The Mascot Fighter (Mandarin: 吉祥人戰鬥機 Jíxiáng rén zhàndòujī) is a 1988 Taiwanese animated martial arts comedy action film directed by Wong Gwok-Chue.


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Voice cast

Character Mandarin voice actor/actress English voice actor/actress

(Streamline Pictures, 1992)

Yellow Diskun Chiang Sheng Kayzie Rogers
Black Diskun Feng Lu Gregory Snegoff
Waiter Peter Chang Chi-Long Kerrigan Mahan
Street Vendor Hsiao Pao Ko Michael Reynolds
Singer Ling Sin Rachael Lillis
Restaurant Boss Ko Chun-Pang Jay Goede
Gambler Wong Gwok-Chue Jeff Winkless
Thug #1 Lee Lung-Yam Michael Forest
Thug #2 Cheung Hung-Gei David Povall
Thug #3 Hung Kin-Wing Jeff Winkless


The Mascot Fighter incorporated live-action sequences, which were in their infancy at the time. They are most notable in one of the scenes using props (such as dish and chopsticks).

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