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The Peanuts Movie 3:Godzilla vs Charlie Brown is the 3rd and final film in the Peanuts Movie trilogy. A co production between Warner Bros,Legendary Pictures,Toho Co Ltd,and Walt Disney Animation Studios. This movie features Parker Mangum,Charlie Brown,Heather Wold,Linus Van Pelt and the entire gang as they face off against the bullies from 1977's Race For Your Life,Charlie Brown and The King of the monsters himself,Godzilla. This movie is Rated G for all audiences,and is slated to release on November 5,2023.


After Parker Mangum makes friend and close ally to Charlie Brown and his friends,a test at Bikini Atoll known as Castle Bravo II awakens the king of the monsters Godzilla.The Camp Remote bullies in order to swear revenge on our heroes specifically Charlie Brown and former member Parker Mangum,use with the combined might of the Xiliens from Planet X,to control Godzilla to fight Charlie Brown.They hear the situation through Parker's Morse Code radio system.And Charlie Brown decides to fight Godzilla and the bullies.Now it's up to them to stop those bullies,fight Godzilla ,and release him from their mind control to save the planet from utter destruction.


To be released.


Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown

Francesca Capaldi as Heather Wold

Parker Mangum as himself

Micheal J Fox and Reba McEntire as Linus and Lucy Van Pelt

Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper

Kaley Cuoco as Peppermint Patty and Penny

Duncan Watson as Charlie Brown's father

Johnny Kalecki as Leonard Hofstadter

Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz

Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell

Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell

Ken Watanabe as Dr Ishiro Serizawa (and Charlie Brown in the Japanese release)

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Ford Brody son of Joe Brody

Bryan Cranston as Shermy

Micheal Dougherty as Pig Pen

Peter Robbins as Shaggy Rogers

Frank Welker as Scooby Doo

With John Goodman as himself,Will Arnett as Batman,Jason Liles as Rodan,and TJ Storm as Godzilla.


The Big Bang Theory gang play a major role in this film helping the Peanuts gang defeat Godzilla.

GODZILLA by Blue Oyster Cult is featured in this film.

The original music by Vince Guaraldi ,Akira Ifukube ,and the Godzilla KOTM 2019 film soundtrack appear in the film.

Ghostbusters is referenced in here on a poster for It's the Ghostbusters,Charlie Brown in Sheldon Cooper and Maynard's bedrooms respectedly.

This is the only film which Dr Serizawa doesn't die, relating to the events in Godzilla's lair in KOTM as canon according to Parker.

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