brayden says. Isabelle also walks in now, and asks what happened. Bruce is busy with Addison. Caleb tells Isabelle everything. Sam walks away. "Where are you going?" Bruce says. "Finding Violet" Sam says and he walks outside the chalet. Bruce lets Addison go. "Last chance to tell us where she is" Bruce says. "I hoped I could tell you it" Addison says. Bruce walks angry away. In the other room he sees Isabelle and Caleb. "Isabelle, Lets go away" Bruce says. Isabelle agrees and they walk away.

Sam is looking from the place he last saw her, to their tent. He searches and searches but can't find anything. Later he searches on other places, on the whole campsite. Then he finds something. It is her wallet. All her money and cards are still inside.

In the city, Violet awakes. She is sitting in her cage. "Welcome back" Riley says. Violet sees Riley standing with two persons she doesn't know. "Let me alone with her" Riley says. "Okay" Ryan and Thierry both say and they walk away. Riley opens the door of the cage and walks inside. "What do you want from me?" Violet says. "Show you a lesson" Riley says. "I have to dissapoint you" Riley says. "Why?" Violet says. "Sam slept with the other girl, Addison" Riley says. Violet is angry because of it but she doesn't want him to notice him it. "So, he doesn't love you" Riley says. "It is allright, I don't love him too" Violet says. "Great to hear" Riley says and he jumps on her. "That means you love me" Riley says. Violet tries to fight back, but it doesn't work. "You should not fight against me" Riley says. He picks a needle out of his pocket and stabs it in her neck. She falls unconscious on the bed. Riley waits for 1 minutes, then she awakes. Riley looks in her eyes. "That is better" Riley says. He does his clothes off. He removes her clothes too. Ryan and Thierry are sitting and suddenly hear a moan sound. They don't care much about it.

Ray is walking to the reception to see if Phillipe is there. He walks inside and sees Louise siting in her office. "Hello" Ray says. "Isn't Phillipe here" Ray says. "No he has took some days off" Louise lies. "Why didn't he tell me that?" Ray says. "Because she is lying" an unknown voice says. The voice shows himself as the scream. "Lying? Who the hell are you?" Ray says. "I am your biggest nightmare" the scream says. "Okay kid, this isn't funny" Ray says. "And what are you doing in our office?" Ray says. "Look in the the casing" The Scream says. "Why?" Ray says. "Just do it!" The scream says. "Okay allright" Ray says and he opens the casing. Philipe's death body falls out it. Ray is shocked and screams: "Who the hell did this?" "The same person that killed you" the scream says and he suddenly stabs his knife in his throat. Ray tries to breath one time and falls death on the ground. Louise is schocked of it. "The only reason you stay alive is that I need somebody on this campsite to make it stay clear" The Scream says. "If you tell someone, you are death just like your two colleagues" The Scream says. "Okay" Louise says. "This campsite is going to bleed, this bleeding campsite" The scream says and he walks out of the room.

Bruce and Isabelle are back in their chalet. They are still angry on their neighbours. But suddenly on that moment Sam comes back. "And?" Bruce says. "I found her wallet" Sam says. "And that's it?" Bruce says. "Yes I have searched on the whole campsite, she is gone" Sam says. "When is the last time you saw her?" Isabelle says. "When I joined our nice neighbours at the campfire" Sam says. "Why the hell did you do that?" Bruce says. "I just wanted to meet other people" Sam says. "And then she wanted to go back, oh god, I should have never let her go back alone" Sam says. "Hey, we will find her back" Isabelle says. "I am not sure, you could possibly be death" Sam says. "She is not death" Bruce says. "It is all my fault" Sam says. "It is the fault of those stupid neighbours" Bruce says. "But the weird thing is, they didn't steal any money of something from her" Sam says. "Then it should be somebody she knows or a raper" Isabelle says. "We will find her back" Bruce says. "I hope we do, this whole holiday is a big failure" Sam says. After he finishes his sentence suddenly somebody knocks on the door. "Sam? Bruce? Isabelle?" Addison says. "Don't open" Bruce says. "I just want to invite to come over to us, so we can say sorry and leave this behind?" Addison says. "What should we do?" Isabelle says. "Just don't open, I never want to see them anymore in my life" Bruce says. Sam walks to his bedroom and closes the door. "Open it Sam!" Addison says. After she said that she walks away back to their chalet. Sam looks through Violet's stuff if he can find out something. He looks through her clothes, but he doesn't find anything.

In the base of Riley, Riley does his clothes back on. Violet is lying unconscious on the bed. She has a lot of bruises. "We should do this more often" Riley says and he walks out of the room. Ryan and Thierry are sitting on the chairs. "When will we attack Riley?" Ryan says. "I want to kill those idiots" Thierry says. "We will, we sure will" Riley says. "I have a master plan" Riley says. "I an Violet will kill that idiot Sam Stone, you three will kill Bruce Wakefield and his whore" Riley says. "Three?" Ryan says. Suddenly, somebody walks inside the room. The guy shows himself as a Scream. Ryan and Thierry are surprised, but they like it too. "He will help us?" Thierry says. "Ofcourse I will" The scream says. Thierry is glad about it. Ryan doesn't know what to think about it. "Did you kill that stupid campsite guard?" Riley says. "Yes he is as death as you can be" The Scream says. "Good work" Riley says.

The next day, Sam walks outside the chalet. Bruce and Isabelle follow him. They go to the swimming pool. They waited, and now Caleb, Brayden and Addison are gone. On the way to it, they see Mitch and Jody again. Sam is looking to them. "Who are that?" Bruce says. "Two people I met at the campfire" Sam says. "They told me about that his both parents are killed on this campsite." Sam says. "If that story is true, what is he doing here then?" Bruce says. "It is only a rumor, I don't think it is true" Sam says. Mitch and Jody also go to the swimming pool. At the entrance, Mitch sees Sam. He doesn't give him much attention.

In the meantime, Violet is back at the campsite. She goes to their chalet. The door isn't opened. She is angry because of it. But luckily she has the key Riley stole from them. She opens the door with the key and goes inside. She sits down on the bench waiting for them.

In the swimming pool, Sam is still giving attention to Mitch. Bruce and Isabelle are swimming. They try to forget everything that happened. Mitch is swimming with Jody. Mitch is done of it and walks to Sam. "What the hell is your problem?" Mitch says. Jody stands next to him. "A friend of mine is missing" Sam says. "And you think that is my problem?" Mitch says. "No, but I know you know something about it" Sam says. "What?" Mitch says. "That night your parents were killed?" Sam says. "What about it? It isn't true!" Mitch says. "Why everybody says it then?" Sam says. Mitch doesn't know what to answer. "They are bullying him, please you shouldn't help him" Jody says. "I won't anymore, I hate them too" Sam says. "Ok thank you" Jody says. "They are the worst people I have ever met, because of them one of my friends is missing" Sam says. "Sad for you" Jody says. Sam shows a picture of her to them. "This is how she looks like" Sam says. "I didn't see her" Jody says. "Me neither" Mitch says. "Ok tell me if you have" Sam says. "Thank that you can help me" Sam says. "No problem" Jody says. They walk away. "Why were you so quiet?" Jody says. "I don't know" Mitch says.

Riley, Ryan and Thierry are sitting in the base discussing. "So Violet will do the first part?" Ryan says. "Yes she will" Riley says. "You have luck with her, she is really hot" Thierry says. "Yes true, why don't we get such a hot girl?" Ryan says. "Believe me, after this is done, you will also get a hot girl" Riley says. "That whore of Bruce Wakefield doesn't look bad" Thierry says. "You sure we should kill her?" Thierry says. "Okay allright then, you will get her" Riley says. "And what about me?" Ryan says. "I am sure there are more hot girls at the campsite, you will get one too" Riley says. "Ok thank you" Ryan says.

Sam, Bruce and Isabelle walk back to their chalet and they see, Brayden, Caleb and Addison are back. Addison also sees them. She walks to them. "Hello how are you?" Addison says. "Go away" Bruce says. "Addison, this is not the right time to make it good" Sam says. "Come on please, I still like you guys very much" Addison says. "We can later talk this out okay?" Sam says. "Allright then" Addison says and she walks away. Sam, Bruce and Isabelle walk to the door. Isabelle has the key and she wants to open the door, but she finds out it is open. "Bruce, did you close the door?" Isabelle says. "Yes I did" Bruce says. "The door is open?" Isabelle says. "What?" Sam says. "Then a burglar is inside" Bruce says. They walks inside and to their surprise Violet is inside. "Violet?" Sam says. "Sam?" Violet says. "Where the hell have you been?" Sam says. Violet walks to him and embraces him. Bruce and Isabelle are really surprised too. But after they embraced each other, Violet slams Sam in his face. "Yes I deserved that" Sam says. "Will you never let me go alone anymore?" Violet says angry. "I am sorry, I was really a jerk that night" Sam says. "Where have you been?" Bruce says. "Doing the same as Sam, I went with new friends doing fun." Violet says. "You were away for almost two days?" Isabelle says. "Yes I slept in their tent" Violet says. "Why on earth didn't you tell us anything" Sam says. "You also didn't say you will sleep at our nice neighbours" Violet says. "I am sorry for that, shall we just forget this?" Sam says. "Good idea" Violet says. Bruce and Isabelle go to their room to change clothes. "Don't you also trust any words what she just said?" Isabelle says. "Yes, she is lying" Bruce says. Sam also goes to his bedroom to change clothes. During it, Violet comes in. "Oh god, a little privacy please" Sam says. "I am sorry" Violet says. Sam does his clothes on fast, so she can stay inside. "So what have you done this two days when I was gone?" Violet says. "Nothing important, we had a huge fight yesterday with our neighbours, and today we swam" Sam says. "And you?" Sam says. "We went to Marseille shopping" Violet says. "And the second day?" Sam says. "We went to the beach" Violet says. "But all your swimming clothes were still here?" Sam says. "I borrowed some from them" Violet says. "And who are these friends? Can I meet them to?" Sam says. "No they left the campsite this morning" Violet says. "Oh that's sad." Sam says. "Yes it is" Violet says. "But it was a long day and I won't make it late tonight" Violet says. "Okay that's no problem." Sam says. Later, Bruce and Isabelle come inside. They all go sit inside, they don't go sit outside, because then their neighbours see them. The night goes fast. 3 hours later, the go to bed. Bruce and Isabelle lay down in bed. Isabelle got a message from April. She asks how it is there. Isabelle answers that she will call her the next day. Bruce is playing a game on his phone. Sam and Violet change their clothes. "Can I move bed next to you?" Violet says. "Allright" Sam says. When Violet is in her underwear, Sam sees she has a lot of bruises on her body. "Why have you all these bruises? What happened?" Sam says. "It isn't that big deal" Violet says. "Just tell me" Sam says. "You will probably laugh when I say it" Violet says. "Okay then don't tell it" Sam says. Sam steps in the bed. Violet moves the bed next to him. "I like this much more" Violet says. Sam watches on her body. "This one is very big, does it hurt?" Sam says. "No it doesn't" Violet says. "Okay nice" Sam says. "Good night" Sam says and he does the light off. They later go sleep. In the night, Violet steps out of the bed. He picks up a knife out of her jacket she got from Riley. She holds it on Sam's throat. But then she doesn't do it.

On the other side of the campsite, The Scream walks inside the reception. "How does it go?" The Scream says to Louise. "Good" Louise says scared. "You know if I hear that somebody goes wrong you are the next to die!" The Scream says. "If somebody finds out that your colleagues Ray and Phillipe are death, you are the next to go!" The Scream says. "Yes...." Louise says soft. "Bye" The Scream says and he walks outside. He goes to the nearest toilet house. It is the same toilet house where Mitch's father peed for the last time. He also goes pee there. Nobody is there. But he hears somebody in the female toilet house. He walks to it. He sees a girl. He follows her. When she is at an abandoned part of the campsite, he jumps before her. "Hello!" The Scream says. "Who the hell are you?" The girl says. "You don't need to know that, I want to know who you are? What is your name?" The Scream says. "Say it!" The Scream says and he holds a knife to her. "My name is Bliss" The girl called Bliss says. "That's a nice name, that's preciously what I need" The Scream says. "What? You need me?" Bliss says. He slams her in her face and takes her away. Later at the night, The Scream watches to Sam, Bruce, Isabelle and Violet's chalet. He walks towards it, but he stops before Addison, Brayden and Caleb's chalet. He walks to the door. He simple opens it. He sees two rooms. He chooses the one on the right. Inside he sees a boy laying. It is Brayden. He wakes up and sees him. "Who the hell are you?" Brayden says. The Scream runs to him. "No!!!!" Brayden says. The Scream throws him out of the bed. Caleb and Addison also hear it. The Scream picks a shoe of Brayden. "I always wanted to kill somebody with a shoe" The Scream says and he slams with his shoe multiple times on Brayden's face. Brayden is severly injured. "This doesn't go fast enough" The Scream says. He picks his knife and stabs it in Brayden's heart. He dies because of it. Caleb and Addison are just too late, the scream is already gone. Inside, they see Brayden's death body. They are both shocked because of it.

When Sam steps out of bed and watches out of the window, he sees all around their neighbours chalet, police. He is surprised because of it. He puts his clothes on and goes outside. Bruce, Isabelle and Violet are still sleeping. He walks towards Addison that is standing before the chalet. "What is happening?" Sam says. "Brayden.........he is death" Addison says sad. "How?" Sam says. "Killed, nobody has seen the killer" Addison says sad. Caleb is also crying. The police are inside and watching through everything. Sam wants to see the body too, but one of the police officers stops him. "Who are you?" The police officer says. "I am one of the neighbours." Sam says. "And what should you do inside?" the police officer says. "I want to see the body" Sam says. They talk pretty loud, Bruce wakes up because of it, he also walks outside to see what is happening. Violet sees that Sam and Bruce are gone. This gives her a chance. Isabelle is also awake. She is sitting in the living room eating breakfast. Violet greets her with good morning. "Do you know what is happening outside?" Violet says. "One of our neighbours is killed last night" Isabelle says. "Oh" Violet says. "I am not really sad about it" Isabelle says. "Me neither" Violet says. She waits when Isabelle is distracted and then she does something in her drink. 2 minutes later she drinks it. "So Violet, you are not going to tell us where you was." Isabelle says. "No, maybe they can tell you it." Violet says. Suddenly, Ryan and Thierry are standing inside the chalet. "Who the hell are you?" Isabelle says. "And how the hell........" Isabelle wants to finish her sentence but then she falls to sleep. "Take her away" Violet says. "No problem" Ryan says. Ryan and Riley grab her and take her outside. The Scream is also there, He goes to the chalet of Addison and Caleb. Het waits for his chance and kidnaps Caleb. Sam and Bruce don't see them. Sam sees the body when the police are taking it outside. "Multiple knife stabs" Sam says to Bruce. "Please don't be what I am thinking" Sam says.

When Isabelle awakes, she sees she is in a cell in an unknown base. "Welcome back Isabelle" A familiar voice to Isabelle says. He shows himself as Riley. "Riley?" Isabelle says. "Surprised to see me?" Riley says. "Yes I am" Isabelle says. "Where the hell am I?" Isabelle says. "And how do you know that we went to France?" Isabelle says. "How did Brayden's death body look like?" Riley says. "You are behind this?" Isabelle says. "Of course I am you idiot, the only thing you are is that stupid whore of Sam Stone's best friend" Riley says. "How dare you to call me a whore!" Isabelle says angry. "You can get answers to your questions" Riley says. "But you have luck, you won't be alone" Riley says. Ryan walks inside the room with Bliss. Riley makes a sign that he should throws her inside. Ryan throws her inside. "Have fun you two!" Riley says. Riley walks away. Ryan stays in the room. He keeps looking to Isabelle for some seconds. Bliss is unconscious. "Where are you looking to?" Isabelle says. "The hottest girl on the planet?" Ryan says. "Me?" Isabelle says. "Yes of course you" Ryan says. "Oh I don't get if I should see that as a compliment" Isabelle says. "Of course you should" Ryan says and he walks closer to the cell. "You will be mine" Ryan says softer.

Violet is cleaning everything up. Later Sam and Bruce come back. Sam is annoyed. Bruce looks for Isabelle. "What happened?" Violet asks. "Clearly somebody killed him, but they don't found any killer" Sam says. "Oh, I hope it will all be allright" Violet says. "Where is Isabelle?" Bruce says. "Still sleeping I think, I didn't see her" Violet says. Bruce walks to the bedroom and watches inside. Nothing. "I saw her this morning" Bruce says. "Maybe she went to reception or something" Sam says. "Without telling us?" Bruce says. "I also don't think that is possible" Violet says. "Come on, don't tell me she is disappeared too now" Bruce says more anxious. "Maybe she was too scared because of what happened to our neighbours and ran away" Violet says. Bruce becomes mad because that she said that and walks towards her. "You think this funny?" Bruce says. "No I don't" Violet says. "You know where she is, don't you?" Bruce says. "No please I don't" Violet says. "You are acting strange the whole time, since you are back" Bruce says. "Bruce stop!" Sam says. "She doesn't know where Isabelle is" Sam says. "You are always for her? Aren't you?" Bruce says and he walks outside. "Where are you going?" Sam says. "Searching for her" Bruce says. It stays quitet for one minute. Sam looks to Violet, and sees what Bruce means, she is acting strange. "You sure you didn't see her?" Sam says. "Yes! Why does nobody believe me!" Violet says. "I believe you, I do" Sam says and he embraces her. "Thank you" Violet says.

Ryan is gone, Isabelle is sitting in the cage, waiting for Bliss to awake. 1 minute later she awakes. She looks, and sees Isabelle. "Where am I?" Bliss says. "I don't know" Isabelle says. Bliss sees they are in a cell. "You were kidnapped too?" Isabelle says. "Yes I am, I can't remember much of it, but I remember that I was" Bliss says. "I am Isabelle" Isabelle says. "Bliss, nice to meet you" Bliss says. "Any ideas escape" Bliss says. "I don't think we can" Isabelle says. "Do you have someone you care about?" Bliss says. "Yes I am with 2 friends on holiday, actually 3, but one was a bitch and trader" Isabelle says. "She works for the people we are kidnapped by" Isabelle says. "That must be difficult for you" Bliss says. "And what about you?" Isabelle says. "I am also with three friends" Bliss says. "They must be very scared now" Bliss says. "My friends too" Isabelle says.

Bruce is at the reception. "Have you seen this woman?" Bruce says. "No I have not" Louise says. "Also not one of your colleagues?" Bruce says. "Can I talk with Phillipe?" Bruce says. "He is currently not here" Louise says. "When does he comes back?" Bruce says. "Next week" Louise says. Bruce is angry, because then they are not there anymore. Bruce walks outside and needs to find an other way to find her back.

At night, Ryan and Thierry walks to the cell of Bliss and Isabelle. "Good night" Ryan says. "Who the hell are you?" Bliss says. "You don't have to know that honey" Thierry says and he opens the cell. He hits on her head and she falls defeated. He grabs her and takes her away. "Hello Isabelle" Ryan says. "Remember what I told you?" Ryan says. "No" Isabelle says. "I will make you remember it" Ryan says. He opens the cell and walks inside. He closes the door behind him. "First I will fuck you, after it I will kill that stupid Bruce Wakefield" Ryan says. "Please, can't we fix this on another way" Isabelle says. "Always protected by Bruce Wakefield, without him you are a pathetic child" Ryan says and he comes closer to her. "He can't save you" Ryan says and he runs to her. He jumps on her and wants to pull of her clothes. Isabelle fights back. He hits him a couple of times. "You are maybe stronger than I thought, but you won't defeat me" Ryan says. They fight further. Isabelle is stronger and hits him in his face. He falls unconscious on the ground. She steals the keys fast, before he wakes up again. She also picks up his gun. She opens the door and runs outside. She hears Bliss making some sounds. He walks to that room. "Isabelle?" Thierry says. "I already knew I am more handsome than Ryan" Thierry says. Isabelle grabs her gun and aims it on Thierry. "Stop or I will kill you" Isabelle says. "You won't, Women can't use guns" Thierry says and he continues with raping Bliss. "Stop it!" Isabelle says. "Then I will kill you" Isabelle says and she shoots. She misses him. "HAHAHHAHAHA. I told you, you won't hit me" Thierry says. "You are the worst I have ever........" Thierry wants to finish his sentence, but suddenly he is shot by Isabelle. "You bitch!" Thierry says and he falls death on the ground. "Thank you" Bliss says. Bliss picks up his gun and they run as fast as possible outside.

Later, Bruce is back at the chalet. "And? Did you found out anything?" Sam says. "No" Bruce says mad. "We will find her back" Sam says. "There is something strange about this campsite, everybody dissapearing" Sam says. "And don't forget what happened at our neighbours" Bruce says. "Yes that definetly too" Sam says. "That reminds me of something" Sam says. "Yes me too" Bruce says. Violet is sitting quitet at the bench. "Can I speak with you?" Bruce says. "Okay" Sam says. They walk to Bruce and Isabelle's bedroom and close the door. "There is something wrong with Violet since she is back" Bruce says. "I know, but I have no idea what to do about it" Sam says. "Good you finally see it" Bruce says. Suddenly they hear somebody knocking on their door. Sam walks out of the bedroom to the door. He opens it. Addison is standing behind it. She walks inside. "Did they already find out who killed Brayden?" Sam asks. "No" Addison says sad. "So what are you doing here?" Bruce says. "I just wanted to see you guys." Addison says. Bruce walks angry away. "Fine, I will search for Isabelle again" Bruce says and he closes the door behind him. "Why is he always angry because of me?" Addison says. "I don't know" Sam says. "Maybe because you aren't a nice person" Violet says. "What? I am a nice person?" Addison says. "No you aren't" Violet says. "Stupid bitch" Addison says. "Wow calm down" Sam says. "Yes I agree" Addison says. "I was talking to you both" Sam says. Addison doesn't respond to it. "Where is Caleb excactly?" Sam says. "He is doing some business to move Brayden's body to England" Addison says. "And then you are nagging here?" Violet says. "And there we go again" Sam says. "Shut up your bitch" Addison says. "Just go away, you have nothing to do here" Violet says. "Maybe we can better talk outside" Sam says. "Okay allright" Addison says and they both walk outside. Violet is angry about it.

Isabelle and Bliss walk outside and see they are in a big city. "Have you an idea where the hell we are?" Isabelle says. "No I don't know this either" Bliss says. "We should asks someone" Bliss says. "You speak French?" Isabelle says. "Of course I do" Bliss says. They walk to a public place with a lot of people. She sees a male standing and walks to him. "Peut-être que ça sonne bizarre, mais pouvez-vous me dire où nous sommes?" Bliss says to the male. He answers in French back. Isabelle has no idea what they are saying. Later, Bliss walks back to Isabelle. "He says we are in a city called Toulon, have you ever heard of that?" Bliss says. "It doesn't sound familair" Isabelle says. "Americans?" The same guy Bliss asked says. "Yes we are" Isabelle says. "Oh you can talk just English to me" The guy says. "I am Dion, nice to meet you" the guy says. "I am Isabelle and this is Bliss" Isabelle says. "What are you doing here?" Dion says. "Long story" Isabelle says. "You can tell me everything" Dion says. "We are on holiday here" Bliss lies. "So why didn't you know where you were?" Dion says. "Bliss is sometimes a bit strange" Isabelle says. "And why is it a long story?" Dion says. "Oh long story how we came here, we had some trouble with the planes" Isabelle says. "But we are staying on a campsite some 50 kilometers from here" Isabelle says, not knowing if she is right. "Yes it is getting late, we should go back" Bliss says. "Okay, you can also stay at my house" Dion says. "I live here in Toulon, but I am also American." Dion says. "Okay" Isabelle says. Bliss doesn't want it, but she has no choice if Isabelle says yes. "Oh come on, you don't want to go back to that stupid campsite" Isabelle says. "No I don't, but I want to see my friends back" Bliss says. "I can bring you back tomorrow" Dion says. "Allright then" Bliss says.

Ryan is awaken and sees the death body of Thierry. Riley is standing next to him. "That stupid girl is going to pay for this" Riley says. "Of course she will" The Scream says, which is standing at them too. "She is probably already back at the campsite, find her and kill her" Riley says. "And if I can't find her" The Scream says. "Then just kill all her friends" Riley says. "Allright" The Scream says and he walks away. "Violet has stay long enought with them" Riley says. "We know enough about them" Riley says. "You know what to do" Riley says. "Yes" Ryan says and he walks away. Riley watches one time to Thierry's body. Then he picks his body up and throws it in a thrash can outside. Riley walks to another cell. He opens it. Caleb is sitting behind it. "You have bad luck my friend" Riley says. He shows him a big knife. He closes the door. The only left what you hear is a big scream.

Sam and Addison are walking outside at night. "I know what you are going through" Sam says. "Yes?" Addison says. "I have also lost enough friends" Sam says. "They were also killed?" Addison says. "Yes they were" Sam says. "I have faced a lot of serial killers" Sam says. "In my city they call them Screams" Sam says. "That's sad for you" Addison says. "Yes it is" Sam says. Addison embraces him. "You are the kindest American I have ever met" Addison says and she kisses him. Sam is surprised by it, but he let it happens. "What was that?" Sam says. "We would like to know that too turtle doves" another person says. Sam watches behind him and he sees a person standing. He has a knife at Violet's throat. "Good evening Sam Stone" Ryan says. "Who the hell are you?" Sam says. "It doesn't matter, I have the same question for you" Ryan says. "Kissing that girl was the worst thing you could have ever done" Ryan says. "How dare you say that!" Addison says. "I thought you loved me" Violet says. Sam doesn't know what to says. "Just let her go" Sam says. "I was already going to do that" Ryan says and he does the knife away. "Thank you" Violet says and she runs to Sam. She kisses him too. Addison is mad about it. "Do you really love her?" Violet says. "No I don't" Sam says. Addison hears it. "Good" Violet says. She suddenly stebs a knife in Addison. "You deserved that already long ago, you are a bitch!" Violet says. Sam is shocked about. "What the hell are you doing?" Sam says. Addison falls injured on the ground. Violet walks back to Ryan. "She chose her side, Sam Stone" Ryan says. Sam wants to help Addison and doesn't hear what he says. Sam grabs his phone to call 911, but suddenly his phone is shot and broken. He sees somebody with a gun standing. "You won't call anybody anymore" a familair voice says. Sam is shocked about who it is. "Good to see you again" Riley says. "How on earth did you came here?" Sam says. "That isn't the biggest question" Riley says. "But I will give an answer to it" Riley says. "I am angry about everything you did" Riley says. "Stealing Violet from me is only one of the things" Riley says. "Stealing? It seems like she is chosing your side" Sam says. Riley, Violet and Ryan are standing besides each other. "You are such an idiot, didn't you notice any unusual about her?" Riley says. "They are both taken over by my brain" Riley says. "I don't care, Where the hell is Isabelle?" Sam says. "Death!!!! Why wouldn't I kill her?" Riley says. "That stupid friend of you, Bruce Wakefield, is the next to die" Riley says. "But we won't do it quick" Riley says. "Your neighbours were the first three to die" Riley says. He grabs a bag and opens it. He throws the head of Caleb out of the bag. Sam is shocked about it. "You idiot!!" Sam screams. "You kill innocent people for no reason!" Sam says. "Yes they were innocent, until they met you" Riley says. "You don't have that quote from yourself" Sam says. "Yes I don't, my friend Ron Pearson also said that" Riley says. "That was one of the worst things you did in your life" Riley says. "Ron, Violet and I were the best friends. Ron was already doing something. He always wanted to kill the killer of Master Scream first, your stupid girlfriend whore!" Riley says. "But I am not stupid enought to wear such an idiotic mask" Riley says. "I should have known you always worked together with them!" Sam says. "But what did I tell you?" Riley says. Suddenly Sam hears somebody is standing behind him. He grabs Addison. "Didn't you forgot them? Your best friends!" Riley says. Sam really doesn't know what to do, he is totally freezed about everything. "Too late" the Scream says and he puts his knife in Addison. He throws her death body of the mountain. "That was it for tonight" Riley says. "Good night Sam Stone" Riley says and they all walk away. After they are all gone, Sam falls unconscious on the ground. Bruce later comes back and sees Sam lying on the ground. He also sees blood. "Sam? Sam? What happened?" Bruce says. Sam awakes. "I want back home" Sam says. "What happened? Where are Addison and Violet? Whose blood is that?" Bruce says. "There is a scream here, he killed Caleb and Addison." Sam says. "Wait what?" Bruce says. "The scream is working together with a under mind control Violet." Sam says. "Wait what are you saying?" Bruce says. "And the biggest thing, Their leader is Riley" Sam says laugable. Bruce has no idea what to says. "I also couldn't believe it" Sam says. "And they say Isabelle is death" Sam says. "Why would we believe them?" Bruce says. "Of course we don't" Sam says.

Isabelle, Dion and Bliss arrive at Dion's home. "This is your home?" Isabelle says. "Yes great isn't it?" Dion says. "Yes it is" Isabelle says. Bliss doesn't like it but she has no other choice. "I will show you your room" Dion says. They walk to another room. "It looks good" Isabelle says. "Thank you" Dion says. "It is much better than my room in that stupid campsite" Isabelle says. "I already thought so" Dion says. "Why don't you stay here the rest of your holiday?" Dion says flirting to Isabelle. "I don't think my boyfriend approves that" Isabelle says. "You have a boyfriend?" Dion says. "Yes" Isabelle says. "Okay, probably all hot girls have a boyfriend" Dion says quiet. "What did you say?" Isabelle says. "Nothing interesting" Dion says. "Okay then" Isabelle says. "You have everything you want Isabelle?" Dion says. Bliss is angry that she is ignored. "Yes I have" Isabelle says. "Okay good, goodnight Isabelle" Dion says and he leaves the room.

On the campsite it is quiet. Sam and Bruce are sitting at their chalet. They don't have a lot to talk about. But suddenly somebody is walking to their chalet. It is Jody. "Sam?" Jody says. "Hi" Sam says. "Mitch is gone, I can't find him anywhere" Jody says. "He too?" Sam says. "What?" Jody says. "We also know a lot people that are just disappeared and later reappear" Sam says. "Who?" Jody says. "A friend of me, Bruce's girlfriend" Sam says. "Weird" Jody says. "We already know who is behind all this" Sam says. "Who? Who kidnapped Mitch?" Jody says. "Riley Wright, he is an old friend of me" Sam says. "I wouldn't call him a friend" Bruce says. "No true" Sam says. "Why does he do this?" Jody says. "He wants to punish me, because I killed another friend of him" Sam says. "You killed somebody?" Jody says. "Yes he isn't the only one" Sam says. "But those were all murderers" Sam says. "Oh that sounds good" Jody says. "Is this your job?" Jody says. "No" Sam says. "Okay we waited enough Sam" Bruce says. "Yes" Sam says. Sam and Bruce step on and close everybody. "Where are you going?" Jody says. "Finding Isabelle and Mitch" Sam says. "Without doing anything they won't come back" Bruce says. "True, I'd like to find them" Jody says. "Ok I understand that" Sam says. They walk away towards the reception. Inside they see another youngsters standing. They are talking with Louise. They can hear what they say. "A friend of us is gone! Come on and do something about this! Where is Phillipe?" They say. "So we are not the only ones" Sam says. "No indeed" Bruce says. They walk to the car. "I have maybe an idea" Bruce says. "I can try to track Isabelle's phone" Bruce says. "You can do that for Mitch too?" Jody says. "If you give me his number I can do it" Bruce says. "Lets find him first" Sam says. "After that we will go to Isabelle. Do you agree Bruce?" Sam says. "Okay allright" Bruce says. Bruce is searching for them, later he found them. "Weird" Bruce says. "I haven't any connection" Bruce says. "Oh wait it is working now" Bruce says. "Where are they?" Sam and Jody both ask. "They are both in Toulon, so there must be a connection" Bruce says. "Yes it must, lets go to Toulon" Sam says. They drive away in the night to be at dawn in Toulon.

In Toulon, Riley, Ryan, The Scream and Violet are back in their base. "That was great" Ryan says. "Indeed it was" Riley says. "They totally weren't expecting that" The scream says. "Sam's face was the thing which I liked the most" Violet says. "Oh come on Violet" Riley says. "What?" Violet says. "Everything is going according to plans" Riley says. "Tomorrow we will go back to the campsite and kill the others, next day Bruce and the day after tomorrow I want Sam's head." Riley says. "You all understand that?" Riley says. "Yes we do" Ryan, Violet and The Scream say.

On the other side of the city, Isabelle and Bliss are sleeping. Suddenly Dion walks inside in the room. He goes standing next to Isabelle's bed. "She is so damn hot" Dion says. "I want her alone" Dion says. He moves Bliss's bed to another room. Isabelle stays sleeping and doesn't notice anything. But later a very loud sound is heard. Isabelle startles and is awaken. "Dion?" Isabelle says. She steps out of her bed and opens the door. "What is wrong Isabelle?" Dion says. "I heard a loud sound, I was scared something happened" Isabelle says. "Nothing to be afraid at" Dion says. "Maybe this will make you less scared" Dion says and ouf of nowhere he starts kissing her. Isabelle kisses him too. They go to Dion's bedroom and fall on the bed. Dion pulls of her clothes and later they have sex.

Sam, Bruce and Jody arrive in Toulon at 5.00 A.M. "We are pretty early" Sam says. "Good" Bruce says. "We have no time to lose" Bruce says. "You can save Mitch, I will go to Isabelle" Bruce says. "What? You are changing the plans?" Sam says. "I have no choice, she could be death if I arrive too late" Bruce says. "I understand" Sam says. "I will help you Jody, and if I am done I will go to you Bruce, agreed?" Sam says. "Okay good" Bruce says. Bruce steps out of the car and runs to Isabelle's location. Sam and Jody drive further to Mitch. Later they are at his location. It is an old warehouse. The door is sealed. "Lets drive to it and breaks it." Sam says. "Isn't that a bit too loud" Jody says. "Yes true" Sam says. "I will try to open it myself first" Sam says and he steps out of the car. It is still dark outside. Sam beats against the door. He tries to open the lock. It needs a key. "Wait I have seen this in a movie" Sam says and he grabs a paper clip and does it in the keyhole. He moves with it and the door opens. "That was easy" Sam says. "Indeed it was" Jody says. They walk inside quietly. It is a garage. "Do you see his care here?" Sam says. Jody is searching and sees it. "This is him" Jody says. "So we are on the right location" Sam says. "Yes we are" Jody says.

Bruce is running and later he is at the location. It is a normal big house. "Nothing special here" Bruce says. But suddenly he hears a sound. It is comming out of the thrash can. "Help!! Help!!!" It says. Bruce walks to the thrash can and opens it. Inside he sees a girl lying. He doesn't know her. It is Bliss. "Please help me out of here" Bliss says. Bruce grabs her arm and draws her out it. "Thank you very much" Bliss says. "You are an American?" Bruce says. "Yes I am" Bliss says. "What were you doing in there?" Bruce says. "I don't know, I was sleeping and suddenly when I woke up I was lying in there" Bliss says. "And the night before that?" Bruce says. "I was with somebody in this house." Bliss says. "A Dion if I remember good" Bliss says. "Doesn't ring a bell" Bruce says. "Oh yeah there was also another girl, her name was Isabella or Isabelle" Bliss says. "Isabelle??" Bruce says loud. "Yes that was it" Bliss says. "You know her?" Bliss says. "Yes I do" Bruce says. "Probably one of them throw me in this thrash can" Bliss says. "Isabelle would never do that" Bruce says. "Dion did it then" Bliss says. "Where is Isabelle now?" Bruce says. "Still inside I gues, I think she liked him" Bliss says. It makes Bruce angry and he walks to the door. He grabs a stone and throws it through the window. Dion and Isabelle are lying naked in the bed and hear it. "What the hell was that?" Dion says. "I don't care" Isabelle says and she kisses him further. Bruce walks inside and sees Isabelle's stuff. He looks in every room. Then he is inside her room. He sees more of her stuff. He opens the next room and then he sees it. He sees Isabelle lying in bed with another person.

Sam and Jody walk upstairs and walk along some rooms. They have windows. Sam sees Violet lying in one. "Do you know her?" Jody says. "Yes I do" Sam says. Sam opens the door and walks inside. Violet is sleeping. "Is this really useful?" Jody says. "Can't we search for Mitch and go away here?" Jody says. "She is a friend of me" Sam says. "Oh why didn't you mention her" Jody says. "Quiet!" Sam says. He hears somebody walking in the hallway. Sam closes the door. Hide under the bed. It isn't big enough for too, so Sam jumps in the bed beside Violet. It is a guard and he looks inside every room. He also watches inside Violet's room. He only sees her sleeping and walks further. Violet wakes up because of it. She lookls outside the window but doesn't see anything. But later she sees Sam. "What the hell are you doing here?" Violet says. "Saving you" Sam says. "It is too late, you can't save me anymore" Violet says. "Why not?" Sam says. "I killed Addison" Violet says. "No that wasn't you, that was that idiot" Sam says. "I promise I will kill him and save you" Sam says. "You can't" Violet says. Jody goes under the bed away. Sam makes a sign to Jody to stay under it. "I already knew there is somebody under my bed" Violet says. "Who is that? Your girlfriend?" Violet says. "No she isn't" Sam says. "Oh, but you put a lot of trust in her, something you never did with me" Violet says. "I am sorry for that" Sam says. "And now go away, before I warn Riley or will kill you both myself" Violet says. "You won't do that" Sam says. "Why not?" Violet says. "Because you are my friend and you won't kill me" Sam says. "I wouldn't be too sure about that" Violet says. But then suddenly the door of the room is opened. It is Riley. "Violet go to sleep" Riley says. Sam fastly hides under the blankets. "I was sleeping" Violet says. "But who were you talking to?" Riley says. "Nobody I was probably talking in my sleep" Violet says. "Talking in your sleep?" Riley says. "What the hell is that for handicapped thing?" Riley says and he walks towards her. "You are supposed to be the hottest girl of the whole world" Riley says. "Ofcourse you are that. But talking in your sleep?" Riley says. "That's something you can't do" Riley says. "I am sorry, I won't do it again" Violet says. "I believe you, but to be sure" Riley says and he jumps on her and kisses her. Then he goes to the other side of the bed and he touches Sam. "Well, Well, look who is here" Riley says. "If it isn't Sam Stone" Riley says. "The biggest idiot on planet earth" Riley says. "Can't you do something else than always copying quotes from Ron and Master Scream?"

Bruce is really angry and he destroys everything. "Who the hell is this idiot?" Dion says. "Who?" Isabelle says. She hasn't even seen him yet. "I have done everything to fin you, and now you are cheating on me?" Bruce says. "Bruce?" Isabelle says and she tries to hide herself, because she has been exposed. "Bruce, this idiot's name is Bruce?" Dion says. "Who on earth do you think you are?" Bruce says to Dion. "I'm Dion Drew!" Dion says. On that moment Bliss walks inside the room too. "Isabelle?" Bliss says. Isabelle doesn't know what to say. "You bitch!" Bruce says. "I am sorry Bruce, this just happened" Isabelle says. "Just happened? I don't think this is something that just happens." Bruce says. "How long do you know this idiot?" Bruce says. "We met him yesterday" Bliss says. "I didn't want to go to his house but Isabelle wanted it" Bliss says. "I am done with you Isabelle, it is over." Bruce says really angry. "Yes just go away you idiot" Dion says. Bruce walks to him and wants to punish him. Isabelle stops him. "Bruce please don't do this, he did nothing wrong" Isabelle says. "He did, and so did you" Bruce says. "I thought you were death, but you are lying here in bed with this son of a bitch" Bruce says. "I am sorry for this" Isabelle says. But it is too late, Bruce is already away.

"Those were my idol and friend, so why wouldn't I copy their quotes?" Riley says. "And what about your friends? They are probably not far from here" Riley says. "They are better than your friends" Sam says and he attacks him. They both step out of the bed and fight in the room. "Oh please can't you fight anywhere else than in my room?" Violet says. "Please Violet we should help Sam" Jody says. "Why would I help somebody than never trust in me?" Violet says. "Just look to all the things he did for you, he needs your help" Jody says. "Why can't you help him?" Violet says. Jody agrees with what she says. She goes under the bed away. Riley sees her. "So there is one of your friends. She wil DIE!" Riley says. Jody attacks Riley too, but he dodges away. Sam and Riley fight further and Sam pushes Riley in the kitchen in all the dishes. A lot of plates and cups break. Then Riley throws Sam on the table. It can't hold him and it fells on the ground. Riley grabs some knifes and forks and throws it at Sam. One fork hits Sam in his shoulder. "You idiot" Sam says. Jody wants to attack Riley but suddenly the door is opened again. Jody wants to look who is standing after it, but she is stabbed by him. It is the scream. "I am sorry Jody" The Scream says. He removes his mask and throws it on the ground. To everybody's surprise it is Mitch. "Mitch??" Jody says. "You should not have come here" Mitch says and he stabs his knife again inside her. Jody is frozen to her surpise and doesn't do anything. Mitch pulls his knife outside her and she falls death on the ground. "Do you see Sam? I told you she would die" Riley says. Ryan is standing behind the scream. "You know what to do Ryan" Riley says. Riley and Mitch walk away. "Violet come here!" Riley says. "Violet this is your chance, help me" Sam says. "Like you helped me? Hell no" Violet says and she follows Riley and Mitch. "Poor Sam Stone" Ryan says. "You are the next to die!!" Ryan says. Riley, Violet and Mitch walk outside the building. "Where are we going?" Violet says. "Back to the campsite, we will kill everybody there" Riley says. Riley grabs a switch. "What is that?" Mitch says. "A self-destruct system" Riley says. "What? I have some stuff lying inside there?" Violet says. "You won't need that anymore" Riley says. A car stops before them. They step inside it and drive away. Inside, Sam and Ryan are still figthing. But suddenly they hear a sound. "Self-destruct system started in five minutes" It says. "That's sad, your mum, dad and uncle left you behind" Sam says. "I will give everything to kill you!!!" Ryan says. He starts becomming faster and smashes Sam in the head. He falls on the ground. "And now, I, Ryan Stokes, will kill you!!!" Ryan says. But suddenly he is stabbed in his back. Bruce is standing behind him. "Bruce?" Sam says. "Selfdestruct in 3 minutes" The system says. Sam kicks Ryan in his head, he falls injured on the ground. "Leave him here, we need to go" Bruce says. "What about Jody?" Bruce says. Sam points to her body. "Oh I am sorry" Bruce says. They run outside the room as fast as possible. "Selfdestruct in 2 minutes" "What is the fastest way out?" Sam says. "Jump outside a window" Bruce says. "We won't do that" Sam says. "This way" Sam says. They run faster and faster. "Selfdestruct in 50, 49, 48" It says. Bruce and Sam find the exit. They run outside as fast as possible from the building. "Selfdestruct in 10, 9, 8" It says. Ryan is awaken again. "Stupid motherfuckers" Ryan says. "Selfdestruct in 3, 2, 1" Ryan screams and The sound following is a big explosion.

At the house of Dion, they hear the explosion. "What the hell is that?" Dion says. "Probably not something important" Isabelle says. Bliss is watching at the television and sees the news. "Isabelle??" Bliss says. "Yes?" Isabelle says. "Isn't that the place where bruce went?" Bliss says. Isabelle doesn't give a respond at first. "I have no idea" Isabelle says. A few minutes later, Bruce comes back with Sam. "So Isabelle is in here?" Sam says. "Yes she is, she is brainwashed I think" Bruce says. "Violet is so too I gues" Sam says. "I want to see her" Sam says. "Ok we will go inside" Bruce says and they go inside. Inside they see Isabelle. They are watching television about the explosion. "We were almost death because of that" Sam says. Isabelle is surprised to see Sam. "Who the hell is that?" Dion says. "I am Sam" Sam says. "And what the hell are you doing in my house?" Dion says. "Getting my friend back" Sam says. "What the hell have you done with Isabelle?" Sam says. Bruce is quiet and doesn't know what to say anymore. "Nothing, I just found her and took her here, we could better ask what you guys did to her" Dion says. "Nothing that you should know" Sam says. "You left her behind in this city alone" Dion says. "We didn't" Bruce says. "So how was she here?" Dion says. "Riley did that, didn't he Isabelle?" Sam says. "Yes he did" Isabelle says. "But I don't want to be any longer on that stupid campsite" Isabelle says. "So you want to stay the rest of the holiday here?" Sam says. "I didn't say that" Isabelle says. "Oh come on, what the hell is wrong with you" Sam says. "Nothing" Isabelle says. "This is pointless, the more we are talking about stupid things here, the further Riley, Mitch and Violet are." Sam says. "Violet too? I knew we couldn't trust her" Isabelle says. "You aren't better" Sam says. "Idiot, go away" Isabelle says. "That's preciously what I wanted" Sam says and he walks away. Bruce follows him. "What can we do about it?" Bruce says. "I have no fricking idea" Sam says. "That Dion sounded pretty stupid" Sam says. "Yes true" Bruce says. "We can come back later, hopefully then she will come back to us" Sam says. "I hope so" Bruce says.

At the campsite, a car stops. Riley, Mitch (dressed as Scream) and Violet step out. "Just stick to the plan" Riley says. "Yes we will" Mitch and Violet both say. They walk on the campsite. They see a lot of people complaining at the reception. Riley walks inside the reception. Violet and Mitch watch outside. "What is going on here?" Riley says. "Our girl is gone, for almost 3 days." a guy says. "What is her name?" Riley says. "Bliss" Another person says. "Oh I have seen her" Riley says. Louise stands behind the desk and doesn't know what to do. "Where did you see her?" A girl says. "You will soon see her again" Riley says. He grabs a knife outside his pocket. Suddenly he stebs the guy. The others are shocked. "You will see her again now" Riley says. The girl tries to call the cops but suddenly she is stabbed too by Riley. The last person tries to run outside, but Mitch steps her. Louise is trapped behind the desk and doesn't know what to do. "Please, please" Louise begs. "I have done nothing wrong" Louise says. "Already be on this stupid campsite is enough" Mitch, which is inside now says. "My parents died here" Mitch says. "I am sorry for that, I didn't know that" Louise says. "You will see them soon" Mitch says. He runs to her and cuts her throat open. She falls death on the ground. "The plan was to not kill her already" Riley says. "I don't care, everybody here should be death" Mitch says angry. "Okay we will do that" Riley says. A man is walking to the reception. Violet sees him. "What do you want to know?" Violet says to him. "I wanted to know if Phillipe is back" He says. "He isn't, I am sorry" Violet says. "Do you know when he will return?" The man says. "No he probably won't ever come back" Violet says. "So can I talk with Louise?" The man says. "No you can't" Violet says. The man wants to walk along her. "You probably should better not go in there" Violet says. "I can decide that myself, and who the hell do you think you are?" The man says. He walks along her and goes inside. Inside he sees the bodies. "What on earth happened here?" The man says. Riley walks to him and stebs a knife inside him. "You idiots!!" The man says and he falls death on the ground. Violet, Riley and Mitch walk further to the swimming pool. "That are a lot people" Violet says. "Good" Riley says. They change their clothes in the changing room and go inside. Mitch walks to the Child pool. Violet and Riley put their stuff in a chair. Their neighbours are sitting and reading. "So we will swim now?" Violet says. "Yes" Riley laugable says. Mitch stands at the exit to view if nobody goes outside. He sees the children playing in the swimming pool. "That's how old I was when I lost my parents" Mitch says. It makes him really angry. "They should lose their parents too" Mitch says. He sees their parents swimming in the bigger swimming pool. Riley walks to the slide. He picks an electric device. He puts the wire in the water. A man is stepping in the slide and is electrocuted and dies. The other people follow. Violet walks to their neighbours and says: "Can you help me?" Violet says. A girl walks to her and says. "Ofcourse why not?" she says. "Who is this girl Demi?" another man says. "A girl, I just met her" the girl called Demi says. "So what do you want to ask?" Demi says. "It isn't really a question, but I wanted to say that you could better leave the swiming pool right now" Violet says. "Why?" the man says. "I can't say why, just go away" Violet says. "I don't know if I should believe this?" Demi says. "Then you don't" Violet says. "Do you believe her Gaius?" Demi says. "Ofcourse I don't" the man called Gaius said. Their friends are also sitting there and laughing about what she says. "Go away you stupid girl" Another girl says. "Oh ok, don't say I didn't warn you" Violet says and walks away. "She is weird" Demi says. "She is not good in her head" Gaius says. Riley has killed all the people at the slide. Nobody has seen it. Mitch does a radio at the edge of the swimming pool. The lifeguard walks to him and says: "Go away with that thing, that's really dangerous?" His English is terrible and Mitch doesn't understand him. He walks closer to the radio. The lifeguard tries to stop him but it is too late and it falls in the swimming pool. Everybody in the swimming pool is electrocuted. Everybody is shocked about it. The lifeguard is very angry and shocked too. Mitch grabs a knife and stabs the lifeguard. He falls death in the swimming pool. Violet grabs her stuff and walks away. Out of nowhere Riley comes back and grabs a gun and shoots at everybody. A lot of people are shot and killed. Violet dodges the bullets and kills some other people. Demi, Gaius and their friends run away. Later everybody is gone there, only Mitch, Riley and Violet are still there. "And now we should kill everybody else on this stupid campsite" Mitch says. "Yes" Riley says. They go away from the swimming pool and start killing all other people.

Sam and Bruce are getting closer to the campsite."You are sure they went here?" Bruce says. "I am almost sure" Sam says. "Since they blew up their base, their is no other way for them to go" Sam says. "Yes" Bruce says. "What about Violet? Will you kill her when you get the chance?" Bruce says. "I don't know, there must be still something good in her" Sam says.

Later, all people run of the campsite. Mitch goes standing at the entrance that nobody can go outside. They try to escape another way. Riley shoots on some of them and kills them. Violet sees the youngsters she saved. She walks to them. "Why on earth did you warn us?" Gaius says to Violet. "I try to save people" Violet says. "I saw you killed the others" Demi says. "You work together with them?" Gaius says. "I do, but I try to help you" Violet says. "What on earth are you doing? Killing innocent people?" Gaius says. "This isn't my idea" Violet says. "So why are you working with them?" Demi says. "Working with them?" Violet says. "Please I can help you" Violet says. "You are lying!!" Gaius says. "I am your best chance of surviving" Violet says. "You are playing a game with us?" Demi says. "The only thing I want is a ride out of here" Violet says. On the other side of the campsite, Sam and Bruce arrive. They walks inside and see Mitch. "Well, Well look who survived" Mitch says. "What the hell have you done?" Sam says. "Killing all these idiots" Mitch says. "Why this campsite? Why not any other?" Bruce says. "My parents were killed here" Mitch says. "And now everybody that is here should pay for that!!" Mitch says. "So the story was true?" Sam says. "Yes it was" Mitch says. "You are going to pay for killing all these people, you idiot!!" Sam says. "Where is Violet?" Sam says. "She will never return back to your side. She is ours now!!!" Mitch says. Then suddenly, Violet, Demi and Gaius come to the reception. Violet walks to Mitch. "What are you doing here?" Mitch says. "Violet?" Sam says. "I have found something" Violet says. Demi, Gaius and their friends hide, but see everything. Violet grabs her phone and shows Mitch a video. After he has seen it. "Is this true?" Mitch says. "This can't be true" Mitch says. "What is it?" Bruce says. "Riley's father killed Mitch's parents" Violet says. "Thank you for letting me see this" Mitch says. "Now I have to go, will you protect this exit?" Mitch says. "Okay no problem" Violet says. Mitch walks away and later he is gone. "Hi Sam, I thought you were death" Violet says. "I was almost death" Sam says. "Good luck with the winner of their battle. Mitch is such an idiot" Violet says. "I know you was playing a game" Sam says glad. "This doesn't mean I am back on your side" Violet says. "But since Mitch is gone, I can simply walk out of here. Unles you will make it hard for me?" Violet says. "After all you just want to simply walk away?" Sam says. "Yes I will go back to the United States, I am done here" Violet says. "I can't let you leave" Sam says. "But how will you come to the airport?" Sam says. "My ride is standing at the parking." Violet says and she makes a sign to Demi and Gaius. They walk towards her. "Who are that?" Sam says. "My new friends" Violet says. "Great" Sam says. "I was more thinking of prisoners" Bruce says. "Who are these idiots?" Gaius says. "Idiots?" Sam says. "How did you call us?" Bruce says. "You heard me. Idiots!" Gaius says. "He probably thinks we are on Riley's side" Sam says. "We defenitely aren't, you should know" Bruce says. "Then just go out of our way" Gaius says. "You can't trust her" Sam says. "I trust her more than you" Gaius says. Demi has no idea what to say. "Sam, please go away" Violet says. "What will you do with them?" Sam says. "I will give them their safety" Violet says. "I can also give them that" Sam says and he grabs Violet. "You won't go anywhere. "You can go" Bruce says. Demi, Gaius and the others walks out of the campsite. "I am not done with you" Sam says to Violet. "Thank you" Demi says to Bruce and Sam. "You're welcome" Sam says. Violet wants to go with them too, but Sam and Bruce are stronger. But then she sees her chance to go away. Sam shoots her in her leg. "And now you stay here" Sam says.

Dion, Isabelle and Bliss see everything on tv. "What the hell has happened" Isabelle says. "It is good that you stayed here" Dion says. "That boyfriend of you was just an idiot" Dion says. "I hope for you he is still alive" Bliss says. "He is probably death" Dion says. "We will never see him again" Dion says. "You don't know that for sure" Bliss says. "Bruce has survived more things" Isabelle says. "Yes okay, but didn't you see how much people were killed?" Dion says. Isabelle is getting more afraid because of him. "Okay enoug Dion!" Bliss says. "Don't make her feel more miserable" Bliss says. "I am just telling the facts" Dion says. "Yes but it is enough now" Bliss says. "You have always something to nag about" Dion says. "No, only because of you" Bliss says. "If you don't like it, just go away" Dion says. "You have nothing to do here" DIon says. "I wanted to stay with Isabelle" Bliss says. "Allright, but she will stay here" Dion says. "And you can decide that?" Bliss says. "No I don't" Dion says. "We can better stay here, don you know anywhere else we can go?" Isabelle says. "No I don't" Bliss says. "Then we can better stay here" Isabelle says. "Yes and if you don't like that, just go away" Dion says. "Please stay here Bliss" Isabelle says. "No I am sorry, I don't want to be anymore with that idiot" Bliss says pointing to Dion. "Calling me an idiot? Look at yourself you bitch" Dion says. "I am done here" Bliss says and she walks out the building. "Finally" Dion says. "What have you done?" Isabelle says. "We are finally alone" Dion says. "Finally?" Isabelle says. "I wanted you all for me alone" Dion says. "Why?" Isabelle says. "You are the love of my life now" Dion says. "Really?" Isabelle says. "You only know me for 1 day" Isabelle says. "Yes it was love at first sight" Dion says. Isabelle doesn't get what he says and walks outside. "What? Stay here!" Dion says. Isabelle walks to Bliss. "What are you doing here?" Bliss says. "I am going with you" Isabelle says. "But I thought" Bliss says. "We can't trust this guy" Isabelle says. "So where are we going?" Isabelle says. "Back to the campsite, I want to see if my friends are still alive." Bliss says. "Me too" Isabelle says. Dion is furious about Isabelle and Bliss leaving, he also immediately leaves. He drives with his car to the campsite.

Sam and Bruce have put Violet in the reception. They locked her on a chair. "You can stay here" Sam says. "Please let me go!" Violet says. "I need to leave now" Violet says. "There isn't a place for you to go anymore" Sam says. "I forgave you for being a Scream, but you can't keep on killing people Violet" Sam says. "I already found you suspicious" Bruce says. "Bruce, you can better search for other people." Sam says. "Bring them to this exit." Sam says. "Okay and you?" Bruce says. "I will stay with this bitch" Sam says. Violet doesn't like how he is calling her, but doesn't say anything. Bruce walks outside and goes into the campsite. He walks further, and further to see if there is somebody. He sees a lot bodies. But then he sees Mitch and Riley. "I found out about your little secret" Mitch says. "What secret?" Riley says. "STOP WITH LYING!!" Mitch screams. "What the hell are you talking about?" Riley says. "You are lying about my parents" Mitch says. "Your parents? They were killed by a servant of Master Scream." Riley says. "THAT'S A LIE!!" Mitch says and he grabs Riley. "Your father killed my parents!!" Mitch says. "Who the hell told you that?" Riley says. "That doesn't care, the fact is that your father killed my partents, so you are going to pay for that" Mitch says. "That's a lie, I will kill the person who told you that" Riley says. Mitch becomes even more angry and het attacks Riley. They start fighting. Bruce sees everything, but he don't know on which side he is. Suddenly mitch sees Bruce."Well, Well" Mitch says. "I thought Violet would kill you idiots" Mitch says and he stops with fighting. "No she didn't, she is weak" Bruce says. "The only thing she wanted is to escape this campsite and fly back to the United States." Bruce says. "Why would we believe you? Violet would never do that" Riley says. "I thought the same about your father killing my parents." Mitch says. "You are just an idiot, which motherfucker told you that?" Riley says. "He probably did" Riley says pointing to Bruce. "He wants this, he wants us to turn against each other" Riley says. "No he didn't tell me that" Mitch says. "So we did?" Riley says. "Violet did" Mitch says. "Fucking liar" Riley says. "She lied, she wants us to turn against us, she was the whole time acing she is on our side!!?" Riley says. "I want her head" Riley says. "I can you show some prove" Riley says and he shows it to Mitch. Some seconds later, Mitch runs away as fast as possible to the exit. He doesn't see anybody there. Riley follows him. Bruce follows them too. Riley and Mitch don't see anybody. "She is probably outside the campsite" Riley says and he runs outside. Mitch wants to follow him, but suddenly he hear something. It is Violet. "Mitch help me!" Violet yells. She is inside the reception. Mitch doesn't warn Riley, because he wants to kill her himself. He walks inside the reception. "Hello Violet" Mitch says. "Please help me out of here" Violet says. "Why should I help a fucking liar like you?!" Mitch says. "Liar?" Violet says. "You lied to turn me against Riley!!" Mitch says. "I hate liars, you are going to pay for that." Mitch says. Riley is outside the campsite at the parking. He sees footprints of a car. He steps in his car and drives away. Mitch is still inside the reception. "I can't wait to see how this will go" Bruce says. "Enough said, Time to kill!!" Mitch says. But suddenly out of knowhere a bullet is heard. The bullet goes right throug Mitch's belly. He falls immediately death on the ground. "I hope that's the last Scream I will kill in my life" Sam says holding the gun. "Thank you" Violet says. "Does this mean you trust me again?" Violet says. "I have no idea" Sam says. "But we can't stay here forever" Sam says and he makes her loose. "We should go away here" Sam says. Bruce is standing outside. "Riley... He is gone" Bruce says. "Lets follow him" Sam says.

Dion arrives at the campsite. Bruce, Sam and Violet make ready to leave. They dump Mitch's body at the other bodies. "We should leave here before the police comes" Bruce says. "Yes" Sam says and he pushes Violet further. She has handcuffs on her hands. "Is this really necessary?" Violet says. "Yes it is" Sam says. "You are a prisoner of us" Bruce says. Sam, Bruce and Violet walk to the parking place, but suddenly a car arrives. The person in the car starts shooting at them. "Riley?" Sam says. They dodge the bullets and hide behind some cars. They hear him/her stepping out of the car. Bruce peers and sees it is Dion. "Oh no" Bruce says. "Who is it?" Sam says. "That guy Isabelle had sex with" Bruce says sad. "Shit" Sam says. "What? What happened?" Violet says. "I hear you idiots" Dion says. "Give Isabelle back to me and I promise you will stay alive" Dion says. "Long story" Sam says. "So Isabelle has an affair with this guy, so he should be really hot" Violet says. "He defenitely isn't" Bruce says. "Can I go to him? I have a plan" Violet says. Sam looks to Bruce. He makes a sign that he doesn't know. "Allright then" Sam says while opening her handcuffs. She walks to Dion. "Hello" Violet says. "Who the hell are you?" Dion says. "That doesn't matter. So you had sex with Isabelle?" Violet says. "She is the hottest girl I have ever met, she is mine" Dion says. "She isn't here" Violet says. "So where is she?" Dion says. "I can bring you to her" Violet says. "Why should I trust you?" Dion says. "Because I am a friend of her, and I want to find her too" Violet says. "You are just a stupid girl, but I will trust you" Dion says. "Okay let me drive" Violet says. "Allright then" Dion says and he steps inside his car. They drive away. "Was this a good idea?" Bruce says. "I don't know" Sam says. "Come step in the car, we should follow them" Sam says. "But Isabelle? She isn't at Dion anymore? So shouldn't we find her too?" Bruce says. "That can wait" Sam says. "I want to kill Riley for what he did" Sam says. "Okay lets go" Bruce says.

A car stops at a big parking place. Riley steps out of the car. "Finally, I am there" Riley says and he walks away. He is at an airport. He walks inside. "I hope it is Violet" Riley says. He watches on his device and he gets closer.

Isabelle and Bliss are siitin in a train. "I hope everything is allright there" Bliss says. "Me too" Isabelle says. "I was an asshole, when I ignored Bruce" Isabelle says. "You defenitely was" Bliss says. "My friends probably think about me the same" Bliss says. Later the train stops. "This is the closest stop to the campsite" Bliss says. "Then we should leave here" Isabelle says and they walk outside. "It is not busy there. They walk further to the taxis, but suddenly somebody is following them. He comes closer, and closer, and closer.

Sam and Bruce are still following Dion and Violet. "I wondering where we are going" Sam says. Bruce is driving and sees they are going to Marseille. "Why does Violet wants to go there?" Bruce says. "The airport, she is playing again" Sam says. "Stupid bitch" Bruce says. "Just follow them, we will get them at the airport.

1 hour later, they are at the airport. Sam and Bruce see the car of Dion standing. They are still sitting inside the car. "The airport? Isabelle wanted to go back to united states." Dion says angry. "It looks like that" Violet says. "Lets go to there" Dion says and they step out of the car. They walk inside the airport. Sam and Bruce follow them. "She should be here somewhere" Violet says. Dion searches and looks everywhere. Violet is sitting at a bench. "So this was your plan? Going with him back to America." Sam says and he grabs Violet. "You followed us, that's great, now we can get back with all of us" Violet says. "You won't go anywhere" Sam says and he does her handcuffs back on. "He is there" Violet says and he makes a sign to the toilets. "I will get that idiot" Bruce says and he walks inside the toilets. Dion is peeing there. When he opens his toilet room again, Bruce pushes him back inside. "Where is Isabelle?" Bruce says. "Well, Well, look who is there" Dion says. "It can't be coincidence that you are here" Dion says. "You are right, we followed you, but now tell me where is she?" Bruce says. "She probably already stepped on a plane and got away from here" DIon says. "It looks like we are both too late" Dion says. "You are lying!! You know where she is" Bruce says. "She went away, she said something about a campsite, but I was there and there was a girl that said she was here" Dion says while Bruce is hurting him. "Tell me something that I don't already know" Bruce says. "Who the hell is that girl? She is a liar" Dion says. "We are agreed about that" Bruce says and he slams him in his face. He falls unconscious. Bruce goes outside like nothing happened. But Dion is playin like he is unconsious and he grabs Bruce. He tries to choke him, but it fails and Bruce fights back. He is stronger and he throws Dion out the toilet. He throws his head in the sink. He becomes unconscious of it for real now. But suddenly comes inside. "What the hell is happening here?" the guy says. "Nothing special" Bruce says. Bruce wants to walk outside, but the guy does a needle in Bruce's arm. He falls unconscious.

Sam and Violet are still waiting. "So inside which plane did you want to go?" Sam says. "That doesn't matter anymore, you got me, and I won't go anywhere" Violet says. "What is wrong with you?" Sam says. "I want to know the same thing" somebody says. Sam and Violet are both surprised to see who it is. "Well, Well. Finally you are here Violet" Riley says. "I have one question" Riley says. "Where is Mitch?" Riley says. "I killed that idiot" Sam says. "That's unfortunately" Riley says. "But I am glad that you two both are alive" Riley says. "Do you also both want to go back America?" Riley says. "Yes after I killed you" Sam says. "Yes I want" Violet says. "Follow me" Riley says. Violet steps on and follows him. Sam has no other choice to follow him too. They walk inside a personal only door. "Are we allowed to come here?" Sam says. "Ofcourse we are" Riley says. Sam doesn't see anybody so he walks inside. They walk further and further. "Here it is" Riley says. Sam looks outside. He sees a plane standing. But not a normal plane, it is from Wright Airlines. "This is your plane?" Sam says. "Yes, be glad you don't have to pay for your ticket" Riley says. "Go inside" Riley says. Violet walks inside and Sam follows her. They go inside the gate that leads to the plane. Later they are inside. "Welcome!" one of the personal says. "Can we wait for Bruce?" Sam says to Riley. "That won't be necessary, he is also inside here" Riley says. "What?" Sam says. "I can bring you to him." Riley says. They walk to the tail of the plane. Violet stays inside the passengers area. A personnel sees she is wearing handcuffs and unlocks her. "Thank you" Violet says. "Here it is" Riley says. He opens a door and pushes Sam inside, and closes the door immediately. Sam is shocked what he sees inside. Bruce, Isabelle, Bliss, Dion, Demi, Gaius and some ohter people are all sitting inside.

After Sam is gone, Riley walks back to the passengers area. Violet is sitting on a chair. Riley goes sitting next to him. "Good joke what you said to Mitch" Riley says. "It hadn't really the result I had imagined" Violet says. "Yes you wanted me death?" Riley says. "No ofcourse not" Violet says. "Bad plan" Riley says. "Mitch is death, because of what you did" Riley says. "I don't know if I should be happy with that, or what" Riley says. "He was just a henchmen, all henchmen die" Violet says. "I wouldn't say that too loud" Riley says and he is pointing to all the henchmen of him on the airplane. Suddenly one of them comes to Riley. "Are we ready to take off?" he says. "Yes we are, I really want out of this stupid country" Riley says. "Yes sir" the henchmen says and he walks to the cockpit to inform the pilots. "Where were we? oh yes, I wanted to say that you should be punished for what you did" Riley says. "Punished like what?" Violet says. "I can make it easy for you" Riley says. "Walk with me" Riley says. Violet refuses. "I would if I were you" Riley says. Violet has no choice and walks with him. They walk to a room near the cockpit. Inside the room is a bedroom. "Your bedroom?" Violet says. "Yes it is" Riley says. "I won't do this" Violet says. "You have no choice" Riley says. Suddenly he kisses her and pushes her on the bed. "You stupid bitch" Riley says and he also goes in the bed.

Inside the cage, it is quiet for some time. Sam is the only that is awaken yet. Isabelle and Bliss are the first to awake. "Good morning" Sam says to Isabelle. "Where are we?" Isabelle says. "Inside a plane" Sam says. "Why are we here?" Bliss says. "We are prisoners" Sam says. "I can't remember much anymore" Isabelle says. "Me neither" Bliss says. "Let wait for the others to awake, we should work together to get out of here" Sam says. "Getting out of here?" Bliss says. "Yes did you want to stay here forever?" Sam says. "Ofcourse not" Bliss says. Suddenly Gaius awakes too. "What the fuck is this?" He says. "Hello" Sam says. "Not you again, ofcourse I didn't forget you" Gaius says. "Did you remember how you came here?" Sam says. "No I do not" Gaius says. Demi awakes too and sees her boyfriend. "Gaius? What happened?" Demi says. "I don't know" Gaius says. "I can tell you it" Sam says. "You? You are the one that saved us out of that stupid campsite" Demi says. "Yes true, you are prisoners of that guy that almost killed you" Sam says. "What? Why?" Demi says. "Idiot!" Gaius says angry. "Why us?" Demi says. "Probably because you stayed on the campsite too, everybody here was on that god damn campsite" Sam says. "This all probably didn't happen if we went to Greece" Gaius says. "But I don't understand how he knew where to find you" Sam says. "The only thing I remember waiting for our plane back to London" Demi says. "London?" Sam says. "Yes we wanted back to our home country" Demi says. "Until we met someone" Demi says. "Riley? Probably Riley" Sam says. Isabelle walks to Bruce and Dion, who are lying next to each other. "What happened to them?" Isabelle says. "An anesthetic" Sam says. "You all were unconscious when I came in here" Sam says. Dion awakes besides Isabelle. "Isabelle?" Dion says. "Yes I am here" Isabelle says. Dion walks to her and embraces her. "I thought I would never see you again" Dion says. Also some other people awake. Bruce awakes too. He walks to Dion and pushes him away. "Stay away from him" Bruce says to Isabelle. "Bruce?" Sam says. "Yes what happened?" Bruce says. "We are all prisoned by Riley" Sam says. "Riley? Who the hell is Riley?" Dion says. "You will probably meet him soon" Sam says. "Wait let me see that" Sam says to Demi and he walks to her and Gaius. "What?" Demi says. "The bracelet we got on the campsite" Sam says. "Everybody has it" Sam says. "It probably has a GPS tracker" Sam says. "But I don't understand, why does he want to kill everybody that was on the campsite?" Demi says. "I want to know the same" Gaius says. "I don't know it for sure, but Riley's father stayed on this campsite" Sam says. "So what? that's the reason?" Dion says. "Let me continue" Sam says. "I found some secret items which says that he met Master Scream here" Sam says. "Who the hell is Master Scream?" Dion says. "Didn't you heard about him?" Sam says. "He was on the news a long time" Sam says. "I heard about him" Gaius says. "My former girlfriend killed that idiot but his friends still wants to punish me for that" Sam says. "Where is she?" Demi says. "She is death" Sam says. "I am sorry to hear that" Demi says. "Me too" Gaius says. "On that campsite started everything" Sam says. "Great that you know everything about it" A voice says. "Good evening my prisoners" Riley says standing for a glass. "Where is Violet?" Sam says to Riley. "Safe, safer than you guys" Riley says. "Please let all innocent people go" Sam says. "They have done nothing wrong" Sam says. "That's a lie!" Riley says. "Everybody on that campsite should be death!" Riley says. "Why? Please tell us why?" Sam says. "You haven't any good reason" Bruce says. "Rudy stole everything from me there, he killed the parents of my best friend Mitch" Riley says. "Mitch? Who the hell is Mitch?" Dion says. "Somebody you will never met" Sam says. "You will pay for killing him you motherfucker!!" Riley says to Sam. "So Robinson killed Mitch's parents, but I don't see how he harmed you" Sam says. "He made this from me, this what I am now" Riley says. "I never wanted to be a coward like a Scream, but this ignorance, rage and all other bad stuff, he gave me" Riley says. "So why didn't you kill Master Scream, he is the perpetrator of everything that happened to you" Sam says. "I can't kill him anymore, since that whore of you killed him" Riley says. "Ron told me the same thing" Sam says. "You also shouldn't have killed him" Riley says. "Why did you kill all of them?" Dion says. "Long story" Sam says. "We have talked enough" Riley says. "It is time that one of you will die!" Riley says. "Only one of us?" Dion says. "In the end you all will be death" Riley says. "So are there any volunteers?" Riley says. "He" Dion says aiming to Bruce. "What? you idiot!" Bruce says. "The best friend of the biggest motherfucker of the world" Riley says. "He shouldn't be death that quickly" Riley says. "What is wrong with you idiot" Sam says mad to Dion. "I don't give a shit about anybody here, only her" Dion says pointing to Isabelle. "You son of a bitch, I hope you will die first" Sam says. "Since nobody is volunteering, I will kill somebody random" Riley says. Out of knowhere a big knife comes going right through one of the prisoners.

Violet is lying in bed naked. "Riley?" Violet says. He isn't there. She steps out of the bed and does her clothes back on. "I should help them" Violet says. She walks outside the room. Some henchmen are standing outside. "You aren't approved to go outside, miss Cross" one of the henchmen says. "I am" Violet says and she stabs a knife in his throat. The other henchmen attacks her too but is killed by a second knife of Violet. She walks to the tail of the ship.

In the cage it is quiet. Sam is seen crying. Also a lot of other people are crying. Isabelle is with Bruce. Dion is also close to them. Gaius helps Demi. Some of the other prisoners are standing close to the death body of Bliss. "She was innocent" Sam says to Bruce. Some of the henchmen pick up the body of Bliss and walk outside. Riley is gone. "What will we do now?" Bruce says. "Finding a way to get out of her" Sam says. Suddenly, somebody walks inside the room. Sam sees him. "What the hell are you doing here?" Sam says. "Helping Riley" he says. Bruce is also shocked to see him. It is Owen. "Good luck Sam and Bruce" Owen says. "I just wanted to see you, I will stay in the passengers area where we have good food." Owen says. But suddenly out of knowhere a knife goes right through the throat of Owen. "You fucking bitch!!" Owen says and he falls death on the ground. The other henchmen sees it and they are also killed. "Somebody needing help?" Violet says and she opens the door. "Thank you" Sam says. "Lets go out" Sam says and all the other prisoners also walks outside. Sam and Violet run in front and run to the passengers area. The other people from the campsite follow them. The guards see them and run to them and attack them. A big fight on the ship starts. Riley doesn't hear anything, he is just sitting in his room. A guard goes towards him and tells him about what happens: "The prisoners, they escaped" "How on earth could that happen?" Riley says. "What shall we do?" the guard says. "Kill them, all of them!!" Riley says. Sam, Bruce and Violet kill some of the guards. Dion protects Isabelle. Demi and Gaius try to find a safe room. Sam smashes one of the guards on the ground and says: "Where is Riley?" "I will never tell an idiot like you that" the guard says. Sam hits him knocked out on the ground. "I think I know where he is" Violet says. "Okay" Sam says. The guards attack Dion too. He tries to fight them, but he is an idiot and can't fight good. One of the guards throws him on the ground. On the moment he wants to kill him, he is killed by Isabelle. "Wow, I didn't know you could do that" Dion says. "I have learned more than you probably think" Isabelle says and she starts fighting too. The guards are in the minority. But they succeed to kill some of the people from the campsite. Gaius and Demi run across them and go inside a room. "Do you think this is a good idea?" Demi says. "Yes, I do" Giaus says. But suddenly Riley is standing before them. "Welcome you idiots" Riley says. His guards attack them and capture them. All the guards in the other side of the plane guard them. Sam, Bruce, Violet, Dion, Isabelle and the others have defeated all the guards. The other passengers on the ship have no idea what to do and stay on their places. Suddenly the door to the other room is opened. Riley is standing behind it. "Nice to see you again" Riley says. "Finally ready to attack yourself?" Sam says. "You are complete idiots!" Riley says. "You would wish you stayed in your cage" Riley says. "Because of your actions we all will die" Riley says. "What did we wrong?" Dion says. "You give me almost no other option to let this plane chrash, there is no other way to kill an idiot like that" Riley says pointing to Sam. "I know you let them go Violet" Riley says. "That makes you the second biggest idiot on the planet" Riley says. "You didn't give me another option" Violet says. "But I want to make a deal" Riley says and he let them see Gaius and Demi. "Surrender now or these two will both die" Riley says. "Why should we care about them?" Dion says. "What is wrong with you?" Sam says. "Who did you mean?" Riley says. "Both of you, you are both complete idiots" Sam says. "So I want you to be surrendered in 10 seconds, or they will die!" Riley says. "You are the one that deserves to die!!" Sam says. "10, 9, 8...." Riley says. "We have no other option" Sam says. Sam, Bruce and Isabelle surrender. Violet doubts a bit but does it later too. Dion doesn't do it. "5, 4, 3..." Riley says. "Don't you see we surrendered?" Sam says. "You should all have surrendered" Riley says and points to Dion. "What are you doing you idiot?" Bruce says. "Dion surrender" Isabelle says. "What on earth is wrong with you?" Sam says. "Why should I give my life to save two people I don't even know?" Dion says. "Where was I? 3, 2, 1....." Riley says. Sam gives everthing he has in the three seconds and attacks Riley. Riley is surprised by it and hesitates. Sam is faster and pushes him away. The other guards and henchmen don't know what to do. Riley attacks Sam and they start fighting. "You motherfucker, always stopping my plans" Riley says during the fight. The guards don't get orders, so they just start with attacking. Violet and Bruce fight with them. Sam and Riley fight further to the cockpit. Riley pushes Sam on the ground. "Lets make this fight more interesting" Riley says and he suddenly shoots the two pilots through the head. They both fall death on the ground. "You idiot! what the hell were you thinking?" Sam says. "We don't need them" Riley says and he smashes Sam away. Bruce, Isabelle and Violet kill a lot of guards. Dion doesn't do anything and goes siting at the other passengers. Suddenly the plane starts going down. Everybody falls of their chair. Bruce grabs Isabelle and they fall in a corner. A lot of guards fall and die. Demi and Gaius grab a chair and hang on it. Violet goes away and jumps to the cockpit. Sam and Riley see her. "Join the fight, I have predicted this fight since I found you on that bleeding campsite!!" Riley says and he attacks Violet. "You two are weaker than I am, I am the strongest person on this plane!" Riley says. Dion crawls in a small opening that leads to the luggage compartment. He hides in there. "What the hell is happening?" Bruce says. "The pilots must have been gone or death" Gaius says. "Somebody needs to take their place" Demi says. Gaius jumps of his chair to Bruce. Demi follows him. "Stay with them" Giaus says to Demi. "You sure about this?" Demi says. "I am" Gaius says and he goes to cockpit. Luckily, Sam, Violet and Riley are gone now. Gaius goes sititng on a chair and tries to get the plane back in the air. It succeeds. "What?" Riley says. He isn't concentrated and suddenly Violet steps a knife inside him. It hurts him. "You fucking bitch, I should have killed you way before!" Riley says. But he gets the knife out of his belly. He pushes Sam away inside another room. Violet attacks him again, but it doesn't seem to have hurted Riley very much. He throws her on the ground and stebs the knife in her too. "Die you fucking bitch!!" Riley says. But suddenly Sam stops him and pushes him away. He sees Violet lying on the ground. Riley runs away to the luggage compartment. "Go away, get him" Violet says. Sam follows Riley to the luggage compartment. Dion sees them comming and hides in the biggest case. "You will never stop don't you?" Riley says. "Ofcourse not" Sam says and he attacks him again. Riley grabs some cases and throws it at Sam. Sam dodges them and throws it too. Dion hears everything. Bruce and Isabelle kill the last guards. "I hope that was the last one" Bruce says. "Where did that idiot go?" Demi says. "No idea" Bruce says. "We have to look if everything is allright with Gaius" Demi says and she walks to the cockpit. He is doing it fine. He is happy to see her. They fly over the United States now. "We always wanted to go here" Demi says. "Yes we did" Gaius says. Bruce and Isabelle walk to the room where Sam, Violet and Riley went. They see Violet. She is hurted. "Where are Sam and Riley?" Bruce says. "That way" Violet says pointing to a stairs down. "Are you allright?" Isabelle says. "Yes I am" Violet says. "I will go and help Sam" Bruce says and he walks away. "Violet you must know that I am sorry for the way I acted to you" Isabelle says. "I wasn't always as good" Violet says. "No but you saved us, if you weren't here, we were still in that cage" Isabelle says. "You need to tell Sam something" Violet says. "Riley and Ron weren't the only Screams that were created by Master....." Violet says and she wants to finish her sentence but it can't. The henchmen of Riley is standing behind them and stebbed his knife in Violet. Isabelle sees him too and grabs her gun and shoots him through the head. Violet falls on the ground. "You won't die, I believe it" Isabelle says. "It is too late" Violet says. "He is known as as the Ki......" Violet says. "Know as what? Please stay with me" Isabelle says. "Tell Sam I love him" Violet says and later she is death. Isabelle starts crying because of it. In the luggage compartment, Riley feels Violet is death because of the poison he injected inside her. "Finally!!" Riley says. "What?" Sam says. "Violet is death!" Riley says. "What? I don't believe you" Sam says. "I feel it, she is death" Riley says. It makes Sam only more angry. He attacks him faster and hits him a couple of times. "You motherfucker!" Sam says and he smashes Riley in his head. "You think that weak punches will kill me?" Riley says. "No, but this will" Sam says and he does grabs his own poison out of his jacket and injects it in himself. "You fucker, that doesn't work on me" Riley says and he steps on again. "What happens to me?" Riley says. He starts becomming sick and starts vomiting. Sam runs to him and stebs his knife inside him. Riley falls on his knees watching to him. "This is your end big idiot" Sam says and he stebs his knife inside his head. This makes him full death and his death body falls on the ground. Bruce comes inside the room and sees he is already too late. They walk back to the other room. They see Violet's death body. Isabelle is still crying. "No, no, no" Sam says. "Who did this?" Bruce says. "Some henchmen we didn't kill" Isabelle says sad. "Where is Riley?" Isabelle says. "That big idiot is finally death" Sam says.

Later they have thrown all the bodies in the luggage compartment, except Bliss and Violet's deaht bodies. "Ready?" Bruce says. "Yes" Sam says. Dion is still sitting in the case. Nobody cares about him. Bruce pushes at the button and the back-cover opens. All the bodies and cases fly outside the plane in the ocean. "Probably nobody cares about them" Sam says. Dion flies away too. "Where is Dion excactly?" Sam says. "Nobody cares about that idiot" Bruce says. Isabelle doesn't know what to answer on that. Giaus and Demi are still sitting in the cockpit. They fly back to the United States. Dion is still in the case flying outside in the air. "Please, please, somebody help me!!!" Dion screams. Later he falls in the ocean. Riley's death body falls in the water too. It goes under the water to never see again. Dion opens his case and is shocked to see where he is. "Fucking motherfuckers!!!!" Dion screams.

1 week later, Sam, Bruce, Isabelle, Gaius and Demi are all on the funeral of Violet. Her parents are their too, and her other family. "I am sorry for what happend" Sam says to her parents. "But you should know that she was a good friends of all of us" Sam says. Sam, Bruce, Isabelle, Demi and Gaius standing before their car after the funeral. "So what will you two do now?" Bruce says. "We would like to stay here some time" Gaius says. "Yes, that doesn't happen every day in your life" Demi says. "Good" Sam says. They step inside the car and drive away. After the scene the credits appear.

After the credits, Master Scream's death is showen, after it Ron's death and after it Riley's death. After Riley's death the screen turns over and a scream with a new mask is seen.


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