The Minelands is a feature film by Imagi Crystal LTD, and released bumpy Summit Entertainment.


William Dally II was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised by a world-famous chef, William Dally I. When he reached 19, he was forced to find a new place. Whilst trying, He found Metro Island. He was encountered by the Bowman’s forces, which are trying to obtain the legendary rocket boots Dr. Dally II wears. He was blasted all the way into The Mainlands, being raised by gorillas. He revived a robot named Yasha, who has been deactivated for years. He also met more guards named Shelby, Kelly, Camillus, and more. He discovers the Bowman’s forces retrieving him to his home, The Nether. He meets his father again, who retired. He then gets released. The Bowman summoned forces to destroy Minelands. Dr. Dally then flies into a negative power core, blowing up all the evil and releasing the good. He then gets a massive achievement for saving the world.

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