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The Return of Charlie Brown is a drama-comedy,live action,and computer generated film made by Walt Disney Animation Studios,New World Pictures,Warner Bros,and Blue Sky Studios that takes place 10 years after Charlie Brown disappeared 3 days after Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz passed away on February 12,2000.The title and plot of the film is a reference to the Toho film "The Return of Godzilla",which New World Pictures distributed to the United States 1 year later as "Godzilla 1985". The film will be released on August 27,2024.


On February 12,2000,Peanuts cartoonist Charles M Schulz died of cancer,and Charlie Brown,his favorite son,without knowing that Mr Schulz was his father,was struck with grief and sorrow. 3 days later he decided to run away forever. While he was walking away he left out of sight,he had disappeared. The police searched for him but found no trace of him.Now 10 years later,2 girls who knew him, sighted Charlie Brown, and was supposedly attacked by him.Now it's up to FBI agents Rachel Martin and Parker Mangum to solve the mystery why Charlie Brown left his hometown.


Main theatrical posterThe Return of Charlie Brown Charlie Brown 2010 (Japanese release) Charlie Brown Comes Back (British,French,Italian and Australian releases) Directed by Micheal Dougherty Produced by Ron Musk and John Clements Executive producers George Lucas and Shinji Higuchi Screenplay by Godzillaboy021 Starring Noah Schnapp and Bryan Cranston as Charlie Brown,and Parker Mangum as himself Co starring Micheal J Fox as Linus Reba McEntire as Lucy Madisyn Shipman as Violet Francesca Capaldi as Heather Wold Jennifer Lopez as Rachel Martin granddaughter of Steve Martin Raymond Burr as Steve Martin (stock footage from Godzilla 1985) Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock (archival recordings And Morgan Freeman as Franklin (narrator)


It is February 13,2000. It's just a normal day in the neighborhood of Charlie Brown. As the daily newspaper arrives at Charlie Brown's doorstep,he looks at the rest of the pages,specifically a minor article. According to the article ,it says that a cartoonist named Charles M. Schulz,who drew the Peanuts characters and Charlie Brown, had died the previous day before,of cancer. Charlie Brown, suddenly then knew,without word from his parents,that Mr. Schulz was his father. He then burst into tears of grief and sorrow.He didn't go to school the next day. Then,on the night of February 15,without telling anyone,he ran away from home.The headlines were all the rage,the following weeks,Charlie Brown had disappeared. The police,were then,on duty,searching for our intrepid hero.He was nowhere to be found. Ten years later,on the rainy night of July 13,2010,Violet Gray and Patty were taking a late night stroll in the park. Suddenly,out of nowhere,a dark tall figure came lunging at the 2 girls. They were being attacked. After a few minutes of being attacked,they were knocked out. The following day,Linus Van Pelt was searching for them. He finally found them,still alive and lying unconscious next to the infamous Kite-Eating Tree. Linus, then brought Violet and Patty over to his place. He noticed that their clothes had scratch marks.He realized they were attacked. Their friend, Lucy asked them who attacked them. Violet described a man that was 5"9. Patty described him having brown hair. Linus took out some photos of people. Patty looked at one of the photos,and identified him as Charlie Brown, a local boy who disappeared 10 years ago.(Since the kids were so immortally young.) Later,that night,Linus theorized that Charlie Brown ran away,and over 10 years,grew up.He also claimed that he was an adult now. Suddenly,the doorbell rang,there were 2 FBI agents waiting for them. One of the agents introduced themselves as Parker Mangum,a resident of the town of Petaluma,California,and Rachel Martin,the granddaughter of Steve Martin who had encountered the monster Godzilla in 1956. They were investigating the appearance of Charlie Brown, and they brought another witness,Franklin. Franklin gave his account.He was going on a evening walk.As he was heading home,he saw someone tall and wearing a shirt that was yellow and had a zigzag stripe right across the middle.It was Charlie Brown. He suddenly looked at Franklin with a cold stare that made him scream and faint. He was then recovered by the agents. The agents then showed them a map. Parker noted that the attacks and encounters were going in a wave pattern and the next hit was Charlie Brown's very own house. That night,Sally Brown and Peppermint Patty were having a sleepover in his bedroom. Then,as they were talking,they heard footsteps approaching the bedroom.The door,then opened slowly. A big black shadow was hovering over them.


Bryan Cranston as Charlie Brown

Ethan Pugiotto as Charlie Brown (young)

Parker Mangum as himself

Jennifer Lopez as Rachel Martin

Micheal J Fox as Linus

Vera Farmiga as Lucy (originally Reba McEntire

Holly Gorski as Heather Wold (young)

Francesca Capaldi as Heather Wold

Maggie Smith as Miss Othmar

Morgan Freeman as Franklin (narrator)

Kate Miccuci as Marcie

Kaley Cuoco as Peppermint Patty

Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock (archival recordings)

Millie Bobby Brown as Violet

Madisyn Shipman as Patty

Raymond Burr as Steve Martin (archival footage from Godzilla 1985)

Chris Pratt as Shermy

Ewan McGregor as Police Chief Dreyfus

Will Ferrell as Mayor Shaw

Mark Hamill as Heather's father

Harrison Ford as Principal Brody

Brendan Fraser as Mr Reichardt (aka Peppermint Patty's dad)


Police Chief Dreyfus,Mayor Shaw,and Prinicipal Brody's names are a reference to the cast and characters of Jaws.

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