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The Outback: Britta's Australian Explore is a 2020 South Korean-American Computer-Animated Action Adventure Comedy film directed by Kyung Ho Lee. It was released in South Korea on December 24, 2019 and the United States in March, 13, 2020. The Movie takes place in a place of Australia.


Quimber Jr. the Quokka was caught by a Australian Lynx named Laracole and has just taken him to her Den. It's up to Britta and the others to save him before Laracole preying him.


Back in Australia Johnny, Miranda, Mac, Quint, Charolette, Hamish and Higgens are having a great day, riding with Bull in the Circus. In "9 months of the Outback Austrlia, Johnny and his friends is visited by a Purplish-Gray Wallaby named Wilbia telling her she will bear the Messiah. A Quokka named Quimber Jr. overhears and tells the other animals as a star begins glowing brightly in the night.

Six months later at the Pet Store, a White Female Dingo is tired of milling wheat and wishes to join a Traveling Caravan so that she may feel important. Other Dingoes (And a Red Thylacine) helps her escape the miller who owns them and she ends up with an injured ankle at the House of Johnny and Miranda who just celebrated their Wedding. Wilbia takes the White Dingo in and names him Britta and reveals to Johnny that she is pregnant, with Johnny accepting Miranda's situation after praying to God. During this time, Britta and her Sugar Glider friend Snooky, plot to escape despite Miranda's kindness before someone is going to get them.


Rob Schneider as Johnny the White Koala and Mac the Kangaroo

Bret McKenzie as Hamish the Tasmanian Devil

Frank Welker as Higgens the Monkey and Bull the Goanna

Alan Cumming as Bog the Crocodile

Cathy Weseluck as Britta the White Dingo - The Main Prontagonist in the Movie who helps Johnny and the Others to save their Quokka Friend.

Lielle Tova Blinkoff as Laracole the Lynx - The Main Antagonist in the Movie who wanted to preys Quimber Jr. the Quokka.

Neli Ross as Quimber Jr. the Quokka

Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda the Koala

Tim Curry as Blacktooth the Tan Dingo

Katy Perry as Phoebe the Black Alpine Dingo

Jenni Pulos as Charlotte the Young Koala

Norm Macdonald as Quint the Peg-Leg Wombat

Charlie Bewley as Loki the Dark Brown Dingo

Fred Tatasciore as Cutter the Bright Orange Dingo

Eric Lopez as Bill the Wombat

Nolan North as Hex the Red Thylacine

Phil Proctor as Lug the Lizard and Condor the Cassowary

Chris Pratt as Archie the White Dingo Pup

Kari Wahlgren as Jira the Tan Dingo Pup

Laura Bailey as Eve the Young Light Brown Dingo Pup

Maria Bamford as Willbia the Purpleish-Gray Wallaby

Seth Morris as Bunky the Light Blue-Gray Bilby

Jennifer Coolidge as Bilnda the Bright Purple Bilby

Deb Adair as Laughter the Kookaburra and Pinky the Galah

George Clooney as Stickles the Numbat

Louisa Moritz as Ms. Dashie the Emu

Robert Ridgely as Niko the Platypus

Peter Jessop as Snooky the Sugar Glider

Sumalee Montano as Orchid the Possum

Karen Strassman as Pillie the Bandicoot

Daniela Bobadilla as Keshley the Spotted Quoll


Rocky Top - Osborne Brothers (Welcome to The Outback Scene)

East Bound and Down - Jerry Reed


Britta got a Hiccups

Orchid and the Fly

Laughter does the Spinning Talent

The Dingo Race



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