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     The Peanuts Movie 2

A live action,computer animation,action-comedy film made by Walt Disney Studios and Blue Sky Studios that follows the adventures of Charlie Brown as he becomes more popular in his town.(Please note that this article is an idea of the author himself.)


As Charlie Brown and Heather Wold (Yes,that's what The Little Red Haired Girl's name is ) begin a relationship, yet another new guy arrives into town in order to become friends with our optimistic hero.The new guy,an autistic teen named Parker embarks on this quest and discovers some secrets along the way.Will he achieve his goal? Or will he face failure and defeat?

Plot of the Movie

It has been 6 months after Charlie Brown fell in love with Heather Wold(whom Charlie Brown found out her name in their pen pal letters to each other while Heather was at summer camp), and now the 2 knowing each other better have begun a relationship ,caring for each other. Since then,at some times,Heather would come have sleepovers with him,thinking about what to do in their lives.One winter day,(a snow day as a matter of fact) she decides to help fly his kite just like what he did in the previous film.They are aided by Linus who tries to help them to slow down on the ice.After several minutes,Charlie Brown and Heather crash into the Kite Eating Tree,with both been caught in the strings of previous kites who met the same grisly fate.Lucy shows up,and provokes them for being crazy just like Charlie Brown. She then tells Heather that Charlie Brown may not be successful in flying his very own kite.Lucy then storms off to join the others.Linus then helps them out of the tree.Suddenly,Snoopy grabs Linus' blanket and drags it across the lake as they do Crack the Whip yet again with this time, Charlie Brown and Heather joining in.They then head to the baseball field with Linus,Marcie, and Peppermint Patty joining them.While Heather helps Charlie Brown practice for spring with his pitches,Marcie tells them her cousin Maynard is moving to town today.Peppermint Patty then recalls he was once her tutor. Shortly after,they notice a moving truck arriving at a house next door to Heather.All of the gang then heads over to her place looking over her fence trying to find out who it is.The kids try to guess who it is. Marcie makes a guess that it could be Maynard (besides he was going to come today).Violet guesses that it is Charlotte Braun,an old friend of hers,who had moved to South Dakota 6 years ago.Linus guesses that probably it is Russell Anderson,a competitor who ran against Linus for school body president. Charlotte Braun and Russell Anderson were also coming today.(with the latter moving from Astoria,Oregon.)Charlie Brown and Heather thought this new kid will be the crown jewel of the town.They thought he never heard of them before. He would know nothing of Charlie Brown's past imperfections and his former victory at the beginning of summer. Charlie Brown makes the decision to start anew. Suddenly the stability of the fence breaks causing Charlie Brown and Heather to fall over with the fence.(We then see the first glimpse of the new kid,a 15 year old teenager named Parker Mangum.)The rest of the fence then falls over with the gang then shouting,after the entire fence fell down,"They did it!!!!".The kids then dash off followed by Charlie Brown and his girlfriend before Parker notices the fence fell over.He then swears he heard a group of kids shouting in unison. That night,our beloved heroes have another sleepover,saying to each other that probably the new guy will see who they really are from the inside.Before they drift off to sleep,however,Snoopy and Woodstock takes off the bed sheet so they can rest.The next day,as our heroes head to school,Parker heads to his new middle school,where he makes friends with the daughter of Monarch agent Emma Russell,Madison.They become close with each other sharing a knowledge about Godzilla and the Titans.He then tells Madison that the reason he moved here was to become friends with Charlie Brown, a resident of the town.Madison notes that she moved here 4 months ago because her home in Boston had been destroyed in the 2019 battle against King Ghidorah. She had been living with her father since then.Her mother sacrificed herself to lure Ghidorah so Godzilla could defeat him with his Fire power up.She then states that she understands him,that he was not ready yet.Parker asks her how did she know.She replies that it had to do with psychic powers similar to Matilda and retired G-Force member Miki Saegusa. She could sense his feelings.Parker decided to bring Madison to help him meet Charlie Brown.But he wanted to go fresh and so,after school,he decided to meet his favorite member of the Peanuts gang,Peppermint Patty. She at first,had doubts about him because he was a teen and they didn't appreciate his kind. But then,Parker began to explain more further, that he was different than most teens.He was nice,compassionate,admiring and he had autism. That night,Parker invited Peppermint Patty and Madison over to his place to watch a movie he had in his possession,You're a Good Sport,Charlie Brown. As Peppermint Patty was watching it, she realized that she didn't she had a motorbike. Parker decided that tomorrow morning they would search for it.


Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown

Francesca Capaldi as The Little Red Haired Girl (aka Heather Wold)

Kaley Cuoco as Peppermint Patty

Micheal Dougherty as Pig Pen

Micheal J Fox as Linus Van Pelt

Reba McEntire as Lucy Van Pelt

Bobby Moynihan as Maynard

Madisyn Shipman as Violet

Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell

Hadley Belle Miller as Charlotte Braun (Charlie Brown's female counterpart)

Will Ferrell as Russell Anderson

Will Arnett as himself,Batman,and Godzilla

Ian McDiarmid as Principal Schulz

Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell

Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock (archival recordings)

And Parker Mangum as himself


This is the first film to have adults do the voices of the Peanuts characters.

This is also the first time that adults appear fully since Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!!)

This is the first time that minor Peanuts characters Maynard,Charlotte Braun,Emily, Janice Emmons, Russell Anderson,and Eudora make their film debut.

The events of Godzilla:King of the Monsters is briefly mentioned by Madison Russell.

Batman makes a minor appearance in the movie in the form of The Lego Batman Movie.

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