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The Scream: Revenge of the Screams is a movie in the Scream Series. It is a sequel to The Scream Returns. All characters that survived The Scream Returns will return in this third movie. It has also a sequel, The Scream: The Curse of Death

Synopsis Edit

After Mette was killed, Master Scream wants revenge. He awakes a whole Scream army and send them to attack. He really want Sam Stone to be dead. Sam and his friends still think Master Scream is death. But he comes back and he is more deathly than he is ever been. With the help of William he knows all the secrets of Sam and his friends. He wants to kidnap Sam again and lets him play the game of death. Who is this big psychopath??

Plot Edit

The movie starts directly after The Scream Returns stopped.

Sam is lying in bed with Noa. Noa thanks him again for saving him. You're welcome, I hope they will never come back. I want the same. They kiss again. The party downstairs is still on. Isa is very glad that Ralph is gone. Evan is drunk and can't control himself. He goes to Isa and kisses her. Isa likes him. Chayenne sees it and is very jaelous. Kevin is the only one that goes searching for Ralph. He goes outside but can't find him. Master Scream is already long gone and he took away Ralph's body. Kevin has no idea to search further. He walks further and further but can't find anything. He is on a road. A car rides on the road. There are three girls inside the car. They see Kevin and stop the car. Hey, what are you doing here?? One of the girls asks. I am searching for a friend but he is gone. Kevin watches at the girls and doesn't know where he is looking at. Two of them are the hottest girls he has ever seen. By the way, my name is Kevin. Hi, I am Miley and these are Lynn and Tess. So, how did that friend looked like. Friend?? oh he is not important, Would you three like to come over to a house a few miles ago from here. A party is going on, and I would like that you join it, Kevin says. Ok good, we will go to it, Tess says. Miley and Lynn are also agreed and they go to Sam's house. Master Scream was watching them and has heard everything. Good, the game has just become more interesting, Master Scream says.

Bruce and Isabelle are back downstairs. Bruce is looking for Ralph but can't find him. Where is Ralph??; he asks to Isa. He went away, because he disliked the party. Oh ok. A few minutes later, Kevin is back. Miley, Lynn and Tess also came. Who are they??, Evan asks to Kevin. Just three girls I have just met, Kevin says. Ok no problem, Evan says. They introduce themselves to each other. Lynn is already very interested in Bruce. So who is the owner of this big house, Tess and Miley aks to Bruce. A Friend of mine, Bruce says: He is upstairs. And what is he doing there, Miley asks very interested. He is with his girlfriend, Isabelle says mad. She very dislikes the three new girls. Lynn wants to talk with Bruce, but she sees Isabelle is his girlfriend.

Sam and Noa are still upstairs. I hope the others have a great party, Sam says. I am back in a while, Sam says he kisses Noa one time. Sam goes out of the bed to the toilet. In the bathroom, he is shocked of what he sees. The dead body of Ralph is lying in the bath tub. His head is hanging on the shower head. Shocked of the situation, he hears Noa screaming. He immediatly goes back to the bedroom and sees William standing besides Noa. Hello Sam, I have come back from the death. That is not possible, Sam says. Why you killed Ralph?? I didn't, my master did it. Why do you work for him?? I thought you were my best friend. I maybe was, but I quit after Jayden was killed, he was always my best friend, not you!!! You are the stupid trader that had always more interested in this stupid girl than us: William says. That is a lie!!!: Sam says. And now she is gonna pay for it: William says. Please let her go: Sam says: You can have me. Yes that are the orders of the master, but I simply ignore them, William says. I joined him to take revenge. You fucking trader: Sam says very angry. You are the one that has to die!!: Sam says. Sam picks up a gun out of his back pocket. Ok I will give you a chance to save her, William says. She has only to answer one question correct. Who would you save if you could save one of us, me or that stupid bitch: William says. She of course: Sam says. I am glad you answered the question correct, but life is not fair and it won't save her. William wants to kill Noa but on that moment Sam shoots the knife out of his hands. After that Sam attacks William. William attacks him back. Sam slabs him on his head, William wants to pick up his knife but it fails. Noa escapes and wants to warn the others. William and Sam fight further to another room. They fight before a window. William picks up another knife and Sam slams it away. The knife hits the window. The window later breaks. Sam slams William again. William is later Knock out and falls wounded out of the window. Sam goes later outside to find his body but he can't find anything.

The next week on school, A lot of people see Ralph's disappearance. He was very popular on school. Miley, Tess and Lynn are also on their school now. Kevin is very glad with it. Sam doesn't really trust the three girls. Because that everybody is again dead in Sam's class, a lot of new students come in their class. "Why do they even want to be on this school anymore, everybody dies here": Sam says to Noa. "They maybe think it is a joke, just like Ralph": Noa says. The first new studen is Dylan Twain, a very zappy boy. Rick Moore introduces him to the other students. The next new students are Miley, Tess and Lynn."This can't be coincidence": Sam says: "There is something with them, I will find it out." "I agree": Noa says. The next break Sam walks to the three girls. Noa and Bruce follow him. Isabelle is with Isa. "Hi, we haven't met yet, I am Sam, I know you were on my party": Sam says. "Oh you are him": Miley says. We have heard a lot about you: Tess says. Lynn doesn't even watch to him, she has more interest in Bruce. Am I wrong or is that girl watching all the time to me": Bruce says. "Yes you are right": Noa says. On the same time, Evan and Kevin are in the toilet. They are peeing. Evan is very scared because Ralph is killed. On the same time the lights go off. The toilet is totally dark. "Evan are you here??": Kevin asks. "Yes, but we are not alone": Evan says. Mr. Moore is walking outside. He hears screams. He goes into the toilet, but doesn't find anything. Kevin and Evan are both gone.

In the lesson maths, the class is introduced to their new Maths Teacher, Mr. Shelton. He goes through the class list. He notices that Evan and Kevin are absent. Chayenne is very anxious. She always sits right of Evan with Maths. Now Miley goes sitting right of her. They start talking with each other. Lynn wanted to sit right of Bruce, but Isabelle is already there. She is mad but now goes sitting right of Tess. They aren't even friends but otherwise she has to sit alone.

Emily and Madison still have their own Scream find out program. Emily wants to call Sam and Noa for help but Madison doesn't want that. The next night they go to Jack Waterway's house. They find his dead body. But they hear there is something in the house. They go to a room where they see Master Scream. "Welcome, Welcome, Welcome" :Master Scream says.: "You have find me." But I am not alone. 5 other Screams appear. William also walks in. "Take them away": Master Scream says.

Miley, Chayenne and Tess have become now friends. Chayenne also wanted Noa to come, but Sam has Noa advised not to hang around with them. They go to a party of a friend. Chayenne hopes Evan is also there, but he can't be found. An hour later, Chayenne goes outside, she has to smoke. Outside and unknown person walks to him. He goes standing besides her. "What do you want": Chayenne asks. The unknown person pushes her on the ground. "Where is Sam Stone?" He asks. "Who are you": Chayenne asks."It's me": William says and lets see his face to Chayenne. "What?? "You are that guy that betrayed us!!": Chayenne says. "That's a lie, Sam betrayed us": William says:" He is the Master Scream, Noa is his henchmen". "What?? Noa will never do that": Chayenne says: "I don't believe you". "I gave you a chance" William says and he hits Chayenne on the head. She fall concussion on the ground. Master Scream drives with his car to William. William throws her in the car. He also steps in and they ride away. Miley is searching for Chayenne but can't find her. "Have you seen Chayenne??": Miley asks to Tess. "No": Tess says.

The next day, the class has gym. In the changing room, Miley asks to Noa: Have you seen Chayenne?: Noa says. "No I thought she was with you": Noa says. In the lesson they are introduced to their next new teacher, Mr. Mclean. He is very strange and doesn't take his job serious. "Are there even normal teachers on this school?": Sam asks to Noa, Bruce and Isabelle. "Probably not": Bruce says. Mr. McLean is playing soccer like a child. He doesn't even knows the rules. "Ok I am done": Noa says and she goes to the changing room. Mr. McLean sees it and he follows her. "What are you doing??, how can you even walk out my lesson: Mr. McLean says. "Sorry, I don't like you lessons: Noa says. She feels sad now. "You don't have to apologise you": Mr. McLean says. He doesn't cares about, he even likes it, he sees his chance. He attacks her. He wants to pull of her clothes and rape her. Sam hears her screaming and walks in. Mr. McLean stopped when he walked in. Mr. McLean is very indignant about what he did. Sam walks to Noa, and watches if she is alright. "I am really sorry, I don't know what happened to me" Mr. McLean says. "You are a liar" Sam says and he and Noa walk angry outside. The class is still playing soccer. Dylan is one of the ones that likes Mr. McLean's lessons. Miley walks to the storage with all gym stuff. She wants to pick up a volleybal. But on the same time a Goal net falls on. It fells on Miley's leg. She is a bit hurt. She screams for help but nobody hears her. But she is not alone. Master Scream is also in the storage. He picks up a baseball bat. "Please help me": Miley says to the unknown men. She doesn't even know he is a killer and psychopath. Master Scream doesn't wants to help. He hits her several times with the baseball bat. She dies off her injuries. Master Screams laughs very hard while he is hitting her. Mr. McLean later goes to the storage but doesn't find her body.

After School, Bruce and Isabelle go to the park. They go sitting on a couch. They are really done with the whole Scream massacre. But somebody is watching to them. He is standing behind a tree. Dylan is also in the park. He goes to them. "Hey Bruce, How are you." Dylan says. "Bad" Bruce says. The Scream sees it. He walks to the fountain. He hides behind it. Dylan later walks away. He walks to the fountain. The Scream sees it. The Scream pushes him under the water. The Scream also jumps in the water and pushes him very deep under water. Bruce and Isabelle hear it. They want to help Dylan. But they are stopped by Master Scream and William. William attacks Bruce. Master Scream attacks Isabelle. "I have a small surprise for you, Isabelle" Master Scream says. He picks up a bag. Isabelle is very scared. He opens the bag. The head of Miley is lying in it. Isabelle is very shocked. Bruce and William are still fighting. They fall of the hill. Under the hill more Screams are standing. Bruce is shocked about the many Screams. Isabelle wants to help Bruce, but it is too late. The Screams pick him up and throw him in a van. "Why do you love him that much" Master Scream says: "Love makes you weak". Isabelle is very angry and attacks Master Scream. Master Scream picks up a needle and puts it in Isabelle. She fells asleep. "Sleep, honey" Master Scream says. In the van, Bruce picks his phone and calls Sam. Sam is with Noa at his home. Noa tries to call Chayenne, but no answer. The phone of Sam rangs. Sam opens the call. "Sam!, They got me". A Scream finds out that Bruce is calling. He steals his phone. "Hello Sam" he says. Later he throws the phone out of the van. Sam is really angry. He tells Noa it.

The next day on school, Noa, Sam, Tess and Lynn are the only ones that are still left. Rick Moore is also scared but he also likes it a bit. In the Teachers room he is drinking coffe with Mr. McLean and Mr. Shelton. Mr. Shelton later goes to the toilet. He hears something in a casing. He opens the casing. There is nothing in there. He hears another sound in a classroom. He goes in there. He doesn't find anything. Another Scream walks behind him. He closes the door. He doesn't see him. The Scream walks quitet to him. He pick up a chair. Now he sees him. The Scream pushes him with the chair to the window. He falls out of the window on the ground. He dies. Sam sees it. He isn't even shocked about it anymore.

Isa is alone in the park. She walks to the fountain. Somebody is watchin her. It is a Scream. He makes contact with two other Screams. The Other Scream also see her. The tree Screams follow her towards her home. When she wants to open the door of her house, they attack. Another Scream stop with a van before her house. Isa wants to call 911, but it fails. One Scream picks her phone out of her hand and throws it on the ground. The Screams throw her in the van and ride away.

Mr. Moore and Mr. McLean are alone in the coffee room. Mr. Moore orders some coffee. Mr. McLean has to give a lesson to the class of Sam. He goes away. He walk to the gym room. The whole class is empty, only one kid went to the lesson. Mr. McLean walks to the kid. "Where are the others?"Mr. McLean asks. But before the question is answered the kid has put a knife in Mr. McLean's belly. The kid is a Scream. The Scream cuts Mr. McLean into pieces. Mr. Moore is still in the coffee room. He wants to buy more coffee. But then the coffee-machine has an interruption. All the coffee comes out of it. It burns on Mr. Moore. Then he watches behind him. A Scream is standing. He puts the knife in his troath. A lot blood fells on the ground. Mr. Moore falls dead on the ground. The Scream makes the floor clean. Then he walks away. Nobody has seen him.

Lynn wants to find Bruce, but she can't find him. She and Lynn ask Sam about it, but he doesn't want to talk. Lynn becomes very angry and ask him it again angry. "Ok, he is gone" Sam says. Lynn is even more angry and she thinks it is all Sam's fault. Noa and Tess want to make her less angry but it doesn't work. She angry walks away. "Is she even normal" Noa asks to Tess. "Normally, she is not that angry" Tess says. Later they hears Lynn screaming, They follow her way. They see William standing behind Lynn, he is holding a knife to her troath. "One step further and she will die!!" William says. The other Screams follow and they go stand in a circle to Tess, Sam and Noa. 1 minute later, Master Scream appears. All Scream pray for him. Master Scream walks to Sam, Noa and Tess. "You, son of a bitch" Sam says really angry. "Hahahahaha!!, Finally I got you" Master Scream says. "Take those idiots away": Master Scream says. Lynn is throwen in a van by William. The other Screams attack Sam, Noa and Tess. Sam wants to fight them, but it doesn't work. One Scream has a stick and slams it into Sam's face. He fells unconscious.

When Sam awakes, he is in a place he doesn't know. It is very dark. He stands up and he sees Isa and Evan are standing next to him. "I thought you would never wake up" Evan says. "Where the hell are we?" Sam says. "I don't know" Isa says. They only see some trees and darkness. They see some footprints on the ground. "I think we must follow them": Evan says. "I don't know for sure, we are probably in a prison, and this could be a trap" Sam says. "Do you have a better idea" Evan says. "Yes, not follow them" Sam says. On the other side of the forest. Bruce is with Isabelle and Lynn. Lynn is very glad to see Bruce back. Bruce wants to protect Isabelle. Lynn is very angry about it. She also has a crush on Bruce. Lynn becomes even more angry and attacks Isabelle. Bruce wants to stop the fight, but it fails. William and Master Scream are watching to the fight. "This is exactly what I wanted" William says glad. "Good" Master Scream says. Now see what team 3 is doing. Tess, Dylan and Madison are Team 3. Dylan is glad. He sees a very hot girl is with him. "What will we do" Tess says. They see a leg is laying on the ground. Dylan isn't even scared. "Lets go" Dylan says. Madison and Tess are scared about the leg. Madison says: We can better first find out, where we are." "That doesn't even matter" Dylan says. Madison is not agreed but she has to live with it. The last team consist of Emily, Chayenne and Kevin. Chayenne is very scared about Evan's fate. Kevin says that he is probably allright. Emily is also really scared. On the ground besides them is an arm laying and some other parts. Emily is sick. Kevin wants to make her feel better.

Master Scream has seen enough. "Take the lead when I am away" Master Scream says to William. "Yes, Master" William says. Master Scream walks away to another room. Noa is tied up in a chair. Master Scream walks to her, and makes her feel less terrified. "You are safe her, that stupid boyfriend of you will die!!!" Master Scream says: "He will never bother you again"

William wants to make the game more interesting. He picks up a microphone. "Welcome, Welcome, to the Game of Death, In this game is only one rule: There are no rules!!" William says: "You all may kill each other or get killed, Lets the game begin!!" He takes a view through the gadgets. "Lets use this" William says. He pushes a button with fire. Dylan, Tess and Madison see the fire. "And is it now time to run?" Dylan asks to Madison. "Yes" Madison says. They run as fast as they can. They later see a river. There is a boat with only two places. Dylan picks up the first place. Madison picks the second place. Tess can't step in the boat. The fire comes closer to them. Dylan is angry that Madison took the other place. He pushes her out of the boat. She falls on the ground. "Come, quick" Dylan says. Tess is not really agreed, but she steps in the boat. Madison is very angry and she tries to jump in the boat. She hangs on the boat. Dylan picks a paddle and hits Madison's Head. Her head bloods and she fells in the water. Tess is shocked about what Dylan did. They go further in the boat. Madison climbs back on the edge, but it is too late. The fire is very close. She doesn't know what to do. The fire comes closer and she burns in the fire. Later she falls death on the ground. Dylan sees it. He secretly laughs. William is watching it. "Bastard 8 dies, Sir" one of the Screams says. "I know" William says glad.

Evan, Sam and Isa still follow the footprints. They stop at a cave. It starts to become more dark. "We can rest her the night" Sam says. "Good Idea" Evan says. In the cave they go sleeping. Sam thinks about Noa. He is wondering where she is. William is watching them in the cave. "What are you going to do" William thinks. William picks up a poison spider and puts in the cave. Evan and Isa are laying towards each other. They start kissing. Sam doesn't care much. The spider walks towards them. He jumps on Evan. Isa and Evan wants to take him away. But it is too late, the spider bites Evan. Isa is very scared and doesn't know what to do. Sam picks up a knife and puts it in the spider. The Spider dies. Sam, Isa and Evan run fast out of the cave. The opening of the cave is closed by William. Sam, Isa and Evan are too late to run out of it. They decide to walk further into, because they have no other choice. Bruce, Isabelle and Lynn are somewhere else in a forest. Bruce has stopped the fight. Isabelle is glad about it and she kisses with Bruce. Lynn is very angry and walks away. Bruce wants her to stop, but it doesn't work. Bruce and Isabelle decide to walk further by their own. Emily, Kevin and Chayenne are besides a deep absys. Kevin throws a rock below. They doesn't hear the sound that it reaches the ground. Later they hear something. A ball is rolling towards them. William is following the ball. Master Scream is sitting with him. The ball comes closer to them. Kevin knows first that it is a ball rolling to them. "Ball" Kevin Screams. Chayenne and Emily know it now too. They run away. Emily falls over a twig. Kevin wants to save her, but it is too late. The ball pushes Emily away. She falls over the edge. She hangs on the side of the edge. The Ball falls in the deep hole. Kevin wants to help Emily. Emily picks up Kevin's hand. A man is watching them. He fires an arrow in Kevin's leg. Kevin can't hold Emily longer, and lets her fall. Emily is falls in the deep hole and dies. Chayenne and Kevin are shocked about it. Kevin sees the man that fires an arrow at him. He runs towards him. Chayenne follows him. Dylan and Tess are still in the boat. Tess is still angry about what Dylan did and ignores him. Dylan wants to flirt with Tess, but it fails. Later they see something in the water. It are bones. Dylan picks something out of the water. He shows it to Tess."Do you like this?": Dylan says. Tess ignores him. Dylan says: "Come on, you can't ignore me forever." William is watching them and says: Good she ignores him. I will help her a bit. A water snake jumps out of the water in the boat. Dylan picks up a knife and attacks him. He wants to impress Tess. He stabs the snake until he later dies. He is very glad about what he did. "Look what I did, I killed that stupid beast, he won't harm......." On that moment a bigger snake appears and puts his teeth into Dylan's head. Tess is shocked about what she sees. The snake pulls Dylan under water and eats him. Tess paddles further, and she wants to go fast away. The Snake throws Dylan back on the ship, He is totally eated by the Snake, but he is still alive. Dylan asks for help to Tess, but she ignores him again. A fireball is in the sky and flies to the boat. Tess jumps fast out of the boat. Dylan wants to go out of the boat, but is too late. The Boat and Dylan totally explode. Dylan dies in the explosion. Bruce and Isabelle see the explosion. They run towards it.

Bruce and Isabelle see Tess paddling further. Tess also sees them. She paddles towards them. Tess is glad to see them. They go further. William is still watching them. I have to kill that stupid Bruce, I hate him. Master Scream is still sitting on his throne. He likes it very much. Kevin and Chayenne walk further and see Bruce, Isabelle and Tess. Kevin is glad to see them. "Where are the others?" Chayenne asks. "We haven't found them" Bruce says. Some seconds later they hear something. Somebody is watching them. Kevin wants to attack him and runs to him. The guy which was watching them, shows himself as a Scream. He hits Kevin. He falls unconscious. Bruce, Isabelle, Chayenne and Tess go after him, but can't find him.

In the cave, Sam, Isa and Evan are still following the footprints, until Evan collapses. Isa wants to help him, but it is too late, A lot of Screams come and they go stand in a circle before them. William is one of the Screams. "Welcome Sam, Isa and almost dead Evan. You have found our secret office." Williams says. "An office in a cave? Don't let me laugh." Sam says. "Let us go, I have never did something wrong to you" You have done everything wrong" William screams. "But we have changed our plans, you come with us" William says less loudly. Master Scream wants to see you. The Screams take Sam away. Isa doesn't know what to do. Only William, Isa and Evan are left. "What sad for him, you can't save him, I can, but I won't." William says and laughs very hard. "I will help him for his suffering" William says and he begins stamping on Evan's head. Isa is shocked and can't watch to it. Evan's face is later totally crippled, and he dies. William laughs even harder and says: "You come with me" And he takes Isa with him.

Bruce, Isabelle, Chayenne and Tess later find Kevin. He is unharmed. "Where have you been" Bruce asks. "It doesn't matter, I am back" Kevin says. "The only other thing that is important for you, they made an offer to me" Kevin says. "Who are they" Isabelle asks. "The Screams" William says. "And what is the offer" Tess says. "I will get you" Kevin says. "What?? You mean me" Tess says. "Yes and I will be free" Kevin says. "And what do you have to do for that" Chayenne says. "Killing all of you!!!" Kevin screams very loud and he stabs Chayenne with a knife in her head. Chayenne falls dead on the ground. Bruce, Isabelle and Tess are shocked about what Kevin did. They attack him. Kevin slams Tess away. "I won't kill you honey" Kevin says. Kevin, Bruce and Isabelle start fighting. "Why do you believe those idiots" Bruce asks angry. "It is my only chance to escape and get her" Kevin says. Kevin is stronger than Isabelle and pulls her away. "And what is the good part, I only have to kill you and Sam" Kevin says "And especially you." Bruce becomes more angry and the fight goes faster. Tess and Isabelle are both unconscious. "I will kil you, you son of a bitch" Kevin says mad. Bruce is stronger, but Kevin is faster. "And the funny part is that, He hates you the most, after Sam" Kevin says laughing. Kevin and Bruce fight further.

Sam and Isa are with all the Screams. Master Scream and William stand before them. "HAHAHAHAHAHA, Do you like my game??" Master Screams says. "No!!, Just let us go!!" Sam says angry. "Oh you only want to go, So you don't want this" Master Scream says and he throws Noa on the ground. "You can choose, one of you will die" Master Scream says like a mad titan. "Ok, then kill me, I am already done with this" Sam says. "Ok as you wish" Master Scream picks up his knife.

Bruce and Kevin are still fighting. Kevin slams Bruce on the ground, until Kevin stops. He has a knife in his belly. "Why? Why?" Kevin says and he falls defeated on the ground. Isabelle stands behind him. "Thank you Isabelle" Bruce says and he gives her a hug. Kevin is still conscious and runs away. Tess is still unconscious on the ground. Kevin runs to her. "I am so sorry" Kevin says and he picks her up. Bruce and Isabelle find out that Kevin is gone. They see he has Tess. They want to stop him, but it is too late. He goes away with her.

On the moment Master Scream wants to kill Sam, Noa says: "No!, You should kill me" Master Scream is surprised to hear her voice. "And why would I kill an innocent girl like you" Master Scream says. "He is the real villain" Master Scream says to Sam. "Where are you waiting for? Kill that motherfucker" William screams. "No, No, I won't kill him on this way" Master Scream says. He has to suffer. William agrees and they throw him in a cage.

Bruce and Isabelle follow Kevin's tracks until they see Lynn. Lynn is sad about what she did. Bruce isn't angry about it. Neither is Isabelle.

Kevin is with Tess with William and Master Scream. Is Bruce dead? Master Scream asks to Kevin. "No, I almost killed him, but that stupid girl stand in my way." "Ok no problem, walk with me" Master Scream says. They walk to a room where they are alone. Tess stays with William. Master Scream closes the door. "If you can't kill that stupid idiot, what is your profit to me??" Master Scream says. "Please, I can still help you" Kevin says. "You don't have a function!!!" Master Scream says angry and grabs Kevin's head. He overturns his head. Kevin falls dead on the ground. Master Scream laughs and walks to Tess. "So he brought you to me" Master Scream says. Tess is very scared and doesn't know what to do. "William, kill those idiots." Master Scream says. "As you wish Master" William says. William goes to them.

Bruce, Isabelle and Lynn follow further the tracks, until a car is driving towards them. William and 3 other Screams step out of the car. "Looks who is there" William says to Bruce. "I have a present for you" William says and he throws the head of Kevin on the ground. "I did this for you, are we friends now again?" William says. "No of course not!!" Bruce says loud. "Kill those stupid girls, This son of a bitch is for me" William says to the other Screams. The other 3 Screams attack Lynn and Isabelle. Isabelle kills one of them. The other two attack Lynn. Lynn fights back, but the other Screams are stronger. One of them cuts of her hand and the other one puts his knife in her troath. She falls dead on the ground. Isabelle is angry about it and attacks the other two Screams. Bruce and William are also fighting. William has two knifes, Bruce has one. William is stronger with the two knifes, but he can't hit Bruce.

In the cage, Sam sees it is an old cage. He can easily destroy the door. He goes out of it. He goes to Master Scream's room. Master Scream is sitting on his throne. He welcomes Sam. "I know you would come" Master Scream says. "Where is Noa" Sam asks. "Not here" Master Scream says. Sam is angry about his answer and attacks him. They start fighting. Master Scream wants to throw his coffee on Sam, but it fails. He picks up his big knife and attacks. They fight further to the control room. The other Screams watch the fight but don't know what to do. Sam throws Master Scream away. He falls on a button, which activates fire in the map.

Bruce and William see everywhere is fire now. The other two Screams are too slow and are burned down by the fire. Isabelle succeeds to escape. Bruce and William are fighting besides the fire. Bruce is now a lot stronger, and William is distracted by the fire. Bruce throws William in the fire. William burns down. His whole face is burned. His eyes are burned and he can't see anything. "You son of a bitch, I will still kill you" William says angry. Bruce walks to William and puts a knife in his troath. William tries to get his last breath, and falls on the ground and dies. Bruce sees Isabelle and walks towards her. They are both glad they survived it.

Sam and Master Scream are still fighting. Sam is now a lot stronger. He throws Master Scream on the ground and stamps on his mask. His mask is totally broken. Sam is tired and stops. Master Scream sees on a screen that William is killed. "You beated me, good work Sam. Your friends maybe killed my best henchmen William but this isn't done." Master Scream says. Master Scream stands up picks up his mask, removes it and throws it on the gorund. Sam finally sees who is behind the mask. "Welcome back, Sam Stone" Master Scream says. Mr. Robinson??? Sam says very shocked. "Hahahahah, You finally know it" Attack him!!! Rudy Robinson says. The other Screams attacks Sam. Sam finds out that it are ghosts and that they can easily be defeated. He kills almost all of them. Rudy goes to the cage of Noa and Tess. He picks up Noa. "Sam surrender, or I will kill her". Rudy says, This is my last offer. Sam surrenders and throws all his weapons on the ground. "Finally you are thinking right." Rudy says. "Ok she will live, but I haven't said a single thing about you!!, You will die!!!" Rudy says and stabs his big knife in Sam's belly. Sam falls harmed on the ground. "Now I am making an end of this!!!" Master Scream screams. He wants to stab his big knife in Sam's head. Tess picks up her gun and shoots in Rudy's leg. Now Noa can escape and picks up a knife and stabs it in Rudy's neck. Master Scream turns over his face to Noa. He wants to do something in return, but he is already stabbed by Noa in his head. His big knife falls out of his hand on the ground. "I will take my payback Noa" Rudy says and he falls death on the ground. Tess calls fast 911 for Sam. Tess also helps Isa escape.

The next day Sam is in the hospital. He is going to make it. Noa and the others are very glad when they hear the news. Noa, Bruce and Isabelle are walking on their old school. The school is closed and will be demolished. Bruce and Isabelle are glad about it and start kissing. One week later Noa goes to the hospital, because Sam can get out it. They go back to Sam's house. Tess, Isa, Isabelle and Bruce are also there. They are celebrating it. They hope there will never be another Scream again.

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