The Scream: Escape from Dimension B is the 9th movie in the Scream's Cinematic Universe all created by SwitzerlandDormammu. It comes after The Scream: The Triangle of Death. This has finished the third trilogy and is the last Scream movie in the franchise.


After the Triangle of Death disbanded and Elina died, Jamie and his last allies still want to destroy earth so their Dimension, called Dimension B, will rise. After their ship was destroyed, Bruce, Florence, Norah and Sophia have to find a way to destroy Jamie and his last allies. Not sure whether Sam is still alive or not, they also have to find a way back to return to earth. But first they have to regroup after they got separated in the crash of their ship. In this last installment, everything is a risk.


In a flashback, Jamie is seen. Suprisingly, he is walking with David Parker in a hallway. Later it is shown it is the school where everything started for Sam. They discuss about how boring their school is. “Mr. Robinson is such a dick, isn’t he?” Jamie says. “I hate all of the teachers, especially Mr. Chapman” David says. Jamie nods. “He is going to get payed for the idiot he is” David says. Later, they watch a video on Youtube. It is about Halloween. They see one of the person wearing a Ghostface mask. “Wow I really like that mask” David says. “We can wear that with Halloween” Jamie says. “All kids will be scared” David says and he laughs like the devil. Jamie laughs a bit about it too. “I have to go now” David says afterwards. Jamie gives a box to Robert and they move their seperate ways. Jamie walks outside the school, altough he still has a lesson, he just skips it. Robert is standing outside waiting for him. “How was your school?” Robert says. “Boring, I just need a hot girl” Jamie says. “There are numerous of girls in San Francisco, I am sure you will find one” Robert says. They step in a car. They drive through the city. In the city centre, they stop the car. Jamie and Robert walk inside their favourite shop as usual. Nothing special happens, until 5 minutes later when they are standing at the cash desk. Outside the shop they see a man and a girl. Jamie can’t keep his eyes away from her. The camera doesn’t show the face of her yet, only her long brown hair. “I know that look of you” Robert says. “I give this girl a 10 out of 10” Jamie says. Jamie walks, after he bought the stuff, to the girl. He sees the man giving her a slam and he walks angrily away. “What the hell was that? You just let him slam you?” Jamie says. “That’s how my dad is” The girl says and then she is revealed to be a familiar face, it is Norah. “I once hit my father with a book and after that he was always afraid of me” Jamie says. “Your father probably isn’t like my dad” Norah says. “Your dad should be afraid of you, not you afraid of him” Jamie says. “Well thank you for the tip” Norah says and she walks away. Jamie isn’t satisfied and he follows her. “I can protect you if you want” Jamie says. “Thank you for the offer, but that’s not needed” Norah says. “No seriously, I don’t want him to hit you again” Jamie says. “What do you want from me?” Norah says and she stops with walking. “This” Jamie says and he grabs her and starts kissing her. Norah pushes him away. “I don’t like naughty boys, but seriously what was that? You can’t just kiss the girls you want!” Norah says. “Why not?” Jamie says. Norah wants to walk angrily away, but then Jamie says: “I can give you whatever you want” “Like what? There are a lot of things I want in my life” Norah says. “Anything” Jamie says. As defenseless as Norah is, she agrees with Jamie’s terms.

"14 years later" it says after the scene.

5 minutes before the end of The Scream: The Triangle of Death, stil a lot of explosions happen. The same girl but 14 years older, Norah is sitting on a chair looking to the explosions happening outside. Sophia is still with her. "It isn't safe anymore" Ximena, also in the room, says. "We have to go to the escape pods" Ximena says. "Where are Bruce and Florence?" Sophia says. "I will go to them" Norah says and she walks away. "There is no time for that anymore!" Ximena says. She grabs Sophia and says: "We have to go now." "I won't go without them" Sophia says. "They are dead, we can't save them anymore" Ximena says. "But I..." Sophia says. Ximena interrupts her and says: "You want to see your boyfriend again?" Ximena says. "Yes I do" Sophia says. "Then come with me" Ximena says. Sophia looks to the way Norah went one time, to see if Norah, Bruce or Florence come, but none of them come and she follows Ximena. In another room of the base, Norah opens the door and she sees Bruce kissing with Florence. "Oh I am so sorry that I interrupted something" Norah says. Bruce stands up and says: "It is okay" "There is no time anymore, we have to go in an escape pod and leave the ship" Norah says. "Then why are we still standing here?" Florence says. "Good point" Bruce says and they follow Norah to the escape pods. They see another escape pod has just been fired off. "What was that?" Florence says. "Ximena and Sophia have already left" Norah says surprised. "Why would Sophia leave us here?" Florence says. "We will find out about that later, let's go" Bruce says and they step in the escape pod. "Any ideas how to fly this thing?" Bruce says to Norah and Florence. "I can try something" Norah says. "I think you can't fly this thing, but how hard can it be" Florence says and she presses a button, and later they are fired off. "How did you know this?" Bruce says. "My intuition" Florence says. Some seconds later Bruce says: "I promised Sam and Max to protect all three of you, I failed" Bruce says. "It isn't your fault" Florence says. "Yeah Sophia was still with me when I ran to you" Norah says. But after she said that, a big explosion happens from close. It is their ship, it has totally exploded.

Some hours later, Bruce, Norah and Florence wake up in the Escape pod. Bruce is the first to wake up. He looks to Florence if she is all right. "That was a rough landing" Florence says. "It could have been better" Bruce says. "I am glad you are still alive" Florence says. "There have to be worse things to kill me" Bruce says and he embraces her and gives her some small kisses. "Where are we?" Norah says while she interrupts them. "I hope not far from Sam and Max's escape pod" Bruce says. He opens the door and they looks outside. "Sophia and that bitch can't be far from here" Florence says. "I should have never left Sophia with her" Norah says. "We all made mistakes, but that is in the past now" Bruce says and he steps out of the escape pod. "I hoped I would never be again on this stupid planet or whatever this is" Florence says. "Me the same" Bruce says. "We should have made plans to find them back" Norah says. "I already see something in the horizon" Bruce says. "Lets walk that way" Florence says. They follow a path towards the escape pod. "I hope Sam came harmless out of the fight" Norah says. But then another explosion can be heard and seen on the background of the screen. "What the hell was that?" Norah says very scared. She tries to hide on the ground. Florence and Bruce are surprised by her reaction. "Are you all right?" Bruce says and he walks to her. "It was the base, it totally collapsed" Florence says. "There is nothing left of it" Florence says. Bruce doesn't listen to her and says: "Hey everything is fine" He helps her back in the air. "I am just so scared" Norah says. "When Sam, Sophia and Max are back with us, we will find a way to get out of here. I am sure one of them knows it" Bruce says. "Yeah they didn't go in here, without knowing a way back" Florence says. Some minutes later, they arrive at the escape pod. It is still closed. "I hope they are not dead inside of it" Florence says. But then suddenly the escape pod opens. They look to it. To their very big surprise, it are not Sam and Max who come out of it, but it are Nicholas and Chloe. "No. This is not possible. What are you doing here?" Bruce says. Nicholas laughs and says: "Did you expect someone else?" Chloe looks to Norah and is happy to see her. "At last, we are reunited Norah" Chloe says and she walks to her and she wants to embrace her. "I don't ever want to see you anymore" Norah says and she goes away from her. "Why not? We belong together" Chloe says. Bruce can't believe it and says: "Together? You know Norah isn't gay, move on!" Nicholas walks to Florence and says: "And look who are still with each other. Is he your new boyfriend?" Nicholas says. Florence ignores his question. "Well but since you two are here and you are not death yet, I guess Sam and Max failed. But where are they?" Bruce says. "Oh Mr. Stone is just lying somewhere in garbage" Nicholas says. "He probably is injured very badly or already dead" Chloe says. "You are lying, that is not true" Norah says. Bruce grabs his gun and aims it to Nicholas. "And where is Max?" Bruce says. Nicholas starts laughing and says: "Our leader, oh sorry former leader of us, did what he promised" "And what is that?" Bruce says. "He was murdered by the same hands as his father died" Nicholas says and he starts laughing even more. Bruce walks to Nicholas and he starts hitting him. Chloe comes between him and pushes him away. Florence grabs Bruce and says: "Calm down, we still need him" "Need him for what? This motherfucker deserves to die for what he did" Bruce says. "If they don't tell me where Sam is, they both will die" Norah suddenly says. "I know where to find that idiot, but why would you want to go back to him?" Chloe says. "Stop with speaking, unless you say where he is" Norah says. "We have to settle our differences and maybe work together to find a way out of this place?" Florence says. "Florence.... I can't believe you even consider to work together with these idiots." Bruce says. "We are possible the only ones left from earth and together we can find a way to get back to earth" Florence says. "So if there is only the three of you, does that mean Sophia and my beloved Ximena died?" Nicholas says. "We can tell you where that bitch is if you show us the way outside this dimension." Florence says. "We both have no idea how to get back. Our former leader is the only one that does" Chloe says. "So why do you still support him?" Bruce says. "We don't" Chloe says. "So you bring us to Ximena, what do you want in return?" Nicholas says and he looks to Norah. "Why do you look to me?" Norah says. "Because I hate you the least of you three" Nicholas says. "I just want to see Sam back" Norah says. "I agree with that. We have a deal" Nicholas says. "So we are going to work together with you 2 motherfuckers?" Bruce says. "Yes didn't you listen? Your friend Norah just made in less than a minute a deal with me and Chloe" Nicholas says. "We will hold us on our part of the deal first" Chloe says. "Sure. We will go that way" Nicholas says. Chloe follows him and says: "I told you we would be back together" to Norah. "Why didn't you desire more than that?" Florence says. "Yes Sam can easily take care of himself" Bruce says. "I don't know, I just suck at this, I am sorry." Norah says. "Then keep your mouth shut" Florence says and she walks away. Bruce follows her and they all follow Nicholas.

Not that far from there, another escape pod is opened up. Sophia is thrown out of hit. "I can't believe I trusted you" Sophia says. "All your friends are dead. I am the only one you have left" Ximena says. "You don't know that for sure" Sophia says. "Both ships exploded. Do you need more evidence?" Ximena says. "Where will you bring me?" Sophia says. "To somewhere safe" Ximena says. "Safe for you or me?" Sophia says. "Both I hope" Ximena says. "I want to get back to Max" Sophia says. "He might be there as well" Ximena says. "You are a liar" Sophia says. "It doesn't matter what you think. Move!" Ximena says. They walk in the direction Ximena aims.

On their way, Chloe tries to get closer to Norah. "Did you miss me?" Chloe says. "Don't talk to me" Norah says. "Why not?" Chloe says. "What the hell is wrong with you? I told you many times I don't like you" Norah says. "That doesn't matter. You don't have to like me. But when we establish this kingdom I want you to be my queen." Chloe says. "You lost your mind" Norah says and she walks away from her. "So how long is it to where you bring us?" Bruce says. "We have to walk like a day I think" Nicholas says. "You think? So you aren't sure?" Florence says. "Of course I am sure" Nicholas says. Florence walks after that away from Nicholas to Bruce. "How are we going to do this? We don't even know where Ximena is" Florence whispers to Bruce. "I am sure we will figure something out" Bruce says. Some hours later it starts getting dark. "We have walked enough now" Chloe says to the others. Nicholas agrees. "So what will we do then?" Norah says. "We will rest here" Chloe says. "I won't sleep on the ground" Florence says. "You can sleep on your boyfriend" Chloe says. Nicholas starts laughing out loud because of Chloe's joke. "You think that is funny?" Bruce says. "It is" Nicholas says. "No we know a place not far from here, we can sleep there" Chloe says. "How far is it?" Bruce says. "Only 10 minutes from here" Chloe says. The others all follow the path to what they hope is a safe place.

Only 5 km away from there, a lot of ashes can be seen. A group of people wearing suits in which their body and faces aren't shown are walking around the destruction looking for stuff to take with them. Two people are leading the others. A lot of bodies are lying on the ground. "Look for the living" One of the two leading people says. They grabs some other stuff and make themselves ready to leave. But then suddenly they see movement under the rocks and other broken pieces. "What is that?" One of the other people says. They take the rockes away and surprised to see what is beneath it.

They suddenly see a house in the woods. "This is it?" Florence says. "Or did you expect a villa?" Nicholas says. "I expected better from you Nicholas" Florence says. They open the door and see there is only one room in the small house. "Fine" Bruce says. They sees some pillows lying on the ground. They put it on the ground and go lying on the ground. Florence and Norah both go lying close to Bruce, both for other reasons. Without saying much, they go to sleep.

"We are there" Ximena says. Sophia sees a big fence. "What is this?" Sophia says. "This is where the rest of our people live" Ximena says. "Is Max inside of there?" Sophia says. "I don't know, but at least here you are safe for those idiots like Nicholas" Ximena says. "All right then" Sophia says. Ximena pushes on a button and some seconds later the door of the fence goes open. A man walks outside. "So who do we have here?" The man says. "I am Ximena and this is Sophia" Ximena says. "Ximena? It is a pleasure to have you here. What did bring you so far east?" The man says. "Our home is destroyed from creatures not from our dimension" Ximena says. "What? You are the only ones that survived?" The man says. "I am not sure, but Strighter is dead" Ximena says. The man is shocked and says: "My condoleances. I am so sorry to hear that." "It is okay. We did not know where else to go" Ximena says. "I will let the two of you come in" The man says. The door opens again and he says: "My name is Damian and welcome inside my city." Sophia and Ximena walk inside. "This is the capital of our world" Ximena says. "It looks big" Sophia says. "It is" Ximena says. They walk further and further in the city. Sophia sees the people are looking very poor in this part of the city. "Don't worry, we go to the rich part of the city" Ximena says. Sophia ignores her. They walk further into the city, when they see a palace. "I didn't know you are a member of the royal family" Sophia says. "I am not, but a friend of mine is the son of the king and queen" Ximena says. Sophia is surprised. They walk inside and a boy which Sophia doesn't recognize sees them and is glad to see Ximena. He embraces Ximena. "I am so glad to see you my friend" The boy says. Sophia sees his face now. He looks as old as she is. "And who is she?" He says pointing to Sophia. "That's a new friend of mine" Ximena says. "Nice to meet you, my name is Ethan" The boy says. "Sophia" Sophia says. "So what did you two bring here?" Ethan says. "Our home is destroyed, we are the only survivors" Ximena says. "I am so sad to hear that, but I would love to have you living here. We have rooms enough for you" Ethan says. "That would be very nice" Ximena says. "I am only child, so I won't be alone anymore" Ethan says. "I will talk to your mum and dad about that" Ximena says. They walk to the next room where they are sitting. "Ethan what are these two doing here?" The father of Ethan says. "I am sorry Dad, they came inside unannounced" Ethan says. Sophia and Ximena walk inside and look to Ethan's dad. "This is Ximena. She is my friend and this is Sophia, a friend of Ximena" Ethan says. "Our home is destroyed from people from the sky, they are not from our world" Ximena says. Sophia listens to what Ximena says. "I desire from you protection and I want to eliminate these idiots" Ximena says. "Why do you need protection? Aren't you strong enough to kill these creatures yourself?" the mother of Ethan says. "No I am not strong enough. And I saw what they did myself. They destroyed my home and one of them raped me" Ximena says. Ethan is shocked and says: "I am sorry to hear that. I will protect you myself" Ethan says. "Ethan leave the room" Ethan's father says. "I am king of this world and I can't obey your protection, but I agree we have to destroy the people that destroyed your home." The father of Ethan says. "They also killed Strighter" Ximena says. "They did what?" The father of Ethan says. "The same guy that raped me also killed him" Ximena says. "Whenever I see him, I will kill him myself" Ethan's father says.

Far away from the capital, Bruce, Norah, Florence, Nicholas and Chloe are lying in the house. They are sleeping all except Norah. Bruce and Florence are lying in close contact. Norah hears a sound outside. She steps on and opens the door and watches outside. She sees a big truck driving over the road. Then suddenly Bruce is standing behind her. "What are you going to do?" Bruce says. "Nothing I just heard a sound" Norah says. Bruce also looks outside. "We haven't seen that before" Bruce says. "Where does it come from?" Norah says. "No idea" Bruce says. "Shall we walk towards the vehicle?" Norah says. "Why?" Bruce says. "Maybe they know where Sam, Max or Sophia are" Norah says. "Aren't Nicholas and Chloe bringing us to Sam?" Bruce says. "You trust them telling the truth?" Norah says. "No" Bruce says. "I am going to the truck before it is gone" Norah says. "Well you can try it, but I am comming with you" Bruce says. "Why?" Norah says. "I don't want to lose you too" Bruce says. "You leave Florence with Nicholas and Chloe?" Norah says. "I will wake her too" Bruce says and he walks softly inside. He wakes Florence. "Come with us" Bruce whispers to her. But then Nicholas is also waken up. "Where the hell are you planning on going?" Nicholas says loud. "We saw a truck outside" Bruce says. "A what?" Nicholas says. Bruce looks to the door and says: "Oh no." Norah is gone and has already walked to the truck. The people in the truck are the same people that looked around on place of the destruction of the base of Strighter. They see Norah walking to their truck. "What the hell is that?" one of the two leaders says. Inside the truck a lot of stuff are lying and all the other members are also sitting there. "Could I ask you something, please?" Norah says. The people stop the truck and one of them says: "Identify yourself. Who are you?" "My name is Norah and I want to know if you have seen one of my friends. I have a picture of one" Norah says. Inside the truck, suddenly someone wakes up of hearing Norah's voice. It is Sam. "Norah?" Sam says while he wakes up. "What do you have in return for us woman?" one of the people says. "I know who destroyed your base" Norah says. Sam now knows for sure it is her. "Let me out" Sam says. "I know her" Sam says. The people don't let him out and leave him in the truck. The people laugh about Norah's offer and drive away. Bruce runs to Norah and says: "Why didn't you listen to me?" "I am so sorry" Norah says and she walks back to the house. Bruce makes a picture of the truck and lets them go. Chloe, Nicholas and Florence are still in the house looking to them. "What were your plans my darling?" Chloe says. "Stop calling me that" Norah says. Bruce explains everything and they all go back to sleep.

The next day, they only have 1 km to walk before they are at the place. "The tracks of the truck come from the same way as we walk" Florence says. "True" Nicholas says. "I knew there was something with that truck" Norah says. Some moments later, they arrive at the place. They only see ashes. "We are too late" Bruce says. "I am so sorry" Chloe says to Norah. "Our deal was to bring you to Sam. I am sure his body lies somewhere here" Nicholas says and he starts laughing. "You fucking idiot" Bruce says. "Why is he an idiot? We kept us on our part of the deal" Chloe says. "You damn know why" Bruce says. "You betrayed me and Bruce and Florence" Norah says. "You have to accept that he is death" Nicholas says. "So the others member of the triangle are also lying death here?" Florence says. "I am sure they are alive. We have to kill them and find Ximena" Nicholas says. Norah starts searching for Sam's body. "You sure you want to do this?" Bruce says to her. "I want to know it for sure" Norah says. Chloe decides to start helping her. She still wants to impress Norah with doing that. "So tell me where Ximena is! Now!!!" Nicholas says and he aims his gun on Florence. "Tell it or Florence dies!" Nicholas says. "We don't know where she is!" Bruce says. "Wrong answer!" Nicholas says. "Wait!" Bruce says. Nicholas listens now. "She took Sophia with her and they went in another escape pod. I might get the location of that escape pod" Bruce says. "Do it now!" Nicholas yells and still holding gun on Florence. But on that moment, Chloe gets the shock of her life. She sees the death body of Elina lying between the broken parts of the base. She starts crying. Nicholas sees it and he walks to her. He tries to comfort her. "We will take our revenge on these idiots and kill all of them!" Nicholas says. Norah also sees her body. She becomes more worried. The chance that Sam died increased. Norah, Bruce and Florence start searching more, but there is no sign of Sam's body. "They could also have taken him as a prisoner" Florence says to Norah and Bruce. "We should have followed that truck" Bruce says. "True" Norah says. "Well it was her own stupidity which resulted in her death" Chloe says. "It wasn't your fault" Nicholas says. Nicholas and Chloe bury Elina's body. "You knew her too?" Florence says to Bruce. "Yes she was the former girlfriend of Sam. They also had a daughter." Bruce says. Norah listens to what Bruce says too. "What happened to her?" Florence says. "She was murdered by a guy called Charles Barret. It is a long story. She blamed him for her death, while it wasn't his fault." Bruce says. "I understand a relationship can be hard." Florence says looking to Nicholas.

Somewhere else on the dimension, a car stops. Robert is seen. "We aren't far from a safe house" Robert says. Jamie is lying in the car. He is injured of the last fight against Sam. "I want to execute the plan now!" Jamie says. "It isn't ready yet" Robert says. "It is" Jamie says. "How do you mean?" Robert says. "I already made it before all of you were here" Jamie says. "Really? Why didn't you tell me this before?" Robert says. "There is more I didn't tell you" Jamie says. "Whatever it is, I hope you will tell it to me" Robert says. "Soon" Jamie says but then suddenly he gets a headache. "What is it?" Robert says. "Since I don't have the mask anymore my brain is restarting and I get some old memories back" Jamie says. "Are these good?" Robert says. "Yes I remember how to activate the machine" Jamie says. "Very good. Shall we go to it?" Robert says. "No, not yet. We are going to expand our team to make this work" Jamie says. "Aren't just us enough?" Robert says. "No I need more people, especially one person" Jamie says. "All right" Robert says. He moves the car further and Jamie fills in the coordinates to the location he wants.

In the capital, Sophia is sitting and thinking. Ximena goes sitting next to her. "I understand you don't like to be with me, but there is no other option now" Ximena says. "Why did you bring me here? I don't trust these people" Sophia says. "I just feel so alone, I hoped you would be a friend of mine" Ximena says. "You can search for someone else" Sophia says and she walks away. Ethan sees it and walks to Ximena. "What is wrong with her?" Ethan says. "She doesn't feel well her, but don't bother she will turn by" Ximena says. "I wanted to tell you that my parents have admitted that both of you can stay here" Ethan says. "Thank you. Thank you very much!" Ximena says and she is very happy. "They did it for Strighter, a friend of Strighter is a friend of me and my parents" Ethan says. "We will take revenger for his death" Ximena says. "We sure will" Ethan says. "Also we are going to eat in 5 minutes, my parents invited you and Sophia to eat with us" Ethan says. "It is my pleasure. I will ask Sophia to come" Ximena says. Ethan gives her an eye blink and he walks away. Ximena tries to find Sophia. She is sitting in the hallway. The next scene they are sitting in the eating room. They are waiting for the cooks to bring them their dinner. "So Sophia, Where are you from?" Ethan's mother asks. Sophia knows if she tells the truth they will kill her. "I was born in Strighter's base, but I am more a girl from the meadows" Sophia says. "Oh all right." Sarah says. "Your first time in this beautiful city?" Richard, Ethan's father, says. "Yes it is" Sophia says. Then the cooks come with the dinner. They put it on the table before them. Sophia looks to it and sees it is meat she has never seen before. "Have a great dinner" Ethan says and all of them start eating.

In the driving truck, Sam still tries to get to find a way outside. He doesn't get the attention of the people in front of the truck. But then after a while, the truck stops. Sam knows there is about to happen something. He can't look outside so he has no idea what will happen. But then suddenly the ground beneath him disappears and all the stuff and him fall in a big hole. When he later reawakes, he sees he is in some kind of shed. He sees a button and pushes it. Suddenly a door opens, he walks outside where he sees some other people standing. They are standing in a line and Sam guesses he has to do the same. The same people seen on the garbage place, are seen. They are looking to all of them. "Welcome everybody" One of their leaders says. Sam reminds him of the same guy that brought him with the truck. They walk to the first person in line. "What are your abilities?" The guy says. He pees in his pants from anxiety. After a while they have seen, he is so scared that they can't use him. Suddenly the man cuts opens his throat. He falls death on the ground. They move on to the next person. It is a girl. "We can use her to fuck" The man says. The other men grab her and take her away. Sam is thinking what he must say. After they murdered some other people and took others away, they get to Sam. "Are you worth anything?" The man says. "I can fight well and I know a lot of things" Sam says. "That's not special enough" The guy says and he grabs his knife. "No wait!" Sam says. He pulls his knife back. "I should warn you that you are in great danger. Two people want to destroy all life on this dimension, for their benefit, so they can rule this place" Sam says. They don't believe him and start laughing. "Cut open his throat" One of the others says. But on that moment, Sam comes free and attacks them. He slams down the guards but the another one gets behind him. He hits him on his face and he falls unconscious on the ground. After he awakes, he is tied up on a chair. Before him two people are standing, they are still wearing the masks. They see Sam awakening. "That was a bold move. You got have get yourself killed" One of the two says. "Weren't you the boy we found on that garbage dump?" The other says. "Yes" Sam says. They look to him very suspicious. "What do you want from me?" Sam says. "The people that lived in that building are our biggest enemies" One of them says. "They were your biggest enemies. All of them are dead" Sam says. "You are still alive" One of them says. "I don't belong to them" Sam says. "So to whom do you belong?" one of them says. "I don't belong to any tribe, me and my friends are not from here" Sam says. "So from where are you?" one of them says. "I am from Earth" Sam says. "Never heard of that" one of the two interrogators says. "I have also no idea why we are here, but some people from my world want to take over this world, and I followed them to stop them" Sam says. "Take over this world? And how do they want to do this?" One of the two says. "They want to draw power from my world to this. It wil change the air here, and all people living here will die" Sam says. "If this is true, we have a big problem" One of the two interrogaters says. "You can't seriously think this is true what he is saying?" The other says. "We have to take the risk" the other says. "So, could you let me go to stop them?" Sam says. "We can't give you that permission" One the two interrogaters says. "So you let them killing all of you?" Sam says. "No. We will send somebody with you" One of the two interrogators says.

Bruce, Florence and Norah are walking further. Nicholas and Chloe are walking behind them. Nicholas is still holding a gun. "If we are not going to Ximena, I will shoot all three of you through the head" Nicholas says. "There is no need to kill Florence and Norah" Bruce says. "Oh I want to kill my former girlfriend so badly" Nicholas says. Bruce looks on a device he is carrying. It shows the location of Sophia and Ximena's escape pod. "They are probably already away from the escape pod, but maybe Sophia left some tracks behind" Bruce says. "I hope so, otherwise I have no other idea how to find her" Florence says. "There must be a way" Norah says. "Stop talking, move further" Nicholas says. "I am so sorry you won't see your precious Ximena soon" Norah says. Nicholas becomes angry but he doesn't respond. "You don't even know her one day and you fall in love with her, that is fake love" Norah says. "Stop it" Chloe says. "Why do we still have to keep us on the deal, if you didn't give us our offer?" Norah says. "Shut up or I shoot you trough the head bitch" Nicholas says aiming the gun to Norah. "You still love me? I can also be a bitch" Norah says. Bruce and Florene look to the incident, but don't bother intervening. "They are too busy with Norah, shouldn't we go away?" Florence says. "And leave her with these idiots?" Bruce says. "We can save her later, I want to be alone with you" Florence says. "Sam will hate me if I leave Norah behind" Bruce says. "We don't even know if he is still alive. Be with me" Florence says. In the background, Chloe says:" I like naughty girls, go on being bitchy" "I expected nothing else" Norah says. "When I have Ximena, you two can fuck each other, but now we should keep moving" Nicholas says. They turn around, but then to their big surprise, Bruce and Florence are gone. "Where the hell are they?" Nicholas says angry. They look around, but they are gone. "Idiots!!!" Nicholas says. Norah also doesn't understand it. "You knew about this!" Nicholas says. "I were with you. I didn't know this" Norah says. "What will we do with her?" Nicholas says. "Go and find them, I will deal with her" Chloe says.

Back in the capital, after the dinner it starts getting night and all of them go to bed. Ximena and Sophia are lying in the same room. "Don't you have a boyfriend Sophia?" Ximena says. "No" Sophia says. "But you were close with Max, weren't you?" Ximena says. "Yes I love him, and I think he loves me too" Sophia says. "Well I am sorry you lost him" Ximena says. "That's not your fault" Sophia says. But then suddenly the door is opened. It is Ethan. "I just wanted to check you have everything you want." Ethan says. "Actually there is only one thing I want." Ximena says and she steps out of her bed and walks to Ethan. Suddenly, Ximena starts kissing him. Ethan kisses her too. Sophia is surprised and has no idea what to do. Ethan pushes her on her bed and he also falls on the bed. Ethan starts taking off her clothes and making out with her. Ximena pulls off his pants and later they have sex. Sophia is lying and trying to sleep. Ximena starts groaning. Sophia can't sleep because of the sound. But then Ethan touches her. "Sophia? Are you still awake?" Ethan says. Sophia turns around and looks to him. "What is wrong?" Sophia says. "I have never seen a red haired girl as hot as you are" Ethan says and he grabs her and starts kissing her. Sophia pushes him away. "I am sorry" Sophia says. "I have never been rejected" Ethan says and he grabs her again. Ximena is also there and he helps Ethan. Sophia is helpless and Ethan kisses her again. Ximena helps pulling off Sophia's clothes. Ethan later wants to have sex with her, but Ximena pulls him away, helping Sophia. "Fuck me" Ximena says. Ethan grabs her and throws her on the bed and later fucks her again. Sophia has no idea what to do and Ethan grabs her too and she also is included in Ethan's night out.

Sam is still sitting in the interrogation room. He is really tired and wants to sleep but he can't. But then suddenly, the two interrogators are back, with somebody else. "This is the person that will bring you to what the hell you are going" One of the two interrogators says. "If you don't keep to the promise we will kill you" The other interrogator says. "Okay" Sam says and he stands up. "You are leaving in 5 minutes" The other interrogator says. "I don't have much stuff to take with me, so I'd like to leave now already" Sam says. "Whatever" The interrogator says. The two interrogators walk away which leaves Sam with the person, that is going with him. "Are you ready to leave?" Sam says. The person ignores his question and walks outside. Sam follows him. After some walk, they leave the building and come back in the woods. "First I want to find my friends, so they can help us defeat them" Sam says. "That was not the bargain" The person says. "One of my best friends was just at your vehicle, I heard her voice" Sam says. "There was nothing we could have done" The person says. Sam looks on his device to see if he can get the location of Norah or Bruce. "What is that?" The person with Sam says. "A tracker, I hoped to see the location of my friends on this thing, but I can't find them" Sam says. The other person grabs it out of his hands. He looks to it with much astonishment. "It is great, isn't it?" Sam says. "Yes" The other person says. "Well before we leave, I want to have rest, I haven't slept for the last 36 hours" Sam says. "There is a small house not far from here, we can stay there" The other person says. Some minutes later, they arrive at it. They open the door and see it is abandoned. "You will sleep, I will guard" The other person says. "Don't you need rest?" Sam says. "I have rested enough" the other person says and he goes sitting on a chair. Sam goes laying on a couch and tries to sleep.

In the night, Nicholas is searching for Bruce and Florence. Chloe and Norah are sitting together. "What will I get as punishment? You will rape me once again?" Norah says. "No, I am so sorry for that" Chloe says. "apology accepted" Norah says. "I am also sorry for your loss" Norah says. "It is okay, thank you" Chloe says. "I am also sorry for being a bitch to you" Norah says. "That's okay too, I also hate this place so much, I want to leave as soon as possible" Chloe says. "Why did your friends leave? They know we have the best chance in working together" Chloe says. "I don't know too" Norah says. Florence and Bruce see Nicholas following their tracks. "I will go to him" Bruce says and he walks to Nicholas. "There you have him. What did I tell you when you break our bargain?" Nicholas says. "You would kill me, Norah and Florence" Bruce says. "Very good" Nicholas says. "But that is not going to happen" Bruce says and he attacks Nicholas. A fight between them starts. "You won't touch Florence" Bruce says. "Not a problem, I already touched her multiple times" Nicholas says. Bruce becomes mad of it and hits Nicholas in his legs. Nicholas becomes stronger but then Florence attacks from the back. Nicholas is later knocked out. "What will we with him?" Florence says. "Stay with him, I go to get Norah" Bruce says and he walks away. He sees Norah and Chloe sitting along with each other. Bruce appears and aims his gun to Chloe. "Don't kill her" Norah says. "I thought you hated her" Bruce says "We have settled our differences" Norah says. "It is okay Norah" Chloe says. Norah stands up and looks to Chloe. "We will make our own choices now" Bruce says. They leave Chloe and go to Florence. Nicholas is still unconscious. "Leave him, there is no need to kill him" Norah says. "But he will be back" Bruce says. "Please, there have enough people died" Norah says. "Whatever" Bruce says. He, Florence and Norah leave the place and walk further. But then suddenly they see something comming to them. It are people on horses look a likes creatures. "Oh no" Bruce says. The people stop before them and aim their weapons on them. "Whoe ara yoe?" One of them says. "I am Bruce, and this are Florence and Norah. We want to leave this place, let us go, and then...." Bruce says, but then one of them shoots him and he falls unconsicous on the ground. "What have you done?" Florence says. But later she get shot too, and she falls unconscious on the ground. Norah has no idea what to do, she thinks she get shot too, but nothing happens yet. "Brieng tham to tha camp?" Another person says. They take Norah as a hostage and carry Bruce and Florence away.

Sophia wakes up in the same bed as Ximena and Ethan. They are still sleeping. Sophia steps out of the bed pulls of her clothes and wants to forget what happened last night. She opens the door of the room, but then Damian is outside. "Where are you going so early?" Damian says. "The bathroom" Sophia says. "Oh it is that way" Damian says and he points the way for her. In the bathroom, Sophia takes a shower and after she is done, something strange happens. She hears the sound of somebody running through the hallway. The person also sees her but he runs away from her. "Who are you?" Sophia says. But then Damian is there, he attacks the masked person. They have a fight. Sophia has no idea what to do. "Go away, I got this" Damian says to Sophia. But then Ethan is also there. He walks to Sophia. "Did he hurt you my darling?" Ethan says. "No I am unharmed" Sophia says. "Fine" Ethan says and he grabs her. Sophia looks around and sees Damian beats the maskes guy. "Who was that?" Sophia says when they are back in Sophia and Ximena's room. "Don't bother about him, he isn't worth it" Ethan says. Sophia is disappointed, she wanted to know who the masked guy is.

Sam wakes up because of the lights out of the building. He looks and sees the person wearing a not revealing outfit is gone. "I don't even know what his name is" Sam says and he steps out of the bed and search for him. Outside Sam sees the person again. "Where did you go?" Sam says. The person throws a death animal on the ground. "Food" The person says. "..... thank you" Sam says. The person walks back in the building. Sam pulls on his clothes and says: "Don't you have other clothes, your suit is full of stains" Sam says and he looks to the other person. He ignores his question. "We should go further" The person says. Sam looks to his arm and says: "You are hurt." "It is nothing" the other person says. "It is. If I don't do something about this you might die" Sam says and he grabs his arm. "How long ago did this happen?" Sam says. "Not so long ago" The other person says. Sam looks around in the building to find something. To his surprise he finds bandage. "This is what I need" Sam says and he walks back to the other person in the room. "I can't treat if you are wearing that suit" Sam says. "Help me pulling it off" The other person says. Sam pulls of the suit and to his very big surprise he sees a body of a woman under it. "I am so sorry, I didn't know you are a woman" Sam says and he looks away. "It is okay" The woman says and she also removes her mask and for the first time in the movie her face is shown. Sam is surprised of her appearance. She looks younger than him. "I expected someone older and a man" Sam says. "I am sorry I disappoint you" The woman says. "No you don't disappoint me, you surprise me" Sam says and he grabs the bandage and moves it around her arm. "It is important that there won't go any waste in your wound" Sam says. "How do you know this?" The woman says. "Not sure you are going to believe this. But I am from another world and where I come from they know these kinds of things." Sam says. "Another world?" The woman says. "Yes Earth to be honest" Sam says and he is finished with her bandage. "Thank you very much" the woman says. "No problem" Sam says. "My name is Vivienne" The woman says. "Sam, nice to meet you" Sam says. "Likewise" Vivienne says.

Bruce and Florence wake up in a cell made of wood. Norah is sitting in the same cell. "Are you okay?" Norah says and he walks to Bruce. "I am fine, where are we?" Bruce says. "I have no idea" Norah says. "Let's find out" Florence says and she stands up and tries to open the door of their cell. The guards see it and walk towards them and open the door. They all walk inside and grab the three of them and take them away. "Wesh thy foad" One of them says. "What do they mean?" Norah says. "I don't know" Bruce says. But then one of them comes between them, looks to Florence and says: "Teke these toe mai" They take Florence away. "No don't take her away" Bruce says. But there is nothing they can do. They take Bruce and Norah to a water pool. They throw them on the ground before the pool. "What do they want us to do?" Norah says. But then they throw them in the water pool. Bruce helps Norah to get to the edge. "Can't we swim away?" Bruce says. But then they take them out of it again. "Weshed" One of them says to the others. "Foad four toenight" The others says. "Oh Bruce, I think they want to eat us" Norah says. "That's not good, that's terrible" Bruce says.

The next day, Sophia and Ximena are making a walk trough the city. "I am sorry for what happened last night" Ximena says to Sophia. "You knew about this, didn't you? You used me!" Sophia says mad. "I didn't know he would do it to you" Ximena says. During their chat Sophia sees the masked guy again. Damian and Ethan are not around. She sees the masked guy stealing in a shop. Without paying, he walks outside the store. "I am so sorry Sophia, there is nothing else I can say" Ximena says and she walks sad away. Sophia is only focused on the shop and walks towards it. "Why aren't you paying for that?" Sophia says when he is at her. "Don't worry I am not stealing" He says and he walks further. "What were you doing yesterday night?" Sophia says. He turns around and looks to her. "Oh I remember seeing you yesterday. You are one of these rich bitches" He says. "No I am not" Sophia says. "So why were you in that stupid castle?" He says. "Believe me or not, I am kidnapped and I don't even want to be here" Sophia says. "Really?" he says. "Yes a chick called Ximena took me to her and she knows all these people and I don't" Sophia says. "Ximena? I have heard that name before" He says. "Please, you have to help me" Sophia says. "I don't know if I can trust you" He says. "Please their son even raped me" Sophia says and she becomes sad. He looks in her eyes and says: "Okay how can I help you?" "I am sure you know a place where to stay, if I sleep again in that castle, he will rape me once again" Sophia says. "Okay I will do this in one condition" The masked guy says. "All right" Sophia says. "I want you to steal for me in that castle" The masked guy says. "Steal?" Sophia says. "Yes don't worry I sell it and the revenue I give to poor people in the city" The masked guy says. "That's very good" Sophia says. "Okay come with me" the masked guy says. They walk to a poor area in the city. "These idiots, the Hadlee fuckers, don't give a fuck about the poor residents of their city" The masked guy says. "I am so sorry for that" Sophia says. "That's not your fault" The masked guy says. "So, how should I call you?" Sophia says. "My name is William" He says. "Sophia" Sophia says. "Nice to meet you Sophia, and thank you that you want to help me" the masked guy says.

Sam and Vivienne have decided to walk further and leave the building. Vivienne is wearing new clothes. They walk further and after a long walk they stop to take a break. "We have walked for 2 hours, let's take a break" Sam says. "Okay" Vivienne says. "I also wanted to say that you look much better without that suit, I can see the real you." Sam says. "Thank you" Vivienne says. It stay quiet for a minute. Vivienne starts eating some meat she has with her. After a while Sam says: "Are you scared or is there something wrong?" "No there is nothing, it is just I am not a talker" Vivienne says. "Well I want to know who you are and why they send you with me" Sam says. "No tell me about who we fighting against" Vivienne says. "There are 2 I know of left. One is the leader, his name is Jamie. The other's name is Robert." Sam says. "And why do we need to stop them?" Vivienne says. "They want to give this dimension a boost, and to do so, all living people here will die." Sam says. "That's bad" Vivienne says. "Yes it is. I don't understand why your people don't give more attention to them" Sam says. "You wanted to know why they send me with you?" Vivienne says. "Yes" Sam says. "I am replaceable" Vivienne says. "No I am sure you're not" Sam says. Vivienne stands up and says: "We have rested enough."

Bruce and Norah are back in the cell. "We have to escape as fast as possible" Bruce says. "Yes" Norah says. "I hope they won't eat Florence" Bruce says. Not that far from there, the others have brought Florence away. They throw her on the ground before a throne where somebody is sitting. "Whet isch thies?" The person on the throne says. "A gift for yoe" One of the others says. "That's what I am? A gift?" Florence says. "Yoe are bie far the most pretty wimen I have ever seen" One of the others says. Florence is surprised and can't believe it. "Thenk yoe, she looks good" the leader of the group says. He steps out of his wooden chair and helps Florence in the air. Florence looks in his eyes and sees how ugly he is. She immediately looks away. He also smells terrible. "My name is Zaire. What is your name?" Zaire says and now he starts to speak better English. "What do you care" Florence says and she turns her face to him again. "Do that one more time, and I will make you suffer" Zaire says. "Do what one more time?" Florence says. "Don't answer my question or ignore my orders" Zaire says. Florence isn't that intimidated and ignores him. "So what's your name?" Zaire says. "My name is Florence" Florence says. "That's a beautiful name" Zaire says. "Thank you" Florence says. "Who are the two others that are with you? Are they worth anything or are they food?" Zaire says. "Food?" Florence says. "Why are you surprised?" Zaire says. "Never mind" Florence says. Then suddenly one of the workers for Zaire appears and says: "Zaire, Do yoe have a mienute?" Zaire looks to Florence and says: "Yes" Zaire walks away and the other guards stay with Florence.

Sophia and William arrive at the safe place. There are also other people inside of it. "Who is this?" One of the other persons inside of the safe shelter says. "This is Sophia. She needs protection from that Hadlee kid." William says. "Really?" She says. "He raped me" Sophia says. "So you know him in personal? Tell the next time you see him how big idiot he is and how much I hate him" The woman says. "Sophia, this is my sister Jade." William says. "Nice to meet you" Sophia says and she wants to give her a hand, but she refuses. "So how do you know him?" Jade says. "I have a friend that knew him, well Friend" Sophia says. "What friend?" Jade says. "Ximena, She is from the big base" Sophia says. "I have heard about her. Why are you befriended with these idiots? Why do you trust her William?" Jade says. "Calm down Jade. We can use her and she can use our help" William says. "Whatever Will" Jade says and she walks away. "She is like that with every new person I bring inside of here" William says. Sometime later after William showed Sophia her room and the rest of the safeplace. Sophia looks on her watch and says: "Oh no, it is time for dinner, I must get back to the castle" Sophia says. "Well, nice meeting you" William says. "I will be back here tonight" Sophia says. "Until next time Sophia" William says. Sophia walks back to the castle. When she is back she immediately goes to the dining room. She sees Ethan, his mother and father sitting. She goes sitting on her place without saying anything. Ethan looks dirty to Sophia. Later the cooks come and bring the food. Sophia sees Ximena's chair is empty. "Where is Ximena?" Sophia says. "Oh she won't be joining us tonight" Ethan's father says and he smiles. "So where is she?" Sophia says very afraid. Ethan and his parents open the food bowls. Sophia also opens it and she gets a lot of terror. On her plate she sees pieces of Ximena lying. She looks to other plates and there the other parts are lying. "I hope she tastes delicous" Ethan says and he and his parents start eating. Sophia is shocked and doesn't know what to say. She falls of the chair on the ground and starts crying on the ground. Ethan walks to her and says: "Are you all right?" Sophia pushes him away and walks to the wall. "I understand this must be a shock to you. But you have to understand that we don't want to feed two more mouths. Also Strighter made me a promise which he didn't fulfil. Ximena was the victim of some bad luck." Ethan's father says. "Be glad I chose you, you are much prettier than Ximena ever was" Ethan says. Sophia still has her fork in her hand and she tries to stab Ethan. But it fails and Ethan slams the fork away. "What the hell was that?" Ethan says mad. Sophia runs as fast as possible away. "Guards! Get that girl!!!!" Ethan's father commands.

Far away from there, Jamie and Robert are still sitting in their vehicle. They see a camp in the distance. "This is the camp where they brought that idiot to" Robert says. "Good, We can find him here" Jamie says. They step out before the camp. The guards see them. "Who the hell are you two?" One of the guards says. "We come here to find this man" Jamie says and he shows them a picture of Sam. "I have never seen him" The guard says. Then, suddenly Robert shoots him and he dies. The other guards starts to attack them afterwards. The two people that captured Sam are sitting in their room. Then a guard comes in and says: "We are attacked!" Some minutes later they shoot him death and Jamie and Robert walk inside the room. The guard were no match agains Jamie and Robert's weapons. Jamie walks to one of the two leaders and aims his gun at him. "Last time! Where is Sam fucking Stone!" Jamie yells. "Hahaha I know who you mean" One of the two leaders says. "He also wanted to find you and stop your evil plans" The man says laughable. Robert goes to the other female leader and aims his gun on her. "Bring us to him!" Jamie yells. "And you are so stupid to think...." the female leader says but suddenly Robert shot a bullet through her. She falls dead on the ground. "We only need one of them" Robert says. "You bring us to him or you die!" Jamie says. The guy has no other option and tries to follow the tracks of Sam and Vivienne. "There is something wrong" Vivienne says. "What?" Sam says. "I lost contact with the people that send me with you" Vivienne says. "That's not good" Sam says. Not much later suddenly, a fast vehicle appears and it starts shooting on Sam and Vivienne. "Hide" Sam says. Vivienne dodges the bullets and Sam hides behind a big rock. Then the vehicle stops. They throw the leader of Vivienne out of the vehicle. Jamie and Robert also walk out of it. "Show yourself Stone or this man will die!" Jamie says. Vivienne runs to them and says: "Don't kill him, take my life for him" Vivienne says. "Your whole group is dead, what would killing you or him make a difference?" Jamie says. "Stop let them live" Sam says. "Finally we are back at you" Jamie says. "The idiots are back again" Sam says. "And now you will die" Robert says and he grabs his gun and aims on Sam. "No, not yet" Jamie says. "We can use him" Jamie says. "For what?" Robert says. "He can respresent Earth, he is famous, people agree with him" Jamie says. "We haven't discussed that, that was not the plan" Robert says. "It is now" Jamie says. "What about these two?" Robert says pointing to Vivienne and the other guy. "Bring them in our vehicle" Jamie says. But then suddenly Sam attacks Robert and Jamie. He jumps on Robert and puts a knife on his throat. "Let them live or this man dies" Sam says. "Fine" Jamie says and he aims away his gun from Vivienne and aims it to Sam. Robert hits Sam in his belly and he falls unconscious on the ground. Vivienne and her leader walk away. "We are going to make a drive" Jamie says. Robert grabs Sam, Vivienne, the other guy and takes them in the vehicle.

"Do you think we will ever find the others back? I have a bad feeling about it" Norah says. "You should always have hope. Sam has survived worse than this place" Bruce says. "This place is worse enough for me" Norah says. "Master Scream's army, Ron and Killer Scream were even worse" Bruce says. "I have heard about those names in the newspaper, which was the only one thing I could read from my father" Norah says. "Ron and William were my best friends and even I didn't see they were these idiots" Bruce says. "So who did found out?" Norah says. "Sam was better in finding out" Bruce says. "But even he couldn't save his girlfriend twice." Bruce says. "He never told me that" Norah says suprised. "I won't make you afraid with these stories" Bruce says "No I want to hear about these stories" Norah says. "It is not the right time now" Bruce says. The guards are back and they open the cell. Norah and Bruce are brought to the big room. To their surprise they see Florence sitting on the throne next to someobody else on another throne. Bruce is really surprised. "Florence are you all right?" Bruce says. "She is fine, she is better off than you two" Zaire says and he steps out of his throne. "And who the hell are you?" Bruce says. "My name is Zaire" Zaire says. "That sounds like a Disney fairy tale" Norah jokingly says. "Let us go. We have no problem with your group" Bruce says. "But I do with you, I saw you comming from the sky. I don't like strangers" Zaire says. "We promise we won't do any harm to your people" Norah says. "Your promises are nothing to me!" Zaire says mad. Florence looks to Bruce and Norah, but she knows there is nothing she can do. "Florence! What should I do with your old two friends?" Zaire says. "Punish them" Florence says. "We won't eat them?" Zaire says. "No we can still use them" Florence says. "I don't know their abilities, so I don't know" Zaire says. "We can discuss their punishment together" Florence says. Florence and Zaire leave the room> "Punishment? What the hell is Florence saying?" Norah says. "She must have a good reason to punish us" Bruce says. In the other room, Florence is discussing with Zaire. "Let me punish them both" Florence says. "Both? I wanted to have one" Zaire says. "Fine, you can have the girl" Florence says. "Deal" Zaire says.

William and Jade are sitting in the safe place. "Where does this girl come from? I have never seen her before" Jade says. "She probably isn't from here" William says. "She looks suspicious" Jade says. "We can use her to steal things from the castle" William says. But then suddenly the door opens and Sophia walks inside. William sees something is wrong. "What happened?" William says and he runs to her. "They killed her and wanted to eat me" Sophia says. "I told you you can't trust these idiots" Jade says. "You should stay her and never go back to them" William says. "That's what I want" Sophia says. "We will get them for what they have done" William says. "They are searching for me now. I can't stay here" Sophia says. "So why did you come here?" Jade says. "I didnt know where else to go" Sophia says. "Come with me, I will bring you to somewhere else" William says. "Stay here and lead in my absence" William says to Jade. She agrees and Sophia and William leave. When they are outside, suddenly the police of the capital sees them. They follow them but suddenly they are gone. They escaped through the sewer. "They can't find us here" William says. "How did you know this place?" Sophia says. "I am used to run from the police" William says. "Okay" Sophia says. "This way" William says. Sophia follows her. In the sewer there is a secret room which William opens. "Is this your second home?" Sophia says. "I often came here when I was tired of Jade of I didn't want the police to find the others" William says. "You can stay here for a couple of hours, they won't find you" William says. "Thank you very much" Sophia says. "No problem. Bye, until I get back" William says and he closes the door of the secret base.

Sam, Jamie, Robert, Vivienne and her leader are driving trough"You really think you're right, but you are so wrong" Sam says to Jamie. "Keep your mouth shut" Jamie says. Robert is guarding Vivienne and her leader. "I am sure we will get out of here" Vivienne whispers. "Are these the people he warned us for?" The leader says. "Yes" Vivienne says. Robert sees them talking and walks to them and grabs Vivienne. "Shut your fucking mouth!" Robert yells angry. Vivienne is very frightened and does what he says. "I am not afraid of two idiots that thing they are everything" Sam says. "What the fuck did we tell you?" Robert says and he walks to Sam. "Come on, show me how great you are" Sam says. Robert becomes very angry and he starts kicking Sam. "You kick like a little girl" Sam says during the kicking. It only makes Robert more angry and he also starts hitting with his fist. "Stop it Robert!" Jamie says. Robert is still angry but he has to stop. "I don't want to have this place full under blood" Jamie says. "And we need him alive" Jamie says. Then Robert turns around and to his big surprise Vivienne and her leader are gone. Jamie is busy driving the vehicle and hasn't seen anything. "Where the hell are they?" Robert says to Sam. "The fuck I know" Sam says. "They are gone!" Robert says. Jamie turns around and sees it too. "Idiot! There is nothing really you can do well!" Jamie says. Robert looks on the camera, but suddenly Vivienne is back and she hits in the back. The leader of Vivienne frees Sam. "Get them you piece of shit!" Jamie says to Robert. Robert stands up again and starts figthing against Vivienne. "I won't lose against a fucking girl!" Robert yells and he attacks her. Robert grabs Vivienne and throws her outside. She hangs outside the vehicle. The leader tries to help her. Robert sees Sam is freed. He attacks him. The leader goes outside to help Vivienne. She has trouble with holding the vehicle. Jamie sees in a camera they are hanging there. He starts driving faster through the sand. Sam and Robert are fighing. Sam starts pushing Robert backwards through the open door. Robert grabs Sam and wants to pull his face in the sand, but Sam kicks him in his leg and he falls. Jamie starts turning the vehicle. "I can't hold it anymore" Vivienne says. "It's okay" The leader of Vivienne says and they both fall of the vehicle. Sam hits Robert in his face and he throws him out of the vehicle. After that, Sam wants to attacks Jamie but Robert grabs Sam and he pulls him out too. They both end up in the sand.

Florence has grabbed Bruce and taken him to another room. "What has happened to you Florence? What did they do to you?" Bruce says. "Nothing I have to win their trust, I will let you and Norah escape." Florence says. "But what about you?" Bruce says. "I will find another way" Florence says. "I don't like this plan" Bruce says. "You care too much about me, I will be fine" Florence says and she kisses him. When she is done, she throws a death body on the ground. "Why the hell did you do that?" Bruce says. "This is you, not really, but it is supposed to be you" Florence says. "And now I like your plan" Bruce says and he kisses her again. "Now you have to go" Florence says and he opens Bruce's handcuffs. "What about Norah?" Bruce says. "I will figure something out" Florence says. In the other room. Norah is sitting on the ground before Zaire. "You have luck Florence gave me to you, I have heard she is very cruel." Zaire says. "So I should be happy?" Norah says. "No. I was thinking of burning you alive or filleting you alive, but I have found something much better." Zaire says. Zaire walks to her and says: "But I have found something better. I contacted somebody who is willing pay a big price for you." "And I am supposed to know who that is?" Norah says. "I guess you do" Zaire says. "Well I have no idea actually, the only people that care about me are dead" Norah says. "Soon you will see you're wrong" Zaire says and he leaves the room.

Sophia is sitting for hours in the sewer. She sees a lot of things written on the wall. She tries to read it, but it is a bad handwriting. She goes lying on a couch and tries to sleep. Some minutes later, William is back and opens the door. He sees she is lying and sleeping. "I am sorry I woke you" William says. "It is fine, I couldn't sleep to be honest" Sophia says. "I will take you back to the others" Wiliam says. "Thank you, you have been so nice to me. I don't know if I can ever thank you for that" Sophia says. "It is okay, I am used to help people that are in need of help. I never get rewarded for it" William says. "You sure they are gone?" Sophia says while they walk further. "They probably have other thins to do I guess" William says. In the castle, Ethan and his parents are sitting in the dining room again. "How is it possible they still didn't find that stupid girl!" The father of Ethan says. "We are working on it" Damian says. "Search trough the whole city. I want her in less than 36 hours!" Ethan's father says. "This is my mistake, I will get her back" Ethan suddenly says. "No it is not your fault" Ethan's mother says. "I tried to rape her" Ethan says. "You tried what? You won't get a queen if you want to rape her you dumbass!" Ethan's father says. Ethan steps on and walks outside. Damian follows him. Outside, Ethan says: "We will work together to find her." Without a chance to respond Ethan walks in the city. Damian and the others follow him inside the city.

Miles away from there, Sam awakes in the sand. There is nothing around him. But someway further he sees something in the sand. He pulls the sand away and suddenly Robert gets out of the sand. He wants to attacks him, but Sam is faster and punches him in his face. Sam grabs a gun and aims it on him. "You aren't used to be without your buddy, are you?" Sam says. "You stole everything from me!" Robert yells. "He left you behind, I am starting to think you are nothing in his eyes" Sam says. "I am the only friend he has!" Robert says. Sam goes staning on his legs so he can't get away. "You are going to tell me where he is going or you die" Sam says. "I will never tell you where he will go" Robert says. "Elina is already death of your actions, there aren't many allies left for your good pal" Sam says. "You have no idea how many allies he has here in Dimension B!" Robert says. "B? Why Dimension B?" Sam says. "Earth is Dimension A, this is Dimension B!" Robert says. "Whatever" Sam says and he grabs and takes him back in the air. "Tell me where Jamie is going!" Sam says. "Never!" Robert says. Sam starts getting aggresive and starts hitting him. "Okay, I will tell you it" Robert says. "I am listening" Sam says and he stops hitting him. "He is on his way to the capital of this dimension" Robert says. "And where is the capital?" Sam says. "It is in the middle of this world, I can show you the way" Robert says. "All right" Sam says. "You are not seriously considering letting this idiot alive!" Vivienne's leader says. He and Vivienne are also back to them. "I need to find the other and he is the only one that knows where he is going" Sam says. "So where is he you idiot. You are going to pay for everything you did to my people!" Vivienne's leader says. "Calm down" Vivienne says and she walks to Robert. "So where is he?" Vivienne says and he looks in his eyes. "I already told you that he is going to the capital" Robert says. "I know the way to there" Vivienne's leader says. "But the capital is big. Where in the capital is he going?" Vivienne says. "When we are there I can show you that" Robert says. "You can also tell it now" Sam says and he shows him his weapon again. "There is secret way in the sewer" Robert says. "And that is all I know, he didn't tell me more!" Robert says. "We can kill him, I also know the way to the capital" Vivienne's leader says. Sam is focused on him and then suddenly Robert attacks him. He steals his gun and pulls over him. "Surprised?" Robert says and he aims his gun to Vivienne's leader. "I will take you to the capital" Robert says. "Please don't kill him!" Vivienne says. "I will decide over that" Robert says and suddenly the gun is fired. Vivienne's leader is hit and he falls on the ground. Vivienne walks to him and tries to stop the bleeding. "Please don't die! You are the only one I have left" Vivienne says. "You are the future of our people, you always were" Vivienne's leader says and later he is deceased. "You shouldn't have done that" Sam says. "Why not? Now I have to bring the both of you to the capital" Robert says. "Whatever" Sam says. "Leave his body here, it is a long walk to the next village where we can steal a vehicle" Robert says. "Please let me give him a proper funeral" Vivienne says. "No!!!" Robert screams. He walks backwards and aims his gun on Sam and Vivienne. "So what way should we go?" Sam says. Robert looks in the air and sees the sun. "The sun should be in the south now, and that's the way we must go" Robert says. "Move!" Robert yells. Sam and Vivienne are again his prisoners and they walk further. "Do you even know how to use that gun?" Sam says. "Of course I do! I just shot your pal!" Robert says. "You try to look cool, but in fact you are just a sad kid. You don't even have the command. You are Jamie's errand boy" Sam says. Robert becomes even more aggresive and he jumps over Sam. He starts hitting him. Sam also attacks him and a fight starts. The gun is slam out of his hands. It falls somewhere in the sand. Vivienne tries to search for it, but she can't find it. "I wanted you death! But Jamie needs you!!" Robert says during the fight. "So why don't you kill me?" Sam says. "You're right, the plan is already lost" Robert says and he uses everything he has, but suddenly from the back he is hit by Vivienne. He falls defeated on the ground. "And now we lead again" Sam says.

Zaire is sitting on his throne again and suddenly a vehicle arrives. It looks familiar to before. Zaire is glad with his arrival and he stands up and walks to it. Suddenly the door opens and a very familiar person is standing in the door opening. It is Jamie. He walks outside and sees Zaire standing there. "Good to see you again, Mr. Tebbut" Zaire says. "Zaire, I heard you have something in my interest" Jamie says. "Yes I do" Zaire says. On the same moment, Florence walks back in the room. She looks to Jamie but doesn't know him. Jamie doesn't see her yet. "Two actually" Zaire says. "Very good. It is always good to do business with you" Jamie says. "Agreed" Zaire says. "Where are they? I want to see them, I have other things to do" Jamie says and suddenly he sees Florence standing in the room. Florence looks away. "You have a new assistant?" Jamie says. "Yes this is Florence, she helps with making the decisions" Zaire says. "I understand why you chose her" Jamie says. They walk further to another room. "In the next room you will find my first gift to you." Zaire says. They walk inside in it. Norah is sitting on the ground it a very dark room. It is so dark that Norah can't see who enter her room. "This is the one you wanted to buy?" Zaire says. Jamie nods. "You have luck Norah, finally you will get a new home" Zaire says. Jamie looks to her and says: "Yeah it is her. Bring her to my vehicle." Norah immediately recognizes the voice. Two guards come in the room and grab her. Zaire and Jamie walk to another room. "Here is my second. See this as a gift for you" Zaire says. They open the door, but to their big surprise Bruce is gone. "Where the hell did he go?" Zaire says. Jamie starts laughing and says: "It is okay Zaire, I will take the girl and I will be gone" Jamie says. The close the door and go back to the big room. Florence is still standing there. Jamie looks again to her and leaves the place. "Until we meet again" Jamie says and he says farewell and leaves. Florence and Zaire leave behind. "Where the hell is Bruce?" Zaire says to Florence. "I am sorry I didn't say it to you, but he escaped" Florence says. Zaire grabs her and says: "The next time report that immediately to me!" In Jamie's vehicle. Norah is sitting on one of the chairs. "Aren't you happy to see me?" Jamie says. Norah walks to her and embraces him. "I thought you weren't real" Norah says. "There are still people that care about you. I know what you told Zaire" Jamie says. "How are you here too?" Norah says. "Long story, I can explain it later" Jamie says. "I am so happy to see you." Norah says. "Me too, but you smell like shit" Jamie says. "He treated me so badly, I haven't had a shower for weeks" Norah says. "You can take one here on the ship" Jamie says. "Really?" Norah says. "Of course, you aren't a prisoner anymore" Jamie says. "Thank you so much" Norah says. "It is that way" Jamie says. Norah walks to that direction but then Jamie says: "Losing you was my biggest mistake Norah, I want you to know that" Jamie says. Norah nods and goes to the shower.

"So where are you taking me now?" Sophia says. "Back to the base, they must have their mind on something else now" William says. But then suddenly, the guards see them. "There they are" Ethan says. They run to them. Sophia and William start running as well. The guards follow them through the streets of the capital. "Stop right there or we will shoot" one of the guards says. Sophia and William keep on running further. Then the guards start firing on them. "I will get them" William says and he stops and grabs his weapon. "Run away" William says to Sophia. "You sure about this?" Sophia says. "I have already fought them before" William says and he attacks the guards. He outmasters one of the guards and stabs his knife inside him. Damian sees it and he attacks William. A fight between the two of them starts. "Finally I found you idiot" Damian says. "Was it so hard?" William says. "Give the girl to us and we might let you live" Damian says. "She doesn't belong to you idiots" William says and he fights against Damian. "Ethan is a friend of her" Damian says. "That's a lie! He rapes her and calls it mercy" William says. "I think she didn't tell you the truth!" Damian says. Further away from there Sophia looks around. She doesn't know the way to the base. But then suddenly Ethan is standing before him. "I am so sorry what happened to you Sophia" Ethan says. "You can't make this okay anymore" Sophia says. "I will do anything you want" Ethan says. "Okay then I want you to go away!" Sophia says and he walks around him away. "No please Sophia." Ethan says and he grabs her. "I love you very much" Ethan says. "Like you loved Ximena? And still you murdered her" Sophia says. "I never loved her as I love you" Ethan says. "From all people I trust you the least" Sophia says and she wants to walk away again but then Ethan has shot her. Sophia falls on the ground because of it. "I am sorry for this too" Ethan says. "What did you do to me?" Sophia says. "Sleep well" Ethan says and he kisses her. Sophia falls in sleep afterwards. Damian togeter with his guards is stronger than Ethan. They defeat him and take him as a prisoner. "Take him to the castle" Damian says to the guards. And the guards take William with them.

Robert wakes up in a small village. He sees he is stuck on a chair. Sam and Vivienne are standing before him. "Welcome back" Sam says. "I am not going to say a single thing if that's what you want" Robert says. "Can't we just better kill him after what he did" Vivienne says. "No, he can lead us to Jamie" Sam says. Sam opens his bag and sees the stuff that's inside of it. There is a phone as well. Robert looks to what he is doing. "I have nothing against you, please let me go" Robert begs to Vivienne. "You shouldn't have killed my boss if you wanted to go away now" Vivienne says. Sam turns the phone on and he sees Robert got a message of Jamie. "Robert, if you are still alive meet me at this location. Also she is mine now" Jamie says in the message. "What does he say?" Vivienne says. "He wants to meet Robert on a location. That's great" Sam says. "Why?" Vivienne says. "We know where we can find him now" Sam says. "And what did he say more?" Vivienne says. "He is talking about someone that is her, a she" Sam says. Robert starts laughing. "Who is that?" Sam says and he walks to Robert. "I will never tell you it" Robert says. Sam starts hitting him and says: "Do you want to tell it now?" "I just wanted to know how you hit me, of course I will tell you it" Robert says and he starts laughing again. "It means all your friends are death and your beloved girl is back where she belonged" Robert says. "Beloved girl?" Sam says. Robert laughs and says: "Norah" "What did he to her?" Sam says. "He does it for her, they were lovers once" Robert says. "You are a liar! She never told me about that" Sam says. "Who is Norah?" Vivienne says. "Long story" Sam says. "She is your girlfriend?" Vivienne says. "She was, but idk now" Sam says. "She is Jamie's girlfriend now" Robert says. "She will know the worse things he did" Sam says. On that moment, they hear something. "Hide" Sam says to Vivienne. They hide behind a crate. They see someone comming inside the small alley. "Look who we have here. I already thought I saw you" the person says. "What the hell are you doing here. I thought you were death" Robert says. "I know her" Sam says and the camera shows the person is Chloe. Sam goes away from the crate and says: "Where the hell do you come from?" "Sam Stone, I know I would see you again" Chloe says. Vivienne also appears. "Give him to me" Chloe says. "He is our prisoner, he will bring us to Jamie" Sam says. "Good idea." Chloe says. "So you are on our side?" Vivienne says. "I don't know that very sure" Sam says. "Well I am glad you are still alive Sam. I can't say that about my sister" Chloe says. "I am very sorry about her death." Sam says. "Where is Nicholas?" Robert says. "I was with him, but idk where he is now." Chloe says. "Fuck" Robert says. "Chloe. Have you seen Bruce, Norah and Sophia?" Sam says. "Yes, not even 1 day ago" Chloe says. "Where?" Sam says. "They left me" Chloe says. "Why did they do that?" Sam says. "Bruce took Norah away. I thought finally she gave something about me, but then she left me" Chloe says. "This idiot just told me she is with Jamie now." Sam says. "They know each other?" Chloe says. "I did not know either" Sam says. "Where are they" Chloe says and she moves her weapon on his throat. "Not needed. Jamie sent Robert a location. That's the place where we will find Norah and Jamie" Sam says. "Very good" Chloe says. Vivienne nods and agrees.

Florence walks outside the base of Zaire and meets Bruce again. "What took you so long?" Bruce says. "I have a problem. There was a guy, he bought Norah" Florence says. "What?" Bruce says very surprised. "There wasn't anything I could do" Florence says. "It is okay, we will get her back, just like Sophia." Bruce says. "I am responsible for that" Florence says. "Everything is going to be fine" Bruce says. "No I am still a prisoner of this idiot, I can´t get away" Florence says and she starts crying. Bruce embraces her and says: "I will kill that idiot as soon as possible." "He is too strong." Florence says. "He is not" Bruce says and he already thinks of a plan to murder Zaire.

When Norah is done with her shower, Jamie is already waiting for her. "You are way more beautiful as in the past" Jamie says. "Thank you" Norah says and she smiles. "So what have you done in all these years?" Jamie says. "My dad was a dick again, but I am rid of him for 5 years now" Norah says. "Good to hear. How did you get rid of him?" Jamie says. "I have had a boyfriend, he helped me getting rid of him" Norah says. "Boyfriend?" Jamie says. "Yes his name was Sam Stone, but he is death now" Norah says. "You mean the Sam Stone? The famous guy that killed those masked freaks?" Jamie says. "Yes he wasn't so famous when I met him. And he became after I didn't have a relationship with him anymore" Norah says. "Well I understand he is your type. He inspires me as well" Jamie says. "Well he is death I think" Norah says. "Really?" Jamie says. "I am so afraid of the people that killed him" Norah says. "I will protect you for them for sure" Jamie says and he embraces her. "Thank you" Norah says. On that moment, suddenly Jamie gets a message of Robert. It says: "I agree with the meeting point. Take the girl with you as well, I want to see her. See you there" "That isn't Robert" Jamie says. "What did you say? Who is that?" Norah says. "It is supposed to be a friend of me but he isn't" Jamie says. "Oh no the masked freaks got him" Norah says. "That's what I think as well" Jamie says. "We should help him" Norah says. "No, I will help him. You must stay here" Jamie says. "What? I am stronger than I was before, I can help you" Norah says. "I don't want you in trouble. After we have my friend back we go to the capital. There is the only way to get back to Earth" Jamie says. "Okay what you want" Norah says. Jamie fills in the coordinates of the location he send in the message to Robert. He knows Sam and Robert will be there. Sometimes later, Jamie wakes Norah and says: "We are there." "Already? I am sorry I felt asleep" Norah says. "It is okay, stay here and wait before I return." Jamie says. "What if you don't return?" Norah says. "Then somebody will come and take you to earth" Jamie says and he leaves the vehicle. He closes all windows and doors. He pushes a button on a device he wears. The ship turns invisble, which means what he said to her was another lie. He walks into a place in the desert. There are many cactuses and rocks. Jamie looks around but he doesn't see anything. Not far from there, Sam, Chloe, Vivienne and a tied up Robert are standing. "It is time" Sam says. He, Vivienne and Chloe move to the coordinates. They see Jamie standing there. He also sees them. "Weapons on the ground" Jamie says. Sam nods and they throw their weapons on the ground. "I know you two idiots would come" Jamie says. "Robert fought like a girl" Sam says. "Give him to me and I won't harm the three of you" Jamie says. "You know we will never do that" Chloe says. "Shut your fucking mouth! fucking traitor!" Jamie yells angry. "You gave me no other choice rather than moving over to the other side" Chloe says. "We can make a trade. We give your pal back to you and you give Norah to me and Chloe" Sam says. "Norah? Where the hell are you talking about? Who is that?" Jamie says. "You lie! You have her as prisoner" Chloe says and she becomes mad. "So you say that your pal Robert lied? He told us you have her!" Sam says loud. "And you believe anything he says? So give Robert to me or the three of you will die" Jamie says. Vivienne is done with this talk and she steps back and grabs her weapon and starts firing on Jamie. Jamie dodges the bullets and hides behind a cactus. "Why did you do that?" Sam says. "You won't get your girlfriend back, so let's get him" Vivienne says and she runs in Jamie's direction. Sam and Chloe have no other option than joining the fight as well. A fight between the four of them starts.

In the capital, William is thrown in a cell. Sophia is brought to Ethan, and his parents. "Finally you got here. I already thought my guard were too weak to catch a little girl" Ethan's father says. Ethan goes standing besides Sophia and protects her. "If you run away for a third time my child, we won't take you back" Ethan's mother says. Sophia ignores what they are saying and looks to the ground. "So when can I fuck her again?" Ethan says. "You can fuck whenever you want. She is yours" Ethan's father says. Ethan is glad and agrees. He takes Sophia to his bedroom. Sophia can't do anything to escape again. "Please don't rape me again" Sophia says and she becomes sad. "Why are you crying?" Ethan says and he takes a tear away from her face. "You should be glad to have me as your husband. Whenever my fucking dad dies, you and me become King and Queen" Ethan says. "I don't want to be a queen and I don't want to be your wife" Sophia says. "Why not my darling?" Ethan says. "It is just I don't like you after what you did to me when you raped me" Sophia says. "You are my wife. Of course I can fuck you whenever I want" Ethan says. "You treat me like shit and as your personal whore" Sophia says. "Whore? You are going to take that back" Ethan says and he becomes very aggresive on her. He grabs her and throws her on the bed. He pulls of her clothes and starts touching her again. Sophia starts crying louder. Ethan pulls of his pants and underwear and makes himself ready to fuck her again. But then suddenly a big sound is heard. Ethan is startles by the sound and immediately pulls on some clothes. Sophia turns around and looks to him. Two guards open the door and they say: "We have to take you to safety." "What the fuck is happening?" Ethan says. "An attack on the castle" the guards say. Sophia is still lying naked on the bed. The guards grab Ethan and take him away. Sophia stays behind. She is relieved that she isn't raped a second time. She grabs her clothes and wants and get dressed, but a loud sound is heard again. Then suddenly, Jade walks inside the room. "I am here to save you" Jade says. "Thank you very much" Sophia says. Jade grabs her and sees she isn't wearing clothes. "Pull on your clothes quickly, the guards can be here in 10 seconds" Jade says. Jade brings Sophia outside the castle. "How did you find me?" Sophia says. "William didn't come back, and I know something was wrong. We rescued him first and now the whole resistance came for you" Jade says. "Where is he now?" Sophia says. "They tortured him, so he can't be here to save you" Jade says. Then another explosion happens and the wall falls down and crushes on them. No one knows if they are still alive.

When Florence is gone, Bruce walks inside the base of Zaire again. He sees Zaire is sitting on his throne again and Florence is standing besides him. None of Zaire's men has seen Bruce entering the base. Bruce appears in front of them. "Good evening Mr." Bruce says. "Where the hell do you come from?" Zaire says. "I come from Earth and I am here to make an end of you" Bruce says and he grabs a knife and throws it to Zaire. One of Zaire's men jumps before him and is killed by the knife. Zaire becomes really angry and he screams: "By cost of anybody, Kill this motherfucker!" All the men attacks Bruce. "Why are you doing this?" Florence says to Bruce. "I understand you still care about him, but that will be gone in 1 minute" Zaire says. "I am not agreed with this" Florence says and she steals a weapon from one the guards. "Put that weapon down immediately!" Zaire says. "I won't" Florence says. "You chose the wrong side Florence" Zaire says and he makes a sign to the guards to attack her as well. Bruce and Florence fight their way out of the base. Bruce grabs a weapon of his back. It is a very fast gun which isn't invented on Dimension B. The men of Zaire are no match against it. "Kill them!!!" Zaire screams. But it doesn't help that much. Bruce start firing Zaire as well. He dodges the bullets but his chair is destroyed. He falls of it on the ground. One of the men of Zaire wants to kill Bruce, but he is killed by Florence. "Thank you" Bruce says. "We are a great team together" Florence says. "Indeed" Bruce says. They run to another room which leads to outside. They fire all their bullets on the mean of Zaire. "Yoe foels!" one of the men screams, but later he is killed by Florence. "They deserve it after what they did to you" Bruce says. "Yeah" Florence says. "You sure Norah isn't here anymore?" Bruce says. "Yes I am" Florence says and she opens Norah's cell door. They see some of her stuff lying inside. Bruce grabs her stuff and they run to the exit. The men of Zaire still follow them. Bruce throws a bomb on the ground. The men don't see it and killed in the explosion. When Bruce and Florence think they can finally walk out free suddenly Zaire is standing before them. "And you two think you can simply walk out of here and don't have to deal with me. Then you are on the wrong address!" Zaire says. "Soon you will be wiped out just like the rest of your miserable people" Bruce says and he grabs his gun and wants to shoot but he is out of bullets. "Hahahaha, I knew there was a weakness in those weapons you use" Zaire says and he throws something to slam the weapon out of Florence's hands. "I give you two options. Help me building up my home again or die!" Zaire says. "I won't ever join you" Bruce says. "Then you will die!" Zaire says and he grabs a spear. On the moment he wants to murder them suddenly his spear is destroyed and he sees a bullet is inside his body. Bruce grabs a weapon which is lying on the ground and he stabs it inside Zaire. Not knowing what the hell happened, Zaire breathes one last air before he falls on the ground and dies. Bruce and Florence looks to their back and see it was Nicholas who fired the bullet. "You owed me something. You left me alive. That's something I didn't expect of you" Nicholas says. "Thank you very much. Without we would have been death" Florence says. "Now lets move outside of here quickly" Nicholas says. They run outside the base, and only 10 seconds later the whole base of Zaire falls apart and nothing is left of it.

Sam, Chloe and Vivienne work together, but Jamie can simply fight against the three of them. Vivienne comes in a single fight against Jamie. "In the end you will pay for slaughtering my people" Vivienne says. "I have to say that I killed many people, but murdering your people actually gave me pleasure" Jamie says. Vivienne becomes even more angry after he said that and starts moving faster. "Also your fight techniques are as bad as all of your people" Jamie says. "Stop it you arrogant bitch!" Vivienne says. Jamie starts laughing and grabs another weapon and he fires it on Vivienne. It electrocutes her and defeates her. Chloe then comes to attack him. She jumps on him but he throws her away. "You were the last person of us I thought would betray me!" Jamie says. "I didn't know you would destroy earth in our plans" Chloe says. "Earth sucks! I wanted to found a better world with you on my side!" Jamie says. "This world would never been better" Chloe says and she wants to hurt him with her weapon but he dodges her attack and throws her away. Sam comes back and he attacks Jamie as well. "Admit you have her!" Sam says. "Yes I have her and I already fucked her more than you will ever do in your miserable life" Jamie says. "Why did you kidnap her? She didn't do anything wrong!" Sam says. "I know you would come to rescue her. You are so predictable" Jamie says. "So what did you tell her about me?" Sam says. "She thinks you are death and that gives me all my chances to have her?" Jamie says. "Why so?" Sam says. "You're so stupid. All the time I was with her she mentioned you like 100 times. There was a time she did that with me as well" Jamie says. "She is not stupid enough to love you." Sam says. "You remember her dad? The only reason why he was so idiotic was because of me" Jamie says. "You lied again. Charles did that" Sam says. "You believe in fairy tales. That guy Charles was your friend until I gave him this." Jamie says and he shows Sam a potion. "This changes someone's mind" Jamie says. "You fucking idiot!! I lost so many friends because of you!!" Sam yells. "Soon your best friend Bruce will be death as well. He and Florence are locked up at Zaire, a friend of mine. They are probably already death before you come there" Jamie says. Sam becomes even more angry and he jumps on Jamie. He wants to smash him in his face, but Jamie throws him on the ground as well and he gets on his feet again and starts kicking him. "Tell me where Robert is!!" Jamie says. "I rather die!!" Sam yells. "I don't want to kill me yet, but you give me no other option!" Jamie says. With his last strength, Sam grabs Jamie's leg and throws him on the ground as well. He falls with his head on the rocks and falls unconscious immediately. Sam also faints.

In the ashes, Sophia awakes. She moves the broken odds and ends away and she sees the destruction that happened because of William and Jade's group. A lot of people are lying death on the ground. She walks back to the secret base. She opens the door. Jade and the others are surprised to see her. "You are still alive? I thought you were death" Jade says. "I nearly died I think" Sophia says. "Well I am glad you're still here with us" Jade says. Further in the room, Sophia sees the wounded William. "Are you all right?" Sophia says to him. "I have survived worse" William says. "So what is happening right now?" Sophia says. "We are on the edge of a civil war" William says. "Really?" Sophia says. "We have the support of the people. Even more people join us against the king and his family." William says. "That's great isn't it?" Sophia says. "Yes it is, it is only a matter of time they will lose and we will get a new king" William says. The king himself is still sitting on his throne. His wife, son and Damian are standing with him. "How many casualties?" Ethan's father says. "We lost 33 guards of the kingsguard and 53 other soldier" Damian says. "Idiots I want all of them death in 24 hours" Ethan's father says. "Their popularity grows every day. We don't even know how many people we have to deal it" Damian says. "You are saying you can't defeat them?" Ethan's father says. "No that is not what I am implying. To approach them we don't have enough people" Damian says. "Then we have to get reinforcements" Ethan's father says and he and Damian leave the room. Ethan and his mother stay behind. "I thought I finally got her back, but she left me again" Ethan says sad. "That girl doesn't belong to you. She doesn't deserve you" Ethan's mother says. "I have no idea anymore who does" Ethan says and very sad he goes back to his room.

Bruce, Florence and Nicholas run through the jungle. But then they stop. "Why are we stopping?" Nicholas says. "Because we need to rest after that fight" Bruce says. "Seriously? I want to find back Ximena and Chloe immediately and they for sure aren't here" Nicholas says. "You have any idea where we can find the others?" Florence says. "They might be in the capital. Ximena has no other place to go" Nicholas says. "Chloe also told me that the capital is the only place where you can leave this dimension" Nicholas says. "Then that's the place we are going to" Bruce says. "You know how to get there?" Florence says. "We have to get on the capital road. There are other cities on that road where we can steal a vehicle" Nicholas says. "And how many miles is it to the capital road?" Bruce says. "I have no idea" Nicholas says. "You have no idea?" Bruce says. "I don't know it for sure okay?" Nicholas says. "So what do you think Nicholas?" Florence says. "It could be 20 miles, 50 or even a hundred" Nicholas says. Bruce is irritated and he walks away from Nicholas. He goes sitting on the ground and looks through Norah's stuff if she left any hints behind. He finds a diary and some pictures of her family. He opens the diary and he goes to the latest date. There aren't any clues there. But on another page he sees a photo of a guy named Jamie Tebbutt. He looks very familiar for Bruce. Also at many of the pages Sam is mentioned. Florence goes sitting besides him and she says: "What are you looking to?" "Norah's diary. I hoped she left some clues for us behind. Maybe some locations the buyer will bring her to, but it seems like she didn't" Bruce says. "It all went very quick, she didn't have time to left something behind." Florence says. "There is one picture of a guy, he looks very familiar to me" Bruce says and he shows Florence the picture of Jamie. "That's him. He is the buyer" Florence says. "So she did leave a clue behind. We know who the buyer is" Bruce says. "Jamie Tebbutt, the name is familiar for me" Florence says. "How did she have time to make a picture of him and to stick it in her dairy?" Bruce says. "That is not possible, she knows him longer" Florence says. "Well he and Sam are mentioned the most in her diary" Bruce says. "Maybe a former boyfriend?" Florence says. "Probably, but she never told us about him" Bruce says. "She never told us that much. She clearly still loves Sam, if I see how many times she mentions him in her diary" Florence says. Nicholas comes to them and says: "Did you mention the name Jamie Tebbutt?" Nicholas says. "Yes we did" Florence says. Nicholas is very interested in the picture of him and he says: "J.T. Jamie Tebbutt, he is the Scream with the red mask. All these time he was our boss" Nicholas says shocked. Florence is shocked as well. "Then we have to save Norah immediately" Bruce says and he, Nicholas and Florence immediately stand up and they know there is no time to lose.

Sam awakes after the fight and he looks around. He finds Chloe injured on the ground. "Are you all right?" Sam says to her. "I think so" Chloe says and she stands up again. "Where is Jamie?" Chloe says. "He is gone, I failed to stop him" Sam says. Somewhere further Vivienne stands up and says: "I saw him going to Robert. I couldn't stop him" "How did he know where he was?" Sam says. "He put a gun on my head and if I didn't tell him, he would kill me" Vivienne says. "Idiot" Sam says. "We will get him next time for sure" Chloe says. "Any ideas where he will go?" Sam says. "I know for sure he is going to the capital" Chloe says. "Why?" Sam says. "There is something there he told me about. He can't come there, we have to stop him before that" Chloe says. "So we have no time to lose" Vivienne says. "Maybe the others are there as well" Sam says. "Could be" Chloe says. Sam, Chloe and Vivienne go back to the small village first. They grab their stuff and steal a vehicle. "You know how to get to the capital?" Sam says. "Yes I do" Chloe says. They drive into that direction not knowing what for misery they will get in the capital. Really close to there, Jamie struggles to get back to his vehicle. He is holding Robert under his shoulder. He throws him inside the vehicle. "I didn't know you would come back for me" Robert says. "I need allies" Jamie says. Inside Norah sees them returning. "Why did it take so long? I started to get worried" Norah says. "You really have her? I thought you said so to fool me and the others" Robert says. "There were some disasters" Jamie says. "What disasters?" Norah says. Jamie ingores her question and he goes sitting on the bench besides Norah. "Your head is bleeding. How did this happen?" Norah says and she looks to Jamie's head. "It is nothing" Jamie says. "He has had a fight" Robert says. "Excuse me who are you?" Norah says. "My name is Robert, Norah" Jamie says. "You told him about me?" Norah says. "Of course I did" Jamie says. "I will be in the cockpit, to give you some time alone" Robert says and he walks to the cockpit. "So what are the next plans you won't tell me about?" Norah says. "We will go to the capital. The king called me. He needs our help." Jamie says. "He called you? What has happened to you? You were a normal boy in the past." Norah says. "I am just a friend of the king, nothing more than that" Jamie says. "That is is! When I knew you before you weren't so famous. You have changed a lot!" Norah says worried. "There is one thing that I didn't change. I still love you" Jamie says and he grabs her and starts kissing her. Norah pushes him away for the second time. "I don't want to have a boyfriend that isn't honest to me" Norah says and she walks away to her bedroom in the vehicle. "She plays hard to get. I like that" Jamie says and he follows her and he opens her door. "Can't you give me some time alone?" Norah says. "No" Jamie says and he goes again sitting next to her. "I am sorry. My former boyfriend is death because he got so famous. I am worried I will lose you too" Norah says. "You won't lose me I promise" Jamie says and he suddenly kisses her again. They fall on the bed and Jamie takes off his and her clothes. Norah's defense is gone now, not knowing what big mistake she makes falling in love with the biggest idiot of all.

The next day in the capital, Jamie's vehicle arrives. Damian lets them through the gate and they drive through the main road. Norah wakes up alone in her bed. Jamie is standing besides Robert. "We have arrived right on schedule. Great work Robert" Jamie says. "You're welcome" Robert says. They stop the vehicle before the castle. They see a part of it is destroyed. "What the hell has happened here?" Robert says. "I don't care, we will do what we must in order to come to get acces to the purple room" Jamie says. "Will she go with us?" Robert says. "Yes she has been here long enough" Jamie says. Jamie and Robert open the door of the vehicle. Jamie walks to Norah's room. "We are there. Make yourself ready to go inside. I want you to look very beautiful. I have put some dresses inside the casing there. I see you outside in 15 minutes" Jamie says. Norah agrees and says: "Why did you leave me?" "I had no time to stay with you the entire evening. I needed to make some preparations" Jamie says and he leaves the room. "She is making herself ready" Jamie says. "Good" Robert says. 15 minutes later, Norah is ready and they leave the vehicle. "Do I look okay?" Norah says. "Yes you do" Jamie says. "Anyways this place isn't what it was. The last time I was here it was rich and beautiful. It isn't anymore what it used to be" Robert says. "Oh wait you are one of the colleagues of Jamie?" Norah says. "Yes I am. My name is Robert." Robert says. "Norah, nice to meet you" Norah says. They walk through the door of the castle to the room where Ethan, Damian and Ethan's parents are sitting. "Thank you. You could come to help us Mr. Tebbutt. Welcome to the capital" Ethan's father says and he stands out of the chair. "It is my pleasure King Hadlee" Jamie says and he begs. Robert begs too. Norah doesn't know what to do, but on the last second she begs too. "So who did you bring with you?" Ethan's father says. Ethan is standing in the room as well. He is looking to Robert and Norah. "This is my most loyal ally and my best friend Robert. And this is my wife Norah" Jamie says. "You didn't have a wife the last time you were here right?" Ethan's father says. "Yes we married 2 months ago" Jamie lies his 100th lie. "Congrats. She is very beautiful. Where does she come from?" Ethan's father says. "She is from a village western of the capital" Jamie says. "Okay. We don't have many time to lose. Jamie, Robert and Damian, come with me. We will discuss the plan" Ethan's father says. "Protect Jamie's wife and your mum, my child" Ethan's father says to Ethan and they leave the room. Norah stays behind with Ethan and his mother. "Your first time in the capital?" Ethan says to Norah. "Yes it is" Norah says. "I can give you a guided tour around the city if you want" Ethan says. "Okay I'd like that, thank you" Norah says and she and Ethan leave the castle. "How did you and Jamie meet each other?" Ethan says. "Actually I do know him already for a very long time. I met him in my city." Norah says. "City? I thought Jamie said you come from a village" Ethan says. "That was a lie. I was born in San Francisco" Norah says. "San what? I have never heard of that city" Ethan says. "It is very far away from here" Norah says. "It is a long time since I have been out of this shitty city" Ethan says. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Norah says. "There is a girl. I love her, but she doesn't love me" Ethan says. "That's very sad. What is her name?" Norah says. "Her name is Sophia, but forget about her" Ethan says. "Sophia? Can you bring me to her?" Norah says. "I don't know if that is possible. The people she is with hate me" Ethan says. They walk further to a small square. "We almost are in the more poorer area of the city" Ethan says. "Even more poor? There is already enough poverty in this part of the city" Norah says. Some minutes later, Ethan says: "Sophia is probably somewhere here. I often come here to look if she is here, but I haven't seen her for a long time." Then a man comes to them to offer them some food. "Your girl is very beautiful" the man says in a dialect. "What did he say?" Norah says. "He offered us some food and he told me you are very beautiful and that I am lucky to have you" Ethan says. "But you don't have.... Never mind" Norah says. Later suddenly, Ethan sees Sophia with William. "Oh no there she is" Ethan says and he makes points to them. Norah is very surprised and says: "I know her." "What?" Ethan says. Norah walks to them and she embraces Sophia. "I am so glad to see you." Norah says. Sophia looks to her and says: "Norah? What are you doing here?" "I can ask you the same thing" Norah says. Ethan follows Norah and says: "I brought you back your friend Sophia." "You are with him? With this fucking idiot?" Sophia says. "Idiot?" Norah says. "Stay away from that creep girl" William says. "Why do they call you a creep?" Norah says. "Don't listen to them Norah" Ethan says. "How do you know Ethan?" Sophia says to Norah. "Please Sophia I won't ever hurt you again. I am so sorry" Ethan says. "I don't believe your lies anymore" Sophia says. "You hurted her?" Norah says. "No, okay maybe I did" Ethan says. "If you are here does that mean the others are here as well?" Sophia says. "No, I am sorry" Norah says. "What others?" Ethan says. "My friends" Sophia says. "I didn't know you have friends" Ethan says. "I am one of her friends" Norah says. "But you are on our side now right?" Sophia says. "I am not, I have another friend which supports Ethan's parents." Norah says. "No come to us, you can't trust them" Sophia says. "We have talked enough" Ethan says and he grabs Norah away from William and Sophia. "These people murdered Ximena, you can't trust them Norah!" Sophia yells to them. But Norah and Ethan are already gone. "Who was she?" William says. "A friend of me. She looked brainwashed, she was much different as I know" Sophia says. "Well you know if she stand in our way, we have to kill her" William says. "She chose the wrong side" Sophia says disappointed.

Bruce, Florence and Nicholas walk further and further in the jungle. Then suddenly they see the edge of the trees. "Does this mean we are getting closer?" Florence says. "Yes" Nicholas says. "Great!" Florence says. Bruce isn't that enthusiastic. "I don't like the fact Norah is in the hands of that creep. We are moving way too slow" Bruce says. "Do you have any other ideas dipshit?" Nicholas says. "You are going to regret calling me that" Bruce says and he attacks Nicholas again. Another fight between them starts. "Why did you even save me if you are fighting me now?" Bruce says. "I can ask you the same thing" Nicholas says. "It wasn't me who wanted to let you live. It was Norah" Bruce says. "Really? I didn't know she cared about me" Nicholas says and he stops for a minute hitting Bruce. "Stop the both of you" Florence says and she comes between them. "We have to work together if we want to find the others back" Florence says. "That's true, but this idiot always annoys me" Bruce says. "Oh I am so sorry for that" Nicholas says. "Let's walk further, we have no time to lose" Florence says. They walk further through the desert when suddenly they see an abandoned road lying there. "This is it? The capital road?" Florence says. "Yes we made it" Nicholas says. Bruce isn't impressed at all. "So which side do we have to go?" Florence says. "The city is eastern of us. My compass says this is north so eastern is that way" Nicholas says. "Wow good" Florence says. They walk further to into that direction. Some vehicles drive over the road, but none of them is interested in them. "How are we going to steal one of these vehicles smartypants?" Bruce says to Nicholas. "We are going to steal one in the next city" Nicholas says. "And how many miles is it away from us?" Bruce says. "Do I look like your personal guide? Come on dude, I don't know everything" Nicholas says. "I don't trust you, there must be a reason why you saved us" Bruce says. "Oh come on. I have saved you, got you out of that stupid jungle and still you don't trust me?" Nicholas says. Florence is done with their fights and doesn't bother to come between. On the edge of the road she sees car comming. She starts making a hitch sign. The car stops. Nicholas and Bruce don't see it because they are too busy with each other. "Could you please bring us to the next city?" Florence says and she sees it is a guy all alone sitting in the car. "I can't let a very pretty girl standing here at the road" the guy says. "Thank you very much. But can these two join us?" Florence says. "Okay not a problem" The guy says. "Bruce and Nicholas" Florence says. Bruce and Nicholas keep their mouth shut and step in the car.

On the road, Sam, Chloe and Vivienne make a small stop at a small city. Sam is filling up the gas, while Chloe and Vivienne are looking inside a store in the city. "Where was you born Vivienne?" Chloe says. "My people were scavengers, we didn't have a home. I was born someone in the desert" Vivienne says. "Oh I am sorry I asked you this stupid question" Chloe says. "It is okay" Vivienne says. "How do you know Sam?" Vivienne says. "Long story. He had a relation with my sister and I was his enemy." Chloe says. "Oh do I know your sister?" Vivienne says. "Probably not, she is death" Chloe says. "I am so sorry for your loss, my condolences" Vivienne says. Outside, Sam has almost filled up the vehicle. But one problem, he has no idea how to pay the people here. He doesn't have the local currency. He walks inside to pay, maybe there is one way he can persuade the gas station keeper. Then a car stops outside, Bruce, Florence and Nicholas step out. "Thank you very much. How can we thank you?" Florence says. "It is okay." The guy says and he drives away. Bruce sees a parking place and a gas station. "So you want to steal a vehicle here?" Florence says. "Yes this is the perfect place" Nicholas says. "You are an idiot. You can't just steal something" Bruce says. "We aren't on earth and you always think you know things better. If you don't like my plan, don't bother and leave. The only thing you are doing is being an idiot" Nicholas says. "I changed myself to your level" Bruce says. "For god's sake stop fighting you two" Florence says. Suddenly, Sam walks back outside the store after he found a way to pay in the gas station store and he hears people fighing. He can't believe his eyes when he sees Bruce and Florence. "This can't be true" Sam says. "If you excuse me, I am going to get a vehicle for us" Nicholas says. "You need a vehicle? I have one for you" Sam suddenly says. Bruce, Florence and Nicholas look to him and are very surprised. "I thought you were dead" Bruce says and he walks to Sam and embraces him. "This can't be coincedence" Sam says and he also embraces Florence. "Where are you going?" Sam says. "We are on our way to the capital." Florence says. "Hi Nicholas" Sam says. "Stone" Nicholas says. "Suprisingly, we are also going to the capital" Sam says. "Who are we?" Nicholas says. They follow Sam to the store where Vivienne and Chloe are. Nicholas is very glad to see Chloe. "We have a lot to discuss" Sam says to Bruce. "Yeah we do" Bruce says. "Where is Sophia?" Sam says "We haven't seen her for days. We lost her after our ship crashed" Bruce says. "Oh but she is alive?" Sam says. "Yes and where is Max?" Florence says. "I am sorry I couldn't save him" Sam says. "Who killed him?" Bruce says. "The guy under the red mask" Sam says. "Jamie Tebbutt?" Bruce says. "Yes how do you know that?" Sam says. "Before he took Norah from us, she left her diary behind. There was a picture of him inside it." Bruce says. "Can you give that diary to me?" Sam says. Bruce looks to his stuff and gives Norah's diary to him. "Also tell him how many times he is mentioned" Florence whispers to Bruce. "He will find out himself" Bruce says. On one of the first pages, Sam finds the picture of Jamie. "Yes that's him. He murdered Max and Danny as well." Sam says. "So why are we still standing here?" Florence says. "True, we have no time to lose" Sam says. Sam, Bruce, Florence, Vivienne, Chloe and Nicholas step in the vehicle. "I believe we aren't introduced to each other, my name is Bruce" Bruce says to Vivienne. "I know. Sam told about you." Vivienne says. "But I don't know you" Vivienne says and she looks to Florence. "My name is Florence" Florence says. "I am Vivienne, nice to meet you" Vivienne says. "She is...." Bruce says and he looks to Florence. "My girlfriend" Bruce continues. "Your what?" Sam says surprised. "Oh you didn't know either" Bruce says. "Well we have other things to discuss now. Jamie and Robert's plan" Sam says. "Who is Robert?" Bruce says. "He and Norah are Jamie's allies." Sam says. "Norah is his ally as well?" Florence says. "Yes she doesn't know Jamie is the Scream, but actually she is a prisoner of him. I want to confront her about that. After that I will kill both Jamie and Robert" Sam says. "Easy plan" Nicholas says. "I can help you with confronting Norah. She isn't angry on me anymore" Chloe says. "Okay, but now let's discuss Jamie and Robert's plan. Chloe?" Sam says. "There is a place in the capital. It is a purple house. It is hidden inside the capital. Inside of there is a portal to get back to earth." Chloe says. "Finally I am starting to get sick of this place" Florence says. "I am not finished yet" Chloe says. "Jamie has a machine which sucks out the energy of earth. He will transport it from earth to Dimension B. this place will get more energy and food will more easily be created, which will lead to a higher welfare. But the bad things is that Eart will be gone in 1 year." Chloe says. "We have to stop them immediately. I can't even believe I was a part of this plan" Nicholas says. "For once in my life I am agreed with you" Bruce says. "But what about your sister?" Florence says. "Elina is death, she died in front of me" Sam says. "Really? How?" Bruce says. "Strighter's base. It collapsed and it if fell under her. She is one of Jamie's many victims" Sam says. "I am so sorry Chloe" Florence says to her. "It is okay. It was her own stupidity which leaded to her death" Chloe says. "I don't know how to say to Sophia about Max" Sam says. "We will help you with that" Vivienne says. "How long until we are in the capital?" Florence says. "4 hours I think" Chloe says. Bruce looks to Nicholas and says: "At least she knows how many miles left" Nicholas doesn't like his remark, but he ignores it.

In the capital, Jamie, Robert, Ethan's father and Damian are standing inside a room. "So who are the people we are dealing with?" Jamie says. "It are rebels, yesterday, they attacked my castle" Ethan's father says and he shows a screen with it. "88 of my people died while we only found 12 bodies of them" Richard says. "How is that possible? Why are your people so weak?" Robert says. "They surprised us. They came here to save two individuals. The first one's name is William Durham. He is their leader. The second one is Sophia Hamilton. My child wanted to marry her, but she joined the rebels. She is a traitor. I want these two be captured. You can kill the others." Ethan's father says. "Let's talk about our plan now. Damian?" Richard says. "Our forces will attack the rebel base" Damian says. "Where is their place located?" Robert says. "Don't interrupt me. I was about to say that. Well, our spies located their base 2 miles away from us. The remaining kingsguards will attacks the base to make a sneak attack. Me, Jamie and Robert will attack their base from the back and kill everybody except Sophia and William. You understand?" Damian says. "Thank you Damian. That was it" Richard says. Jamie starts laughing and says: "Don't get me wrong it is a great plan, but for me it sucks" "You can give an improvement Mr. Tebbutt, if you want" Richard says. "I want to talk about my, Robert and Norah's profits. What do we earn with fighting inside this civil war?" Jamie says. "Tell me, you can have whatever you want" Ethan's father says. "I want to know the secret way to this house" Jamie says and he shows Damian and Richard a picture of the house. "That's the only thing you want? You want to know the way to a fucking house?" Richard says and he starts laughing out loud. "I know where it is. It is on the western side of the city. It is in the slum Silas, at the poverty road." Damian says. "Thank you Damian, thank you" Jamie says. "Please tell me there is something else I can do for you. I almost feel sad that I only gave you the address of a stupid house." Richard says. "Well since their is no other thing I desire from you, I can simply ignore your orders and do what I want" Jamie says. "No you promised to help me!" Richard says. "You are mad and stupid like any king" Jamie says. Damian knows this is going wrong and he goes with his hand to his pocket to his gun. "I don't feel assaulted by you" Ethan's father says. "You should be. I have got what I want so there is no need" Jamie says and he also wants to grab his gun. But then Damian grabs his gun and he wants to shoot Jamie, but Robert attacks him and he slams the gun out of his hand. He aims his own gun on Damian. "You are the most powerful person on this dimension and still you are very harmless right now, I can become a kingslayer if you don't do what I say" Jamie says. "Don't do what he says my king" Damian says. "Shut up" Robert says and he slams his in his belly. "I should have never trusted you idiot" Ethan's father says. "Listen to me, there is only one way how this is going to end well for you. You have to give the right answer to this question. Which is the most beautiful woman of this Dimension? Your wife or my wife?" Jamie says. The sweat moves away from Ethan's father's face. "Your wife, Norah is the most beautiful woman of this dimension" Ethan's father says. He looks to Jamie and says: "I got the right answer right?" Damian looks to Jamie as well, but there is nothing he can do. "It is, but you lied" Jamie says and grabs his gun. "Please don't kill me, I can arrange something for you" Ethan's father says. "You already told me what I want to know" Jamie says and suddenly he fires his gun and the bullet is fired inside the king. Before the eyes of Damian, Robert and Jamie, he falls dead on the ground. Jamie starts laughing and says: "Make sure the whole world knows that King Richard Hadlee, first of his name, is dead." Jamie says and he walks away outside the room. "Clean up his body. And from now on you only take orders from me or Jamie" Robert says and he follows Jamie outside the room. Back in the throne room, Jamie sees Norah sitting along with Ethan and his mother. "Where is my dad?" Ethan says. "We didn't come to an agreement, so now he is death. You are king Ethan Hadlee now" Jamie says. "What?" Ethan says and he can't believe what Jamie just told him now. Ethan's mother becomes very angry and she wants to attack Jamie. But Robert comes inside the room and he shoots her in her leg. "Put her in a cell" Jamie says. Robert grabs her and takes her away. Jamie laughs again and he goes sitting besides Ethan. "And how does it feel to be a king? You are going to be a much better king than your father ever was" Jamie says. "It feels.... cool" Ethan says. "Now you're king, you can have every girl you want" Norah says. "You mean every girl on the world?" Ethan says. "Yes" Norah says. "My father wanted Sophia dead, but does that mean now she can still be my queen now?" Ethan says. "Of course she can" Norah says. "We will still kill off all the rebels if you want. Whenever they are death Sophia will become your queen." Jamie says. "Thank you Mr. Tebbutt" Ethan says and he goes sitting on the throne. Norah looks to Jamie's face, and she knows this is far from the Jamie she remembers.

On the capital road, Sam is reading Norah's diary. "How did it happen?" Sam says to Bruce, which is sitting besides him driving the vehicle. "We were captured by a guy called Zaire. Jamie bought her from him. There was nothing me or Florence could have done" Bruce says. "I don't blame you for anything" Sam says. "You should blame me, I could have saved her, but I was too scared to do so" Florence says. "It is okay Florence, we will get her back" Sam says. "What about Sophia?" Chloe says. "She might be as well in the capital" Bruce says. "I won't leave this place without her" Sam says. "She was kidnapped by Ximena" Florence says. "You mean the Ximena? Strighter's former ally?" Vivienne says. "Yes that Ximena" Sam says. "She has connections with King Hadlee" Chloe says. "Wait, we just got a news message" Nicholas says. "News?" Vivienne says. They all look to it. It says: "King Richard Hadlee is death, killed by an unknown assasin. His son Ethan Hadlee is king of the world now" "I am pretty sure Jamie has done this" Sam says. "Killing the king? That is way above his level" Nicholas says. "It makes sense, it would give him a much better position" Chloe says. "Why so?" Bruce says. "His son Ethan is only a stupid little child. He has no knowledge of politics, wars or things like that" Chloe says. "You have seen him in real life?" Sam says. "Yeah once" Chloe says. "I have never been in the capital" Vivienne says. "Well we are going to meet him soon. Jamie is still there" Bruce says. Later it becomes dark, Chloe is driving the vehicle now. "We could be there tomorrow sunrise" Chloe says to the others. Nicholas and Bruce are sleeping. Sam is sitting and thinking. "You can't sleep?" Florence says and she goes sitting besides him. "No I often can't sleep when there is a guy like Jamie somewhere here" Sam says. "I know" Florence says. "So you and Bruce are a couple now?" Sam says. "Yeah it happened somewhere on the road" Florence says. "I knew Bruce would get a girlfriend again really quick after his former girlfriend dumped him" Sam says. "Why did she do that?" Florence says. "She couldn't handle anymore that Bruce always got in trouble. It was making her worried and she chose for a life away from that" Sam says. "That's a pretty stupid reason" Florence says. "Yeah I know. I hope you won't do the same" Sam says. "I won't for sure. Well thank you for telling this, Bruce never wanted to talk about her" Florence says. "Not a problem. I can't believe as well that Norah never told me about Jamie. She always told me she never had a boyfriend because her father didn't accept it" Sam says. "So you do have a relation with her?" Florence says. "It is pretty difficult, I don't know how our relation is right now" Sam says. "The question is do you love her? She clearly loves you" Florence says. "How do you know that?" Sam says. "Read her diary. At this page." Florence says and she searches for the page. "She says she never had a crush on someone like she does with you" Florence says. Sam looks indifferent. "I feel stupid reading this. It is her private book" Sam says. "Why don't you want a relation with her?" Florence says. "I love her really much and she is the most pretty girl I have ever seen, but the reason is I already lost 2 girlfriends and I don't want to lose her too" Sam says. "Oh I didn't know that. I am sorry for your loss" Florence says. "Thank you" Sam says and he stands up. "I should stop this conversation before I start to feel sick" Sam says. "It's okay" Florence says. Sam walks to Chloe and says: "I will drive until tomorrow. You can sleep" "But what about you?" Chloe says. "I have already troubles with sleeping" Sam says. Chloe accepts it and she walks away and Sam goes sitting on the driver's seat.

In the capital it is night as well. Norah is lying in her bed alone. She knows she can't stay with the creeps Jamie and Robert are. She looks outside the window and searches for a way to escape. She hopes Sophia still accepts her. She grabs all her remaining stuff, but then suddenly her door is opened by Robert. "What the hell are you planning to do?" Robert says. "Nothing" Norah says. "You lie, you were planning to escape" Robert says and he grabs her to stop her. "Please don't hurt me" Norah says very scared. "No calm down, I won't hurt you" Robert says. "There are 2 ways this can end" Robert says and he closes the door. "The first one: I tell Jamie about what you wanted to do and he will find a punishment for you" Robert says. "No he will rape me if you tell him that" Norah says. "The second one: We can arrange something" Robert says and he starts touching her. "I won't choose both" Norah says. "So you want me to choose?" Robert says. "No just go away!" Norah says. "Okay then I will tell Jamie what you did" Robert says and he leaves the room. Later the guards come and they take her to Jamie. He and Ethan are sitting in the throne room, along with all the guards. "So Robert told me you were planning to escape. Is that true?" Jamie says. Norah ignores his question. "So where did you want to go? You know you are only safe if you are with me" Jamie says. "Why are you so idiot right now? I thought you would bring me back to earth, but now we are sitting in this stupid castle" Norah says. "Idiot?" Jamie says. "I just do what is necessary. If you're a traitor, you will be needed to be punished" Jamie says. "I am not a traitor. I just wanted to choose for my own protection" Norah says. "That was not wise my wife" Jamie says. "Ethan, as king you have to make decisions too. What do you propose we will do with this traitor?" Jamie says to Ethan. "To this girl?" Ethan says. "Yes" Jamie says. "Nothing, she is too pretty and harmless to hurt. Lock her up in her room instead and makes sure she can't leave" Ethan says. "Thank you king Ethan" Norah says. "He saved you. You should thank him for that." Jamie says. "Not needed" Ethan says. "Whatever" Jamie says and he grabs Norah and takes her back to her room. "Wait? You are going to tell me you won't punish this whore?" Robert says. "Whore? How dare you to call her a whore?? She is my wife!" Jamie yells to Robert. "Go fuck that whore!" Robert says mad. "Wait a second Norah" Jamie says and the other guards guard her. "You are going to regret that you said that" Jamie says and he attacks Robert. He grabs a knife and attacks Robert. A fight between them starts. "Since she is here, you only care about her. You won't even punish her if she betrays you!" Robert yells mad. "Wrong!!" Jamie yells. "Shouldn't we stop this fight?" Ethan says to Damian and Norah. "Let them kill each other. I don't care anymore" Norah says. "You give me my commands my king" Damian says. "Damian, stop this fight now!" Ethan says. Damian goes to them and he grabs Robert and throws him on the ground and it makes him defeated. "Well done" Jamie says and he walks away. Ethan grabs Norah and takes her to her room. "Why did you save me?" Norah says. "Because that was a wise thing to do" Ethan says and he closes the door of her room. Ethan walks outside the castle. Nobody has seen him left. It is dark outside and nobody is on the street now on the most rich part of the city. Ethan knows the way to William and Jade's safeplace. He takes an old sewer and later he walks inside William and Jade's safeplace. He walks to Sophia's room, which is sleeping in her room. He opens the door. It is dark in the room, but he hears her sleeping. He closes the door behind him and goes sitting on a chair inside the room and look to her.

Not that really far away from there, a vehicle with 5 people inside are driving closer to the capital. Sam is driving and none of the others is awake. Since it is still dark and nobody can go inside the city when it's dark, Sam stops the vehicle before the city wall. Bruce is the first to awake and he looks outside and sees the city wall. "Is that?" Bruce says. "Yes we are there" Sam says. "I will wake the others immediately" Bruce says. "Not needed, we can't got inside yet. The gate is closed" Sam says. "Aren't there any other ways in?" Bruce says. "Not that I know of" Sam says. They both go sitting on the couch. "What is the first thing you will do inside?" Bruce says. "Find Norah and the second thing is taking my revenge on Jamie" Sam says. "Revenge?" Bruce says. "Yes I fought him 2 days ago, I lost." Sam says. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" Bruce says. "It was a failure, it wasn't really in need to tell you" Sam says. "Max and Danny were friends of me too. He is going to pay for killing them" Bruce says. "Yes he will" Sam says. "Also for what he did to Florence" Bruce says. "You love her as much as you did love Isabelle right?" Sam says. "No. I do love her more" Bruce says. Surprised of his answer, Sam says: "When I have Norah back, I should tell her my feelings as well" "Yeah you should" Bruce says. "And I should give her this" Sam says and he grabs her diary. "Yes you do have it long enough" Bruce says. Then, suddenly they hear something. They look outside and sees the gate is opened. It is Damian. "You can wake the others now. I will talk to him" Sam says. "I heard it is difficult to get inside the capital, you will need some help" Vivienne says and she walks inside the room. "Okay all right" Sam says and he and Vivienne go outside to the gate. Damian along with some other guards are standing before it. Sam walks to them. "And who do we have here?" Damian. "My name is Sam and you must let us in." Sam says. "And why should I?" Damian. "This individual, his name is Jamie Tebbutt wants to let this whole world to become extinct." Sam says and he shows him the picture out of Norah's diary. "Oh that guy. He told me if he saw you I shouldn't let you in" Damian says. "It is urgent, please. Millions of us will die" Vivienne says. "Since he murdered the king, I don't trust him anymore. I will let you go if you move him out of the capital. Everything was fine before he came with his fuckboy and wife" Damian says. "That's exactly what we wanted to do!" Vivienne says. "Wait you said wife?" Sam says. "Yes a pretty sad girl. Her name was something like Nina" Damian says. "Norah" Sam says. "Yes that was it" Damian says. "He is going to pay for this!" Sam says very mad. "Calm down Sam, you need to stay focused now" Vivienne says. "Well you're free to go in" Damian says. "Thank you" Vivienne says and she and Sam walks back. "Fucking idiot" Sam says when he walks inside. "What happened?" Bruce says. "He will let us in" Vivienne says. "So why is he so angry?" Florence says. Sam goes sitting at the driver's seat and drives inside the city. "The guy from the gate told Sam that Norah is Jamie's wife now" Vivienne says. "That makes me angry as well" Chloe says. "You still love that girl?" Nicholas says and he starts laughing. Chloe hits Nicholas in his belly and she looks through the window. "It looks different as before" Chloe says. "How are we going to find them in this big city?" Vivienne says. "I know where I can find these fuckers. In the castle" Sam says and he stops the car later before it. "So we just walk in?" Bruce says. "I am so fucking done with this motherfucker" Sam says and he steps out of the vehicle. "You sure about this?" Florence says to Bruce. "I agree with Stone, we should get him and get the fuck out of this place" Nicholas says. The others also follows Sam. "Kill the guards" Sam says. Nicholas grabs his gun and he starts firing on the guards. They start firing on Bruce, Florence and Chloe as well. They walk up the stairs and attack the other guards. Sam sees another road up. Some of the guards see him and start firing on him. He kills one and he falls down. The other attacks Sam, but Sam stabs his knife inside him, killing him. "Are you okay?" Bruce says to Florence. "Yes these guards aren't that strong" Florence says and she fires on one. There are only two left. They fire on Nicholas, Florence, Bruce and Chloe. But then the two guards are killed. "Come up" Sam says after he killed them. Sam, Bruce, Florence, Chloe and Nicholas walk inside the castle. They walk inside the throne room. Inside they see Ethan sitting on his throne. "Who the hell are you and did you bring inside my castle?" Ethan says. "Who the hell are you?" Sam says. "I am king Ethan Hadlee" Ethan says. "I am sorry about your loss" Vivienne says. "Thank you, but it is okay" Ethan says. "So you are the king now?" Nicholas says and he walks towards him. "Yes don't you trust me?" Ethan says. "Where is Ximena?" Nicholas says and he grabs Ethan. "Nicholas calm down!" Chloe says and she walks to him as well and pushes him away. "I am sorry for that. We only come here to find this guy" Sam says and he shows the picture of Jamie to Ethan. "I have never seen this guy" Ethan says. Bruce and Florence come closer as well and they see someone lying on a chair. It is Sophia. Florence sees her at first and walks to her. "Sophia?" Florence says and she embraces her. Sophia is unconscious and she doesn't give a reaction. "That is my queen. Don't you see how beautiful she is?" Ethan says. "I am fucking done with these games" Nicholas says and he grabs Ethan and throws him on the ground. "Where the hell is my Ximena? Tell it or you die!!" Nicholas says and he points a gun to his face. Sam and Vivienne look to what Nicholas is doing, but they don't stop him. "Okay, I am so sorry" Ethan says very scared. "Why are you sorry!?" Nicholas says. "My father, he killed her." Ethan says. After he said that, Nicholas becomes even more angry and he starts hitting Ethan. Chloe stops Nicholas again. Nicholas also attacks her, but Chloe is stronger and pushes him on the ground. Nicholas starts crying like a baby. Florence tries to wake Sophia, but nothing works. "It is her" Bruce says glad and he grabs her and sits her on the chair. "Don't worry, you can't wake her" Ethan says. "What did you do to her?" Sam says. "I did it for her. I will marry her real soon" Ethan says. "Take her out of here" Sam says to Bruce and Florence. They grab Sophia and walk to the exit. "There is nothing you can do about it" Sam says and he points his gun on Ethan. Ethan starts laughing and says: "You have no idea where you are talking about" Bruce and Florence want to walk outside, but suddenly dozens of guards walks inside. Damian is also with them. "I am sorry" Damian says to Bruce and Florence. The guards move Florence and Bruce back to the others. "I knew it! I knew that one day you idiots would come here to stop my plans" A voice says. It is Jamie and he walks inside the room as well. All the guards protect him. "That's him" Sam says to Bruce and Florence. "We know" Bruce says. "Great! The whole boyband is back together. You are way too predictable" Jamie says. "You want a rematch? You won't survive it this time!" Sam says. "I am way across that. You are going to die within in 1 hour. I am going to make you suffer as long as possible" Jamie says. Robert also walks inside the room. "Stone along with his friends he fucks every night is back. We should celebrate this!" Robert says. Sam is angry and he grabs Ethan. "Surrender and give Norah to me or your king will die!" Sam yells to Jamie and Robert. "Kill him. I don't give a fuck about him" Jamie says. "Please don't kill me, I have nothing to do with this" Ethan says. Sam lets Ethan go and he walks to Sophia, which is back on the chair. "Stay away from her!" Florence says guarding her. "So who of you 5 idiots is going to die first?" Jamie says. "5? Don't let me laugh! You can't even count right, we are with 6" Bruce says. "No I count it correct, 5!" Jamie says. Nicholas stands up, his tears are gone now. "Nicholas?" Chloe says. "I have nothing to lose anymore now my most wanted girl is death" Nicholas says and suddenly he hits Chloe in her face. On the moment, he wants to kil her, Sam is faster and slams the weapon out of Nicholas' hands. "I knew we couldn't trust you!" Bruce says and he attacks Nicholas. "Shouldn't we help Nicholas?" Robert says. "No. Give him a worthy fight." Jamie says. Bruce and Nicholas fight again. Florence can't help since she has to protect Sophia. Chloe walks to Jamie and Robert. "Let all of this stop! Enough of us, including my sister, have died. Let all of this madness stop!" Chloe says. "Oh oh Chloe. You were so smart as my ally, but still you didn't you learn the easiest lesson." Jamie says. Sam intervenes and says: "Also how dare you to make Norah your wife! You kidnapped her and makes her the wife of a guy she doesn't even want to be with after you let her father torture her. You are the most cruel person on the whole world!" Sam says. "Wrong, she does love me and what I did to her father was to make him better, but instead he became even worse" Jamie says. "Still you are going to pay for killing Max and Danny!!" Sam yells and he wants to attack him but the guards protect him and attack them. Chloe and Vivienne join the fight and they fight against the guards. Jamie and Robert walk away. "We should go to the purple house now" Jamie says. "Agreed" Robert says. "But first, Norah is going with us" Jamie says. "You still trust her?" Robert says. "Yes I do" Jamie says and he and Robert leave the room. Bruce still fights against Nicholas. "You were always the only one smart enough to see it, but now you are going to die with that!" Nicholas yells during the fight. "Wake her up now!" Florence says to Ethan. "Or else?" Ethan says. "I will kill you" Florence says and she points her weapon on Ethan's head. "Okay, I am so sorry for this" Ethan says and she gives a potion to Florence. Florence gives it to Sophia. Sam, Chloe and Vivienne defeat a lot of guards, but still they are with too much. "Go back" Sam says to Chloe and Vivienne. They run back. "We have to go now" Sam says and he throws a grenate on the wall. The wall explodes and there is another hallway behind it. Sam, Vivienne, Chloe, Florence carrying Sophia want to run out. Bruce is stronger than Nicholas and throws him on the ground. But then the guards start firing with their weapons on Bruce. "Bruce!" Florence yells to him. Bruce also follows them outside. Nicholas stands up again and says: "Let these idiots go, soon they will get what they deserve." Damian and the other guards follow his advice and abandon the fight.

Jamie and Robert along with Norah are sitting in another vehicle to the other part of the city, where the purple house is located. "So where are we going on this roadtrip today?" Norah says. "The roadtrip is over. We are going home" Jamie says. "Really? Finally!" Norah says. "You have luck, if it depended on me you would stay here" Robert says. "Don't listen to him" Jamie says to Norah. Sometime later they arrive at the right street. "There it is" Jamie says glad. "What is that?" Norah says. "The place from where we can come back to earth" Jamie says. They stop the vehicle in a small street close to it. Robert and Jamie start whispering to each other. "When do we kill her?" Robert says. "Not yet. I want to kill her before Sam's eyes. After that he will probably finally see that I am too strong for him and he will surrender" Jamie says. "You really think he will do that?" Robert says. "No and that's why I will kill him as well" Jamie says. Norah hears it and says: "Who are you going to kill?" "Nobody. Come in" Jamie says and they walk inside the building. Inside an old guy is sitting on a chair. Behind him there is a big room with a big portal. "Where do you come for?" The guy says. "We want to make a trip to the planet Earth" Jamie says. "That will cost a great some of money. All three of you will travel?" The guy says. "Yes" Jamie says. "That will cost 9000 credits" The old guy says. "I have the money in a minute" Jamie says and he grabs Norah. "Don't look to this" Jamie says. She looks away. Robert grabs a gun and he shoots three bullets inside the old guy. He falls dead on the ground. "Was it really that smart to kill him before you know how this thing works?" Norah says. "Yes, because I know how it works" Jamie says. Jamie and Robert start activating the machine. But then Jamie is called by Nicholas. "Where are you? Don't say you are leaving without me after everything I did for you!" Nicholas says. "Everything you did for me? You killed Zaire! That was not what I told you to do" Jamie says. "Well anyway, I am going with you" Nicholas says. "I will send you our location" Jamie says and he closes the call. "Make everything ready. He could be here any second" Jamie says. Robert agrees and they move faster. "Isn't there anything I can help you with?" Norah says. "Yes there is" Jamie says and he suddenly shoots a bullet inside of her. "Don't worry it won't kill you" Jamie says. Norah collapses to the ground and she falls unconscious. Jamie grabs her and puts her on a chair. He ties her up.

Bruce, Sam, Chloe, Vivienne and Florence holding Sophia are walking through the city. "Did we lose them?" Sam says. "Yes I think so" Bruce says. Then suddenly, on that moment, Sophia awakes. "Sophia" Florence says and she lays her down on a small bench. She looks to Florence and says: "Florence? I am so happy to see you." Sophia embraces Florence afterwards. The others look to it and she is happy to see them as well. "What took you so long?" Sophia says. "We had some trouble" Bruce says. "But if all of you are here, Where is Max?" Sophia says. They all look to Sam and he says: "I am so sorry Sophia, but he didn't make it." Sophia starts becomming even more sad as she already was. Sam goes to her and embraces her. "It is my fault, I couldn't save him" Sam says. "My whole life is already a big shithole" Sophia says during the crying. "How did he die?" Sophia says. "You know that Jamie guy, that killed the king?" Sam says. "Wait the king is dead?" Sophia says. "Yes he is" Florence says. "His son Ethan is king now" Chloe says. "Oh no" Sophia says. "He kidnapped you and took you to his palace. We saved you from there" Vivienne says. "Who are you? I believe we didn't met" Sophia says to Vivienne. "I am Vivienne, nice to meet you" Vivienne says. "To continue my story, me and Max unmasked Jamie as the Scream with the red mask. We got into a fight. During the fight, Jamie killed Max." Sam says. "Okay thank you for telling me" Sophia says. "So you are already here for a long time?" Florence says. "Yes since we got seperated and Ximena kidnapped me. She brought me here." Sophia says. "Where is Ximena now? I heard about her" Vivienne says. "She is dead. The royal family wanted me to eat her" Sophia says. "What?" Florence says. "That is a common thing here. Eating other people" Vivienne says. "I have another safeplace. I will bring you there" Sophia says. They all follow Sophia to the secret base. Sophia opens the door and she sees a worried William looking to her. William runs to her and is very glad. "Where have you been? I was so worried" William says and he also sees the others. "Oh you brought your friends with you?" William says. "Ethan kidnapped me, but my friends are here now. They saved me" Sophia says. Sam and Bruce walk to William. Jade is also there. "A friend of Sophia is a friend of me" William says and he gives Bruce and Sam a hand. "My name is Sam. This is Bruce. And the others are Florence, Chloe and Vivienne" Sam says. "So we get even more mouths to fill? We don't have enough food for all of them." Jade says. "No it is okay. We won't stay for long here" Sam says. Jade looks to him and Bruce and says: "Well you can stay for a long as you want. I am sorry for being rude." Sam and Bruce look to each other and walk inside. "Thank you for letting us in" Florence says to William and she follows Bruce. William introduces himself to Vivienne and Chloe as well. "So what did bring you inside the capital?" Jade says to Sam and Bruce. "This guy" Sam says and he shows the picture to Jade. "He looks to familiar to me" Jade says. "He killed two friends of me, killed Chloe's sister and stole my girlfriend" Sam says. "Girlfriend?" Jade says. "Yes, I don't even know if she is still alive or not" Sam says. "Norah?" Sophia says. "Yes" Sam says. "I saw her yesterday" Sophia says. "What? Really?" Sam says. "Yes she was with that idiot Ethan." Sophia says. "What did he do with her?" Sam says. "I don't know. I tried to get Norah to our side, but it looked like she was brainwashed or something like that" Sophia says. "You are his friend?" Jade says to Bruce. "Yes" Bruce says. Florence goes sitting besides Bruce and says: "Also thank you for letting us in" "He is your boyfriend?" Jade says. "Yes he is" Florence says and they are sitting close to each other. Jade is dissapointed and she walks away, leaving Florence with Bruce. "She is weird" Bruce says. "I forgot to introduce her. That's my sister Jade. She doesn't really welcome newcombers" William says. "It's okay" Bruce says. Chloe and Vivienne are sitting together on the other side of the room. "I still couldn't take my revenge on that idiot Jamie. I also can't believe Nicholas still got back to these idiots" Chloe says. "Everything is going to be fine" Vivienne says. "I hope so" Chloe says. William goes sitting besides Chloe and Vivienne. "So what do you do on a normal day?" Vivienne asks to William. "I help poor people" William says. "That's a really good thing to do" Vivienne says. "Thank you" William says. Later when it becomes dark again, Sam, Sophia and Chloe go to bed very early. Bruce and Florence are still sitting with each other. "I feel very sorry for Sophia. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you" Florence says. "You won't lose me" Bruce says and he kisses her. Jade looks to them and also walks away to her bedroom. William and Vivienne are still talking with each other. "My people were scavengers" Vivienne says. "Were?" William says. "All of them except me are dead" Vivienne says. "I am so sorry to hear that" William says. "Thank you" Vivienne says. Later on the night, Bruce and Florence are sleeping as well. William has brought Vivienne to his room. They start kissing with each other and fall on his bed. They start making out with each other. On the same moment, at the entrance of the safeplace, Damian walks inside. "We found it" Damian says to the other guards. "King Ethan, I found Sophia's safeplace" Damian says. "Good work. Kill the others and bring her to me" Ethan says. "Whatever you command" Damian says and all the remaining guards walk inside the base. "Search for the red haired girl, kill all the others" Damian says. The guards follow his command and start searching through the whole base. William hears them comming in. "Vivienne, I hear something" William says. "This is the best night of my life, please don't ruin it" Vivienne says. "No seriously" William says. They hear doors getting opened. William pushes Vivienne away and steps out of the bed. But then suddenly their door is opened as well. The guards see them. William attacks them immediately. He kills two of them. The other wants to attack Vivienne, but he is killed by a knife in the back by William. "Thank you" Vivienne says while she is pulling her clothes on. "I have to warn the others" William says. William walks outside the door but then Damian is standing before him. "Look who we have here" Damian says. "You want a rematch?" William says. "Yes I do" Damian says and he and William start fighing against each other again. Sam and Chloe are also there. They fight off the other guards. Bruce and Florence are still lying in their beds. "What is happening outside?" Florence says. "We are under attack, we have to help them" Bruce says. Florence is annoyed and grabs her clothes quickly. Bruce runs outside the room and already kills one of the guards. 5 other guards go inside another room, where Sophia is. "There she is" one of the guards says. The 5 guards are stronger than Sophia and they take her away. Sam, Bruce, Florence, William, Chloe, Vivienne and Jade are on the upperhand and are stronger than the guards. Damian is stronger than William and he throws him on the ground. Jade wants to help William and joins in the fight. "I have never fought against you. Who are you?" Damian says. "I am his brother" Jade says. "Interesting, you will die together" Damian says. Damian is stronger than Jade and he destroys her weapon. Damian grabs her and stabs his sword inside of Jade. It all happens in front of William. Jade falls on the ground in William's arms. "I was too weak." Jade says. "No you fought well" William says. "Take your revenge and kill him" Jade says and later she died. William starts crying and says: "You are going to pay for that!" Damian starts laughing and says: "You don't have to wait long before you see her again" and he attacks Wiliam. William uses a shield to dodge the attacks of Damian. "You have always been weak! And now you are going to die for that!" Damian yells and he destroys William's shield. He points his sword on William and says: "Any last words coward?" "Yes, welcome to hell" William says and from Damian's back, Vivienne attacks him and stabs a knife inside his back. William grabs Damian's weapon out of his hands and stabs it inside him. Damian spits the blood out on William and he falls severely injured on the ground. Meanwhile, Sam, Bruce, Florence and Chloe have killed the other guards. Sam walks to Damian and says: "Who send you?" Damian ignores his question until Sam stabs a knife in his leg. "King Ethan did" Damian says. "And where are Jamie and Robert?" Sam says. "They went to a purple house in the suburb Silasa along with that girl." Damian says. "What are they doing there?" Sam says. "I don't know" Damian says. "You do know it" Bruce says. "No they didn't tell me that" Damian says. William is still very furious and he stabs his weapon inside of Damian's head, killing him. "Why did you do that?" Chloe says. "How stupid are you?" William says and he goes back to Jade's dead body. Vivienne tries to cheer up William, but it doesn't work that much. Florence looks around and says: "Where is Sophia?" "They took her away" Bruce says. "Fine, so we have two directions to go. We have to split up" Sam says. "When we did that the last time, we didn't see each other for weeks. We have to discuss a meeting place" Bruce says. "Agreed" Sam says. "This purple house, I have heard of it. It is the only place in the capital which has a portal back to Earth" Chloe says. "Then there is where we will meet each other again" Sam says. "Okay" Bruce says. "I will save Sophia" Florence says. "Okay I will go with you" Bruce says. "I have to save Norah" Sam says. "I will go with you" Chloe says. "I have to take revenge on fucking Ethan for killing my sister" William says. Vivienne looks to him. "Vivienne will you come with me and Chloe?" Sam says. "Okay" Vivienne says. "We will see each other afterwards again" William says to Vivienne. "Agreed" Vivienne says and William gives her a farewell kiss. Sam is surprised and says: "What was that?" "We can talk about that later, we have to go now" Vivienne says. "Until soon" Sam sayt to Bruce and Florence and they leave. Chloe has already filled in the direction they have to go.

The guards bring Sophia to Ethan in his castle. "Why did you kidnap me again? You know I don't want anything with you" Sophia says to Ethan. Ethan ignores her question and says: "Where is Damian?" "He didn't make it" One of the guards says. "And the other guards?" Ethan says. "Death as well" The guard says. "Protect this castle I expect visitors" Ethan says. The guards agree and they walk away. Sophia tries to find a way to escape, but then Ethan says: "Forget it, you can't escape me" "Please I don't want anything from you" Sophia says. Ethan walks to her and grabs her. "You can be my queen! Come on every girl on the world wants to be queen. I know you want it as well" Ethan says. "I don't want to be your queen" Sophia says. "You don't have to. You can be the queen" Ethan says. Sophia tries to get away but Ethan holds her closer and says: "You are so pretty." He wants to pull off her clothes but then suddenly Nicholas says: "King Ethan!" Ethan is dissapointed he gets interrupted. "I am out of here. From now you have to do it alone. You won't ever see me, Jamie or Robert again" Nicholas says. "Great. Go away!" Ethan says. "What are you even doing here idiot?" Sophia says to Nicholas. "So you are his whore now?" Nicholas says to her. "I am so much more than that jerk" Sophia says. Nicholas starts laughing and walks away, but then they hear a sound. They hear sword sound. "What is that?" Nicholas says. The door is slam open. A guard tries to escape inside but he is killed by Bruce. He, Florence and William walk inside the castle. "It is over King Ethan!" William yells to him. "You survived!" Ethan says. Bruce looks to Nicholas and says: "We get two idiots while we expected only one." "I will be out of here soon" Nicholas says and he wants to run away, but Florence follows him. He walks upstairs and Bruce follows him. "You are going to regret killing my sister!" William says. "I didn't even know you had a sister" Ethan says and he laughs. "You killed Jade?" Sophia says to Ethan. "I didn't kill anyone my darling" Ethan says. "Let Sophia go!" Florence says. "No! Surrender or I will kill her" Ethan says. "You won't kill me" Sophia says. "Yes I will, if I have to" Ethan says. "Please be a man and don't kill an innocent girl" Florence says. "I won't kill her if she marries me" Ethan says. "Please stop with saying you want to marry me!" Sophia says. "Okay then, I give up. You can have her." Ethan says. "What?" Florence says.

Jamie and Robert are making the latest progress to the machine. "It is done now" Jamie says later. Norah is also back from her concussion. "Why the hell did I trust you again? You always lie to me!" Norah says. "I am so sorry, but something will happen soon and I don't want you to stand in our way" Jamie says. "What will happen soon?" Norah says. Jamie looks to the front door. "Please tell me" Norah says. Robert grabs his gun and points it to Norah. "If you want to kill me, you would have probably did it already" Norah says to him. "We want you death, but it wasn't the right time yet" Robert says. "So when it is the right time?" Norah says. "He is here" Jamie says. And then suddenly the door is slam opened and Sam, Vivienne and Chloe walk inside. Sam immediately looks to Norah. "Look who I brought back to you from the death" Jamie says to Norah. "Sam? Is it you or is this another trick to get me on your side" Norah says. "Step away from her you motherfucker!" Sam says mad. "You think you're so smart, but in fact you are always 3 steps behind me" Jamie says. "You are going to die for the things you did!" Sam says. "How do you want to kill me if you can't move" Jamie says and before Sam or Chloe or Vivienne can attack him suddenly a radiation shield appears between Sam, Chloe, Vivienne and Jamie, Norah and Robert. "I give you one chance to leave the building. Also for you Chloe and I don't even know what your name is" Jamie says. "You will know my name after today" Vivienne says. "So is today the day you are finally going to show your master plan to me?" Sam says. "Yes you guessed it right" Jamie says. "You, Chloe and Norah are sitting and standing at the front line to see my master plan." Jamie says. "If Norah is your wife, why is she tied up at a chair?" Sam says. "She wasn't loyal to me." Jamie says. "And why doesn't that surprise me" Sam says. "Did you tell her what horrifying things you did to me and her?" Sam says. "Of course I did not" Jamie says. "What is he talking about Jamie?" Norah says. "Well it is the right time to tell it" Jamie says. "Be a man and tell it to her" Sam says. "First I killed Danny, I killed him to get us here. Second I killed Max. It was the prophecy that I would kill him, and I did it because I had to!" Jamie says. "You say you are that red masked scream?" Norah says. "At least you are smarter than I expected you to be" Jamie says. "You don't even know who I am" Norah says. "Continue" Sam says. "There is more?" Norah says. "Of course there is more. He is the biggest idiot of the whole universe" Sam says. "Okay you remember Charles right?" Jamie says. "Of course I remember that idiot" Norah says. "I saw him going to your house talking to your dad. I could have stopped him, but I didn't" Jamie says. "Liar! That's not true!" Sam says. "Everything that happened to your family Norah was because of him" Chloe says. "No.... This can't be true" Norah says. "It is true" Sam says. "You are telling me that my father, brother and sister are death because of Jamie and the misery I had with my dad is also because of him?" Norah says. "All of it is because of him. He changed one of my best friends to a pyschopath because he wanted to hurt you. He likes hurting the people that are closest to him" Sam says. "That's a lie! I didn't do it to hurt her" Jamie yells. "You fucking liar!" Sam yells. "I can't even look to you anymore. I even had sex with this piece of shit" Norah says. "Say that again and I already fire a bullet in your head" Robert says. "It is all enough now! Soon you will all be death like everybody on earth!" Jamie says. "Your plan is to kill everybody on earth?" Norah says. "Yes I always hated that fucking planet" Jamie says. "What is wrong with you? I don't even have words to describe you" Norah says. "Silence now all of you!" Jamie says. "The most important event of all our lifes and whole earth is about to happen" Jamie says and he goes to a button. He holds his hand on it. "As soon as I touch this button, before 24 hours later everybody on earth will be death" Jamie says. "But of course I didn't kidnap you for a reason Norah" Jamie says. "I am not going to do anything you ask me to" Norah says. "You don't have to do anything my love" Jamie says. Robert looks with full enthusiasm to Jamie and is agreed with everything he is doing. "That you arrived here was all on my schedule Stone. I wanted you to look your beloved Norah one last time in the eyes, before she dies first and after that you are going to die. And since I am not a badguy I am going to give you a chance." Jamie says. "You aren't a badguy, you will be a mass murder!" Vivienne says. "A chance to die quickly?" Sam says. "No" Jamie says and he starts laughing. "I will give you two options. One is saving your beloved Norah and the other is stopping me from pressing this button. What will you choose?" Jamie says. "You know I can't choose between that" Sam says. "Oh yes you will" Jamie says. "Don't do anything he says Sam." Norah says. "I won't." Sam says.

Bruce follows Nicholas to the bedroom of Ethan's parents. Nicholas opens a window and wants to jump out but Bruce stops him and pushes him to the wall. "Where do you want to go?" Bruce says. "None of your business!" Nicholas says and he attacks Bruce. Another fight between them starts. "I should already have killed you when you were with us. You have always been a traitor!" Bruce says. "Without me, you would have been death!" Nicholas yells. Bruce moves himself away from Nicholas and says: "Why the hell did you even save me, if you want me death now?" Bruce says. "I wanted you to see our plan and die because of that" Nicholas says. "Does this mean I can go to my friends now?" Sophia says. "Of course you can, you aren't my prisoner anymore if you don't want to marry me" Ethan says. "Thank you" Sophia says and she steps on and walks to Florence and embraces her. William walks to Ethan and says: "You think you can stay king forever?" "Of course I can. I don't have many enemies" Ethan says. "You think you are so strong but in fact you're just a silly kid in desperate need to get a girl because you are the king and you need to have a queen. Nobody wants to be your queen" William says. "I don't want to see you in my castle. I command you to leave!" Ethan says. "I am not done with you!" William says and the guard take him out, because he didn't want to leave. Florence is done and walks to Ethan and hits him in his face and he falls unconscious on the ground. "He won't ever annoy you" Florence says. The guards have seen it and they attacks Sophia and Florence. They have to fight their way out of it. Nicholas jumps out of the window and ends up on the street. Bruce follows him. But first he calls Florence. "Florence, I am following Nicholas through the city. I will send you my location" Bruce says. "Okay we will follow you" Florence says during fighting the last guards. "What about him?" Sophia says. "Throw him in the cell along with his mother" Florence says to William's allies, who defeated the guards of Ethan. Another guard is still there, he attacks Sophia. But then suddenly he is killed by Ethan. "You don't have to thank me" Ethan says and he is taken as a prisoner by Florence.

In the purple house, Sam is waiting for the radiation to go away. "So you have made your choice?" Jamie says. "No of course not!" Sam says. "Then you are ready" Jamie says and suddenly the radiation goes away for him. Sam knows he hasn't much time. He can't stop both Jamie and Robert. He also knows Jamie will probably push the button if he runs to him, so he immediately runs to Robert pointing his gun to Norah. "Too late idiot" Robert says and he wants to fire a bullet inside Norah's head. Then suddenly, Norah slams the gun out of his hands. "How did you do that?" Robert says but before Norah can answer Sam jumps on and starts hitting him in the face. Norah grabs Robert's gun and point is to Jamie. "It is over now idiot" Norah says. "It is not" Jamie says and he is still has his hand on the button and he pushes it. "Put that gun away, if you kill me, you can't save earth anymore" Jamie says. "I want to fire it, because I hate you so much!" Norah says. "You can't if you want to ever get back to earth!" Jamie says. Sam and Robert are still fighting. Sam has the upper hand and he throws Robert on the ground. "You have always been weak!" Sam says and he starts slamming and kicking Robert's head. His whole head is under blood. "Stop the machine or I will kill him!" Sam says. "There is no way to stop it. It is already done. You chose wrong" Jamie says. Suddenly, the portal is opened and a laser out of Robert and Jamie's machine goes throug the portal to earth. Sam walks to the machine and touches it but he gets electrocuted and falls on the ground, defeated. Norah walks to him and holds him in her hands. "Are you all right?" Norah says. "He is death, nobody can survive 10000 Volt" Jamie says. Robert stands on again and goes standing besides Jamie. "You, Stone and all the others have to except that you have been beaten by me!" Jamie says. Robert starts laughing and says: "You were the biggest fool of all of them Norah. You actually helped us pretty much, while you didn't even know" Robert says. Norah ignores what they are saying and she tries to wake up Sam. "Please Sam don't leave me again. I almost got you back" Norah says. "Don't worry Norah he is dead, tonight you are lying in my bed again" Jamie says. Behind the radiation, Vivienne and Chloe are looking to everything that happens, but there is nothing they can do. "There must be another entrance" Chloe says. Vivienne agrees and they walk out. Jamie and Robert don't see it. They walk around the house and see an opened window. They grab a trash can and help each other getting inside the building. Norah starts becomming very mad and she stands up. "So if there is no way to stop this machine of yours, there is no reason to keep you two idiots alive" Norah says and she grabs a knife outside Sam's pocket. Jamie starts laughing and says: "You really think you can be beat the two of us!" "As I see it Robert is already been defeated by Sam" Norah says. "I am not!" Robert says and he wants to attacks her, but he falls over his own legs on the ground. "You see?" Norah says. "Come here girl, I can show you some moves you'd probably like" Jamie says. Norah runs to him and attacks him. A brave move, but Jamie is stronger than her. Jamie slams her in her face and she falls on the ground. But she stands up again and attacks him again. He grabs her and throws her away. "I won't stop attacking you" Norah says and she stands up again. "Little bitch. You give me no other option than killing you" Jamie says and he grabs a weapon. Norah attacks him and Jamie grabs her. "You pretty little bitch, you are going to die right now" Jamie says and he wants to kill her, but suddenly a knife is thrown in his leg. Norah falls out of his hand on the ground. Jamie sees Chloe and Vivienne attacking him. "Great, I already beated the two of you. I can do it again!" Jamie says and he starts fighting them. "You really think killing me would make a difference!" Jamie yells. "Tell us how we can stop this machine of yours!" Chloe says. "I won't ever tell you it!" Jamie says. "Then you will die!" Chloe says. Vivienne surprises Jamie and stab him in his arm. It only makes him angry and he slams Vivienne away. Chloe jumps on him and tries to stab her knife inside his head, but Jamie grabs her arms and moves them away. "I can't even believe you were my greatest ally. You are so weak" Jamie says and he pushes her away and slams her in her face and she also falls on the ground. Vivienne attacks him again but she is thrown hard on the ground close to Chloe. Afterwards, Jamie walks to the panel and sees everything goes as planned. The machine is started for 35%. Robert stands up again and sees it. "When the machine is at 100%, nothing can stop us anymore" Jamie says. On that moment, Nicholas walks inside. Jamie sees him and he removes the radiation for him. "Am I too late?" Nicholas says. "No you're right on time" Jamie says. "Everything goes as planned" Robert says. "So why are Stone and his two whores along with Chloe here?" Nicholas says. "It doesn't matter they will see their beloved planet die and finally Stone is beaten" Jamie says. Sam is awaken again and says: "Don't think too quick you have won." Jamie laughs again and says: "There is nothing you idiots can do!!!" Jamie says. "You are only with three while we are with 8" Sam says and he stands up again. Nicholas laughs as well and says: "I only see you." Norah, Chloe and Vivienne are not beaten as well and they stand up. And then suddenly, Bruce, Florence, Sophia and William walk in as well. "They followed you" Robert says to Nicholas. "It doesn't matter, the machine is almost on full power" Jamie says. "Did we miss a party or what?" Bruce says. "You have come to die Wakefield!" Nicholas says. Sam, Norah, Chloe and Vivienne walk to Bruce and the others. "Good to see you are all right Norah" Bruce says. "I am not, but thanks" Norah says. They all look to the machine. "Does it have weak spots?" Sophia says. "We must find out" Bruce says. "We can't touch it. I already did and got electrocuted" Sam says. "Good to know" William says. "I am sorry I didn't listen to you and Sophia" Norah says. "It's okay" Sophia says. "It is a protector shield, it can easily be destroyed by many destructions" Florence says. "Very well Florence" Bruce says. Bruce, Florence, Chloe, Vivienne and William start firing on the machine. "Stop them" Jamie says. Nicholas and Robert run to them. Bruce attacks Robert and throws him away. Robert is easily defeated by the others. Jamie stays behind but he looks to the machine. It is at 90%. "You are too late. Only 3 minutes left and the power will be sucked out of earth and there is nothing you can do about it!" Jamie says. "Oh yes there is" Sam says. "I will keep him busy" Sam says and he walks to Jamie. "You guys won't ever give up right?" Jamie says. "Accept it that I beat you!" Jamie says and he attacks Sam. Bruce, Florence, Chloe, Vivienne, William fire on the machine. A hole starts appearing in the protector shield. "There it is" Florence says. Bruce walks to it, but suddenly Nicholas is back and he attacks him. He jumps on Bruce, but Bruce pushes him back and grabs a knife. Nicholas holds Bruce's arms away from him. "I never enjoyed killing people, but I will enjoy killing you!" Bruce says and he kicks one of Nicholas' legs away. He loses his balance and suddenly he is stabbed by a knife by Bruce. Nicholas can't believe it. "What? What did you do?" Nicholas softly says. With his last breath, Nicholas looks to Bruce and Florence and says: "I will always hate the two...." But Nicholas can't even finish his sentence and Bruce stabbed him a couple of more times and the last one is inside his throat. Nicholas falls dead on the gorund. After Nicholas is death, Bruce goes through the hole inside. "How is this possible?" Jamie says. "You should accept that you can't easily beat me, Bruce and the others." Sam says. "It doesn't matter, the machine is at 98%. Nothing can stop it anymore!" Jamie says. Bruce cuts some wires, but it doesn't work but then he finds out he has a grenade in his pocket. He throws it on the machine. "What the fuck is that?" Robert says, but he is kicked in his face by Vivienne. Florence runs to the machine and moves her arm through it, she gets electrocuted but she grabs Bruce's arm and pulls him out. Sophia and Vivienne grab them and take them away from the machine. Sam is too far away from Norah, but then suddenly the grenade explodes. The whole machine explodes and it even triggers a bigger explosion because the whole house and portal explodes as well. When everything is destroyed, out of the broken pieces Jamie stands up again and he says: "What the hell have you done!" "We beat you. That's what we have done" Sam says. "You destroyed the portal. You will never go back to earth again!" Jamie says. "That's better than that everybody on earth dies" Bruce says. "True" Florence says. They all move away out of the broken building and see what happened. Jamie is so angry and he grabs the closest person to him. It is Norah. "You will all die! Starting with this bitch!" Jamie yells. "Let her go, we can fight out our differences" Sam says. "You will come with us too" Jamie says and he points his gun to Norah's head. The others can't stop Jamie. "Sam and Chloe go with us too" Jamie says. Robert is injured but he grabs Sam and Chloe and takes them away too. The others can't do a thing because of Jamie's gun. "What will we do now Jamie?" Robert says. "We go over to plan B." Jamie says. "I knew you had one" Robert says and he starts laughing.

Sam wakes up in a dark room. There is only a small window in the room. He sees Norah and Chloe lying unconscious on the ground. "Norah. Are you all right?" Sam says. Some seconds later she wakes up. She wants to attack him, but then she finds out it is Sam. "It is me" Sam says. "I thought you were death" Norah says and she embraces him. "Those were lies of Jamie and Robert." Sam says. "I know" Norah says. Sam looks outside the window and sees the air. "Where are we?" Norah says. "In a plane" Sam says. "Really?" Norah says and she looks outside. "But we destroyed their machine, they lost" Norah says. "I don't think they give up so easily. But you know them better than I do" Sam says. "I am sorry I never told you about my relationship with Jamie" Norah says. "You lied to me" Sam says. "I am so sorry" Norah says. "No it's okay. Actually I am glad you never told me about that idiot" Sam says. "We had a thing but then my dad" Norah says. "You mean Jamie?" Sam says. "Yes I know." Norah says. "Actually I also didn't tell you something" Sam says. But then suddenly the door of their cell is opened. Robert with bandage over his head walks inside. Sam starts laughing and says: "You look like shit" "Yes thanks to you motherfucker. I will do the same to her" Robert says angry. "Why is she always in all of this? This is something between me, you and Jamie, let her out of it" Sam says. "That was your own mistake, you never should have saved her! She was supposed to die because of Charles." Jamie says and he is there as well. "So you wanted me death back then?" Norah says. "Of course I wanted you death, you became an issue to me" Jamie says. Norah becomes angry and wants to attack him, but Sam holds her. "Calm down Norah, we will defeat them, but not now" Sam says. It doesn't work and she yells: "You shouldn't have killed my family! Soon you will be get the payback for killing them!!" "Let them rot in this cell, they don't have suffered enough to kill them" Jamie says. Robert laughs and they close the door and walk away. When Jamie and Robert are gone, Sam grabs Norah and tries to calm her down again. "You should save your energy" Sam says. "I am just so angry on him" Norah says. "I understand, but there was nothing we could have done" Sam says. "You have changed as well. The older you would never" Norah says. Sam comes closer to her and suddenly he kisses her. Norah is surprised of his reaction and says: "You really think this is the right time?" "I needed to calm you down" Sam says. "Okay" Norah says and she kisses him again. "I missed you so much" Norah says. "Me too" Sam says. But then suddenly, Chloe wakes up and looks to them. "Oh I am sorry if I am interrupting something" Chloe says. "It is okay" Sam says. "Why did they only kidnap the three of us?" Norah says. "Maybe we are most important to them?" Sam says. "We should find that out. I am glad you're okay" Chloe says to Norah. "They did some horrible things to me, but I am glad to be back with you" Norah says. "I won't ever go away from you again" Sam says. Norah nods and they start making a plan to escape.

In the capital, the residents of the capital start building up the city again. "So is it over now?" Vivienne says. "I don't think so. Jamie, Robert, Sam, Chloe and Norah are gone." Bruce says. "I don't understand why" Florence says. "Me neither" Vivienne says. "We should find them as fast as possible" Bruce says. "Sure you can take a plane, it is too far to walk or drive" Vivienne says. "You can't leave now. There is party tonight" William says and he looks to all of them. Vivienne looks to him and is glad to see him. "Right Vivienne?" William says. "I don't have payback yet for my people. But that can wait until tomorrow" Vivienne says and she walks away with William. "Well it is Sam. He can protect himself" Florence says. "We can't just stay here and do nothing" Bruce says. "I agree with Vivienne. They can surive for one night. Tomorrow we will search for them" Florence says. "I have a really bad feeling about this" Bruce says. "You shouldn't. Sam can easily take care of himself as what I saw of him. I am more worried about Norah." Chloe says. Bruce, Sophia and Florence walk towards the castle, where they see Ethan, his mother and allies moved by the guards. "Where are they going?" Bruce says. William is back and says: "They are getting executed for the crimes they committed." "Wait is this really necessary? Ethan saved my life." Sophia says. "The people in the capital think he deserves it" William says. "I understand. When he won't be killed, his family can always be back" Vivienne says. "Yes and that's what we don't want." William says. Later before the party starts. Ethan, his mother and his allies are brought to the gallows. A lot of people of the capital are there. "Are we going to let this happen?" Sophia says to Florence and Bruce. "I thought you hated him." Florence says. "Enough people have died in my opinion and without him I would have been death." Sophia says. "You can't stop this" Florence says. Sophia runs away from them and sees Ethan standing on a crate with the gallow around his neck. William is standing besides all of them. "The Hadlee family is going to pay for the crimes they comitted" William says. "What crimes?" A lot of people in the crowd shout. There are still a lot of people in the city on Ethan's side. Sophia walks to Vivienne, which is standing in the crowd watching to William. "They worked together with the two biggest criminals of our planet: Jamie Tebbutt and Robert Stafford" William says. "You don't have any proof for that" One of the persons in the public says. "An explosion happened in the suburb Silas" William says and he shows it on a screen to them. "It was triggered by Jamie and Robert. They wanted to destroy this planet. Luckily, me and my allies stopped them." William says. "Where are these Jamie and Robert now?" One of the people in the public says. "Gone" William says. Sophia runs through the crowd and moves away the guards. "Stop this William" Sophia says. All the people are surprised by her arrival. "We still need Ethan" Sophia says. "Really after what he did to you, you still want him alive?" William says. "Three of my friends are kidnapped by Jamie and Robert. Without Ethan, we are never going to find them back. I know he knows where Jamie and Robert are going." Sophia says. "There aren't other ways, these criminals must be death" William says. "Murderer!" One of the people in the crowd yells. "I thought you helped people instead of killing them" Sophia says. Vivienne also appears and walks to Sophia. "Stop this Sophia" Vivienne says. "The crowd agrees with me. You still want to go on supporting him?" Sophia says. "I don't know really." Vivienne says. "Yes you do" Sophia says. "Don't listen to her Vivienne!" William says. After that he doesn't bother to them anymore. "What I wanted to say is that these Jamie and Robert wanted to destroy our planet, and Ethan and his parents supported them." William says. "All of these are lies!" One of the people in the crowd yells. William starts walking to the switch where the ground below Ethan, his mother and the other people will disappear. The guards try to stop the crowd. They start becomming more aggresive. "Don't you see how poor all of you are! This is all because of this kid's family. They have all the welfare of the planet" William says. "That's right, but that still doesn't mean we have to kill them. We should elect a new king and queen" Sophia says. Sophia could have better not said that. All of the people start becomming even more aggresive and they attack the guards. "What are you doing?" William says. "Saving people's life, what you supposed to do" Sophia says and she walks to Ethan. "I will get you out of here" Sophia says. "Why are you doing this for me?" Ethan says. "After everything you did, you still deserve to live" Sophia says. "Thank you" Ethan says. William attacks Sophia. "Go away Sophia! You don't belong here!" William says. Sophia dodges her attacks and says: "You don't have to do this William." "I do, they killed my sister!" William says and he pushes Sophia away. All the people in the crowd defeat the guards and they walk in the direction of the gallows. William jumps on the switch with his whole body and presses it. Sophia grabs Ethan and stops him from falling. All the others fall in the hole and immediately die. Ethan thinks he is death as well, but he sees Sophia is holding him. He opens his eyes and before him he sees his mother hanging death at the gallow. William steps on again and looks to Sophia. "Last warning Sophia. Move away or you will die!" William yells and he attacks her again. Sophia destroys Ethan's gallow and he falls injured on the ground. "I will save you" Sophia says. But then Vivienne is standing before her. "Give him to me" Vivienne says. "No I won't" Sophia says. But then William is back and he throws his knife in the direction of Sophia. Sophia thinks she is hit, but she is not. It is Ethan, he is hit by the knife. "No don't die" Sophia says. "I was weak Sophia, I am sorry for what I did to you" Ethan says. "It is okay, I forgave you for it. Where can I find my friend and how do we get out of here?" Sophia says. "Everything you need to know is here" Ethan says and he gives her a small letter. After he gave her that, William is back with an axe. He swings with it to his back and fully hits Ethan's head with it. Sophia looks away. "Look to me" Vivienne says. William starts smashing his head in, until Ethan's head is totally flat, killing him. After he is done he throws the axe on the ground. "Finally I got revenge" William says. Bruce and Florence see the crowd becomming really aggresive and they follow them to the gallows to look what is happening. The crowd surrounds around William, Sophia and Vivienne. "Maybe we can do the election now?" Sophia says. The crowd ignores her question. "I vote for William to be king" Vivienne says. "My vote goes to Vivienne" Sophia says. "What?" Vivienne says surprised. One of the people in the crowd steps forward and says: "You want to know my vote?" Sophia and Vivienne nod, not knowing what will happen. He runs to them and pushes William away and grabs the Axe. William wants to stop him, but out of knowhere the axe is smashed in William's head. Vivienne sees it happening and runs to it to stop it. But the other people in the crowd also attack William. Sophia grabs Vivienne and takes her away. "There is nothing you can do" Sophia says. They run through the crowd and suddenly they see Bruce and Florence. "What is happening?" Florence says. Vivienne looks around and sees the people brutally killing William. They totally trampling him and his whole face is deformed after they are done, killing him as well. "We have to leave the city as fast as possible" Sophia says. "Finally" Bruce says. They run to their vehicle and drive away. "Wait where is William? Won't he go with us?" Bruce says. "They murdered him" Sophia says. Vivienne is crying and Bruce and Florence can't believe what the people of this city have done.

Sam, Norah and Chloe are sitting in the cell. “You understand the plan?” Sam says. “Yes we do” Chloe says. “Good” Sam says. Norah walks to the door and knocks on it. “Fuck off” Robert says. Norah knocks again. Robert opens the door and says “What the fuck do you want?” “I want to know why you are doing this to me” Norah says. “Fuck off” Robert says and he wants to close the door again. “No seriously you don’t have any good argument for this” Norah says. “We do. Sam is the reason for that” Robert says. “I demand you let me go out of this. We can forgot everything” Norah says. Sam and Chloe are sitting in the cell listening to it. Robert aims his gun on Norah. “Put the gun away we can discuss this in peace” Norah says. Robert wants to close the door again, but Norah puts her feet before it. “Don’t do this bitch” Robert says. Norah attacks him and slams the gun out of his hand. Sam steps on and helps her by attacking Robert. He jumps on him and grabs his face and removes the bandage. “Finally I can see your full face” Sam says. Robert screams the pain out of him. Chloe grabs Norah and says: “You don’t have to see this.” “Mercy!” Robert says. “Why should I have mercy for an idiot like you?” Sam says. “I can tell you everything, what Jamie is about to do with you, how you come home, even I can tell you the things Jamie did to your father Norah” Robert says. Chloe looks to Norah and says: “Do you want to know that?” Norah is about to answer. “I don’t believe you” Sam says. “Please! Believe me!” Robert says. “I won’t.” Sam says and he uses all his anger on him and smashes his whole face in. Chloe grabs Norah and they move to another room. When his face is totally under blood again, Sam grabs him and takes him up. Almost death, Sam opens an escape door. “I hope you will survive the fall and suffer to your death” Sam says and he pulls Robert out. Robert flies out of the plane. Sam immediately closes the door again. “That’s one idiot away” Sam says and he walks further when suddenly he sees a lot of blood. He sees Jamie standing beside Norah. Chloe lies bleeding on the ground. Jamie wants to shoot him too, but Sam dodges the bullets. Then suddenly, Norah attacks Jamie and pulls him on the ground. “Kill him!” Sam says. But Jamie is too strong for Norah and escapes to the cockpit. Sam tries to stop the bleeding from Chloe. “How did this happen?” Sam says. Bruce, Florence, Vivienne and Sophia drive further until they see a plane flying in the air. “That’s the first plane I see her, that can’t be coincidence” Bruce says. “Sam, Norah and Chloe are there” Florence says. They follow them and drive further. “I see something falling out of the plane” Vivienne says. “Not a something a someone” Sophia says. They drive to it and see the dead body of Robert lying on the ground. “Finally that idiot is death” Bruce says. Florence, Sophia and Vivienne are also happy.

“You are going to make this, I know that for sure” Norah says standing beside Chloe. “No my story is over” Chloe says. “If you die I feel very guilty” Norah says and she tries to look if the bullet is still inside her. Norah doesn’t see the bullet on the ground. “We should move Jamie out of the cockpit and land the plane if we still want to save Chloe” Sam says and he grabs Robert’s gun and destroys the door to the cockpit. He runs in it and Jamie is sitting on the pilot’s chair. “I already waited for you” Jamie says. “It is over, I killed Robert and soon you will be death too” Sam says. “You killed a handicapped guy, you really are evil now” Jamie says. “He deserved it, I hated him!” Sam says. “You should use your anger!” Jamie says and he attacks him. “Focus your anger on me!” Jamie says. “You are going to suffer for what you did to Norah” Sam says. Jamie dodges Sam’s attack, but hits him. “You were strong enough to kill Master Scream, Ron Pearson and even Killer and King Scream, but you aren’t strong enough to kill me!” Robert says and he stabs Sam with his knife. “I have already had much pain, I don’t feel it anymore” Sam says and he pulls Robert to the ground and starts hitting him. Norah walks inside the cockpit and tries to fly the plane. “I have no idea how to do this” Norah says. “Try something I can’t hold him any longer” Sam says. “Don’t change the direction of this plane you whore!” Jamie says and he kicks Sam in his face and attacks Norah. He pulls her on the control board destroying many of the buttons. Norah tries to fight back and tries to shoot him with a gun but all the bullets are fired on the control board. With her right arm, Norah changes the direction of the plane. “You shouldn’t have done that” Jamie says and he wants to kill Norah but suddenly Jamie is stabbed in his leg by Sam. Norah grabs Jamie’s hand and says: “You are going to pay for what you did to me” Jamie tries to stop her, but he can’t and is stabbed by own knife in his own hand. Norah moves away and Jamie falls severely defeated on the ground. Sam stands up again. Norah tries to help him. “Are you okay?” Norah says. “I have been through worse” Sam says. “I am sorry I destroyed the control board, we can’t board the plane” Norah says. “We should jump out of the plane when it reaches the ground” Sam says. Norah agrees.

On the ground, Bruce, Florence, Sophia and Vivienne see the plane going down. “What is happening? That can’t be good” Florence says. “They are boarding” Vivienne says. “No they are going down too quick” Bruce says. “We can’t do anything about it” Sophia says. Bruce starts driving faster, but he knows Sophia is right. Some seconds later the plane crashes on the ground. It loses a wing and stops 300 metres further. A minute later, Bruce, Sophia, Florence and Vivienne arrive at the crash place. They look and find Norah and Chloe. “Oh no what happened?” Bruce says and he looks to Chloe. “Where is Sam?” Florence says. “I lost him in the crash” Norah says. But then something moves away. It is Jamie holding Sam. His head is totally under blood. “My plan all gone! Pay! Pay!! Pay!!!!” Jamie says. They all see them and listens. “This is going to end now Jamie!” Norah says. “Yes Sam will die!” Jamie says. “You know if you kill me, you’re next” Sam says. “I don’t care!” Jamie says. “Then I will see you in hell” Sam says and he pulls him away. Bruce throws a knife to Sam and Sam stabs the knife in his throat. Sam looks in Jamie’s eyes and knows they are finally rid of the biggest idiot of all. “All of your plans gone away by us. The whole Triangle is no longer and their bitch dies now” Sam says and Jamie falls behind and dies. Bruce walks to Sam and embraces him. The others follow him. 1 hour later, they are in a hospital. Chloe is lying in the bed. Norah is standing beside her. The others are waiting outside. “You are a hero, why did you save me?” Norah says. “I still love you Norah, that doesn’t go away after all of this” Chloe says. “I thought you were a bitch but all of these time you were helping us” Norah says. “Well I didn’t in the beginning, but after I met you” Chloe says. “That’s very sweet” Norah says and she gives Chloe a kiss on her cheek. Outside, Sam, Bruce, Sophia and Florence are standing. “Well since Jamie is gone, our chance of getting out massively decreased.” Sophia says. “Yes but I know for sure there is a way out and we are going to find it” Bruce says. “Together we will” Florence says.

After a week, Chloe gets out of the hospital. “Chloe, we have searched for days for a way out, but we haven’t found anything” Bruce says. “So maybe you know some plans of Jamie?” Sam says. “No I don’t, but I know there is a place he kept his secrets” Chloe says. “Then we should go find that place” Norah says. They follow Chloe to a hidden house in the capital. Sam, Bruce, Norah and Chloe stop before the door. “So how do we open the door?” Sam says. “No idea, there must be a password I think” Chloe says. Sam finds a button and presses it. “What is the password?” a device asks. “It should be something from Jamie.” Chloe says. “Like his birthday date?” Bruce says. “No that would be too easy” Chloe says. “So what is it?” Norah says. Chloe looks to Norah and says: “I think it is, N – O – R – A – H.” “Password accepted” The device says and the door opens. “Really? My name?” Norah says. “Maybe he really loved you” Bruce says. “Well maybe he didn’t want us out of this place, so I prepare for something” Sam says. They walk inside and search trough the stuff. Some seconds later, Sam finds a map. “I think I have something” Sam says. They all look to it and see it is a map with all the portals of the dimension B. “This one is destroyed so the closest one is this one” Chloe says and they immediately have a plan. Sophia and Sam are making themselves ready to leave. Vivienne is sitting in the room as well. “Aren’t you coming with us?” Sophia says to Vivienne. “No I have to stay with my people, also your world is no place for me” Vivienne says. “Thank you for your help Vivienne, this world needs people like you” Sam says. “It was a pleasure working with you” Vivienne says. Sophia, Bruce, Florence and Norah also say goodbye to Vivienne. “I hope you can make something good of this place” Florence says. “I hope so too.” Vivienne says. Sam, Bruce, Florence, Sophia, Norah and Chloe step in a flying vehicle to the location. They fly away and Vivienne waves to them.

Bruce, Florence, Sophia and Vivienne are sitting in the cockpit of the ship. Chloe is flying the ship and Sophia is standing next to her. “I lost so many people I know the last few days” Chloe says. “Good people died indeed” Bruce says. “Also bad people” Sophia says. “That’s true as well” Bruce says. “I hope I will never get back here” Florence says. “We will never go back, unless Vivienne needs our help” Bruce says. “Good plan” Sophia says. In another room, Norah is sitting. Sam goes sitting next to her. “Hey is there something wrong? You haven’t said anything since we left” Sam says. “I am just still a bit shocked about what happened” Norah says. “Oh ok I get it, you two were close.” Sam says. “Yes and still I didn’t expect what happened” Norah says. “It isn’t your fault” Sam says and he embraces her. “I can’t believe too my dad was innocent.” Norah says. “I also killed an innocent guy, Charles” Sam says and he looks Norah in her eyes. “Does that make me a murderer?” Sam says. “No” Norah says. “But I don’t understand why he did it” Norah says. “There really was something wrong in his face. I killed his best friend David, that triggered him too bad” Sam says. “Really? You never told me you killed people before Charles” Norah says. “I am a bad man” Sam says and he laughs. “You are not” Norah says and she starts kissing him.

Some time later, Chloe stops the engine and they are at the location. Bruce and Florence walk out and see a cave opening. “Why is this at such an abandoned location?” Florence says. “I am not sure it is abandoned here” Bruce says. Sophia walks to Sam and Norah. They are grabbing their stuff and follow Sophia outside. Inside the cave a man is sitting. “So what did it bring you to here?” The man says and he stands up. “The gate in the capital is destroyed” Chloe says. “I know” The man says. “Let us trough to earth” Sophia says. “That’s an end away girl” the man says. “We will pay you for it” Bruce says. “So what do you have to offer?” The man says. “Come on we killed the biggest criminals of this dimension and still we haven’t done enough?” Florence says. “And how do I benefit from that pretty girl?” The man says. “What is it you want?” Bruce says. “Are all these girls yours?” the man says to Bruce. “I guess you haven’t seen me yet” Sam says. “As you can probably guess I am lonely here. So a beautiful girl is something you can start with giving me” The man says. “No way we are doing this!” Florence says. “Okay whatever, you can have me” Chloe says. “Chloe?” Bruce says. The man looks to her and says: “Not bad.” “Whatever you do, I won’t ever fall for you, I don’t even like your gender.” Chloe says. “Wow I didn’t know that” Bruce says. Sam looks to Norah and he sees she isn’t agreed with it. “You have sacrificed enough Chloe” Norah says. “I agree I will do it” Sophia says. “Give them both to me and I will let you pass to earth” The man says. “Let me consider this offer. No!” Sam says and he points a gun to the man. “Let us through without this bullshit or you will die” Sam says. The man starts laughing and says: “Those stupid weapons from earth don’t affect me.” “So why do you like girls from earth pervert?” Norah says. “They are above average” The man says. “Say one more time you want one of our group and I will kill you” Sam says. “Sure I want one of these 4 whores you have with you” The man says. Sam fires his gun on him, but the man was right, it hasn’t hurt him. “Didn’t you listen to me” The man says and suddenly he grabs him. “Let him go, I will stay here” Norah says. “So I will have 3 of you?” The man says. “Yes deal” Chloe says. “Okay” the man says and he shakes hands with Sam. He makes the gate ready and pushes Sam to Bruce and Florence. “You three can go through” The man says. “No we are not doing this!” Florence says. “We already made a deal stupid girl” The man says. “No we are not leaving them!” Sam says. “You will” the man says and Sam and Florence are pushed through. “You are free to go sir” The man says. “I don’t think so” Bruce whispers and suddenly he stabs a sword through the man. The man can’t believe it and he falls death on the ground. “Come here! Quick!” Bruce says. Sophia, Norah and Chloe run through the gate before it closes. Back on earth, they all thank Bruce for saving them. “How did you know to act that quickly?” Florence says. “From his first word, I knew we couldn’t trust him.” Bruce says. “I can’t believe we are back” Norah says. Sam looks where they are. “We are in Brazil” Sam says. “It looks like it just randomly puts us anywhere on the planet.” Chloe says. “So how do we come back to San Francisco?” Norah says. “I don’t know if I want back, This is the perfect opportunity to have a holiday with you” Sam says. “Great idea.” Bruce says. After that, they search for a way to have a nice holiday in Brazil. After the scene the credits roll out.

In a mid-credit scene, many years later, Sam, Bruce, Norah and Florence are still together. Sam looks through some old stuff and he finds the mask of a scream. Bruce also sees it and walks to him. “I can’t believe how long there hasn’t been a scream anymore” Sam says. “They finally found out they can’t win from the great Sam Stone” Bruce says. “True and along with his best ally Bruce Wakefield” Sam says. “And don’t forget us” Norah says. “You weren’t with us all the time” Sam says. “I was” Norah says. “I know sweetheart, I was talking to Florence.” Sam says. “I was with the Triangle before you killed Master Scream.” Florence says. “You never told me that, like a thousand times” Bruce says. “I am getting old, I didn’t know that anymore, I was wrong” Sam says. “It is okay” Norah says and she smiles to him.

In a scene after the credits, a young boy is walking through the street. It is dark. Another boy sees him and says: “Watch out Stone.” He laughs about it and runs away. The young son of Sam isn’t afraid by him and walks away. He looks on his phone and sees a message of his mother Norah. While he is texting her back at the end of the street behind the corner, a scream is standing. The camera goes to his face and the mask is the last thing that is at the screen, after it the movie ends.


  • Alden Ehrenreich as Sam Stone
  • Christian Cooke as Bruce Wakefield
  • Aisling Franciosi as Norah Kearns
  • Kenton Duty as Jamie Tebbutt
  • Madelaine Petsch as Sophia Hamilton
  • India Eisley as Florence Lancaster
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Chloe Norwood
  • Max Carver as Nicholas Adley
  • Jacob Lofland as Robert Stafford
  • Unknown Actor as Ethan Hadlee
  • Unknown Actress as Vivienne
  • Unknown Actor as Richard Hadlee
  • Unknown actress as Sarah Hadlee
  • Unknown Actor as William Durham
  • Unknown Actor as Zaire
  • Alexis Wilkins as Ximena
  • Unknown Actress as Jade Durham
  • Unknown Actor as Damian Marlowe
  • Beau Marchoff as David Parker (Flashback only)
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